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Week Beginning Sunday 16th February 2003


SUNDAY: Terry’s teen girlfriend causes quite a stir
MONDAY: - Terry and Dawn make a shock announcement
TUESDAY: - Bob plots to sabotage his daughter’s plans
THURSDAY: - Nicola falls for Mack’s womanising charms
FRIDAY: - Trouble builds at the Tate’s over Debbie

Episode 3376


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm (Scotland viewers please check your regional times for this episode)

Fresh from a break in Spain, courtesy of Bob's ex-wife - Terry returns to the village with a new romantic interest in tow.

But Louise, who has also returned from her holiday is surprised and uncomfortable to discover that she is half his age!

Gossip of Terry's holiday romance spreads like wildfire - The Woolpack is a hive of activity as the local's make assumptions.

Bob is quick to criticise those who are being judgmental, happy that his pal has met someone special - until he realises that the woman on Terry's arm is a very familiar face.

Viv is far from impressed when she learns Chloe and Scott are back together, branding her a hussy she is quick to remind him of her infidelity. But Chloe is in no mood to suffer Viv's wrath and tells her to stick her job.

Chloe walking out is the least of Viv's problems, as she still hasn't seen any sign of the eternity ring she swallowed, despite eating bucket loads of prunes.

Syd is upbeat about the prospect of starting his own business, while unemployed Mack is quick to put him down, mocking his entrepreneurial efforts.

Episode 3377


EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Bob is struggling to comprehend that Terry has brought his teenage daughter, Dawn, back from Spain as his girlfriend.

Knowing full well that Terry was in love with Louise - he finds it hard to believe that he could change his mind to rapidly!

Naturally protective over his daughter, things go from bad to worse for Bob, when Dawn makes a shock announcement!

Bob is flabbergasted and, not hiding his thoughts, he resolves to put her on the next plane home to her mother. Until, that is, the entrance of another familiar face causes an even bigger stir!

As all hell breaks loose in the Woolpack, Scott tries to disperse the gathering crowds by inviting them back to his.

But nothing could persuade Edna and Nicola to give up their ringside seats as the sparks begin to fly in the pub.

Meanwhile Viv tries to cheer Bob up as she proudly admits she has finally managed to pass her eternity ring - thankfully in pristine condition!

However Bob is far from impressed as he has other more pressing issues on his mind - like running Terry out of town.

Episode 3378


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

With their relationship under scrutiny Terry and Dawn are determined to show the village how serious they are about one another.

Terry's first port of call is the church, where he asks Ashley to marry them. A little taken aback by his urgency, Ashley suggests they attend pre-marital sessions first.

Deliriously happy, Terry agrees to the sessions as Ashley confirms he can keep his side of the bargain and marry them in three weeks.

Time is now ticking for Bob, and with only weeks to stop the marriage he decides to try another tact. He ditches rage and scare tactics and decides to become the father she never had, hoping he will win her round.

In the meantime, Bob's current wife Viv and ex-wife Jean prepare to do battle as they argue over him.

Egged on by Scott and Syd, Mack decides to have a bit of fun with Nicola in the Woolpack.

Secretly flattered by all the attention, Nicola plays hard-to-get, which encourages Mack to pester her more.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Scott put their relationship troubles behind them and decide to give it another go, as she moves back in to Pear Tree Cottage more permanently.

Episode 3379


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

When Mack asks Nicola out on a date, she has high hopes that her disastrous love life is set to change!

But when Turner collars Mack and cleans him out of cash for rent arrears at the B&B - suddenly the prospect of a date look slim to none.

However Nicola is determined not to let this penniless builder get away and offers to pay for the date - to which Mack gratefully obliges.

With the aid of several vodka's, she begins to see womanising Mack in a whole new light, despite Rodney's warnings to stay away.

It doesn't take long for Mack to persuade Nicola to take him home - but will she still see him as prince charming in the morning?

Jean takes her daughter aside for a heart to heart. But Dawn isn't for listening and makes her intentions clear, insisting she wants to make a new life with Terry in Emmerdale.

Secretly plotting to sabotage the wedding, Bob is later annoyed when it appears his only ally Jean has accepted the marriage.

Convinced that all their plans are falling into place, Terry and Dawn are upbeat as they make their wedding plans, but it is all too much for Bob when Terry asks him to be the best man!

Lisa and Laurel are working themselves to the bone in Pollard's factory - but have hardly made a dent in the huge workload.

But despite Lisa's protests, Pollard's refuses to consider taking on extra staff - more concerned with deadlines and huge profit.

Episode 3380


EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

At Home Farm Chris' insecurities about Charity are fuelled, as he realises that Zoe knew that Debbie was Charity's child and didn't tell him.

Meanwhile Charity's concerns are elsewhere, as she can't wait for Pat to recover and be released from hospital so that Debbie will be out of her life forever.

Pat, however, is seemingly getting worse, not better, and Emily wonders whether they should prepare Debbie for the worst case scenario.

The path of love never runs smoothly for Nicola as she wakes up in bed alone. With Mack long gone, she feels deflated as she has been taken for granted again.

To make matters worse she has a hangover, late for work, and is going to have to face public humiliation, not to mention the wrath of Zoe!

Scott is impressed by Mack but Syd is concerned that he may not have let her down gently, remembering the right hook she delivered to him at the end of their brief relationship.

Syd soon has other matters to think about, though, when Jack tells him he has won the contract for the building work at the Reynolds house.

Being in-charge of his first building project is suddenly a daunting task for Syd and he realises he will need to recruit some staff fast!

Hoping Mack will jump at the chance, Syd is stunned when his work-mate decides to play hard-to-get.

Lisa finally gets her way and convinces Pollard they are run off their feet in the factory. They are relieved when he agrees employ some extra staff.

And Louise is determined to put the horrific stalking ordeal behind her, as the coroner's court finally declare an open verdict on Ray's death.

15th February 2003 - Click here for the Sun's Guide to This Week's Soaps
Bob, his daughter Dawn and Terry

Daily Record 15th February 2003


Julie Maccaskill

... SOAP of the week

EMMERDALE, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, ITV, 7.00pm

TERRY (John Hallam) returns from holiday with a new woman this week, and of course, nothing is simple.

It transpires that his new woman is Dawn, Bob's (Antony Audenshaw) teenage daughter. And when her mother turns up, even more mayhem ensues.

All hell breaks loose when the pair decide to get married and ask Ashley (John Middleton) to perform the ceremony.

Ashley agrees if they consent to a course of pre-marriage sessions at the church.

Bob then has three weeks to stop it going ahead. The question is, will he succeed?

Mack (Rob Dixon) seduces Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), but in the morning she doesn't quite see him as Prince Charming as she is hungover, late for work and feels the wrath of Zoe (Leah Bracknell).

Radio Times 15th February 2003

Soaps by Alison Graham


We don't like Terry. We never have. And this week all our suspicions about his fundamentally creepy nature are justified when he comes back from Spain with a very young woman in tow. The unfortunate doxy turns out to be daft Bob's daughter, and Bob is, quite rightly, furious at seeing his offspring in the clutches of such a weirdo.

Worse, Terry and this young woman plan to marry in three weeks' time. Bob is determined to put a stop to such madness. (Bob, you should have a word with Richard in Coronation Street...)


Emmerdale is Finland's top foreign show
Emmerdale is Finnish TV's top foreign programme, even beating programmes like Sex And The City....
story date: 14/02/2003

BBC Puresoap 11th February 2003

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18 Feb - 3 Mar: it shall come to pass
Used and abused...
Nicola feels used by Mac after their passionate one night stand. (Well, if you let them use you, love, what can you expect?)
Emily's distraught when foster child Debbie's removed by social services. Her 'mum' Pat's died.
But Charity doesn't want anything to do with her long lost daughter either. Paddy and Emily are shocked.
This whole parenting mess makes Zoe question her decision to have baby Jean adopted.
Also, Lisa organises a strike at the factory.




Emmerdale fan card for Lisa Riley who played Mandy Dingle

THE dumped wife of Emmerdale star Lisa Riley's new lover broke down last night and said: "I can't believe he's left me for that fat bird off the telly."

Pretty florist Jayne Holly, 41, was devastated when her husband Nick ran off with the roly-poly soap actress. Opening her heart for the first time, she told The People: "Lisa destroyed me. I'm utterly humiliated.

"How can you forgive a woman for stealing your husband and taking your children's father away?"

Trim blonde Jayne continued: "I didn't think in a million years he would fancy her. Nick likes slim blondes. I don't understand it and I've hardly slept.

"This is so hard for the children. They're very angry with their father."

She added: "I'm not after revenge. I just want to put my side of the story."

Jayne's world fell apart last week when artist Nick, 35, told her he had fallen for Lisa, 26.

They met while she was in panto in Swansea.

He left Jayne and their children aged 12 and eight, to live with the You've Been Framed presenter in Manchester.

Jayne said: "He'd been acting strange, then stayed out all night. I asked him if he was seeing someone else and he admitted it.

"He wouldn't give me her name at first.

"I went through all the cast members - but I never thought it would be flipping Lisa Riley."

Radio Times 8th February 2003

Soaps by Alison Graham


Tricia attempts to do what is surely impossible this week by springing a surprise wedding on the hapless Marlon. Their previous attempt failed, but will this dream be realised at last?

Marlon, the poor sap, is clueless and thrown into panic when his tarty, prospective mother-in-law Steph tries to measure him up for his wedding suit. Steph is so orange she could light up a zebra crossing, so perhaps Marlon should just run away whenever he sees a faint glow in the sky - it's bound to be Steph.

Anyway, the guests are gathered and the bride is waiting - but will the unwitting groom turn up?

The Sun's Weekly guide to Emmerdale 8th February 2003

Emmerdale Surprise - Click here for the Sun's Complete Soap Guide


Weekdays ITV

TRICIA is ecstatic when the surprise Valentine’s Day wedding she’s organised for her and Marlon goes like a dream.

Marlon is over the moon to accept the sudden proposal and stunned to discover that almost everyone in the village is there for the ceremony.

But, as always in soap, the wedding has a few last-minute hitches.

“Marlon is really moved,” says Mark Charnock, who plays the gobsmacked groom. “He loves Tricia very much and he still regrets that their first ‘wedding’ went wrong. But he never had an inkling Tricia was going to get it so right second time. He’s in heaven.”

At the start of the week, Marlon hasn’t the slightest idea that Tricia is planning anything.

But it’s almost all for nothing when Rodney opens his wedding invitation in front of Marlon.

Luckily he manages to pass it off as a Valentine’s card. “Then, Marlon almost catches Paddy practising his best man’s speech,” says Mark.

“But Paddy pretends to Marlon that he’s writing a romantic message for Emily.”

Meanwhile, Bob offers to throw a stag night for Marlon, without letting him know what they’re really celebrating. Marlon is surprised when all the men in the village seem to want to buy him drinks.

“Even when a stripper arrives, Marlon doesn’t know it’s been organised for him,” says Mark.

“They pretend it’s all for Sam’s birthday. By the end of the evening he’s so drunk he doesn’t even notice when Ashley mentions the ‘big day on Friday’.

“And he still doesn’t twig when Steph asks him to try on a suit she’s ‘altering for a friend’. She’s really making sure his wedding suit fits, but he panics that she’s coming on to him again. When she goes to take his inside leg measurement, he calls a halt and gets rid of her.”

In the meantime, Tricia realises that she hasn’t got enough money to pay for all the wedding bills and is deeply upset when she is forced to sell her expensive dress.

On the day itself, the villagers try to keep Marlon and Tricia apart. Marlon is determined to tell Tricia her mother is trying to wreck their relationship again, but he never gets the chance.

Diane has him busy preparing food for a special Valentine’s party, which of course is really for his wedding.

Tricia is overjoyed when Steph buys her expensive dress back for her and, with everything finally in place, Paddy tells Marlon it’s time for Tricia’s Valentine’s surprise, puts a blindfold on him and escorts him to the church.

“Marlon is very puzzled,” says Mark. “At the church, Paddy ushers him inside and takes off his blindfold to reveal Tricia waiting, looking beautiful in her lovely wedding dress. He gives Marlon his suit to change into.

“He is astonished. Tricia asks him if he’ll give her another chance and marry her. He is overcome with emotion but happily accepts.

“Marlon is just delighted as he and Tricia tie the knot. At the reception he thanks everyone for helping make him and Tricia so happy. And Steph explains to him that she was only trying to get his suit to fit.

“He just has one surprise of his own to reveal - a hot air balloon that he had planned as his Valentine’s Day surprise for Tricia. The happy couple sail up, up and away.”

Also this week:

Charity finds out that Pat is ill.
Andy is jealous when Stephen takes Katie to the photography museum in Bradford.
Ollie tries to make a fresh start.
Wilf decides to quit the farm.
Scott and Chloe get back together.

Tricia and Marlon say "I Do"

Pure Soap 8th February 2003

Sheree plans for new arrival

Sheree Murphy

Sheree Murphy, who plays Emmerdale barmaid Tricia Stokes, is looking forward to the arrival of her baby this summer.
But she says soap bosses haven't written her pregnancy into the Emmerdale script.

Sheree and her husband, Leeds United striker Harry Kewell, already have a son, Taylor, who was born in 2001.

She told The Daily Mirror's The Look magazine: "Harry was desperate for another baby. It was a shock to discover I was pregnant again so soon, but we're thrilled."

She added: "I don't enjoy being pregnant. With Taylor I was physically sick all the time. This time I felt I was dying. I am finally starting to enjoy it, but I can't say I'm blooming. It's hard to feel sexy in support bras and maternity knickers, but Harry boosts my confidence."

Sheree doesn't feel she has much in common with the stars of the ITV1 drama Footballers' Wives.

She added: "I watch that and laugh. I admit we have the money to be able to buy lovely things, but life just isn't that glamorous. I have very little to do with the football side of things and don't really socialise with the other wives because I'm always at work. As for the affairs with the chairman...I've only said hello to him once!"

This Is Bradford 8th February 2003

Actor enjoys his 'Second Coming'

ONCE every five years a script drops through the letterbox of Cononley actor Peter Armitage that he finds impossible to refuse.

ITV's drama "The Second Coming" was one of them.

In the drama, Peter plays Frank Baxter, whose son, Steve, finds out he is the next Messiah.

"It's about a man who works in a video store, who's not very successful with women, and so on, who gets chosen to be the next Christ," he said.

"I play his father, whose wife left him 10 years before and is a very bitter single parent. He is a bit of a `ducker and diver' and is in the pub a lot!"

Peter said that the drama, shot in a documentary style, was more irreligious than religious.

"It isn't going to offend anyone," he said. "The message is that if you're going to play God, then you start having to think about your actions.

"This Messiah doesn't do miracles, except to get attention. It is more of a wake-up call."

Steve is sent to tell mankind that they must write their own Third Testament or face Judgement Day, but struggles to convince everyone he is what he says he is.

Eventually he performs a miracle, turning night into day at Manchester City football ground.

The drama was shot over the summer and stars Christopher Eccleston in the principal role, and Lesley Sharp as his girlfriend.

Written by Russell T Davies, writer of the Queer as Folk series and Bob and Rose, it was directed by Adrian Shergold. It has already received good reviews from two out of three of the critics on BBC Two's Late Review.

"Every so often a script drops through your letterbox and you think, this is a bit different and the story line is so good, you want to be involved with it," said Peter.

"I am proud to be part of the whole thing. It is a combined effort and everybody worked hard on this. We worked late some nights, knowing it was an important piece. As a piece of drama we all thought it was worth doing."

Peter has been a familiar face on the screen this winter starring in Emmerdale and is due to finish on the soap on March. He also starred recently in Fat Friends and Holby City.

The Second Coming starts on Sunday at 9pm with the concluding part the following night at the same time.

© Yorkshire Television

Printed with kind permission of the Emmerdale Press Office

Week Beginning Monday 10th February 2003


MONDAY 7PM: Jarvis gets a blast form the past
MONDAY 7:30PM: - Edna worries that Jarvis mind is not strictly on the dance competition
TUESDAY: - Marlon’s stag do
THURSDAY: - Marlon is worried Steph is up to her old tricks
FRIDAY: - Tricia and Marlon’s Valentine wedding

Episode 3371: MONDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm 1 hour in length

With the National Dance competition looming, both Edna and Jarvis are plagued by nervous.

As memories come flooding back, Jarvis is apprehensive about the finals, as he has never entered a competition without his beloved ex-dance partner Freda.

Jarvis has had some of the best moments of his life on the dance floor and hopes dancing with Edna isn’t going to be an anticlimax. Little does he know the next couple of days are going to be more eventful than ever!

Edna feels deflated when a familiar face from Jarvis’s past turns up. With his attention elsewhere, she realises she will be competing in more that just a dance competition.

Meanwhile Jarvis seems to be having the time of his life catching up on old times, leaving Edna with no choice but to go to bed early.

Charity finds excuses to visit the vets surgery to see if Debbie is around, but when Paddy tells her she is staying with her sick mother, she tries to cover her concern.

Paddy is left confused by Charity’s sudden interest in Debbie, he shrugs it off and goes back to his work.

Keeping the wedding a secret from Marlon is proving to be more difficult than Tricia initially thought. Having cleverly disguised her wedding invitations as Valentine’s cards, she hopes she can pull it off.

Meanwhile in the Woolpack, Rodney nearly lets the cat out of the bag when he proudly flaunts his card in front of Marlon.

Diane is quick to rescue the card, before Rodney reads out the contents to the groom to be!

Tricia is tearful at the prospect of having to sell her wedding dress to raise extra funds for the wedding.

With everyone acting so strangely, Marlon thinks everyone’s gone mad when Paddy jumps out of his skin and drops all his paper work all over the floor.

Little does Marlon he has stumbled across his own best man’s speech as Paddy scrambles about trying to pick up the mess.

Episode 3372: MONDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2003 at 7:30pm

The morning after the night before, Edna is forced to face brunch alone as Jarvis hasn’t surfaced from his heavy night’s drinking with an old friend.

Annoyed as all the competitors are assembling for the finals, Edna notices the woman that Jarvis was so drawn to the evening before.

When Jarvis finally surfaces, he is full of tales of his ex dance partner Freda, whom he met last night.

Edna worries about their performance, as his mind is not strictly on the competition.

But puppy eyed Jarvis is set for another emotional fall as far as Freda is concerned and Edna can see it coming.

Will she be there to pick up the pieces, or will she leave him to make a fool of himself?

Bob relishes the task of getting Marlon to his stag do, now all he’s got to work out is how

to pull the wool over his eyes, so he doesn’t twig.

Meanwhile Marlon is worried that Steph is up to her old tricks as she tries to get him into a

suit and wants to take his inside leg measurement!

Not buying her far fetched story about doing alterations for a distant cousin, Marlon is sure

she has set her sights on him again and vows to tell Tricia what she’s been up to.

As the Reynolds move their stuff into Jacob’s Fold, it becomes apparent that they are

going to have to lighten their load.

Ollie takes on the emotional task of sifting through her mother’s belongings deciding what to give to charity and what to keep.

Episode 3373: TUESDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

The village is a hive of activity as the final preparations are under way for Tricia and Marlon’s Valentine wedding.

Things have gone to plan so far and Marlon is still none the wiser to the events that are about to unfold. He is more concerned by Steph’s strange behaviour.

Convinced she is up to her old tricks, Marlon has plucked up the courage to tell Tricia and is determined to get to the bottom of her fishy behaviour.

Meanwhile the villagers are struggling to keep the groom to be in one place, but after a few alcoholic bribes, a well-lubricated Marlon settles in for a night at the pub.

Little does he know he’s in for a little more than the average night at the boozer – as Rodney has organised a stripper of his stag night!

Tricia is distraught as she admits to Turner that she has sold her wedding dress to contribute to escalating costs.

Steph is proud as her daughter puts on a brave face, admitting she’d be happy to walk down the aisle in her dressing gown if she had to.

As the Estate Manager to the Tates’ land, Jack is forced to sit down with Wilf Butler to discuss the repayments of his rent arrears.

Having done everything in his power to stop the Butler’s being evicted from the land, Jack

is deeply disappointed when Wilf explains he plans to quit the farm and move on.

It’s a fresh start for Ollie and Len as they unpack their belongings in their new home. Gradually coming to terms with her loss, Ollie smiles as she places a framed photo of Angie on the mantle piece.


Episode 3374: THURSDAY 13 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Marlon wakes up with a sore head, but the already dull ache is made worse when he realises he still hasn’t told Tricia about Steph’s advances.

A hangover from hell doesn’t help his paranoia, as Marlon is more convinced than ever that Steph is up to no good, as she kept trying to get him drunk last night.

Confiding in Paddy, Marlon expresses his fears that Steph is trying to split him and Tricia up again.

Paddy does his best to reassure his friend, that although Steph is acting out of sorts he has nothing to worry about and persuades him to keep his trap shut for now!

Meanwhile Tricia has her own dilemma, having sold her dress to pay for the wedding, she decides she has nothing to wear, as she despairs at her wardrobe.

It’s the road to independence for Andy as he passes his driving test. Eager to share his news with Katie he rushes home only to find she is out with Stephen.

Chloe and Scott seem to be spending more and more time together, but are both in denial that their feelings for each other are strong again.

Bob is determined to inject a little romance it to their relationship, organising a candle lit dinner for himself and Viv.

Wanting the perfect setting to give his beloved an eternity ring, Bob orders champagne and discretely drops the ring into the bottom of her glass.

As they raise their glasses to toast their relationship, Viv gets a lump in her throat – butnot the emotional kind, as she swallows the ring!

Episode 3375: FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Its Valentines Day and Marlon wakes to find a card on the doormat from Tricia. As he opens the card, he realises what a special girl he has, wanting nothing to come between them.

Despite all Paddy’s warning not to upset Tricia, Marlon is more determined to speak to Tricia about Steph before it is too late!

However Tricia is no where to be found, as she is getting ready for the wedding in the Woolpack back room.

It’s the icing on the cake for Tricia, when Steph turns up with an early wedding present to make her day complete.

Things are finally falling into place for Tricia - All she has to worry about now is whether Marlon will say yes.

Meanwhile in the Woolpack, it is time for Tricia’s Valentines surprise. Diane holds Marlon down as Paddy blindfolds him.

As they bundle him into the church, he takes off his blindfold to see Tricia – every inch the radiant bride. Convinced he’s dreaming, he has to pinch himself to see if he’s awake!

As he opens his eyes, Tricia is still standing there staring straight back at him. Unable to take the suspense the entire congregation, who have been listening at the door burst in.

But Tricia and Marlon are oblivious to the rapidly increasing audience as they share a passionate kiss.

After the service, Marlon is relieved as all the strange behaviour suddenly makes sense. Who else could have would insist on a cake made of marshmallow for a Valentine’s party?

Just when Tricia thinks all the secrecy is over, Marlon reveals he too has a Valentine’s surprise up his sleeve – one that will allow the happy couple to sail off into the sunset in style!

Teletext Diary 5th/6th February 2003

After Steve Halliwell needed a break
from the village, so Zak Dingle has
left for South Ammerica. However, the
show wants Zak back later this year.

"There's nothing we'd like better
than to see Zak come back from his
trip," says an Emmerdale insider.

But Steve is determined to enjoy his
hiatus from the soap. "I know the door
is open," he says. Meantime,
much-loved Betty Eagleton (Paula
Tilbrook) will be back this month.
Paula has also needed a break.


You can expect a few Valentine's Day
surprises in Emmerdale. The biggest
will be Tricia and Marlon tying the
knot - which he doesn't know yet.

Poor old Tricia (Sheree Murphy) has a
a lot of organising to do before she
shocks Marlon into saying "I Do."
Her mum Steph (Lorraine Chase) is
roped in to help with the plan.

"She's going to lure Marlon to the
church on false pretences," says
Sheree. "It's a lovely will-they-
won't-they storyline."


There must be some mistake, surely?
Andy Sugden has had a great run of
good luck - but the writers have
come up with new woes for the lad.

There's jealously when his girlfriend
talks to another guy and he gets a
letter from his murderer dad.

One possible developement is that
Andy visits his Dad in prison. "It
would be far more affective than for
him to push it to the back of his
mind," says Kelvin Fletcher, who
plays Andy.


Emmerdale fans might feel confused
if they are also followers of
Heartbeat. It returns in a few weeks
with a familliar face.

New bobby on the beat PC Steve Crane
is being played by James Carlton.
Fans will recognise him as the actor
who played the village gay odd-job
man Jason Kirk, who left last year.

James was in Emmerdale for two years
before moving on. "It's the way telly
works," says an Emmerdale insider.
" James is shrewd and a fine actor."


Emmerdale star denies assault charge

Emmerdale star James Hooton has denied assaulting a teenaged girl during a court appearance.

Hooton, 29, who plays simple-minded Sam Dingle in the soap, appeared at Leeds Magistrates' Court charged with assaulting 19-year-old Lisa-Marie Campbell in a kebab shop in Leeds on January 31
The actor, of Tinshill Avenue, Cookridge, Leeds, spoke only to confirm his name, age, address and to deny the allegation of common assault during the short hearing.
The case was adjourned until March 26 for a pre-trial review, and Hooton was remanded on unconditional bail.

A spokesman for Emmerdale said: "We will be talking to James, but the matter is now in the hands of the police.

" We won't and can't say anything further until the matter has been dealt with by the courts."


Orange Today: Emmerdale star in court on assault charge

Emmerdale star James Hooton has denied assaulting a teenage girl as he appeared in court.

Hooton, 29, who plays Sam Dingle in the soap, appeared at Leeds Magistrates' Court charged with assaulting 19-year-old Lisa-Marie Campbell in a kebab shop in Leeds on January 31.

The actor, of Tinshill Avenue, Cookridge, Leeds, spoke only to confirm his name, age, address and to deny the allegation of common assault.

The case was adjourned until March 26 for a pre-trial review, and Hooton was remanded on unconditional bail.

A spokesman for Emmerdale said: "We will be talking to James, but the matter is now in the hands of the police.

"We won't and can't say anything further until the matter has been dealt with by the courts."

Story filed: 13:22 Wednesday 5th February 2003

The Mirror Online


Feb 5 2003

EXCLUSIVE PART TWO: How fat jibes drove Lisa to edge of despair

By Jenny Johnston and Nick Webster

IT'S hard to know whether to laugh or cry. Lisa Riley is telling the story of how she used to turn to the internet to find love - posing as a Lisa Riley lookalike.

"I'd always go under a false name and say I got £500 a night in Blackpool as the Lisa Riley lookalike. Well, I couldn't go on as myself could I?" she giggles. Then comes the sad sigh.

"It was never going to work, really. Even if I'd found somebody I liked, I couldn't really have done anything about it.

"Can you imagine the headlines - 'I bonked Lisa Riley after a chatroom chat'? Besides, meeting someone on the internet probably isn't a good idea. They could be a complete nutball. You have no idea how things would turn out."

She might not have got herself into a chatroom-type tangle, but Lisa Riley's love life is certainly raising eyebrows at the moment.

The actress and presenter has just started to live with her new lover - a married man who left his wife Jayne and two children for her after knowing her for just two months.

In Monday's Daily Mirror she talked openly about how she fell in love with 35-year-old Nick Holly. Today she explains why, before meeting Nick, she thought she was destined to spend the rest of her life alone.

"That might sound a bit daft since I'm only 26," says the star of You've Been Framed and Fat Friends. "But I really was starting to believe that I'd never ever find anyone to love me.

"In the past two years, I've lost my gran, my mum has had breast cancer and my dad's been diagnosed with diabetes. I went through all that on my own. Yes, I have great friends and family, but it's not the same as having someone special.

"I've been lonely. I know it's not the done thing to show that you want someone, but I do. I might go out with my mates and go home alone at the end of the night and treat it all as one big laugh, but it does hurt.

"You watch all your friends pair up and settle down and start getting married. And you've still got no one.

"You do start to wonder if you will ever find anyone. For a while there, I really thought I'd be on my own for the rest of my life. Always the entertainment - making other people happy. But never being happy myself.

"It's not about sex. I've gone for a year without having sex. It's the closeness you miss. I think my mum understands how unhappy I have been. Your mum sees a side of you that you won't show to anyone else.

"You feel a bit stupid going on to your friends about how you just want someone. You sound pathetic and desperate."

This is quite some admission from someone who has built her whole career on a bubbly, confident image.

Lisa Riley has become as famous for her determination to be herself as for her TV roles. And that determination includes sticking two fingers up at those who expect her to look a particular way.

But the famous "rhino skin" she talks about isn't quite as thick as it seems. On one level, Lisa knows her size is an asset: "At least people know who I am," she admits. "If I was just another skinny blonde lass they wouldn't remember me."

ON ANOTHER level, however, her size has brought her nothing but grief. This week's headlines have again focused on her size. "Lardy Lisa," read one.

"I've tried so hard to shrug it off. When you get pictures of yourself in the paper with the headline 'Emmerwhale', you do have to become immune. I really really don't care. But when it comes from blokes you might fancy, it is different.

"I remember this terrible situation. We were dancing around one night in Manchester and this guy who was completely gorgeous was nearby with seven or eight mates.

"He came over, and we were flirting. Then I snogged him and I looked over and all his mates were laughing. That was horrible. Am I just one big laugh, that comedy fat bird from the TV? "It made me feel desperate. It made me feel horrible. The only time I've ever wanted to be slim was to discover how men would treat me. I'd like to do it just for a day.

"I have looked at fat women in shopping centres and been consoled by the fact that they have husbands with them. It made me realise fat birds do find someone too."

Although she tells all her stories in the same self-deprecating, yet hilarious, manner, there is a definite sadness about Lisa's relationship history - or lack of it. She remembers hoping for night of passion on her birthday after a party with mates at a posh Manchester hotel.

"One of the guys was great. He would have been perfect for me. Dead sharp, very quick witted. I'd gone to bed. There was a knock on my door and there he was! But someone had left a cardigan on a chair and he thought it was mine - end of story.

"I did think I was going to get a birthday bonk at a nice hotel but it didn't happen. Story of my life."

She says she did once have a nine-month relationship with a medical student, but the affair fell apart because he was unable to cope with the constant attention that came with her job. But the only time she had been in love before meeting Nick Holly was when she fell "hook line and bloody sinker" for a handsome 23-year-old called Lee Cooper.

Early in the relationship she discovered that Cooper was not all he seemed. He had been charged with swindling old people at a residential home he managed and was eventually convicted of fraud.

Cooper's crimes were committed at Tree Tops Residential home in Barrowden, Rutland. He stole £30,000 from a couple aged 93 and 90, and £30,000 from another elderly woman. He frittered away his loot on trips to Amsterdam and Paris, and on London shopping sprees. While he was in prison, however, Lisa remained devoted to him, unaware he was boasting to fellow inmates about his relationship with her, and passing notes from her around the cells.

He even passed round photos of her ample DD curves. She, in turn, lied to everyone about their relationship, claiming that her boyfriend was living in Australia.

The experience - and humiliation she suffered - seem to have left a deep scar.

S HE says: "I thought I would never get over being hurt like that. It is devastating to discover that someone you really love is so different to the person you thought he was.

"And I was so desperate to be happy that I handled that situation all wrong. I really thought that he would be found not guilty.

"I tried to hide the truth about him from everyone. Even my mum and dad. I lied and lied to them.

"This time, when I told them about Nick being married, I could see they were concerned. When you've got my track record, that is understandable.

"My mum said that whatever happened, I should be honest with her."

Lisa's big concern now is how her very public relationship with Nick will go down with her fans.

Although she has now finished presenting You've Been Framed, she is committed to a Cold Feet-style ITV drama later this year.

She has always been supremely confident about her professional life, and has always insisted her personal problems shouldn't affect her career.

Whether she can maintain that confidence as the storm over her new love rages fiercely around her remains to be seen.

The Star - Cain We Get Married?

Cain Dingle fan card
Hunky Emmerdale actor Jeff Hordley is set to break the hearts of female soap fans by marrying his college sweetheart.

Jeff, who plays bad boy Cain Dingle in the sex-and-sheep soap, plucked up the courage to pop the question after his long-term love and former co-star Zoe Henry, 29, won a prestigious drama award.

The couple met eight years ago as students at Manchester Metropolitan University - and smitten Jeff, 31, reveals: "It was there that I saw her and realised she was the girl for me. She was the only girl in the college that I wanted to be with."

Zoe, who played country vet Rhona in the Yorkshire soap, beat off Amanda Donohoe to win a best actress award in Manchester for her role in the play Pygmalion - and loved-up Jeff promised himself he would propose if she bagged the gong.

Jeff revealed that he was nervous, but added: "Fortunately for me, she said yes."

The inseparable pair - who share homes in Saffron Waldon, Essex and a flat in Leeds - also act together in the Home Grown Theatre Group, which will stage a new production at the Library Theatre, Manchester, in April.

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CRINGE FEST OF GIRLS' SHAME NIGHTS; .. but limos and alcopop hens made compulsive telly viewing

Jan 18 2003
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THERE'S good news for evil Richard in Corrie next month when he discovers that the Bail Hostel has been ...

BBC Puresoap 4th February 2003

Click here for Soap Psychic... in Emmerdale
11 Feb - 24 Feb: it shall come to pass


As the above information will disappear from the above link on Tues 11th Feb 2003, I'm now pasting it here for archive purposes.

Copyright of course belongs to BBC and no infringement is intended

11 Feb - 24 Feb: it shall come to pass
Old flame... Jarvis bumps into his old dancing partner, Freda. It's obvious he was, and still is, a bit sweet on her. Edna's surpisingly understanding about it.
Dancing Queen!

Terry's engaged! To Bob's daughter! Double shock or what?
Terry comes back from his Spanish hols with a fiancee in tow.
But Dawn turns out to be Bob's daughter by an ex.
Viv picks a fight with Chloe.
And Lisa scores a victory over Pollard regarding working conditions.

Edna, Freda and Jarvis

Click here for The Sun Online's story
Tricia's a Dingle belle
story date: 04/02/2003

Tricia and Marlon's Valentine's wedding

Printed with kind permission of the Emmerdale Press Office

Week Beginning Monday 3rd February 2003


MONDAY: Cain blackmails Charity with her darkest secret
TUESDAY: - Charity complies with Cain’s blackmail request and gives back the deeds to their home.
WEDNESDAY: - Cain tells Debbie who her real mother is
THURSDAY: - Things erupt at Home Farm
FRIDAY: - Social services tell Debbie she must move out of the village - in Emmerdale


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Unable to pay their debt to the Tate’s, the Dingles' fear nothing short of a miracle will help save their home.

Cain’s desperate to stop his family from being evicted and thinks his luck is in when he unearths a skeleton from Charity’s past.

With blackmail in mind, the fact that she’s a Dingle by blood means nothing to Cain who intends taking drastic actions to reclaim the deeds to the house.

Later at Home Farm, Charity can’t believe her ears, when Cain drops the bombshell. With Chris in earshot, she is forced to comply with his demands, hoping he won’t learn her dark secret.

Triumphant Cain leaves, Home Farm issuing Charity with an ultimatum: she has 24 hours to do the right thing. Concealing her horror as her world falls apart, Charity is distraught.

After Angie’s death, Ollie and Len have been rattling round the Reynolds House. With Mark gone, there seems no reason to stay in such a large property.

Having agreed to sell, Ollie prepares to say goodbye to a lot of memories, both good and bad. They pack up their belongings to move to a smaller property in the village.

Stephen steps in to save the day, when Katie fails some of her mock GCSE’s. His photographic talents offer a perfect solution to help her pass her art exam, leaving Andy a little jealous that he can’t be more resourceful.

Much to the relief of everyone at Home Farm, Zoe is discharged from the clinic with positive feedback. Although she was convinced she was having a relapse, the doctors reassure her she is fine.

But the Tates’ are burdened by further bad news, that Zoe’s illness may be hereditary, leaving them fearful for Joseph and baby Jean’s future.

Meanwhile in the village, Emily’s driving skill still aren’t up to scratch as she reverses carelessly into Syd’s ladder and puts him in hospital.


EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Charity confides in Zoe as she tries to make sense of Cain’s revelation. She’s finding it hard to cope with the pressure she’s under.

Unable to believe Cain’s accusation, Zoe tries to brush off Cain’s accusation as scare tactics – but Charity is not so sure.

The more she thinks about it, the more she is convinced Debbie could be the daughter she gave up nearly 13 years ago!

Having built a marriage based on trust, friendship and business, Charity fears it may all come crashing down if Chris learns the truth about Debbie.

Desperate to keep the secret under wraps, she begs Zoe to set aside her family loyalties and not to tell Chris.

Having recently begun proceedings for adoption herself, Zoe understands her predicament and agrees.

Lisa can hardly believe her eyes when Charity visits and gives them back the deeds to the house.

Blissfully unaware of Cain’s blackmail tactics, Lisa thinks Charity has finally come to her senses and is deeply grateful.

With Syd immobile for a while, Nicola is left with baby-sitting duties. She is reluctant at first, as they haven’t seen eye to eye since he did the dirty on her.

But as they settle in for the evening, she is surprised that they are getting on better than expected, and with Syd laid up in bed – there’s no running away!

Sam survey’s his egg empire, having finally encouraged his chicken’s to lay – he has an abundant supply!

But there are only so many eggs one family can eat, so he decides to try out his entrepreneurial skills.

Emily is surprised as Sam proves to be a tough negotiator and she ends up looking forward to the prospect of omelettes for a week!


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Lisa is still puzzled and overwhelmed that their financial worries have dramatically disappeared overnight. With the Deeds to their house back in safe hands, things are beginning to look up.

Meanwhile at Home Farm, Chris is none the wiser as Charity does a great job of concealing her turmoil. He’s furious, though, when he learns she’s given the Dingles back their land.

Chris’s attempt to intimidate the Dingles backfires on Charity, when Cain decides to tell Debbie her real mother is closer than she thinks.

Debbie arrives at Home Farm in a desperate bid to meet her real mother. Just when Charity thinks the ordeal is over – she comes face to face with the girl who could be her daughter.

Having spent a few cosy evenings in with Syd, Nicola hopes they can rekindle their passion. But she mistakes Syd’s inability to move as him wanting to cuddle up to her on the sofa! How wrong she is.

When Syd suggests he’s feeling better and fancies an evening out with the lads, Nicola has other plans.

Unsteady on his feet, Syd tries to make a sharp exit. But when Nicola offers a helping hand he finds himself in a heap on the floor. He quickly realises resistance is futile!

Meanwhile, Tricia is busy rounding up the troops as she plans to pull off her surprise wedding.

Diane sneakily asks Marlon to do the catering for a Valentines Day party in the Woolpack. Little does he know he will be cooking for guests at his own wedding reception!


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

While Chris and Charity tear each other to shreds, Zoe sits with Debbie in the next room at Home Farm.

Zoe does her best to cover for Charity and diplomatically answers questions about why Charity might have lied. Debbie’s world has just fallen apart and Zoe is left trying to pick up the pieces.

Charity finally comes to her senses and realises she can’t just throw Debbie out – she deserves an explanation.

But when Debbie asks questions about her father, it is all too much for Charity and she quickly tells her he is dead.

Charity is keen to keep the truth about Debbie from the village, and takes her aside insisting this is their little secret – not even Paddy and Emily must find out.

Chris feels betrayed when he realises Zoe knew Charity had given up a baby, when she was a teenager.

Troubled, he sees his wife in a new light. He realises she’s a good liar and wonders what other skeletons she has in her closet.

With Valentine’s Day looming, Nicola is convinced she can persuade Syd to be her date.

Syd’s worried as his injuries mean he’s a sitting duck who is helpless to Nicola’s advances.

Edna decides she’ll no longer bear grudges and finally agrees to dance in the National finals, although she doubts they’ll get through the first round because she thinks Jarvis lacks grace!


EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

As the dust settles at Home Farm, Chris panics, convinced Debbie won’t keep Charity’s secret.

Determined not to let the revelations of the past days rock his world, he demands to know what Charity is going to do about the situation.

But Charity is determined to get Debbie out of her life as quickly as possible as she has no maternal feelings what so ever. She knows she will have to tread carefully or the whole village could find out!

Having agreed to meet Debbie and take her out for a drive, Charity puts on a brave face, as she prepares to let Debbie down gently.

Meanwhile Debbie’s adoptive mother, Pat has taken a turn for the worse in hospital and is asking to see her daughter.

Having bunked off school to spend the day with Charity, Debbie receives further bad news.

Social services have called to request she move closer to her adoptive mother – meaning she must leave Emmerdale.

Debbie fears she is losing her adoptive mother, but has just found Charity and is now being forced to move away. Emily mistakes her tears for remorse over Pat’s illness.

Meanwhile in the pub, Marlon is more confused than ever as he sees Diane giving Bob a Valentine’s card, and urges him to keep the contents a secret!

Having reluctantly agreed to take part in the regional dance final with Jarvis, Edna is nervous about the prospect of staying away from home, on the first anniversary of Batley’s death.

The Mirror Online: EMMERDALE STAR 'IN ASSAULT ON NURSE' Feb 3 2003

The Mirror Online: LISA RILEY ON HER NEW LEADING MAN Feb 3 2003

The Mirror Online LISA: I'M NOT A HOMEWRECKER Feb 1 2003

Lisa Riley

The Sun Online 3rd February 2003: You've been shamed

Lisa Riley
He's behind you ... Nick looks sheepish as
he and lover Lisa emerge from her home

Click here for full story in The Sun

The Sun 3rd February 2003: Dingle 'yob' faces probe

Click here for story in The Sun Online

1st February 2003 - Manchester News: Emmerdale star's affair with married man

TV star Lisa Riley is having an affair with a married father-of-two she met while she starred in pantomime.

Lisa, 26, has been branded a home- wrecker by artist Nick Holly's wife Jayne who said she was shocked to discover he was having an affair with the Emmerdale actress.

Mrs Holly is reported to have said: "I might have understood if it had been some leggy 21-year-old blonde but Lisa Riley? I thought, `Good God', you could have knocked me down with a feather.

"Nick's not a big chap - he only weighs about 10 stone and is 5ft 5ins."

Nick, 35, left his wife of 13 years and two children, Sam, 12, and daughter Alys, eight, when he fell for the TV star.

When the couple started the affair they kept it a secret for the sake of Nick's family but he has now left the council house in Swansea he shared with his family and is staying at Lisa's home in Tottington, near Bury.

The secret affair had been going on for nearly a month and Nick finally left his wife on Monday.

Lisa said the couple's main concern was Nick's children. She is reported to have said: "People have got have hurt and that's not good but we want to be together more than anything."

The affair started when actress Lisa played the ring mistress in Goldilocks during its five-and-a-half-week run in Swansea. Mrs Holly started to believe her husband was up to something when he would come home in the early hours of the morning after performances.

Nick was working as a stage hand at the Grand Theatre.

Speaking from her home in Wales, she added: "I asked him straight if he'd found someone else and he admitted he had.

"He wouldn't give me her name at first.

"But when he did finally come out with it I couldn't believe it."

Lisa was unavailable for comment.

Someone at her home said through the letterbox that the You've Been Framed host didn't want to say anything.

[Just as a sidenote Lisa hasn't been in Emmerdale since 2001 - 20 July 1995, one episode, October 1995, 26 December 1995- Summer 2000,
6-16 November 2001 - SheWolf]

Pure Soap 1st February 2003

Lisa falls for married man

Lisa Riley

Emmerdale favourite Lisa Riley, who played Mandy Dingle, has confessed to falling in love with a married man.
The real life love affair sounds like a soap plot, but Lisa insists that she is not a "homewrecker", despite married Nick Holly leaving his wife and two kids to be with her.
Lisa says she and Nick, who was married to Jayne for 13 years, are worried about the effect on the children, but want to be together more than anything else.
Speaking in today's Daily Mirror, Lisa says: "People have got hurt and that's not good, but we want to be together more than anything."
Lisa met her forbidden love while she was playing in the Goldilocks and the Three Bears panto in Swansea over Christmas.
Artist Nick was earning extra money by working as a stage hand and their love blossomed as the two got to know each other.
Lisa also revealed she will be leaving her You've Been Framed home video clip show to concentrate on her acting career.

The Sun Online - This Week in Emmerdale 1st February 2003

Charity, Debbie and Cain

Weekdays ITV1

CHARITY is shocked when Cain confronts her with proof that Debbie is her long-lost daughter.

He forces Charity to return the deeds to the Dingles’ home after showing her Debbie’s precious photo of her. Charity hopes this means Chris will never discover her dark secret, but Debbie wants to meet her mother and the truth comes out anyway.

“Charity is stunned when she sees herself aged 13,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the reluctant mother. “It brings it all back and she knows that Cain has won this battle.

“She insists to Chris that everything is all right after Cain leaves but she’s shattered.

“Charity admits to Zoe that Debbie really is her daughter and she recalls the agony of giving birth at 13. Her friend Pat came to her rescue and registered the baby in her name.”

Charity realises that she has to give the deeds back to an overwhelmed Lisa who is delighted that Charity has seen sense.

“But then she has to tell Chris what she has done,” says Emma. “He’s furious but she explains that Cain was spreading rumours about her.

“She has to admit to Chris that Cain is saying Debbie is her daughter but she insists it’s not true, which surprises Zoe.”

Chris visits the Dingles’ and orders Cain to keep his lies to himself. But Charity’s torment it not over. Debbie turns up at Home Farm.

“Charity is totally speechless at first,” says Emma. “Then she tries to tell Debbie that Cain is lying and she is not her mother.

“Chris backs her up, but Zoe can’t stand what she is hearing and explains to Debbie that Charity really is her mother.

“Chris sees from the look on Charity’s face that it’s true. He’s devastated and so is Charity. She thinks this could be the end.”

Chris angrily turns on Charity and demands to know if Debbie’s father was one of her ‘clients’. She pleads with him that she was only 13 when it happened.

But Chris feels betrayed. He can’t believe that Charity was such a convincing liar and wonders what else she’s lied about.

“Charity tells Debbie that she was forced to give her up because she was so young,” says Emma. “She insists Debbie’s father is dead.

“Debbie is desperate to tell foster parents Paddy and Emily that she has found her mother, but Charity tries to explain to her daughter that they have to keep it a secret.

“Charity warns Debbie that Pat might get into trouble with the authorities if the truth comes out.

“Charity simply refuses to let herself become emotional. She doesn’t want Debbie in her life and she takes her home and coldly tells Chris that Debbie won’t trouble the Tates.”

But Debbie is determined to bond with her mother and skips school to spend time with her even though Charity refuses to respond.

News comes through that Pat has taken a turn for the worse in hospital and Emily takes Debbie off to see her.

“Charity is very shaken by Debbie’s arrival,” says Emma. “But she refuses to show any of her feelings.

“She can’t turn the clock back and she loves the life she has now as the lady of Home Farm. Charity doesn’t want anything to take that away from her, not even a daughter.”

Also this week:

Nicola relishes nursing Syd.
Andy feels left out when Stephen helps Katie with her schoolwork.
Sam’s hens rebel against him.
Tricia struggles to keep her wedding plans a secret.

Media Guardian 31st January 2003

The whole of Nick Elliots speach can be found on the online edition of the Guardian
The 7.30. edition of Coronation Street has averaged over 58%, up 2 points.
The Bill is averaging over 31%, up 3 points.
Emmerdale is averaging over 46%, up 1% on last year.
And the 8.00 Sunday slot Heartbeat and The Royal is averaging over 11 million.

The three guys responsible are Kieran Roberts of Corrie, Paul Marquess of The Bill, Steve Frost of Emmerdale and Keith Richardson, Gerry Mill and Ken Horn for Heartbeat and The Royal. All aided and encouraged by Tony Wood from the Network Centre.

BBC Puresoap 28th January 2003

Soap Psychic... in Emmerdale
4 Feb - 17 Feb: it shall come to pass

Keeping quiet... Charity refuses to tell Debbie who her dad was. She certainly seems to want nothing to do with her long lost daughter. She won't even go over and hug her.

Who's my dad?

Tricia finally gets Marlon to the altar... And they do get wed this time. Honest!
Andy's jealous of a new young man in Katie's life.
Jarvis is upset to meet his old dancing partner.
And daft Viv accidentally swallows an eternity ring.

Debbie and Charity

28th January 2003 PURE SOAP

Chris hatches plan for Dingle land
Chris Tate hatches a devious plan to relieve the Dingle clan of some valuable land in Emmerdale.

He persuades wife Charity, played by Emma Atkins, to demand repayment of a loan she made to her family.

When all they can come up with is half a dozen new-laid eggs as a first instalment, Chris, played by Peter Armory, reveals his real intention. Not the repayment of the money but a plan to take their land and use it for a lucrative housing development.
Charity is horrified but Chris forces her to choose where her loyalties lie.

But things become more complicated when Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) discovers Charity's dark secret. Some years ago she had a baby but gave her up for adoption. When Paddy and Emily's foster child, Debbie, shows him a picture of her real mum, Cain realises it is none other than Charity.

Can he use the information for his own ends?

BBC Puresoap 23 January 2003

THIRTEEN is a good age to have a child - at least it seems that way when it comes to soap producers.

First it was Coronation Street's Sarah Louise Platt who had a baby in her first teen years.
But now Emmerdale character Charity is going to reveal that she was a mum at 13 too, and the father was her cousin Cain Dingle.

Cain, played by actor Jeff Hordley, will get the shock news as he tries to blackmail Charity.

And the plot becomes even more twisted when the baby turns out to be Paddy and Emily Kirk's foster child Debbie, who was given up at birth.

An Emmerdale source said : "Debbie will bring Charity and Cain much closer together.
" He may be a bad boy, but he would have stuck by her at the time if he'd known the full story," the insider told the Daily Star.

[actually Emmerdale was the first, not Coronation Street. Back in 1997 13 year old Emma Cairns had baby Geri.

22 January 2003 Sheahan joins the British soap stable (Irish Examiner)
By Niall Murray
JOHN SHEAHAN has joined the ranks of Irish actors who’ve made their name on British soaps after arriving in Emmerdale this week.

The big break on the small screen came throughhis role as David Mullen, brother of Ray, who was killed in the Yorkshire-based drama over Christmas.

He turned up for his brother’s funeral on Monday night, giving Ray’s fiancee Louise (actress Louise Symons) the shock of her life.

“I was home in Cork on a short holiday in November, when my agent in London rang and told me to go to Leeds,” said John.

After a successful screen test, he was called back a few weeks later to begin shooting in early December.

“It was a fantastic experience; the actors and the crews work really long hours. It was my first time working on a soap and I have a lot more respect for them coming away from it,” he said.

The 29-year-old was best known to Irish TV viewers up to now as the monk who breaks his vow of silence in a Lotto ad.

John has spent the last few years living in London, where he went to the Central School of Speech and Drama. “I did six months on the West End with Stones in Their Pockets and I’ve also done television work on Silent Witness, Trial and Retribution and ITV’s Hornblower,” he said.

He recorded scenes for three episodes of Emmerdale before Christmas, which are being screened this week. But it is possible he could be called back to do more work if the scriptwriters bring his character back in. “The money in soaps isn’t as much as people imagine, but it very much has to do with how long you’re in a show,” says John.

He joins a long list of Irish actors who’ve had roles in British soaps, including former Boyzone star Keith Duffy, who is in Coronation Street.

Colm Ó Maonlai had a six-month stint as fireman Tom Banks on EastEnders last year, while Catherine Cusack played evil nanny Carmel Finnan on Coronation Street a decade ago.

Pure Soap 21st January 2003

Soap Psychic... in Emmerdale 28 Jan - 10 Feb
Debbie opens up to Cain

Cain discovers Charity's big secret. Debbie, the foster child staying with Emily and Paddy, is Charity's daughter!
Tricia has to tell Steph of her surprise wedding plans. And Steph's more than just a bit keen to help out.. Ohhh all those dresses to look at!!!
Debbie confronts her mum - but Charity doesn't want to know. (She was only 13 when she gave Debbie up for adoption.)
Syd's injured and Nicola takes care of him. (Remember the film Misery? It's that sort of care!)

Pure Soap - Emmerdale BBCi Best Link

Daily story update and weblinks for the television soap

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers

... on Emmerdale 6 - 19 August: it shall come to pass Robert learns to ride a bike ... Emmerdale Story Updates About Tina | Talk Soap: Chat live to Tina - Thu's 8-9pm, ...

BBC - Pure Soap - Story Updates Emmerdale last episode summary
... Talk Soap Homepage, Emmerdale without Zak? Join in today's philosophical debate. Talk Soap Homepage. ... www.bbc.co.uk/puresoap/storyupdates/emmerdale.shtml