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Christopher Francis ("Chris") Tate

Peter Amory
Born: 2nd November 1962

Peter Amory says of his character, Chris Tate:- "He's obnoxious, but he's a lot of fun to play."
The explosion from the plane crash left The Woolpack devastated, with Chris Tate trapped in the rubble of the wine bar. He was eventually dug out but left with his legs paralysed.

Chris Tate fan card from 1989

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The Tate family arrived in Emmerdale in November 1989 and consisted of Chris, his sister Zoe, father Frank and stepmother Kim

Christopher Francis ("Chris") Tate

16 November 1989 - 17 September 2003

IMDB entry for Peter Amory who plays Chris

Joseph and his dad Chris


Son of Frank and his 1st wife Jean.

Chris was Born: 11 December 1963

M 1st 5 Nov 1991 Kathy Merrick divorced 1995

M 2nd 7 Dec 1995 Rachel Hughes divorced around 1997

M 3rd 27 Nov 2001 Charity Dingle

1 son by Rachel, Joseph Mark Tate (born 8th June 1995)

1 Sister Zoe

1 niece Jean Tate (born 24 January 2003)

1 stepdaughter Debbie Jones (discovered February 2003)



Chris on his wedding day with third wife Charity dressed in red velvet.  In the background cn be seen Chloe and Seth


Current Chris Tate fan card

Chris married Kathy Bates in 1991

December 1995 Chris married Rachel Hughes, seen here with their 6 month old son Joseph Mark


Chris Tate fan card circa 1998 signed by Peter Amory

Profile from the former official Site :-

Played by Peter Amory
First appeared on 16 November 1989
Married Kathy Merrick (November 1991-divorced 1995), Rachel Hughes (December 1995 - divorced 1997). Currently engaged to Charity Dingle

Chris was first seen in Emmerdale when the lorry he was driving broke down. The first sign of the troubled relationship with his father came when Frank sided with Matt.

Chris went on a few dates with Kathy. He constantly bought Kathy presents, and didn’t understand why she didn’t want them.

A heavy workload took its toll on Chris and Kathys relationship and she left him. When she later suggested they be friends, he tried to rape her and was attacked by Nick. He tried to change his ways, and Kathy returned. He moved into Mill Cottage with Kathy. They married in November.

He was upset for his father when he discovered Kim’s affair with Neil Kincaid, and was furious when he found out that Kathy knew about it.

Chris became worried about Frank’s drinking that started affecting the business. He paid Kim £150,000 for her shares, which she used to buy new stables. On 30 December Chris was paralysed when he was trapped under rubble in the Woolpack wine bar after the plane crash.

Chris was understandably extremely bitter about his injuries, more so when he knew Kathy was only staying with him out of a sense of duty. He began to cope after forming a friendship with Rachel. The pair started swimming lessons, and soon begin an affair. Rachel becomes pregnant, leading to conflict with Kathy. Chris disapproved of Frank’s re-marriage to Kim.

Chris was in charge of Home Farm while Frank and Kim went on honeymoon. He was forced to live with Kathy until the divorce was finalised. He and Rachel married and Frank was not invited. The battle with Kim escalated to the extent where he was more concerned about that than Frank’s heart attack.

Chris discovered Kim’s affair with Dave Glover, and her pregnancy. He became obsessed with ruining her. Rachel left, and Chris was written out of Frank’s will. In an attempt to rebuild his relationship he went to the US for fertility treatment, but found that Rachel was on the pill.

Chris took pleasure in taunting Kim as she mourned David. He suspected his father of Kim’s murder, and was so upset he considered suicide when Frank died of a heart attack. He was shocked out of his grief when Kim re-appeared
After attempting to rape Linda Glover he was kidnapped at gunpoint by her father, Ned.

Chris began an affair with Kelly, and was shocked when she announced her pregnancy. Helped her arrange an abortion, but later decided he wanted to keep the baby.

He was attacked by Kim and left for dead while she escaped in a helicopter, taking both the money and baby James. Chris was kidnapped by his illegitimate half brother Liam. Zoe came to her brother’s rescue and shot Liam dead with his own gun. Chris and Zoe burnt all incriminating evidence and kept the police at bay.

A huge bus crash causes devastation in the village. A Tate haulage lorry is involved and Butch Dingle is killed, starting a feud between the Dingle’s and the Tates. Charity starts seeing Chris, Cain Dingle finds out he goes ballistic. He breaks into Home Farm and tries to attack Chris and Charity. Tate acquires Charity’s services as both his PA and lover. The arrangement suits them both. Zoe can’t stand Charity at first but soon begins to see what Tate sees in her and embarks on an affair with Charity. But it soon wears off and Zoe’s attempt to break the up backfires. Chris is in love and he proposes to an eager Charity.

The following is from a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-

Christopher Tate

Born in 1963, Christopher Tate has lived his adult life in the shadow of his father Frank, who worked his way up from one lorry to owning his own haulage contractors in Skipdale. Christopher's period as its managing director of Tate Haulage was chequered, to say the least. Notably, his attempt in 1993 to gain outright control by buying his stepmother Kim's shares went dramatically wrong.

He'd mortgaged his home to fund the exercise, and when his sister Zoe refised to back him with her shares in his power struggle he walked out of the company, sensing defeat. Yet he still found himself unable to escape his father's business umbrella, a brief spell as manager of the Holiday Village being followed by a Frank-funded attempt to follow in his father's successful footsteps and start a new haulage business with a single truck.

The Christmas 1993 air crash devastated many lives - but while time would heal most wounds, Chris lost the use of his legs through being trapped in the Woolpack wreckage and seemed likely to let this misfortune fester to life-threatening proportions. The only silver lining of the episode was wife Kathy's decision to stay with him rather than elope with suave American Josh Lewis.

Unlike his business life, Chris had enjoyed singular good fortune in his romance with the former Kathy Merrick. Indeed, he'd arguably been a good thing for her, persuading her to emerge from her shell after first husband Jackie died. He persuaded her to go out to dinner with him; she stood him up but he came back for more. A complex, intense character, Chris would not be deterred and despite arguments with her over her interest in the spirit world they became friends and, eventually, lovers.

He moved into Home Farm from his flat in Skipdale partly to be closer to her and immediately badgered her to move in with him. However, no-one was more surprised than Chris when she suddenly did so one day when he was working late.

Their subsequent life together, even after their 5 November 1991 wedding, saw many fireworks, since Chris was apt to revert to his bachelor ways forgetting to tell her he'd be late home, and inviting long-term house guests like friend Alex. It took him time to realize that constant care and attention, not the occasional extravagant gift, was the best policy.

His relationship with his father Frank has been both complex and tempestuous, not least because of his mother's death after a long and pfiinful illness and Frank's long-concealed decision to end her suffering. Things got no easier when Frank made his secretary his second wife despite Kim being of similar age to his son. The possible conspiracy theories when Frank's involvement in Jean's death became public knowledge proved too much of a temptation for Chris, but after blazing away with wild accusations he eventually saw reason.

He gets on well with Zoe, but, like most brothers, could tease his sister most cruelly. He did not react well to her admission of being gay, and is fortunate that she has proved both stimulating and supportive in the aftermath of his confinement to a wheelchair. He could count on Frank's loyalty, but as ever had problems seeing Kathy's point of view.

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward (1997 & 1998))

Athough his father was millionaire businessman Frank, Chris Tate has not had the same success as an entrepreneur. Before Franks death, Chris was cheated out of £350,000 by his wicked stepmother, Kim, and then had to face the fact that she inherited everything that belonged to his father. His private life has been no more successful, either, with broken marriages to Kathy Glover and Rachel Hughes behind him. Newspapers have called him a 'sleazeball'.

'I think he is, really,' says Peter Amory, who plays Chris. 'I couldn't live with a bloke like that. I would have shot him by now. But he has changed a lot over the years and become more money-grabbing. His own interests are all that matter to him - he is totally self-centred. His work comes first and he doesn't really have time for marriage. It's all about making money, but he has never been as good at it as his father was. His father was self-made, but Chris has had everything handed to him on a plate. That's a bad trait in anyone because they never know what it's like to work. He is out to screw as many deals as he can, but everything always backfires. Kim has the upper hand - she is more ruthless and clever than he is.'
Peter was reminded of how much his character has changed when he watched the first episode of Emmerdale in which he appeared, originally screened in 1989, more than seven years later. 'Everyone, including Chris, was happy and Peter Amory  smiling and nice to everyone else,' he says. 'But, in the ways of good soap drama, that changed. Let's face it, no one comes into a soap to be a happy character!'
Peter had a desire to act from childhood. Born in Norwich, he performed in A Christmas Carol on stage at the age of seven and followed it by acting in Shakespeare's Loves Labour's Lost. He then starred in the title role of the musical Oliver! at the Theatre Royal, Norwich. 'I recently found a newspaper cutting from that time,' recalls Peter, 'and, in it, I was quoted as saying, "I want to train at RADA and be a professional actor." That proved to be the case!'
An early influence on his career, before going to RADA, was actress Janet Key, who tragically died of cancer in 1992. When Peter's parents emigrated to New Zealand, he stayed with Janet and her husband, actor Gawn Grainger. 'She was my surrogate mother, as well as my mentor,' he reveals. 'She told me to keep my feet firmly on the ground.'
On leaving drama school, Peter started his career in the theatre, performing Psychosis Unclassified with Ken Campbell in Bristol, followed by Wait Until Dark at the Mill, Sonning, and Busmans Honeymoon at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith. He eventually made his television debut as a villain who chases Michael Elphick in Boon. 'Until then,' he recalls, 'I was turned down for television roles because I had no experience. I was so distraught, I was digging roads up on the M20-M25 interchange! Neil Morrissey was also making his first television appearance as Rocky in that particular episode of Boon and I think we were both as nervous as one another.'
Peter then landed the role of Rob, boyfriend of Stephanie - played by future EastEnders star Michelle Collins - in two series of the sitcom Running Wild. Her parents were played by Ray Brooks and Janet Key, who had encouraged Peter in his acting career years earlier. He also acted a detective assisting John Thaw in an Inspector Morse episode when his usual sidekick, Kevin Whately, went undercover in the story. 'I played a bumbling fool, making all the mistakes,' Peter recalls. He was also a policeman in The Chief and appeared in Casualty, Chelworth and Gentlemen and Players before finally joining Emmerdale in 1989.
Five years later, he married Claire King, who plays his screen stepmother, Kim Tate. The couple live near Harrogate and cope with the fame that comes with appearing in a top television soap. 'You have to remember that you are bread and butter to people who watch the programme,' he says. 'You can't despise them for recognising you. But it can be difficult at times, particularly if you want a private moment. You have to be in the right gear to deal with the general public and they make a lot of demands on you because you're in the public eye. Claire and I do not get out that often. We're quite happy with our own company. That's not to say we are boring, but we're quite simplistic. We've done life in the fast lane and it's time to slow down.'
Peter Amory and Claire King
Peter, who has a son, Thomas, from a previous relationship, was sorry to see his screen father, Norman Bowler, leave in 1997 after more than seven years of working together. 'From the beginning, we formed a great affinity,' he says. 'To see someone you've worked with for that long leave is very sad.' Peter points out that he is not very ambitious. 'I'd love to direct at some stage,' he says, 'but I'm fairly realistic when it comes to ambitions. One of the things you learn is that you're only as good as your contract. A long time ago, I based nine months'work on a series that was due to go ahead and borrowed money from the bank. Two days before it was due to start, the whole thing was pulled.'
Newlyweds Chris and Kathy Tate moved into The Mill in November 1991, Frank bought it for them as a wedding present. This home would be subject of many fights between Chris and Kathy and later Rachel.


Chris Tate and Charity Dingle
Chris & Charity

ITV.COM Chris quits

Thursday | 29.05.03

Peter Amory as Chris

Emmerdale's Peter Amory is set to quit the hit show.
Peter plays Chris Tate and is married to former Emmerdale beauty Claire King, has decided to leave after 14 years on screen.

Viewers will be sad to see the back of the controversial character. Chris' fraught relationship with late father Frank, stepmother Kim (played by his real life wife) and sister Zoe has kept fans enthralled.

Chris was left disabled after the horrific plane crash, but it didn't slow up his lovelife. He has married Kathy, Rachel and Charity.

And now, with the intriguing storyline between Chris, Charity, her daughter Debbie and real father Cain, viewers will be hooked on how it will all end.

A spokesman for the show says, "Peter has indicated that he will not be staying with Emmerdale when his contract runs out towards the end of the year, but he is still with us for some time yet.

"He and his character have always been hugely popular with Emmerdale fans and we will be sorry to see him leave the show."

12th June 2003 - The Tate family as it is today

Rev. Ashley Thomas celebrates Baby Jean's Christening with the Tate family. Pictured: (L-R) (Back row) Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS). (Front row) Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG) and Chris (PETER AMORY).


Chris Tate - The Last few months


Chris Tate


Tate Tangles

Tuesday | 11.03.03

Chris Tate is struggling to hold his troubled marriage together.
Rocked by the revelation that wife Charity has a secret daughter, the disabled businessman is trying to support her through the ordeal.

However, their relationship is suffering as Charity tries to come to terms with the reappearance of daughter Debbie and is shutting Chris out.

And with Charity hiding the fact Caine Dingle is Debbie's real father, actor Peter Amory - who plays the hard-nosed Tate - thinks that things can only get worse between them.

He says, "If he is struggling with the fact she has a daughter, God only knows how he will react when he finds out who the father is!

"Things are rocky right now, but the weeks ahead are going to prove even harder. Chris has always wondered whether or not Charity really cares for him and I think he is about to find out."

ITV.com Chris' love declaration

Thursday | 27.03.03


Chris Tate reveals his deep love for wife Charity tonight.
The hard-nosed businessman has always been smitten with strong-willed Charity but was aware from the start that she didn't love him back.

However, as their marriage has progressed the pair have become very close and Chris has stood by Charity through crisis after crisis. And now he wants her to know how much she means to him.

However, reeling from her confused feelings for daughter Debbie, is Charity in the right mood to reciprocate his heartfelt declaration?

Actress Emma Atkins, who plays the brassy bombshell, predicts rocky times ahead for the pair.

She says, "Don't forget, Cain has yet to find out that he's Debbie's real dad. That's going to cause real ructions. Poor Chris, he's always saying to Charity, "Is there anything else?" and there always is. There's lots more to come and I'm really looking forward to it."

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th May 2003

Confrontation time between Cain, Charity and Chris while Debbie looks on


Weekdays ITV1

HAPPY Families is one game that’s definitely off the agenda at Home Farm as Cain makes the most of his relationship with Debbie to cause trouble between Chris and Charity.

The conniving Dingle uses his daughter’s first official visit to upset the Tates’ social plans.

“Chris hated him long before he found out Cain was Debbie’s father,” says Peter Amory, who plays the crippled businessman.

“He thinks Cain is a low-life waster, and Chris is still struggling to accept that Cain and Charity were lovers.”

At their first proper meeting as father and daughter, Cain teaches Debbie the guitar and is delighted to find that he has caused serious friction at Home Farm.

Cain deliberately plans a late tea so that when Charity arrives to collect Debbie, she’s not ready. A furious Chris ends up having to go to a business dinner on his own.

Later, Debbie hears Chris and Charity arguing and tells her father. Cain goes to Home Farm to lecture the stunned Tates about how to behave in front of his daughter.

“Chris is livid,” says Peter. “He is frustrated that he can’t give Cain a good thrashing, and he has to call for Terry to throw him out.

“He insists that Cain will never set foot inside his house again.”

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 31st May 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Charity and Cain fight and Debbie tries to split them up

EVENTS at Home Farm threaten to spiral out of control as Cain slaps Charity in a furious row over Debbie.

The poor girl is so traumatised by her parents’ bitter battles that she runs in front of Cain’s car to try to end it all.

Cain and Charity realise they have to call a truce or lose their daughter altogether. But that shatters Chris, who becomes convinced Charity is using him.

"It’s a living nightmare," says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Tate. "Cain knows how to cause trouble, but when he slaps her it sparks a terrible chain of events. Charity lashes back and a fight breaks out. But in their fury they forget about Debbie and they’re horrified to see her rush off in tears."

Cain and Charity drive around searching desperately for Debbie, and they have to brake hard to avoid hitting her when she dashes out in front of the car. She tells Cain she wishes she were dead and runs off again.

"Cain and Charity catch up with her eventually," says Emma. "She sobs that she hates them both and wants to go back into care. They both realise then that the aggro between them has to stop."

But Chris later sees the mark on Charity’s face and reports Cain to the police. He is arrested for assault and Chris is delighted.

"Chris quickly tells Debbie and she is really upset again," says Emma. "As Debbie’s welfare is the most important thing to her, Charity drops the charges against Cain, even though she knows this will anger Chris.

"Later, Cain apologises and he and Charity reach an uneasy truce in the best interests of their daughter. Charity knows Chris is jealous and angry but she just can’t please everyone."

Chris smoulders with a cold fury and reveals to Terry that he would like to kill Cain if he thought he could get away with it, and that Charity never told him she loved him on their wedding day. Chris becomes increasingly convinced that Charity is using him.

ITV.COM Distraught Debbie

Tuesday | 03.06.03

Debbie, Chris and Charity

Debbie Jones is in a state of emotional turmoil tonight.

The schoolgirl is reeling after witnessing a violent row between parent’s Cain Dingle and Charity Tate – and she’s blames them both.

Debbie has been struggling to cope ever since it was revealed that Cain was her father. She tried to bond with both her mum and dad – but their mutual hatred has put a strain on her.

After reluctantly returning to Home Farm following a dramatic showdown with her parents, Debbie can take no more heartache.

However, Charity needs to hold her relationship with furious husband Chris Tate together. She decided to report Cain for assaulting her and now she is dreading the task of telling Debbie he was arrested.

And she was right to worry. Chris gleefully tells Debbie that Cain is behind bars and provokes a fiery reaction from her.

She rushes to confront her mother and they have the worst row of their entire relationship.

Can they ever be close again?

Tate and Bile

Wednesday | 04.06.03

Emmerdale tycoon Chris Tate has doubts about his wife Charity.

Relations between them are getting worse by the day and Chris wonders if all Charity wants is his money, home and status.

Chris has felt insecure in the relationship ever since he married the former call girl. The day of their wedding, Charity told Chris she didn't love him but insisted he was the one for her.

But this is not enough for Chris. He is devoted to his flighty spouse and has proved his love by welcoming her daughter Debbie into their family. But after Charity drops the criminal charges against Debbie's dad Cain, Chris fears the worst.

Devoid of any real friends in the village, Chris turns to chauffeur Terry Woods for some advice. Terry is shocked by the confessional nature of their conversation.

He is equally astounded when Chris tells him the truth about Charity's lack of love for him. In the heat of the moment Chris tells Terry that the only thing stopping him getting rid of Cain for good is the threat of prison.

Will Tate tensions boil over?

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Cain causes trouble for Charity and Chris when he gets involved in a heated row over Debbie playing truant from school.

Chris is seething when Cain and Charity talk over Debbie’s problems with her headteacher. And he’s more upset when Debbie demands a day out with just Cain and Charity before she’ll agree to toe the line.

The week opens with Charity receiving a phone call from the school about Debbie’s skiving.

“Charity finds Debbie at the Dingles’ house when she should be at school,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the mixed-up mum.

“And she has a real go at Cain. But when Charity and Chris go in to see the head, Cain turns up and Chris gets pushed out.

“It’s a nightmare situation but Charity wants to do the best by her daughter, and she seems to be tearing herself in two trying to keep everyone happy.

“She can see Chris is getting more upset by the situation, but there’s nothing she can do.”

Debbie’s day trip deal is accepted, but Chris tries to persuade Charity and Debbie to go to EuroDisney instead of to the Yorkshire Moors with Cain.

“It’s unfair of Chris,” says Emma, “trying to force Debbie to choose.”

Note there are Emmerdale history errors in the following report

BBC Pure Soap 28th June 2003

Jealous Chris gets the chop

Peter Amory

The steamy Dales love triangle in Emmerdale erupts in a violent confrontation that sees the departure of Chris Tate.

The scheming, wheelchair-bound businessman, played by Peter Amory, has been seething with jealousy since rival Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) began to get close to Chris's wife, Charity (Emma Atkins).

Source of the conflict has been Charity's troublesome daughter Debbie. Cain was revealed as the schoolgirl's true father and he has been demanding a bigger role in her upbringing ever since.

This has left a furious Chris out in the cold, especially since Charity and Cain seem to be seeing more and more of each other.

A potent mix of rage, jealousy and passion provide the backdrop for a dramatic storyline - but Emmerdale bosses are keeping the actual ending a closely guarded secret.
One theory has Chris dying after driving into a swollen river. Another has him going on the run after attacking Cain and leaving him for dead.

A third involves the return of superbitch Kim Tate, played by Peter's real-life wife Claire King, who murders Chris after years of bad blood between them, according to the Daily Star.

Kim fled the village in 2001 after killing her husband Frank Tate, leaving stepson Chris to pick up the pieces

The Sun 5th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Chris is angry and jealous when Charity’s day out with Debbie and Cain turns into an overnight stay.

Charity makes it clear to Cain they will not sleep together but Chris is still bitterly suspicious.

Rows escalate at Home Farm, but there’s a shock for everyone when baby Jean is badly injured after being hit by a falling iron.

"It’s a bad end to a disastrous week in Chris’s eyes," says Peter Amory, who plays the harassed head of the household. "He feels as if he is losing Charity and there’s nothing he can do."

Charity and Cain do start to bond with Debbie on their day out. When Cain shows Charity their initials still carved on a rock, she admits she loved him back when they were teenagers.

Debbie is delighted her plan to get her parents back together is working but when they get to the car, Cain ‘discovers’ he has lost his keys.

"Chris is just admitting his doubts to Terry when she rings to say they’re stranded on the Moors," reveals Peter. "When they get back, he accuses Charity of having an affair with Cain.

"He gets drunk and admits to his wife that he is scared of losing her."


Tate & Bile

Tuesday 08.07.03

Emmerdale minx Charity Tate is in hot water at

The confused businesswoman made a huge error by
bedding her ex, Cain Dingle, in a moment of
madness and is feeling guilty.

And to make matters worse, the fact Charity has
stayed the night on the moors with Cain and their
daughter Debbie has inflamed her husband Chris’

Tonight Charity has to do some quick thinking
to avoid a nasty confrontation with her suspicious
spouse. And enlists the help of chauffeur Terry.

But with Chris’ imagination running wild and
Cain’s evil streak, surely it can’t be too long
before the explosive secret ruins the volatile

Actress Emma Atkins won’t reveal what the
future has in store for the warring Tates, but she
is as excited as anyone about co-star Peter
Amory’s departure from the show later this year.

She admits, “It’s going to be an amazing exit
for Peter – spectacular. I can’t say anymore but
I’m very excited about it.”

The Sun 11th July 2003

Zoe meets the father of her baby - pictured from LtoR Zoe, Chris, Viv, Bob and Scott


Weekdays ITV1

SECRET dad Scott stuns the whole village when he admits he is the father of Zoe’s baby, Jean. Zoe is unable to remember a second of their one-night stand and she is mortified. Chris accuses Scott of rape and calls in the police.

And the revelation causes an angry split between Scott and girlfriend Chloe, and his so-called mate Syd.

“Yet in the end it’s a relief for Scott when the truth comes tumbling out,” says Ben Freeman, who plays the guilt-stricken young mechanic.

“He has to speak up because baby Jean is very poorly in hospital and Scott is terrified that she is going to be taken into care.”

When doctors discover Jean has suffered two injuries, social services are alerted for a full investigation. Zoe is shattered when quizzed about her baby, and her schizophrenia, and Scott is distraught when he realises he might never see his daughter again.

“Scott turns to his mum,” says Ben. “Viv is shocked but she is on his side. They rush with Bob to the hospital to claim Jean.”

The nurses contact Zoe and tell her the baby’s father has turned up and she hurries to the hospital for the shock of her life.

“Chris accuses Scott of raping his sister but Scott says angrily that Zoe drunkenly came on to him after Chris asked him to take her home,” says Ben.

“Scott is interviewed by the police. And he insists that the sex with Zoe was consensual.”

Chloe is gobsmacked when Scott confesses to her that he is Zoe’s father. But then Chloe retaliates by admitting her affair with his mate Syd.

“It’s yet another shock in an unforgettable week,” says Ben.
“ Scott lashes out at Syd but he is still reeling. The only thing he is sure of is that he wants to be a father to baby Jean.”

The Sun 19th July 2003

Tate revenge - chloe, Syd and Scott find themselves homless


Weekdays ITV1

CHRIS Tate explodes with anger and gets tough with his enemies. He is outraged that Scott is the father of Zoe’s baby daughter Jean, and that Chloe kept quiet about his niece’s injuries.

For instant revenge, Chris has Scott and Chloe evicted and then starts a campaign to drive them out of the village. As his rage grows, Chris has Scott’s garage daubed with graffiti and later set on fire. He even plans a violent attack on Cain.

“Chris is seething,” says Peter Amory, who plays the crippled millionaire. “He’s incensed that the police will not prosecute Scott for ‘raping’ his sister, Zoe.

“Scott and Chloe are his first targets and he sends the bailiffs round to Pear Tree Farm to evict them - and Syd. But it’s only the start. Chris hates Cain meddling in life at Home Farm just because he’s Debbie’s father.”

When Cain offers to walk a tipsy Charity back to the pub after a meal at the Dingles, Chris sees them together just as Charity stumbles and Cain catches her. Mistaking this for intimacy, he later gets into a big row with Charity.

Charity is furious with Chris for not trusting her. However, when Terry informs Chris that Charity and Cain were together while Chris was away for the day, he is sure his suspicions are justified.

“He warns Cain off but Cain just winds him up and laughs in his face,” says Peter. “Chris wishes he could give Cain a thrashing. But instead he concentrates on Scott and has the windows of the garage smashed and then the whole place set on fire.”

Terry is shocked. His own car has been burned but Chris is proud to have organised the fire. Chris even offers Terry money to have Cain beaten up, but Terry refuses. He thinks his boss is losing his mind.


Tate & Rile

Thursday | 24.07.03

Emmerdale rascal Cain Dingle is enjoying winding up Chris Tate.

Cain is luring Chris’ wife - and his former lover - Charity closer using their daughter Debbie as bait, and his plan is working.

But Cain’s smugness could be his downfall as he continues to aggravate the village businessman tonight.

Having witnessed Charity in an (innocent) embrace with Cain, Chris is already convinced something is going on.

He confronts his sexy spouse and tells her in no uncertain terms to avoid Cain at all costs.

And proud Chris has no intention of allowing Charity to make a fool of him so he instructs employee Terry Woods to follow her at all times and report back what he sees.

And much to Chris’ fury, poor Terry has no choice but to reveal that Charity has been at the Dingles visiting Debbie - and Cain was there.

Is Charity’s defiance the last straw for Chris?

THE SUN 26th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Cain and Charity kiss while unknown to them Debbie watches

JEALOUS husband Chris pushes Charity into the arms of her former lover Cain. The pair kiss - and their delighted daughter Debbie sees them!

Charity can’t believe it when Terry reveals that Chris intends to have Cain beaten up. She rushes to warn Cain and the two share an impulsive kiss as she struggles to convince him to take the threat seriously.

“She regrets it as soon as it happens,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the tempestuous Mrs Tate.

Fearing Debbie could get caught up in the violence, Charity begs Chris to call off his heavies. She tells him that she loves him and says if he loved her, he would do as she asks. He reluctantly agrees.

“But then Charity gets another surprise when Debbie reveals she saw the kiss,” says Emma. “Charity is horrified, and she makes her daughter promise to keep it a secret. Charity knows that Chris would go off the deep end if he found out.

“Poor Debbie thinks her parents are going to get back together. Charity assures her this will never happen, but she’s not quite as certain about that as she sounds.”


Cross Chris

Wednesday | 23.07.03

Emmerdale’s Chris Tate is consumed by a furious rage tonight.

The rich business supremo is losing his control over his troubled family and can’t cope with the recent shocking turn of events.

Chris was rocked by the revelation that Scott Windsor is his niece's father and the developing relationship between his wife Charity and her first love Cain is making him insecure.

Despite coming across as paranoid, Chris is right to be worried about Charity’s proximity to dastardly Cain.

Tonight, he decides to take her to the Woolpack for some quality time together - but once again Cain and daughter Debbie drag her away to resolve another crisis.

After many hours alone in the pub waiting for her to return, Chris leaves only to witness her literally fall into Cain’s arms.

Peter Amory - who plays the traumatised Tate - explains that things can only get worse.

He says, "Cain is Debbie’s father and there’s nothing Chris can do to change that. He is very jealous of the bond between them.

"Chris has never liked the Dingles, but he has tolerated being involved with them through his wife, because he loves her so much.

"So Charity having to spend so much time with Cain is killing him."

Can Chris keep his brood together?

The Sun 9th August 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Chris enlists Yolanda's help to set up Scott

SCOTT's life goes from bed to worse as he sleeps with exotic lapdancer Yolanda and then gets arrested for rape!

“It’s a total nightmare,” says Ben Freeman, who plays shell-shocked Scott. “Yolanda makes all the running and then he’s accused of attacking her.

“Scott starts the week asking for contact with his daughter Jean and ends it with a threat to his liberty.”

Zoe sends Scott away when he insists he plans to apply for access to Jean. He’s feeling low so is pleased when sexy Yolanda turns up at his garage.

“She asks Scott to give her a call,” says Ben. “Later, he gets upset when he sees ex-girlfriend Chloe in The Woolpack with Syd, so he calls Yolanda and they arrange a date for the next night.

“They go down to the pub and Scott is delighted to show his new woman off. Even better, back at his house, Yolanda gets passionate.”
Afterwards, Yolanda makes a hasty exit.

“Scott is surprised at her behaviour, but he’s even more shocked when the police arrive in the middle of the night and accuse him of rape,” adds Ben.

“Then he sees Yolanda leaving the station with a black eye, and realises he has been set up. He’s sure Chris Tate is behind it but the police don’t listen and he is locked up.”

Scott gets bail on Friday just as the allegations reach the local newspaper. Crippled millionaire Chris Tate goes for a brain scan amid fears he could be dying.

However, despite suffering agonising headaches, he doesn’t tell wife Charity - as he thinks she is cheating on him.

“Chris is becoming increasingly convinced that Charity is having an affair with Cain,” says Peter Amory, who plays the troubled Mr Tate.

“Chris wants Charity’s love not her pity. So he doesn’t tell her the truth about the scan and pretends he is going to Leeds on business.”

He eventually tells Terry the real reason for their trip, but insists he keep it to himself. Meanwhile, Charity is fighting her growing feelings for Cain, after their stolen kiss.

But Cain is confident. He says it’s only a matter of time before they get back together.

The Sun 16th August 2003

Cain and  Charity sleep together

Weekdays ITV1

PASSIONS rise to boiling point as headstrong Charity plunges into a torrid affair with childhood sweetheart Cain.

She feels rejected by husband Chris, who is reeling from the traumatic news that he has a brain tumour.

Chris has been in Leeds for a brain scan, but even when he gets the results and finds out he has the tumour and needs a biopsy, he still can’t come clean to his wife.

He tells Charity he will be remaining in the city "on business", without knowing that this rejection is the spark for his beautiful wife to fling herself into the arms of another man.

"Feelings between Charity and Cain have been building for weeks," says Emma Atkins, who plays the feisty Mrs Tate.

"She calls Chris and pleads with him to pay her some attention, but he just says he has to stay in Leeds for business. That’s it for Charity and she rushes round and jumps into bed with Cain.

"She knows it’s wrong but she is hurt and lonely and she fancies Cain. He makes her feel young again."

In Leeds, Terry struggles to comfort a devastated Chris, who faces the further tests totally unaware that, back at home, he has just triggered his own worst nightmare.

"Charity just can’t get enough of Cain," says Emma. "I think the affair comes as a sort of release for her and she abandons herself to her emotions. She is hurt when Cain reminds her of the time when men paid her for sex, but she’s soon back in his arms."

Chris returns to Emmerdale and at the end of the week he gets the results of the biopsy - and the news that he has only a few months to live.

"Charity hasn’t got any idea what Chris has been going through," says Emma. "She is wrapped up in her own little world right now.

"When Charity finally does meet up with Chris again, she has had far too much to drink and she is much too interested in covering her own tracks to notice there is anything wrong with her husband."

ITV.COM Ballistic Chris

Thursday | 17.07.03


Emmerdale business supremo Chris Tate is on the warpath tonight.

The revelation that Scott Windsor is the father of his sister Zoe's baby Jean has enraged Chris to the point of fury.

And his anger shows no sign of abating as Scott desperately tries to explain himself to the traumatised Tates. Chris, who was shocked enough when he discovered his lesbian sibling had got herself pregnant, is convinced that the hunky mechanic must have raped Zoe.

Although Scott is telling the truth, he has done himself no favours by hiding the secret for so long. By breaking the unspoken village rule of never crossing the Dale's most powerful family, the despondent dad has put himself in real danger.

This is an especially bad time to be in Chris Tate's bad books. The hothead Tate is embroiled in a bitter feud with Cain Dingle and is full of pent up rage. And Scott is about to find himself at the very top of Chris' hit list.

How will Chris exact his revenge on his new nemesis?


Debbie Does Callous

Tuesday | 22.07.03

Cain, Charity and Debbie

Emmerdale’s Debbie Jones decides it’s time to leave Tate Farm.
The insecure school girl is sick of being the target of stepfather Chris Tate’s rage as the situation at home gets worse.

Much to mum Charity’s distress, Debbie has chosen to move in with her father Cain Dingle - a decision likely to cause even more conflict.

Desperate Charity will do anything to keep her daughter close to her but when she appeals to her wealthy husband for help, he shoots her down.

Charity knows that allowing Debbie to live with Cain will force her to be around her former lover much more. With the reawakened feelings between them, Charity is struggling to stop herself from falling into Cain’s arms again.

But despite his own fears about the developing relationship between his glamorous wife and his nemesis Cain, Chris is consumed by trying to exact his revenge on Scott Windsor.

Has Chris just made the mistake which will ruin his marriage?


Tate & Rile

Thursday | 24.07.03

Emmerdale rascal Cain Dingle is enjoying winding up Chris Tate.

Cain is luring Chris’ wife - and his former lover - Charity closer using their daughter Debbie as bait, and his plan is working.

But Cain’s smugness could be his downfall as he continues to aggravate the village businessman tonight.

Having witnessed Charity in an (innocent) embrace with Cain, Chris is already convinced something is going on.

He confronts his sexy spouse and tells her in no uncertain terms to avoid Cain at all costs.

And proud Chris has no intention of allowing Charity to make a fool of him so he instructs employee Terry Woods to follow her at all times and report back what he sees.

And much to Chris’ fury, poor Terry has no choice but to reveal that Charity has been at the Dingles visiting Debbie - and Cain was there.

Is Charity’s defiance the last straw for Chris?


ITV.COM The Final Straw

Thursday | 14.08.03

Emmerdale's Chris Tate has discovered money can't buy you everything.

The tormented tycoon is already under huge pressure in his floundering marriage to Charity and now his health is getting worse.

Having been plagued by intense headaches for the last few weeks, Chris is trying to discover what is causing them. He hopes that the problem is simply caused by the stress he has undergone recently.

The discovery that lesbian sister Zoe had Scott Windsor's baby was bad enough, but his growing anxiety about the bond between Charity and ex-love Cain Dingle has made him much worse.

Unable to trust his wife anymore, Chris turns to chauffeur Terry Woods for help. He asks the kindly pal to go to Leeds with him to have a brain scan - and Terry is quick to agree.

Meanwhile, Chris tells his wife that they have business to attend to and hides his painkillers so she won't guess the true nature of the trip.


End of the Road?

Friday | 15.08.03

Terry and Chris

Emmerdale businessman Chris Tate could be fighting for his life.

A scan at the hospital has revealed an abnormality in Chris' brain and he could be facing a potentially fatal health crisis.

To make matters worse, the bad-tempered haulage boss has alienated all those close to him so he is unable to confide his fears to anyone.

After wife Charity began to spend more time with ex-flame Cain Dingle, Chris realised he had no trust in her and sister Zoe is too consumed by her own problems to cope with his.

The only person with a sympathetic ear to lend is his employee Terry Woods. His relationship with Terry has been strained over the last couple of weeks. When Chris instructed the mild-mannered chauffeur to beat up love rival Cain, Terry responded by refusing and telling Charity about his plan.

But tonight, Terry shows his true colours to his miserable employer. On a trip to Leeds, Terry notices Chris is in bad spirits and spends the day trying to find out what's wrong.

When Chris admits his terrible secret, his kindly pal offers to lend support at the next hospital appointment.

Will Chris allow Terry to be his tower of strength?

ITV.COM Over Before It's Begun?

Tuesday | 19.08.03

Cain and Charity get passionate

Emmerdale lovers Charity and Cain Dingle have reignited their passion.

The kissing cousins are back in the throws of a torrid affair after finally confessing their true feelings for each other yesterday.

Tragically, Charity - who has jumped into Cain's arms after feeling rejected by husband Chris - has no idea that while she is in bed with Cain, ailing Chris is undergoing life-saving surgery.

The jealous businessman has discovered he has a brain tumour and that it could be fatal. However, despite the looming disaster of Chris' medical woes, the temperamental twosome are already facing a crisis in their rekindled romance after Cain makes a rude comment to his belle.

Emma Atkins - who plays confused Charity - explains, "They're in bed when Cain makes a jibe about paying for her services. She's absolutely furious because she's finally let her guard down, and then Cain hits her where it really hurts. Before he can apologise she's straight out of the door."


ITV.COM End of the Line?

Friday | 22.08.03

Chris drinks to rock bottom

Emmerdale tycoon Chris Tate is about to discover his fate.

The wheelchair bound businessman's been struggling to come to terms with his dangerous illness but things are about to get much worse.

After days of anxiety, Chris travels to Leeds once again - this time to discover the true state of his health. Unfortunately for him, decisions made in the early days of his illness are starting to haunt him.

Wife Charity is convinced their relationship is over because Chris refuses to let her into his life. Her frustration at his unreasonable behaviour has pushed her into the arms of roguish ex Cain Dingle - just as Chris feared.

The other woman in his life, sister Zoe, is so furious that Chris paid pole dancer Yolanda to accuse her daughter Jean's father Scott Windsor of being a rapist, that she has disowned him.

Fortunately for Chris, employee and close pal Terry Woods is once again on hand to comfort him through his darkest days.



The Sun 30th August 2003


Weekdays  ITV1

DOOMED Chris finally learns the shocking truth about Charityís affair with Cain. And in a fit of blind rage, he plans a horrific revenge - ordering a hitman to get rid of Cain for good.

Also, as Charity tries to convince her husband she has made a mistake and that their future lies together, Chris secretly makes arrangements with his solicitor to leave her penniless.

" Itís a desperately traumatic week," says Peter Amory, who plays the crippled millionaire terminally ill with a brain tumour.

" Chris knows heís dying and he is determined to settle a few scores before he goes."

At the start of the week, Chris and Charity have a rare heart-to-heart and agree they have put their relationship in danger. After sharing a tender moment, they even spend the night together.

Next day, Charity makes a momentous decision - she wants to be with Chris. Her mind is made up when she finds out Cain has involved their daughter Debbie in their tangled love life.

Meanwhile, Terry heightens Chrisís worst fears when he shares his suspicions of the affair. And when Cain snatches a kiss from a fuming Charity, Chris witnesses the embrace.

" His world falls apart," says Peter. "In spite of everything that has happened, he still had feelings for Charity.

" But when he spies her with Cain, he feels like heís had a dagger through the heart. As he says to Terry, seeing Charity with Cain is worse than discovering he is dying."

Chris is in a blind rage. He loads his shotgun and waits for Charity to return to Home Farm, but Terry steps in at the last minute and drags her out of the house before Chris can act.

" Even after all that, Charity tells Chris she loves him," says Peter. "But then there is a horrific confrontation in the pub the next day."

The Woolpack has seen some emotional scenes but the locals are still staggered when Chris sparks a devastating row with Cain by kissing Charity in public.

Cain loses his temper and announces that he and Charity have been having an affair. He then proceeds to list all of the places they have made love behind Chrisís back.

Chris still manages to get under Cainís skin by pointing out he can see he has been crying. Furious, Cain drags him out of his wheelchair before he is pulled away by Charity and Lisa.

Cain storms out of The Woolpack followed by Lisa and Shadrach, who are trying to calm the situation.

But the assassin has chosen this moment to strike and, as he tries to run Cain down, he gets the wrong man and knocks over Shadrach instead.


Suspicious Minds

Tuesday | 02.09.03

Emmerdale's Terry Woods faces a moral dilemma of epic proportions.

Terry is trying to allay Chris Tate's fears that Charity is cheating on him, even though he has evidence to the contrary.

The kindly chauffeur is the only person terminally ill Chris can trust as his life spirals out of control. It was Terry who accompanied Chris to the heartbreaking doctor's appointment that confirmed his brain tumour was fatal and he has been a tower of strength to the dying businessman.

Until now, Terry has dismissed Chris' paranoia that wife Charity is conducting an affair with Cain Dingle as mere fantasy. But after a trip to Pear Tree cottage, he finds evidence that may confirm the wheelchair-bound businessman's fears.

When Terry stumbles upon one of Charity's necklaces in the cottage he wonders why she would have visited the property and what she could have been doing to lose her trinket.

In a crisis of conscience Terry tries to decide whether he should reveal his discovery to Chris - who has only weeks to live.

Will Terry confirm Chris' worst nightmares?


Tuesday | 02.09.03

Emmerdale love cheat Charity Tate decides to end her affair.

The blonde bombshell has been seeing cousin Cain behind husband Chris' back but wants to give her ailing marriage one more chance.

However, despite Charity's new resolution, her hunky lover has no intention of allowing the love of his life to escape from him once again.

Cain has already spilled the beans to their delighted daughter Debbie, who remains convinced her parents will be reconciling for good. In a moment of elation Debbie talks to Charity about how wonderful it would be for the three of them to be together but her confused mother is horrified.

Charity realises that despite her love for Cain she can never go back to her old life and immediately sets off to tell him their affair is over.

But when she reaches Cain he refuses to agree to her demand and plants a passionate kiss on her - not realising that her husband Chris is watching from afar.

Peter Amory - who plays the cuckold spouse - explains, "Although Chris has been suspicious , it's still a shock when he sees them together. If he'd have stayed longer, he would have seen Charity push Cain away and leave him, but just watching them kiss is the final straw."

ITV.COM Shoot the Messenger

Wednesday | 03.09.03

Emmerdale's Chris Tate lashes out a loyal pal Terry Woods.

The fatally ill businessman is struggling to cope after the confirmation of wife Charity's affair so vents his fury on employee Terry.

Terry is astonished to find himself of the receiving end of Chris' anger. He has been the only person who the disabled Tate has confided in since he discovered he had only weeks to live. But the pressure of being privy to such information is taking it's toll of Terry.

And this time Chris pushes the mild-mannered man too far.

Actor Peter Amory - who plays the torn Tate - explains, "Selfishly, he has a real go at Terry, which is typical of Chris - he opens his mouth before engaging his brain. And when he realises that Terry has discussed his suspicions with his wife, Dawn, Chris insinuates that she can't be trusted either, prompting Terry to storm out."

But after Terry leaves Chris decides to dish out his revenge on his cheating spouse. Armed with a gun and all the evidence he needs that she has been unfaithful - Chris waits for her to return.

Will Terry return to prevent a murderous

ITV.COM No Woman No Cry

Friday | 05.09.03

Charity pleads with Chris

Emmerdale's Chris Tate prepares to exact his revenge on Charity.

The terminally ill businessman has no intention of allowing his love cheat wife to inherit her vast fortune after her shocking betrayal.

Aware that his brain tumour is becoming more fatal by the day, Chris wastes no time in setting divorce proceedings in motion and tells his solicitor in no uncertain terms that he wants Charity to be left penniless.

The disloyal businesswoman has no idea what her wheelchair-bound husband is plotting behind her back. After he discovered she had been sleeping with cousin Cain Dingle, Chris resolved not to tell his errant spouse that he only has weeks left to live.

Instead, Chris is playing Charity at her own game by letting her try to patch up their marriage, while knowing their is no possibility of a happy ending.

When Charity greets Chris on his return home from the solicitors with a hot meal and promises of a brighter future for them, he plays along.

Will Charity rumble his plan to leave her with nothing?

The Sun 8th September 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Charity hits Chris

DYING millionaire Chris Tate spends one last night with his cheating wife Charity - then drops the bombshell that he is divorcing her and wants her out of Home Farm.

Furious, Charity lashes out at Chris, which just makes him even more determined to leave her penniless.

"It’s a chilling discovery for Charity," says Peter Amory, who, as crippled Chris, is terminally ill with a brain tumour. "Chris is consumed by a cold hatred of the woman he loved and he is determined to leave her with nothing."

After he calls in his lawyer to discuss the divorce, Chris realises he will have to go on a spending spree to stop Charity, who has been having an affair with Cain, getting his money.

"He starts by buying Charity and Cain’s daughter Debbie a horse," says Peter. "This makes Charity think he is really making an effort with their relationship.

"Terry advises him to come clean with Charity about the divorce but that’s too easy for Chris. He tells Charity he is buying a helicopter and that he’s got another present arriving in the morning.

"An excited Charity thinks he wants a proper reconciliation and they spend the night together. But the next day, he hits her with the news that he has booked a luxury holiday for Zoe, Jean, himself and Joseph. She’s not coming because he wants a divorce!"

Charity is outraged but Chris taunts her further. "He wants to hurt Charity so he tells her she is penniless and he wants her to leave Home Farm - now!" continues Peter.

His harsh words hit her hard and after one vicious remark too many, Charity loses the plot and attacks him, forcing Chris to call out to Terry to pull her off him.

Later, Chris finally tells his sister Zoe that he is dying. He also changes his will to leave everything to Zoe and makes her his son Joseph’s legal guardian.

"Chris wants to get everything sorted out before he dies," says Peter. "He tries to stay unemotional but it’s a terrible time for him. He’s determined to make Charity pay for what she has done."

Charity is devastated. But she’s sure that he can’t leave her with nothing in a divorce. As revenge, she has a passionate reunion with Cain. They book into a hotel and order champagne on Chris’s credit card. But will Chris get the better of his wayward wife?

From the Mirror
Sep 8 2003


There are scorch-marks across the carpets of Home Farm as ruthless Chris puts his wheelchair into overdrive in his race against time to commit a devastating act of retribution.

Never has the expression 'money can't buy you love' been more appropriate than when it concerns the millionaire Lord Tate and his lady of the night, cheating Charity. But his wealth can certainly pay for revenge.

In the most explosive, thrilling and sensational story in soapland at the moment, the terminally-ill businessman spares no expense as he deviously sets about ridding himself of his harlot of a wife.

With the effects of his brain tumour now apparent and his speech impaired, Chris is desperately fighting his own death sentence as he plots that of Charity.

Having lost his nerve to gun her down last week, and with her "bit of rough" lover Cain narrowly escaping injury in the hit and run he arranged, Chris secretly seals their fate. And his bitter words hang ominously in the air. "One thing I can guarantee," he vows. "I'm not gunna be a good memory for her."

As a remorseful Charity settles back into their mansion with daughter Debbie, blindly believing her betrayed husband is trying to give their marriage one last chance, Chris is planning to divorce and disinherit her.

First, there is one final encounter under the duvet for the condemned man before he reveals the bad news to the former sleeper.

"You and the brat have had your last freebie," he tells Charity. "The gravy train's stopped... I've devised a new game. It's called Tate Loot. You're on the square that says, 'Go directly to hell. Do not pass Home Farm. Do not collect a brass farthing...'

"You'll probably need to go back to your old job. I'll make a start by paying you for last night. Have you got change for a fiver?"

No, but her threepenny bits are in danger of popping out as she angrily delivers a bunch of fives, attacking Chris in his chariot and screaming, "I'll kill him!"

As always, faithful manservant Terry is there to haul her off. "The boss picked you out of the gutter," he gasps as they grapple, "but that's obviously where you belong."

With Charity scuttling off to that thug Cain like a farmyard rat, even her sister-in-law and former lesbian lover Zoe has little sympathy. "You callous, evil pregnant dog," she accuses. But Charity is wise to her hypocrisy. "You weren't complaining when it were your turn," she hisses.

Chris, however, is so dishonest he'd steal the shillings off a dead man's eyes and he is putting a far more dangerous plan into action.


Sep 9 2003
From the Mirror

EMMERDALE is on fire at the moment - and not because one of its notorious Everyone-Must-Go culls is underway.

While EastEnders and Coronation Street have become a combination of the laboured and the ludicrous, Emmerdale has been doing what it does best - indulging in a storyline of rampant lust and bitterness, despair and destruction. It's sex and death: Dangerous Liaisons with sheep.

Basically the producers have bet all their chips on one storyline, around four characters: Cain and Charity, Chris Tate and his faithful manservant Terry.

As Terry observed: "I know what you're going through's bad..." His remark was addressed to Chris. That's Chris, whose wife (Charity, the aptly-named former prostitute) has been screwing Cain (her cousin!).

Chris who - besides being in a wheelchair - was diagnosed with a brain tumour, at precisely the moment Charity was playing doctors and nurses with Cain. Chris, who dare not tell his sister Zoe, the recently diagnosed schizophrenic, that he has been suffering headaches and now fears going blind or his son Joseph seeing him "on the floor having a fit".

But apart from all that, things aren't that bad.

Here's how the week progressed.


FEELING guilty, Charity resolves to cheer up Chris in the only way she knows how. To help finish Charity's marriage, Cain recruits Charity's daughter, 13-year-old Debbie, fathered by Cain when they were young. (Before being re-united with Charity recently, Debbie was being fostered - by vets.)

"Your mother's a simple soul," Cain tells Debbie.

"Seven bedrooms and a Jacuzzi and she's anybody's." Choice.


CHRIS feels hurt when Charity tells him his failure to 'perform' the night before was "nothing".

"Well, it's not the first time," she observes breezily.

Terry agonises whether to tell Chris about Charity's affair - and then tells him. "She's scum." Debbie calls her mother "a gold-digging tart". Charity slaps her. Irate, Cain drives up to the Tates' pursued by Charity (in her sports car), and Chris (in his wheelchair). Chris catches her kissing Cain.


TERRY and Chris have a right old barney. "I'm not even dead yet and she's dancing on my grave!" Chris complains. "This is worse than being told you're dying. You've got a loyal wife. You've got legs."

Cain bates Chris whose self-pity escalates into Basil Fawlty territory: "Go on!" he implores Cain. "Do something for once in your life! Beat me to death. Go on! Shoot me!"

Later, Chris lies in wait with a gun, ready to shoot Cain and Charity.

"I haven't slept with him for days!" Charity complains reasonably.

"Well they say dogs return to their own vomit," Chris carps.

Later Charity tells Debbie, "It's gonna be OK from now on." It isn't.


CHRIS deliberately leaves Charity with no breakfast.

Traumatised, Debbie cannot eat her breakfast at all. Cain has a beer for breakfast.

With the rest of the villagers eagerly looking on, Charity and Chris adjourn to The Woolpack. In front of a drooling Cain, Chris kisses her.

Smouldering like a cross between Heathcliff and Dee Dee Ramone, Cain taunts Chris.

"I've had her. Ain't that right cuz? She's a real animal. Any time, any place. Back of my car, even the bogs in here." And they say romance is dead.

Cain drags Chris out of his wheelchair and starts fighting.

But Chris has a hitman waiting outside. Sadly, he runs down Cain's uncle-father, Shadrack by mistake.

Cain - getting more and more cross-eyed with fury - marches to the Tates' declaring "I'm not going to hurt him. I'm going to kill him."

Chris decides to cut Charity out of his will. Chris's solicitor tells him, "You could leave Charity as much or as little as you like."

Guess which he chooses. "A little!"


CHRIS wants a divorce - and quickly. "I want her out of my life," he says. "While I've still got one."

Good point. Charity tells Chris she's a changed woman and, to prove her commitment, makes him a baked potato tea.

As for last night's episode, Chris started spending Charity's inheritance, splashing out on a pony ("called Boomshadow"), a holiday and a load of double glazing from Bob's brother Eddie.

"No flies on you eh?" Eddie laughed. "Not yet, no."



Truth Time

Thursday | 11.09.03

Emmerdale's Zoe Tate returns home to the Home Farm nightmare.

Vet Zoe has been holidaying in America with daughter Jean and is surprised to learn that Chris and Charity have split up.

Her brother's bizarre behaviour has been the cause of much anger in the last few weeks. Zoe left for New York vowing never to speak to him again after he tried to frame Jean's father Scott Windsor for rape.

But when she discovers that Chris has been made a fool of by Charity, she rushes to her brother's side to comfort him. Chris is elated to see his sister but after she makes it clear that their problems are far from resolved, he decides to come clean.

The terminally ill businessman reveals his tragic secret to horrified Zoe and tells her she is better off leaving Home Farm and getting on with her own life away from him.

Can volatile Zoe cope with a tragedy of this scale?



Death Wish

Monday | 15.09.03

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle is finding his temper impossible to control.

The badly behaved villager has caused merry hell after bedding his married cousin Charity Tate behind terminally ill husband Chris Tate's back.

Although, Cain knew that the consequences of their actions would be severe, he was convinced that Charity would divorce Chris and get half his money.

But the wily twosome have no idea that Chris is dying and is determined to ensure Charity doesn't get a penny of his fortune. Having already maxed out her credit cards and revoked all her money, Chris has ruined Charity's future.

Pleased with his progress, Chris decides to have a quiet drink in the Woolpack and bumps into his love rival. In an effort to throw Cain off guard, Chris makes a spiteful comment about Cain and Charity's daughter Debbie, saying she too will end up a prostitute like her mother.

Cain's violent and furious reaction is no surprise to the villagers but when the hot headed local threatens to kill Chris everyone is shocked.

Will Cain's rash words come back to haunt him?


One More Chance?

Tuesday | 16.09.03

Emma Atkins as Charity

Emmerdale's Charity Tate thinks her floundering marriage can be saved.

Charity has been astonished by wealthy husband Chris' decision to divorce her and leave her penniless after she cheated with cousin Cain.

However, when she receives an unexpected invitation to join her estranged husband at Home Farm, the blonde bombshell is convinced that a reconciliation is just around the corner.

But - as viewers are aware - Chris has discovered he is dying of a brain tumour and plans to exact a cruel revenge on his wayward wife. Having already spent much of his fortune on extravagant items and passing custody of son Joseph onto sister Zoe, Chris has one more disservice to deal to his longtime love.

And as Charity confesses that she really does love Chris to her daughter Debbie, the wheelchair-bound businessman is putting a horrific plan into action which is bound to claim at least one life.

The fatal situation intensifies as spurned lover Cain, violent and heartbroken, decides to pay the Tate's a visit.

Who will survive the deadly drinks party?


Exit Amory

Wednesday | 17.09.03

Peter Amory playing Chris

Emmerdale stalwart Peter Amory is waving goodbye to the Dales.

After 14 years of playing tycoon Chris Tate, Peter is leaving Emmerdale for pastures new but his exit promises to be explosive.

The love triangle between Chris, his cheating wife Charity and her lover Cain Dingle is about to reach a brutal conclusion and Peter is keeping tightlipped on how the drama will unfold.

But the actor is more than happy to reveal his true feelings about leaving the workmates who've become like family to him.

He says, "Shooting the last few scenes was dreadful - awful. As soon as we finished the producers came out with champagne but I felt very empty, because I knew it was the last time I'd see a lot of these people.

"What I'll miss the most about working on the show is the cast and crew. When you work on something for a long time, putting in the long hours, you ultimately build up relationships. The sadness about leaving a job like this is it is really one big family."

On the bright side though, Peter can now look forward to having more time to spend with actress wife Claire King, who used to play Chris' evil stepmother Kim Tate.

The Sun 15th September 2003


Sun to Fri - ITV1

THE tempestuous love triangle between Chris, Charity and Cain leads to a death at Home Farm.

The soap’s producers are determined to keep exactly who is killed a secret, but viewers can expect a memorable week in the countryside saga.

"It all blows up. Something just has to give," says Jeff Hordley, who plays Charity’s lawless lover Cain. "Cain hates Chris with as much passion as he loves Charity. He vows that if she goes back to her husband, he will kill both of them."

The compelling week opens with dying Chris cruelly turning the screw on his cheating wife.

When Charity, Cain and daughter Debbie go to check out of their luxury hotel, they find Chris has cancelled all Charity’s credit cards.

Deeply embarrassed, Charity is forced to leave her valuable Cartier watch as a deposit until she can return with the money to pay the bill.

She turns down Cain’s offer to stay at the Dingles’ and rushes back to Home Farm, where after lunging furiously at Chris, she is humiliated by his smug solicitor Rachel, who calls the police to have her removed.

Homeless and broke, Charity begs Chloe to take her in for the night.
Cain visits Chris at Home Farm and tells him they can get along fine without his money, but later in the pub Chris sneers that Cain will have to put young Debbie on the game.

"Cain goes mad," says Jeff. "He has been drinking all day and he loses it and attacks Chris. But he’s dragged off by the other regulars and Louise throws him out."

The next day, Chris invites Charity round to Home Farm to talk, then prepares a deadly welcome for his wife by coating a champagne glass with poison. Meanwhile, Cain is back at the pub, telling Terry he intends to go after Chris.

"He promises that if Charity goes back to Chris, he will kill them both," says Jeff. "And he means it."

Debbie gives her mother all the money from her savings account so she can look her best for the showdown at the farm.

She lies to Cain that Charity has gone to the cinema with Emily. But Cain forces the truth out of her and warns her he would rather see Charity dead than back with Chris.

As Chris opens the bottle of bubbly, Cain arms himself with a kitchen knife and drives furiously to Home Farm, vowing vengeance.

Death strikes, and afterwards, Cain races away and nearly runs over Debbie before ordering his daughter to get into his car.

Has Chris got his revenge on Charity, or the other way round? Or has Cain carried out his threats against them both?


Emmerdale Special

Channel: ITV2
Date: Wednesday 17 September Time: 8:00pm to 9:00pm

The Bad Boy Bows Out

As Chris Tate leaves Emmerdale, this programme takes a look at the trials and tribulations that have surrounded him and his family over the years. With behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Peter Amory and other cast members.

Chris, 2003, the ruthless business man we will always remember.

Life After Emmerdale

Emmerdale's Chris returns to stage
Former Emmerdale actor Peter Amory is enjoying a new lease of life on the stage.
Peter, who played Chris Tate in the popular YTV soap, is now starring in Trap For A Lonely Man at Hull New Theatre until March 6 and then moves to Lincoln.
The play is about a man who's trapped in a chalet in the French Alps.
The actor, who trained at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), left Emmerdale in September after almost 14 years playing businessman Tate.
His screen wife Charity (Emma Atkins) was accused of his murder and is now doing time for a crime she says she didn't commit.
Regular viewers will know that he committed suicide but made it look like his wife murdered him.
Away from our TV screens, Peter is enjoying his new challenge.
He told the Yorkshire Post: "For me, touring is very exciting because I haven't done it for years.
"I see seasoned professionals in the cast and they know all the areas and which restaurants are where.
"For me, it's very different and part of the enjoyment is going to different places I've not visited before."

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