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A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). This is one of those profiles written about 2001 - although the coloured boxes and additional information from 2001 onwards have been added.

Sheree, 25 plays Tricia Stokes, the granddaughter of Alan Turner.
Sheree briefly dated pop star Robbie Williams but is now madly in love with Leeds United winger Harry Kewell, 24. They met in a nightclub in 1999 and started dating in January 2000
She says: -He didn't have a clue who I was when we met as he'd never watched Emmerdale. "And I didn't know he was a footballer. But he tunes in now although he wouldn't admit it." The couple spent the summer apart when Harry jetted back to his native Australia to spend time with his family in Sydney for five weeks.
Sheree jokes that their relationship has caused uproar among her four brothers Adrian, 29, Tyrone, 26. Justin, 23, and Jaydon, seven - and her father Tony. who live in Islington. North London because they all support Arsenal.

After living with her last boyfriend, singer-dancer Darryl Paul, she was happy to share a flat with Adele Silva in Leeds. And she loves playing sexy Tricia in the soap "Even though she lost out when she tried recently to buy The Woolpack."

Tricia's desperate flight from Emmerdale may be a sad moment, but the character's departure marks a far happier event for Sheree - the beginning of her maternity leave.
The actress, who is now engaged to Harry , is expecting her first child in May.
"I'm knackered now!" she laughs. "But I'm going to miss coming to work, it's helped my pregnancy to go really fast. I will be popping back to meet the girls for lunch, though. I'll also be going down to London a fair bit to catch up with my family and friends. I've been so busy recently, I've neglected them a bit. Harry's football season finishes just as the baby's due so that'll be nice - being a family together. It's really exciting."

The mum-to-be is also looking forward to relaxing before the birth, following her hectic filming schedules of the past few months.
"I've spent a lot of time hiding behind counters to hide my bump!" grins Sheree. "I've also been holding strategically placed trays and tea towels, it's been quite funny. I've had the same dress on for about six months - I'm going to burn it when I leave!"

However Sheree will return to Emmerdale later in the year - and already has her own theories about how her dizzy character will make a comeback.
"I haven't been told how Tricia returns yet," smiles Sheree "However, knowing her, she'll walk back into Chez Marlon as if nothing has happend!"

Tricia with Rodney Blackstock in 2001

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