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Pet: Batley (a dog)
Appeared: after 25th May 2000 - April 2002
Owner: Edna Birch
Played by: Bracken


Edna Birch's beloved dog, who sadly died in 2002 after being put down by Paddy. Batley was suffering from cancer at the time of his death.

Batley had been kicked earlier in the year by Eve Birch, Edna's granddaughter who Batley didn't get on with.

Batley Fact: Batley was actually played by a female, Bracken. She won the British Soap Award 2002 for Best Exit on 18th May. The award was presented by Graham Norton and Bracken was escorted on stage by his former on screen owner Shirley Stelfox.

About Bracken: Emmerdale is the first credit I can find for Bracken.

From the Former Official Site
TOP DOG 20th May 2004:-

Batly Batley proved to be Top Dog at the British Soap Awards on Saturday when he scooped the gong for Best Exit. His final scenes moved the voting panel - and the audience - and his moment of glory was met with a standing ovation.
Batley Batley (real name Bracken) was at the awards and joined Shirley Stelfox (Edna) on stage to collect the award presented by Graham Norton. An Emmerdale spokesman said: "It was great to see the Batley storyline honoured.
Edna and Batley "Losing a pet is something that millions of people go through every year and Emmerdale reflected this strand of reality in a very sensitive and accurate way."

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