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Patrick ("Paddy") Kirk

Dominic Brunt
Dominic was Born: 15th April 1970


Character born 1st/2nd July 1969

Son of Barbara Kirk and 1st cousin of Jason Kirk

IMDB entry for Dominic Brunt Appeared 20 February 1997 -

Paddy fancard circa 2000-2002

Married Mandy Dingle 13 Oct 1999 (with whom she began divorce proceedings in December 2001)

Married 2nd 17th October 2002 Emily Wylie/Dingle

Current Paddy Kirk fancard

Profile from former official site

Played by Dominic Brunt
First Appearance on 20 February 1997
Job; Vet
Marital Status; Married Mandy Dingle who left him. He is now dating Emily Dingle

Paddy came to work in Emmerdale as a locum Vet at Zoe Tate’s surgery. He quickly established himself as a joker and attracted the attention of Mandy Dingle. Unfortunately Paddy’s contract then finished and he went to work in Cumbria and then Ireland. When he came back five months later, he had to fight biker Colin to win Mandy back.

Moved in with Mandy and the Dingles, then panics when his mum announces a visit. He helps the Dingles when they get behind on their rent, but refuses to buy their house outright. Paddy and Mandy split up over it all, He is unwelcome at the house until he delivers baby Belle on Christmas Day.

Paddy is Belle’s godfather at the christening, and realises how much he loves the Dingles. He invites Tricia to the Vets ball but ends up taking Bernice and spends all night talking about the state of the practice and how much he misses Mandy. He finds Mandy and as they dance he proposes. She accepts. Paddy discovered that his mother was faking her illness and told her he never wanted to see her again, unless she could be happy for him. 

The night before the wedding, Mandy punched Pollard for trying to frame Butch. He insisted on pressing charges and the wedding had to be brought forward to try and outwit the law. A brawl later broke out at the reception and bride and groom spent their wedding night in a police cell.

This year sees the arrival of Adam, a vet whose bravery in the aftermath of the plane crash has made him a local hero, much to Paddys dislike.But he has other worries when Mandy walks out, and he becomes an alcoholic. Marlon suggests a lads night in to cheer him up but he doesn’t appreciate the gesture. He gives Jason and Joe his honeymoon tickets for Venice.

The appearance of a new teacher, Bev, cheers Paddy. They become friends, although he misinterprets her charm as an invitation to romance. She leaves the village after being involved in a school scandal.

Paddy has to sack Adam after he gives one of the stud horses the wrong injection. Adam is furious and leaves the village too. Paddy supports his cousin Jason, and gives lends Gloria money. His Samaritan streak continues when he takes Emily in when she moves out of the Dingles.

Paddy confronts Pollard for taking Gloria for all she is worth, and Zoe confides in him about her affair with Charity. Zoe moves in with him briefly while she decides what to do. Paddy and Emily end up in a clinch one night and the pair fall madly in love. The Dingles are happy for them and they have a party to celebrate.

Fancard circa 1997-1999 showing vet Paddy wih a dog

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes and additional information from 2001 onwards on this page have been added.

Dominic Brunt arrived in Emmerdale in early 1997 as Paddy Kirk, to help out Zoë Tate at the vets surgery.
He says "Being a vet is something that I'd love to do but I wouldn't have the stomach for it. I sometimes lie in interviews and say that I spent two weeks preparing for the role as Paddy, by working alongside real vets. "
Dominic has just bought himself a dream home. The house which is located in Yorkshire, was the home to the infamous Cottingley fairies in 1917, when Elsie Wright and Francis Griffiths fooled the nation with photos of cardboard cut-out fairies in the garden of the house, which they claimd were the genuine article. It was the house's historic credentials which attracted Dominic in the first place.
Other than Emmerdale he has had parts in: EastEnders, Soldier Soldier, 2.4 Children, The Bill, Morse, a couple of films and lots of adverts. Before that he was a welder for three and a half years."
He names his best friends among the cast as, Mark Charnock (Marlon), Lisa Riley (Mandy), Nicky Evans(Roy) and Tim Vincent (Adam)."
Dominic, a Millwall supporter, has read all the Harry Potter books. He thought they were brilliant! He is also into motorbikes and has a Hayabusa 1300 GSX.
Dominic's favourite comedian is Eric Morecambe. He says "I've got a lot of his stuff on video - it makes me laugh, but also makes me sad that he's no longer with us. It's amazing that there was someone like that on this earth."
Dominic Brunt says if he got married in real life, he would invite Liam Gallagher to his wedding, because he loves Oasis.

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