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Brian Addyman
(6 November 2001-23 January 2003, guest appearance 17th February 2004, 18th February 2004)

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CCharacter: Brian Addyman

Married: Caroline (now divorced)

Children: Katie, daughter and Sam, son or stepson


Played by: Martin Reeve

First Appearance: 6 November 2001

Final Appearance: 23 January 2003


Brian moved to the village after his marriage ended and his business went bankrupt. Although he didn’t want to leave Hotten he had no other choice. Brian was very angry with Katie when he found out about her involvement in the hit and run. He blamed Andy for this and tried to stop them seeing each other. But the more he tried to break the relationship up, the more the teenagers saw of each other.

Brian was also getting on well with Diane and was helping with the Village in Bloom competition. He was working at Home Farm with Jack, and was making friends throughout the village.

In June 2002, it was revealed that Katie was pregnant, and that Andy and she had planned the pregnancy, so they could stay together. Brian was shocked, and even suggested that Katie have an abortion. In the end Katie left the village with her mother Caroline, leaving Brian in a very bad way.

But later that year Katie returned to see her father and eventually she moved back to the village. But everyone was upset when they learned that Katie had lost the baby she had been carrying. After she recovered, she and Andy got engaged, but decided that it would be a long term engagement. Brian reacted calmly to the announcement, surprising both Andy and Katie.

After plotting to get Jack’s job at Home Farm, by revealing to Chris that Jack had paid the rent for one of the farmers, didn’t succeed Brian left the village to take up the offer of work in Newcastle.

About the actor: Martin Reeve has also appeared in the Kay Mellor drama The Good Thief, in 2000 or 2001.

Jack & Brian working Brian
24 June 2002 - while doing the gardens at Home Farm, Jack asks Brian if he has heard from Katie In the same episode, Brian makes it quite clear to Jack that Andy must stay way from Katie.


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Brian Addyman Played by Martin Reeve

First Appearance on 6/11/2001

Marital Status: Divorced from wife Caroline

Children: Sam and Katie

He used to own Greendale garden centre in Hotten and now works at
Home Farm

Brian is first introduced to the people of the village in an
Unfortunate way when his daughter, Katie is involved in the hit and run that kills their headmistress. As a protective father he refuses to allow Katie to have anything to do with the children of the village and in particular her boyfriend, Andy.

The New Year only seems to bring Brian’s life closer with the villagers. Sadly Brian’s Garden Centre Business goes bust and Brian is forced to look for other work. He is offered a good job in Newcastle but this would of course involve uprooting and moving himself and an unwilling Katie. A light seems to appear when the Estate Manager’s job at Home Farm come available at Brian applies. But in a cruel twist of fate Jack Sugden is offered the job and Brain appears to be even closer to moving to Newcastle. Yet things twist again and Jack offers him the Gardeners post at Home Farm. At first he is reluctant to take it but soon is won round and is even offered a cottage in the village that can go with the job. Brian just can’t escape those Sugdens. Things start to settle for a while but problems stir with Katie and it seems that the more he tries to prevent her from seeing Andy the more she will defy him.

A proud moment comes for Brian when Katie is crowned May Queen of the village for the Jubilee celebrations. This is short lived though when he learns that his 15 year old daughter is in fact pregnant! How will Brian cope with the latest scandal?

Brian Addyman

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