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Alan Jonathan Turner

Alan photo card from 1990s

Richard Thorp

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Played by Richard Thorp
First Appearance on 18 March 1982
Marital Status; Jill (Divorced in 1985), Shirley Foster (dead)
Children; Terence and Mary. Grandaughter Tricia Stokes.

Alan moved to Beckindale in 1982. He became Estate Manager for NY Estates beating Joe Sugden. Jack Sugden accused him of mismanagement. The NY Estates crop spraying caused Emmerdale Farm cattle to stampede. Alan blamed someone else - Joe Sugden.

Alan was caught drink driving after a night out with Denise, a secretary from the Lincoln office. This prompted Joe to tell Alan “this is a working farm, not a holiday camp”.

Alan was in more trouble when he allowed stubble burning to take place on a weekend and Jock and Bill let the fire get out of control, they did not notice that Alan’s range rover was parked close by - it blew up!

Another crop spraying disaster. The damage cost £950. Alan was driving his landrover along a narrow country lane when he knocked Jackie Merrick off his bike, he was on a life support machine and in hospital for many weeks.

Alan found out that Joe Sugden was applying for NY Estates Regional Manager so he decided that he better apply as well. He thought that there would be no contest and was shocked when Joe got the job and became his boss.

A rather humiliating experience for Alan happened on his 56th birthday. Eric Pollard and others ordered him a strippergram who removed Alan’s clothes, and thoroughly embarrassed him in front of the whole pub. All the women felt sorry for him.

Alan’s next business venture was when he decided to buy the Woolpack. He took over as landlord from Amos Brearly in January.

A plane crash devastated much of the Woolpack pub. The wine bar was totally destroyed, but worse still, there was no news of Nick, Archie, Seth and Alice for a while. Alan married Shirley, but four months later she became caught up in the post office armed robbery and was shot dead. He found solace in drink seriously affected by the funeral, the scattering of Shirley’s ashes and her photos. He is then found drunk by Seth.

Alan’s heavy drinking got him into financial difficulties. He had to seek help from the brewery and they appointed managers to help him run the pub. Britt and Terry Woods reopened the Woolpack (featuring Ian Botham).

Alan invested his life savings in Steve Marchant’s phony business ventures, and was devastated when Steve lost it all. Tricia Stokes, his long-lost granddaughter returned. Alan left Terry and Tricia in charge of the Woolpack, fireworks left underneath the bar set alight, the pub was severely damaged as was Turner and Terry’s friendship.

Alan went into partnership with Mrs Bates when they rented the fish and game farm from Rigg’s company. He hired Seth as gamekeeper, Seth demanded director’s perks. The new Woolpack reopened in December. The success was marked by the tragic death of Vic Windsor in a foiled robbery. He suffered a mild heart attack and then resolved to take life a little easier.

Alan finds some bridal magazines and assumes that Tricia is planning on marrying Marlon. He is shocked when she tells him its Joe. Tricia later leaves the village without warning, Alan and Diane go to London to try and find her unsuccessfully. Alan and Diane have become close after she broke up with Jack and he wants to make a commitment to Diane. But she leaves him for Jack again. Alan moves out of the Woolpack and into the B&B. Carol leaves unexpectedly leaving him in charge of running it.

The Sun 2nd August 2003

alan gets carried to hospital on a stretcher


Weekdays BBC1

THERE'S a medical emergency for Alan Turner when he collapses with a suspected heart attack and has to be rushed to hospital.

His mean-spirited daughter Steph rushes into action as he’s whisked off in an ambulance - but not to Alan’s bedside. Instead, she hurries to check her father’s will and is horrified to discover she’s not in it!

“The sudden collapse is a nasty shock for Alan,” says Richard Thorp, who plays the roly-poly businessman.

“He has just decided to buy the B&B and told Steph and Shelly that they can stay on there.

“But he’s suddenly hit by this excruciating pain when he’s helping Shelly carry some heavy bags. He feels absolutely terrible.”

It’s Marlon who goes with Alan in the ambulance to the hospital - where it turns out Alan hasn’t had a heart attack - while Steph stays behind.

She has more important matters to attend to . . . searching through her dad’s papers to find his life insurance and his will!

She is furious to find she’s being left nothing and vows to Shelly that she will keep her father alive long enough to get the will changed.

“The collapse is a pretty frightening experience but Alan recovers quite quickly and Marlon brings him home after a couple of days,” says Richard.

“Steph is clearly more worried about her inheritance, but Marlon tells Alan how worried his granddaughter Tricia is about him.

“Alan remarks that compassion must have skipped a generation in his family and tells Steph straight out that she has already had more than enough money from him.

“Alan knows his daughter well enough to realise she is a complete stranger to hard work,” adds Richard. “And he is delighted when she is cornered into taking a job working for Pollard at the factory. Maybe that’ll keep her out of mischief for a while - but I doubt it.”

New Romance

Tuesday | 10.02.04

Emmerdale's Alan Turner finds himself drawn to a close pal.

The lonely B&B owner has endured a horrendous few months after losing granddaughter Tricia in an accident during the Christmas holidays.

Although the tragedy has bought him much closer to wayward daughter Steph, he would not have coped with the tragedy without the support of his daughter's pal Shelley.

Shelley - who has always played second fiddle to extrovert Steph - has always remained in the background during dramas in the Dales. But her kindly nature and strong support have been a source of comfort to devastated Alan.

So when he thanks her for all she's done for his grieving family and says he would love to go out with her, if he was younger, Shelley is delighted.

She has been harbouring romantic feelings for him for some time and the pair soon find themselves in a passionate embrace.

But as they are smooching, Steph bursts in and witnesses their new found relationship.

How will she react to the burgeoning love affair?

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