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Rachel Tate nee Hughes

Glenda McKay

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2nd wife of Chris Tate.

Daughter of Kate Hughes from her 1st marriage to a David Hughes.

Stepdaughter of Joe Sugden.
Mother of Joseph Tate.
sister of Mark Hughes

Born: 16 September 1971

Married: 7 Dec 1995 Chris Tate
Divorced: around 1997

Died: (murdered by Graham Clark) 11 May 1999

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Glenda's brother in real life, Craig McKay, played her screen brother, Mark Hughes. He was killed off in the plane crash in 1993.


The Huges - Rachel, Mark and mother Kate arrive in 1988

the following (in this white box) is a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-

Rachel Hughes

Born two years and two months before her brother in September 1971. Rachel Hughes was undcrstandablx more mature than Mark in her reactions to the new situation the family found themselves in. Yet she was still hopeful that her mother and father would get back together, especially when David left the services with this in mind. She did, however, accept Kate's new relationship better than Mark. but as a vegetarian found life on the farm difficult to adapt to. At one st:age, she attempted to sabotage Jackic Merrick and Pcte Whiteley's veal rearing, which she believed to be cruel. She even used to drink soya milk. but now drinks cows' milk from the Emmcrdale dairy.

As a schoolgirl, Rachel was friendly with Archic. Nick and Elsa Fctdmann. who was in her year at school. The only boy from school slw was seen with was a film buff called Andrew - whom she almost kissed in the Emmcrdalc hayloft during a conversation about D.H. Lawrence.

Her relationship with salesman Pete Whiteley began, almost innocently, over the summer of 1989 and consisted of little more than illicit meals and the odd kiss, until Rachel's eighteenth birthday party, when she lost her virginity to him. Although meant to be the innocent, led on by a married man, Rachel actually seemed the dominant partner as the affair developed.

Yet it was the philandering Pete who ended the relationship when he felt it was getting out of hand, at the village bonfire party - just before his wife Lynn announced she was pregnant. At that time the affair was still a secret, but first David, then Kate got to know. Lynn, who had been suspicious, finally realized what had been happening at Dolly's New Year party. She later had a showdown with Rachel and the Whiteleys left the village for Birmingham soon afterwards. Rachel was not bothered, though she was far from proud of what she'd done.

The affair threatened her 'A' levels, and Joe and Kate were warned that her chances of reaching university were slim, but Rachel eventually worked hard on her English, Art and History and passed with flying colours to secure a place at nearby Leeds University, though she decided to take a year off before going and worked on a temporary basis for Tate Haulage.

Rachel took driving lessons from Joe and Sarah, having written off Kathy's ancient Citro6n Dyane during her one lesson with her in May 1990. She
passed her test two months later and now has an old
Escort which takes her to Leeds and back.

When Pete Whiteley returned in September 1990, Rachel discovered that she had matured since their last meeting: she was now in control of both her emotions and their relationship. Although Pete's death upset her, she eventually rallied to her mother's cause. There has never been any love lost between her and Lynn Whitclcy, however.

Rachcl's rivalry with brother Mark reached a head when they transferred in early 1992 from the farmhouse (which Jack and Sarah were now to inhabit) to the farm cottage. Her subtle decoration schemes were countered by purple walls; horrified, she moved fiance Michael Fcldmann in to maintain order. When that relationship hit the rocks, she took up with young doctor Jayesh Parmar, the brother of flatmate Sangecta. Yet a soft spot for Michael clearly remained, and after visiting him in gaol was won over after witnessing an act of heroism when he jumped into a river to rescue Robert Sugdcn. The pair were absent on holiday when the 1993 plane crash claimed the life of her brother and Michael's mother; she took the loss considerably better than he did.

In 1994 she cut her shoulder-length blonde hair into a short style, suggesting that a new, purposeful Rachel Hughes was coming into being. She was still only halfway through her university course, and despite occasionally helping out behind the Woolpack bar during vacations and working as a doctor's receptionist as she took time out to consider her future, Rachel seemed likely to pursue a high-flying fnturc elsewhere.

Michael Feldmann and Rachel


Matthew Vaughan (Michael Feldmann) and Glenda McKay (Rachel Hughes) from the 1993 Emmerdale Calendar.


December 1995 Chris married Rachel Hughes, seen here with their 6 month old son Joseph Mark

Glenda Mckay joined Emmerdale in 1988. She left in 1999, when her character Rachel Tate was pushed off a cliff top by Graham (The Stare) Clark.

Rachel from her Emmerdale Farm days signed by Glenda MacKayRachel fan card circa 1990Rachel circa 1992-1994Rachel fan card circa 1995-1996Rachel circa 1997

Back in 1988 when she joined Emmerdale Farm - a year before the title change - Glenda was only 17. She had started he professional career five years earlier, when she played Pepper in the musical Annie at the Grand Theatre, Leeds. Shortly before joining the serial, she acted Gudrun in flamboyant director Ken Russell's film version of D. H. Lawrence's The Rainbow, which starred Glenda jackson, after whom the teenager had been named. The acclaimed actress had played the grown-up Gudrun in Russell's film of Women in Love (which Lawrence had actually written before The Rainbow).
Acting in The Rainbow was an experience that Glenda will never forget. 'One day when my parents came to see us filming in Nettlebed, Oxfordshire,' she recalls, 'I was completely awestruck by having Glenda Jackson and all these incredible people around me, and doing what I wanted to do. I went back with them and burst into tears - I was just so overcome with it.
'Ken Russell used to have an angry patch every afternoon after his pink champagne at lunchtime. Everyone had their turn at being on the sharp end of his mouth. One day, I was doing a scene with his son on my back when this boy went flying and hit his head on the floor. Of course I stopped at once. "You never stop until I say'Cut!"' he shouted. But making that film was a fantastic experience.'
The chance to join Emmerdale was one that Glenda created for herself after her brother Craig two years her junior - landed the role of Mark Hughes after appearing in the Yorkshire Television programmes The Book Tower and How We Used to Live. 'I wrote in,, says Glenda 'and said that I understood they were auditioning boys for Emmerdale and I was interested in joining the cast if they needed a sister. They rang me at home and asked me along for an audition.

Craig McKay

'It was great to have Craig with me because we were both quite young and green and wary, and we had each other to lean on. But everyone was so friendly - all these people like Sheila Mercier, Ronald Magill and Arthur Pentelow, for whom I had so much respect, were very welcoming and I learned a lot. Not having done much professional theatre myself, I thought it was fantastic to watch them in rehearsal, knowing their lines and never blocking they were word-perfect.'
Glenda was soon at the centre of the action when her character embarked on an affair with married man Pete Whiteley. The sizzling screen storyline saw Rachel lose her virginity to him on her 18th birthday. 'It was quite steamy stuff for Emmerdale in those days,' says Glenda, 'quite a risque storyline. Since then, Rachel has pootled along and, every now and then, gets hot-headed and shouts her mouth off.'
But the departure of her brother, killed off in the 1993 air disaster, left Glenda with more than sadness. 'I felt very guilty,' she says, 'because he didd't want to leave and there I was still doing the job he wanted to do. It was never an issue with Craig - he has been very, very good and never said, "Who do you think you are?" He has coped with it extremely well. My guilt has been stronger than his upset.
'Now, it is different. He has started another career and is very successful in it, but he prefers not to publicise what he is doing. He has bought a house and has a lovely girlfriend. I don't have the guilt any more. But losing my brother in the programme showed me that you do get carried away with the thought that this is going to go on for ever.
'I feel it's great. I find the whole fame thing a bit of a struggle sometimes because I'm just a normal person and I don't want people to perceive me as something special.
Glenda left Emmerdale in May 1999 when her character was killed after she was pushed from a clifftop by her boyfriend Graham Clark. She has since appeared on T.V. many times and has released a number of fitness videos.

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward

30 Years of Emmerdale -- Lance Parkin (Hardcover - Granada Media - 7 October, 2002)
15.19 (18.99 elsewhere) from http://www.amazon.co.uk/

From the year 1999 page 109

Graham moved into Mill Cottage with Rachel and he seemed to be the ideal man as he redecorated, cooked and even alphabetised her CD collection for her. Rachel's friends, like Kathy, were a little worried as he was taking too much control over her life. Graham got Rachel to dress differently and dye her hair auburn - and Rachel was shocked to discover a photo of Graham's first wife, Rebecca, looking remarkably like the 'new' her.

On a walk on Burview Crag, Rachel realised the truth - Grham had an overwhelming need to control, to change the women he went out with. It had been this that had driven Rebecca to suicide. Rachel tried to escape, but Graham caught her up and threw her off a cliff.

Pollard became suspicious of Graham, who claimed that Rachel had just accepted his proposal of marriage before she died. Pollard had talked to Rachel the day before, and knew she was thinking ofending the relationship. He tried to find incriminating evidence, but - for the moment at least none was forthcoming.

Rachel realises too late

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