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Eric Charles Pollard
(30 September 1986 - )

Very first Emmerdale Farm fan card circa 1986

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge. With the exception of the fan cards and unless otherwise stated, some of the photos and info on this page are based on Paul's original profile written in 2001.

b. 11 June 1945

m 1st (as Eric Pollock) Eileen

Unbeknown to his bride, Elizabeth Feldmann, Eric Pollard was already married when the pair exchanged vows at St Mary's Church in October 1992. Eileen Pollock made her appearance in Emmerdale in 1994 after Elizabeth's death

m 2nd bigamously 6 Oct 1992 Elizabeth Feldmann

m 3rd 1 May 1997 Dee (Diwata Margharita) de la Cruz; divorced

m 4 2 May 2002 Gloria Weaver.

In 1990, Eric Pollard appeared to have found romance when he became engaged to young Debbie Wilson (Debbie Arnold). But she turned the tables on the dodgy dealer by running off with 2,000 of cash and goods he gave her to start an antique shop, to which he intended diverting goods from Hotten Market. Pollard had borrowed the money from crooked councillor Charlie Aindow.


Eric Emmerdale circa 1989-1991  official photo card signed by Chris Chittell

Text from Profile off Former Official Site (written 2001/2002)

Played by Chris Chittel
First Appearance on 30 September 1986
Marital Status; First wife Eileen Pollock. Second wife Elisabeth Feldman (married bigamously) Also married Dee De La Cruz (she left him in 1998)

Eric befriended Paolo Rossetti and tried to sell him some old books. While visiting him he stole a key, with the intention of stealing his antique prints. Paolo caught him and chased him with a gun, accidentally shooting himself. Eric fled the village for a couple of months.

Pollard became the auctioneer at Hotten market. Pollard got a taste of his own medicine when he was conned by a beautiful woman named Debbie. He gave her £2,000 of market money to invest, fixed an auction in her favour and asked her to marry him, then realised he’d been had.

fan card circa 1990-1991

He showed his softer side when he returned a painting he bought to Elizabeth Feldmann. Although he was disliked by Elizabeth’s son Michael, he continued to pursue her, sending her roses and kissing her on New Years Eve.

Elizabeth discovered he was still married to his first wife. He promised Elizabeth he would stick to the straight and narrow if their relationship were to continue. They married in October.
The year ended on a sour note - Eric stole cheques from the fish farm and sold a Roman bracelet Elizabeth found on Frank Tate’s land for £15,000.

A plane crashed on the village. Elizabeth was among the dead, but some, especially Michael, suspected Eric had done away with her. After the funeral, Eric reverted to his old ways. Also in this year, Pollard’s past caught up with him when his first wife, Eileen, turned up and tried to claim Elizabeth’s life insurance.

circa 1995-1996

Frank Tate crushed his car outside the pub. Eric took advantage of Sam Dingle, using him as cheap labour. Pollard agreed to go into partnership with Kathy, opening the wine bar in the tea Rooms in July.

fan card circa 1996-1997

Pollard went to the Philippines over Christmas and met Dee. Dee arrived in Emmerdale after Eric, and they married in May. Eric had trouble finding a best man and resorted to paying Zak Dingle. On the day, his old ally Sam turned up to do the honours.

two fan cards from 1997-1999. era.  Very similar but can you spot the slight differences.

He was devastated when Dee left him to go back to the Philippines, losing interest in the wine bar and drowning his sorrows. Attempts to commit suicide by burning the wine bar down with him inside, but is stopped by a guilty Marlon. Eric finally decided to sign the wine bar over to Kathy and return to running his antiques business.

Is appointed estate manager by Stella. He is convinced Graham had a hand in Rachel’s death, but no one would believe him. Pollard then turned his attention to Mandy and wound her up so much she tried to attack him. Eric and Turner decide to run for the local elections, but it is Eric that is elected. He later uses his influence to invite the Health Inspector to visit Chez Marlon

circa 2000-2001

Eric get’s friendly with Gloria. He sells her expensive artefacts at a ‘special price’. Eventually she is so in debt that she attempts suicide. Pollard finds her and is devastated. He employs her as his Factory manager and she proves to be shrewd. Gloria assumes the relationship is more than freindship, and is convinced he is about to propose. But he humiliates her and she leaves Emmerdale with £30,000 of his money.

Latest Eric photo card


In May 2001 Sam Dingle made a serious spelling mistake while painting logos on Eric Pollards ceramic houses! Pollard's popularity plan

Wednesday | 26.03.03

Pollard forgives Sam for a breakage in front of the Employee of the Year Award Judge

Scheming Mayor Eric Pollard is desperate to retain his title.

The slimy politician relishes his role as an authoritarian figure within the village and decides to begin his campaign to get re-elected.

And in true Pollard fashion, Eric has a cunning plan to help him achieve his goal. After searching for publicity opportunities, the Emmerdale local finds out about the Business Employer of the Year award and sets about trying to win it.

However, it doesn't take long for his plan to be rumbled by eagle-eyed employee Lisa Dingle. The wise workwoman seizes the opportunity to use the competition as a way to improve the staff's lives by increasing their wages.

In his desperation to scoop the honour Pollard goes along with it. But can he hold his temper as clumsy Sam Dingle causes chaos in front of the judging panel?


Pollard in pain

Tuesday | 29.04.03


Emmerdale's Eric Pollard is suffering a bout of severe depression.
After watching his political career flounder, he is convinced he has lost his wife as well and decides to hit the bottle.

Pollard has been feeling low ever since his ultra-ambitious spouse Gloria won her seat in Parliament and left to work in Westminster. Until now, Pollard has been kept busy with his mayoral responsibilities but now he has lost his title he feels desolate.

Especially since his wife appears to have forgotten all about their wedding anniversary.

What the miserable factory boss doesn't realise is that Gloria has remembered their special day and has a plan to make it very memorable.

Unfortunately, Pollard is so sick of his life that he decides to take a trip to Scotland to attend an antique fair with Rodney.

Can Lisa Dingle help Gloria implement her romantic plan?


Poison Pollard

Monday | 11.08.03


Emmerdale's Eric Pollard has a new scheme up his sleeve.

The slippery businessman is desperate to get one over antique dealer rival Rodney Blackstock and believes he's hit upon the perfect plan.

Eric has heard reports that Rodney's land could be of historical value. Mill Cottage is an stunning old abode with attractive views and the entrepreneur is convinced that he could make a fortune from the land.

Pollard decides that before he launches the campaign to convince Rodney to sell the land to him, he needs to ensure that it will pay the dividends he hopes for.

Sneakily, Eric creeps onto the land armed with his trusty metal detector - and to his amazement he discovers some ancient coins.

After unearthing the coins, Eric realises that he has to part Rodney with them and the land - but his newfound arrogance tells him this will be no problem.

Is Rodney as naive as he looks?

ITV.COM Ex, Lies and Videotape

Friday | 06.02.04

Emmerdale's Eric Pollard learns the meaning of "revenge is sweet".

The village businessman has been devastated ever since he dumped estranged wife Gloria for cheating on him and she went missing, presumed dead.

In the months since her departure, Pollard has been frantically worried about Gloria. He was heartbroken recently when the police recovered her shoes from a well-known suicide spot.

However, this week it emerges that Gloria's fate was nowhere near as gruesome as Eric had feared - in fact, she's living a life of luxury.

The duped factory boss is stunned when a VHS arrives through the post and discovers that Gloria faked her own death in a bid to put Eric off her scent and has exacted the worst kind of revenge on him.

It seems that instead of feeling guilty about having an affair with researcher Hillary and lying to her husband, Gloria has decided to pay him back for leaving her. And her methods of action are going to hit Eric where it hurts the most - his pocket.

Can Eric thwart her dastardly plot?



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