Harry Mowlem

Godfrey James

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Farmer and quarry owner Harry Mowlem was murdered., At first Matt was suspected as Harry had made unwelcome advances to Malt's wife Dolly the previous year, also Matt had accused him of sheep stealing. It came out after Matt had been charged with man slaughter it was infact Derek Warner who was Harry's partner in crime that murdered him.

Died: 23rd Jan 1986

Quarry Boss Harry Mowlem, first appeared in Emmerdale in 1984. A totally evil man, he would have made Cain Dingle seem like Ashley Thomas' nicer brother.
In 1985 Harry Mowlem joined forces with petty crook Derek Warner to rob a security van of 6000.
Sheep rustling had been happening on Emmerdale land and one day Matt Skilbeck had been out with his sheepdog, Nell, when they came upon a truck parked in an Emmerdale field.
In the trailer were two Swaledale sheep. Mowlam had another caught by the legs in the curve of his crook and was grabbing a third ewe, carrying it bodily to the trailer attached to his truck ... all the while muttering drunkenly, 'Some men go for pretty girls, and some men go for boys - but my true love is my own true love ... and she makes a baahing noise.' Matt, seeing what they were up to, shouted. Mowlam dived into the truck, but before he could get the engine started Matt had reached for the vehicle, which then lurched into life. Matt, managing to open the door, grabbed Mowlam as the truck careered towards the trees out of control into a tree with a crunching and tinkling of metal and glass. Dazed from the impact Mowlam was pulled by Matt out of the van. But when they gathered themselves and Matt threw his first punch,
Mowlam ducked and laughed - 'I can take you Skilbeck. I can take you and the Sugdens any way I like. I could buy you out if I wanted to. I could buy out half of Beckindale.' It could have been anybody's result. Mowlam may have been drunk, but he was a big man and finally he took Matt in a huge bear hug which could have squeezed the life out of Matt had he not had his arms free to wind his fingers round Mowlam's throat.
Matt Skilbeck fights with Harry Mowlem
Suffering similar pressure on this more vulnerable point, Mowlam had to let him go, and it was then that Matt delivered a punch at Mowlam's head and the rustler staggered back and rolled down the bank to the stream. The fight was over and Matt moved at once towards Nell, who'd been kicked unconscious, and said, 'Alright girl, alright. Let's get thee home.'
Mowlem was violently killed in 1986 and Matt Skilbeck was charged with his manslaughter. The finger of suspicion pointed at Matt because Mowlem had made advances to his wife Dolly.
The manslaughter charge on Matt was later dropped when Derek Warner owned up to being the killer of Harry Mowlem.

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