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Scott Windsor
(9 April 1998 - )

Ben Freeman


Scot Windsor is the son of Viv and 1st husband Reg Dawson.
He was brought up by his mother and stepfather Vic Windsor along side his Half-sister Donna and one stepsister Kelly.
Born: 20 Jul 1980

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Toby Cokerell Played the original Scott Windsor Click here to read more


Ben Freeman, who plays Scott Windsor says "Being a love rat is great fun. It's good to have the licence to be horrible."  

Scott Windsor fan card from around 2000-2002Scott Windsor fan card 2003Scott Windsor circa 1998

Scott Profile from former official site which closed down in 2002

Played by Ben Freeman
First Appearance on 9th April 1998

Scott came back to the village on leave and spent the night with Lyn Hutchinson, ignoring her in the morning. He mysteriously arrived back in Emmerdale a few months later and refused to say why he had left the army.
Smooth talking Scott encouraged the village lads to help him do odd jobs around the village to pay for repairing an old banger of a car, but he left them to do all the hard work. Vic, Scott’s stepfather, was killed on Christmas day during a bungled robbery. At the same time, Scott was struggling to contain his growing affection for his step-sister, Kelly. He bought her a pretty top for Christmas and they ended up kissing in the deserted vet’s surgery on Christmas Day

When he returned he was very jealous of the amount of time Kelly spent with Roy and did his best to split them up ; he persuaded Kelly to sleep with him at Stella’s party, but is furious that she insists on being with Roy.
Scott has tried to put his fling with Kelly behind him, but when Roy went to prison he tried to cheer her up by taking her out to dinner at a posh hotel. They ended up sleeping together again, although Scott really regretted it.

Scott finds Kelly unconscious in the cricket pavillion after her suicide attempt. He hides and later burns the letters and tape she had left, worried that everyone would find out about them sleeping together. Scott agrees to go into partnership with Roy in the garage. Roy and Scott fight in the garage. Sick of Scott’s behaviour Roy walks out of the garage leaving Scott unable to cope on his own. Scott asks Frankie to work at the garage, she agrees. Donna tells the whole pub that Kelly and Scott had been sleeping together. Viv freaks out and throws Scott out of the house when she learns what was in Kelly’s suicide letters and why he burnt them. Scott sleeps in the garage as he has nowhere else to go.

The arrival Chloe to the village is of great interest to Scott. Their relationship does not get off to a smooth but soon they are able to put arguments and misunderstanding behind them. They eventually find romance when they break down on a lonely road. Soon after meeting Len Reynolds he offers him a part time job in the garage. His brotherly instincts are shown when he has harsh words with Marc, Donna’s boyfriend after the revelation that they had slept together. Gets a job at the holiday village but is gazumped by the new family that have arrived to manage the place.

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12th June 2003

Scott and Chloe with baby Jean

Baby Jean's Christening. Pictured: Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and an awkward Scott (BEN FREEMAN).


17th June 2003
Scott (BEN FREEMAN) (right) has a confession for an astonished Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL),


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