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Eve Birch
31 August 2001 - Mid January 2002

Raine Davieson

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Character: Eve Birch

Parents: Peter, father and Jacqueline, step mother

Granddaughter of Edna Birch

Siblings: None

Age: About seventeen in 2001

First Appearance: late August 2001

Final Appearance: mid January 2002

Played by: Raine Davidson


Eve Birch arrived in the village and immediately made an impact. Her grandmother, Edna considered her to be sweet and innocent, but this was not true. Eve set her eyes on Marc Reynolds, even though he was already with Donna Windsor. In September Eve, Marc and some other teenagers from the village went to a nightclub in Hotten. They missed the last bus, and stole a car. Marc was driving home when he hit something, Ms. Strickland, their head teacher. Eve’s true nature came out when she was the one who convinced the rest to keep it a secret. Later, Eve slept with Marc.

Eve continued to keep the web of lies going, until Marc confessed. Eve’s true colours came to her grandmothers attention, after Eve kicked Edna’s pet Batley. Edna was shocked and sent Eve to live with her aunt.

About Raine Davidson: Raine Davidson’s other roles include playing a part in Brookside, in 2000. After leaving Emmerdale Raine started working on Crossroads, playing sweet and innocent chambermaid Abby. Abby is very different compared to manipulating Eve!

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Played by Raine Davison
First Appearance on 30 October 2001
Family; Daughter of Pete Birch, Edna’s son (her Grandmother)

Eve is the daughter of Peter Birch, Edna’s son. She is 16 and has been living in France for six years. Peter, widowed, moved to France due to work commitments and fell for Jacqueline; they later married. Peter and Jacqueline are currently going through a rough patch. Peter, concerned by the effect that this may be having on Eve, has sent her to stay with Edna to do her A-Levels in England.

Eve meets the rest of the teenagers in the village and they become friends. She is attracted to Marc, and against Donna’s wishes pursues him. They start seeing each other. A night out in Hotton goes tragically wrong, all the teenagers are involved in a hit and run accident. They have killed their teacher Miss Strickland. Marc was the one driving the car, he is devastated but Eve keeps a cool head and leads them into a web of lies. But will they trust her?

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Joining Emmerdale in July 2001 came 17-year-old Raine Davieson, who immediately sent temperatures soaring as Eve Birch, the rebellious granddaughter of village battle axe Edna (Shirley Stelfox).
Raine joined Emmerdale at the same time as Sammy Winward, who plays Katie Addyman.
Said Blackpool based Raine, "I've always loved Emmerdale so you can imagine how I felt when I'd got the part. Eve sounds like a really strong willed girl - a character I can really get my teeth into."
A show spokesman said: "We've got some real eye-opening stories lined up for the girls and the other village teenagers. We're sure that Sammy and Raine will prove a real hit with fans."


Emmerdale Star Headed For Holby?

Thursday | 17.07.03


Emmerdale's Raine Davison could win a role in Holby City.

The ambitious youngster - who played Edna Birch's mischievous granddaughter Eve in the soap - is in talks to replace tragic star Laura Sadler.

Laura, who played nurse Sandy Harper in the medical drama, plunged to her death last month when she fell off the balcony of her co-star and boyfriend George Calil's home. Since the heartbreaking incident, Holby bosses have been wondering what to do.

But the plan to involve Sandy in upcoming storylines was already in place, and producers now believe that finding another actress to take on the role is the best course of action.

They have approached Raine - who caused quite a stir in the Dales when her character seduced Marc Reynolds - to see if she is the right person to take over.

The pretty 19-year old explains, "There have been discussions but it's early days. I have my fingers crossed because Holby City is my favourite show on the telly. I would be thrilled to join up."

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