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About Kelvin Fletcher who plays Andy Sugden in Emmerdale

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is one of those profiles though info after 2001 has been added.

Andy Sugden

Kelvin Fletcher
Born: 17th January 1984

Andy Hopwood hoped to get a fresh start when Jack and Sarah Sugden took him in and subsequently fostered him. He came from a broken home, his father was in prison and, when his grandmother died, he was left with nowhere to live. However, on moving to Emmerdale, Andy found himself in trouble for his violent behaviour, hitting Donna Windsor and getting suspended from school.
'He's not a really horrible child,' says Kelvin Fletcher,who celabrated his 17th birthday on January 17th 2001, (He was 12 when he took the role of Andy in 1996). 'It's just the background he comes from. At school, he felt everyone was picking on him all the time, including his teacher. But Sarah was really on his side and knew how he felt.'
Kelvin has followed his elder sister, actress Keeley Forsyth, into the business. Before appearing in television programmes such as Out of the Blue and Peak Practice, she attended Oldham Theatre Workshop. At the age of seven, Kelvin started going to its Saturday-morning sessions and was first seen on television when it was featured in a Saturday Disney report and he was starring as Charlie in Charlie Is My Darling, which he also performed in a special show at the London Palladium. His other major stage performance was as Tom Sawyer in a play of the same name at the Grand Theatre, Manchester. 'When my sister started acting, I didn't think much of it,' recalls Kelvin, who also has two younger brothers, Dean and Brayden. 'But, when I started getting into it, I really liked it.'
Kelvin's part in Emmerdale follows a string of television roles, in programmes such as In Suspicious Circumstances, Cracker, Heartbeat and Chiller. He also co-presented an episode of You've Been Framed with Jeremy Beadle and appeared as an extra in Coronation Street, riding a bike along a canal towpath in a scene in which Deirdre Rachid visited the spot of her husband Samir's death. The young actor was thrilled to get a trip to South Africa simply to film a Persil advert. He played one of three Scouts who had problems with a flag that had jam on it when the Queen was due to visit.

The role of Andy Hopwood in Emmerdale has given Kelvin the chance to develop a complex and interesting character for the first time. 'Andy didn't have a good relationship with his grandmother and latched on to Jack and Sarah,' he says. 'They sent him to the same school as their son, Robert, but he had problems fitting in because his background is different from everyone else's. He would argue with the children and get wound up and lash out. It can be a difficult role to act because it requires quite an emotional performance.'

In March 2000 Andy Hopwood was adopted by Jack and Sarah Sugden.

Kelvin and his mum Karen

Millions saw Andy's mum Sarah Sugden die in a barn fire started by her own son. It makes Andy Sugden, 15, the youngest killer in soap history.
Andy, torched the barn so that his father Jack, could claim the insurance. Unknown to him, his mother, played by Alyson Spiro, and her 20-year-old lover, Richie, were hiding inside.

In the National TV awards last year, actor Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Hopwood) captured the nation's imagination, winning the Most Dramatic Performance award. He recalls the night vividly:

"I was sat there, rooted to the spot when my name was called out, and when it came to the speech there were so many people I wanted to thank, but the words just wouldn't come."

Kelvin's Favourite Things

CDs and headphones

"I'm always listening to music or watching television. These headphones are portable, you plug a special aerial into your TV and you can listen to it while walking round the house. I've got about 30 CDs, and these three - Travis, Jamiroquai and Ministry Of Sound - show the range of music that I'm into. I like most kinds."

Man United Shirt

"I'm a Man United fan and I love going to see their games. My favourite player is Roy Keane, the captain. He's class. I play for a football team, but I've never wanted to be a professional footballer because I know I'm not good enough. besides, I love being an actor."

My British Soap award

I won this for Best Dramatic Performance at the British Soap Awards in 1999. My parents were really proud of me, but I was shocked when my name was read out as I wasn't expecting to win. I'd keep it in my bedroom, but my mum likes having it in the front room."

Model car

"I've been collecting model cars since I was about eight. I have about 30 in all - they're replicas of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I keep them in my room, but my little brother Braydon has wrecked 10 of them by throwing them about. I think I need to keep them in a high cupboard."

Top Gear magazine

"Cars are in my blood because my dad used to be a mechanic. Top Gear has interesting stories on the new models that are coming out. Maybe if I work hard enough I'll be able to buy a ferrari one day. That's my dream car."

Keys for my Mini

"I've got a silver Mini that I go rallying in every weekend. My dad got it for me in 1999 and we spend a lot of time working on it together." (Before Kelvin passed his driving test he used to drive the Mini on private land.) "When I was five, I decided to to have a go in mum's car. I kept stalling it, but eventually I managed to go up and down the drive, and when I told Mum she was pretty impressed."


Daily Mirror (Date Unknown but probably sometime 2002)

Kelvin surfs the net.
ACTOR Kelvin Fletcher, 18, has played Andy Sugden in Emmerdale since 1996. In 1999 he won The British Soap Award for Best Dramatic Performance.

Kelvin lives with his parents and brother in Oldham and modestly admits he has a "really great job!" Here Kelvin tells YVONNE SWANN about his passion for online games and car sites.

MUM and Dad bought a really good computer for the whole family. It's an HP Pavilion desk top. It has all the mod cons and is super fast. I use it as much as I can.

When I'm on the internet I like to download MP3 music on to discs, which saves going out and buying CDs. I also listen to local radio stations. It's great for finding holiday flight prices, but I haven't bought anything off the net. I won't risk putting my details in.

Best of all I like playing computer games. We have a game called Championship Manager. It's all about managing a football team. It's not really about winning, but you play with other people from around the world. It's a very good interactive game and it's amazing to be playing it with someone on the other side of the world - in America, say. We log on to the game every night and it lasts ages.

Another game I like is Commandoes - a simple combat game - and that again can be played with other people on the net. My friends all have that one, so when we got the computer I went out and bought it and downloaded it.

I enjoy a browse through the Emmerdale website and having a look at the message boards - just to see what the fans are saying.

You find that if you've been featured in the storylines for a few weeks they start writing about you. It's usually quite nice stuff, but every now and then someone picks a few holes in your acting skills.

People take a real interest in the show and the message boards reflect that. They ask me questions all the time. I'm not really in a position to answer them personally, but the Emmerdale internet team answers the questions for me - not by making up the answers though. They have all the necessary research and are always updating their files on the characters and the actors who play them. Every now and then I get a letter asking me to give answers to frequently asked questions.

I get a lot of funny ones, such as, "What is your favourite colour?" Or, "What gel do you use in your hair?"

I have done a live webchat. I did it with Sammy Winward, who plays my on-screen girlfriend Katie. We spent an hour chatting just after the show went out. It was fun. Someone types your answers to the questions, which were all relative to the show - favourites storylines? Do you all enjoy working together? Who is your favourite actor? And so on.

We now have a computer in the studio Green Room, which is quite fun. Everyone is always surfing on there between takes.

I just like to browse sites that interest me. Car sites are my favourite. I look at the Mercedes site and the Auto Trader site to compare car prices. I like emails, because I can never be bothered to write letters. Emails are quick and short.

I send pictures to my mates, too. I have a scanner, but it's usually just jokey pictures I see on the net, which I forward on.

Dinner Party.(Business)
The Journal (Newcastle, England); 2/13/2004

You're hosting an imaginary dinner party and can invite anyone in the world, living or dead. This week, Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher answers the questions.


"I'd have Martin Luther King. I was always into history at school. Muhammad Ali, just because he's so inspirational.

I'm a big fan of Robert De Niro and I thought Leonardo Di Caprio was brilliant in Catch Me If You Can. Brad Pitt I like as well. He's great in Fight Club. Joaquin Phoenix from Gladiator could come along and I think Peter Kay is great. I suppose I better get some females there as well so let's invite Beyonce."


"My first answer would be chips, peas and gravy. I'm easy with food. I'll have anything. For a starter we could have garlic bread.

To make it a little bit posh I suppose the main course could be a nice Italian. Spaghetti bolognese is my favourite.

"To drink: I can't name a red wine but that would be good but as far as alcoholic beverages go, a pint of lager or Guinness would do me. And

I wouldn't bother with dessert as I never eat puddings."


"I'm a big music fan but I never limit myself to a certain genre because I'm into a lot of things. I love northern soul, because of my dad.

Growing up with him, a lot of his music rubbed off on me. People like Stevie Wonder would be good and I like Earth Wind and Fire. I'm going to see them in March. I'm also into Eighties and Nineties stuff, but more hip hop music such as MC Hammer."


"We call it doing the pots. I'd probably get Beyonce to do the washing up while Muhammad Ali is teaching me how to knock somebody out and De Niro can tell me his favourite movie scene."


"I'm not good with jokes. I like listening to them so Peter Kay can tell us a few."


"I don't usually have parties because I'm not a very good cook."


BBC Pure Soap 2nd April 2004

Emmerdale actor bailed

Emmerdale actor bailed
Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher was questioned by police over allegations of damage at a student flat.
The 20-year-old, who plays Andy Sugden in the ITV rural soap, was arrested along with a 19-year-old man after an alleged incident in the Longsight area of Manchester in the early hours of last Wednesday.
They were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and released on police bail pending further inquiries.
However, an ITV spokeswoman said the police bail was a formality and that Fletcher will not face charges.
She said: "It is our understanding that bail is a formality and the criminal damage case is being dropped."
The alleged incident took place at Daisy Bank Hall, which is part of Manchester Metropolitan University.
A Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman said: "Following a complaint of criminal damage at Daisy Bank Hall in Longsight, two men were arrested and subsequently released on police bail."


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