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Scared Scott

Wednesday | 30.04.03

The truth is closing in on Emmerdale cheat Scott Windsor.
The love rat mechanic is the mystery father of Zoe Tate's baby Jean, but even the mum doesn't know it - yet.

Living a lie has proved to be difficult for sexy Scott. He was heartbroken when he split with his long-term love Chloe Atkinson and overjoyed when they recently patched things up. But circumstances seem to be conspiring against him.

He was horrified when Chloe accepted a position on the Tate staff as baby Jean's nanny and has been terrified that her close proximity will jog Zoe's memory.

Zoe, who was in a state of advanced schizophrenia when the encounter happened, has yet to remember that Scott is the man who got her pregnant. And she remains convinced that she was attacked.

To make matters worse, a misunderstanding means that Scott must ready himself for the truth to come out.

Meddling Nicola Blackstock tells Scott's mum Viv she will make a brilliant grandma - and Viv thinks she is talking about Scott and Chloe rather than pregnant step-daughter Dawn.

When she confronts her son, he is convinced she has stumbled upon the truth and prepares to tell her the whole sorry tale.

Will he realise his mistake in time to protect his secret?


Terrified Terry

Wednesday | 30.04.03

The shock of fatherhood is sinking in for Terry Woods.
Although he is secretly delighted that his new bride Dawn is pregnant, he is worried how her father Bob Hope will react.

Bob has been against the union ever since Terry returned from his trip to Spain with Dawn in tow. And in the run-up to the wedding Bob did everything he could to convince his daughter that she was making a terrible mistake.

Recently he seems to have been coming to terms with their relationship but the scared newlyweds are worried the big news will infuriate him.

Julia Mallam, who plays the pretty mum-to-be, says: "Terry is too scared about how Bob will react, so Dawn offers to tell him. She's adamant that she's going to present it as a joyous event and in the end Bob is pleased for her. It's not what he would have wished for his daughter, but as long as she's happy, he is too.

"The only person who is not thrilled when she hears, is Bob's wife Viv. She is mortified at the idea of becoming a grandmother - especially when Diane Blackstock starts winding her up about them swapping knitting patterns."

BBC Puresoap 29th April 2003

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale
6 - 19 May : it shall come to pass
Mad Dad
Cain hits the roof when he finds out that Debbie is his daughter. He wants some answers from Charity! Debbie has a row with Chris, but she's thrilled when he offers to adopt her.


Frances confronts Louise and Ronnie about their affair.
She tells Louise she's not Ronnie's first fling.
Ronnie ends it. Louise is furious.

Sam bonds with Japanese girl Tomiko - her dad's doing business with Pollard.
She bonds with Sam over his pigs!
Meanwhile, Cain's happy to hear his relationship with Debbie's causing problems with the Tates.


Pollard in pain

Tuesday | 29.04.03


Emmerdale's Eric Pollard is suffering a bout of severe depression.
After watching his political career flounder, he is convinced he has lost his wife as well and decides to hit the bottle.

Pollard has been feeling low ever since his ultra-ambitious spouse Gloria won her seat in Parliament and left to work in Westminster. Until now, Pollard has been kept busy with his mayoral responsibilities but now he has lost his title he feels desolate.

Especially since his wife appears to have forgotten all about their wedding anniversary.

What the miserable factory boss doesn't realise is that Gloria has remembered their special day and has a plan to make it very memorable.

Unfortunately, Pollard is so sick of his life that he decides to take a trip to Scotland to attend an antique fair with Rodney.

Can Lisa Dingle help Gloria implement her romantic plan?


Dawn's dilemma

Tuesday | 29.04.03

Terry and Dawn

Emmerdale newlywed Dawn Woods has big news for husband Terry.
The pretty local has felt ill for the last week and she is convinced it can mean only one thing - she's pregnant.

And when a test confirms the news, Dawn starts to worry about how the revelation will affect her fledgling marriage. Especially since Terry has become preoccupied with his former love interest landlady Louise Appleton.

Julia Mallam, who plays the young mum-to-be, says, "When Dawn realises she may be pregnant, it's a pretty emotional moment. Dawn and Terry haven't been arguing, but there has been a little bit of friction between them because Terry is so overprotective of Louise.

"So, what should be a happy moment is marred by the fact her husband is always harping on about another woman.

"But Terry reassures her that Louise is just a friend. It does placate her - but both Terry and Dawn are worried about what the other is thinking.

"They weren't planning on starting a family yet - they've only just got married. But neither is talking about what's really bothering them in case they don't get the response they were hoping for."

Will the news make or break the troubled twosome?


Louise reveals all

Monday | 28.04.03

Louise and Ronnie

Emmerdale beauty Louise Appleton is about to spill the beans.
The lusty landlady has been enjoying a passionate fling with married newcomer Ronnie Marsden and can't help sharing her secret with friends.

First, she told her closest pal Diane Blackstock about their trysts and now trusted confidante Terry Woods is next to hear the tale.

Terry and Louise have been close ever since he helped her cover up the murder of psycho ex-lover Ray Mullen. Terry fell in love with the sexy local but she made it clear they could only ever be friends - so he married someone else.

But a heart-to-heart in the Woolpack leads them back into familiar territory. Louise tells Terry all about her romance with a mystery man who happens to be married and shocks him.

Like Diane, Terry cannot understand how Louise can be so calm about the situation and also wonders if there could have been a chance for them after all.

Confusion sets in with troubled Terry, who is still struggling to settle into married life.

But fate has other ideas, and Louise is going to be the last thing on Terry's mind later this week.

Upcoming Episode Spoilers

Week Beginning Sunday 27th April 2003

Its a 6 day week for Emmerdale next week

Episode 3426 - Sunday 27 April 2003 at 7:00pm On ITV1 FULLY NETWORKED

The Bollywood film crew prepares to leave Emmerdale to complete the rest of their film in India, but Tricia and Marlon are hardly speaking. Marlon has taken the news of his wife’s departure badly and can’t believe she would leave him again so soon after their wedding. But starry-eyed Tricia has her heart set on following her dreams and had made up her mind to go - she only wishes Marlon would give her his blessing. However, level-headed Marlon has his feet firmly on the ground until Diane makes a suggestion that sends everything into a spin. Will he let his Bollywood bride pursue her career aspirations, or will her departure jeopardise their relationship?

The clock is ticking for Pollard and he is forced to face the inevitable as he prepares his mayoral chains for the hand over ceremony. Sad to lose his title, he reflects on the status it had given him and wishes Gloria was close by. But the powers of Westminster are taking their toll on Pollard’s distant wife and she is far too busy to return his calls.

Elsewhere in the village, Viv has been trying to coax Bob home but he is determined to take things slowly. Her persistence, however, finally pays off when she invites him in to seal their recently rekindled relationship and he eagerly accepts.


Episode 3427 - Monday 28 April 2003 at 7:00pm On ITV1 FULLY NETWORKED

Dawn has been feeling under the weather, giving Terry the perfect opportunity to take an eager break from his fitness regime and visit his friends in the pub. But a heart to heart with Louise has a surprising outcome as she reveals the she is seeing a married man. Terry is taken aback when he realises the severity of the situation, questioning whether she is in her right mind. But as he dwells on her revelation he can’t help feeling slightly disjointed about her blasé approach to the relationship, so soon after rejecting him. Later at home, Terry puts aside his mixed emotions towards Louise. Dawn is still feeling green and delivers a further blow when she reveals why.

Nicola is furious when she discovers Laurel has been out on the town and missed two of her cleaning appointments. Keen to get the money flowing into their cleaning empire, Laurel’s approach doesn’t seem up to scratch, Nicola is intent on getting things ship shape. Like father like daughter, and Nicola is certainly a chip off the old block for Rodney. He is so impressed by her business skills he decides to buy her a new car to help with the cleaning business.

Elsewhere in the village, Ronnie continues to pursue his affair with Louise, she remains uncharacteristically unconcerned about people’s perceptions in the village.


Episode 3428 - Tuesday 29 April 2003 at 7:00pm On ITV1 FULLY NETWORKED

Unnerved by Dawns revelation that she might be pregnant, Terry is keen for her to take a test to find out for sure. Dawn confides in Siobhan she would made up at the thought of having a baby, but she begins to doubt Terry, as has remained very quiet about the subject. Little does Dawn know, Terry is preoccupied with finding out the identity of Louise’s new flame. Desperate to find out more, he plagues Diane for a name. Although Diane has huge issues with Louise’s affair she remains loyal to her friend and will not be drawn on his identity, leaving Terry frustrated. As Dawn finds out the test results, she takes her new husband aside and tells him he is going to have to let Louise go – he has bigger responsibilities now as she is pregnant with their first child.

Meanwhile, Nicola is busy organising a photo shoot to help drum up extra business for their cleaning company. Determined not to be outdone by the likes of Chloe, who has been brought in to model for the shoot, Laurel reveals her new image which gives everyone a fright!

Elsewhere in the village, Paul is delighted to have been offered the postman’s job. But the excitement quickly wears off when Betty lays into him about his duties before he’s even had a chance to handle any post.

Depressed Pollard decides to drown his sorrows when it becomes very apparent his busy wife Gloria has forgotten their wedding anniversary. Fed up of playing second fiddle to her job, Pollard reflects on his life. Not only has he lost his title of Mayor, it is becoming increasing obvious he has lost his wife as well. Little does he know Gloria has got a trick up her sleeve to celebrate their anniversary – if only Lisa can stop him going on an antique trip to Scotland with Rodney.


Episode 3429 - Wednesday 30 April 2003 at 7:00pm On ITV1 FULLY NETWORKED

After all the commotion over their wedding, Terry is afraid to tell Bob about Dawn’s pregnancy. He is relieved when Dawn offers to break the news for him. Dreading another outburst, Dawn tentatively plucks up the courage to approach Bob about the baby. Prepared for the worst, she is shocked by his reaction.

Nosy Nicola can't help earwigging the baby news and later tells Viv she would make a perfect grandmother. But Viv gets the wrong end of the stick, thinking Scott must have got Chloe pregnant and sets about giving him an ear bashing.

At the first mention of being a dad, the blood drains from Scott’s guilty face as he presumes she must have found out he got Zoe pregnant. Will Scott come clean and admit to his fling with Zoe? Convinced the game’s up, he sits his unsuspecting mother down and prepares to tell her the truth.

Elsewhere in the village there is a frosty atmosphere in the Woolpack. Diane disapproves of her friend’s casual attitude towards adultery. But it’s Louise who is left out in the cold, when Ronnie and Frances enjoy a drink in the pub. Awkward Louise can’t help but feel jealous as she plays the mistress.

With Paul now working in the village, Frances is keen for them to move closer to the family. She manages to get Siobhan’s back up by arranging for them to view a cottage in the village. With Tricia and Marlon in India, Turner offers them a short-term lease. Once they have looked round the property they agree that they could make a go of it and decide to move in.


Episode 3430 - Thursday 1 May 2003 at 7:00pm On ITV1 FULLY NETWORKED

Having befriended Frances, Diane struggles to understand Louise’s selfishness, as she remains unconcerned for the trouble her affair may cause. Meanwhile, Louise is jealous of her friend’s growing bond with Frances but is determined not to back down over Ronnie. Diane sets about changing Louise’s perspective – if she can only make her see who the real victim is, then maybe she’d leave the Marsdens’ alone.

While Bob is overjoyed at the prospect of being a grandparent, Viv however is not so sure as the villagers tease her with granny jokes! Meanwhile, Diane has a plan that begins to change her mind, as she begins to see grandparenting in a different light. Terry is chuffed to finally have his best mate back, as he and Bob go for a jog in the village – both keen to get fit in time for the new baby.

Elsewhere, in the village, family life is not so blissful. There is trouble at the Tates’ as Debbie and Joseph aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye. Playtime becomes aggressive when the children accuse each other of cheating and have to be split up by Charity and Chris.

Meanwhile, Laurel has got the wrong end of the stick about Ashley, and with a bit of encouragement from Nicola has decided to move in for the kill. Ashley is taken aback by her forward behaviour, as he tries to let her down gently.


Episode 3431 - Friday 2 May 2003 at 7:00pm On ITV1 FULLY NETWORKED

Temperatures are soaring again for Ronnie and Louise. Despite spending time with Frances, Louise still has no intention of ending the affair. Ronnie is shocked that Louise has been spending time with his wife, but shows little sign of guilt. At the meet at the Woolpack they are conscious of being spotted, so Louise takes Ronnie somewhere more intimate. But their intimacy doesn’t last long, when Diane catches them in an uncompromising position in the pub cellar! Mortified at what she has witnessed, Diane scrambles from the cellar, leaving Louise and Ronnie panicking that she will go straight to Frances.

Viv is slowly coming around to the prospect of being a granny. When Diane announces the competition for the most glamorous granny, she is determined not to be outdone.

Good-natured Frances is keen to make her mark in the community, when Ashley tells her they could do with a hand with the flowers in the church she jumps at the chance.

The Sun 26th April 2003

Diane walks in on Louise and Ronnie


Weekdays  ITV1

DIANE hatches a scheme to stop her co-landlady Louise seeing married Ronnie. But just as she thinks her plan is working, Diane catches the couple in the pub’s cellar.

Convinced Louise’s affair will cause trouble, Diane tries to nip the romance in the bud.

“She decides to make Louise feel guilty,” says Elizabeth Estensen, who plays Diane.

Ronnie’s wife Frances is asked to babysit Ashley’s daughter Gabby in the back room at the pub. Louise is taken aback to be spending time with her lover’s wife, but sees Frances doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.

“Diane assumes her plan has worked,” says Elizabeth. “But the next day she catches Louise and Ronnie in a very compromising position.”

Diane tells Jack about the affair. “Diane is worried,” says Elizabeth. “She thinks that when it all comes out Louise will leave and she’ll be left to clear up the mess.”

Newlywed Dawn gives husband Terry a shock when she tells him he is going to be a father, but he manages to convince his bride that he is pleased.

“Dawn is over the moon,” says Julia Mallam, who plays her. “But she sees something is troubling Terry. He admits he is concerned for Louise but insists his feelings are purely platonic. It’s the last thing Dawn wants to hear, but she believes Terry when he seems delighted that they’re having a baby.”

Dawn’s dad Bob is stunned. “Bob thinks it was a shotgun wedding,” says Julia. “But Dawn tells him, very forcefully, that she and Terry only wed because they love each other. Bob’s wife Viv doesn’t take it at all well. I don’t think she sees herself as a grandma!”

Terry realises he’s got to keep himself in shape and starts jogging again. Bob joins him and the two bond as Bob sees how much Terry loves Dawn.

Viv tries her best to accept the news but she snaps when Nicola tells her she’d make a perfect grandmother.

But Dawn is blissfully happy. “She is suspicious about Terry’s feelings for his ‘friend’ Louise,” says Julia, “but she’s sure the baby will bring them closer.”

Also this week:

  • Marlon joins Tricia on her trip to India.
  • Laurel tells Nicola she likes Ashley.
  • Debbie is jealous of Joseph.
  • Paul gets the postman’s job.

From Daily Record

SOAP GOSSIP... Apr 26 2003

Don't tell anyone but ...

FROM behind the bar at the Rover's Return to working behind bars - Denise Welch has just signed on as the tough new governor of top prison drama Bad Girls. You won't see her in the new series, starting next month. She appears in the one after that, which starts filming later in the year.

"They've written the part for me and I'm very excited," says Denise.It's likely her character will replace either Claire King or James Gaddas. You'll just have to watch the coming series to see how she'll fit in. Rather bizarrely, the last big drama Denise was in was The Vice, where she played a high- class hooker. Seems she prefers the right side of the law for her new role.

EMMERDALE'S Amy Nuttall is taking a break from the soap this summer to boost her singing career. The former Phantom Of The Opera performer is heading off on tour, performing at venues around the north of England with supremo Peter Karrie.

What will it all mean for her character Chloe Atkinson? Sounds like she could soon discover love- rat boyfriend Scott Windsor is the father of Zoe Tate's baby.

Teletext.co.uk Pick of the day: 25 April 2003


Decision time for Tricia (Sheree Murphy) who has been offered a movie career in India following the arrival of a Bollywood film crew. But while Tricia is keen to leave her drab Yorkshire existence behind and pull her final pint at The Woolpack, what will Marlon's reaction be? At first he was keen to see her live her dream, but will he be as pleased when he discovers it's for much longer than he first thought?
ITV1, 7pm


Heartache for Marlon

Friday | 25.04.03

Emmerdale's Marlon Dingle is set for a long lonely summer.

The eccentric chef has no idea that wife Tricia has accepted the lead role in the Bollywood production and is India bound.

Since she decided to take her big chance with both hands, Tricia has been dithering about how to break the news to her husband of three months.

The dizzy barmaid remembers how she felt when Marlon applied to work on an oil rig and was set to leave her alone so early on in their marriage.

But figuring that this is her break into showbiz, it seems that not even the love of her life can stand in Tricia's way.

Sensible confident Dawn Woods is on hand to provide the flighty barmaid with some sage advice about her muddle.

Dawn reminds Tricia that time is running out and that keeping the secret from her husband for much longer could do lasting damage to their relationship.

Marlon may be proud of his wife's acting debut, but how will he react to the shock news?

Soap star Zoe sings out for the sparrow

Apr 25 2003
By Andrew Baldwin, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner 

Leah as Zoe

EMMERDALE star Leah Bracknell is voicing her support for the RSPB's house sparrow survey next month.

The count is being made after it was revealed that the bird's numbers have halved in 25 years.
Experts are calling for volunteers to take part in the survey in a bid to help find out why the bird is in trouble.

Actress Leah - who plays Zoe Tate in Emmerdale - said: "As a kid I remember there being loads of house sparrows - they are a bird that I grew up with, they are one of the sounds of both urban and rural life.

" To see and hear that they are disappearing is saddening, that is why I'm adding my support to the RSPB and the launch of their national house sparrow survey."
House sparrow numbers fell by a staggering 64% between 1972 and 1996 with an estimated loss of 9.6m birds - a figure equivalent to the human population of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A spokeswoman at the RSPB's regional office in Denby Dale, said: "The house sparrow may be one of our most familiar birds in gardens in West Yorkshire but it is a bird we can no longer take for granted.

" It's easy to think they will always be there, but house sparrows are in trouble."
The RSPB wants volunteers to help count the birds between May 3 and 11.
A number of theories have been put forward for the decline - including lack of food and lack of nest sites - but the RSPB says there is still no obvious explanation.

Results can be sent in online by visiting the RSPB website at www.rspb.org.uk/sparrowatch where a form will be available from May 1 until June 8.

Alternatively, a house sparrow pack can be obtained by phoning the RSPB's house sparrow hotline number 0870 601 0215, (calls charged at national rate) before May 6 or by writing to: RSPB, Sparrowatch 2003, FREEPOST ANG10850, 17 Birkheads Road, Reigate, RH2 9SP.


Tricia’s Dreams Come True

Thursday | 24.04.03

Tricia acts out the part of an Indian bride in a Bollywood feature film

Newlywed Tricia Dingle makes a big decision tonight on Emmerdale.

The ditzy barmaid is over the moon to have a small part in the Bollywood movie extravaganza which is being filmed locally. On Tricia’s first day of filming, she arrives with fellow extra Dawn Woods for their screen debut but is annoyed when the absence of the leading lady causes everyone to be held up.

And it seems that the star isn’t coming back, but the director knows just who could stand in. When he approaches Tricia about becoming a movie star, she doesn’t even hesitate to agree – not thinking about leaving her husband Marlon.

It gives actress Sheree Murphy a chance to leave the Dales for a while to give birth to her second baby.

She says, “Filming the Bollywood scenes was fantastic. It was great fun and the costumes I have when I take the lead role are very different to those I’m used to Tricia wearing.

“It’s a great storyline to leave on – albeit temporarily. My husband and I are looking forward to having the baby, and it will be great for Taylor to have a brother and sister – but Tricia will be back.”



Terry’s Newlywed Worries

Thursday | 24.04.03

Terry and Dawn

Terry Woods is worried about his new bride Dawn Hope.

Having married the much younger girl, Terry was convinced that love would bridge the age gap but now he’s not so sure. Dawn is exasperated at how lazy and unfit her husband is and sets about trying to get him into shape. But Terry is happy as he is and wishes that his wife could be equally as content.

After a string of romantic disasters, Terry’s insecurity about his failings flares up and he questions if he is the right man for Dawn after all.

The void between the pair leads Terry to return to his old role of confident to Louise Appleton. Although marriage appears to have cured him of the passionate unrequited love he felt for the pretty barmaid, Terry still has a soft spot for her.

But eagle-eyed Dawn is bound to notice if his relationship with the blonde bombshell begins to hot up again. And some life-changing news is just around the corner for the troubled couple.



Diane's Dilemma

Wednesday | 23.04.03


Woolpack landlady Diane Blackstock is in for a shock tonight.

The brassy barmaid is the first person to know about the torrid affair between Louise and Ronnie – and she doesn’t like it.

Temperatures soared over the weekend as Louise and Ronnie gave into their passion but both of them see the liaison as no big deal.

However, Diane knows only too well the pain that affairs can cause and is disgusted by Louise’s devil-may-care attitude.

Diane had thought that since her fiancé Ray Mullen’s death, Louise had revealed her true self to her. But the cold attitude Louise displays when discussing the life-changing romance leaves Diane wondering if she ever knew her at all.

And viewers will be left asking the same question in coming weeks. Not content with her trysts with Ronnie, Louise begins to play games with Terry Woods as well.

Newlywed Terry, who used to have a major unrequited crush on Louise, is perplexed when Louise starts paying him attention.

Will he fall into her web of deceit too?


Emmerdale Goes Bollywood

Tuesday | 22.04.03

Tricia as an Indian bride

Emmerdale is about to play host to an unusual event.

Villagers are perplexed at the arrival of a film crew in the Dale, especially when they turn up with an live elephant.

It turns out that the producers have decided to film a Bollywood spectacular in the village and it could prove to have a lasting influence on some members of the community. Not least newly weds Tricia and Marlon Dingle.

When Tricia spots the crew she is deep in thought about Marlon's decision to attend a job interview for a place on an oil rig. She cannot believe he would chose to live apart from her so early in their marriage. So the new arrivals serve as a great distraction for her.

However, with Tricia's theatrical nature and actress Sheree Murphy's real life pregnancy it could be a lasting infatuation for the ditzy barmaid.

Will Tricia be swept up by the glamour of the Indian film world?


Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale
29 Apr - 12 May : it shall come to pass
Keeping her options open
Louise tells Terry she's got a secret married lover. But despite that, she flirts with him and tells him she's lonely. She's turning into a right minx!

Cheap as chips!

Cain finally discovers that he's Debbie's dad!
He confronts Charity, demanding to know why she didn't tell him before.
Chris is shocked and tells Debbie the adoption's off.

Stephen runs out on Donna when she tries to initiate sex.
Andy nearly gets caught drink-driving.
Sam hears that his tortoise is safe and happy!


Louise and Diane

Monday, April 21, 2003

Truth and tears down on the farm

Louise could keep her secret no longer and blurted out the truth to fellow landlady Diane about the identity of her married lover in ITV1's Emmerdale.

Diane was shocked to learn that Louise is locked in a torrid affair with lorry driver Ronnie who appears to have all the sex appeal of a flat tyre.

But strange things happen in this particularly passionate part of the country, and we all know it is sure to end in tears.


Ronnie's Romance

Monday | 21.04.03


Emmerdale love rat Ronnie Marsden ignites his passionate side tonight.

The married dad-of-three will make a play for stunning landlady Louise Appleton after playful flirting leads to a full blown illicit affair.

The pair, having discovered a spark during a conversation about the upcoming football match, embark on a steamy romance after Louise falls during the game. And it begins a series of events which are bound to end in tears for the scandalous duo.

One person who doesn't approve of the burgeoning relationship is actress Emily Symons, who plays gorgeous Louise.

She says, "As far as Louise is concerned she doesn't love Ronnie or want him as a boyfriend, so she thinks no-one is going to get hurt. But I think she is more vulnerable than she'll admit.

"The whole thing is a recipe for disaster, but she isn't thinking of the consequences."

Will the lovebirds be able to keep their secret?

Daily Record

Apr 21 2003



Emmerdale, ITV, 7.00pm

NEVER mind Arsenal v Manchester United, or Rangers v Celtic. Match of the day is in Emmerdale, where the locals are preparing for the five- a-side footie tournament.

Competition is fierce, particularly between the Woolpack and Marsden teams.

Team captain Ronnie Marsden, however, has taken his eye off the ball.

It seems he would rather score with the opposition's star striker - Louise.

And when she takes a tumble, he's the perfect gentleman and helps her off the pitch.

Romantic sparks fly between them and the Woolie barmaid finds herself with a new - and very married - lover.

Meanwhile, Tricia is unhappy that Marlon is applying to work on an oil rig and puts pressure on him to reconsider.

And Edna is stricken with guilt that Mack has done a runner with church hall funds.

She decides to do the honourable thing and resign from the committee.

The Sun 21st April 2003

Tricia acts out the role of an Indian bride


Weekdays ITV1

SPRING is definitely in the air as lonely Louise scores with family man Ronnie at the footie contest. A tussle out on the pitch leads to a kiss later, and the couple embark on a
passionate affair.

“Louise wants a bloke to sleep with but doesn’t want any commitment,” explains Emily Symons, who plays the eye-catching barmaid. “Ronnie’s perfect for that.”

Louise’s fling with boyfriend-turned-stalker Ray is dead and buried - just like him! - and she does feel a twinge of jealousy that former admirer Terry has found himself a young wife.

“Ronnie picks her up at the bus stop,” laughs Emily. “They are grown-ups and know what they’re doing, and they agree it should just be casual and fun between them.

“Louise gets a kick out of a new man fancying her, of course, but I think really she is just very lonely. She reckons it can be harmless.”

But her business partner Diane notices that Louise is suddenly glowing.

“She confides in Diane, who is horrified,” says Emily. “Diane feels guilty that she is betraying Ronnie’s wife Frances and is concerned that Louise is going to get hurt. But Louise is not in the mood for sensible advice.”

Hard-up Tricia’s idea of Eastern promise is a trip to Scarborough, but this week she gets the chance of a lifetime to fly to India after a Bollywood movie crew start filming in the village.

Dawn and Tricia win roles as extras and when one of the actresses falls ill, Tricia is asked to take over the part.

“Tricia can’t believe it,” says Sheree Murphy, who plays her. “Marlon is always saying she’s a bit of a dreamer, but it’s really happening. Then the director says it means going to India for six months.

“Marlon is furious,” adds Sheree, who is taking maternity leave from the soap. “He says she doesn’t know a thing about these people but she reminds her husband that he said people have to seize their opportunities in life.”

Also this week:

Edna resigns from the parish committee over Mack stealing the money.
Dawn starts Terry on a fitness regime.
Danny crashes the computer, losing Ollie’s college course work.

Daily Record


Apr 19 2003

A SCOTS charity is telling children how to beat text bullies after police revealed a massive rise in incidents of threatening mobile phone messages.

Lothian and Borders Police say allegations of threats and intimidation rose by 70 per cent last year, with more than half involving text messages to schoolchildren.

Soaps such as Emmerdale and Hollyoaks have also featured the subject.

Lisa from Hollyoaks and Louise from Emmerdale, played by actress Emily Symmonds, were both on the receiving end of nasty texts and charity NCH say one in four children have been bullied or threatened via email or mobile phone.

Now Young Scot have drawn up a list of tips to help children deal with 21st century bullying techniques.

A spokeswoman said: "Young people can deal with online and mobile taunts - they just have to know what to do if it happens.

"There are some simple pieces of advice for young people to remember which should help if they are being bullied via their mobile."

The top tips are:

Always be careful who you give your mobile phone number to

If you receive threatening calls or texts, tell your parents or a teacher

If it continues, contact police - it is illegal.

Lothian and Borders Deputy Chief Constable Tom Wood said: "This is something we have to deal with."

Daily Record

Apr 19 2003

Soap watch
by David Alexander

See? You don't need homicidal maniacs to have fun. Emmerdale WHY did the elephant come to Emmerdale? To get a part in a Bolly-wood musical. No, really. Once again, Emmerdale shows it can punch way above its weight in the really ridiculous plot stakes.

And furthermore, Tricia not only gets a bit part but is then made the offer of a lifetime to go to Bollywood to be a star - the very next day.

Will Marlon go mad(der) and take that job on an oil rig? Will we? Will the elephant call its agent and demand a more believable script?

Elsewhere, the footie match sparks a steamy affair between Louise and Ronnie, which of course isn't a total secret for long.

And Edna, distraught over The Great Village Hall Sting, is a mess.

As is Pollard, but that doesn't stop him gambling his mayoral career on a vital speech.

Will he win? Will Ledbetter? Will the elephant?


Soaps by Alison Graham


Marlon is desperate to boost his earnings and considers taking a job on an oil rig. Naturally his wife, torrid Tricia, is none too happy, but perhaps she could go with him? She wouldn't be mere decoration - her voice could drill holes in the seabed.

Marlon dumps this idea when the most bizarre thing in the world happens. A Bollywood film crew turns up (no, we don't believe it either), and Tricia is inexplicably a hit with the director, who offers her a starring role. But there's a catch - it means spending six months in India. No need to think, Tricia. Just go.

Meanwhile, married Ronnie Marsden, who's only been in the village for a few weeks, and that little minx Louise discover a mutual attraction. Didn't take him long, did it?


Louise Plays With Fire

Friday | 18.04.03


Emmerdale's football tournament triggers a very different round of game playing.
Woolpack landlady Louise Appleton begins flirting with married newcomer Roy Marsden and it seems that he is taking her banter very seriously.

It has been a difficult few months for the stunning local. At Christmas she discovered her fiance Ray Mullen was the man who had been stalking her, and in a violent confrontation she killed him. Plagued by fears that she will be caught by police, Louise has had little time to worry about life's simple pleasures. Until now.

Emily Symons - who plays lusty Louise - says, "At first, Louise doesn't even notice Ronnie. She thought he was a bit of a player who really fancied himself.

"Louise offers to manage the Woolpack team, and Ronnie teases her about her lack of knowledge. But there's an obvious attraction between them, and Louise laps up the attention.

"She really shouldn't do it, but after everything that happened with Ray, she hasn't thought about men for a long time, and it feels nice to have someone fancying her again."

Will Ronnie's wife Frances be the one to suffer this time?

BBC Puresoap 18th April 2003

Did You See... last week in Soap
Nadia Sawalha sounds off from her sofa
11 Apr - 18 Apr the week gone by


Dirty rotten scoundrels!

Emmerdale's Mack has left the church congregation high but not-so-dry after he ran off with the money for their new roof. Poor Edna’s devastated. She thought he was like a son to her.
It better not rain Mack!

Which, when you think about the likes of Terry Duckworth and Nick Cotton, he probably was…

Mack makes plans to leave

This Week's Highs

The Emmerdale footie tournament.
What’s this? Up until now, the only sport the locals of Emmerdale have shown any interest in is bed wrestling; that cricket pavilion’s certainly seen more secret snogging than innings! Where will the locals go for their extra marital hanky panky now?

This Week's Lows

Disappearing dogs. Has anyone seen Ray's dog Bolan recently? Danny was supposed to be looking after him but he hasn't been seen for months. Has he been forgotten like his owner (Louise got over that 'trauma' pretty quick, didn't she?) Remember, a dog is for life, not just for dramatic effect!


Zoe’s Date

Thursday | 17.04.03


Emmerdale’s Zoe Tate is getting back in the dating game.
The pretty vet has had a very troubled year but is finally feeling able to enjoy her life and meet new people.

Zoe’s life has changed dramatically in the last year. Her mental health problems led her into danger and misery and when she finally felt better she found out she was pregnant. She was horrified as she thought that because she was a lesbian it couldn’t have been consensual sex.

However, Zoe managed to come to terms with what happened and is now happily raising baby Jean and has gone back to work.

Now, having arranged to meet for a drink with new veterinary drug rep Kate, Zoe is feeling her old self again.

With Chloe’s help, Zoe gets all dressed up for her big night out.

But will the evening go as well as she hopes?


Debbie Moves In

Wednesday | 16.04.03

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones finds herself a posh new home.
The teenager, who was in foster care, can't believe that she will now be living at Home Farm with real mum Charity.

Charity was furious when she found out that Paddy and Emily put Debbie back into care. And she decided to take matters into her own hands.

However, her decision to offer her daughter a home could cause shock waves through the village.

Emma Atkins, who plays the feisty Tate, says, "It's an impulsive response. She's not actually weighed up the pros and cons. But that's Charity all over.

"She thinks husband Chris may be angry with her for making a decision without consulting him first. But Charity is adamant that her husband will be fine with it.

"And her sister-in-law Zoe, wonders if it really is the best thing for everybody."

Will the duo – separated for so long - now be able to play happy families?


Mack Does A Runner

Wednesday | 16.04.03

Mack plans his escape

Emmerdale rogue Mack proves he is a first class villain.
The hard up handyman has already tried to scam Syd, Scott and Alan Turner, now he's set to commit the ultimate betrayal.

For the last few weeks, Mack has been living with kindly pensioner Edna Birch. Her sympathy for his financial woes led her to use her insider knowledge to ensure he won the contract to repair the village roof. Edna is already disgusted with herself for resorting to such underhand tactics but things are about the get worse.

Having secured the contract, Mack is to be entrusted with the funds raised to pay for it. As he eagerly accepts the cheque for £8,000, some of the more eagle-eyed residents start to wonder what his real intentions are.

Former best mate Syd is especially suspicious of his behaviour. When Mack speaks to him in a nostalgic fashion, the handsome youngster begins to think something is not quite right.

When he spots Mack packing up his van, he fears the worst and approaches Edna with his suspicions. However, she is not prepared to see anything but good in her lodger.

Has Mack played her for a fool too?


Louise is looking for love

Emily Symons who plays Louise

Emmerdale's Louise Appleton is about to set her sights on a new man, and viewers can guarantee that love won't run smoothly.
It seems that the troubled landlady is back to her old self after killing her psychotic fiancee, Ray Mullen, last Christmas.

But her love-life will certainly become complicated again with the new target of her affections - married newcomer Ronnie Marsden.

After initially ignoring Ronnie - actor Ray Ashcroft - Louise becomes involved in a charity football tournament and finds herself softening towards him.

Australian actress Emily Symons - who plays Louise - told Inside Soap: "There's an obvious attraction between them and Louise laps up the attention."

She added: "She really shouldn't do it, but after everything that happened with Ray, she hasn't thought about men for a long time and it feels nice to have someone fancying her again."
Ronnie makes it clear that he's after more than just friendship and Louise plays along, although she at first believes she is not interested in a relationship.

" As far as Louise is concerned, she doesn't love Ronnie or want him as a boyfriend, so she thinks no one's going to get hurt. But I think she's more vulnerable than she'll admit," says Emily.

The former Home And Away actress thinks Louise is still coming to terms with the ordeal she went through with Ray, and is not thinking of the consequences of this affair.
She says: "The whole thing is a recipe for disaster."


Charity’s Crisis

Tuesday | 15.04.03


Charity Tate has to face up to her parental responsibilities.
The reluctant mum has begun to enjoy spending time with daughter Debbie Jones – but now the youngster is going back into care.

Foster parents Paddy and Emily Kirk have decided they can no longer cope with the heartbreak and jealousy caused by the renewed relationship between the pair. When Charity discovers their decision she goes ballistic and has a furious row with the couple.

However, only Charity herself can mend the situation – but will she decide that it is time to welcome Debbie into Home Farm?

Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – is convinced she will do the right thing.

She says, “At first Charity found the prospect of being a mother very daunting. She just wanted Debbie out of her life. But now there is a bond growing between them, and Charity is taking responsibility for her actions at last.”

From Pure soap. 15th April 2003

Soap Psychic...22 Apr - 5 May : it shall come to pass

Match made in heaven! Ronnie and Louise eye each other up in their footie kits at the charity match. It's Illicit Liaison City!
Diane's appalled and fears Louise will get hurt.

You're dribbling

I also see…
Dawn has a surprise for Terry - she's pregnant!
Bob's delighted he's going to be a grandad.
Viv's traumatised!
Debbie's jealous of step-brother Joseph.
Laurel confesses she fancies Ashley.

Louise & Ronnie


Apr 14 2003

EMMERDALE barmaid Tricia Dingle swaps pints for saris when a Bollywood film crew turns up in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Woolpack worker lands a role as an extra before she steps in to play an Indian bride when the leading lady falls ill.

And the newlywed soon forgets about husband Marlon when she grasps the chance to finish shooting the film in India.

Sheree Murphy, who plays Tricia, said: "Filming the scenes was fantastic, so authentic and a lot of fun.

"It's not every day that Bollywood comes to town and Tricia isn't the sort of girl to let an opportunity like this slip through her fingers."

The Sun 14th April 2003

Mack and Edna


Weekdays ITV

CHARITY begins at Home Farm this week when Mrs Tate takes the surprising decision to give her daughter Debbie a home.

Foster mum Emily says she can’t look after Debbie any more, and the youngster is devastated. Her birth mother, Charity, has preferred a more distant relationship with the child she gave away as a baby, but she can’t bear the thought of Debbie in a children’s home.

“Charity can’t believe that Emily has sent her daughter Debbie packing,” says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity.
“She demands to know what is going on and has a row with Emily for giving up on Debbie.”

Emily insists she can’t look after Debbie properly
with her real mum interfering all the time. She says
she only sent the troubled teenager back to social services because the situation had become unbearable.

“Charity just blurts out that Debbie should stay with her,” says Emma. “I think she’s surprised to hear herself saying it.

“Fortunately, Chris really likes Debbie and he’s delighted. It makes them more of a family and Charity is pleased
to see a gentler side to her husband.”

Emily tries to put a brave face on Debbie’s departure, but she is very hurt and upset at the prospect of bumping in to her former foster child around the village.

“Charity is delighted when Debbie moves in,” says Emma. “She goes to great lengths to make her daughter feel happy.

“And Charity encourages Debbie to make up with Emily.

“Debbie thanks Emily and Paddy for having her and promises to visit in the future.”

But Emily knows that Debbie is only saying what Charity told her to say and feels all the more desolate.

Dodgy builder Mack does a runner with the cash raised to repair the village hall roof - and breaks Edna’s heart.

“Edna feels a complete fool,” says actress Shirley Stelfox, who plays the woman who thought of Mack as a son.

“She just can’t believe he could do such a thing.”

Mack waits until the £8,000 cheque to use on his building materials clears before he goes to draw his money out
at the post office.

Nosy Viv remarks that he had better not get mugged, and Syd realises Mack is up to no good.

“Syd shares his suspicions but Edna tells him not to be ridiculous,” says Shirley. “Then she finds Mack at her house, frantically packing his bags.

“Edna realises that he really is running off with all the money.

“She tries to stop him. But he pretends he’ll be back tomorrow. Then he clears off.”

Edna waits until next day to call the police, in the hope that Mack will return the money. But he doesn’t and the police are convinced Edna has been hoodwinked.

“Edna is really hurt,” says Shirley. “She treated Mack like a son. And he just took her for a fool.

“She admits to Len that she let him see the other tenders for the roof and she feels responsible. She decides she will have to pay for the roof with her own money.”

Also this week:

Pollard boasts he has lured a movie crew to the village.
Louise flirts with Ronnie at the five-a-side tournament.
Tricia is angry when Marlon wants to work on an oil rig.

The Sun 14th April 2003

It’s an Emmer-veil bride

Bollywood bride ... Sheree Murphy

HERE’S Emmerdale’s Tricia Dingle as you’ve never seen her before — as a Bollywood bride.

The Woolpack barmaid, played by Sheree Murphy, 27, dons Eastern dress before flying to India for six months to star in a romantic movie.

A film crew visits the village and she gets the part of an extra after learning the Hindu lingo. Then the star falls ill and she lands the lead role.

Sheree is taking a break from the soap to have her second child with Leeds soccer star Harry Kewell.

ITV1 will show her scenes next week.

The Sun 12th April 2003

Verity's Emmer so nice

Lapping it up ... Verity making waves
Click pic to enlarge

HERE’S sizzling proof that Emmerdale schoolgirl Verity Rushworth has grown up — into a stunning soap temptress.

Verity, 17 — wild child Donna Windsor in the rural ITV1 show — casts off her frumpy school uniform to frolic on the beach in a sexy red bikini.

It’s a far cry from when she joined Emmerdale five years ago, pictured with the soap’s Chelsea Campbell (far right).

She said: “I was a bit of a tomboy. But while I may have started as a schoolgirl, I feel like a woman now.” Shore thing, Verity.

Pure Soap 12th April 2003

Charity begins at home'


Emmerdale's Charity Tate will show she has a heart of gold when she decides to give her daughter Debbie a home.

Debbie (Charley Webb) is distraught when her foster mum Emily Kirk says she can't look after her any more.
Her real mother Charity (Emma Atkins) gave Debbie away as a baby. But Charity can't stand by and watch Debbie head for a children's home.
Emma told the Sun's TVmag: "Charity can't believe that Emily has sent her daughter Debbie packing. She demands to know what is going on and has a row with Emily for giving up on Debbie."
But Emily (Kate McGregor) believes she can't look after Debbie properly with her real mother interfering.
Emma added: "Charity just blurts out that Debbie should stay with her. I think she's surprised to hear herself saying it."
Luckily, Charity's husband Chris (Peter Amory) really likes Debbie and her arrival brings out a softer side in the hard-nosed businessman.
Emma added: "Charity is delighted when Debbie moves in. She goes to great lengths to make her daughter feel happy."
Charity also encourages Debbie to make up with Emily. However, nothing can hide Emily's sense of desolation.

Case dropped against Emmerdale star

Sam Dingle played by James Hooton

Emmerdale star James Hooton will not face any further action over allegations that he assaulted a teenage girl after the prosecution offered no evidence, it has emerged.

Mr Hooton, 29, who plays simple-minded Sam Dingle in the soap, said he was "delighted" that the case against him had been dropped.
He said: "I never once doubted that I would be exonerated and I'm glad that I can now put this whole episode behind me."
The actor, of Tinshill Avenue, Cookridge, Leeds, was accused of assaulting 19-year-old Lisa-Marie Campbell in a kebab shop in Leeds on January 31.
At a previous hearing in February he denied the allegation of common assault.

Mack leaves Emmerdale counting the cost


Randy builder 'Mack' MacKinley cons the good folk of Emmerdale before doing a runner with £8,000 raised to repair the roof of the village hall.

The new storyline marks the departure of actor Rob Dixon who is leaving the show to concentrate on other acting work.
Rob joined the show a year ago and his character immediately made an impression by romancing both barmaid Diane Blackstock and her stepdaughter Nicola Wheeler.
But recently Mack has run into debt and he has been evicted from the B&B for not paying the rent.
Edna Birch takes him in and helps him clinch the contract to fix the village roof believing it will help him get back on his feet.
But as soon as the money is paid Mack does a midnight flit.
Rob, who previously appeared in Cops, apparently feels his character in the show has come to a natural end.


This is Bradford

Brave Derek leads region's London marathon runners
Wharfedale athletes will be out in force this weekend raising thousands of pounds for charity in the 2003 Flora London Marathon.

Runners from Otley, Yeadon, Horsforth, Pool and Ilkley will be joining competitors from across the country on Sunday to take part in the 26 mile event.

Yeadon runner Derek Emsley, of Leslie Avenue, will be an inspiration to his fellow competitors when he competes in the race.

The athlete has terminal skin cancer and is running the London Marathon and the Three Peaks Fell Race on April 27 to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The 46-year-old mechanic was told last August that he may only have six months to live, but he has continued to compete and win races.

He underwent chemotherapy treatment until February so that he would be fit in time for the races, it will be the fifth time he will have run the London Marathon.

Anyone wanting to sponsor Derek can contact Community Fundraiser Anna Jackson at the Leeds Macmillan Appeal Office on (0113) 2064082.

Last year runners in the marathon raised £31million for charity making it the United Kingdom's most successful annual fundraising event.

Wharfedale was touched by the plight of four-year-old Danielle Skilbeck who lost some of her limbs after contracting meningitis.

Family friend John Burland, of Otley, pledged to run the marathon to raise vital funds to fight the deadly disease.

The 50-year-old will be one of 150 runners raising money for The Meningitis Trust with his 19-year-old son Chris.

He has already completed the marathon twice, anyone wanting to sponsor him can make a donation via the HSBC Bank, Otley, sort code 40-35-33, account number 61399772.

Horsforth athlete Hilary Wharam will be running to raise money to build a disabled children's play area at Otley's Wharfemeadows Park.

She has run several marathons already and raised thousands of pounds for good causes, including the Otley Action for Older People's minibus appeal.

Donations can be sent to Otley Disability Advisory Group at Otley Civic Centre, or contact Audrey Gordolis on (01943) 463431.

Yeadon-based charity Epilepsy Action will have 18 fundraisers in the race including, Paul Tranter, from Otley and Lesley Peace.

This year will be the sixth time Paul has run the London race.

Pool-in-Wharfedale man Richard Downes has been on a vigorous training regime for months.

Richard, from Manor Gardens, was determined to lose weight after reaching nearly 16 stone.

He has been running as much as possible and has already shed the pounds.

Richard is taking part in the marathon to raise money for the children's charity VICTA.

Anybody wanting to make a pledge can call Epilepsy Action on 0113-2108800.

Local celebrities from television series Heartbeat and Emmerdale will also be joining the race. Emmerdale actors Chris Chittell, who plays Eric Pollard, and Tony Audenshaw, alias Bob Hope, will be competing along with Jason Durr, who plays Mike Bradley in Heartbeat.

Ilkley children's entertainer Amelia Whitaker is hoping to pull off an extra special magic trick this weekend - by finishing the race.

She has been in training for the last three months.

By collecting sponsors and holding several local fund-raising events, including a Shrove Tuesday pancake race and `pos'' bingo evening, she has already smashed her £3,000 fund-raising target.

But now Mrs Whitaker is hoping all her preparation will help her achieve another goal, to cross the finishing line in under five hours.

She said: "I'm really excited and hopefully I've done enough training to hit my target time.

"With the weather improving it has been much easier to get motivated so I think I'm prepared.

"Saying that, it is supposed to be raining this weekend, but that could be quite nice for the runners because it should keep the temperatures down." All the money raised through Mrs Whitaker's marathon attempt is going to the Peper Harow Foundation, a charity which specialises in helping children in care.

Anyone who would like to support the cause can contact her by calling 01943-605091.

Two members of Ilkley's Bodies Health Club and Spa will be pounding the London streets to raise money for Epilepsy Action.

Peter Bedwell and Jackie Marsden are being joined by their friend Alan Gibson and are hoping to raise around £3,000.

Mr Bedwell, who works for Hodson Foster Financial Services in Ilkley, is tackling the race for the third time.

He clocked 3hrs 57mins last year and is aiming to better that this time.

Mr Bedwell, who will be 47 a week after the race, said: "Last year I ran with another colleague from the club and raised £2,500 so I will delighted if we can better that."

For the race Mr Bedwell will be wearing a special Epilepsy Action T-shirt with his name on the front.

"That's very important," he said. "It is very helpful in the last six miles to have the crowds shouting out your name."

An Ilkley woman will be fully backed by her husband when she tries to complete her first London Marathon.

Liz Merrick, of Rupert Road, will be joined by her spouse Andrew for the whole length of the famous race.

Mr Merrick, who completed his first mara-thon two years ago, has volunteered to run with his wife at a slower pace to help her through her debut race.

The couple also hope to raise £3,000 between them for the homeless charity Shelter.

Mrs Merrick said: "I started running again last year after quite a big gap, and did a half marathon, but this will be my first full one.

"I was inspired just by the challenge of trying to do something like this, because at my age, and with some of the back problems I've been having, it is something of a challenge!

"But the thing that really got me started was seeing my husband running his first marathon two years ago and I found myself really wishing that I was doing it, too.

"He has been incredibly supportive and has volunteered to run alongside me, even though he is a lot faster, which is really nice.

"I'd like to do it in about four and a quarter hours, that's what I'm aiming for."

Posted Thursday 10 April 2003

The Guardian

ITV warned over too much soap

Jason Deans
Wednesday April 9, 2003
The Guardian

ITV was warned yesterday that the increase in episodes of soaps such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale threatened to push other programming genres out of the evening peak-time schedule.
The independent television commission also said it was keeping the content of ITV's news bulletins under review after it noted a change in the "tone and agenda" towards giving more time to fewer, more populist stories.

In its final annual report before merger into the new regulator, Ofcom, the commission reserved its most serious criticisms for ITV1's "patchy" performance in 2002.

ITV1 was praised for a "good range and volume of drama" and "spectacular successes" in light entertainment.

Soaps were singled out. Such were the weekly number of episodes of Emmerdale and Coronation Street in peak time, 6.30pm to 10.30pm, that they risked squeezing out less popular types of programming. Between them the shows now account for five hours of ITV1 a week.

"These programmes are enormously popular with viewers and generate revenue that allows us to invest in public service programming," an ITV spokeswoman said.

The commission said it would keep a close eye on ITV's news output, and in particular "the extent of reporting on topics related to ITV programmes", after evidence of a change in the "tone and agenda" of bulletins in the final three months of 2002.


Emmerdale star 'delighted' after case is dropped

Emmerdale star James Hooton will not face any further action over allegations that he assaulted a teenage girl after the prosecution offered no evidence.

Mr Hooton, 29, who plays Sam Dingle, said he was delighted that the case against him had been dropped.

He said: "I never once doubted that I would be exonerated and I'm glad that I can now put this whole episode behind me."

The actor, of Tinshill Avenue, Cookridge, Leeds, was accused of assaulting 19-year-old Lisa-Marie Campbell in a kebab shop in Leeds on January 31.

At a previous hearing in February he denied the allegation of common assault.

Story filed: 17:38 Wednesday 9th April 2003

From Pure Soap 8th April 2003

Soap Psychic...22 Apr - 5 May : it shall come to pass

Match of the day! The village organise a five-a-side footie match. (An excuse to see girls in shorts!)
Plus, Louise starts an affair – with married man, Ronnie!

The football team
It's freezing!

Diane’s shocked.
She feels sorry for Ronnie’s wife, Frances.
There’s a shock exit for Marlon and Tricia.
Bizarrely, she goes off to be a Bollywood star in India! (This plot will cover Sheree Murphy’s maternity leave.)
Marlon will be back.
Look out for former Brookie star Sunetra Sarker as the film director.


Mystery donor funds soap star strip

Emmerdale stars Tony Audenshaw and Chris Chittell have stripped off for charity in the run-up to Sunday's London Marathon.

click here for a larger version of Tony Audenshaw and Chris Chittell

The pair, who play Bob Hope and Eric Pollard in the soap, are running the 26-mile race to raise money for Leukaemia Research.

They stripped off after one female viewer promised to make a hefty donation to the cause if they agreed to pose as naked centrefolds.

Audenshaw, 38, said: "Chris and I both received a letter from a female fan of the show who had heard that we are going to be running the marathon.

"She was offering to sponsor us and make a decent donation - but only if we got our kit off.

"I think it was all a bit tongue-in-cheek - we're hardly the Chippendales. But it's for a cause close to our hearts, so we didn't need to be asked twice."

Chittell, 54, joked: "If she offers to double the money, we'll even turn around! I'm just glad that she didn't ask us to run the marathon like this."

The duo are both marathon veterans - Audenshaw has a best time of 3hrs 14mins, while Chittell is hoping to beat his personal record of 4hrs 5mins.

Story filed: 13:43 Tuesday 8th April 2003


Watchdog bursts ITV's soap bubble

ITV has been warned by TV regulators that soaps have reached saturation point at peak times.

The Independent Television Commission says screening so many of the shows is putting diversity in jeopardy, and threatening other dramas.

In its final annual report before it makes way for new body, Ofcom, the ITC said ITV1 gave a patchy performance in 2002.

The network was badly hit by a drop in advertising revenue, but has since pumped extra cash into ensuring its output is improved, particularly for drama.

Although praised in some areas of its programming, the ITC concluded: "There was some popular excellence, but also some less inspired output."

It said ITV produced a good range and volume of drama, with The Forsyte Saga and Dr Zhivago seen as landmark programmes. But it warned: "The introduction of a fifth weekly instalment (of Coronation Street) in addition to five editions of Emmerdale, is in danger of posing a threat to diversity in peak time."

Emmerdale is on at 7pm Monday to Friday, and Corrie is screened on four nights, with a double bill on Mondays. Between them, the shows account for 10 hours of viewing in peak-time - 6pm to 10.30pm.

The ITC noted the success of Pop Idol as one of ITV's top performers in 2002, but pointed out that old favourites like Blind Date and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? were less reliable for ratings.

ITV was praised for exceeding the amount of current affairs programming it needed to show, with twice weekly Tonight With Trevor MacDonald. However other current affairs shows provided "insufficient analysis, international coverage and investigations".

Following an extra £100 million in programme funding for ITV, the ITC noted that the range and quality of its output had strengthened so far this year.

Story filed: 11:12 Tuesday 8th April 2003


Soap star Christine steps in

by Evening Press reporter

EMMERDALE star Christine Cox has stepped into the breach at short notice to play Enid and Lavender in the English stage premiere of Kate Atkinson's Abandon-ment at York Theatre Royal.

Best known for her soap role as Eric Pollard's other woman, Glynis, Christine had just finished playing Annie Parker in When We Are Married at the theatre when she was asked to replace original cast member Joan Campion, who left for personal reasons last week.

Artistic director Damian Cruden said: "Learning a role in such a short space of time would be daunting for any actor, but I was sure that Christine could pull it off!"

Abandonment runs until April 26. For tickets, phone 01904 623568.

Updated: 11:15 Monday, April 07, 2003


Jonathan Wilkes to front You've Been Framed

Jonathan Wilkes is reportedly set to host ITV1's You've Been Framed after Lisa Riley quit the show.

Wilkes, who shares singer Robbie Williams' £2 million home in Notting Hill, West London - will front the 15th series later this year.

It is thought former Emmerdale star Lisa wants to return to acting, after presenting You've Been Framed for more than five years.

Jonathan turned to TV presenting after his pop career flopped. He recently had a guest slot on SM:TV, reports The Sun.

Story filed: 09:43 Monday 7th April 2003

ITV.COM Mack's muddle

Monday | 07.04.03


Emmerdale workman Mack thinks his luck can't get any worse.
The rogue handyman has already alienated his friend Syd and is virtually penniless when a bit of good fortune comes his way.

The money he earned when he worked with Syd on decorating the Marsdens' house comes through and Mack is able to breathe easily again - but not for long.

His former landlord Alan Turner is still demanding the unpaid rent Mack owes him, and when he spots the luckless local in the pub with his cash, he immediately claims it all.

Miserable Mack makes his way back to kindly Edna's house in a state of despair. The pensioner has let him stay and provided him with jobs around the house so he can make ends meet, unaware that he is looking for any excuse to con her out of cash.

However, Edna may be just the person to help Mack through his latest crisis.

Will she come to his rescue once again?


Louise falling in love again?

You would think after her last taste of 'romance' Emmerdale's Louise Appleton would be wary of getting involved again.

Louise, played by Emily Symons, was plagued by a stalker who eventually turned out to be none other than her boyfriend Ray Mullen.

Since Ray died after taking a tumble down the stairs Louise, joint landlady of the Woolpack, has been all alone - but that is all about to change.

Louise is targeted by married Lothario Ronnie Marsden, played by Ray Ashcroft, who makes a determined play for her.

You might imagine Louise would know better, but she becomes besotted with the smooth-talking lorry driver and harmless flirting eventually leads to something more serious.
It is a great new storyline for Emily who holds the distinction of being a star in two
soaps on opposite sides of the world.

Before joining Emmerdale she played dizzy blonde Marilyn Fisher in Australian soap Home and Away.

Since swapping the sun and surf of Australia for the wind and rain of the Yorkshire Dales, Emily says she has never been happier and has become a real country lover.


Jonathan Wilkes to front You've Been Framed

Jonathan Wilkes is reportedly set to host ITV1's You've Been Framed after Lisa Riley quit the show.

Wilkes, who shares singer Robbie Williams' £2 million home in Notting Hill, West London - will front the 15th series later this year.

It is thought former Emmerdale star Lisa wants to return to acting, after presenting You've Been Framed for more than five years.

Jonathan turned to TV presenting after his pop career flopped. He recently had a guest slot on SM:TV, reports The Sun.

Story filed: 09:43 Monday 7th April 2003


Robbie's pal in the Frame

ROBBIE Williams’ best pal Jonathan Wilkes will host ITV1’s You’ve Been Framed after Lisa Riley quit the show.

Jonathan, 24 — who shares singer Robbie’s £2million home in Notting Hill, West London — will front the 15th series later this year.

Ex-Emmerdale star Lisa, 26, wants to return to acting and make a fresh start after being dumped by her married lover Nick Holly.

The actress, who played Mandy Dingle in the soap, joined You’ve Been Framed in 1998.

Last night a TV source said: “Lisa has done a great job but she felt it was time for her to go.”

Lisa Riley

Lisa ... return to acting

Jonathan’s career has struggled and he is still best known for being Robbie’s mate.

A guest slot on kids show SM:TV Live followed a flop pop career.

A spokesman for Granada, who make You’ve Been Framed, said: “He’s a face to watch out for.”


Charity and Debbie


Weekdays ITV1

TROUBLED teen Debbie faces yet another problem this week when an older boy comes on strong after she sneaks out to a party at the Marsdens’.

Cain comes to the rescue and takes her home, only for the youngster to be caught in the growing feud between foster mother Emily and Charity, her real mum.

“It’s no wonder Debbie’s confused,” says Charley Webb, who plays the 14-year-old. “Emily is thoughtful and kind, but Charity is glamorous and rich and seems more exciting.”

Debbie is desperate to go to the Marsden kids’ party.
While Emily says she is too young, Charity admits she would let her go.

“Debbie sneaks out of the house and goes anyway,” says Charley.

“The party is really rocking but an older boy starts coming on to her and she doesn’t know how to handle it. She yells and Cain comes out of nowhere and drags the lad off her. Debbie is scared and she’s really grateful. Then Cain takes her home and Emily is furious.”

Emily tells Debbie that she is grounded, but Charity is more sympathetic and advises her on how to handle men who won’t take no for an answer.

Later, a row breaks out when Emily says Debbie can’t go on a trip to Leeds with Charity.

Debbie rushes to her room in tears but Emily is even more upset and tells Paddy it would be better if Debbie left the village and is cared for by another family.

Also this week:

Mack steals money from Edna.
Viv and Bob try to restart their romance.
Louise flirts with Ronnie.

ITV.COM Love Rekindled?

Friday | 04.04.03

Viv and Bob

Emmerdale's Viv and Bob Hope are back on speaking terms.

In the aftermath of daughter Donna's tragic accident, the feuding spouses vow to get their relationship back on track for her sake.

The Hopes have been estranged ever since barman Bob discovered his wife had cheated on him with limo driver Matti. He rebuffed all her attempts to make amends.

But Donna's drink fuelled cry for help has woken both of them up. They realise how selfish they both have been in not thinking about how their rows have impacted on the youngster's life.

Actress Deena Payne, who plays the cheating postmistress says, "I think it's a turning point for them. Bob realises that there's more to life than dwelling on a bad situation and tries to start the healing between them."

Deena confesses that no-one want to see the pair back together more than her.

She says, "I'm desperate for Viv to get back with Bob, they work so well as a couple. I'd like to see them happy again. Since they got married they always seem to be fighting."


Bollywood calling for Tricia

Emmerdale beauty Tricia Dingle finds herself at the centre of attention when an Indian film crew comes to Yorkshire.

Newlywed Tricia - played by Sheree Murphy - gets a job as an extra but is offered the chance to make it in Bollywood when her true star quality is spotted.

But a six-month trip to India does not go down well with new husband Marlon.
An Emmerdale insider told the Daily Star: "Tricia is certainly off to Bollywood. She's got those dark good looks that are so admired in India and producers are certain they can transform her into a major star.

" But she'll have to suffer a heart-rending separation from Marlon. He doesn't like it, but he's got no real choice in the matter.

" There will be stresses and strains between Tricia and her husband, but she's determined to strike out for stardom. There will be no stopping her."

Woolpack chef Marlon - actor Mark Charnock - has been promised big storylines while his wife is away.

" He has pledged himself to remain faithful to Tricia, but temptation will certainly come his way," said the Emmerdale source.

The storyline will cover maternity leave for Sheree, who is expecting her second child by real-life husband, Leeds United star Harry Kewell.

She is expected to return to the soap after the birth, but rumours that Kewell may be transferred to a football club abroad during the summer could mean Tricia will find life in India just too good to come back

BBC Puresoap Friday 4th April 2003

Did You See... last week in Soap?
This Week's Highs

Marlon ‘does’ Cain. Does an impression, that is (no, you didn’t miss a new plot twist!). What a laugh! I love Marlon. In fact, I love everything about Emmerdale at the moment, from Viv’s hilarious attempts at self-help to young Debbie’s teenage angst. I can’t wait for her to find out Cain is her dad – it’s got to happen, hasn’t it?

This Week's Lows

Steph not leaving Emmerdale. Great scene with Nicola and the old bag – I mean, the old suitcase! Can you believe Steph found another valuable antique? That woman stumbles over priceless figurines the way most of us trip over paving stones!

What a load of rubbish!

Never mind France, Steph – David Dickinson could do with you on Bargain Hunt! Looks like she won’t be needing that cab to ‘Hotten Airport’ after all. But surely Luton Airport would be more her style..?

Other bits worth a mention

Jarvis buying tights in Emmerdale. Is he secretly making a giant catapault so he can escape from Edna Birch? Or perhaps he’s going to turn up at the Woolie one night in a twinset and tell everyone to call him Janice? Now that would be a double life…

ITV.COM Donna's Despair

Thursday | 03.04.03

Donna with dyed hair and lip piercing

Emmerdale's Donna Windsor is set to shock the village tonight.
The troubled youngster turns to drink after finding it hard to cope with the acrimonious split between mum Viv and husband Bob.

In an effort to blot out the whole sorry affair, Donna decides to get drunk and enjoy herself with her friends. But the evening soon turns into a nightmare.

An Emmerdale insider explains, "Viv hasn't noticed the effect that her strife is having on those around her and fails to spot Donna sneaking out a load of alcohol from the shop.

"As the youngsters gather down by the pavilion to play spin the bottle, Donna has decided to escape the marital problems at home and is determined to drown her sorrows.

"The game continues and she consumes more and more alcohol - despite Katie's warning to slow down. Unconcerned by Katie's words, Donna sinks her drink at a pace before passing out - claiming to have taken some pills."

As the ambulance comes to her rescue, mum Viv is forced to drag herself out of her own misery to face up to what has happened. And the enormity of the event brings her and Bob together as they worry about whether Donna will survive.

Will it be enough to make them reconsider?


Drink hell of Emmerdale wild child

Emmerdale tackles the tough subject of under-age drinking in a forthcoming dramatic episode.

Teenage rebel Donna Windsor falls into a coma after sinking bottles of booze smuggled out of the village post office.

She and her pals sneak off to the cricket pavilion where they down the lot, with Donna supping more than her share.

In truth Donna, played by Verity Rushworth, is desperately sad and disturbed by the break up of her mum's marriage.

Her mother Viv (Deena Payne) has had a fling with a limousine driver and when partner Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) found out he he angrily declared the marriage was over.

The incessant rows have upset Donna more than Viv realises and she fails to spot the warning signs in her wayward daughter.

To make matters worse before she slips into unconsciousness Donna tells pals she has taken pills as well.

The hospital takes no chances and Donna has her stomach pumped. The next day she admits the overdose claim was a lie, but says what she did was a cry for help.
Viv and Bob agree to try again with their marriage for her sake.

Life in the Dales is just grand, says Emily

Emily Symons swopped the sun and surf of Australia for the wind and rain of the Yorkshire Dales - and she couldn't be happier.

Emily has the distinction of becoming a major star in two soaps set on opposite sides of the world - first as dizzy Marilyn Fisher in Home and Away, and then as down-to-earth Louise Appleton in Emmerdale.

Not only did she have to adjust to a totally different climate, but she has also had to show a great deal of acting versatility to play such contrasting characters.
Marilyn, the bonkers blonde beautician, was a comic masterpiece, all tottering stilettos and shiny lip gloss.

She couldn't be different from no-nonsense Louise, a tough cookie with just a hint of warmth.

Recently Emily starred in one of Emmerdale's most dramatic storylines - when Louise was plagued by a stalker who turned out to be her boyfriend Ray Mullan. When Louise realised who it was she made a bolt for freedom and Ray fell to his death down a flight of stairs.

Real life is a bit calmer for Emily who admits she has fallen in love with the English countryside.

" I absolutely love it in the UK, " she told Inside Soap magazine, " I don't know whether it's because I'm half English, but I took to it like a duck to water."

Emily has become a real country girl since moving to the UK complete with no fewer than three Barbour jackets and a Labrador called Star, she told the magazine.

Taken from The Independent - http://www.lam-online.com/entertainment/music/features/story.jsp?story=393195

Seeing daylight
By Gareth Gorman

02 April 2003
After her time spent working solo, GARETH GORMAN talks to The Cardigan's Nina Persson about the band's latest album

It's been a while between drinks, but The Cardigans return with the long-awaited follow-up to Gran Turismo with Long Gone Before Daylight.

"It feels great to get it out," admits happy-happy-joy-joy vibed singer, Nina Persson.

And so it should feel great, because they've been cooking it for five years. Part of the reason for the delay came from Nina recording a solo album with absolute musical genius, Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse. It wasn't a case of upping camp, so much as recording A Camp

"It was never a conscious decision to go solo. When I knew some time off was coming, I got myself ready to work on it again. I was the one who was very 'Come on, let's make it happen'.

"As for Mark, I'm an old fan of his ­ a big fan. One day, his record company called and they went: 'Mark Linkous wants to see you tonight at their show'. So I went over, said hello, and gave him a demo of the first A Camp recordings. Then we played shows together a couple of times, talked and stuff, and eventually me and my husband played on Mark's record. We did Apple Bed and Gold Days.

I then felt brave enough to ask him if he'd work with me on the Camp stuff.

He had never produced anyone else but himself before."

Nina believes the break from The Cardigans did herself and the band a world of good. "It's always good to have a bit of time between the album and its actual release. You want to prepare yourself, make a video, shoot photos and so on."

Instead of recording in Malmö, Sweden, the band approached the recording of this, their fifth album, differently. They all lived together, bonded together, and recorded together in locations such as Spain, England and erm... Gotland. Apparently, Gotland is a little Swedish Island. Shades of Abba anyone?

"We wanted to do it in a different way. And it has been a really good recording process. The whole band has lived in the same house, at the same place, everyone's experienced the same things, and all five of us have been a part of the record's process. All that, plus the presence, environment and engagement have definitely affected the sound on this record"

Guests included members of Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Pelle from The Hives and Nick Royale from Hellacopters. But it seems that was just because Nina wanted to hang out with even more guys than she does already.

"I've always wanted a boys' background song, and these three guys were the best male singers we could find in Sweden," admits Nina, without a hint of sheepishness.

It's a long, long way from Nina's first stab at songwriting, which occurred at the height of Madchester in 1989.

"Ok, so I was 15. It had that funky drummer beat and was terrible ­ lyrics like: 'It's raining cats and dogs today'. Really horrible. Nicholas, who I wrote the A Camp songs with, has an excellent first one. It's called I Take Suicide. He was 11. Pretty smart, eh?"

The Cardigans have become renowned for their interesting videos ­ none more so than the infamously-banned Favourite Game video. Nina seems to enjoy acting in them, so has she been approached about film work? Any cigar-chomping, ageing Lotharios going: 'I'm gonna' make you a star kid', bangin' on your door Nina?

"Oh yeah (laughs). Unfortunately, nothing interesting or fun. One was about me playing a Jersey girl coming to New York and wanting to have a singing career and, of course, struggling ­ too corny for words. It was like a Walt Disney production."

From big screen to the small screen, there's been a rumour circulating for years that Emmerdale is the Cardigans' favourite soap ­ because they named an early album after it.

"It never was. No insult to the show, but it was like a really bad joke: 'What are we Emmerdale going to call the record? It's really boring, dull, sad and grey'. Somehow Emmerdale fitted the bill, except we thought Emmerdale as a word was really beautiful in a way. It is something that my grandmother would watch."

I pointed out that it's been spiced up of late.

"What more car crashes and things?"

More shags atop beer barrels in the pub, I explained.

"Really!?! I guess they had to spice it up a little bit."

When it comes down to choosing her quality-TV moments, Nina does it with panache.

"I'm a huge Simpsons' fan," she confesses. "I tape it and everything. When I'm home, as it's on at 7pm, I always have my dinner in front of my TV to watch it.

So many of them are based on old movies ­ it's just genius. The closest I get to liking a soap would be Twin Peaks."

Nina also admits that she just may have supplied Dennis Nordern with one of those It'll Be Alright On The Night quality moments.

"Myself and Peter, we presented an award at some MTV thing. We were really drunk, and Robbie Williams was going to present the award either after or before us. For some reason, he wouldn't hand over the award we were supposed to present. Suddenly, we're supposed to be on. Peter goes out, and I'm still fighting with Robbie Williams. So I came out late and I was stomping on my heels. I think it was in Holland, and there was this weird Pamela Anderson-alike presenter with huge tits. I haven't seen Robbie Williams since."

From embarrassing Robbie Williams, big-titted moments, to those type of fans any hard-working band can do without. And, it seems, The Cardigans have a few 'Some Mothers Do Have 'Em' types.

"I've had some letters sent to me by maniacs. Some guy who was in a mental hospital somewhere in America sent me creepy letters for a while. I have to hand it to him, he was pretty smart in that he sent them to the studio, not the record company or me, and they always just hand the mail over. I did have this existential experience with an American fan who came up and goes (adopts Valley accent), 'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God ­ do you know who you are'? And hey, really, that's a huge question. I'm like: 'Well, not really...' (laughs). She was so confused, and it's really funny because it's a far bigger question than she ever could have imagined."

Despite appearing to be the perfectly-formed package that she is, Nina admits she has a few quirks and flaws of her own.

"I love mopeds, but that's not strange or weird. I've just bought one. I do read car magazines ­ the ones where there's ads to sell cars. I like cars, but I wouldn't want to buy a fancy one. I like to look at them. I have fantasies about certain cars, and I love these magazines because you can tell people really love the cars when they have to sell them. It's interesting to see how these people present them in text and in pictures. I like 70s cars ­ mostly American ­ Chevy Novas. Oh, and I have a really annoying wart between my small toe and the next one. It's hidden, but it's there."

Source: LAM

ITV.com Tricia's pregnant pause

Tuesday | 01.04.03


Tonight, newly wed Tricia Dingle suspects she could be pregnant.
The pretty barmaid is eager to be sure before she tells husband Marlon but her delay leads the hapless Chef into confusion.

Marlon is convinced that his discovery of a pregnancy test box in their house is an April Fool's joke by mate, Terry. But secretly Marlon is hoping that they do have a baby on the way.

For her part, Tricia is delighted at the prospect of being a mother but knows that both of them need to consider the financial implications of starting their family. And she's worried the timing is all wrong.

Actress Sheree Murphy, who plays Tricia, says, "Tricia is terrified about what Marlon will say. They've discussed starting a family, and she knows that Marlon wants children - but not yet.

"They would desperately want to give the best to their child, and I think that they may be sad if they couldn't do that. But what they lack in money, they'd make up in devotion."

ITV.com Emmerdale on tap

Tuesday | 01.04.03

Emmerdale On Tap

British brewers, Black Sheep, are making an Emmerdale beer.
The Yorkshire brewery will take its product into the Woolpack this week for a grand launch that is guaranteed to delight drinkers.

Fans will be able to pick up cans of Emmerdale beer in their local Tesco's supermarket, as well as behind the bar of pubs, where it will be available on draught. The new drink is scheduled to hit stores and bars in July this year.

As far as Black Sheep Brewery were concerned the choice to affiliate their new brand was an easy one - because of their northern roots.

A spokesperson says, "Emmerdale and the Black Sheep Brewery are names which are synonymous with the best of Yorkshire, so Emmerdale was the obvious choice for this new brand."

This is the second endorsement of the five-nightly soap in the last few weeks. Last week Heinz salad cream announced they would be sponsoring the show.

ITV.COM Blossoming love

Tuesday | 01.04.03


Jack Sugden and Diane Blackstock are falling in love again.
The pair have been close friends ever since Diane arrived in the village but their first attempt at romance was a disaster.

However, after the kindly landlady helps Jack make daughter Victoria's birthday party a hit, both feel their passion has been reignited.

Instead of talking to each other about their feelings the shy duo turn to other to help them sort out their feelings. Diane confides in friend Louise Appleton and Jack discusses his situation with son Robert.

Actress Elizabeth Estensen - who plays the straight-talking Diane - says, "It is obvious to everyone else that Diane and Jack would love to get back together. The trouble is, neither of them is sure how the other one feels, so they're both too scared to say anything."

But after a series of misunderstandings and missed chances the pair finally come clean about their true feelings.

Elizabeth adds, "At the end of the evening they share a kiss. It's not a mad, passionate thing, but they know it has changed their relationship."

TUESDAY 1ST APRIL 2003 Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale

15 - 28 April : it shall come to pass

Reunited Jack tells the kids that he and Diane are back together.
They’re delighted, especially Victoria.

Charity says Debbie can stay with her, rather than going to a Children’s Home.
Steph eats humble pie – but has she really changed?
Zoe flirts with a new female drug rep – but the rep wants to discuss horse pills, not lurve!
Donna has a piercing disaster.
And Mack runs off with the church roof funds – leaving Edna devastated.


Cheers to Emmerdale!

Yorkshire's famous Black Sheep brewery has produced a real ale to celebrate the county's best-loved soap.

Emmerdale beer has been developed with Tesco supermarkets and will also be available in pubs and bars from July.

The five per cent tipple will be unveiled at the Woolpack Pub on the set of the farming saga at Harewood, near Leeds.

It is bound to be an improvement on the beer normally dished out at the Woolpack and other soap pubs such as the Queen Vic and the Rovers Return.

Extras often complain that they are required to sup stuff that tastes like diluted dish water for hours on end in an effort to remain sober for filming.

ITV.COM Viv's self-improvement

Monday | 31.03.03


Dumped wife Viv Hope seeks help and a personality overhaul.
The cheating postmistress is distraught after having lost her husband Bob and wants to change her ways to win back his love.

Determined to prove to her husband that she means what she says, Viv enrols in a local self-help group and the counsellors give her some useful insight into her emotional turmoil.

But it seems that Bob is in no mood to be giving out second chances.

Deena Payne, who plays Viv, says, "Heather, the group leader, suggests it would help if Bob were to join his wife, but his attendance is anything but a success.

"Bob thinks it's a load of tosh, and ends up belittling Viv in front of everyone, which leads them to storming out and having a screaming row.

"So in the end, the course has been a waste of time."

What will it take for the sparring spouses to rekindle their love?

Daily Record


Deena Payne's TV lover left her cold, but now things are hotting up, says JULIE MacCASKILL; Hope fades for Viv and Bob's marriage

Julie Maccaskill


ITV, Monday-Friday, 7.00pm

EMMERDALE'S golden couple Viv and Bob Hope may be a marriage made in soap heaven, but according to actress Deena Payne the relationship was nearly over before it began.

As gossiping postmistress Viv, Deena came face-to-face with Tony Audenshaw at the auditions and it was far from love at first sight.

"I wasn't keen on him, I must confess," she laughs. "When I met Tony we didn't hit it off at first, so I was less than impressed to find out I'd have to kiss him on- screen."

As it turned out, Deena's reluctance was misplaced and today Viv and Bob are regarded as Emmer- dale's answer to Coronation Street's over-the-top comic couple Jack and Vera Duckworth.

"I'm not ashamed to admit I was wrong," giggles Deena. "Usually my first impressions are spot on, but I was way off the mark with Tony. He's a joy to work with."

While Deena may have found happiness working alongside Tony, on-screen Viv and Bob are experiencing troubled times.

Bob was devastated to find out about Viv's quick fling with a limo driver at a hen night and it looks as though the Hopes' marriage is beyond repair.

"Viv's got herself in a right pickle," explains Deena. "Bob's her soulmate and she can't believe her fling, which meant so little to her at the time, is destroying a relationship which really means the world to her."

This week, Viv takes drastic action and enrols in a self-help group to try and help improve her blunt manner.

"Viv decides she must take a good look at herself - she'll do anything to get Bob back," says Deena. But as Deena explains, it seems self- improvement is the least of Viv's worries as four-times-married Bob has been known to pack his bags when faced with an emotional upset.

"In the past, whenever a problem presents itself Bob runs away," says Deena. "He's not the type to stick around when the going gets tough.

"This time around, his hurt is so deep he simply doesn't know what to do with himself and only runs across the road across from Viv. This has to be a good sign," adds Deena.

Domestic trouble and strife isn't a worry for Deena 48, who is happily married to musician Steve Grant and mother to 10- year-old William. The multi-talented actress has a musical background of her own, having started her career in theatre before being a backing singer for Alan Price.

Most recently, Deena stepped through the immortal portals of Stars In Their Eyes as Dolly Parton, alongside Emmerdale co- star Tony Audenshaw's Kenny Rogers.

"What wonderful fun that was," recalls Deena.

"I really did enjoy myself even though I thought my wig made me look more like Lily Savage's drag half- sister."

Although the couple won the talent show, Deena is doubtful about whether a recording career lies on the horizon.

"I've always oohed and aahed in the background but I don't think I'd want to be out front," she says. "Performing to a live audience is really terrifying. Besides, after winning Stars In Their Eyes, I couldn't concentrate on my lines - my head was in the clouds for days."

Deena remains hopeful Viv and Bob will live happily ever after.

"I'm sure there will be a rainbow at the end of all this trouble," she says. "They're made for each other."

Mar 29 2003

Soap watch

David Alexander

Emmerdale SELF-HELP classes, brainless ideas and Viv with a pair of scissors cutting up Bob's suit (with Bob luckily not inside it at the time). It's a normal week in Emmerdale.

Oh, and of course, a Cry For Help in the traditional soap style, involving Donna, a drinking game and a handful of pills ... or not.

Will she survive? Will it make Bob and Viv put things into perspective?

Meanwhile, has Jack found the bottle to ask Diane out? Hold on, is that someone else going to do the same? Oh dear...

And Marlon and Tricia have cause to wonder if another Dingle baby is what the world needs right now. They have to ask?

Upcoming Episode Spoilers

© Yorkshire Television

Week Beginning Monday 31st March 2003

MONDAY: Viv shares her troubles with strangers to Bob’s horror
TUESDAY: Marlon and Tricia await the results of their pregnancy test
WEDNESDAY: Bob decides to have it out with Viv’s lover
THURSDAY: Donna is rushed to hospital after a drinking bout
FRIDAY: -Viv is concerned for her daughters health as her behaviour seems out of control

Episode 3406 MONDAY 31 MARCH 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Still at a loss as to how to get her marriage back on track, Viv realises that she must change and enrols for a self-help class to improve her blunt manner.

But she hasn’t planned on the councillors uncovering some deep routed anxiety that could ultimately be responsible for her rocky relationships with men.

Viv is desperate to tell Bob about her progress, but Bob is horrified to learn that his wife has decided to tell a group of strangers all about their disastrous marriage.

To make matters worse, she proceeds to tell him that she’d like him to join her for the next session!

But while everybody believes Bob will get over Viv’s infidelity, he is not so sure. He confides in Dawn that he is still disheartened and admits he doesn’t think his relationship with Viv will ever recover.

Debbie has been on cloud nine since her day at Home Farm with Charity. Emily is quick to bring her back down to earth, though, with her responsibilities at home.

Emily does her best to be happy for Debbie’s blossoming relationship with her mother, but is surprised by Charity’s sudden flexibility towards her daughter.

Newlyweds Dawn and Terry are horrified to discover that they have unintentionally given their new neighbours Marlon and Tricia sleepless nights.

But Tricia clearly has more on her plate than a sleepless night and takes Dawn aside to confide a secret.

Elsewhere in the village its Victoria’s birthday and Jack struggles to compete with the present Walter, her imaginary friend, gave her.

Episode 3407 TUESDAY 1 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Its April fool’s day and Terry is far from impressed when he finds Marlon has been playing pranks at his expense.

Meanwhile Viv tries to practice her self-help techniques on passers by. It doesn’t quite have the desired effect, however, and Tricia fobs her off thinking that she has finally lost the plot.

Bob has reluctantly agreed to attend Viv’s new classes in the hope it will cure her personality defect.

As the session begins, though, he gets cold feet when all the ‘positive energy’ becomes too much. Realising it isn’t for him, Bob storms out much to Viv’s horror.

Things don’t improve when Viv arrives home only to discover that Donna has a new piercing. Will Viv’s anger management pay dividends?

Tricia’s attempts to find out is she is pregnant don’t go as planned as she mistakenly drops the test down the toilet.

Marlon gets a shock when he finds the empty pregnancy kit packaging discarded at home. Convinced it is Terry’s idea of a practical joke he goes to investigate, but is confused when his pal knows nothing about it.

When he catches up with Tricia she has had more success with the second test and Marlon is keen to find out the result. But will it be baby news or baby blues for the unsuspecting couple?

Having spent the evening with Diane celebrating Victoria’s birthday, Jack is not sure where he stands. Unbeknown to him Diane is starting to ask herself the very same question.

Later that evening they both tiptoe around each other in the Woolpack, neither bold enough to pluck up the courage to question how the other feels.

Episode 3408 WEDNESDAY 02 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Bob gets a harebrained idea and convinces himself that he could perhaps forgive Viv if he knew that Matti the limo-driver was a womaniser.

He and Terry book the unsuspecting chauffeur to take them for a “drive” while Bob gets menacing and interrogates him over his behaviour.

As they embark on the drive form hell, Matti fears for his life as Bob gives him the third degree over his love life hoping the he will admit to being a serial adulterer.

But Matti doesn’t have the answers that Bob is looking for and he is left resorting to desperate measures to understand Viv’s actions!

Marlon and Tricia sit down to re-evaluate their lives and plans for the future after the results of the pregnancy test.

All the baby talk has got them thinking and they decide a new edition to the Dingles’ wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Meanwhile in the Woolpack Jack has plucked up the courage to ask Diane out on a date, but just before he can pop the question someone else jumps in before him and he is amazed when she accepts.

Episode 3409 THURSDAY 03 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Viv can’t believe her ears when Bob tells her their marriage is over and walks out the door for good.

She is distraught and quickly forgets everything she has learnt in her self-help sessions – picking up a pair of scissors and taking them with a vengeance to one of Bob’s suits!

Absorbed in her own problems, Viv hasn’t noticed the effect that her strife is having on those around her and fails to spot Donna sneak out a load of alcohol from the shop.

As the youngsters gather down by the pavilion to play spin the bottle, Donna has decided to escape the marital problems at home and is determined to drown her sorrows.

She doesn’t take kindly to rejection, however, and as the game continues she consumes more and more alcohol despite Katie’s warning to slow down.

Unconcerned by Katie’s words, Donna sinks her drink at a pace before passing out – claiming to have taken some pills.

Elaine is quick to drag Viv from the depths of despair as she informs her they have had to call an ambulance for Donna.

As the crowds gather around the cricket pavilion, Donna is stretchered into the ambulance unconscious.

Amongst the crowds Viv and Bob’s eyes meet - their own problems suddenly seeming so insignificant.

When all the panic dies down Jack finds a moment alone with Diane. Once again he plucks up the courage to ask her about her intentions for him and is surprised by the answer!

With their thoughts turning to the idea of starting a family, Marlon and Tricia think about the implications.

Marlon is worried about money as he can only just about cover Tricia’s spending habits as it is. Realising that must change, he decides he will need a pay rise if they are going to have an edition to the family.


Episode 3410 FRIDAY 04 APRIL 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Having been discharged from the hospital after a night of observation, Donna surfaces with the hangover from hell.

Luckily suffering from nothing more than a sore head from all the booze, Viv and Bob confront Donna about her actions, berating her for drinking heavily and telling everyone she had taken some pills.

Donna can’t explain why she told everyone she had taken an overdose, but her cry for help seems to have worked.

Viv and Bob are speaking again and have agreed to try to get the family back on track - until he finds his wedding suit torn to shreds in the bin. Will things ever go right for the couple again?

It’s payday for Mack as Syd hands over his share of the money from the building work at the Marsdens.

Knowing full well that he owes his whole wage packet to Turner, Mack turns a blind eye to his responsibilities and goes to the pub instead.

But unfortunately for Mack, Turner is lying in wait in the pub and demands to know where his overdue rent is. Not wanting to part with the cash, Mack lies and claims that he is still penniless.

Still feeling sorry for him, Edna finds out there is work that needs to be done on the village hall roof and is convinced it will be the answer to all his worries.

Elsewhere in the village Debbie has been busy all afternoon making a present. Emily is chuffed when she thinks it’s for her until Debbie reveals it’s for Charity.

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