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Diane Sugden - previously Blackstock
(nee Lambert)

Appeared: 23 November 1999 -

Played by: Elizabeth Estensen

(c) 2004 Yorkshire Television, recent publicity shot of Diane Blackstock.

Diane was Born 21 June 1947

On 19th August 2004 Diane revealed she had colon cancer. This is going to be a major story for Emmerdale in the coming months. Emmerdale are working closely with Colon Cancer Concern to ensure the story is accurately portrayed and the true facts of the illness are represented.

Diane's relatives :-

Baby Gabby's Christening - from L to R Nicola, Ashley, Bernice, Gabby, Rodney and Diane

Married: Rodney Blackstock,
Divorced: circa 1974

Married 2nd: Jack Sugden Tuesday 21st September 2004

Only child: Bernice Marie Thomas nee Blackstock

2 Granddaughters:
Gabrielle ("Gabby") Bernice Thomas
(b. 25 Dec 2001)
Diane N. - known as "Little Diane"
(b. offscreen 21 Sep 2004)

3 stepchildren: Robert Sugden, Andy Sugden & Victoria Sugden.

Sister: Val Lambert (10 years Diane's junior)

Diane has said she was 12 when her childhood ended because her mother died and she had to take the place of her baby sister's mother.

One nephew Paul Lambert and one niece Sharon (children of Val)

According to "30 Years of Emmerdale" Diane has a nephew called Paul who had previously been briefly mentioned in the series around 2000. He lived in Italy. A storyline even involved Bernice going to visit him on holiday. Recently Paul has been mentioned quite a lot since his mother Val arrived in the series in February 2004.

Paul Lambert finally arrived in Emmerdale on the 10th September 2004 and on the 20th September 2004 Val revealed to Diane that Rodney was his father.

So Diane's nephew turns out to be the son of Diane's ex-husband and half-brother to her own daughter Bernice.


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