Linda Jane Glover/Fowler

Linda Glover fan card 1997

Played by Tonicha Jeronimo

(Appeared: Mid 1994 - 21 October 1997)

AKA Linda Glover - daughter of Ned and Jan.

Married Biff Fowler 24 December 1996.
Born: 5 March 1978

Died (in car crash): 16 October 1997 (actual pronouncement of death took place in the 21st October 1997 episode)

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The Following is Based on She Wolf's profile at Please visit her site and read her profiles in the death section. Some of the photos are courtesy of Paul Berridge.

Linda arrived in Emmerdale with the rest of her family in middle of 1994.

She worked at the vets as a receptionist much to her father's annoyance when he found out that Zoe Tate was a lesbian.

Romance evaded her for a while. Before finding true love with Biff Fowler she had, had relationship with Danny Weir leaving her pregnant. She aborted the baby herself using drugs from the vets. This put her on the danger list at the hospital.

Brian Ian Fowler (Biff) and Linda Glover were married on 24th December 1996.

At Steve Marchant and Kim Tate's engagement party, Alex Oakwell pulled Linda Fowler, took her for a late-night drive and crashed while trying to snort cocaine. He fled the scene of the accident, leaving Linda there to die.

Early Linda Glover fan card - circa 1994-1996

The following taken from :-25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997) repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward

Chapter "1997"


Linda Fowler was shocked to find a small baby girl left in a box outside Zoe Tate's veterinary surgery. Two days later, after being admitted to hnospital with bad haemorrhaging, 13-year-old Emma Cairns admitted to being the mother. Emma called the baby Geri, grew close to her, and reversed her decision to have her adopted. The father turned out to be Greg Cox, the ex-boyfriend of Emma's sister Charlie. The revelation led Charlie to leave Emmerdale. The new baby caused Linda to become broody. When Biff's father, Ron Hudson, died of Huntington disease and Linda announced that she might be pregnant, Biff admitted to her that his f:ather's disease might be hereditary: children could have defective genes and he might live long cmmgh to see them grow up. Linda's pregnancy was subsequently confirmed - and Biff's tests for Huntington's disease proved negative. However heartbreak came when Linda miscarried.


The smile that is an almost permanent fixture on the face ofTonicha Jeronimo is a far cry from Linda Fowler, the Emmerdale character she plays, who copes with traumas and speaks her mind. 'She's a really stroppy little cow,' for her own good, but she is passionate. When she has a crusade, she goes straight for it. She's not weak. She's really strong in a crisis.'

Now married to Biff Fowler, Linda was first seen as one of the Glover family in 1994. Real life and fiction became intermingled when Tonicha - just 16 when she joined the cast - and actor Stuart Wade, who plays Biff, fell for one another and became engaged in December 1996, when Linda married Biff. 'I first met Stuart in June 1994, but we didn't get together until 2 September,' she recalls. 'To everyone else, it had been obvious, but we insisted we were just friends. Then we went on a night shoot, I was cold and he put his arm around me.' But Tonicha has no plans to rush down the aisle with Stuart. 'I'm too young,' she says. 5klso, we're too busy at the moment. We couldn't ask for a month off to plan it.'

Tonicha's unusual surname, which reminds everyone of the great Apache warrior featured in American Westerns, comes from her Portuguese father. She was born in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands, and has performed since the age of two. 'I said then that I wanted to be a singer, dancer and actress,' Tonicha recalls. 'Originally, I did ballet because my feet used to point inwards, so I went to classes to correct it, but I was more interested in pretending and dressing up as other people - singing and acting were more my thing.

'When I was six, I started acting in shows in Jersey, although I continued in ballet school and danced every night of the week. At the age of 11, I auditioned for the role of Lisa in a major production of The Sound of Music and got it. Then we went back to Portugal to live there and my parents subsequently split up. Although I had been approached by a film company over there, I didn't think that would be the place to act. I needed to speak French, German and Portuguese, but I was just grasping Portuguese. So my mother brought me to Britain to pursue acting.'

However, Tonicha - known to friends as 'TJ' concentrated on her schooling for several years and aclimatised herself to English life. 'I had only been to England before on holiday,' she says. 'It's completely different from what I had been used to. We don't have the weather here! Also, there aren't outside cafes as there are in Portugal, where I was allowed to stay out until two in the morning and there was no age limit on drinking. We also socialised with our teachers in Portugal.

'When I came here, I realised I couldn't say what I wanted to say. It was very, very difficult to adapt to English life. At school the children couldn't believe I had managed to do all these things and I was straight into drama at school and getting parts that they had been waiting for. I got bullied a bit - it was just mental torture.

'I wasn't very academic at all, but I had to work hard at my GCSEs to get a grant to go to drama school and, at 15, was accepted by the London Studio Centre. Then the part of Linda Glover in Emmerdale came up and I dropped nearly all my exams. My school weren't too happy with me, but I came out with two GCSEs, in drama and food studies. Education is important but if you get an opportunity to do something you have wanted to do all your life you take it - you can go back to study later.'

'Emmerdale were taking a gamble, because I didn't have the experience. The other actors in the Glover family guided me through everything and I picked a lot of things up. For the first six months, I was terrible. I just didn't like myself. You have an image of yourself but, when you actually see yourself on screen, it's very hard to adjust. Once you make friends with what's on the television, you begin to concentrate on the real acting. I worked hard on my acting and it all came together.'

The story of Linda aborting her baby by Danny Weir, using equipment from the veterinary surgery where she worked, after she discovered he was engaged to someone else, was a challenge for Tonicha. 'That storyline gave me the confidence to get better and better,' she says. 'I need a kick up the bum sometimes. That was a really emotional story to act. I had to try to imagine what it would be to like to go through that. I got loads of letters afterwards. A couple of girls had actually aborted their own babies and understood, saying, "I don't know how you were able to portray something like that." '

Then came Linda's romance with Biff, which culminated in their wedding. 'They're Emmerdale's sweethearts,' says Tonicha. 'I think they're together for life. The characters go perfectly well together. He puts up with her tantrums and she puts up with his stubbornness.'


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