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Cain and Angie

"I Can't Believe I'M DEAD!" - Freya Interview
The Mirror - 16.11.02

It was only when the villagers gathered to pay their last respects to Emmerdale's copper Angie Reynolds, that it finally sank in with Freya Copeland that she was actually leaving the soap, for good. "They are filming my funeral today," says Freya, 33, her eyes filling with tears. "It's such a weird feeling. I don't know if I'm coming or going."

"In the last few weeks I kept crying all the time - during my final scene in the Reynolds household, with the children and in the
Woolpack. I sent text messages to Vicky Binns and Anthony Lewis, who play my kids Ollie and Marc, saying, `This is your mother from beyond the grave - I love you'. They were like a real family to me and I will miss them. I can't believe I'm dead. I told them to kick the coffin for me!"

"There were rumours about a cull and when they called me in I thought, `This is it'. But even though I knew deep down the axe was coming, it still came as a shock."

Although she was worried that it might be hard to find work after being a soap star for almost four years, Freya did not want the door kept open for Angie to return.

"I asked to be killed off," she says. "I'd have been constantly thinking, `I wish they'd ask me back', whereas now that is out of the question and I can move on."

This week, Angie quits the force after a colleague tries to grope her. She hits the bottle and turns to crime with her crooked lover Cain Dingle, played by Jeff Hordley. But she is killed in a car crash when a heist goes horribly wrong.

"The vehicle crashes through a fence and overturns," explains Freya. "I could not have asked for a more dramatic exit. I end up
unconscious and Cain pulls me out of the wreckage."

"It was exciting to watch the stunt, but when I went into make-up to get ready for my death scene I fell apart. They put all this blood on my head and I burst into tears. It was difficult for Jeff, too. We are best mates off the set and there I was dying in his arms."

Her death from internal injuries came three years and eight months to the day after Hotten Police Sgt 1304 Reynolds, the mother of two teenagers, arrived in Emmerdale. Angie was married to truck driver Sean (Stephen McGann) but, this being soapland, Freya knew it wouldn't be long before one of them was led astray.

"Stephen and I used to joke about who would be the first to have an affair," she laughs. "I saw the script where Sean falls for Lady Tara and told Stephen, `It's you!'"

Angie got her own back by bedding badboy Cain, Mack the builder and toyboy builder Syd, earning a reputation as a randy copper who liked taking down men's particulars.

"The sex scenes were fun to do, but they were pretty tame," says Freya. "All you saw was before and after the event and a couple of snogs, but that suited me."

While Angie was up to fun and games, Freya was busy settling down. Last year she married actor Toby Walton, 33, who she met years ago on a touring production of Brideshead Revisited.

"We were best friends for six years and then I made him see the error of his ways," smiles Freya. "We got together again on Millennium Eve. He popped the question on St Valentine's Day last year and we got married four months later."

"I was stunned when he proposed. Toby was not keen on getting married and he'd kind of talked me out of it. I was upset that we weren't together on Valentine's Day because I was in Leeds and he was in London. So I went to the gym and he rang me on my mobile just as I was getting into my car to go home. I was really down in the dumps and then looked round and there he was in the flesh. He whisked me off for a romantic meal and asked me to marry him."

"At least we can be together more now. When I lost my job I just wanted to go home to London and have a hug from Toby. We'll take things as they come, but we might have kids in the not too distant future. We are not used to being together all the time,but I have no fears of us getting under each other's feet. We get on brilliantly."

In the future, Freya would love to do another musical - she appeared in the West End show Passion - or a TV drama. But her next project is appearing in Jack And The Beanstalk in her hometown of Stafford.

As an Emmerdale keepsake, Freya will get the engraved plaque from Angie's coffin, but she doesn't want her police uniform.

"I hated it," she says. "Men may look sexy in uniform, but women don't. And the body armour I had to wear was not good for a girl's ego. I looked like a Teletubby!"

BBC Puresoap 22 November 2002

Did You See... by Tina Baker last week in Soap?
This week’s lows
Emmerdale Angie's moment of madness in Emmerdale. In the time it takes to sink a bottle of house red, Angie's turned from a respectable police officer to a drunken wreck with criminal tendencies!
Other Soapy low's...
Cain telling Angie they're meant to be together (which is enough to make anyone hit the bottle!) What makes him think that? Could it be the provocative way she's ignored him for the past year? I reckon this is a classic case of 'Soap Star In Search Of A Quick But Implausible Exit' syndrome!
Angie: 'I Cain-not imagine life without him.'
Angie: 'I Cain-not imagine life without him.'
© BBC 2002

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 9th November 2002


Weekdays ITV

CAIN can no longer bear the thought of Angie and Syd being an item. And he makes his feelings clear to Syd in the only way he knows how - by threatening him.

When Cain tells Syd that going out with Angie could seriously threaten his life expectancy, Syd is terrified of the deranged Dingle and decides to dump Angie for reasons of self-preservation.

Angie is furious when she finds out what’s happened. She is outraged that Cain should dare to interfere in her life, and angry that Syd is such a wimp.

And she is also having a bad time at work as sleazeball officer Collins keeps trying to hit on her.

Finally, Angie decides that so many things have gone wrong in her life that she needs a new start and resolves to resign from the police.

“Even for Angie, who has had some pretty tough times lately, this is a really bad week,” says Freya Copeland, who plays her. “She is irritated after Cain turns up when she’s keeping watch on the haulage yard.

“She lies to Collins that she doesn’t know Cain, and then she’s surprised when Collins wants to go for a drink. He’s a creep so she turns him down.”

Meanwhile, Cain is determined to wreck Angie’s relationship with Syd. Cain follows Syd out of The Woolpack and pins him against the wall. Cain warns him that if he carries on seeing Angie, he’s a dead man.

Terrified, Syd tells Angie that it’s not working out between them and dumps her.

“Angie is flabbergasted,” says Freya. “She was just fooling around with Syd at first, but I think she has become quite fond of him.

“It’s a real shock when he finishes it. At first, he won’t explain why he’s changed his mind. But the next day, Angie just about forces the truth out of him and she is incandescent with rage that it’s all down to Cain.

“She is pretty disappointed in Syd as well. And just when she’s feeling really low, Collins makes a pass at
her. She freaks out and hurls a cup of hot coffee over him, which seems to get the message across.

“Angie has had enough. Everything is going wrong and she needs a new start. She accuses Collins of sexual harassment and resigns from the police.

“He’s claiming she assaulted him and that she is back with Cain, but Angie is sick of it all. She just wants to get out of there.”

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 16th November 2002


Weekdays  ITV

ANGIE makes a shattering exit from the show as she dies in Cain’s arms after rekindling her stormy affair with the dangerous Dingle.

The tragic finale to their relationship comes at the end of a highly charged week in which policewoman Angie turns to crime and makes plans to run off with Cain.

Angie is stunned to learn her ex-husband Sean is to wed Lady Tara and she turns to love-crazed Cain in her darkest hour.

But there is definitely no happy ending for the doomed couple and Cain is absolutely devastated by the death of his lover.

At the start of the week, Angie turns to drink to try to deal with her problems. When she goes out to buy more booze she meets Cain.

“She knocks him back pretty firmly and tells Cain to leave her alone,” says Jeff Hordley, who plays menacing Cain. “But he is not the sort of guy to be put off.”

Angie discovers Sean is going to get married when she overhears Ollie and Marc arguing over whether they should tell her.

Meanwhile, Latisha arrives and angrily tells Angie that she has split up with Cain, who still wants to be with Angie and not her.

“Cain is totally obsessed by Angie,” says Jeff. “He really loves her and that’s not an emotion he finds easy to deal with. He turns up at her place to try to convince her to be with him.

“He really cares about her. But then Ollie walks in and gets very mouthy. Angie is really upset and asks Cain to leave. But he sees her later, clearly drunk and heading for The Woolpack.

“Cain tells her she should not be driving in that state, which is a real role reversal, but he does care desperately about Angie. There is still a spark between them and Cain tells her he loves her and that they’re meant to be together.

“He follows her home and is over the moon when she lets him in and they spend the night together. Cain hopes this is it. But he can see that, although there is great sexual chemistry between them, Angie is still unsure.”

Cain goes to get some food for them. When he returns, Angie has sorted herself out and insists that
they can’t be together because of her family.

“Cain is horrified,” says Jeff. “He can’t believe he is going to lose Angie all over again. They have a row but finish up in bed. Cain is convinced they will be together.”

Angie confesses she can’t live without Cain, but says they need something to live on.

“Cain is astonished when Angie insists she won’t stay in the village and comes up with a plan to get the money for them to leave Emmerdale by robbing Tate Haulage vans,” says Jeff.

“Angie says the vans are loaded and left overnight and they could easily steal thegoods and make enough money to start a new life together.

“Cain can’t believe what he’s hearing but is delighted. They are going to blast out of Emmerdale like Bonnie and Clyde. No one can stop them now.”

The raid is daring and it looks as if they could get away with it - but then everything goes horribly wrong. Angie loses control of her car which hurtles off the road and smashes into trees, leaving her fatally injured.

“All of a sudden, everything is snatched away from Cain,” says Jeff. “He knows Angie is dying and he tells her he loves her and she dies in his arms. It’s quite a way to go.”

Date: Friday 22 November Time: 7:00pm to 7:30pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Angie's plan goes awry with fatal consequences. Upon discovering Zak's foolishness, Lisa's worries for the future increase. Steph celebrates the result of a successful scam. Written by Paul Quiney.

Cain and Angie put the finishing touches to their heist plan and Cain is excited about the thought of finally being able to start a life with the love of his life.

As dark falls, Cain sneaks into the haulage yard and hotwires a loaded van. But as he makes his way to the gates – things start to go wrong.

Angie is there waiting for him – but the gates are locked and the key he has won’t open the lock.

In a panic, he smashes through the gates and speeds off into the darkness, with Angie close behind.

He drives erratically in a bid to make a quick escape. With Angie close behind, he is sure that they can make a getaway.

But Cain hadn’t reckoned on what happens next and is stunned to see Angie’s car career off the road.

Have they gone too far and paid the ultimate price?

Steph and Rodney continue to outdo each other at the Tate’s dinner party. Danny is intrigued as Steph talks about a rare figurine worth thousands of pounds.

Rodney points out that it would be worth three times as much as a pair. As the guests gather to watch Chris and Charity open their presents, Steph steals the figurine.

Lisa demands that Zak retrieve the deeds for their home from Charity, not realising that he had given them up in return for the loan that paid for their holiday.

[Considered to be one of the best episodes of Emmerdale in a long time. Full of many surprises. Watch out for a visual update on She Wolf's site at

It became apparent in this episode that Angie had been stringing Cain along all week. She did not love him. She was planning to be rid of him once and for all. The mobile phone theft was a trap. Once Cain was cornered the game should have been up and he arrested. However Cain fled the scene with fatal concequences.

As the police car (with Angie and DC Collins inside) took flight after Cain, it crashed. A devestated Cain stopped and pulled out a badly injured Anie from the wreckage (DC Collins we assume is dead).

As Angie lays dying in Cain's arms, Cain explains how he cannot live without her and he will never love anyone as much as her. He pleads with Angie to tell him that she loves him. Angie won't.

Angie's dying words are for Ollie and Marc and how much she loves them.

With Angie now dead in Cain's arms, emergency service sirens can be heard in the distance. It is time for Cain to leave if he wants to save his own neck. However the episode ends]

Angie dies in Cain's arms


Cain tried in vain to save Angie's life after her police car went off the road. Steph stole a valuable figurine from Chris' house. ITV 1 Friday

BBC Puresoap:- 

Friday 22nd November As darkness fell, Cain sneaked into Tate Haulage yard and hotwired a loaded van, then made his escape.

Angie followed him out in her car but Cain drove so erratically she crashed badly whilst trying to keep up.

Cain stopped the van but was left in tears when he pulled Angie from the wreckage and she died in his arms.

Steph stole a figurine from the Tate's house during their party.

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