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News stories about Jack Sugden and the actor who plays him, Clive Hornby

Clive Hornby
Born: 20th October 1944

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ITV.COM Blossoming love

Tuesday | 01.04.03


Jack Sugden and Diane Blackstock are falling in love again.
The pair have been close friends ever since Diane arrived in the village but their first attempt at romance was a disaster.

However, after the kindly landlady helps Jack make daughter Victoria's birthday party a hit, both feel their passion has been reignited.

Instead of talking to each other about their feelings the shy duo turn to other to help them sort out their feelings. Diane confides in friend Louise Appleton and Jack discusses his situation with son Robert.

Actress Elizabeth Estensen - who plays the straight-talking Diane - says, "It is obvious to everyone else that Diane and Jack would love to get back together. The trouble is, neither of them is sure how the other one feels, so they're both too scared to say anything."

But after a series of misunderstandings and missed chances the pair finally come clean about their true feelings.

Elizabeth adds, "At the end of the evening they share a kiss. It's not a mad, passionate thing, but they know it has changed their relationship."

ITV.COM Jack's Frosty

Thursday | 05.06.03

Jack hands Andy and Katie eviction papers

Emmerdale’s Jack Sugden is torn between work and family tonight.

Ever since his adopted son Andy fell in love with Katie Addyman, the single dad has been caused no end of trouble.

Now the young tearaways have set up a squat on one of Chris Tate’s deserted properties and Jack knows it is more than his job is worth to ignore the problem.

And true to form, businessman Chris has been keeping an eye on the comings and goings on Butler Farm. He has already confronted Jack and told him in no uncertain terms to evict his troubled son.

But Jack has tried the strict approach with Andy and Katie and knows it won't work. So he tackles the situation with a fresh plan. The kindly land manager gently explains to the teenage lovers that they can no longer stay in the farm and begs them to return home with him.

Stubbornly they refuse, so Jack is forced to reveal the true extent of their problems. When he informs them that Chris has started legal proceedings to get them out, Katie goes mad – blaming Jack for all their troubles!

Can Jack put his family back together again?

23 June 2003 - Click to see a larger image of Victoria is rushed into hospital with appendictis

ITV.COM Jack rebuilds his family

Tuesday | 24.06.03

Shell-shocked dad Jack Sugden begins to build bridges with family.
The father-of-three has been struggling to cope in the aftermath of daughter Victoria's health scare and wants to make things right again.

In order to create an atmosphere of harmony in their household, Jack knows he has to make his peace with adopted son Andy. The pair have been at loggerheads ever since Andy took over Butler's Farm – with Jack as his guarantor.

The kindly estate manager was worried of his son when he moved in to the farm with young lover Katie Addyman because he knows how difficult running a farm can be.

But the terror of Victoria's appendicitis scare has made both men put the quarrels in perspective – much to the relief of those around them.

Clive Hornby, who plays the stressed out Jack, explains, "Jack is interfering on the farm because he sees Andy getting everything wrong.

"Although Jack blanks Andy for a while at the hospital, they eventually sit down and have a good chat. I think Jack is really missing farming."

ITV.COM Woolpack it in

Wednesday | 25.06.03

Paul, Rodney, Marlon and Frances try to stop Jack and Ronnie fighting

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden and Ronnie Marsden come to blows tonight.
Jack is still in shock after his daughter Victoria's near fatal bout of appendicitis and is looking to nurse Siobhan for answers.

He feels that the newcomer should have spotted his youngest child's illness and blames Siobhan for the fact that Victoria could have died.

In a fury, Jack marches into the Woolpack for a confrontation - but doesn't bank of her family's reaction.

The Marsdens are enjoying a quiet drink in the pub when Jack storms in and all rally to support Siobhan against the accusations. Father-in-law Ronnie is particularly incensed by Jack's tirade and fronts up to him.

The two men have had an uneasy friendship since Jack offered Ronnie advice about his affair with landlady Louise Appleton. But their truce is blown apart when Jack blurts out the information in front of the entire pub.

Will Ronnie let his fists do the talking?

ITV.COM Dad's Dilemma

Tuesday | 06.01.04

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden is facing a difficult time at work.

The former land manager quit his good position at Home Farm on Monday after a furious row and is now in-between jobs.

Jack has always loved working for himself, after years spent being a farmer. The job at Home Farm offered him security and good money but didn't inspire any passion in him.

And now Jack is starting to envy his adopted son Andy who runs Butler's Farm. Although he opposed Andy's plans at the beginning, even Jack has been impressed with the hard work and improvements made by his industrious son.

Keen to lend a hand, Jack offers to work alongside his son while he searches for another job, but Andy is not so happy with the plan.

The youngster has been enjoying being the master of his own destiny and feels that Jack's presence is a source of pressure he could live without.

Will Jack be deeply hurt by yet another rejection?

The Sun 26th January 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1

THERE hasn’t been much to celebrate in Emmerdale recently. But Jack changes all that when he asks Woolpack landlady Diane to marry him and she accepts.

The happy news comes after Jack reacts angrily when depressed Diane decides she wants to leave Emmerdale to live near her daughter Bernice, who is moving to Brighton.

Jack can’t bear the idea of losing the woman he loves, and proposes.

Diane is still in bits over Tricia’s death but she realises running away is not the answer and says "Yes".

"Diane does love Jack," explains Elizabeth Estensen, who plays the pub boss. "But she’s been through such a lot lately, it takes her a while to agree to marry him. She feels desperately guilty Tricia was killed when The Woolpack chimney fell on her in the New Year’s Eve storm."

Diane comes out of her mood a little at the start of the week when Bernice tells her she is moving to the South Coast to live with her boyfriend Charlie.

Mother and daughter share an emotional - and drunken - night, during which Diane reveals the depth of her grief and Bernice tries to comfort her.

"Next day, Diane has a dreadful hangover and gets in a row with Jack at the farm," says Elizabeth.

"He is angry that she shuts him out and she says she’ll move back into The Woolpack to try to sort herself out. But when she returns, Bernice gives her some tempting advice.

" Diane is in a bit of a mess and agrees with Bernice’s suggestion that she move to Brighton as well to make a new start.

"Jack is furious when he finds out. And, in the heat of a row, he blurts out his marriage proposal."

However, he gives Diane a deadline of just 24 hours to think it over.

The next day, as she is preparing for the re-opening of the pub, Marlon takes Diane to Tricia’s grave, where they toast his wife’s memory with champagne.

While reminiscing, Marlon tells Diane that she ought to grab happiness while she can.

"She sneaks off to find Jack," says Elizabeth, "to tell him she’ll marry him."

ITV.COM With This Farm Hand...

Wednesday | 28.01.04

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden makes a very dramatic decision this week.

The besotted local is deeply in love with partner Diane Blackstock but she is tortured by her grief over pal Tricia's death.

Ever since poor Tricia died, Diane has been unable to lift herself out of a deep depression. Fearing that she will never be able to live happily at the Woolpack again, Diane decides to make a permanent move - to Brighton.

The distraught landlady is convinced that building a new life with daughter Bernice will erase the painful memories of Tricia's demise from her memory. But Jack is horrified.

Realising that he could lose the love of his life, smitten Jack decides to lay his feelings on the line - and tells Diane she is the only woman for him via a romantic proposal.

But with her feelings in such a mess - and the promise of a peaceful life away from Emmerdale - will Diane accept his hand in marriage?


In Two Minds

Thursday | 29.01.04

Emmerdale’s Diane Blackstock has a lot of options to ponder.

The Woolpack landlady has been in a terrible state since Tricia’s death and is looking for a way to be happy again.

Diane has been unable to open up to her boyfriend Jack Sugden ever since the terrible accident, causing their previously strong relationship to falter.

And in response to the problems at home, Diane has been considering daughter Bernice’s offer of a new start in Brighton.

But Jack - who loves Diane deeply - wants to cement the relationship by getting married, and his romantic proposal has sent his belle into a spin.

Diane speaks to grief-stricken Marlon about Jack’s plan and he tells her to grab her chance at happiness, but it looks that Diane is still hell-bent on moving away.

However, when good pal Louise Appletion asks Diane what is stopping her from committing to her smitten partner, she starts to wonder whether she is about to make a terrible mistake.

Will Diane take the opportunity to run away from the village or will she take Jack up on his romantic proposition?

ITV.COM Taking Sides

Tuesday | 06.04.04

Emmerdale veteran Jack Sugden is put in an awkward position.

The long-suffering farmer is torn between his loyalties to lover Diane Blackstock and her wayward sister Val Lambert, who she's thrown out.

Diane and Val have had an uneasy relationship ever since the flighty schemer landed on her sister's doorstep. Although Diane has tried to help Val change her ways, recent events have driven them even further apart.

Diane was horrified when she discovered Val had struck up a romance with her ex- husband Rodney Blackstock - but even more disgusted when the local lothario admitted to bedding Val during their marriage years ago.

Feeling utterly betrayed by two of the people closest to her, Diane is in no mood to forgive Val's indiscretions. So the troublesome blonde decides to put herself in Jack's care - much to his discomfort.

But with Val's reputation as a maneater firmly established, how will Diane react with she discovers Jack is letting her errant sister stay with him?

ITV.COM Explosive Emmerdale
Friday | 21.05.04

Emmerdale emphatically trounced EastEnders in the ratings on Tuesday night as viewers enjoyed the special hour-long episode.

Viewers have been gripped over recent weeks wondering how Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) would exact revenge on cheating brother Robert (Karl Davies). Both boys have both been sleeping with Andy’s wife, Katie, played by Sammy Winward. She’d chosen life with Robert, but Andy had been spoiling for a fight ever since they revealed their adulterous affair.

With murder in mind, Andy’s moment of blind fury ended in catastrophe when he accidentally shot his father Jack, played by Emmerdale stalwart Clive Hornby, instead of Robert, leaving him bleeding and close to death.

“We’re thrilled with Emmerdale’s performance last night, " said John Whiston, Director of Drama, Arts and Kids at Granada. "It’s the culmination of months of hard work for Steve Frost, the writers and production team and they’ve been rewarded with fantastic ratings.”

“Emmerdale consistently delivers in terms of performance and quality of production. It’s a real success story and a jewel in the ITV1 schedule,” he added.

ITV.COM Under Suspicion
Friday | 21.05.04

Emmerdale's Andy Sugden is unable to hold his story up.

The troubled teenager shot his father Jack by mistake and his original target - scheming brother Robert - is helping him cover his tracks.

Ever since his beautiful wife Katie left him for Robert, Andy hasn't been in his right mind. And despite his father's strong support, the combination of heartache and alcohol led Andy to make a huge error of judgement.

And now it's Jack laying in hospital seriously injured instead of Robert - and the ailing patriarch's fiancée Diane Blackstock wants answers.

Poor Diane was on holiday when the tragedy occurred and has flown home to sit by her love's bedside. And as soon as she lays eyes on the lying brothers, she knows there's more to the accident than meets the eye.

So if Diane smells a rat, has Andy got any chance of fooling the police over the incident?



Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 23rd May 2004,,2001330006-2004230546_3,00.html


Sun to Fri (1hr special Tuesday) - ITV1

THERE'S supposed to be a strong bond between father and son, but when Andy accidentally shot adopted dad Jack in the chest he gave up his rights to family loyalty.

Andy breathes a sigh of relief when Jack comes round. But relief soon turns to dread when he tells Jack that he intended to murder Robert and Katie - and his furious dad threatens to grass him up.

"Jack’s so angry, his first reaction is to tell the police," says Clive Hornby, who plays him.

When Jack wakes up he’s determined to find out the truth. He’s worked out who’s responsible and insists on talking to Andy alone.

"He says he knows Andy did not pull the trigger by accident," says Clive, "and demands to know what is going on."

Andy blurts out the details of how he planned to kill Robert and Katie.

"Jack just can’t believe what he’s hearing. He tells Andy he could have killed Victoria," says Clive.

Andy pleads with his father not to report him to the police, but Jack is not for turning.

"But when the police quiz him, Jack can’t grass on his son and says his mind has gone blank," says Clive.

"The police put the pressure on, but Jack calls for a nurse and claims he is unwell."

The police interview Viv and Donna and discover more about Andy’s motives, and they return to the hospital to grill Jack again, but he refuses to help them.

Next, they try to pressure Andy into admitting he meant to shoot Robert and Katie, but he denies it.

"Jack believes he has done the right thing," says Clive. "He knows Andy’s guilty, but can’t bring himself to send him to prison. Blood’s thicker than water and Jack will always stand by his family."

ITV.COM Tell The Truth
Monday | 24.05.04

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden orders son Andy to tell the truth.

The wounded patriarch knows heartbroken Andy deliberately pulled the trigger to fatally wound adoptive brother Robert, who recently stole his wife Katie.

Although Jack has always sided with Andy over Robert and Katie's affair, the horrified father never thought he would take his revenge so violently.

Nearly killing Jack has served as a wake-up call to Andy, but Jack feels he must face up to his responsibilities.

Actor Clive Hornby - who plays wise Jack - explains, "Jack knows Andy was intending to kill Robert, and at the end of the day, Robert's his son.

"He's livid because it could have been anyone behind that door - even Jack's daughter Victoria. Jack has got it all straight in his head, he knows what he's doing.

"But whether he drops Andy in it, you'll have to wait and see - I can't give too much away!"


ITV.COM Will Jack Crack?
Tuesday | 25.05.04

Emmerdale's wounded Jack Sugden faces the police over his accident.

The kindly patriarch has been too unwell for questioning since last week - and now has his first chance to tell the truth.

Ever since Jack regained consciousness last week he has been struggling to comprehend the enormity of what his adopted son Andy has done. Knowing heartbroken Andy meant to shoot and kill his son Robert for stealing his wife Katie, Jack cannot condone his actions.

However, having resolved to tell the police exactly what happened, Jack is stunned by their interviewing technique. And by the time the detectives put forward their theory that one of his son's tried to gun down the other, Jack changes his mind about confessing all.

So, for the time being, Andy can breathe a sigh of relief knowing his father isn't going to drop him in it. But now Robert, Katie, Jack and his fiancée Diane Blackstock all know the truth - can Andy keep his terrible actions from the detectives?


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