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Jason Kirk
2 December 1999 - 31 January 2002
Featured 16 - 20 December 2002)

James Carlton


1st Cousin of Paddy Kirk

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Played by James Carlton
First appearance on 2nd December 1999


Jason arrived on his cousin Paddy’s doorstep on 2 December 1999, saying his parents had thrown him out because he was gay. Paddy agrees to let him stay. Paddy asks him to keep the fact that he is gay secret for the time being. Tricia and Lyn are both quite taken with Jason although neither of them know about his sexuality.

Jason’s first meeting with the Dingles goes well and he is a big hit with Zak who thinks that his job as a roofer is a proper man’s job, unlike Paddy’s. Paddy pleads with Jason not to tell the Dingles that he’s gay. Jason just thinks he’s embarrassed by him. Zak asks Jason to fix his roof. Jason says he will as Zak is family.

It’s Aladdin night in the Woolpack. Viv throws a drink over Jason by mistake and Gavin takes him upstairs to change. Bernice and Tricia are downstairs wondering what is taking them so long. They walk in on Jason and Gavin kissing. Jason spends Christmas Day with the Dingles and later he leaves the village.

Jason makes his re-appearance in the Woolpack with Frankie and Zak. Bernice is not pleased about Jason being back but decides to let bygones be bygones and put on a brave face about it. Zak suggests Lisa and Jason go into business together doing roofing and general building work.

Jason offers to be a stand in bar man at the Woolpack while Tricia and Marlon go on holiday. Jason receives a frosty reception when he arrives for his first day at work. Bernice soon warms to Jason. He’s a crowd pleaser and makes great cocktails.

He meets an Australian guy called Joe at a club and brought him back to stay over. Jason and Joe are in love but Joe has to go back to Australia. They conspire to get him married so he can stay in the UK. Tricia offers to be his bride, much to Marlon’s disaproval. They are married and soon after Joe leaves the village. Jason is devastated and so is Tricia.  Jason turns to Paddy for comfort and surprisingly Edna is also a source of comfort. 

Jason stops the van on the edge of the village to help a young woman who has gone into labour. There is no time for an ambulance and he helps to deliver the baby in his van. She is greatful and names him Kirk after Jason’s surname. Jason, Latisha and  Kirk become close and Latisha wants more than friendship, but can Jason ever be attracted to a woman?

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For a straight man, actor is James Carlton very convincing as Emmerdale's Jason Kirk. He plays the first gay male to be seen in the show and James knew that he would be judged for his performance.
'He's a very complex character,' explains Jason, 'but from the feedback I've had so far, everyone's been very supportive.' As Jason, he quickly bonded with lesbian Frankie Smith but the homophobic Zak Dingle was hilarious in his efforts to accept Jason as a drinking partner.
James is still only 22 but, since studying theatre, drama and media studies in Blackburn, he's already been round the block a few times. He's worked in television production, journalism and even spent four years as a tour guide at the Granada Studios where he took groups of 50 people around the site.
Jason's first storyline in Emmerdale at the end of 1999 involved smooching with Bernice's former fiancé Gavin.
James says: '
Jason didn't mean to cause trouble and wants to make amends"

Jason's boyfriend (until recently) was Joe Fisher played by Edward Baker-Duly.

Gavin Ferris

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