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Sheree Murphy


Sheree: Carribean Christmas

Sheree: being dumped made my Crimbo
By TV Plus reporters

Emmerdale favourite Sheree Murphy was once dumped by a boyfriend at Christmas - but said it was her best festive season ever.

"This relationship I was in ended and I couldn't face staying around at Christmas when everyone else was having a good time," said Sheree, 27, who plays dizzy Tricia.

"My friend was singing on a cruise ship, so I went to the Caribbean for three weeks. I was sipping cocktails, having Christmas dinner in the blazing heat. It was great."

These days though Sheree's a homebird and is married to super-rich Leeds United striker Harry Kewell. The couple have a baby son, Taylor.

"I do like a traditional Christmas at home in Yorkshire, and that's where I'll be this year," she told TV Plus. "Harry has to leave at 4pm on Christmas Day to play a game. It's a shame but I'm used to it."

However, the actress will be surrounded by family when her husband has to go to work.

"We had Harry's family over last year from Australia so it's my family's turn this time around," she said.

"He's from Sydney but I've not been over there yet. I've always wanted to go, always, even before I met Harry. Now I'm married to an Australian and I've never even been, but I'll get there eventually."


BBC Puresoap 31st December 2002

Sheree's "thrilled" over pregnancy

Sheree Murphy and real life hubby Harry Kewell

Emmerdale's Sheree Murphy and footballer husband Harry Kewell are expecting their second child.

The couple said they were "thrilled" at the news and think the baby was conceived on their honeymoon in Fiji, the Daily Star reports. The couple married in Las Vegas in the summer.

The soap's bosses told the newspaper they were "delighted", but the news could be a nightmare for script writers.

During Sheree's first pregnancy, her character Tricia Stokes was written out of the script.
But since then, Tricia has married Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and writers now plan to include the pregnancy in the soap, according to the newspaper.

" We're thrilled to be expecting a second child," Sheree told the Daily Star.
" We're really looking forward to having a baby brother or sister for TJ [Taylor J].
" It's everything Harry and I could want."

The Sun's Weekly guide to Emmerdale 8th February 2003

Emmerdale Surprise - Click here for the Sun's Complete Soap Guide


Weekdays ITV

TRICIA is ecstatic when the surprise Valentine’s Day wedding she’s organised for her and Marlon goes like a dream.

Marlon is over the moon to accept the sudden proposal and stunned to discover that almost everyone in the village is there for the ceremony.

But, as always in soap, the wedding has a few last-minute hitches.

“Marlon is really moved,” says Mark Charnock, who plays the gobsmacked groom. “He loves Tricia very much and he still regrets that their first ‘wedding’ went wrong. But he never had an inkling Tricia was going to get it so right second time. He’s in heaven.”

At the start of the week, Marlon hasn’t the slightest idea that Tricia is planning anything.

But it’s almost all for nothing when Rodney opens his wedding invitation in front of Marlon.

Luckily he manages to pass it off as a Valentine’s card. “Then, Marlon almost catches Paddy practising his best man’s speech,” says Mark.

“But Paddy pretends to Marlon that he’s writing a romantic message for Emily.”

Meanwhile, Bob offers to throw a stag night for Marlon, without letting him know what they’re really celebrating. Marlon is surprised when all the men in the village seem to want to buy him drinks.

“Even when a stripper arrives, Marlon doesn’t know it’s been organised for him,” says Mark.

“They pretend it’s all for Sam’s birthday. By the end of the evening he’s so drunk he doesn’t even notice when Ashley mentions the ‘big day on Friday’.

“And he still doesn’t twig when Steph asks him to try on a suit she’s ‘altering for a friend’. She’s really making sure his wedding suit fits, but he panics that she’s coming on to him again. When she goes to take his inside leg measurement, he calls a halt and gets rid of her.”

In the meantime, Tricia realises that she hasn’t got enough money to pay for all the wedding bills and is deeply upset when she is forced to sell her expensive dress.

On the day itself, the villagers try to keep Marlon and Tricia apart. Marlon is determined to tell Tricia her mother is trying to wreck their relationship again, but he never gets the chance.

Diane has him busy preparing food for a special Valentine’s party, which of course is really for his wedding.

Tricia is overjoyed when Steph buys her expensive dress back for her and, with everything finally in place, Paddy tells Marlon it’s time for Tricia’s Valentine’s surprise, puts a blindfold on him and escorts him to the church.

“Marlon is very puzzled,” says Mark. “At the church, Paddy ushers him inside and takes off his blindfold to reveal Tricia waiting, looking beautiful in her lovely wedding dress. He gives Marlon his suit to change into.

“He is astonished. Tricia asks him if he’ll give her another chance and marry her. He is overcome with emotion but happily accepts.

“Marlon is just delighted as he and Tricia tie the knot. At the reception he thanks everyone for helping make him and Tricia so happy. And Steph explains to him that she was only trying to get his suit to fit.

“He just has one surprise of his own to reveal - a hot air balloon that he had planned as his Valentine’s Day surprise for Tricia. The happy couple sail up, up and away.”

Tricia and Marlon say "I Do"

Pure Soap 8th February 2003

Sheree plans for new arrival

Sheree Murphy, who plays Emmerdale barmaid Tricia Stokes, is looking forward to the arrival of her baby this summer.
But she says soap bosses haven't written her pregnancy into the Emmerdale script.

Sheree and her husband, Leeds United striker Harry Kewell, already have a son, Taylor, who was born in 2001.

She told The Daily Mirror's The Look magazine: "Harry was desperate for another baby. It was a shock to discover I was pregnant again so soon, but we're thrilled."

She added: "I don't enjoy being pregnant. With Taylor I was physically sick all the time. This time I felt I was dying. I am finally starting to enjoy it, but I can't say I'm blooming. It's hard to feel sexy in support bras and maternity knickers, but Harry boosts my confidence."

Sheree doesn't feel she has much in common with the stars of the ITV1 drama Footballers' Wives.

She added: "I watch that and laugh. I admit we have the money to be able to buy lovely things, but life just isn't that glamorous. I have very little to do with the football side of things and don't really socialise with the other wives because I'm always at work. As for the affairs with the chairman...I've only said hello to him once!"


The Sun 31st March 2003

Tricia is convinced that there’s another little Dingle on the way when she suspects she may be pregnant.

But the test shows up negative. When she tells her husband, Marlon, the newlyweds are disappointed but try to assure each other that it’s for the best.

“Tricia discovers she is not expecting a baby on April Fool’s Day, but it’s definitely no joke,” says Sheree Murphy, who plays the Dingle lass.

“When she first suspects she’s pregnant, Tricia confides her feelings in Dawn, who insists that she must take a test straightaway. And Tricia decides to find out the truth before she tells Marlon.

“But accident-prone Tricia drops the test down the lavatory! Dawn calms her down and they get another one, but they leave the packaging behind - only for Marlon to find it.”

Marlon thinks it’s an April Fool’s joke played by Terry. But when Terry denies all knowledge, he realises he may be a father. “He asks Tricia if they are going to have a baby but she tells him the test was negative,” says Sheree.

“They laugh and try to convince each other that it’s a relief as they couldn’t afford to bring up a child right now.

“But deep down they are both pretty upset because they both love kids and would love to have a baby of their own.”

Terry tells Marlon he should be honest with his wife. When Marlon reveals he would like to start a family, Tricia surprises him by saying that she feels the same way.

Marlon is worried about money and asks Diane for a pay rise. Diane says she’ll think about it but reckons Louise won’t agree.

So Marlon considers applying for the vacant job of village postman, thinking it will fit in with his chef hours and will bring a welcome boost in income.


Bollywood calling for Tricia

Emmerdale beauty Tricia Dingle finds herself at the centre of attention when an Indian film crew comes to Yorkshire.

Newlywed Tricia - played by Sheree Murphy - gets a job as an extra but is offered the chance to make it in Bollywood when her true star quality is spotted.

But a six-month trip to India does not go down well with new husband Marlon.
An Emmerdale insider told the Daily Star: "Tricia is certainly off to Bollywood. She's got those dark good looks that are so admired in India and producers are certain they can transform her into a major star.

" But she'll have to suffer a heart-rending separation from Marlon. He doesn't like it, but he's got no real choice in the matter.

" There will be stresses and strains between Tricia and her husband, but she's determined to strike out for stardom. There will be no stopping her."

Woolpack chef Marlon - actor Mark Charnock - has been promised big storylines while his wife is away.

" He has pledged himself to remain faithful to Tricia, but temptation will certainly come his way," said the Emmerdale source.

The storyline will cover maternity leave for Sheree, who is expecting her second child by real-life husband, Leeds United star Harry Kewell.

She is expected to return to the soap after the birth, but rumours that Kewell may be transferred to a football club abroad during the summer could mean Tricia will find life in India just too good to come back

The Sun 14th April 2003

It’s an Emmer-veil bride

Bollywood bride ... Sheree Murphy

HERE’S Emmerdale’s Tricia Dingle as you’ve never seen her before — as a Bollywood bride.

The Woolpack barmaid, played by Sheree Murphy, 27, dons Eastern dress before flying to India for six months to star in a romantic movie.

A film crew visits the village and she gets the part of an extra after learning the Hindu lingo. Then the star falls ill and she lands the lead role.

Sheree is taking a break from the soap to have her second child with Leeds soccer star Harry Kewell.

ITV1 will show her scenes next week.


Apr 14 2003

EMMERDALE barmaid Tricia Dingle swaps pints for saris when a Bollywood film crew turns up in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Woolpack worker lands a role as an extra before she steps in to play an Indian bride when the leading lady falls ill.

And the newlywed soon forgets about husband Marlon when she grasps the chance to finish shooting the film in India.

Sheree Murphy, who plays Tricia, said: "Filming the scenes was fantastic, so authentic and a lot of fun.

"It's not every day that Bollywood comes to town and Tricia isn't the sort of girl to let an opportunity like this slip through her fingers."

The Sun 21st April 2003

Tricia acts out the role of an Indian bride


Weekdays ITV1

Hard-up Tricia’s idea of Eastern promise is a trip to Scarborough, but this week she gets the chance of a lifetime to fly to India after a Bollywood movie crew start filming in the village.

Dawn and Tricia win roles as extras and when one of the actresses falls ill, Tricia is asked to take over the part.

“Tricia can’t believe it,” says Sheree Murphy, who plays her. “Marlon is always saying she’s a bit of a dreamer, but it’s really happening. Then the director says it means going to India for six months.

“Marlon is furious,” adds Sheree, who is taking maternity leave from the soap. “He says she doesn’t know a thing about these people but she reminds her husband that he said people have to seize their opportunities in life.”

Emmerdale Goes Bollywood

Tuesday | 22.04.03

Tricia as an Indian bride

Emmerdale is about to play host to an unusual event.

Villagers are perplexed at the arrival of a film crew in the Dale, especially when they turn up with an live elephant.

It turns out that the producers have decided to film a Bollywood spectacular in the village and it could prove to have a lasting influence on some members of the community. Not least newly weds Tricia and Marlon Dingle.

When Tricia spots the crew she is deep in thought about Marlon's decision to attend a job interview for a place on an oil rig. She cannot believe he would chose to live apart from her so early in their marriage. So the new arrivals serve as a great distraction for her.

However, with Tricia's theatrical nature and actress Sheree Murphy's real life pregnancy it could be a lasting infatuation for the ditzy barmaid.

Will Tricia be swept up by the glamour of the Indian film world?


Tricia’s Dreams Come True

Thursday | 24.04.03

Tricia acts out the part of an Indian bride in a Bollywood feature film

Newlywed Tricia Dingle makes a big decision tonight on Emmerdale.

The ditzy barmaid is over the moon to have a small part in the Bollywood movie extravaganza which is being filmed locally. On Tricia’s first day of filming, she arrives with fellow extra Dawn Woods for their screen debut but is annoyed when the absence of the leading lady causes everyone to be held up.

And it seems that the star isn’t coming back, but the director knows just who could stand in. When he approaches Tricia about becoming a movie star, she doesn’t even hesitate to agree – not thinking about leaving her husband Marlon.

It gives actress Sheree Murphy a chance to leave the Dales for a while to give birth to her second baby.

She says, “Filming the Bollywood scenes was fantastic. It was great fun and the costumes I have when I take the lead role are very different to those I’m used to Tricia wearing.

“It’s a great storyline to leave on – albeit temporarily. My husband and I are looking forward to having the baby, and it will be great for Taylor to have a brother and sister – but Tricia will be back.”


Emmerdale star Sheree Murphy has given birth to her second child. Sheree, wife of Leeds United striker Harry Kewell, gave birth to Ruby — who weighed 8lb 12oz — on Tuesday. She is a sister for their son Taylor, two. Sheree, who plays barmaid Trisha in the ITV1 soap, has been temporarily written out of the show while she is on maternity leave.

BBC Pure Soap 19th June 2003

Baby joy for Emmerdale star

Sheree Murphy

Soap star Sheree Murphy and footballer Harry Kewell are celebrating the birth of a baby girl.

Ruby Heather Toni Kewell was born on Tuesday afternoon weighing 8lb 12oz.
It is the second child for Emmerdale actress Murphy and her husband - they have a son, Taylor, born in May 2001.

Mother and baby were doing well and Murphy said: "We are both thrilled and excited to have a little sister for Taylor."

Emmerdale scriptwriters have temporarily written her out of the soap while she spends the next few months on maternity leave.

Her character, Trisha, has headed for Bollywood after an Indian film crew spotted her star potential on a visit to the Dales.

Murphy, 28, and Australian-born Kewell, 24, who wed last year in Las Vegas, live in a £500,000 home in Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

The Leeds United star has been linked to both Manchester United and Arsenal in recent weeks.

ITV.COM Sheree-Boo

Friday | 20.06.03

Sheree in one of her final scenes in the Woolpack before going on maternity leave - with Lorrine Chase as Steph and Elizabeth Estenstein as Diane

Emmerdale's Sheree Murphy has given birth to her second child.

The soap stunner - who plays ditzy barmaid Tricia Dingle in the show - went into labour on Tuesday afternoon and had daughter Ruby.

Sheree, who is married to premiership football hunk Harry Kewell, already has a son Taylor, 2, with her Australian husband. The new addition to the family, whose full name is Ruby Heather Toni Kewell, weighed in at 8lb 12oz.

Overjoyed Sheree made a short statement saying, "We are both thrilled and excited to have a little sister for Taylor."

Sheree has been written out of Emmerdale while she takes maternity leave. Tricia was last seen heading off to star in a Bollywood film in India after being plucked from obscurity by a hot shot director.

If all goes to plan Sheree will return later in the year to rejoin on-screen spouse Marlon. However, as real-life love Harry at the centre of speculation over a possible transfer to London club Arsenal, it is possible that Tricia may never return to the village.


Sheree to quit Emmerdale

Emmerdale star Sheree Murphy is quitting the soap after five years.

The actress, who has been on maternity leave after the birth of her second child, will leave in the New Year.

Murphy said she wants to try something new and spend more time with her husband, Liverpool soccer star Harry Kewell, and their children.

Viewers last saw her character, Tricia Dingle, leaving screen husband Marlon and heading for fame and fortune in the Bollywood film industry.

She will return to the Yorkshire village in November to learn of Marlon's night of passion with cousin Charity.

Producers of the ITV1 soap say she will be at the centre of a gripping storyline over the festive season that will "shake the entire village to its core".

Viewers will see her for just two months before she leaves the show.

She said: "It has been an incredibly difficult decision not to stay because Emmerdale has been a big part of my life for a long time and I will desperately miss everybody.

"But I feel ready to try something new and it will also be nice to spend more time at home with Harry and the children."

Series producer Steve Frost said: "After five years at Emmerdale we will be sad to see Sheree go. However, it is a joy to have Tricia back for the winter months and her exit will have viewers on the edge of their seats."

Emmerdale star quits
Emmerdale star Sheree Murphy is quitting the soap after five years, the actress has announced.
Murphy - who has been on maternity leave after the birth of her second child - will leave in the New Year.
Murphy said she wants to try something new and spend more time with her husband, Liverpool soccer star Harry Kewell, and their children.
Viewers last saw her character, Tricia Dingle, leaving screen husband Marlon and heading for fame and fortune in the Bollywood film industry.
She will return to the Yorkshire village in November to learn of Marlon's night of passion with cousin Charity.
Producers of the ITV1 soap say she will be at the centre of a gripping storyline over the festive season that will "shake the entire village to its core".
Viewers will see her for just two months before she leaves the show.
She said: "It has been an incredibly difficult decision not to stay because Emmerdale has been a big part of my life for a long time and I will desperately miss everybody.
"But I feel ready to try something new and it will also be nice to spend more time at home with Harry and the children."
Series producer Steve Frost said: "After five years at Emmerdale we will be sad to see Sheree go.
"However, it is a joy to have Tricia back for the winter months and her exit will have viewers on the edge of their seats."

Tuesday, 9th December 2003 -Manchester Evening News.

Telly talk: It's vintage Sheree

SHEREE Murphy may have decided to quit Emmerdale after five years,
but her loudmouth character, Tricia Dingle, won't be leaving without
a fuss.

A Christmas Day episode will see the barmaid and her dippy husband,
Marlon, hold a summit in a bid to save their marriage, shattered by
his confession that he's had an affair.

Tricia will then find herself at the centre of one of the most
spectacular disasters to hit Emmerdale since the plane crash 10
years ago.

In a New Year's Eve special, she is left pinned beneath a pile of
fallen rubble after a huge storm devastates the Yorkshire village.
Whether Tricia survives or not is in the lap of the gods.

While Sheree, 28, is sorry to be leaving the hit soap, she had a
wonderful time filming some of her final scenes.

"It's been great fun because it's been so different to the normal
stuff we do in Emmerdale," she says of the storm storyline.

"They've got all these special effects. There's lots of rain and
wind. It's like being on a film set, but really great fun even
though the hours have been long and I've been soaked to the bone."

Those long hours away from her Liverpool footballer husband, Harry
Kewell, and their two-year-old son, Taylor, and baby daughter, Ruby,
are the main reasons Sheree is leaving , so she can take some time
off and enjoy being a mum.

A successful soccer player and his glamorous celebrity wife are the
stuff tabloid dreams are made of. And with David and Victoria
Beckham now based in Spain, some editors looking for a suitable UK-
based replacement have labelled Sheree and her husband the new Posh
and Becks.


"I just think it's stupid, really, because we're so not like them,"
she sighs. "They've done lots of stuff together press-wise and we
haven't. That's the way Harry likes it to be and I'm happy with that
as well. The pressure on that couple is hideous. I wouldn't like to
live my life like that. I'm quite happy with the way we are.

"Harry may be a pretty big star here, but in his Australian
homeland, he's a media icon. "I was quite surprised. I mean, I've
never been over there. Every time he goes back I've been working but
my friends who have been say: 'My God, he's huge!'

"He's the face of Pepsi over there, so he's on billboards and buses,
so I suppose he is what David Beckham is over here but on a smaller
scale. Harry's quite happy to deal with stuff like that because he
doesn't live there. I don't think he would like it over there
because it's too in- your-face. Also, they're very proud of him in
Australia, which I think is great. But he's happy to be on
billboards and buses over there, because he doesn't see it."

Sheree may have a dream job and family, but in May her idyllic world
was turned upside down when her father, Tony, died suddenly.
Naturally, she's still coming to terms with the loss.

"It's been hard as a family, but we've all pulled together and
Harry's been fantastic. After it happened, I had the baby to look
forward to. So we all focused on Ruby being born. Then reality
kicked in a bit more. It's harder for my mum and little brother down

"They were with dad every day. For me being up here, I saw dad once
a month. It's still not sunk in for me really. I still feel like:
`Oh, when I go home he'll be there.'

"It's only been six months since he died and Christmas is coming, so
that's going to be hard."

For now, she's looking to the future and life after Emmerdale. And
she doesn't rule out the chance of more kids. "I'd love another two -
but I'll have a bit of a rest first."


The Mirror 'TIL DEATH US DO PART Dec 29 2003

Out with the old and in with the new takes on an ominous meaning for the big three soaps with their sensational New Year episodes. There are two weddings, two crashes and a thundering storm that bring danger and devastation, with one star dying, three others seriously injured and so many walking wounded that you’ll probably be glad you saw it all from the safety of your armchair.

By Tony Stewart


Absolutely fantastic. Exactly on the 10th anniversary of that plane coming down on the village, a natural disaster hits the Dales. And the raging storm that uproots trees, cuts off the electricity and sends the roof of the Woolpack crashing down on dopey Donna’s 18th birthday party, is responsible for the human carnage. But the howling wind, thunderclaps and torrential rain are also the backdrop to some serious emotional devastation and desolation. And you will cry.

For Tricia finally decides that Marlon’s infidelity is too much to bear, especially having learnt that her “monster mother” tried it on with him. “It’s something else he didn’t tell me,” she cries. “Like Rhona and Charity and the baby... And because I love him, I’m gunna ’ave to go away.”

In some incredibly moving scenes, Marlon tries to persuade her to stay and even buys her a puppy and writes her a letter with 101 reasons why he loves her. But, over New Year’s Eve and Day, the full force of the storm hits Tateville. Ashley and Louise crash and the vicar is in danger of losing a leg. Then Trish is buried in masonry as the Woolie is struck by lightning – and Marlon’s bricking it, too.

The effects are spectacular and the acting superb as Emmerdale proves it will maintain its standards of excellence into 2004. And, best of all, there is also the usual humour to counterpoint the poignancy of Marlon cradling his beloved wife.

“I’m never going away anymore,” she promises, grimacing from her injuries. “Look what happens.”

But Marlon should remember that a dog is for life and, sadly, one person is about to lose theirs.


ITV.COM The Last Goodbye

Tuesday | 30.12.03

Emmerdale’s Tricia Dingle makes ends her marriage with a letter.

The distraught barmaid can no longer bear to be around cheating husband Marlon and seeks some closure by writing her feelings down.

While Tricia makes her position clear, Marlon is planning yet another surprise to win back his wife. Enlisting the help of Tricia's boss and pal Diane Blackstock, Marlon makes his last ditch attempt to convince her they have a future.

But it’s far too late to go back and Tricia reacts badly to Marlon’s gesture and simply hands him the letter.

As Marlon reads his wife’s innermost thoughts, he finally accepts he has to let go. But knowing that life without Tricia will be completely unbearable, Marlon breaks down in despair.

Outside, Tricia is in a similarly terrible state and doesn't seem to notice that the weather is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Will Tricia realise what dangers could lie ahead?


ONE day, Travis Bickle predicted in Taxi Driver, "a real rain is going to come and wash all the scum off the streets". Last night it arrived in Emmerdale (ITV).

It rained and rained and rained until telephone poles started falling and lightning pierced The Woolie.

Emmerdale being one of the most depraved, corrupt villages this side of Gomorrah, you knew someone was going to pay and, as luck would have it, it was village harridan Tricia Dingle (played by Poorharry Kewell's wife, Sheree). Amen and Hallelujah!

Strictly speaking, it should perhaps have been Ashley the sex-mad, alcohol-crazed vicar, who has been carrying on with Louise - a barmaid and a murderess to boot.

He and Louise had crashed (in slow motion) and Ashley spent yesterday's one-hour special in peril of either having his leg amputated or bleeding to death.

Several other cast members seemed eager to sacrifice themselves. Donna tempted fate by looking at her mum and stating: "I hope I die before I'm that age."

Marlon walked about with a spotty dog up his jumper, bereft, convinced that Tricia was leaving him (you'd think he'd be happy).

As the rain reached apocalyptic proportions, Tricia decided intelligently to go and wait for a bus. Then, with lightning flashing all around, she went and stood in a phone box to read Marlon's list of 101 Irritating Habits she had.

You knew the Grim Reaper was on his way when Massive Attack started playing in the background. Sure enough, the Woolpack's chimney then descended on to Tricia's head, providing the gratifying sight of the old bag buried up to her neck in bricks.

She was taken into the helicopter on a stretcher, still screeching, as is her wont: "I came back, Marlon!"

"Try not to speak," the paramedic requested, not the first man to do so, but probably, hopefully, the last.

"Your wife's about to go into theatre," the doctor told Marlon at the hospital. Probably panto.


The Sun's Weekly Guide To Emmerdale - 3rd January 2004


Marlon shows an unconscious Tricia their wedding album

Sun to Fri - ITV1

THE village is still reeling from the aftermath of the terrible New Year storm.

While Ashley and Louise are now out of danger after their car accident, Marlon refuses to accept that his beloved wife Tricia is brain-dead.

But gradually the grim truth that Tricia will never recover from her injuries sinks in, and Marlon allows the life-support machine to be switched off.

"He is heartbroken," says Mark Charnock, who plays the distraught chef. "He loved Tricia very much and I don’t think he’ll ever really get over it."

It’s a heartrending week, as Tricia’s grieving granddad Turner and mum Steph look on while Marlon suffers. At first, he chats away to Tricia and won’t accept the diagnosis.

"Marlon storms out when the doctors say there’s no hope for Tricia," says Mark. "He doesn’t want to hear it. He brings in toys and CDs to snap her out of it.

"He even brings in their wedding album. Terry tries to make Marlon see sense, but he refuses to listen."

Steph pleads with the doctors for more time. And Marlon slowly realises just what is happening.

"It’s so sad," says Mark. "Marlon lies down next to Tricia and cries. Then he tells Turner that Tricia is not coming back."

Marlon wanders round the village alone before he agrees to let his wife die.

"Tricia’s organs are used in a transplant and the hospital calls to say the operation went well," says Mark. "Marlon breaks down in floods of tears. It’s the worst week of his life."

BBC Pure Soap 5th January 2004

Tricia's exit leaves Marlon reeling

As the residents of Emmerdale begin to pick up the pieces following the massive storm on New Year's Eve, Marlon Dingle faces a nightmare week.

His wife Tricia is lying unconscious in a hospital bed after The Woolpack's chimney fell on her.
Marlon maintains a vigil at her bedside, hoping for a miracle recovery. Marlon (Mark Charnock) refuses to believe Tricia (Sheree Murphy) is brain dead, despite the doctors telling him there is nothing they can do.

And, in emotional scenes, he shows Tricia photographs of their wedding day, talking to her about happier times.

Marlon is alone in believing Tricia will pull through, and eventually even he loses all hope and accepts the inevitability of the tragic situation.

Next Tuesday, he takes the decision to switch Tricia's life support machine off, reports The Sun, and is comforted by a devastated Emily Kirk (Kate McGregor) as the reality of life without Tricia hits him.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, Mark Charnock says: "I just can't imagine what it must be like for him (Marlon). Thank God I've never been in that situation, it must be absolutely awful - it's horrible reading it in a script, so to live it must be a hellish nightmare.

" The person is there in front of you breathing, but, to all intents and purposes, they're not there."
Sheree Murphy, however, is pleased with the heart-wrenching storyline.

" I was really happy when I read my exit scripts because, after leaving twice before to have my babies, I thought, 'What are they going to do this time?' I hoped they'd give me a pretty good send-off, and not just pack me off in a taxi like they sometimes do in the soaps.
" So, I feel completely honoured by my leaving storyline, it's just been amazing."

ITV.COM The Worst Of Times

Tuesday | 06.01.04

Emmerdale's Tricia Dingle is just barely clinging on to life.

The ailing barmaid has been languishing in a critical condition in hospital ever since the horrific freak accident on New Year's Eve.

And while her devastated grandfather Alan Turner and heartbroken mother Steph Stokes try to come to terms with losing Tricia, husband Marlon remains blindly optimistic.

Marlon is convinced Tricia will pull through, after discovering that she was returning to the Woolpack that night to give their marriage one last chance. In an effort to wake her from her coma, Marlon decides to surround her with mementoes of their life together.

Actor Mark Charnock explains, "He gets the idea into his head that all Tricia needs is to have her favourite music and things around her. Paddy finds him throwing stuff into a bag - acting manically. He tries to be gentle with Marlon, but he isn't listening."

Can Marlon accept his wife is dying?

ITV.COM Mother Care

Wednesday | 15.01.04


Emmerdale's Emily Symons and Sheree Murphy really are firm friends.

The stunning actresses traded more than just acting tips during Sheree's final months in the Dales - as Emily lent Sheree her mum!

When Sheree's character Tricia Dingle left to make a Bollywood film earlier this year, it was a fictional device to give the actress maternity leave. And when she returned to film her final weeks as the tragic barmaid, Sheree had both son Taylor and baby daughter Ruby to consider as well.

Faced with the prospect of having to employe a stranger to look after the kids while she was on-set, Sheree was dreading the situation - until kindly Emily stepped in.

The Antipodean beauty was delighted to offer Sheree the services of her own mum - an arrangement that suited all concerned perfectly.

Sheree beams, "We were so lucky to be able to get someone we know with Emily's mum. The kids love her - it's just like having my own mum here!"

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