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Shirley Foster/Turner

Shirley's official fan card

Played by Rachel Davies

Appeared 1993-1994

Married Alan Turner 10th February 1994
Died 7th June 1994

Alan and Shirley met at a drop in centre. She was a former reformed prostitute.

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The Following is Based on She Wolf's profile at Please visit her site and read her profiles in the death section.

Shirley Turner, practically still Alan's bride, was shot dead in the aftermath of the post office raid [see 1994 and Windsors]. She jumped in front of a bullet meant for Viv Windsor.

30 Years of Emmerdale -- Lance Parkin (Hardcover - Granada Media - 7 October, 2002)
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From the year 1993

Caroline Bates returned, and Turner renewed his relationship with her as far as proposing. Caroline turned him down and got him out a bit more, something he continued to do even after Caroline left the village again. One place he went to was a drop in centre. One of the women working there, Shirley Foster, is eve. At first she found him snobbish and arrogant, but Turner was deeply affected by the death of Tina, one of the homeless who used the centre. Shirley warmed to this new, caring Turner, and romance blossomed. It was a huge shock when he discovered that Shirley had once been a prostitute, but he came to realise that she meant a lot to him.

The drop-in centre closed due to cuts. Turner employed Shirley as a barmaid at the Woolpack.

From the year 1994

Shirley Foster helped Turner to cope with the disaster and to refurbish the Woolpack, which had been heavily damaged. They married in February, leaving the register office in a pony and trap. Shirley noticeably mellowed Turner.

But it was not to last long. Shirley was shot dead after a raid on the post office. Viv's ex-husband Reg Dawson arrived in the village with a gang of masked robbers. They made their getaway with Viv and Shirley - who was passing - as hostages. Turner was
injured by a stray bullet. Barricading themselves in at Home Farm, the raiders became scared. Reg accidentally shot one of his accomplices. When he was about to kill Viv, Shirley stepped in, and died in her place. Police marksmen stormed the house, shooting Reg dead.

Turner couldn't cope, and hit the bottle. The Woolpack suffered without Turner (and Shirley) there, and Pollard attempted to capitalise on this by manipulating Turner into signing the pub over to him. "

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