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John Jacob ("JACK") SUGDEN

Clive Hornby
Born: 20th October 1944

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24 June 2002 - Jack with Andy & Victoria sitting around the Kitchen table.

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Played by Clive Hornby (originally played by Andrew Burt)
First Appearance on 19 February 1980
Parents; Jacob and Annie Sugden
Marital Status; Pat (died 1986), Sarah (died 2000)
Children; Jackie (deceased), Robert and Victoria. Fostered Andy Hopwood.

Robert was born to Jack and Pat in April, they were very happy when Pat was tragically killed in a car crash in September. This left Jack with a young baby to look after as well as cope with grieving for his wife.
Jack became involved in the anti-nuclear dump protest at Pencross Fell.

He met mobile librarian Sarah Connolly in April when they had their first date, but he was still undecided about Marian and their relationship did not develop for many months.

Jack and Annie fell out when she became friendly with Leonard Kempinski, a man she later married. Unfortunately, Leonard was killed in the plane crash in December and Annie spent months in a coma.

In this year the Sugdens began fostering a young boy, Andy Hopwood. He proved to be quite a handful.

Cracks began to show in Jack and Sarah’s relationship when she devoted all her time to Andy and his problems at school. Jack became close to Rachel (his step niece). This quickly turned into an affair and both risked everything to be together. Sarah found out and threw Jack out, which made him realise his mistake.

Ned Glover, moved in with the Sugdens. This caused conflict between Jack and Sarah, especially when Ned began showing the boys how to box. Jack wasn’t keen and he banned Robert and Andy from fighting.

Jack and Sarah experienced great financial difficulty, putting great strain on their marriage. Billy Hopwood, Andy’s father, was responsible for Vic Windsor’s death. Jack decided to apply to adopt Andy as their own.

Jack was very upset over the death of Rachel Hughes and he found her body. Sarah left for a while and Jack kept the boys off school to work on the farm. Andy was keen but Robert hated it.

The year starts with Sarah telling Jack their marriage is over. She starts an affair with Richie. Jack decides to fight for custody of the kids. Jack sells Turner the Dalesmen motorbike. He gets together with Diane in this year.

Sarah wins custody of Victoria and Jack’s depressed. He also hears that his herd has tested positive for TB. He tells Sarah he could kill her. Andy sets fire to the barn as an insurance job, but he kills Sarah, who was in the barn. Andy confesses and Jack vows to protect him.

Jack is arrested. He is later refused bail. Kathy moves in to look after the kids. On the day of Sarah’s funeral, Jack is allowed to attend, he is handcuffed to a police officer. The boys are distraught when Jack is led away. Diane question’s whether Jack is telling the truth. She becomes close to Turner.

His trial opens with Richie testifying to Jacks guilt. The prosecution makes out he is malicious.

But Andy visits Richie and admits it was him that lit the fire. Richie changes his
statement. Jack looks up at his family as the verdict is delivered - not guilty.
He returns to the farm, unable to believe it’s all over.

Jack tries to rebuild his life with the kids and they plan a holiday to Spain.
Diane and Jack become friends again. She offers to help him out financially as he may have to sell the farm, and Jack warns Richie to keep the secret safe or else. Harry turns up at the farm and leaves Jack a bag full of cash. Jack hides the money in the barn. Andy admits to Robert that he lit the barn fire. Robert hates him, and vows revenge. Jack is struggling to make ends meet and tries to get a phone mast installed on his land.

Early fan card of Clive Hornby as jack Sugden.  Signed

Although totally forgotten by scriptwriters today, in 1974 Jack Sugden wrote a best selling novel called The Field of Tares.
The first Death in Emmerdale Farm was that of Sharon Crossthwaite (played by Louise Jameson). She was raped and murdered by Jim Latimer on 30th January 1973. Latimer was jailed for life and served 18 years in prison.
When Latimer was released in 1991 he set out for revenge. He kidnapped Sarah Connolly because he held a grudge against her then boyfriend Jack Sugden. Jack had been a witness for the prosecution at his trial back in 1973. Latimer held Sarah captive in a disused building, but she remained cool and was eventually released unhurt.


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