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Katherine Elisabeth ("Kathy") Glover nťe Bates

Malandra Burrows
Born: 4th November 1965

As of September 2002 Malandra Burrows is hosting "Soap Addicts" a quiz for Challenge TV

early Katy Bates Emmerdale Farm card Emmerdale Farm publicity shot of Kathy Bates Kathy Bates circa 1992-1994 Kathy circa 1995-1996 Kathy Glover Circa 1997-1999 The last Kathy Glover with preprinted signature

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Appeared: 26 November 1985 - 20 December 2001
Born: 29 September 1967 (she celebrated her birthday 30th September in 1997, so however there wasn't an episode on the 29th that yeart).

AKA Kathy Merrick, Kathy Tate, Kathy Glover.
Married 1st 3 February 1988: Jackie Merrick
Married 2nd 5 Nov 1991: Chris Tate divorced 1995
Married 3rd 28 Nov 1996: Dave Glover

Has a child born around December 2002 in Australia.
Sister of Nick Bates
Aunt of Alice Bates
Eldest child of:Caroline Wood/Bates & Malcolm Bates divorced 1985

Thank you Dave T. for providing the following. It's from a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-

Kathy Bates

Born in 1967, Kathy Bates arrived in Emmerdale with her mother, Caroline, and brother, Nick, in 1985, following her parentsí separation. She was then studying for ĎAí levels, but left school when Alan Turner gave her a job at NY Estates as a farm worker. She was put in charge of the poultry unit at Home Farm, where thousands of battey hens were reared. Eventually, it became too much for her and she walked out - which didnít surprise Joe Sugden, who had advised against her appointment all along.

She worked part-time at Emmerdale Farm and in 1988 set up a farm shop with Dolly and helped make goatís cheese.

Kathy was also a keen horsewoman and looked after Joe and Turnerís horses. In 1989, when she and husband Jackie were having financial problems, he forced her to take a job at Hotten abattoir, which she hated: Jackie rescued her after a week.

Her relationship with Jackie lasted for several years before they finally decided to marry, his impulsive nature in marked contrast to Kathvís easy-going style. When they broke up during 1987, she went out with Tony Marchant, a rich relative of NY boss Christopher Meadows. This made Jackie so jealous that he smashed up his van and pleaded with Kathy to go back with him. She agreed and they became engaged, marrying in February 1988.

The wedding was almost ruined when a burst water tank in the Batesí cottage destroyed Kathyís dress, the night before. The day was saved when Annie, Dolly and Caroline Bales altered Annieís own wedding dress - an Edwardian one worn by her own mother - which Kathy wore instead. Kathy and Jackie went on honeymoon to Tunisia and, despite unexpected adventures, enjoyed themselves.

The Merricks began married life in the attic at Emmerdale Farm and were delighted when Joe offered them Demdyke in December 1988. They were always struggling financially, however, on Jackieís meagre wage, supplemented by Kathyís earnings as part-time barmaid at the Woolpack. Her hours clashed with Jackieís so she gave it up.

Jackieís death, in August 1989, devastated Kathy. She took his job as a farm labourer at Emmerdale, as well as running their own 20 acres of rented land at Home Farm, until new landlord Frank Tate evicted her in January 1990. She was particularly involved with the sheep - both 40 of her own and 650 of Emmerdaleís - despite miscarrying in 1989 due to the sheep-related disease Chiamydiapsittaci.

For several months she lost interest in everything, and only began to come out of her shell when she reluctantly joined the cast of the village play Dracula in January 1990. By this time, Chris Tate was keen, but she initially rejected his advances.

George Starkey, a lorry-driver who also tried to date her, brought news that a cafe owner in Southampton, who was also a medium, had a message from her dead husband. Kathy went to Southampton, despite much advice not to lake such things seriously, but the inconclusive experience made her decide to get on with her life. By this time, Chris Tate was becoming more important to her and their relationship flourished.

In April, 1990, they spent the night together and in May, much to his surprise and delight, she moved in with him at Home Farm.

Any misgivings she may have had about doing this were heightened when Chris bought her a car after her old Citroen was written off by Rachel Hughes, to whom she was giving a driving lesson. Kathy s experiences had made her the more mature of the two, and Chrisís belief that expensive gifts could solve differences would be the cause of manv disagreements through their marriage.

Another present - this time, from father-in-law Frank - was their matrimonial home at Mill Cottage, though the couple eventually insisted on paying him for it. No matter how agreeable the surroundings. Kathy was never one for staying at home, much as Chris would have liked her to become a full-time cook. skivvy and bottle washer.

A period of filling in as her husbandís secretary saw her prove the point as she secretly gained her HGV licence, celebrating by backing a giant truck into a space outside the office as Chris looked on open-mouthed! She then went on to look after Kimís horses at Home Farm before the discovery of her bossís affair with Neil Kincaid put her in an impossible position and she quit. She then took up her friend Lynn Whiteleyís offer to help her run the wine bar at the Woolpack, hut Chris was opposed to this - not least due to Lynnís oft-expressed low opinion of him.

In 1993, Kathyís frustration with her husbandís attitudes and activities would lead to a brief dalliance with hunky American wine rep Josh Lewis. She was on the point of eloping with him, but the discovery of Chris in the wreckage of the Woolpack brought her back to her Ďsensesí,and, like the dutiful wife she felt she should be, Kathy prepared herself for life with a wheelchair-bound spouse in a purpose-built bungalow... organized, inevitably , by her father-in-law. (As it transpired, thev stayed put.)

Profile formally at www.emmerdale.co.uk written circa 2001:-

Malandra who played Kathy Played by Malandra Burrows
First Appearance on 26 November 1985
Marital Status; Jackie Merrick 1988 (died 1989); Chris Tate 1991 (div. 1995); Dave Glover 1996 (died 1996).
Children; One Miscarriage; Fostered her niece Alice Bates


Kathyís first and happiest relationship was with Jackie Merrick. Love blossomed as they worked together at the farm. Kathy and Jackie first admitted their feelings for each other. Joe Sugden caused trouble though, when he made suggestive remarks, but she wasnít interested.

Their relationship hit a rocky patch and they split up for a brief time.  Kathy started to see Tony Marchant, they met during a dinner party. Dave became upset when he saw Kathy and Tony dancing together at Sethís birthday party, he proceeded to smash up his van and ran over Sethís bicycle.

They married on 3rd February. Kathy had to wear Annie Sugdenís wedding dress because her own dress was damaged in a flood at her motherís cottage. Kathy also suffered a miscarriage.

She lost Jackie when he died in a shooting accident in August 1989. She took months to come to terms with his death and was not ready for a relationship when she first met Chris Tate (son of Frank). Eventually, Chrisís gambling proved too much for Kathy and she left him.

Chris was waiting on the sidelines though and they eventually moved into the Old Mill together after she agreed to marry him. They married on 5 November 1991 and were sent off in a helicopter by Frank. They honeymooned on the QE2 and went to New York.

Their marriage was far from perfect, and it hit its worst period this year.  Chris was gambling heavily and Kathy fell for the smooth wine merchant Josh Lewis.  She chose Josh, and was on the point of leaving Chris when he suffered spinal injuries in the Emmerdale plane crash and was confined to a wheelchair. Kathy decided to stand by him although the bitterness eventually destroyed their marriage.

The man to bring her out of her depression was Dave Glover.  He nagged at Kathy for a date and gave her a reason for getting on with her life.  She divorced Chris and set up her own business, the tearooms. Dave asked her to marry him in September.  She then discovered that Dave had been having an affair with her enemy Kim Tate.

Kathy drifted back with Dave, he assured her that his relationship with Kim was definitely over and she believed him. They married in Dec Ď96, but met Kim on the way to the registry office.  Dave heard that Kim was planning to leave Emmerdale with James and went to say goodbye. He ended up agreeing to go away with her, but before they could run off, fire swept through Jamesís bedroom and Dave suffered massive burns saving the baby.  He died on Boxing Day.

Kathy enjoyed being single in Emmerdale, apart from a short-lived fling with Jez, a fireman.  She found time to help Sam Dingle to read until he developed a crush on her. She bought out Ericís share of the wine bar and renamed it Kathyís Diner, with an American theme. 

Bif took Marlonís advice and came clean about his feelings to Kathy. After initial hesitation, she realised she loved Biff and they are very much a couple. She was shocked when Biff proposed to her in the middle of the Woolpack.

Kathy narrowly escapes death when Grahams car goes over a cliff. Later in the year Kathy is thrown into motherhood when Jack is arrested on suspicion of murder. She moves into the farm to look after the Sugden kids. Kathy is distraught and disheartened when Andy and Robert begin quarrelling with each other. They continue to play her up and then the herd at the farm contract TB. Later in 2001 she becomes close to Andrew Fraser, the stud manager. She is thinking about selling up and moving to Australia to look after her niece Alice.

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles


See also Alice Bates, as there is a lot about Kathy in that profile.

Malandra Burrows hit the top twenty in 1990 with the song "Just This Side Of Love" after she sang it in an episode of Emmerdale.
Kathy Glover has a full HGV licence.


Following Written by Paul Berridge 2001

Kathy's Husbands, Click on Image for detail




Jackie & Kathy's wedding day
Following her wedding to Jackie, Kathy had been looking forward to 1989. But it proved to be the most unhappy year of her life. First she suffered a miscarriage after contracting chiamydiapsittaci- a rare virus from a sheep she was tending while working at Emmerdale Farm. Then in August, she heard the tragic news that Jackie had accidentally shot himself dead while hunting a fox for a £10 bet.
Newlyweds Chris and Kathy Tate moved into The Mill in November 1991, Frank bought it for them as a wedding present.
A rare tender moment for Josh Lewis and Kathy Tate in a romance that was ended by the air crash as Kathy decided to stay with a cripled Chris

Kathy married Chris in 1991.  The marriage would end in November 1994 when Kathy found out about his affair with Rachel Hughes

Dave Glover and Kathy Tate were married at Hotten Register Office on the 28th of November 1996.
As Kathy, daughter of Caroline Bates, Malandra Burrows has enjoyed the screen drama of having three husbands, two of them taken away from her in tragic circumstances. Jackie Merrick died in a shooting accident with his own gun, second husband Chris Tate was just too flashy and arrogant, and third husband Dave Glover died in a fire at Home Farm while rescuing the baby he believed to be his own son by Kim Tate
'It's very sad,' says Malandra, tongue in cheek. 'Kathy has the kiss of death on her men! Chris was the one she thought she could change, but it ended in divorce, which made for excellent drama. I've been able to work with all these lovely men and kill two of them off. It has become an in~joke among the cast.'
Fame in Emmerdale helped Malandra to Top 20 success with her single 'Just This Side of Love', in 1990. Singing and dancing have been in her blood since childhood. She started dance classes at the age of two and sang in front of choreographer Jean Pearce three years later, with the result that Malandra became a regular singer and dancer in the ITV childreds talent show Junior Showtime, produced by the late Jess Yates.
'I have memories Jess marching round his office singing "My Old Man Said Follow the Band", staring at a light switch, pretending it was the camera, and manically beaming and smiling, in an attempt to show me how to perform on television,' Malandra recalls fondly. 'At that time, I had no front teeth because I had lost my milk teeth, so I didn't want to smile!'
In Junior Showtime, Malandra performed solo numbers such as the John Lennon-Paul McCartney song 'Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da and duets with Glyn Poole from the film musicals Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Then, at the age of eight, she sang on New Faces, whose panel of judges included comedian Arthur Askey and composer Tony Hatch, at about the time he wrote the Emmerdale theme tune.
'After seeing My Fair Lady, I joined the Everyman Youth Theatre, in Liverpool, and did classes at LiverpoolTheatre School, says Malandra 'I also did productions with my local amateur dramatics company at St Peter's, in Woolton, so the acting side was beginning to come into my life. Having been trained on the violin and piano, I was always writing music, too. I even won a BBC Radio Merseyside Songwriter of the Year award at the age of 13. One of my favourite places for singing was the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, where I did numerous performances. In Liverpool, I was quite well known.'
'But Malandra was keen to keep up her academic studies and left school with 11 0-levels. 'My parents were aware that, although I might have wanted to perform then, maybe I wouldn't at the age of 16 or 17,' she says. After 0-levels, teachers told me that I should do A-levels, go to university and, if I still wanted to be an actress, do that afterwards. But they weren't listening to what I wanted to do. I never attended the careers meetings. I just didn't want to wait five years. Instead of going back to school, I enrolled for drama school in Liverpool for two years.'
Even before leaving drama school, Malandra played several roles on television, appearing in The Practice and Fell Tiger, as well as taking two parts in Brookside - Lucy Coflins's schoolfriend, Sue, and Pat Hancocks girlfriend, Lisa. Three months after leaving drama school, she auditioned for Emmerdale. 'I wondered why they wanted a Liverpudlian,' says Malandra. 'But I immediately felt I was very much this character. Like me, Kathys parents were divorced, her father was called Malcolm and her middle name was Elizabeth. I just thought it was tailor-made.
'When I got the part, I hadn't realised how agricultural the role was going to be and that I would be playing a farm girl. Coming from Liverpool, I had no idea about any of this. I was supposed to milk the cows, but I was frightened of being kicked. My first memory is the smell when I walked in there. I couldn't say my lines and was gasping for breath.Clive Hornby and Frazer Hines, as Jack and Joe, loved winding me up. That first time, they said to me, "Watch for twitching tails." I wondered what they meant. Then I felt something hot and warm down my back and realised I was covered!
'They roared with laughter, but it didn't happen again. I wouldn't go anywhere near those cows. My job was to sweep up and I became nicknamed the 'shitshoveller". I did about six years of filling barrows with fertiliser.' Having joined in 1985, Malandra is now the longest-serving actress in Emmerdale.As well as seeing Kathy lose three husbands, she has witnessed her character's rise from farmhand to village entrepreneur since buying the Old School Tea Rooms.
'Kathy has her own business now,' says Malandra. 'I love Kathy dearly because, although she's the girl next door, she can hold her own. She also has a lovely, caring side and doesn't bear any grudges. She's even godmother to Rachel's son despite Rachel taking her husband from her. It's the ex-wives' club! Maybe you find that in rural villages.' Recently Kathy was about to marry Biff Fowler, but he decided he couldn't go through with it because of her feelings for Graham Clark.


Malandra, one of Emmerdale's longest-serving stars, has been given the axe.

Burrows, 34, who has played Kathy Glover for the past 16 years, was given the news during a meeting (06/07/01) with soap bosses at the Leeds studio.

Her father Malcolm Burrows, 65, said: "They sat and looked at her and she said, 'Who's going to talk first?' They told her that in effect the rumours are correct, and she was being written out of the show."

It is not yet clear whether she will be killed off or the door left ajar.

Her father Malcolm Burrows said: "She has asked them to do it as quickly as possible. She also told them that it was best that they came to this decision because she would have stayed until her teeth fell out.

"She is sad. It's a bit like leaving school."

Her father Michael Burrows said: "In the past she's had offers for sitcoms which she has been unable to take up.

"She would like to develop her acting career, perhaps do presenting, but at this stage we're not sure."

Malandra was one of the soap's highest paid stars with a reported income of £80,000 a year.

Kathy Glover fan card circa 2000-2001

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