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Ding(le) dong, we're your new neighbours(Pure Soap)

From Pure soap 28th February 2003

The madcap Dingle family are in for some excitment when their new neighbours - the Marsdens - arrive in Emmerdale village.

The new family are set to make a dramatic entrance on March 10, and things don't go exactly smoothly from the start.

First their removal van breaks down on the edge of the village, then they find lazy Syd and Mack still haven't finished their new house!

Added to that they'll discover their noisy neighbours are Emmerdale's demanding Dingles.
Still, Marsden Dad Ronnie should be able to sort the Dingles out - actor Ray Ashcroft, who plays the part, used to star in The Bill after all.

Emmerdale has him as a trucker, a bit of a ladies man, and a keen Leeds United fan. Ronnie is married to Frances, played by actress Sandy Walsh.

Eldest son Paul is played by At Home With The Braithwaites star Matthew Booth, and is married to Siobhan, played by ex-Hollyoaks pin-up Abigail Fisher.

The Marsden family also has a couple of troublesome teens, played by Danny Tennant and Samantha McCarthy, who promise to generate plenty of storylines in the future.

All in all March promises to be an exciting time in the lively village of Emmerdale.

Theatre artist leaves `Goldilocks' Lisa Riley and returns to see wife Feb 28 2003

The Western Mail - The National Newspaper Of Wales

Lisa Riley as Mandy Dingle

THE Swansea-based artist who left his wife to live in Greater Manchester with ex-Emmerdale and You've Been Framed star Lisa Riley was back in Wales yesterday. Nick Holly, 35, fell for the 26-year-old actress while he was working backstage in the Swansea Grand Theatre pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

She was the star of the annual panto which was so popular with children, Swansea City and County Council had to repair seats broken by youngsters jumping up and down on them.

Days after the panto ended last month, father-of-two Nick told his wife Jayne, who works in a Swansea florist's shop, that he was moving in

to Lisa's home in Bury.

Lisa had played the ring mistress in the panto, which ran for six weeks at the Swansea Grand.

This week, however, Nick had returned to Swansea to live with a close friend while he and his wife discuss their future.

Nick has said his feelings for his wife were "deeper and stronger than I ever thought."

He says he wants to resume family life once again and earlier this week he took his daughter Alys, eight, to school before resuming his job at the theatre.

He and Jayne were married 13 years ago. The couple also have a 12-year-old son, Sam.

When Nick left, Jayne Holly complained that she was constantly reminded of Lisa Riley wherever she went because adverts for Goldilocks showing the actress's smiling face were pasted onto the back of Swansea buses.

Yesterday, from her home in Grenfell Park, St Thomas, Swansea she said she had never believed that Lisa and Nick "were right together".

Nick Holly, who works on the design of sets at the Grand Theatre, has built a strong reputation as an artist.

He studied at Swansea College of Art and Design and regularly exhibits his work which chronicles the urban and industrial landscape of South Wales.

Royal Television Society Awards - report 28th February 2003
EastEnders has failed to gain a nomination in this year's Royal Television Society Awards.
The BBC Daytime series Doctors and ITV's Emmerdale and Coronation Street will battle it out for the Best Soap award.
Other nominations include the BBC's coverage of the Golden Jubilee celebrations and its Test The Nation experiment which have been nominated for the TV Event of the Year.
Also nominated is the controversial Channel 4 programme The Autopsy, by Professor Gunther von Hagens, which received 150 complaints from viewers when it was broadcast last year.

The Sun 28th February 2003

Lisa: I still love Nick

Alone ... Lisa Riley



ROLY-POLY telly star Lisa Riley insisted yesterday she was still in love with the married dad-of-two who ditched her.

The Sun revealed yesterday that Nick Holly had returned to his wife and children just a month after leaving them to set up home with You’ve Been Framed presenter Lisa, 26.

But Lisa put on a brave face yesterday and said he only left her for the sake of his kiddies. And she admitted: “I’m still in love with him and I believe that he is still in love with me.

“I know he’s still in love with me. There was no problem with us, it was the sadness surrounding the children that tore us apart. His love for his children is unconditional.

“I promoted his relationship with the children all the time. I’ve always been understanding.

“I was the one who made him ring home every day. I didn’t want him to fall out with them. I wanted him to speak to them. I really hope he’s happy with the kids.”

Lisa fell for Nick, 35, while she was playing the Ring Mistress in Goldilocks at Swansea’s Grand Theatre in South Wales and he was working backstage.

After a six-week romance he left his wife Jayne, 41, and moved 250 miles away to live with the star in Bury, Greater Manchester.

But just a month later artist Nick is back home with Jayne, daughter Alys eight, and son Sam, 12. Speaking at her modern £200,000 detached home, heartbroken Lisa — who played Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale — told how Nick travelled back to Swansea last Friday to visit the children.

She said: “He called on Saturday to say he wasn’t coming back.

“That’s how it goes. It’s going to be hard for them to pick up the pieces.

“I’m all right. I’m doing a breast cancer ball next week and I’m glad I’m keeping busy. It’s one of those things, isn’t it? I’m sharing my life with the rest of Britain, that’s the price of being on TV.”

Recalling the way love bloomed between them during the panto season, Lisa went on: “Right from the beginning, when we realised what was happening and that we were very attracted to each other, our consideration was for his two children.

“It was very sad that there were kids involved but I believe children should always come first.

“I come from a very loving family myself and I always wanted his children to be a very big part of his life.

“I have never met them but Nick used to call them every single day.

“I know how hard it was for him to listen to them and not be there with them. It was easy to see how much he missed them. You could see it in his face as he talked to them.

“That was very distressing for me too, seeing him like that.

Runaway dad ... Nick spent a month with
lover Lisa at her home in Bury

“We talked a lot about it and I honestly thought we could get through it together.

“But he really couldn’t live with the guilt.

“I don’t want to say anything about how the children felt or what they used to say on the phone to their dad. It just wouldn’t be fair.”

But she added: “I did believe that we had something of a future together.

“He was living here with me and I don’t mind admitting I was in love with him. No, I AM in love with him.

“I regret that it’s happened. I thought we would go all the way together, but now I’m throwing myself into my work.

“I have a wonderful family and a network of amazing friends who are all here for me.

“Nick and I spoke on the phone yesterday, so we’ve not lost contact.

“But at the end of the day I knew the situation with his family.

“It’s just sad that we had to split up. I really thought we had a future.”



She was big, big mistake

SHAME-FACED Nick Holly admitted yesterday: “Lisa Riley was the biggest mistake of my life.”

After dumping Lisa and returning to his wife Jayne, 35-year-old Nick told The Sun: “It’s all over. I had feelings for her at first, but there are none now. My love now is for my wife and children.

“She said I was Mr Right but I always had my doubts. It never would have worked because of my children, and deep down I always knew that.

“I was attracted to Lisa’s personality. It all started with friendly conversations and went on from there.

“But once I’d left home I had a permanent stomach ache from missing the children. I thought I’d get over it, but it wasn’t that easy.”

He went on: “Lisa knew how I felt. She kept saying it would get better with time.

Together ... Nick back home with Jayne

“But I came to realise that my feelings for Jayne and the kids were still very strong and deep.”

Recalling his decision to go back to his family, Nick said: “Lisa was upset and angry.

I suppose she feels I’m laughing at her. That’s not true. I know she thought she’d found the right one with me. But I’m sorry, I’m not Mr Right.

“I couldn’t face the thought of my children growing up as strangers.

“I’ve messed up four people’s lives. I regret the hurt I’ve caused. Nothing I say is going to make it better. I just wish Lisa happiness in the future.”

Florist Jayne said: “I’ll never understand what he saw in her. She’s just a fat cow. I could have knocked her block off.

“I may have understood if he’d gone off with a leggy blonde from the show. But Lisa Riley?

“I just hope she leaves us alone now to get on with our lives.”

Jayne claimed Lisa has bombarded Nick with phone calls since he walked out on her and he had to to change his mobile phone number.

She added: “He’s home for good and he’s NEVER going back.”

The Sun 27th February 2003

Telly Lisa's been dumped

YOU’VE Been Framed star Lisa Riley has been dumped by her married lover after just a month.

Dad-of-two Nick Holly, 35, was reunited with his wife and kids yesterday while Lisa was at home alone.

Nick’s missus Jayne said last night: “He’s told me he’s back for good and assured me he’ll never do anything like this again.”

Her hubby fell for roly poly Lisa, 26, when she was in panto at the theatre where he works backstage.

Nick left Jayne, 41, and their kids in Swansea to live 250 miles away with the star in Bury, Greater Manchester.

But he has returned to Wales and is staying with a pal while he and shop worker Jayne work out their future. Jayne — his wife of 13 years — admitted: “I’m very, very happy. I never thought they were right together.”

She said of Lisa: “I’ve no real thoughts for her — but I still can’t understand what he saw in her.”

Lisa, famed as Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale, had claimed she found true love with Nick. She insisted: “With Nick I feel special and it’s the best feeling in the world. This will work.”

They went off together after she finished a six-week run as the Ring Mistress in Goldilocks at Swansea’s Grand Theatre.

But Jayne and Nick kept on friendly terms for their kids’ sake and he regularly popped back to see Alys, eight and Sam, 12.

Back together ... Nick and Jayne yesterday

Nick took daughter Alys to school yesterday before going back to work at the theatre.

He said: “Lisa thought I was Mr Right — but I realised I could never leave my kids.

“I soon discovered my feelings for Jayne were deeper and stronger than I’d thought.

“I’ve made a mistake but I hope things can be better and stronger than ever between us.

“I just want us to be happy together again as a family.”

Soap fans get a grip

Full story and picture

Eric Pollard

Soap fans were in a lather when ‘Emmerdale’ villain Eric Pollard – a.k.a. actor Chris Chittell – arrived in Elgin at the weekend to perform the opening honours at a new firm of mortgage and financial consultants. There was no shortage of viewers queuing up to take a swipe at the wheeler-dealer, but two friends from Buckie beat them all to it. Jean Cowie (left) and Helen Rumbles took pleasure in wringing
the neck of bad-boy Pollard – something the cast of the hit soap have wanted to do for years

26th February 2003: Ann Montini takes us through this week's stories (Sky News)

Friends star Matthew Perry is the next big US name to land on the stage in London.
But he will not be picking up his normal fee of £675,000 per episode that he makes while playing Chandler.
Matthew will pick up just the normal equity rate of £350 per week while starring at the Piccadilly theatre in a light comedy.
How will he cope?

We all love Wendy Craig as the stern matron in Sunday night drama The Royal.
Can it really be 35 years ago this week that Wendy was on our screens in Not In Front Of The Children?
Wendy told me: "The show was quite groundbreaking for 1968.
" It was the first time it featured a single mum - all very taboo back then!"
Apparently the Americans love gentle sitcom The Last Of The Summer Wine so much that they've set up an appreciation society.

More interesting though is that NBC is trying to make a pilot of a US version with Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney in the role played by Bill Owen as Compo.
LA or Holmfirth? I know which one I'd want to film in!
Fans of cult show Call My Bluff will be pleased to hear that it's coming back - this time with newsreader Fiona Bruce at the helm.

My spies reveal that the show will not form part of the massive daytime drive from the BBC in a bid to get at Des and Mel.
We wish them well.

If you enjoyed regal drama The Lost Prince - based on real-life facts about our very own Royal Family - it would appear so did Her Majesty.
A special box set of the hit drama, which has now been sold to 15 countries, was requested after she thought it to be "wonderful".

Who would have thought farming drama Emmerdale would be the number one show in Finland?
The show's been picking up millions of viewers and is now going out five times a week with the tales of the Dales folk.
One source told me: "They just love the scenery and lifestyle.
" It's far bigger than Corrie or Enders out there."

Does he or does he not exist?
Jonathan Ross's stylist? No, the Loch Ness monster.
Well look out for a new doco on that particular fact when In Search Of Nessie goes out later this year.
The show, hosted by Steve Leonard, promises to debunk the myths and just present the facts.
It looks like the last outing for Archie in The Monarch Of The Glen.
The show is just winding up filming now.
But its star Alistair Mackenzie has told his bosses that he wants out at the end of this series to try his luck in the US.

Can the show survive without him or will they bring back that long lost brother?
Either way, you read it here first.
The new series begins this November.
Former EastEnders star Martin Kemp is gutted that Blind Date is being axed with Cilla.
He told me: "When I was growing up I used to have such a crush on Cilla.
" I really wanted to do the Celebrity Blind Date show but only if I could run off with Cilla."
Well chuck, it looks like your luck could be in.
Friday, March 7 is the day in EastEnders when Natalie has to decide if it's Ricky the grease monkey or Barry and his car lot that she wants to stay with.
Still, could the decision be made for her?
I can reveal that Ricky may just have another option that leaves Natalie's marriage in tatters.
I'll provide more details if a bribe of luxury chocolates comes my way!
Spotted at last week's Brit Awards, I caught up with daytime TV queen Trisha.
She was on hand as per usual to help out with various problems.
But Trisha told me: "I turn down a lot of prime time shows as I don't want to live in London.
" I live in Norwich and quite frankly that's where I am staying."
Can we cope with the loss to prime time, I wonder?
Did you enjoy the BAFTAs on TV last Sunday, and find host and Harry Potter reader Stephen Fry was particularly amusing?
We can reveal that Ivor Baddiel wrote his script for him.
That's right, the brother of David who hangs around with Frank Skinner on their show Unplanned.
Ivor told me: "I prefer to remain out of the limelight".
The same could be said for "funny David", eh?
Dishy Nigel Havers is back on screen in the hot comedy drama Man-child.
He told me: "I've had to turn down the chance to bring back my most famous character - Ralph Goarse in The Charmer.
The hit 80s show sealed the actor's fate of playing cads.
But as Nigel told me: "I said to them you can't bring him back on screen - he was hanged at the end of the series".
Queue silence from the TV bosses.
While she may now be living in fear at the hands of Richard Hillman in Coronation Street, Gail looks set to stay.
Actress Helen Worth, who has played dippy Gail for over 25 years, has just signed a new deal to stay for the next two years at least.
Did you know that Helen also as a child appeared in Z Cars and the film version of Oliver?
She told me: "I played one of Fagin's many gang members - but it was such fun with Ron Moody".

What connects Emmerdale layabout Seth Armstrong and Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman?
Christmas cards actually.
The two became friends when Stan Richards, who plays Seth, had a small part in the movie Agatha.
The film was based on the life story of crime writer Agatha Christie.
Dustin played her hubby and Stan played the hotel porter.
He told me: "We had such a laugh that we still swap cards to this day".

Even now we are still frightened of those Daleks and Doctor Who.
But what became of the operators inside the chrome domes?
Well did you know that Roy Skelton, who played one of the leading Daleks, went on to become the voice of George and Zippy in Rainbow?
He told me: "I can still do the voices which can sometimes frighten men and women of a certain age".
Get behind that settee now!
Oh Steed, what have you done? as Honor Blackman would say in cult show The Avengers.
Actor Patrick Macnee is to host a distasteful show called The Spirit Of Diana in which a psychic will try to contact the late Princess live on air.
Thankfully the show will not be making its way onto UK screens - well at least for now!
I hear that recent West End nightingale Jane Macdonald has been secretly asked to appear in the next series of Heartbeat.
Yorkshire lass Jane is keen to move into acting after her recent stint on the stage in the musical Romeo and Juliet.
A source revealed: "If all goes well, she could become a regular character."
Well done Jane.
Menacing, dark, moody and someone who can get things sorted - is that you?
My spies reveal that EastEnders is on the lookout for a new bad boy with the news that Phil Mitchell is taking a year off.

Rumours abound, but could I be right in thinking that the production team are keen on former Blue Peter presenter and actor Tim Vincent?
Tim was recently seen in Emmerdale as Adam the vet.

I hear that madcap comic Harry Hill is none too thrilled to be on at 10.30pm at night.
His show is harmless fun, which would ideally appeal to an early evening audience on a Saturday night.
Sadly for Harry, bosses think otherwise and he will be stuck in that slot for the foreseeable future.
It could all have been so different.
When Les Dennis quit his hit show Family Fortunes, lots of replacements were tried out including madcap comic Joe Pasquale and Dale Winton.
Dale was desperate for the job after being dropped from the National Lottery.
But they decided to go with an unknown and now ratings are higher than ever.
Congrats to Andy Eastwood who eventually landed the job.
See, it pays to be Kylie's boyfriend.
Her on/off ex has landed his first presenting gig on BBC3 where he will explore at our expense various cities around the world.
James Gooding told me: "It will be different from all the other travel shows as I intend to keep quiet and let the scenery do the talking".
Sounds riveting. Still at least on BBC3, many will not be tuning in!
Graham Norton's sidekick, OAP Betty, has lined up another career.
She told me: "Should Graham ever give me the sack I'll be straight over to join Ant & Dec.
" They've already offered me a job as their hostess, but as yet my loyalties lie with Graham - well for now anyway!"
Did you catch Bill Roach aka Ken Barlow as Perry Como in Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes?
It would seem he has upset the fans of the late singer.
Bill said: "I chose him because he does not sing much and, like me, is half asleep".
Oh dear, looks like Bill will have a full postbag for weeks to come from angry Perry fans.
Could we be losing Dame Carol Vorderman?
The Countdown number cruncher is a big hit in the US I hear, where her detox plan video and book are selling well via the internet.
A source told me: "Carol has no plans to leave for the US right now.
" But if an offer came in, yes we would look at it."
Until next week, Ann.

25th February 2003: BBC Puresoap Psychic

Zoe introduces baby Jean to the village

4 - 17 March: it shall come to pass (Pure soap psychic)
Baby love When Zoe decides to keep baby Jean, she’s surprised when Chris supports her decision. But Scott’s appalled by the news.
A new family move to the village.
You’ll recognise dad Ronnie Marsden as The Bill’s Ray Ashcroft (DS Geoff Daly).
He’s joined by wife Sandy, son Ali and his twin sister Elaine, son Paul, Paul’s wife Siobhan. A real brood!
Let’s hope they have a better reaction than the Soapstars’ family.


Soap forces Blades fan to support Leeds (Pure Soap)

Full story and picture here 25th February 2003

New Emmerdale star Ray Ashcroft is facing a clash of loyalties over his new role in the soap.
Ray, a Sheffield United fan by heart, has landed the role of Ronnie Marsden - a die-hard Leeds fan.
And the clash couldn't have come at a worse time for the Blades fan - the two Yorkshire sides clash in next week's FA Cup quarter final.
" Ronnie is a raving Leeds fan which is against the grain in reality," Ray told the Yorkshire Post. "I am supposed to be doing a national television interview a couple of days before the quarter final and I am determined to wear the Blades shirt.
" I suppose you could say it is divided loyalties - although as a Blade I suppose there is no such thing as divided loyalty.
" As long as I remember not to jump up if Leeds score at Bramall Lane then I should get through it."
Ray, who used to play DS Daly in The Bill, is looking forward to the regularity of working in soaps.
" I love the idea of a bit more ritual attached to the job and obviously there is the financial situation - I have got three kids and they never get any cheaper," he told the newspaper.
Ray will first appear as Ronnie on March 10 when he plays the father of the family who is moving into Angie Reynold's old house. "This seems to be well-thought out and a very well-balanced family in terms of the characters and the storyline. It is very exciting," he added.
" It is brilliant to work closer to home. I have a six-year-old son - Billy - and he is at an age when he needs to be taken to see Sheffield United very regularly."

Emily Symons fooled by the antics of Ant & Dec

24th February 2003: Ant and Dec fool cast of Emmerdale(Ananova)

Story and picture here

Ant and Dec fool Louise and Diane

Teletext: Ant and Dec fool cast of Emmerdale

Ant and Dec have fooled the Emmerdale cast by disguising themselves as middle-aged competition winners who had won walk-on parts in the Woolpack.

The pair posed as Patti and Bernice to infiltrate the set of the ITV1 soap - then proceeded to wreak havoc in the stunt for their show Saturday Night Takeaway.

They ruined dozens of takes with phone calls and loud conversations as bemused cast members looked on.

Woolpack landladies Emily Symons and Liz Estensen, who play Louise and Diane, were in stitches as one of the undercover pair interrupted a scene by taking a tumble from a bar stool.

Ant and Dec had spent six hours in make-up and donned full body suits for their transformation and had the whole cast fooled.

An Emmerdale spokesman said: "The cast were expecting competition winners and had no idea what was about to unfold in front of their eyes.

"They naturally wondered what on earth was happening, but they were fantastic sports when they realised that the joke was on them and they all found it very, very funny."

Viewers will see the results on this Saturday's show and Dec said: "We've done a few of these now - but the Emmerdale one is the best one yet."

So far the pair have played pranks on Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell, This Morning hosts Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield, and TV presenter Lorraine Kelly.

Story filed: 14:07 Monday 24th February 2003

Scene-stealers hijack Woolpack
By Simon Holden

The Emmerdale cast could not believe their eyes as two "extras" ruined an important scene in The Woolpack.

Pub landladies Emily Symons and Liz Estensen got a fit of the giggles as the duo interrupted with mobile phone calls and even fell off a bar stool.

But they couldn't believe it when the extras turned out to be TV pranksters Ant and Dec.

They had spent six hours in make-up being transformed into fun-loving black women complete with false nails and wild wigs.

The real cast thought they were competition winners who got to be in the soap as part of their prize today.

A soap spokesman told TV Plus: "The cast had no idea what was going to unfold. The boys carried on with loud conversations and took phone calls during shooting. They wondered what on earth was happening."


Fun in the foolpack(The Sun) 25th February 2003

Fullstory and pictures here

TV Reporter
TV’S Ant and Dec wreaked havoc in Emmerdale’s Woolpack pub with their latest undercover prank.
The Geordie jokers, both 27, donned body suits and wigs to pose as female West Indian fans who had won walk-on parts

Then, as unwitting cast members tried to film a scene, they ruined dozens of camera takes with phone calls and loud conversations.
Woolpack landladies Louise and Diane — played by Emily Symons and Liz Estensen — cracked up.

And the rest of the cast laughed too when they rumbled the stunt.
The scenes were filmed for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, to be screened this weekend.

A spokesman for the ITV1 soap said: “The cast had no idea, but found it very funny when they realised the joke was on them.”
The lads also wore country-style jackets to pose in a sheep field.

23rd February 2003

SETH IS GULF HERO (Sunday People)

EMMERDALE rogue Seth Armstrong is a pin-up for Gulf-bound Wrens aboard Ark Royal.
Actor Stan Richards, 72, met one on leave at a pub in Barnsley, South Yorks. She asked him for a photo for their quarters saying: "We're all Emmerdale fans and you're our favourite."
Sailors on HMS Ocean also have a Seth poster.

Seth Armstrong

Saturday 22 February 2003 at 9:00pm - Stars In Their Eyes Soap Stars Special

A star-studded show which proves it’s not just members of the public who have stars in their eyes as six more celebrities make their Stars In Their Eyes debut. Topping the bill tonight is BERNIE NOLAN (The Bill) as feisty American songster Anastacia; Emmerdale’s King and Queen of the dales DEENA PAYNE and ANTHONY AUDENSHAW are transformed into the King and Queen of country music as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers; Sexy school girl SAMMY WINWARD (Emmerdale) becomes the naughtiest girl of pop when she walk’s back through the doors as Christina Aguilera; tonight, for one night only, and after 42 years as Ken Barlow, BILL ROACHE (Coronation Street) will be singing as Perry Como; and LESLIE JOSEPH (Night and Day) as the showbiz legend Ethel Merman.Hosted by guest presenter DAVINA McCALL, the soap opera six are set to stun viewers with their amazing transformations and hidden vocal talents.

The Sun 22nd Februar 2003

Farm girl's fine form

Sam-thing else ... babe on hols
Click pic to enlarge


PHEW-ARRR! Emmerdale sexbomb Sammy Winward turns on the stile on a break from the rural soap.

Sammy, 17 — temptress Katie Addyman in the ITV1 series — showed off her curves during a holiday in Spain.

Sexy ... beauty on beach
Click pic to enlarge

The blonde has already raised temperatures in a string of sizzling storylines.

Sun-sation ... holiday pose
Click pic to enlarge

Fans saw Katie rile her dad by bedding lover Andy Sugden — played by real-life ex Kelvin Fletcher — then get pregnant before losing the baby.

Temptress ... starring as Katie in telly soap

An onlooker said: “With her body, it’s sad she spends so much time covered up in chilly Yorkshire.” Talk about country bump-kins...

15th February 2003 - Click here for the Sun's Guide to This Week's Soaps

Charty and Debbie

Weekdays ITV

TRAGIC teenager Debbie faces yet more heartache when her adoptive mother Pat dies in hospital.

In despair, Debbie turns to her real mum, Charity, but is horrified as Charity rejects her.

Emotional Emily, Debbie’s caring foster mother, wants to help, but social services decide to take the 13-year-old into temporary care.

“It’s a terrible, terrible time for Debbie,” says 14-year-old actress Charley Webb, who plays the shattered youngster.

“Debbie just can’t believe it when Charity turns her away. She has been trying to find her real mum for so long, it seems dreadfully cruel.”

The week starts with Emily comforting Debbie at her mum’s bedside. Debbie blames herself for Pat’s condition.

“Debbie had pretended before that Pat was on her deathbed,” says Charley. “And now she is, Debbie thinks it is all her fault.

“Emily is very kind and tells Debbie she is always only a phone call away, but Debbie doesn’t really take it in.”

Meanwhile, Paddy is concerned that Emily is getting too involved and the couple argue when Emily suggests they should adopt Debbie.

But then Pat dies and Debbie disappears. Social services contact Emily, but Debbie has gone straight to Home Farm to see Charity.

“She wants her mum - her real mum,” says Charley. “She turns up in floods of tears and tells Charity that Pat has died.

“Charity tells her that Pat was a great mum to her and at first Debbie thinks there’s going to be a happy ending to her nightmare.”

But Charity says she will take Debbie back to Emily and Paddy’s because they’ll know what to do. She is terrified that somehow Debbie will discover that Charity’s cousin Cain is Debbie’s father.

Charity pretends she caught Debbie hitchhiking and dumps her at Paddy and Emily’s. Even cold-hearted Chris is shocked at his wife’s cruel behaviour.

But Charity insists it is hard to reject a grieving child. She says that having Debbie was the start of the worst year of her life.

When she fell pregnant at 13, she gave up the baby and became a prostitute.

“Debbie thinks that maybe Charity just needs time to organise things for her to be with her,” says Charley.

“Debbie tells Emily and Paddy that Charity is her mother, but they don’t believe her at first. Next day they are shocked to discover it is true.”

Charity stresses to Emily and Paddy that Debbie will be far better off with them. Emily is upset. She would love to look after Debbie but she is sure that social services will not let her live so close to her natural mother.

She is proved right as the following day, social workers decide that it would be better for Debbie to be taken into temporary care.

“Debbie is devastated,” says Charley. “She has just lost one mum, her real mum has rejected her, and now her foster mum is not allowed to look after her.

“She clings to the belief that deep down Charity will want her eventually. But her life is in such a whirl she doesn’t know what to think. I feel sorry for her.”

Also this week:

Lisa starts a strike at Pollard’s factory - and is then promoted.
Syd and Mack go into partnership again. Jack and Diane agree to have a night out together.
Donna flirts with Stephen, but he is not interested.
Zoe is in two minds about giving up her baby for adoption.

She knows that a clean break will end her concerns about the identity of Jean’s father, but she also has maternal feelings stirring deep within her.

“Zoe tries hard not to think about the baby, but it’s not easy when the adoption agency call to say they have found a couple to take Jean,” says Leah Bracknell, who plays vet Zoe.

To push her daughter to the back of her mind, Zoe goes clubbing and picks up a woman. Care worker Lila from the agency calls round the next day, and Zoe feels awkward as it’s obvious she’s just had a one-night stand.

“Zoe feels bad when Lila tells her that the couple would like to give Jean a new name,” says Leah.

“She is uneasy. Lila suggests Zoe writes a letter for Jean to read when she is older.

“When Lila leaves the room, Zoe looks in Jean’s adoption
file and sees a really cute picture of her.

“She wants to explain that she is worried about how Jean was conceived, but she can’t find a way to write that.

“Zoe is very troubled.”

Upcoming Episode Spoilers

© Yorkshire Television

Printed with kind permission of the Emmerdale Press Office

Week Beginning Monday 24th February 2003


MONDAY: - Lisa encourages staff mutiny at Pollard’s factory
TUESDAY: - Pollard is in for some tough negotiations as his work force stay on strike
WEDNESDAY: - Debbie’s adoptive mother dies in hospital, her world’s turned upside down
THURSDAY: - Paddy and Emily can’t believe Charity is Debbie’s real mother
FRIDAY: - Charity has Debbie removed from the village by social services - in Emmerdale

Episode 3381 MONDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Lisa and Laurel are relieved as they see new troops arriving to help with the huge workload at Pollard's factory.

And there's an added bonus too for Laurel as she gets all in a fluster about one of the new recruits and Lisa plays cupid.

But the excitement surrounding the new arrivals soon wears off when Lisa finds out they are on a far higher wage than everyone else!

Her angry tones fall on deaf ears, however, and Pollard tells her to get on with her job - while she still has one!

But Lisa isn't about to let him ride roughshod over her workforce and decides to hit Pollard where it hurts.

Emily is concerned for Debbie, as her adoptive mother Pat has taken a turn for the worse and may not make it through the night.

Debbie is distraught, having convinced herself that she has made matters worse by lying about Pat dying of cancer.

Meanwhile things are getting back to normal for Zoe at the surgery. She finds a strange delight in doing things that have been off limits for a while, due to her pregnancy.

Syd finally convinces Mack to join him in working on the contract for the Reynolds conversion - though Mack isn't too chuffed about taking orders from his protégé'.

Nicola is down in the dumps over her men problems. Sick of everyone taking advantage of her, she finally decides she is off blokes' altogether!

Episode 3382 TUESDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

With his staff on strike, Pollard's attempt to meet the huge order deadline single handedly is doomed to fail.

Having spent the entire night in the factory, yet barely making a dent in the order, he feels deflated and defeated.

Lisa, however, is doing a stern job at the front of the picket line, making sure no one backs down.

Time is ticking away and Pollard is all too aware that the time has come for some tough negotiations.

Lisa holds her head up high as she leaves the picket line for a showdown with the boss - determined not to let her troops down.

Meanwhile, Debbie's adoptive mother Pat is weakening in hospital and has been given only weeks to live.

Concerned for Debbie's future, Emily discusses with Paddy the idea of fostering her on a more permanent basis.

Zoe is taken aback at the speed in which the adoption agency have found a home for baby Jean.

She enquires about the prospective parents, trying to hide her natural concern for her baby's future.

After the care worker's call, Zoe struggles to convince herself that she has done the right thing in giving Jean up but throws herself into her work in a bid to take her mind off the baby.

Andy struggles to deal with his jealousy when Katie raves she has passed her art exam with flying colours thanks to Stephen.

And Nicola takes advantage of Laurel's naïve outlook on life as she offers to manage her cleaning business.

Little does she know that Nicola is after the main chance - drawing up a contract to seal their deal and take a share of the takings.

Episode 3383 WEDNESDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Pat hasn't made it through the night and Emily fears the worst when she gets a call from the hospital telling her Debbie disappeared shortly after Pat passed away.

Distraught, Debbie is struggling to deal with her grief and doesn't know who to turn to. Alone and with tears streaming down her face, she finds herself drawn to Home Farm.

Charity is late for a meeting and rushes out the door, the last thing she expects is to be confronted by a desperate Debbie. The pain in Debbie's eyes is excruciating for Charity - but she refuses to be emotionally drawn.

Debbie decides to share the secret of her mother's identity with Paddy and Emily but they are quick to put her wild tale down to shock.

At Pollard's factory, the troops are flagging as they have been working through the night to complete the order. The sleep deprivation is taking its toll as Lisa does her best to keep spirits high.

As the production pace slows, Pollard becomes more irritable and threatens to sack everyone if they don't speed up.

It's once again down to Lisa to try and save the day and stop the angry workers from downing tools.

Meanwhile Nicola is busy trying to get Laurel to sign her life away. Having drawn up a contract to become her new business manager, Laurel is unsuspecting as Nicola asks her to sign on the dotted line.

Zoe receives some further upsetting news from the adoption agency. She can't help feel rejected when she hears the new couple have decided to change Jean's name.

Episode 3384 THURSDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Emily is still deeply confused about Debbie's belief that Charity is her mother.
But when Debbie confesses Cain has been encouraging her, Emily is outraged that he could fill her with such false hopes.

Determined to confront Cain, Emily goes to the Dingles' to shed some light on the matter.

But the last thing she expects to uncover is the truth and Emily and Paddy are left reeling with the news.

As they head to Home Farm for a showdown, Charity braces herself as she realises she can no longer remain anonymous in Debbie's life.

Donna has taken a shine to Stephen and begs Katie to organise a night out so she can get to know him a little better.

Andy is keen to build bridges with Stephen as they got off on the wrong foot and agrees to Katie's idea of a get-together. But Stephen feels the pressure when he sees Donna is dressed up to the nines and realises he has been set up.

Things just get better and better at Pollard's factory for Lisa and her boss is so taken with her supervisory skill in the factory, he makes her a management offer she can't afford to refuse.

Episode 3385 FRIDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2003

EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Debbie is heartbroken after yet another rejection from Charity, while Paddy and Emily are left to pick up the pieces.

Still holding a glimmer of hope for their relationship, Debbie hopes that Charity may change her mind, given time.

Paddy and Emily have bigger worries on their mind, though. With Debbie's real mother being so close to home, they are sure that social services will move her away.

Torn as to whether or not to call social services, they are dealt a massive blow when Charity beats them to the punch. They are left devastated when a phone call comes to tell them the worst - Debbie has to go.

As the dust settles at Home Farm, Chris is taken aback by Charity's coldness when she assures him she wants Debbie out of her life as quickly as possible.

The day's events have taken their toll on Zoe too, she reflects on her own personal dilemma and wonders what long-term damage adoption will have on Jean.

Having witnessed first hand the trauma that Debbie has suffered, Zoe fears she is all set to put her daughter through the same thing on day.

Burdened by her guilt, Zoe goes to see Ashley but struggles to hold herself together emotionally when she sees him affectionately playing with Gabby.

Meanwhile, Donna is determined to brush up on her farming skills in order to impress Stephen.

RADIO TIMES Soaps by Alison Graham


It looks as if Eric Pollard is taking lessons at the Mike Baldwin school of management. This is a straightforward course, in which the labour force has no rights, but is subjected to routine shouts of "Shut up or you're sacked."

This week, Eric's workers go on strike over pay, led by the frightening Lisa Dingle. There's even a picket line; though, as the business seems to employ about two people, this is hardly likely to grow into a Grunwick-style dispute.

Poor Zoë Tate is having a rough time as she ponders if she's made the right decision in offering her child for adoption. You know it's right, Zoë - a childless state will allow you to go back to your chardonnay and your Verdi CDs. Motherhood doesn't suit you.

As it doesn't suit Charity Tate, who is forced to have a word with Chris when young Debbie, the child she gave up so many years ago, pays a visit.

BBC Puresoap 21st February 2003

Zoe and Chloe take on tot

Leah Bracknell who plays Zoe

Emmerdale's lesbian schizophrenic vet is to be a single mum after deciding to keep her baby.
Vetinary surgeon Zoe, played by actress Leah Bracknell, will decide to take on the baby, rather than put it up for adoption.
The father, Scott Windsor, will be pleased that he can see baby Jean whenever he likes.
Zoe, who believes she was raped while ill but really let Scott sleep with her, will not make it easy for him though.
Her gorgeous lover Chloe is applying for the nanny job, which could effectively freeze Scott out of the picture.

Teletext Diary
19th/20th February 2003

Charity Tate (Emma Atkins) has some fantastic sceens this week, when Cain Dingle is revealed as the man who fathered her child when she was 13.

Emma insists that Charity is not going to be the perfect Mum for Debbie (Charley Webb). She says: "It will be quite the reverse, she will be even more unpleasant to Debbie as she is getting all close and loving".

"Deep inside her, there is a bit of emotion which might tip the balance, but later rather than sooner."

Charity, Debbie and Cain


Emerdale chiefs are hoping new family the Marsdens will find more favour with viewers than the Soapstars clan did 19 months ago.

Lorry driver Ronnie, his wife, 2 Sons, Daughter and Daughter-in-law debut at the end of March.

Ronnie is played by ex-Bill actor Ray Ashcroft who was DI Geoff Daly in the ITV1 Cop show for 4 years until 2000. The rest of the family will be played by virtual unknowns.

Extracts from this week :-

According to Keith Rechardson, executive producer there is going to be more humour to replace the perceived doom and gloom of the past few months. Richardson says, "We loose our sense of fun at our peril. It's what marks us out from our rivals and it's what makes Emmerdale unique".

In other news once again Nicola is once again going to be duped by a man in this case Mack, this will teach her to shoot her mouth off or will it? Commenting on this, Actress Nicola Wheeler says: "She is going to be one very angry lady and that is putting it mildly".


Charity and Cain to run again (Press and Journal)

09:00 - 20 February 2003

Sonia O'sullivan has confirmed she will return to Balmoral on May 10 to
defend her women's five-mile title. The Irishwoman, who returned to action at the royal estate in Deeside only 14 weeks after giving birth to daughter Sophie, powered to victory in the event, beating fierce rival Gabriela Szabo in the process.

Peter Elliott, athletics director of the event, for which the Press and Journal is media sponsor, said: "Sonia has confirmed she will be returning this year. She is currently training in Melbourne, but has told me she can't wait to come back to what is a fantastic venue.

"That's the beauty of Balmoral. My job is normally to try and encourage the athletes to take part, but with such an unique and wonderful setting like the estate, the athletes are queuing up to take part. Instead of deciding who we want, we have the luxury of being able to turn down athletes wishing to take part."

O'Sullivan faces a tough task in holding on to her title as world cross- country short-course champion Edith Masai will also grace the meeting, alongside Kenya's world 10,000metres champion Charles Kamathi.

Both performers will contest the traditional five-mile road races, where Paula Radcliffe twice set world record marks with inspirational victories at the inaugural meeting and again a year later.

Of course, the big question on everyone's lips is whether Radcliffe will make an appearance at Deeside.

Elliott said: "I know everyone wants to know if Paula will be there, but I can honestly say I don't know yet. I have been talking with her husband, Gary Locke, who is also her manager, and we will have to see what happens.

"The road race is only four weeks after the marathon which I know Paula is competing in, but I haven't given up hope."

Elliott also revealed a change in the programme for the BBC televised meeting: "Instead of staging a men's four-kilometre race we have decided to replace it with an international mile event," said the former Commonwealth 1,500m champion.

Elliott believes the presence of Morocco's world 1,500m and mile record holder Hicham El Guerrouj would prove beneficial to the country's up-and- coming stars such as Commonwealth 1,500m gold medallist Michael East, Tom Mayo, James Thie and Ricky Soos.

Elliott thinks the decision to move this year's event from its previous time in Easter to May will prove beneficial to both athletes and supporters.

He said: "The track season begins in earnest in May and most athletes and coaches prefer to compete at one mile instead of four kilometres.

"I want to give them the opportunity to warm up themselves for the track season by competing against some of the world's best milers and ideally, if he is available, that would include Hicham El Guerrouj.

"By staging the event later in the year this time round the climate will be better for all the athletes as well as the spectators."

Elliott was joined at the launch in Aberdeen yesterday by a host of celebrities who will be running to raise funds for the Leukaemia Research Fund.

Actor Jason Flemyng from the hit film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels has agreed to take part in a race, along with Emmerdale actors Emma Atkins and Geoff Hordley (who play Charity and Cain in the Dingle family).

Scottish curling champion Rhona Martin has also pledged some members of the Great Britain Olympic gold medal winning team will run at the event.

Flemyng, whose parents are both from Glasgow, was last in the north of Scotland when he attended Madonna and Guy Ritchie's wedding at Skibo Castle.

The actor is currently filming a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in which he plays the sidekick of action hero Sean Connery.

The BUPA Great Caledonian Run is restricted to 2,000 competitors this year and entries for the 10k race close on April 18.

Full details of how to enter are available on the official website www.greatrun-org or by telephoning the event hotline 0191 272 7033.

BBC Puresoap 18th February 2003

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale

25 Feb - 10 Mar: it shall come to pass
Clean sweep!
Nicola offers to manager Laurel's cleaning business. Diane's worried she'll take advantage of Laurel.
And Zoe changes her mind and decides to keep baby Jean.
Charity's also wondering how she should treat Debbie.
Tricia wants Marlon to take up DIY to be more husband-like. (Call DIY SOS now!)
Lisa gets a parcel from Zak - but no letter.
And Turner throws Mack out the B&B because he hasn't paid his rent.

BBC Puresoap 18th February 2003

Trio bids for pop stardom

Sammy Winward
Glamour queens of the soap world are set to launch a joint bid for pop stardom.
Emmerdale's Katie, Corrie's Candice and Hollyoaks' Lisa are set to rival Sugababes and Atomic Kitten as they head for the charts, the Daily Record reports.
Katie, Candice and Lisa are played by Sammy Winward, Nikki Sanderson and Gemma Atkinson, 19.
Sammy, 17, said: "I would love to achieve the kind of success that the Spice Girls had. And it would be great if I could make the sort of money that they make, too!
"I'm a good singer and would like to bring out a record. It's just waiting for the right time."
On Saturday, Sammy will perform as Christina Aguilera in a Stars In Their Eyes celebrity special.
Nikki, 18, has already proved her worth as a singer by winning last year's Stars In Their Eyes as LeAnn Rimes.
The name of their group is still to be decided.
Scotland's Daily Record reports that a record company has already signed up the girls and are discussing possible tracks for their first release.

Daily Record 18th February 2003


Teen trio set sights on the charts

Rick Fulton Exclusive

A TRIO of rival soap glamour queens are ready to launch a bid for pop stardom.

Emmerdale star Sammy Winward, 17, who plays Katie Addyman, Nikki Sanderson, 18, who plays Coronation Street's Candice Stowe, and Gemma Atkinson, 19, who plays Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks, have secretly decided to form a pop group to rival Sugababes and Atomic Kitten.

Nikki has proved she can hold a tune. She won last year's celebrity Stars In Their Eyes as LeAnn Rimes. And this Saturday, Sammy will perform as Christina Aguilera in another Stars In Their Eyes celebrity special.

The girls have big plans for their group, although they have yet to decide on a name.

Sammy said: "I would love to achieve the kind of success that the Spice Girls had. And it would be great if I could make the sort of money that they make, too."

192 understands a record company has already signed up the gorgeous trio and they are discussing possible tracks for their first release.

They would be competing against Brookside's Jennifer Ellison, who has just quit the Close to become a pop star, and other soap stars-turned- singers such as Kylie Minogue, Martine McCutcheon and Holly Valance.

Some critics will say they are cashing in on their TV roles, but Sammy insists she has every right to be yet another soap star turned pop wannabe.

She said: "I'm a good singer and would like to bring out a record. It's just waiting for the right time."

The trio are now considering how and when they will leave their respective soaps (or indeed whether they have to), but they have already decided on a title for their first album - Harmony.

As well as wanting to be as successful as the Spice Girls, it looks as though Sammy has taken another leaf out of Posh Spice's book - she has been linked with Blackburn and England football star David Dunn.

Sammy has been in the soap for 15 months and left school last year to concentrate on her role.

She passed nine GCSEs and hasn't ruled out going back to her studies to take her A-Levels.

However, that seems unlikely as she has been a hit in Emmerdale and is now aiming for chart success.

During her short stint on the soap, she has caused a stir with her teenage miscarriage storylines.

And the sizzling soap stunner made such an impact on viewers that she got a nomination as soap's top newcomer in the National Television Awards.

ITN News

Emmerdale's Sammy stars as Aguilera
11.06AM GMT, 18 Feb 2003

Sammy Winward
"I chose to be Christina because I've always loved her. She's amazing" - Sammy Winward

Emmerdale actress Sammy Winward is set to dazzle fans as sexy singer Christina Aguilera in a Stars In Their Eyes Soap Star Special.

Sammy, who plays teen temptress Katie Addyman, said she jumped at the chance to appear on the show to be screened on ITV1 on Saturday night.

She said: "I chose to be Christina because I've always loved her. She's amazing."

However, Sammy is not planning to match Aguilera's raunchy new image, which has brought her a string of hits such as Dirrty and Beautiful.

Instead of revealing leather chaps, 17-year-old Sammy will wear a brown leather jacket and black rubber trousers.

Also in the show, Coronation Street's Ken Barlow will star as Perry Como, with actor William Roache sporting a pastel yellow cardigan and perma-tan for his transformation into the 1950s crooner.

"I chose Perry Como because he's very laid back, doesn't sing too well and is always half asleep, so I thought that's me," he said.

The Coronation Street star confessed he is tone deaf and has been having singing lessons in preparation for his performance.

"I'm not a singer at all - I can't even sing in the bath," he said.

Saturday night's soap special will be hosted by Davina McCall and will also feature Deena Payne and Anthony Audenshaw, better known as Emmerdale couple Viv and Bob Windsor, who will star as country and western duo Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

Stars in their eyes (Irish Examiner)
Corrie favourite to sing for celebrity 'Stars'
17/02/2003 - 6:54:04 pm

Sammy Winward as Katie Anthony Audenshaw as Bob HopeDeena Payne as Viv Hope

Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow shares a magic moment with TV audiences as he becomes Perry Como for a Stars In Their Eyes celebrity special.

Actor William Roache sported a pastel yellow cardigan and perma-tan for his transformation into the 1950s crooner.

“I chose Perry Como because he’s very laid back, doesn’t sing too well and is always half asleep, so I thought ‘that’s me’,” he said.

The Corrie star confessed he is tone deaf and has been having singing lessons in preparation for his performance.

“I’m not a singer at all – I can’t even sing in the bath,” he said.

“Singing is a nightmare for me. But I’m a fan of Stars In Their Eyes so when this opportunity came up I wanted to take it. I don’t turn down a challenge.”

Saturday night’s ITV1 soap special is hosted by Davina McCall and features a line-up of soap stars.

Deena Payne and Anthony Audenshaw, better known as Emmerdale couple Viv and Bob Windsor, become country and western duo Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward, who plays sexy schoolgirl Katy Addyman, is transformed into pop bad girl Christina Aguilera.

Bernie Nolan, formerly of Brookside and the latest recruit to join The Bill, is Anastacia.

Lesley Joseph, currently starring in Night And Day, walks through the famous doors as showbiz legend Ethel Merman.

Orange Today :- Corrie actor is Perry Como for celebrity special

Coronation Street's William Roache will become Perry Como for a Stars In Their Eyes celebrity special.

The actor wore a pastel yellow cardigan and perma-tan for his transformation into the 1950s crooner.

"I chose Perry Como because he's very laid back, doesn't sing too well and is always half asleep, so I thought 'that's me'," he said.

The Corrie star confesses he is tone deaf and has been having singing lessons in preparation for his performance.

"Singing is a nightmare for me. But I'm a fan of Stars In Their Eyes so when this opportunity came up I wanted to take it. I don't turn down a challenge."

Saturday night's ITV1 soap special is hosted by Davina McCall and features another line-up of soap stars.

Deena Payne and Anthony Audenshaw, better known as Emmerdale couple Viv and Bob Windsor, become country and western duo Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

Emmerdale's Sammy Winward, who plays Katy Addyman, is transformed into pop bad girl Christina Aguilera.

Bernie Nolan, formerly of Brookside and the latest recruit to join The Bill, is Anastacia.

Lesley Joseph, currently starring in Night And Day, walks through the famous doors as showbiz legend Ethel Merman.

Story filed: 06:54 Tuesday 18th February 2003

Upcoming Episode Spoilers

© Yorkshire Television

Printed with kind permission of the Emmerdale Press Office

Week Beginning Sunday 16th February 2003


SUNDAY: Terry’s teen girlfriend causes quite a stir
MONDAY: - Terry and Dawn make a shock announcement
TUESDAY: - Bob plots to sabotage his daughter’s plans
THURSDAY: - Nicola falls for Mack’s womanising charms
FRIDAY: - Trouble builds at the Tate’s over Debbie

Episode 3376


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm (Scotland viewers please check your regional times for this episode)

Fresh from a break in Spain, courtesy of Bob's ex-wife - Terry returns to the village with a new romantic interest in tow.

But Louise, who has also returned from her holiday is surprised and uncomfortable to discover that she is half his age!

Gossip of Terry's holiday romance spreads like wildfire - The Woolpack is a hive of activity as the local's make assumptions.

Bob is quick to criticise those who are being judgmental, happy that his pal has met someone special - until he realises that the woman on Terry's arm is a very familiar face.

Viv is far from impressed when she learns Chloe and Scott are back together, branding her a hussy she is quick to remind him of her infidelity. But Chloe is in no mood to suffer Viv's wrath and tells her to stick her job.

Chloe walking out is the least of Viv's problems, as she still hasn't seen any sign of the eternity ring she swallowed, despite eating bucket loads of prunes.

Syd is upbeat about the prospect of starting his own business, while unemployed Mack is quick to put him down, mocking his entrepreneurial efforts.

Episode 3377


EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

Bob is struggling to comprehend that Terry has brought his teenage daughter, Dawn, back from Spain as his girlfriend.

Knowing full well that Terry was in love with Louise - he finds it hard to believe that he could change his mind to rapidly!

Naturally protective over his daughter, things go from bad to worse for Bob, when Dawn makes a shock announcement!

Bob is flabbergasted and, not hiding his thoughts, he resolves to put her on the next plane home to her mother. Until, that is, the entrance of another familiar face causes an even bigger stir!

As all hell breaks loose in the Woolpack, Scott tries to disperse the gathering crowds by inviting them back to his.

But nothing could persuade Edna and Nicola to give up their ringside seats as the sparks begin to fly in the pub.

Meanwhile Viv tries to cheer Bob up as she proudly admits she has finally managed to pass her eternity ring - thankfully in pristine condition!

However Bob is far from impressed as he has other more pressing issues on his mind - like running Terry out of town.

Episode 3378


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

With their relationship under scrutiny Terry and Dawn are determined to show the village how serious they are about one another.

Terry's first port of call is the church, where he asks Ashley to marry them. A little taken aback by his urgency, Ashley suggests they attend pre-marital sessions first.

Deliriously happy, Terry agrees to the sessions as Ashley confirms he can keep his side of the bargain and marry them in three weeks.

Time is now ticking for Bob, and with only weeks to stop the marriage he decides to try another tact. He ditches rage and scare tactics and decides to become the father she never had, hoping he will win her round.

In the meantime, Bob's current wife Viv and ex-wife Jean prepare to do battle as they argue over him.

Egged on by Scott and Syd, Mack decides to have a bit of fun with Nicola in the Woolpack.

Secretly flattered by all the attention, Nicola plays hard-to-get, which encourages Mack to pester her more.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Scott put their relationship troubles behind them and decide to give it another go, as she moves back in to Pear Tree Cottage more permanently.

Episode 3379


EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

When Mack asks Nicola out on a date, she has high hopes that her disastrous love life is set to change!

But when Turner collars Mack and cleans him out of cash for rent arrears at the B&B - suddenly the prospect of a date look slim to none.

However Nicola is determined not to let this penniless builder get away and offers to pay for the date - to which Mack gratefully obliges.

With the aid of several vodka's, she begins to see womanising Mack in a whole new light, despite Rodney's warnings to stay away.

It doesn't take long for Mack to persuade Nicola to take him home - but will she still see him as prince charming in the morning?

Jean takes her daughter aside for a heart to heart. But Dawn isn't for listening and makes her intentions clear, insisting she wants to make a new life with Terry in Emmerdale.

Secretly plotting to sabotage the wedding, Bob is later annoyed when it appears his only ally Jean has accepted the marriage.

Convinced that all their plans are falling into place, Terry and Dawn are upbeat as they make their wedding plans, but it is all too much for Bob when Terry asks him to be the best man!

Lisa and Laurel are working themselves to the bone in Pollard's factory - but have hardly made a dent in the huge workload.

But despite Lisa's protests, Pollard's refuses to consider taking on extra staff - more concerned with deadlines and huge profit.

Episode 3380


EMMERDALE @ 7pm Fully Networked

At Home Farm Chris' insecurities about Charity are fuelled, as he realises that Zoe knew that Debbie was Charity's child and didn't tell him.

Meanwhile Charity's concerns are elsewhere, as she can't wait for Pat to recover and be released from hospital so that Debbie will be out of her life forever.

Pat, however, is seemingly getting worse, not better, and Emily wonders whether they should prepare Debbie for the worst case scenario.

The path of love never runs smoothly for Nicola as she wakes up in bed alone. With Mack long gone, she feels deflated as she has been taken for granted again.

To make matters worse she has a hangover, late for work, and is going to have to face public humiliation, not to mention the wrath of Zoe!

Scott is impressed by Mack but Syd is concerned that he may not have let her down gently, remembering the right hook she delivered to him at the end of their brief relationship.

Syd soon has other matters to think about, though, when Jack tells him he has won the contract for the building work at the Reynolds house.

Being in-charge of his first building project is suddenly a daunting task for Syd and he realises he will need to recruit some staff fast!

Hoping Mack will jump at the chance, Syd is stunned when his work-mate decides to play hard-to-get.

Lisa finally gets her way and convinces Pollard they are run off their feet in the factory. They are relieved when he agrees employ some extra staff.

And Louise is determined to put the horrific stalking ordeal behind her, as the coroner's court finally declare an open verdict on Ray's death.

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