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About Ben Freeman who plays
Scott Windsor in Emmerdale

Ben Freeman

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Toby Cokerell Played the original Scott Windsor Click here to read more

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The folowing is one of those profiles - although info after 2001 has been added


Ben Freeman, who plays Scott Windsor says "Being a love rat is great fun. It's good to have the licence to be horrible."  
Scott Windsor may have tried to reform these past few months, but Ben Freeman, who has played him for two years, still doesn't have much time for him. "He's horrible!" he confesses bluntly. "Everyone in the village has told him what they think of him and warned him that he has to change. And now that Scott is changing, I still don't like him!"
Having slept with his stepsister Kelly while her husband Roy was in prison, Scott started to make a move on Lyn Hutchinson by trying to interest her in a computer. Kelly wasn't best pleased but Scott, true to form, couldn't care less.
"As long as he finds Lyn attractive and hasn't got her, he'll stay interested," says Ben. "if she offers herself to him, maybe he'll change his mind, but at the moment he's like a kid in a sweet shop."
So, is Ben more moral than Scott? "Definitely!" he laughs. "I would hope that everyone is. He's so selfish and I don't think he cares what he's doing. I wouldn't cheat on someone like he's doing."
That will come as a relief to the 20-year old actor's girlfriend, who he prefers to keep hidden from the public glare. Ben, who describes himself as "a good friend, honest and normal", is keen to keep his life away from the set private and avoid the temptations of a starry lifestyle.
"I don't want to get in to all of that because you can get carried away with yourself," he says. "Ninety per cent of my friends are from school and see I them all the time. They keep my feet on the ground."
Private he may be, but Ben still gets recognised in the street. "I have a few fans, but without trying to sound bigheaded, you do get used to it - although I don't notice it as much as my friends do when they're walking with me. Mainly it's fine, but sometimes it gets annoying and you have to learn to deal with it. But I try not to let it affect me."
Ben has also made friends with some Emmerdale cast members, particularly younger ones like Adele Silva, who played his lusty stepsister Kelly. "Everyone's very friendly, but who you see depends on who you're working with at the time," he says. "The younger cast members get along well, but we all live in different parts of the country and everyone is desperate to get home as soon as filming finishes at the end of the week."
Home for Ben is back in London with his three younger sisters and brother. The first member of his family to forge an acting career, he got his first taste of the limelight when he took a part-time acting course over a school halfterm holiday and was spotted by an agent, who signed him up. "I'm very laid-back, so I didn't go out and say I'm going to be an actor," he explains. "I was just ushered into that world."
Ben auditioned for lots of roles before getting his lucky break playing Chris Longworth in Grange Hill. Then, when Emmerdale decided to recast the character almost two years ago, he won the role of hunky, womanising Scott, taking over from Toby Cockerell.

Toby Cockerell

According to Ben, his mum and dad take his achievements in their stride. "They're fine about it, but they'd be just as happy if I was a bus driver," he insists. "They don't talk about it much. It's nice that they can watch me on television and chat about me to their friends, but in the end I'm just doing a job like they are."
He may be endearingly unstarry about fame, but one thing guaranteed to get Ben talking animatedly is cars. He has a real passion for them .I love being able to control something that goes very fast," he muses. "I'm in between cars at the moment, but I'm hoping to buy an MG RV8, which can get up to 14Omph. My dream car is a Bugatti. I love the way they're made and their innovative design. But as they cost anything from £50,000 to £lmillion, I'll probably never have one."
Like many young actors his age, Ben would love to go into movies, but he won't be heading off to Hollywood. "I'd like to stay in England and do British stuff," he says. "I know some people who've gone to the States, but they invariably end up coming back."
But his fans needn't start worrying he'll be leaving for pastures new just yet. Even the recent departure of former colleague Paul Fox, who's just landed a big role and four-month contract in Coronation Street as Mike Baldwin's son Mark, hasn't tempted him.  
"Paul moved on because he had been here at Emmerdale for a few years and wanted to do something else," explains Ben. "Everyone's different. I'm happy here and I'm still happy playing Scott. He my not be very nice, but he's a fun and interseting roll to play.

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Ben Freeman (Scott Windsor), was Robbie Williams in 2000s celebrity stars in their eyes.


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