Created 30th January 2004

About Freya Copeland who played Angie Reynolds in Emmerdale

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following has come form him.

Angie Reynolds... Freya Copeland

Despite her hard exterior, actress Freya Copeland insists that she is nothing like officer Angie Reynolds and could never be a policewoman. "They have so much responsibility to cope with, it would not be for me. I was in Brixton when the troubles flared up and was grateful not to be in uniform," she says. Although Freya loves the Yorkshire countryside, she admits that she could never move away from London, where all her friends are based.
A well-kept secret that emerged from the Dingles' wedding is that Freya played the commanding policewoman with a broken wrist. Freya, a fitness fanatic, did the damage falling off her bike.
She said "The director had to control the scenes in such a way that it wasn't obvious. They say the camera never lies, but it tells a good story sometimes."

Freya has had some arresting comments from real life cops about her portrayal of policewoman Angie Reynolds. She said: "I'm very much into keep fit and a lot of police officers go to the same gym as me as it's next door to their headquarters. "It's an ideal opportunity to get a first hand verdict from them. One thing I've told them I'm not too keen on is the uniform!"

Freya says,
"Angie has spent months feeling attracted to Cain exactly because he's dangerous. He's forbidden fruit, and now he's macking it clear that he wants her, and that he thinks she's sexy. The only thing that stopped her before was that she was so in love with Sean. But now Seans actions have blown their marrage apart, and her head is in a mess, so she doesn't have any reason to resist."

The affair between cop and robber Cain Dingle and Angie Reynolds has been hot stuff. Taking place against a backdrop of secrecy and stolen moments, their passion has been so intense veiwers have been able to almost taste it.
But things are about to change!!
Angie and her estranged husband Sean have recently buried the hatchet for the sake of their 2 kids. They're getting far to cosy for Cain's liking - and he is not the kind of guy to take kindly to rejection......
It was Cain's animal magnetism that attracted Angie to him in the first place. But she could soon be regretting awakening the beast in him.....
"Cain is an intensely jealous, possessive man" warns Jeff Hordley, who plays him. " As far as he is concerned, Angie is his woman and Sean should be out of the picture. Angie though can't handle this. The affair with Cain has been thrilling but what future does it have? When daughter Ollie comes home, depressed after making a mess of her exams, Angie who has arranged to meet Cain,decides to stay home with her. "Cain is furious at being stood up, so much so that when he is stopped by the police enquiring about a crime that has taken place, he says he was with Angie. He knows they will insist on calling on her- which is exactly why he said it"
Angie is clearly worried when the police turn up, but it all backfires when later Angie tells him the affair is over. She's putting her family first and realises just how dangerous her affair has been. It is threatening her career and could put her relationship with her children in jeopardy.
"Cain is devestated when Angie finishes with him"says Jeff. " He had not really been expecting it, he really cares for her, it is not just the sex, and he is not prepared to let her go just like that. Cain pleads with Angie to tell him why their relationship has failed, he inisists he deservs that much. angie agrees to go for a drive with him, but she will end up regretting she ever did!!!!
This is just the beginning of Cain's reign of terror. He's a highly dangerous man...