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Chloe Atkinson

Amy Nuttall

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Character: Chloe Atkinson

Appeared: 4th December 2000 - present

Age: Early to mid twenties

Played by:
Amy Nuttall


Chloe turned up in December 2000 and immediately got a job in Chez Marlon, run by Marlon Dingle, Kathy Glover and Rodney Blackstock. Tricia Stokes wasn’t happy at Chloe’s arrival, jealous that Marlon liked the pretty waitress. Chloe started making friends instantly and got on well with Charity Dingle.

Chloe soon started being Charity’s confidant, and Chloe was amazed when Charity told Chloe about herself and Zoe Tate’s affair. Charity and Chloe soon moved in together. Chris started annoying Chloe, as he tried to find out the identity of Charity’s secret lover, but Chloe didn’t reveal anything.

Chloe and Scott Windsor started going out together and moved in with each other during 2002. But Chloe was delighted to learn than Scott was jealous of she and Marlon, even though there was nothing going on between them.

Chloe got a job behind the bar in the holiday village, soon becoming the face of the village much to Nicola’s annoyance, but quit in 2002 after tiring of Nicola Blackstock’s bitchiness towards her. Chloe soon started working in Café Hope, run by Scott’s mother Viv. Tricia, to put people of buying Kathy’s house, told prospective buyers that Chloe was a prostitute and soon Chloe had the police on her doorstep, although she managed to tell them that it was all just a misunderstanding.

When Syd Woolfe moved in with Scott and Chloe, he started causing
trouble between the two. He slept with Chloe, leading to Scott
breaking up with Chloe after finding out about the incident.
Chloe then moved into Home Farm, but in early 2003 she and
Scott got back together after Chloe felt sorry for Scott having
to drink with Viv. Viv was unhappy about Scott getting back
with Chloe and ended up making Chloe quit work at the cafe.
Chloe later moved back in with Scott and Syd.

In February 2003, Chloe decided to get a job, working as Jean Tateís nanny. Scott wasnít sure about her taking the job though. Although the least experienced candidate, Chloe got the job as the other potential nannies were all shocked when Zoe told them of her mental illness.

Meanwhile Syd had started seeing Yolanda, a lap dancer from a club heíd been to with Scott and Robert while Chloe had been away. Chloe saw green over their relationship. She still fancied Syd, and tried to resume their affair, despite the fact she was now back with Scott. After Syd and Yolanda split up, Chloe started to flirt with Syd. Syd however wasnít sure about having an affair with his best mateís girlfriend for the second time and rejected Chloe at first.

She later did a lap dance for Syd. He turned up on the door of Home Farm, while she was looking after Jean, and they got passionate on the sofa, leaving Jean unattended. Jean fell to the floor, and hurt herself. Chloe and Syd found her, but Chloe didnít want to risk losing her job by going to the hospital. She instead hid Jeanís injuries, and lied to Syd about going to the hospital.

Syd and Chloeís affair continued, but Zoe was worried about her daughterís constant crying while she had been on holiday. Chloe said it was probably just teething. An accident at Home Farm, however, led to some shocking secrets being revealed. Debbie Jones, who was babysitting Jean, left the baby unattended and soon the baby had been injured for the second time in weeks. This accident was more serious and Jean was taken to the hospital. It looked like she might not pull through.

Chloe worried that doctors would find Jeanís previous injury, and they did, but they blamed Zoe. Zoe faced social services, thinking that she had been the one who had injured baby Jean during one of her schizophrenic periods. Zoe desperately asked Chloe if she had any idea how Jean had got the injuries, but Chloe lied. Syd tried his best to persuade Chloe to tell Zoe, and Chloe decided that she would have to reveal all to her boss.

But as Chloe started to tell Zoe everything, Zoe got a call from the hospital, telling her that Jeanís father had came forward and was on his way to the hospital. Chloe returned to Pear Tree Cottage, wondering who Jeanís father was, unaware that Syd already knew.

Then Scott, Viv and Bob arrived back at Pear Tree Cottage, with Chloe shocked to learn Scott was Jeanís father. Chloe was devastated by the news, and reacted angrily. Chris, Charity and Zoe then arrived so Zoe and Scott could talk.

Left alone, Chloe kicked Scott out and was comforted by Syd. Chloe told Scott about her and Syd, in an effort to make him angry and the two men came to blows. Syd tried to persuade Chloe to tell Zoe everything, but an angry Chloe refused. Syd later told Zoe about Jeanís accident. Chris decided to get revenge on Syd and Chloe for hurting his niece by kicking them out. They moved into the B&B and later got another cottage in the village.

Chloe then discovered that she could go to prison for Jeanís accident. She manipulated Syd into withdrawing his statement.

About Amy Nuttall: Emmerdale is the first role for Amy on TV, although she did raise money for sports charities on in Sport Relief (2002).


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Profile from former official site written 2000-2002:-

Played by Amy Nuttall
First Appearance on 4th December 2000
Job; Waitress at Chez Marlon

Chloe makes her first appearance after Marlon has interviewed septuagenarian Alfred for the post of waiter at Chez Marlon. Betty is impressed with Alfred, but Marlon is not convinced. It’s getting late and Marlon still has no waiter. Chloe comes breezing through the door, and Marlon, charmed, hires her on the spot.

It’s opening night at Chez Marlon, and Marlon is nervous. Chloe arrives to hostility from Betty. Marlon’s in a semi-compromising position showing Chloe the menu when Tricia enters to get a tie for Jason. A jealous Tricia sacks Chloe behind Marlon’s back, and they have a big row.

Marlon can’t cope at the restaurant without Chloe and much to Tricia’s disgust he re-hires her. Tricia warns Chloe away from Marlon and it isn’t long before Tricia is asking Marlon to sack Chloe again, as she is convinced Chloe fancies Marlon. Marlon however refuses to sack her.

Chloe moves in with Charity and doesn’t understand why no-one in the village seems to like Charity very much.

Chloe first meets Scott when he comes into Chez Marlon for some food. Chloe seems to take an immediate shine to him and asks Marlon about Scott. Chloe introduces herself to Scott and asks him about cars as she is thinking about buying one. Scott buys her a drink.

Scott tries to sell Chloe Gloria’s car. Chloe test drives the car with Scott and decides to take it. Scott makes a move to kiss her but she pulls away, saying she was only saying yes to the car. The atmosphere is a bit awkward when Chloe goes to the garage to collect the car, but she does confide in Charity that she really likes Scott. Scott and Chloe finally consumate their relationship in her new car that broke down on a quiet road. Chloe is Charity’s confident and kept quiet about her affair with Zoe. She tried to advise her against marrying Chris, but Charity is adamant.

Scott gets jealous about Chloe’s close working relationship with Marlon and it results in their break up. Even though they are plainly mad about each other, both are too stubborn to give in. Eventually they reconcile their differences and Scott puts pressure on Chloe to move in with him, especially as Charity moves out of the cottage and in with Chris at Home Farm.

Chloe Atkinson fan card used upto 2003

BBC Puresoap 21st February 2003

Zoe and Chloe take on tot

Leah Bracknell who plays Zoe

Emmerdale's lesbian schizophrenic vet is to be a single mum after deciding to keep her baby.
Vetinary surgeon Zoe, played by actress Leah Bracknell, will decide to take on the baby, rather than put it up for adoption.
The father, Scott Windsor, will be pleased that he can see baby Jean whenever he likes.
Zoe, who believes she was raped while ill but really let Scott sleep with her, will not make it easy for him though.
Her gorgeous lover Chloe is applying for the nanny job, which could effectively freeze Scott out of the picture.

Soap sweethearts find true love

Pure Soap news 4th March 2003


Real life soap sweethearts Amy Nuttall and Ben Freeman have both found 'the love of their lives', and have put last year's relationship difficulties firmly behind them.

The glamorous Emmerdale duo spoke about their mutual devotion after returning from a romantic break in Disneyland Paris.
There they took time out from their busy schedules to enjoy some intimate time together - and to insist a strain on their relationship late last year is now firmly behind them.

Amy, 20, who plays Chloe Atkinson played down the young lovers' much-reported problems in an interview with OK! magazine.
" Like any couple, Ben and I have had our ups and downs and disagreements. But despite what some tabloid stories may claim, we've never actually been driven apart."

Ben, 22, who plays Scott Windsor, was similarly positive about their prospects, but has, however, scotched rumours the couple are soon set to walk down the aisle

" I'm very happy as we are, I don't think there's any need to rush - there is no need to rush into things too quickly."
Amy agrees. On the subject of marriage, she said:
" We're still young, so there's no need for that yet.
" Settling down and having a family is further down the road. I love Ben, but we don't have to race the clock. Time is on our side and we enjoy that."

From The Newswires

Emmerdale star's on song


SOAP star Amy Nuttall is about to reveal her true hidden talent - her voice.
Amy, who plays Chloe in Emmerdale, is best known for her acting and sultry poses in men's magazines. But she is a trained singer and will soon take to the stage on her own concert tour.

Amy will perform songs from the musicals and the stage show will include a date in her home town Bolton this summer.

And she will be joined on stage for part of her performance by pupils at Bury Grammar School for Girls where she was once a pupil.

But Amy said soap fans can be reassured she is not preparing to quit Emmerdale to follow in the footsteps of actors-turned-singers like Kylie.

Amy, 20, said: "I love being in Emmerdale but this is just something else and I'm lucky that the schedule allows me to do it side-by-side.
" It'll be brilliant to get up there and I can't wait
" But I'm not leaving Emmerdale - I'm just lucky I can juggle the two things.
" For the future in terms of music I'd like to do my own thing - I'm not a classical singer but I'm not pop either.

" I'd like to think I'm a mixture of Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones. But I don't want to give up acting, I love Emmerdale too much and I've got some good storylines coming up. Later this year it might come out about Zoe and Scott's baby so that will be exciting."

At the age of 16 Amy auditioned for the Phantom of the Opera and was offered the role of first understudy on the Millennium tour.

Leading role
She stepped in several times and became the youngest actress ever to play the leading role of Christine in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

It was there she met Peter Karrie who plays the Phantom and who will be joining Amy in the concert tour, based around the musicals.
They will perform at Bolton Albert Halls on July 5 and at the Alhambra theatre in Bradford on September 11.

Other dates are planned for Liverpool in September and possibly at Manchester Opera House later in the year.

Amy said: "It'll be great to perform in Bolton as it's my home town.
" I've always loved musicals and when I was younger it was my only dream to end up on the stage.

" I love Emmerdale to bits but the buzz you get performing to a live audience is fantastic so I can't wait."


BBC Pure Soap News 25 March 2003

Heartbreak for Emmerdale s Chloe
Amy Nuttal who plays Chloe

Emmerdale's Chloe Atkinson is in for heartbreak when she discovers the true father of Zoe Tate's baby - her boyfriend Scott Windsor.

Chloe, played by Amy Nuttal, has no idea Scott has been playing away from home and happily acts as nanny to Zoe's daughter Jean.

Zoe is also in the dark about who the father is. The lesbian vet suffers from mental problems and can't ever remember making love with a man.

The village has been alive with rumours about who the father could be, particularly after Zoe surprised everyone by deciding to keep the baby despite previously insisting she would give her up for adoption.

But when the truth is finally revealed Chloe is devastated. She knows Jean was conceived when Zoe was drunk and mentally disturbed. She believes Scott, played by Ben Freeman, took advantage of her and is little better than a rapist.

The plot will see Amy taking a break from Emmerdale for a time so she can concentrate on her stage and singing career.

BBC Pure Soap 23rd May 2003

Sexy Chloe gets her man

Amy Nuttall, who wowed viewers in a sensational backless red dress at the recent British Soap Awards, is to feature in a sexy new storyline in Emmerdale.

The actress, who plays Chloe Atkinson, turns sultry seductress as she entices lucky Syd Woolfe, played by Nathan Gladwell, between the sheets.

And the seduction begins when Chloe shows off her toned figure with a teasing lap-dancing routine.

Amy was nominated for the sexiest female soap star in this year's awards and Emmerdale scriptwriters are obviously determined she'll win the title next year.

The plot begins when Chloe, Syd, Zoe Tate, Scott Windsor and Robert Freeman go away for a few days.

The boys nip off to a lap dancing club and Syd has to fend off the attentions of one of the dancers.

Later, Chloe decides she can do better and gives Syd a special treat with her own private lap dancing routine.
Only this time Syd doesn't even try to resist!

BBC Pure Soap 6th June 2003

Baby blues for Chloe

Emmerdale beauty Chloe Atkinson turns from dutiful nanny to sexy siren, and Zoe Tate's baby is seriously injured as a result.
Chloe, played by Amy Nuttall, sets her sights on seducing hunky builder Syd Woolf (Nathan Gladwell).

She feels badly neglected because boyfriend Scott Windsor seems to spend more time tinkering with old cars than giving her a good time.
She feels increasingly drawn to Syd, who is around a lot more than Scott.

The story is given an added twist when Yolanda, a lap-dancer from the club where the boys spent a raunchy night, turns up in the Woolpack.
She struts in front of the regulars and plants a kiss on Syd - making Chloe furious and jealous.

When Syd confides to Chloe that he has rejected Yolanda because he is looking for something more serious, she moves in for the kill.
Knowing how much the boys enjoyed the lap-dancing club, Chloe decides to treat Syd to a private show of her erotic dancing skills.
But she stupidly leaves baby Jean on a table while she gyrates for Syd. Jean rolls off and is badly injured.

Mum Zoe Tate is furious and Chloe is suitably ashamed. In fact she is so mortified that she decides to leave the village. In real life Amy is taking a break from Emmerdale to concentrate on her stage and singing work.

The Sun's Guide to the Week's Soaps 9th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

CHLOE might be beautiful, but she feels lonely and unloved when Scott seems to prefer to spend his time with his new friend, Robert. he is determined to show she is not a girl to be taken for granted, and starts to flirt heavily with Syd.

He feels awkward and embarrassed but it’s hard to turn down a girl as pretty as Chloe - especially when she’s wearing only a towel! “Chloe gets annoyed that Scott seems to be losing interest in her,” says Amy Nuttall, who plays the nanny.

“She had a brief fling with Syd before going back to Scott, and there might be some unfinished business there.hloe feels guilty when Zoe lets slip in front of Syd that she had a holiday flirtation with a guy called Greg.

“But not that guilty,” laughs Amy. “Then Yolanda the lap dancer turns up out of the blue demanding to see Syd.“After Chloe takes her to him, Yolanda makes it clear Syd belongs to her and Chloe should keep her hands off.”

But Yolanda is too full-on for Syd and he tells her it’s all off. Chloe spots an opening in the village man-market.

“Scott seems to prefer working with Robert to going out with her, so Chloe flirts with Syd a little,” says Amy.

“He tells her it didn’t work out with Yolanda because he wants something serious. There’s a tender moment but then Scott interrupts them.

“Chloe teases Syd by asking him to zip her up as she gets ready for Jean’s christening.

“Then she flirts by wandering around in a towel, just being playful and girlie, but I think she wants attention.

“She knows Syd fancies her and she enjoys having a little power over him. Will anything come of it? You’ll just have to watch to find out what happens!”

11 June 2003 - Is Scott interrupting something? ............ Pictured: (L-R) Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL), Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

ITV.COM Chloe’s claustrophobia

Wednesday | 11.06.03


Emmerdale beauty Chloe Atkinson is fed up with boyfriend Scott.
The auburn-haired stunner only rekindled her romantic relationship with the Romeo mechanic a few months ago but she’s already become restless.

And to make matters worse, Scott – unaware of her dissatisfaction – is behaving rather badly. It all stems to the arrival of housemate Syd’s lap dancer girlfriend Yolanda.

Scott’s lewd comments and flirty behaviour have got under Chloe’s skin and now she is annoyed because his work is making him neglect her.

With her relationship already in trouble, Chloe is becoming increasingly attracted to Syd and, as ever, the feeling is mutual. When Chloe defends her hunky flatmate after Scott begins teasing him, it draws the two closer together and it seems that temptation will be hard to resist.

And Ben Freedman who plays Scott admits things look bad for the Emmerdale golden couple.

He says, “Although Scott thinks things are going well for him and Chloe, in reality she is getting closer to Syd. While Scott is engrossed in his work, they are sneaking around behind his back – and I think there may be more than just flirting going on.”

And with the revelation that Scott fathered Zoe Tate’s baby still looming over them, can the twosome be able to mend their relationship?

BBC Pure Soap 12th June 2003

Dark secrets unveiled in the Dales

Emmerdale beauty Chloe Atkinson is in for a terrible shock as a dark Dales love tangle finally reaches a climax.

Chloe's boyfriend, Scott Windsor, played by Ben Freeman, is the father of Zoe Tate's baby daughter Jean, but nobody knows this but him.

He took advantage of Zoe when she was the worse for drink and the lesbian schizophrenic vet can't remember even sleeping with a man.
He has resisted owning up to being the father for fear of being accused of raping Zoe.

Meanwhile Chloe (Amy Nuttall), who is Jean's nanny, is playing away from home with Scott's pal, Syd Woolf.

While acting out a sexy lap dancing routine for Syd she neglects the baby and Jean rolls off a table badly injuring herself.

The crisis forces Scott to reassess his life. With baby Jean seriously ill in hospital is it time for him to own up to his responsibilities and face the consequences?

It may mean the end of his turbulent relationship with Chloe and no doubt a heap of trouble with Zoe, but the little girl desperately needs her father.

" Scott is forced into making some big life decisions," admits Ben.

ITV.COM Secrets and lies

Thursday | 12.06.03

Chloe , Scott and Jean

Baby Jean Tate's christening is an eventful day in Emmerdale.
The tiny tot is at the centre of a paternity riddle and no-one in the village suspects Scott Windsor is Jean's father.

But because of his relationship with girlfriend Chloe – who is Jean's nanny – the reluctant dad is one of those invited to the rite of passage ceremony.

And the pressure of his dark secret and his blossoming feelings for his daughter lead the hunky mechanic to allow himself a tender paternal moment with his tiny daughter.

But has Scott got the strength to keep his revelation to himself? The strain of not confiding in those nearest to him about the difficult situation – and being around his daughter so much – is taking its toll on Scott.

But with his girlfriend Chloe doing everything she can to lure his best friend Syd into a steamy affair, and his mother Viv being the village gossip, is there anyone Scott can trust with this information?

The Sun's Guide To The Soaps 16th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Syd and chloe kiss

SYD finally succumbs to temptation and allows Chloe to seduce him. But he is instantly filled with guilt because sexy Chloe is supposed to be going out with Syd’s mate, Scott!

And Syd’s problems become much more complicated when an unsuspecting Scott confides that he is the father of Zoe’s baby, Jean.

“Syd is dumbstruck,” says Nathan Gladwell, who plays the bewildered builder.

“A few days before, his life was simple. But now he is part of a terrifying triangle, knowing secrets about his two best friends, but can’t tell a soul.”

Syd does try hard to resist curvaceous Chloe, but after she puts on a personal lap- dancing performance for him, his mind is in a whirl.

Next day Syd storms round to Home Farm determined to order Chloe to cool it, but she comes on strong and this time he can’t stop himself.

“Chloe is gorgeous,” says Nathan. “What man could turn her down? Certainly not Syd.

“But they have a shock as they’re getting passionate in the lounge.

Baby Jean is left on her own in the kitchen and takes a tumble.
“ Syd wants to call an ambulance but Chloe assures him there’s no need.”

Syd feels guilty, and when Chloe tells him the next day it was just a bit of fun, he’s furious.

“But he really panics when Scott asks if he can have a word,” says Nathan.

“Syd thinks Scott knows what’s happened, but it’s worse than that. Scott blurts out he is the father of baby Jean, leaving Syd totally stunned.

“Now he has two terrible secrets to keep while Chloe’s desperate to find out what’s been upsetting Scott.

“Syd feels used and abused, and completely baffled by it all.”

ITV.COM Chloe’s Catastrophe

Monday | 16.06.03

Syd anc Chloe kiss while in another room...

Emmerdale’s Chloe Atkinson is about to make a tragic mistake.
The sexy local is the nanny of Zoe Tate’s baby daughter Jean but she has more than childcare on her mind tonight.

Ever since she realised her feelings for boyfriend Scott Windsor were waning, Chloe has been in hot pursuit of his hunky flatmate, Syd Woolf.

But, Syd knows that an affair with Chloe would destroy his friendship with Scott and leave him homeless. Having dumped lap dancer Yolanda, Syd thinks his lovelife will be a desert for some time. But Chloe has other ideas.

Bored of her humdrum life and determined to lure Syd into livening up her quiet night, Chloe gets ready to stun the clueless builder. And, true to form, Syd is unable to resist her charms.

However, it seems Chloe has forgotten all about her job and the tiny tot in her care.

Baby Jean is lying unattended on the kitchen table as Chloe begins her raunchy routine.

Will Chloe be able to live with the consequences of her actions?


Tuesday | 15.07.03

Emmerdale's Zoe Tate faces the hardest test of her life.
The Beckindale beauty is under suspicion of abusing her baby daughter Jean, after a tragic accident left the tot fighting for life.

And Zoe, who has endured a serious bout of mental illness in the last year, is the prime suspect in the eyes of social services - after doctor's discovered old injuries on the young girl.

Tonight, as Zoe is investigated by the agency, it is left to the real culprit to own up to Jean's injuries. However, guilty nanny Chloe Atkinson has no intention of telling the truth.

Despite the fact it was Chloe's negligence which led Jean to fall and hurt herself a couple of weeks ago, the sexy local refuses to come clean - much to the disgust of part-time lover Syd Woolfe.

Syd can't believe that Chloe would allow Zoe to be held responsible and Jean to be taken into care. But Chloe is too busy looking out for herself to take his words to heart.

Will Zoe lose Jean through no fault of her own?

I'm The Daddy

Wednesday | 16.07.03

Emmerdaleís Scott Windsor admits he is Jean's father at last.
As rumours of Zoe's alleged child abuse spread through the village, the guilty dad decides it's time to confront his parental responsibilities.

Poor Scott has to hear the allegations against the mother of his child from his own gossiping mum Viv.

But her delight in the information soon turns to horror as she understands that her precious son is embroiled in the scandal.

And against her motherly instincts, she begins to question how events unfolded on the night of Jean's conception. It is common knowledge that Zoe has no idea who the father of her baby daughter is. She was suffering from a schizophrenic episode when they had sex, and has believed for months that she may have been the victim of a rape.

But Scott knows that, although Zoe was drunk, the raunchy episode took place with her consent and is horrified that even his own mother thinks he could be capable of rape.

But the showdown between Scott and Viv is nothing compared to the drama unfolding at the hospital. Scott barges into see Jean and to protect her from being taken into care. The nurses contact Zoe to tell her that a man is here claiming to be her daughter's dad.

How will she react when she comes face to face with the truth?

Scott Shock

Tuesday | 17.06.03

Syd and Scott

Emmerdale's Scott Windsor finally reveals his secret to pal Syd.
Ever since his drunken one-night stand with Zoe Tate, Scott has been keeping the truth of baby Jean's parentage to himself.

However, now he is getting more and more attached to his daughter and can no longer bear to carry the burden on his own. So he confides in flatmate Syd, unaware that the randy handyman is secretly bedding his girlfriend.

The confusion is bound to end in tears for all concerned but one person who is delighted with the dramatic developments in hunky star Ben Freeman.

He says, "I'm loving it at the moment. I've had a bit of a rebirth recently because although I've been here five years and had some great storylines, there's been nothing big for a while.

"So it's nice to feel like you are actually employed – and I work with some really great people. It's lovely to work alongside the baby as well, she's a lovely little girl and always smiling."



Confession Time

Friday | 18.07.03


The net is closing in on Emmerdale's Chloe Atkinson tonight.

Cheating Chloe has been trying to cover up her part in baby Jean's accident because she is scared of the criminal repercussions.

But with social services swarming around the hospital threatening to take Jean away from mum Zoe, events have taken a traumatic turn for everyone involved.

Zoe is in a terrible state after discovering Chloe's boyfriend Scott Windsor is her baby's father, Scott is in shock that the truth is out and Chloe is desperately trying to keep herself out of the picture.

Chloe's cowardly behaviour has stunned her secret lover Syd Woolfe. The kindly workman can't bear to see Zoe and Jean pay for her mistakes, and feels partly responsible for the mess. Jean's cracked rib was the result of Chloe's carelessness as she and Syd got steamy on the sofa.

And it is brave Syd who finally blows the whistle on his lady love.

Actress Amy Nuttall, who plays the nightmare nanny, says, "Zoe asks Chloe about her daughter's injuries, but Chloe just couldn't tell her. When Syd reveals what happened, Zoe is furious.

"Chloe's very worried as she knows she could face prosecution but she is just thinking of herself."



Monday | 21.07.03

Scott, Syd and Chloe share some home truthsScott, Syd and Chloe share some home truths

Emmerdale’s estranged couple Scott and Chloe find themselves homeless tonight.

In the aftermath of the revelation that Scott is baby Jean Tate’s father, Chloe chucked him out but matters are getting worse.

The troubled duo have yet another showdown in the street when Scott goes for a quiet drink in the pub and bumps into Chloe’s lover Syd Woolfe. The distraught mechanic is already furious that his former friend was sleeping with his girlfriend but Syd has yet another revelation.

In the heat of the moment, Syd reveals Chloe’s neglect of Jean led to her broken rib - provoking Scott to hit back furiously.

Sexy star Ben Freeman, who plays the village hunk, explains, “Finding out Chloe was having an affair with Syd is bad enough, but when Syd admits Chloe caused Jean’s injuries, it’s the final straw. Scott feels totally betrayed by them both.”

But soon the warring three find themselves united as they discover all their stuff out on the street - furious Chris Tate has evicted them!

Will Chloe turn to Syd for help once again?


Any Port In A Storm

Tuesday | 22.07.03

anxiously Syd looks on while Chloe checks over Jean after her fall

Devoted Syd Woolfe tries to help troubled lover Chloe tonight.
Although he was the one who revealed Chloe’s blame for baby Jean’s injuries, the handsome workman is still besotted with her.

And his devotion suits Chloe just fine as she tries to comprehend the enormity of last week’s events.

Although the sexual tension which was simmering between the duo finally resulted in a steamy fling recently, Chloe had no intention of leaving boyfriend Scott for Syd.

But after Scott’s confession that he is Jean’s father, their relationship has been shattered.

With her head spinning, Chloe is in no mood for romantic complications so Syd’s considerate behaviour is the easy option.

Actress Amy Nuttall, who plays the devastated nanny, explains, “Chloe’s hated. She has no choice but to be nice to Syd.

“She likes him but she doesn't love him, so in some ways she is using him.”

Will Chloe break Syd’s heart too?

The Sun 25th August 2003

Chloe and Syd in bed


Weekdays  ITV1

CHLOE drives lover Syd to distraction when he discovers she is planning a new life in France without him. But she changes her mind after the police tell her she will not face charges over baby Jeanís injury.

Chloe decides to stay in Emmerdale and enjoys a passionate reunion with a bewildered Syd.

" She is petrified that she might go to prison for neglecting Jean," says Amy Nuttall, who plays the young nanny.

" Then her mother finds her a nannying job in France, and it seems like a way out.

" Chloeís solicitor warns that she could be sent to prison for what happened to Jean. Syd tries to comfort her but sheís not in the mood and tells him to get lost."

Syd calls Chloe a drama queen but they make up later. In bed, Syd agrees to withdraw his statement to the police to help Chloe.

Everything is fine until later in The Woolpack, when Siobhan lets slip a mention of Chloeís French plans.

" Syd feels left out," says Amy. "He and Chloe have a massive row when they get home and she feels so angry that she hurls a wine bottle against the door.

" Syd says he wishes heíd never met her and she slaps him across the face."

Next day, Chloe hears that all charges against her have been dropped.

" Chloe is delighted and she celebrates by making it up with Syd," says Amy.

" She decides to stay in Emmerdale and even tells him she loves him. Iím not sure if she means it, Chloe knows that she can play games with Syd."

ITV.COM Wrong Atkinson

Monday | 25.08.03

Emmerdale beauty Chloe Atkinson struggles to decide on her future.

The former nanny is in serious trouble after it was discovered her negligence led to baby Jean Tate's near fatal injuries.

Although weeks have passed since the incident, Chloe's still terrified about what the investigation into the incident means for her. When the accident happened, Chloe was trying to lure flatmate Syd Woolfe into her bed - but now her plan has worked she is having second thoughts.

Despite the fact she was cheating on unsuspecting boyfriend Scott Windsor with Syd, Chloe was heartbroken when her beau confessed he had fathered Jean after having a one night stand with the baby's lesbian mum Zoe Tate.

Syd - who is desperately in love with the flame-haired siren - has stuck by her through all the horror of the last few weeks but still she cannot commit herself to him.

When she receives word from her mother that there is a job for her as a nanny in France, Chloe is tempted to leave Emmerdale and start a new life away from both her suitors.

But with the pending police investigation and Syd's devotion to her it seems that Chloe may have to remain in the Dales for quite some time.


Not Such An Innocent Girl

Tuesday | 26.08.03

Emmerdale's Chloe Atkinson is beside herself with worry and guilt.

Ever since it was revealed that baby Jean Tate suffered an accident because of Chloe's negligence, she has been in emotional turmoil.

In the course of events Chloe lost her job, her boyfriend and respect from her fellow villagers but the one person who stuck by her has been Syd Woolf.

Chloe began a sexy affair with Syd behind former boyfriend Scott Windsor's back but now their romance is out in the open. Unfortunately for Syd, the flame haired siren is not as crazy about him and he is about her.

But Syd is the one person who is indispensable to Chloe as she struggles to come to terms with the consequences of her actions.

Chloe manages to persuade her new man to withdraw the police statement he made that implicated her in the Jean's accident, after telling him she is unable to cope with the possibility of a prison sentence.

Syd - who is desperate to make his lady love happy - agrees hoping to prove his love for her.

However, little does the loved up workman know that Chloe is planning to relocate to France to start a new life.

Can smitten Syd really trust Chloe?

16th June 2003
16th June 2003 - Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) teases Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) - Was the lap dancing really for Scottt (BEN FREEMAN) .... ? Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) lapdances for Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL).
Tensions between Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) come to a head. Tensions between Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) come to a head as they begin to kiss.

16th June 2003 -  Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) panic when baby Jean has a fall while their attentions are elsewhere ........


ITV.COM Cheating Chloe?

Thursday | 26.02.04

Emmerdale stunner Chloe Atkinson is giving boyfriend Syd the runaround.

The flame-haired vixen is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the modest life she leads as Syd's other half and longs for some excitement.

And after turning her attentions on veteran lothario Rodney Blackstock earlier this week, just to get the chance to enjoy some expensive Champagne - Chloe spots another potential suitor.

Ever since curate Ethan arrived in the Dales, he has remained in the background of village life. But when Chloe takes a closer look at the hunky clergyman, she decides it might be time to try some well-tested chat up lines on him.

And Syd has every reason to be wary of Chloe's wandering eye. He started dating her behind her former love Scott Windsor's back, while the three of them were sharing a small house.

So knowing that Chloe has no romantic scruples and that she wants to be treated like a princess at all times - has Syd got the energy to keep up with her demands?

BBC Pure Soap 11th March 2004

Dales drama ends in violence

Dales drama ends in violence
The volatile relationship between Chloe Atkinson and beefy builder Syd Woolfe boils over into violence in Emmerdale.
Against all expectations it is the normally mild-mannered slip of a girl who is doing the hitting, although she manages to convince the entire village that brawny Syd is really the villain.
It all kicks off when Syd, played by Nathan Gladwell, says something rude to Chloe (Amy Nuttall). She is furious and chases Syd into the street to give him a good hiding.
Later they are in mid argument when Syd throws a pan of pasta onto the floor. Chloe runs off and tells pal Paul Marsden that Syd hit her!
Syd quickly becomes Emmerdale's most hated man and Chloe doesn't feel guilty at all.
"She knows that Syd wouldn't do anything like that, but she likes the sympathy," Amy explained to Inside Soap magazine.
"He's completely humiliated in the pub - he begs her to tell everyone it's not true. But Chloe says nothing and Syd is told to get out of the Woolpack."
Chloe only has second thoughts when Chastity Tate makes a play for Syd. Chloe doesn't want Syd, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him either.,,2001330006-2004111524_3,00.html

Extract from the Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 14th March 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1

THE village turns its back on Syd after Chloe pretends that he’s hit her. She finds out that he has been chatting with Chas in the pub, but doesn’t know she was only listening to him moaning about their stormy love life.

Chloe slaps Syd in the street in front of Paul and Danny.

Later, they row again, and when Syd throws a pan of food against the wall, Chloe runs next door to Paul and Siobhan and tells them that Syd has been hitting her.

Syd is shocked that Chloe could lie about him like this. Chas sees through Chloe’s cruel scheming and announces to everyone that Syd is not a brute.

Syd still cares for Chloe but, when she seems to be enjoying watching him squirm, he tells her to get lost. It looks as if it’s all over.

"Syd’s certainly no angel," says Nathan Gladwell, who plays the bewildered builder, "but he would never hit a woman."

The Transformer

Thursday | 18.03.04

Emmerdale beauty Chloe Atkinson has undergone a radical transformation.

The flame-haired stunner used to be mild-mannered and had plenty of friends but is now a vicious vixen with a nasty streak.

This week Chloe's metamorphosis is complete after she allows the entire village to believe her kindly boyfriend Syd Woolf assaulted her. And only Chastity Dingle stands up for the wronged man, leaving Chloe to revel in the attention lavished upon her by the sympathetic villagers.

And one person who is delighted with Chloe's new incarnation is the actress who plays her, Amy Nuttall.

Amy tells Inside Soap Magazine, "It's really good fun and it's nice playing someone a bit meatier. Chloe was a nice character when she came in, but there's not a lot of scope in that, so it was decided that she would turn nasty."

But Amy has a stark warning for Emmerdale's hunky men; Chloe's now on the lookout again.

She adds, "I'm sure she won't stay single for long. All I can say is that the new King family have a lot of boys, so I think she'll be taking her pick of one of them."

ITV.COM Punch Drunk Love

Monday | 15.03.04

Emmerdale's troubled couple Chloe and Syd have a violent altercation.

Their volatile relationship's been floundering in recent months, thanks to Chloe's obsession with money and both have been looking for excitement elsewhere.

Ever since Chloe left her relationship with Scott Windsor to take up with smitten Syd, the hunky workman has been struggling to keep her interested.

Determined not to be left single, stunning Chloe sought comfort in their secure romance but poor Syd has never really captured her heart.

Despite this, Chloe hits the roof this week when she discovers Syd went for a drink with village vixen Chastity Dingle and when she confronts her lover about the incident, sparks - and fists - fly.

Allowing her feelings of frustration get the better of her, Chloe lands a stinging slap on her stunned beau and leaves the scene in a fury.

But will it be Syd or Chloe who takes responsibility for the shocking street brawl?



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