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November 2002

Un-offical SPOILERS Through To 13th December 2002

Official Spoilers for
Week Beginning 2nd December 2002

© Yorkshire Television

Printed with kind permission of the Emmerdale Press Office

Episodes 3321-3322:- MONDAY 2 DECEMBER 2002

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm 1 hour Long

Having just arrived back from their holiday, Louise has almost forgotten her nightmare of being stalked when the cryptic text messages begin again.

Ray tries to convince her to stay at home, but she is determined to act as normal as possible. Despite pulling a brave face, the bombardment of unwanted attention is having its toll.

But the arrival of flowers at the Woolpack with a chilling message does nothing to calm her nerves. She fears the stalker could be any man in the village. Ray does his best to hide his boiling jealousy and tries to be patient and comforting.

But there is worse to come and Louise is terrified to discover that someone has been in Mill Cottage, while she’s been away. Unable to cope with the intrusion, she decides to call the police. Ray, meanwhile, is growing suspicious of Terry and is sure that he knows something.

Paddy and Emily have been bubbling with excitement at the prospect of meeting their first foster child, Jacob. And while they know they have got a lot to learn, they are determined to do the best job possible.

As new parents they are forced to learn quicker than they’d envisaged, though, when Jacob refuses to come out of his bedroom. Paddy is impressed when Emily deals with Jacob, it seems to do the trick!

Gloria has packed her bags and headed for Westminster, leaving a disillusioned Pollard behind. He decides to drown his sorrows in front of the telly and the last thing he expects to see is Gloria.

But he has to take a double take when he sees his wife being chatted up on National TV by a familiar face! And just when he thinks things can’t get any worse - Glynis arrives.

Zoe is unsteady on her feet at work and takes a heavy fall. Scott is quick to help her to her up, questioning whether the baby is all right. He is shocked that Zoe remains unconcerned.

Episode 3323:- TUESDAY 3 DECEMBER 2002


On his way back from buying Louise a new mobile phone, Ray spots Terry and, convinced that he is the sinister stalker, threatens him to stay out of her life.

Mill Cottage, meanwhile, is fast turning into a fortress. Fresh on the heels of the police's visit the previous evening, workmen are busy changing locks in a bid to make Louise feel more secure.

Terry tries to quiz her about the visit from the boys in blue, but she is clearly uneasy in his company.

And her fears prove founded when Diane reveals to Louise that she has found a screwed up picture of her in Terry's bin. She is left with no choice but to call the police.

Paddy and Emily continue to try and come to terms with the conflict that their new arrival is causing.

Jacob is desperate to be excused from P.E – but Paddy and Emily find themselves at odds about how to deal with him.

They are both stunned, however, to discover that he is playing truant from school.

But when Paddy tackles Jacob about the truancy, he finds himself relating to him when he reveals that he is being bullied because of his size.

Their bonding goes one step too far, though, and Emily is not happy.

Zoe is starting to face up to how she will deal with the arrival of her unborn child and prepares for an adoption meeting – insisting that she doesn't care where the baby goes, as long as it goes somewhere away from her.

She confides in Terry that she finds it difficult talking about the unknown father and has to admit that she will probably never know who he is.


Episode 3324:- THURSDAY 5 DECEMBER 2002

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Ray is furious at the police's lack of action towards Terry but heeds Louise's warning not to go taking the law into his own hands.

He insists, however, that his restraint will be sorely tested if the messages and gifts continue to arrive.

Diane is shocked to think that Terry could be the stalker, but has to admit that it all fits into place – particularly as the messages have seemingly stopped since the police visited him.

Finally coming round to Louise's way of thinking, Diane feels she has no choice but to let Terry know of her suspicions and admit that she doesn't want him living under the same roof as her.

Forced out of the Woolpack, Terry flees in search of a bed for the night.

Paddy's battle to build bridges with Jacob continues and he is stunned to discover Jacob about to throw a stone through Viv's window.

But when he claims that Viv called him fat, Paddy picks up a stone of his own and is set to join him until Emily arrives to put a stop to their attack.

Jacob later breaks down and reveals that his parents argued a lot. Emily is concerned about the friction in their house and can't help but worry as to why he isn't warming to her.

Jack is alarmed to discover that a bottle of wine has been uncorked and the cork is still missing.

Sure that Robert is responsible, he challenges him but Robert is quick to point out that if he'd taken the cork, he would have taken some wine too.

All is revealed when Victoria enters with a blackened face – but she isn't too eager to explain why.

Episode 3325:- FRIDAY 6 DECEMBER 2002

EMMERDALE at 7.00pm Fully Networked

Having been ostracised from the Woolpack Terry is glad that Viv has offered him some temporary accommodation.

Uncharacteristically, Viv has given him the benefit of doubt over the stalking allegations - although she is revelling in all the speculation.

On her return to Mill Cottage, Louise finds a funeral wreath has been delivered. As she reads the message, a torn up photo of her falls out. She pieces the photo together only to reveal it spells out a chilling message.

Clutching the wreath in her hands she heads for Café Hope – demanding answers from Terry.

Paddy and Emily bid farewell to Jacob as he returns to his real parents. His mother has come out of hospital early and they have come to pick him up.

Their first experience of parenthood has been a challenge. But despite everything they have leant a lot and look forward to the prospect of taking more children in.

Building work is slow at the church conversion as they’re a man down. Syd suggests Mack might be a good stand-in to Ray.

But Ray is no push over and Mack is forced to grovel after stealing brandy from Mill Cottage during his last job.

Having apologised for pilfering, Mack is annoyed when Ray proceeds to make a total fool of him! With a bitter taste in his mouth, Mack plots instant revenge.


BBC Puresoap 28 November 2002

Dingle goes in search of fortune

Emmerdale rogue Zak Dingle is to skip the country and go in search of riches in one of the soap's more bizarre exits.
The former bare-knuckle boxer, played by Steve Halliwell, is to flee to South America to avoid a fine for not having a TV licence and skiving on the dole.

And according to the Daily Star, Zak discovers the legendary "Dingle inheritance" - proceeds from a big bank robber his father Jed helped mastermind on his arrival in Chile.

A source said: "[The story] is very wacky but the Dingles have always provided the comedy in Emmerdale.
"Zak's son Sam (James Hooton) finds a safety deposit box belonging to his grandfather, holding a key and a newspaper-cutting about a bank heist in Santiago.

"Zak sees an adventure and one which could see him return home as a rich man."

BBC Puresoap 27 November 2002

Tearaway to star in new cop drama

Emmerdale tearaway Butch Dingle is to return to TV screens in a new police drama, according to reports.

Millions of viewers saw the character, played by Paul Loughran, die after a horror minibus smash.
But the Daily Star reports he has been signed up to star in a new Manchester-based police drama called Blue Murder, due to hit the screens in the new year.

Producer Jane McNaught told the newspaper: "The series is vibrant, exciting and pacey with as much emphasis on home life and relationships as solving gritty murder."

Paul will star in the series alongside Men Behaving Badly actress Caroline Quentin and Bond babe Rachel Grant.

Ex-Corrie babe goes native

Angela Griffin

Former Coronation Street babe Angela Griffin (she also had a tiny role in Emmerdale many years ago when she was an up and coming star) is to swap her sexy screen image for a pair of wellies in her next role according to reports.

The star, who played hairdresser Fiona Middleton in the ITV soap, will don shapeless tweeds for her part as a farm worker's wife in Down To Earth.

She is joined in the drama by former Emmerdale and Casualty star Ian Kelsey who will play her husband, according to the Daily Star.

An insider told the newspaper: "The clothes she has to wear are nothing like as stylish as what we usually see her in."
The show is to hit TV screens in the new year.

This is an old article from about October 2002, however I just found it while looking through www.mirror.co.uk archives.


This week: John Middleton

AGE: 48. Married to teacher Christine. Two sons, Jack, 21, and George, 13.

LIVES: Home in Whitley Bay, near Newcastle, and a flat in Harrogate.

WHO IS HE? The Rev Ashley Thomas in TV's Emmerdale.

BEST INVESTMENT: His home in Whitley Bay.

WORST: The home which they had to give back to the mortgage lender.

MONEY ATTITUDE: "I am more of a saver."

INCOME: "In five figures, but not a massive sum."


EMMERDALE star John Middleton has owned five older properties in 23 years because he has been happy to renovate them and improve their value himself.

He says: "I had to get into DIY because until recently we could not afford to employ someone else to do the work. When we bought our four-bedroom house in Whitley Bay 21 months ago, we had to live on a building site for a year, but it was worth the effort.

"We paid over £100,000 for the property and spent over £50,000 on renovation work, but its value must have risen considerably."

Last Christmas, John bought a one-bedroom flat in Harrogate, North Yorks, as a base for work during the week. He paid £80,000, which he rates as average for the area.

This year he and Christine remortgaged their main home to help their son Jack get on to the housing ladder. John says: "We paid £40,000 cash for Jack's home, and now he pays us rent."

The actor hasn't always had an easy ride with property. When John was 30, he and Christine moved down south to London, but were unable to sell their home in Horwich, near Bolton.

He says: "We thought we had made the worst decision of our lives, coming to London. While my wife worked as a teacher in Peckham, I was unable to find acting work. I had to take a job at a barbecue dip factory in Peckham for £80 a week.

"There were no buyers for our house in Horwich, because a number of factories there had closed down. After many months we had no choice but to give the property back to the building society.

"It was impossible to cover both the mortgage and the rent on a council flat in Camberwell, South London. In the event we lost thousands of pounds, though we had paid only £9,500 for the house in Horwich."

After buying and selling five homes, John has learnt that the speed at which you sell is just as important as the price. "The quicker the transaction, the less you will pay," he points out.

Until four years ago he never had enough spare cash to start a pension. Now he has two schemes in place, but he reckons property is a better investment for the future.

He says: "We've just had central heating installed in my son's home for £2,000, but I'm sure the added value will be far more than that."

BBC Puresoap 26 November 2002

Louise thought she heard her stalker 'coffin'.

Louise thought she heard her stalker 'coffin'.
© Yorkshire Television 2002
Soap Psychic... in Emmerdale
3 Dec - 16 Dec: it shall come to pass
Dear Stalker...
Louise is freaked out when she gets flowers from her stalker with a disturbing message.
Later she gets another gift with 'dead gorgeous' written on it.
Further in the future, I see…
Louise gets suspicious that Mack's the stalker. (I don't think so!)
So Ray attacks him. And Ray's then arrested! (That Ray's got a violent streak!)
Zack gets bad news about his dad.
Edna gets an unwelcome neighbour - binman Jarvis.


BBC Puresoap News 26 November 2002

Emmerdale landlady gets death threat

Emily Symons

Terrified landlady Louise Appleton fears for her life when the Emmerdale stalker sends her a funeral wreath.

Louise, played by Emily Symons, is said to be petrified when the contents of the box also include a torn-up photo of her with a spine-chilling message.

Police suspect romeo barman Terry Woods and take him in for questioning, the Daily Star reports.

However, viewers are to be kept on edge as to the final turn of events, it adds - the cast has been sworn to secrecy and three possible endings have been penned in order to keep the plot under wraps.

The Mirror


CHRISTOPHER Biggins, Frank Carson, Bernie Clifton, Jono Coleman, Bobby Davro, Les Dennis, Anne Diamond, Nicola Duffett, Goldie, Janette Krankie, Melinda Messenger, Coleen Nolan, Tom O'Connor, Mark Owen, Nicholas Parsons, Sue Perkins, Kay Purcell, Leo Sayer, Rik Waller, Tommy Walsh.

New stars for `Heart' TV drama
Lesley Dunlop as Anna Kirkwall: New series of Where the Heart Is

Nov 26 2002

COMIC actor Keith Barron is joining the cast of ITV district nurse drama Where the Heart Is.

By The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

He will be joining Samantha Giles and Andrew Paul as new characters in the hit show.

Filming has just begun on the new 10-part series, set in Slaithwaite with interiors filmed in Armitage Bridge - depicted on TV as the fictional town of Skelthwaite.

Former Emmerdale star Samantha joins Andrew and Keith in playing the new family in town.

Samantha is described as a `feisty fun-loving new nurse' Sally Boothe.

Andrew, who played The Bill's Dave Quinnan for many years, is to star as her husband, Billy, and Duty Free and Take Me Home star Keith Barron will be Billy's father, Alan.

The new series promises dramatic developments for character Karen Buckley, played by Leslie Ash, when the son she gave up for adoption as a baby arrives in Skelthwaite to find her.

The reunion is fraught with emotion and causes strain between her and her husband, David, played by Philip Middlemiss.

Anna Kirkwall's life, meanwhile, is looking rosier after the traumas of her split with Simon. Anna, played by Lesley Dunlop, starts the new series slimmer, fitter and with a sassy new haircut.

Daily Record PICK OF THE BOX:

Nov 26 2002


Emmerdale (ITV, 7.00pm); EastEnders (BBC1, 7.30pm); River City (BBC1 Scotland, 8.00pm)

IN the run-up to Christmas, our soaps are beginning to unleash the big storylines. In Emmerdale, Gloria and Pollard are busying themselves with last-minute canvassing ahead of the election polls closing.

Pollard is under instructions to do everything in his power to help Gloria's chances and ferries pensioners to the polling station to secure their vote.

But despite his best efforts, Pollard can't ignore the fact that if Gloria does win, he may well end up losing the woman he loves.

Sneaky Cain Dingle is wracked with guilt over Angie's death and wants to tell her grieving kids how much their mum loved them. But if he does, he'll implicate himself in her death and there's no way a Dingle will do that.

The Mirror 25 November 2002

SHELLEYVISION'S highlight of the week came as Angie from Emmerdale lay dying in Cain Dingle's arms - the climax to the sort of tour-de-force storyline of which Phil Redmond and Brookside could only dream. (Angie's police car crashed while in pursuit of her lover, Cain. Phew!)

More romantic than Dr Zhivago, Angie's death scene was so realistic, her final words were almost incomprehensible.

"Oh-lee!" she gasped between death throes. "Ark. Oh-lee! Ark!"

For one moment I was convinced that, staring into the abyss, she was crying "Ho-lee" and "f***!".

But actually it was her children "Ollie" and "Mark" that she was concerned about. "What about me?" Cain sobbed when she had finally pegged it, I mean tragically slipped away. "Tell me you love me. Just once."

Yes, Cain Dingle has turned into Heathcliff. He spent last week telling her, "I don't care where I am as long as I'm with you" - and meaning it! Terrific.

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 25th November 2002

Will Gloria be Glorious in Victory as the elections take place this wee?


Weekdays ITV

IT'S a great week for Gloria, when she lands a stunning by-election win after a dramatic re-count.

But while she is in a celebratory mood, Pollard is distraught at his wife’s success. He is convinced her triumph at the polls will take her away from him as she works in Westminster.

He begs her not to take her seat and to stay with him, but Gloria will not consider standing down. She tells Eric she loves him but she intends to fulfil her promises as MP.

“It’s a highly emotional week,” says Janice McKenzie, who plays the ambitious Gloria. “She wants Eric to be happy for her. After all, she was ready to support him.”

As the election approaches, there is a bitter rift between Gloria and Eric. He is convinced that she will win and he will have to play a supporting role in her life from now on.

Eric can’t even bring himself to vote for his wife and as the count nears the end, it is clear it is neck and neck. A re-count is ordered when the result is too close to call and everyone holds their breath.

“Gloria is annoyed that Eric is not fully behind her,” says Janice. “She can’t understand that it’s because he’s afraid of losing her.

“He accuses Gloria of losing sight of the importance of their marriage, but she insists it is just that she has become more ambitious and he has become more distant.”

Suddenly, the result is called and it’s a narrow win for Gloria. There is great celebration and poor old Pollard is almost crushed in the commotion.

“He begs her not to take her seat,” says Janice. “But she has not come this far for nothing. She really believes she can be a good MP and make a difference, and she is sad that Eric doesn’t seem to feel he will be part of her success.

“She tells Eric she really loves him but this is the opportunity of her lifetime and she simply can’t let it slip through her fingers.”

Lonely single father Jack gets a surprise birthday present when Andy and Robert organise a blind date for him.
But when Jack turns up in The Woolpack to meet the ‘stranger’, he is shocked to see it’s his old flame Diane.

And while the pair have a great evening, they decide to teach the boys not to meddle in other people’s love lives by pretending Diane is moving in with them all.

“Jack is a bit bewildered when Andy and Robert spring a blind date on him,” says Clive Hornby, who plays the Sugden senior.

“He wants them all to go out for a family meal for his birthday because he has no one special to share a meal with.”

But Andy and Robert are concerned that their father needs female company and Katie suggests a blind date would be a great present.

“They pretend they’re all going out as a family and then spring the date on him as his last big present,” says Clive.
“They tell Jack he has a date waiting in the pub and Jack goes over wondering who on earth they have found for him.

“He chats to Diane and scoffs at the idea of this secret woman and is then embarrassed when it turns out to be her.

“However, they have a good time together. I don’t think either of them is in the market for romance, but they’re good friends. They come up with a plan to make the boys think twice before they do something like this again.”

Next day, Jack tells the boys that his meeting with Diane turned into a really hot date and they are taken aback. He says that Diane will be over later as she has an announcement to make.

“The boys are intrigued,” says Clive. “And when Diane arrives, she and Jack ask the children very seriously how they would feel about Diane moving in.

“They get all embarrassed before Jack lets them in on the joke. Hopefully it’ll stop them setting their dad up again.”

Also this week:

Cain struggles to come to terms with Angie’s death, and burns his blood-stained shirt from the accident.
Latisha gets blamed for Steph’s thieving. Then Steph talks her way out of trouble.
Paddy and Emily are accepted for fostering.

BBC Puresoap 25 November 2002

Soap stars in Loaded calendar

Some of soap's sexiest characters have been transformed into 21st century foxes in a raunchy calendar for men's magazine Loaded.

The calendar shows the TV temptresses recreating some of Hollywood's hottest scenes and paying homage to screen legends according to the Daily Star.

Emmerdale's Amy Nuttall, who plays Chloe Atkinson, poses twice: once as a Splash-style mermaid and also as a One Million Years BC cavegirl.

EastEnders' Charlie Brooks (Janine Mitchell) also appears twice posing as Tarzan's Jane and painted gold in homage to 007's Goldfinger.

Fellow Walford babe Lucy Speed (Natalie Evans) strikes a pose as the Attack Of The 50ft Woman and Coronation Street teaser Tina O'Brien (Sarah Platt) is Jane Fonda's sci-fi sexpot Barbarella.
The scenes were selected from a survey of film favourites taken from 10,000 of Loaded's readers.
The calendar is free with the December issue of the magazine.

BBC Puresoap 22 November 2002


Emmerdale landlady gets death threat

Terrified landlady Louise Appleton fears for her life when the Emmerdale stalker sends her a funeral wreath.
Louise, played by Emily Symons, is said to be petrified when the contents of the box also include a torn-up photo of her with a spine-chilling message.

Police suspect romeo barman Terry Woods and take him in for questioning, the Daily Star reports.

However, viewers are to be kept on edge as to the final turn of events, it adds - the cast has been sworn to secrecy and three possible endings have been penned in order to keep the plot under wraps.

Official Spoilers for
Week Beginning 25th November 2002

© Yorkshire Television

Printed with kind permission of the Emmerdale Press Office


MONDAY: Marc and Ollie are given the news that Angie is dead

TUESDAY: Jack is heading for a blind date – but how will he react?

WEDNESDAY: NOTE there will not be an episode tonight.

THURSDAY: Gloria receives the result of the election recount

FRIDAY: Louise is becoming increasingly spooked by her admirer


Episodes #3316-3317: MONDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2002 at 7.00pm 1 hour

Cain is numb with pain after the death of Angie. He wanders around the house in a daze – unable to comprehend the horror that has gone before.

He soon snaps out of it, however, when he notices that there is a police car outside. Cain and Zak react with horror – for very different reasons.

But the police car is visiting the Reynolds and not the Dingles, and Cain watches as Marc and Ollie return home to be greeted by the police bearing the grim news of the tragedy that unfolded in their absence.

Wracked with guilt, Cain is uncomfortable as Zak tries to talk to him about Angie’s death.

Over at Home Farm, Cynthia is busy cleaning up after the party and is shocked to discover that a figurine is missing.

She is further outraged when Charity suggests that Latisha may have stolen it. Disgusted by the accusation, Cynthia declares that she cannot live where they are not trusted and tells Latisha to pack her bags.

The real culprit, Steph, makes herself scarce as the theft becomes a police matter.

It is only a matter of time, though, before she has to face a grilling from the boys in blue.

While she convinces them of her innocence, Danny isn’t quite so convinced and he soon rumbles her. Cynthia and Latisha are furious at her actions and demand that she own up to Charity and Chris.

But can Steph box clever and avoid taking the rap?

As the election looms, Pollard and Gloria struggle to deal with their rift. The real problem for Pollard, however, is that he fears that Gloria could win the election and he could end up playing second fiddle to his wife!

Jack’s birthday is fast approaching and he insists on going for a family meal, as he has nobody special to share his day with.

The boys wonder whether he is lonely and Robert suggests that they use the restaurant booking to set him up with a blind date.

Episode #3318: TUESDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2002 at 7pm

Gloria and Pollard busy themselves with last minute canvassing ahead of the Election Polls closing.

Pollard is under instructions to do everything in his power to help Gloria’s chances and ferries pensioners to the polling station to secure their vote.

But despite his best efforts, Pollard can’t ignore the fact that if Gloria does win, he may well end up losing the woman he loves.

As the polls close and the count gets under way, will they have done enough to sweep Gloria to power?

As Jack opens his birthday presents, he becomes suspicious when the kids reveal that he has one more big surprise to come.

They tell him that he has a hot date waiting for him at the Woolpack – but who will it be and how will he take the news?

As Cain watches Ollie and Marc preparing to go and stay with their dad for a while, he is desperate to pass on Angie’s dying words – that she loved them.

But despite the guilt that weighs so heavily in his heart, he can’t bring himself to do it for fear of implicating himself in Angie’s death.

As Charity pays Cynthia her last pay packet, she humbly apologises for accusing Latisha of theft and asks her to reconsider her decision to quit.

Meanwhile, Ray is not a happy man after discovering that Mack has been taking liberties while he has been away on holiday.

Episode #3319: THURSDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2002 at 7.00pm

It’s a tense time for Gloria as she awaits the result of the election recount – will it go her way.

But she is more than a little putout when she realises that Pollard is seemingly quite happy for her to lose.

It is only when Pollard spells out that he is scared of losing her too, that the penny finally drops and they reassess the importance of their marriage.

As the outcome of the re-count is announced, Gloria steps forward – but is it as a winner or loser?

Mack is furious at Ray’s refusal to pay his bonus, but takes satisfaction from the knowledge of what he did in his and Louise’s house while they were away.

Syd warns him not to get on the wrong side of Ray, but Mack is confident that he knows just how to handle people like Ray.

Bumping into Louise, Mack asks about the holiday and comments on how good she is looking.

But his words come back to haunt her when later that evening she receives a mysterious text message referring to her homecoming.

Ray is furious and makes it clear that he will deal with the sender in his own way!

Jack is bemused as to how his children persuaded his date to join him – she admits that it was because it was his birthday and she was glad to be his dinner date.

The kids wait at home in eager anticipation of news as to how the date has gone, but Jack is having a great time and keeps them waiting.

Steph is proving troublesome during her stay at Nicola’s and domestic bless isn’t the order of the day.

Episode #3320: FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2002 at 7.00pm

Paddy and Emily return from their honeymoon – eagerly hoping for news from the fostering agency.

And while they have resigned themselves to the fact that it may not be the news they hoped for, they haven’t given up all hope.

But will they be looking forward to the arrival of foster children or will they have failed to meet the agency’s strict requirements?

There is definitely no good news for Louise and she becomes increasingly spooked by yet more disturbing text messages.

Things then taken a sinister turn when all the beer mats with her calendar pictures on start to vanish.

Pollard is growing tired of the election aftermath and the attention that Gloria is getting after the big night.

Even a big order for his factory as a result of her high profile can’t lift his spirits.

Convinced that he is about to lose his wife to politics for good, he finally swallows his pride and begs her to give up on the idea of becoming an MP. Pollard is determined to make her change her mind – but Gloria will take a lot of persuading.

Jack enjoys teasing the kids about his blind date and implies that they got on better than expected. He then reveals that his date will be calling round to make an important announcement – how would they feel if she moves in with them!

Cain is becoming increasingly desperate in the aftermath of Angie’s death. His loss drives him to break into the deserted Reynolds house in a bid to feel close to her again.

Radio Times 23rd November 2002 : Soaps by Alison Graham


We are very worried about the implications for law and order in Emmerdale since Angie Reynolds's untimely demise last week. As the area's sole peacekeeper she had her work cut out and we fear that before long the tide of crime that only Angie was able to stem will engulf us all.

Of course, Angie's family will miss her and even Cain Dingle sheds a few tears as he carries the burden of Angie's final words. However, Soap & Flannel will need a lot of convincing that Cain could be burdened by anything more than a three-stone bag of spuds.

Daily Record

Nov 23 2002
Soap watch
Merle Brown

CAIN is beside himself with grief over Angie. The kids aren't that happy either and head off to visit their dad for a while.

Cain, of course, can't go and tell them Angie's dying words were, "tell my kids I love them", or something like that, because that would implicate him in her death. Oh dear. It's all a bit of a mess, isn't it?

Elsewhere, Pollard is increasingly agitated about Gloria's drive to be an MP.

But it looks like his wife is set to continue with her search for power. Jack gets set up on a blind date by his kids and then turns the tables on them, by asking how they would feel if she moved in. Oh, the joker.

Louise is getting weird text messages, and then all the beer mats with her picture on them start to vanish. Mmm, wonder who that might be then, Ray, you nutter.

Tina Dingle fan card signed by Jacqueline Pirie from around 1995

Just Rumour alert!!!

It has recently been brought to my attention that on or around the 12th November 2002 "The Daily Star" reported that Jacqueline Chadwick (nee Pirie) is writing a play and has written some chapters of a children's fantasy novel.

Jacqueline played Tina Dingle in Emmerdale from December 1994-December 1996. More recently she has been in Coronation Street as the popular bad girl Linda Baldwin (1998-2001).


Orange Today

Bond girl to become TV detective

James Bond actor Rachel Grant is to become a TV cop in a new series which programme bosses hope will become as successful as Inspector Morse.

Grant, is to feature as Detective Constable Jenny Chen in the Manchester-based series Blue Murder, which begins shooting next month.

The Philippine-born actress, who appeared in Tomb Raider as Angelina Jolie's body double, can currently be seen in the latest 007 movie Die Another Day.

She stars as a Chinese agent named Peaceful Fountains Of Desire in the film.

Caroline Quentin takes the lead role in Blue Murder as a detective inspector who has to juggle her work with a trying home life.

Ian Kelsey - who has starred in Emmerdale and Casualty - also plays a prominent role as Quentin's deputy.

Grant has previously been a dancer on Top Of The Pops and a presenter for the Sci-Fi Channel.

Producer Jane Macnaught said: "Blue Murder is a fresh take on modern day policing set in contemporary Manchester.

"It's vibrant, pacy and exciting with as much emphasis on home life and relationships as solving a gritty murder."

Story filed: 13:18 Friday 22nd November 2002

BBC Puresoap 22 November 2002

Did You See... by Tina Baker last week in Soap?
This week’s lows
Emmerdale Angie's moment of madness in Emmerdale. In the time it takes to sink a bottle of house red, Angie's turned from a respectable police officer to a drunken wreck with criminal tendencies!
Other Soapy low's...
Cain telling Angie they're meant to be together (which is enough to make anyone hit the bottle!) What makes him think that? Could it be the provocative way she's ignored him for the past year? I reckon this is a classic case of 'Soap Star In Search Of A Quick But Implausible Exit' syndrome!
Angie: 'I Cain-not imagine life without him.'
Angie: 'I Cain-not imagine life without him.'
© BBC 2002
till crazy after all these years!
Who could forget this lot…
Emmerdale's Graham Clark. (The ex-Emmerdale Producer now does Corrie - so is Graham Dicky mk.1?) Rachel should have sussed him when he made her get a haircut to look like his ex-wife. Sadly, she looked more like Frankenstein. And he ended just as dead, too.
Corrie's Gail voted top soap mum
Coronation Street's Gail Hillman has been voted top TV soap mum in a poll of parents.

A third of those questioned said that if they had to let a famous mother from a soap look after their children for the day, four-times married Gail, played by Helen Worth, would be their number one choice.

EastEnders' Pauline Fowler came second with 21% of the vote - but only 1% opted for Emmerdale's Cynthia Daggert.

The survey for Screenblock, a gadget that limits children's TV viewing time, polled 500 families.

The pollsters said the results showed a gender gap - with more men opting for Pauline while their wives chose Gail, despite her marriage to a serial killer Richard.

Behavioural psychologist Gladeanna McMahon said: "The split in the voting shows that where men look for a strong, dependable figure to look after their kids, women would rather have their kids cared for by someone who they identify and empathise with.

"Of the two women, Pauline is by far the least emotional. She's a strong, solid, dependable family woman who may be a bit of a battleaxe but has exactly the kind of qualities men look for in a mother.

"Gail is softer in her approach and emotionally more vulnerable. Pauline's rule with a rod of iron may be too harsh for many mums and far more difficult to identify with."

Other TV soap mothers fared poorly, with Diane Murray (Brookside) scoring 4% and Kat Slater (EastEnders), Janice Battersby (Coronation Street) and Jessie Hilton (Brookside) polling 3% each.

A Coronation Street spokeswoman said: "Gail Hillman has certainly had good times and bad times over the years while being mum to Nick, Sarah and David. It's great that viewers can identify with her experiences of being a parent."

Story filed: 14:01 Wednesday 20th November 2002

Leeds to sell stars: report
LEEDS United could be preparing to sell Australian stars Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell as the ailing soccer club attempts to bounce back from a poor start to the season.

Newspaper reports suggest new Leeds manager Terry
Venables is set to launch a January sale so he can bring in fresh blood - and that could mean sacrificing his former Socceroo charges.

With Leeds STG77 million ($218.35 million) in debt, selling players when the transfer market opens on January 1 could be the easiest way to rebuild the team which lost 4-2 to lowly Bolton last weekend.

The Daily Express has Viduka on a list with Olivier Dacourt, Ian Harte, Gary Kelly, Lee Bowyer, Michael Duberry, Nigel Martyn, David Batty and Michael Bridges of players who will be allowed to leave to fund future purchases.

Viduka has been monitored for months by Italian club Roma, while AC Milan could test Leeds' resolve to hang on to Kewell with a multi-million pound bid.

Milan's general director Ariedo Braida watched Kewell in Florence against Hapoel Tel Aviv last week.

Kewell has always said he wants to play in Europe at some stage and his English wife, soap actress Sheree Murphy, recently quit the TV show Emmerdale, clearing the way for them to leave Yorkshire with their son Taylor.

But Kewell's agent Bernie Mandic said a move was unlikely.

"People are entitled to their opinion over what Harry should do, but it is his decision to make and he has not indicated to me that he wants to move on at this time. As far as I am aware, he is happy at Leeds," Mandic told the paper.

Daily Record

Nov 21 2002


Emmerdale/EastEnders (ITV, 7.00pm/BBC1, 7.30pm)

BEING a copper in a soap is a dead-end job and Angie Reynolds is about to hit Emmerdale's dead end.

Having being dumped by Syd because nasty Cain wants her back, Angie decides to be proactive and comes up with a plan to get her life back on track.

Unfortuntely for Angie, it's a criminal plan and one that has Cain embroiled in it right up to his neck.

Further south, Cockney chancer Alfie (Shane Richie) turns up in Walford, having been kicked off the Tube for not having a ticket.

He wanders into the Vic where Peggy instantly thinks he must be the new manager. Obviously the Vic has so few customers, it's an easy mistake for Peggy to make.

He can't believe his luck when he is left to run the pub and has his eye on the till.

Meanwhile, Ian confronts Laura when he finds a newspaper with words cut out of it along with a half-constructed note.

BBC Puresoap 21 November 2002

Zak takes some flak

Zak takes some flak

Emmerdale's Zak Dingle left soap fans fuming when he lit up a cigarette in an aircraft loo, according to reports.
The Daily Star says telly addicts bombarded ITV chiefs with complaints - reminding them that Zak, played by Steve Halliwell, does not smoke.
The only character ever seen lighting up in the show is Woolpack barman Terry Woods.
But the plot called for Zak to be arrested after flying into a wild rage because he was busted having a crafty fag in the loo.
An Emmerdale insider came up with a quick riposte when asked about the blunder.
He suggested that Zak was nervous about flying and was trying out the habit to calm is nerves.

Daily Mirror: Kay Purcell
20 November 2002

CELEBRITY surveillance isn't normally my remit but I feel compelled to report that I spotted Celebrity Fit Club inmate Kay Purcell in a restaurant the other night. The Emmerdale actress looked radiant on her strict diet and resisted the chips sent mistakenly to her table. Not by me - honest.

BBC Puresoap 19 November 2002

Soap Psychic... in Emmerdale
25 Nov - 9 Dec: it shall come to pass
'Ello 'ello 'ello
Gloria wins the election and becomes the local MP. But Pollard doesn't want her to take her seat at Westminster, fearing he'll lose her.
Further in the future, I see…
Paddy and Emily get their first foster child - a teenager called Jacob.
Louise is terrified by a stalker.
Zoe resolves to stop worrying about her pregnancy and get back to work.
And Victoria Sugden has a new imaginary friend. (Beats my imaginary career!)


Gloria-us victory!

You shouldn't have eaten those Frosties Eric!
© Yorkshire Television 2002
19 November 2002: We are all from Limerick and proud of it
A NEW film capturing the feel good factor of Limerick and aimed at boosting civic pride among the city's young people was premiered this Wednesday in the Savoy cinema.

I'm From Limerick is a four-and-a-half-minute film certain to reach a wide audience as it will be shown before every showing of Harry Potter 2 and Lord of the Rings 2 in Limerick cinemas in the run-up to Christmas.

The film, scripted and directed by Limerick actor and playwright Mike Finn, and commissioned by the Limerick Co-Ordination Office managed by Andrew Mawhinney is a day in the life of Limerick from dawn to dusk, featuring well-known personalities and ordinary people.

"The message is simple. Get famous and not so famous people to just say: 'I'm from Limerick'. If they are prepared to say it in the film then they must be proud of the fact. It is an exercise in civic pride," said Mr Finn.

"The only regret I have is that the late Richard Harris is not in it," he said.

"Mr Harris had agreed to take part in the film and was delighted be part of it but he had to cancel at short notice due to ill-health. He never got the chance again to be in the film," said Mr Mawhinney.

Mayor John Cronin said: "I hope that this film can bring back to young people a sense of pride in their city."

Cathaoirleach of Limerick County Council Cllr Brigid Teefy said she was delighted to see so many people from so many different backgrounds in the film.

Emma O'Driscoll from Six appears in the film outside her house on Carey's Road with her two cousins.

"I think the idea is excellent," she said.

"Sometimes I do find myself defending my city to people who have only heard the bad things about it. I am proud and delighted to be part of this film. It will help people focus on the good," she said.

Michael McNamara, Lyric FM DJ, also appears in the film.

"I think this is long overdue. It is great PR for Limerick," he said.

Seán Buckley of RLO described it as "fabulous and first class".
Actor Seamus Gubbins, a native of Castleconnell and soap star on Emmerdale, who is one of a host of Limerick celebrities features in the new short film.

Fintan Kiely of Caherconlish said: "It is sure to reach its target audience as it will be on at the cinema."

John Greville said: "I thought it was a good idea to use the music of the Cranberries as the soundtrack because they are great representatives for the city. This film could be shown anywhere in the world."

Some well-known faces appearing in it are: Vincent Browne, Pat Shortt, Celia Holman-Lee, Paul Carey, Peter Clohessy, Frank McCourt and Cllr Dick Sadlier.

Limited copies of the film are available in the Limerick Co-Ordination Office for E5.

This Is Bradford: Alhambra lights up in all its new glory - 19th November 2002

A revamped Alhambra theatre looked magnificent last night when panto star Billy Pearce switched on its new exterior lights.

The Bradford landmark, pictured, was lit by 1,174 new light bulbs, part of its £250,000 facelift.

The low-wattage bulbs are the same make as those on the outside of world famous London store Harrods.

The revamp, which has taken 23 weeks, also included painting the building to restore it to its former glory.

The work has been funded by Bradford Council and the switch-on was attended by the Council's Executive member for the environment and culture, Councillor Anne Hawkesworth (Con, Ilkley).

Billy will soon be in rehearsals for the Alhambra's forthcoming pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk.

Also starring will be Malandra Burrows, who played Kathy in TV soap Emmerdale.

Thousands flock to see festive start
By Tony Raba
Nov 18, 2002, 11:25am

Relentless overnight rain stopped right on cue for the start of Stafford's big Christmas fun day.

The event began with a carnival parade through the town centre and culminated in the switching on of the illuminations and a fireworks display.

Santa, in his horse drawn carriage, led Saturday's parade and was greeted by thousands as he made his way up the main street to Market Square.

Alongside was the town mayor, Councillor Ralph Cooke, followed by bands, floats and cartoon hero Scooby Doo.

Throughout the day there was a feast of activities in and around the square for shoppers to enjoy, ranging from games and competitions to Punch and Judy, and live Irish folk music.

A spectacular firework display followed, before Cannock's Junior Stars in Their Eyes winner Charlotte Gethin performed as the late singer Eva Cassidy.

Shops remained open until 7pm to mark the start of late night shopping. They will now stay open in the town until 4.30pm on Sundays and 8pm on Thursdays.

The highlight of the event was the big switch on by local actress Freya Copeland - Emmerdale's Angie Reynolds. With her was Berkswich Primary School pupil Sarah Bagley, who won the council's Christmas poster competition.

Freya, who next month stars in Stafford's pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, was also joined by the mayor, Councillor Cooke, for the ceremony.

The former Sir Graham Balfour School pupil signed up for Stafford's panto in September. Insiders revealed shortly afterwards she is literally set to crash out of Emmerdale later this year when she is killed in a spectacular car smash.

She is currently involved in a dramatic storyline involving her relationship with bad boy Cain Dingle.

Her exit gave the 31-year-old actress, whose parents live in Milford, the opportunity to snap up the lead role in the panto, which opens at the Gatehouse Theatre on December 18.

She will be joined by Hollyoaks star Natasha Lund, who plays Eve. For tickets call the theatre on 01785 254653.

I Can't Believe I'M DEAD!" - Freya Copland Interview
The Mirror - 16.11.02

It was only when the villagers gathered to pay their last respects to Emmerdale's copper Angie Reynolds, that it finally sank in with Freya Copeland that she was actually leaving the soap, for good. "They are filming my funeral today," says Freya, 33, her eyes filling with tears. "It's such a weird feeling. I don't know if I'm coming or going."

"In the last few weeks I kept crying all the time - during my final scene in the Reynolds household, with the children and in the
Woolpack. I sent text messages to Vicky Binns and Anthony Lewis, who play my kids Ollie and Marc, saying, `This is your mother from beyond the grave - I love you'. They were like a real family to me and I will miss them. I can't believe I'm dead. I told them to kick the coffin for me!"

"There were rumours about a cull and when they called me in I thought, `This is it'. But even though I knew deep down the axe was coming, it still came as a shock."

Although she was worried that it might be hard to find work after being a soap star for almost four years, Freya did not want the door kept open for Angie to return.

"I asked to be killed off," she says. "I'd have been constantly thinking, `I wish they'd ask me back', whereas now that is out of the question and I can move on."

This week, Angie quits the force after a colleague tries to grope her. She hits the bottle and turns to crime with her crooked lover Cain Dingle, played by Jeff Hordley. But she is killed in a car crash when a heist goes horribly wrong.

"The vehicle crashes through a fence and overturns," explains Freya. "I could not have asked for a more dramatic exit. I end up
unconscious and Cain pulls me out of the wreckage."

"It was exciting to watch the stunt, but when I went into make-up to get ready for my death scene I fell apart. They put all this blood on my head and I burst into tears. It was difficult for Jeff, too. We are best mates off the set and there I was dying in his arms."

Her death from internal injuries came three years and eight months to the day after Hotten Police Sgt 1304 Reynolds, the mother of two teenagers, arrived in Emmerdale. Angie was married to truck driver Sean (Stephen McGann) but, this being soapland,Freya knew it wouldn't be long before one of them was led astray.

"Stephen and I used to joke about who would be the first to have an affair," she laughs. "I saw the script where Sean falls for Lady Tara and told Stephen, `It's you!'"

Angie got her own back by bedding badboy Cain, Mack the builder and toyboy builder Syd, earning a reputation as a randy copper who liked taking down men's particulars.

"The sex scenes were fun to do, but they were pretty tame," says Freya. "All you saw was before and after the event and a couple of snogs, but that suited me."

While Angie was up to fun and games, Freya was busy settling down. Last year she married actor Toby Walton, 33, who she met years ago on a touring production of Brideshead Revisited.

"We were best friends for six years and then I made him see the error of his ways," smiles Freya. "We got together again on Millennium Eve. He popped the question on St Valentine's Day last year and we got married four months later."

"I was stunned when he proposed. Toby was not keen on getting married and he'd kind of talked me out of it. I was upset that we weren't together on Valentine's Day because I was in Leeds and he was in London. So I went to the gym and he rang me on my mobile just as I was getting into my car to go home. I was really down in the dumps and then looked round and there he was in the flesh. He whisked me off for a romantic meal and asked me to marry him."

"At least we can be together more now. When I lost my job I just wanted to go home to London and have a hug from Toby. We'll take things as they come, but we might have kids in the not too distant future. We are not used to being together all the time,but I have no fears of us getting under each other's feet. We get on brilliantly."

In the future, Freya would love to do another musical - she appeared in the West End show Passion - or a TV drama. But her next project is appearing in Jack And The Beanstalk in her hometown of Stafford.

As an Emmerdale keepsake, Freya will get the engraved plaque from Angie's coffin, but she doesn't want her police uniform.

"I hated it," she says. "Men may look sexy in uniform, but women don't. And the body armour I had to wear was not good for a girl's ego. I looked like a Teletubby!"

Daily Record

SOAP GOSSIP... Nov 16 2002

THE Grim Reaper comes calling on Emmerdale as policewoman Angie Reynolds (Freya Copeland) meets her maker. In a dramatic twist, law- abiding Angie decides to do a robbery with bad boy Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) but it all goes wrong as they make their getaway. In the chase that follows, the partners in crime crash into a tree and it's goodnight Vienna for Angie.

Nov 16 2002

Merle Brown

Emmerdale ANGIE hits the self-destruct button when she hears that ex-hubby Sean is marrying Lady Tara - remember her?

We're supposed to believe this news triggers off the events that see her lying lifeless in a car crash after going on a job with Cain Dingle.

I dunno. First she hits the bottle, then she decides she can't live without Cain and that they have to leave the village. They decide to rob a Tate van and sell the load, but it all goes horribly wrong.

There is a lot of soul searching before we get this denouement of course - there's a week's worth of episodes to fill after all.

Elsewhere, Lisa arrives home without Zak, who has been arrested for air rage. And Edna is still having this crazy battle of the wheeliebins.

Children in need
£13.5m raised for Children in Need on the night

Viewers of Children in Need's charity television extravaganza have helped raise more than £13.5 million so far after a seven-hour broadcast.

A total of £13,501,375 was raised during the live BBC1 show, which was kicked off by Pop Idol winner Will Young singing The Sweetest Feeling.

The annual telethon is hoping to beat last year's record- breaking £25 million total, which also included money collected from sponsored events across the country. The first night's total has already beaten the total at the same stage by £600,000.

The show hosted by Terry Wogan and Gaby Roslin, which finished at 2am, saw musical treats from Gareth Gates, Anastacia, Mariah Carey and Elton John performing alongside Blue.

Stars from EastEnders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street took part in a variety of sketches and quizzes.

News presenters Jeremy Vine, Sophie Raworth and Jeremy Bowen gave their own unique performance of The Rocky Horror Show, while David 'Cheap as Chips' Dickinson hosted a celebrity edition of Bargain Hunt.

All the stars taking part in the show said it had been a great experience and they were honoured to be able to do their bit for the charity.

Coronation Street's Suranne Jones, who plays Karen McDonald, said: "When I got asked to come on Children In Need, I nearly cried I was so happy.

"I've always wanted to do it, and every year, me and my mum watch it religiously and donate money to it."

Donations can still be made to Children In Need by credit/ debit card, at any bank or building society, post offices or online at www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/donate/

Story filed: 04:47 Saturday 16th November 2002

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 16th November 2002


Weekdays  ITV

ANGIE makes a shattering exit from the show as she dies in Cain’s arms after rekindling her stormy affair with the dangerous Dingle.

The tragic finale to their relationship comes at the end of a highly charged week in which policewoman Angie turns to crime and makes plans to run off with Cain.

Angie is stunned to learn her ex-husband Sean is to wed Lady Tara and she turns to love-crazed Cain in her darkest hour.

But there is definitely no happy ending for the doomed couple and Cain is absolutely devastated by the death of his lover.

At the start of the week, Angie turns to drink to try to deal with her problems. When she goes out to buy more booze she meets Cain.

“She knocks him back pretty firmly and tells Cain to leave her alone,” says Jeff Hordley, who plays menacing Cain. “But he is not the sort of guy to be put off.”

Angie discovers Sean is going to get married when she overhears Ollie and Marc arguing over whether they should tell her.

Meanwhile, Latisha arrives and angrily tells Angie that she has split up with Cain, who still wants to be with Angie and not her.

“Cain is totally obsessed by Angie,” says Jeff. “He really loves her and that’s not an emotion he finds easy to deal with. He turns up at her place to try to convince her to be with him.

“He really cares about her. But then Ollie walks in and gets very mouthy. Angie is really upset and asks Cain to leave. But he sees her later, clearly drunk and heading for The Woolpack.

“Cain tells her she should not be driving in that state, which is a real role reversal, but he does care desperately about Angie. There is still a spark between them and Cain tells her he loves her and that they’re meant to be together.

“He follows her home and is over the moon when she lets him in and they spend the night together. Cain hopes this is it. But he can see that, although there is great sexual chemistry between them, Angie is still unsure.”

Cain goes to get some food for them. When he returns, Angie has sorted herself out and insists that
they can’t be together because of her family.

“Cain is horrified,” says Jeff. “He can’t believe he is going to lose Angie all over again. They have a row but finish up in bed. Cain is convinced they will be together.”

Angie confesses she can’t live without Cain, but says they need something to live on.

“Cain is astonished when Angie insists she won’t stay in the village and comes up with a plan to get the money for them to leave Emmerdale by robbing Tate Haulage vans,” says Jeff.

“Angie says the vans are loaded and left overnight and they could easily steal thegoods and make enough money to start a new life together.

“Cain can’t believe what he’s hearing but is delighted. They are going to blast out of Emmerdale like Bonnie and Clyde. No one can stop them now.”

The raid is daring and it looks as if they could get away with it - but then everything goes horribly wrong. Angie loses control of her car which hurtles off the road and smashes into trees, leaving her fatally injured.

“All of a sudden, everything is snatched away from Cain,” says Jeff. “He knows Angie is dying and he tells her he loves her and she dies in his arms. It’s quite a way to go.”

Also this week:

  • Viv falls into her wheely bin when cleaning it and Sam thinks it’s haunted.
  • Betty wallpapers her bin but Edna hates the contraption and clashes with Jarvis.
  • Charity withdraws the new bins.
  • Latisha is forced to waitress at the Tates’ anniversary do and Danny enjoys bossing her around.
  • Steph steals an expensive figurine from the party.

Radio Times 16th November 2002 : Soaps by Alison Graham

Soaps by Alison Graham


The strain of being the only police officer in North Yorkshire is finally beginning to tell on Angie Reynolds, who this week suffers a spectacular fall from grace. Not only does she drink heavily, she resumes her relationship with the grubby Cain Dingle.

But worse - much, much worse - befalls Angie when she embarks on a bizarre theft plan involving Tate Haulage. We all know by now that soap characters should never be allowed behind the wheels of heavy goods vehicles, because nothing good ever comes of it, something poor Angie learns the hard way

BBC Puresoap 15 November 2002

Did You See... by Tina Baker last week in Soap?
This week’s highs
Emmerdale's Syd suffered a near miss when Cain used his head for target practice. And Angie was mystified about whodunnit! Hmm, let me think - how about the obsessive psycho who lives next door?
Cain and Syd

Sorry, but I just ain't buying this whole Heathcliff thing Cain's got going on - brooding? Breeding more like - does he ever take that jacket and polo neck off!

Cain: use my lipstick again and you're dead
Cain: use my lipstick again and you're dead
© YTV 2002
Other Soapy low's...
Emmerdale's Viv had a near miss with the chip pan. Why aren't soap people ever properly insured? You'd think with all those fires and robberies they'd be well covered. But the only well covered thing in Emmerdale is Cynthia's backside!

Unlucky for some…

Not everyone's born lucky. For this lot, life's one bad break after another…

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden: Both his wives died tragically, and he ended up taking the blame for murder. And he lost his farm. Which is hardly surprising, since he spent more time in the Woolpack than with his flock!

Orange Today: Tony Blackburn gives Bargain Hunt best-ever ratings

Tony Blackburn has helped BBC1's Bargain Hunt achieve its best ever ratings.

More than eight million viewers tuned in to the celebrity edition of the show last night.

It featured Blackburn and Sarah Cawood alongside regular host David Dickinson, for the Children In Need special.

BBC1's Fame Academy also attracted its best Tuesday night audience so far, with 4.5 million viewers.

However, the talent show was beaten by ITV's Emmerdale, which drew 8.9 million viewers, reports Media Guardian.

Story filed: 13:40 Wednesday 13th November 2002

This Is Bradford: 13th November 2002

Stars turn spotlight on Kimberley glory bid
by Gareth Tidman

Kimberley Walsh - sister of Sally Walsh who played Lyn Huthchinson

Kimberley Walsh's bid for `Popstars: The Rivals' glory will be given a major boost when Bradford's stars switch on the city's Christmas lights.

A crowd of around 20,000 is expected for tomorrow's event which will be used by celebrities such as Gareth Gates to galvanise support for the 20-year-old from Allerton.

Former Popstars contestant Danny Tetley also plans to wear a Vote Kimberley T-shirt and will read a special message from her before performing to the crowd of party-goers.

Kimberley, pictured, faces the biggest night of her life on Saturday when she sings for a place in the final round of the ITV show, which aims to put together two chart-topping bands.

Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates is backing her attempts to become the next performer from the city to launch a successful pop career on the back of a TV talent show.

After her last performance Gareth took time out from his music business commitments to call Kimberley's supporters, who had travelled to London for the show, with a goodwill message.

Her mum Diane, of Allerton, said: "This is a real boost for Kimberley. Gareth has been a huge success and it is great to know he is rooting for her.

"He has been through all this himself and will know all about the pressure that Kimberley is under."

Diane, a teacher at Lidget Green Primary, taught Gareth's sister Nicola during her days at the school.

Kimberley's dad John, 48, added: "It is getting tense but all Kimberley wants to do is give it her best shot and put in a top performance. She doesn't want to let herself down."

Viewers have marvelled as the former Beckfoot School pupil swapped her restaurant job at Salts Diner in Saltaire to join the contestants on the show.

She has twice been made to wait anxiously live on TV as the judges made her the last contestant to be told they were through to the following rounds.

Stretches of road across Bradford city centre will be shut off for the spectacular show in Centenary Square.

Also performing will be the former Emmerdale star Malandra Burrows, Billy Pearce and Gareth's sister Nicola.

Danny will perform a medley of Anastasia hits. He said: "Kimberley has got a fantastic chance of making the band and we want everyone to get behind her.

"Bradford has already done it for Gareth and we need it to do the same for Kimberley."

Posted Wednesday 13 November 2002

Yahoo! News   Wed, Nov 13, 2002

Oddly Enough - Reuters

'Twelve Days of Christmas' Come to Life for Charity
Wed Nov 6, 7:16 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Stars of track and field, rock legends and TV celebrities have brought the "Twelve Days of Christmas" to life for charity.

Famous faces have posed for a series of Christmas card photographs taken by Lord Lichfield.

Television gardener Charlie Dimmock starts the procession with "A Partridge in a Pear Tree."

French football heroes Patrick Vieira, Sylvain Wiltord and Robert Pires make up the "Three French Hens."

Sprinter Linford Christie (news - web sites) posed with his five gold medals for "Five Gold Rings."

The cast of soap-opera "Emmerdale" provided the "Eight Maids a Milking."

Lichfield is himself snapped among the 10 peers in full finery jumping in unison for "Ten Lords a Leaping."

England goal-keeper David Seaman joined ten children for "Eleven Pipers Piping" and Queen's Roger Mason keeps the beat with Pink Floyd's Nick Mason among the "Twelve Drummers Drumming."

Proceeds from the sale of the cards go to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Children (NSPCC).


BBC Puresoap 12 November 2002

The end of the road  for Angie

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale

19 Nov - 2 Dec: it shall come to pass
Death in The Dales
Angie dies in a stunned Cain's arms after a horror high-speed car crash!
Plus, Gloria is very close to becoming MP. There's a recount in the by-election. Fingers crossed Glo!
But, further in the future, I see…
Louise gets a disturbing text message. (Have they been watching Hollyoaks?)
Light fingered Steph's forced to admit nicking the figurine from the Tates.
And Jack's set up on a blind date - with… old flame Diane!

BBC Puresoap 12 November 2002

Scheming Steph starts theft campaign

Emmerdale schemer Steph Stokes is to launch a campaign of stealing and muck-raking in the hit ITV soap, according to reports.

Steph, played by Lorraine Chase, has already tried to bed daughter Tricia's boyfriend Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) and now secretly tells the whole village how postmistress Viv Hope (Deena Payne) cheated on her husband Bob with a hunky limo driver.
She also steals a priceless figurine from Chris and Charity Tate (Peter Amory and Emma Atkins) during a wedding anniversary bash at their home.
An Emmerdale insider told the Daily Star: "Steph steals the figurine. She finds it hard to suppress a smug smile as she slides the figure into the depths of her bag."

BBC Puresoap 11 November 2002: Couple at odds over return to show

Emmerdale wife Claire King is staging a possible return to the ITV soap much to the dismay of her real-life husband Peter Amory.

The actor, who also stars in the show and plays her stepson the wheelchair-bound tycoon Chris Tate, fears it would be the end of him as producers would not allow Claire's character Kim Marchant to co-exist peacefully with Chris.
Peter, who is married to sexpot wife Charity (Emma Atkins) in the show, told a special 30th anniversary Emmerdale publication: "If [Claire] did come back, one of us would have to go."
He also said that it was too late for script writers to make his disabled character walk again.
"He could have done it a few years ago, but not now," he said.
"It would be too much of a miraculous cure - and you have to be very careful not to give even just one person out there false hope."

Radio Times 9th November 2002 : Soaps by Alison Graham


Viv and Steph, two women who must surely get their make-up from a paint catalogue, seem to be ideal friends. They are both loud and common (though loud and common in different accents), they are generally hopeless with men and their kids are awful.

This week it seems that this fledgling friendship could be going great guns, until Steph accidentally sets fire to Viv's café (these things happen). The two women immediately fall out, unsurprisingly, and the unpleasantness is further complicated by the fact that Steph knows Viv's adulterous secret.

Meanwhile, there are serious prospects of a breakdown of law and order in Emmerdale when Angie, the only police officer in Yorkshire, resigns.

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 9th November 2002


Weekdays ITV

CAIN can no longer bear the thought of Angie and Syd being an item. And he makes his feelings clear to Syd in the only way he knows how - by threatening him.

When Cain tells Syd that going out with Angie could seriously threaten his life expectancy, Syd is terrified of the deranged Dingle and decides to dump Angie for reasons of self-preservation.

Angie is furious when she finds out what’s happened. She is outraged that Cain should dare to interfere in her life, and angry that Syd is such a wimp.

And she is also having a bad time at work as sleazeball officer Collins keeps trying to hit on her.

Finally, Angie decides that so many things have gone wrong in her life that she needs a new start and resolves to resign from the police.

“Even for Angie, who has had some pretty tough times lately, this is a really bad week,” says Freya Copeland, who plays her. “She is irritated after Cain turns up when she’s keeping watch on the haulage yard.

“She lies to Collins that she doesn’t know Cain, and then she’s surprised when Collins wants to go for a drink. He’s a creep so she turns him down.”

Meanwhile, Cain is determined to wreck Angie’s relationship with Syd. Cain follows Syd out of The Woolpack and pins him against the wall. Cain warns him that if he carries on seeing Angie, he’s a dead man.

Terrified, Syd tells Angie that it’s not working out between them and dumps her.

“Angie is flabbergasted,” says Freya. “She was just fooling around with Syd at first, but I think she has become quite fond of him.

“It’s a real shock when he finishes it. At first, he won’t explain why he’s changed his mind. But the next day, Angie just about forces the truth out of him and she is incandescent with rage that it’s all down to Cain.

“She is pretty disappointed in Syd as well. And just when she’s feeling really low, Collins makes a pass at
her. She freaks out and hurls a cup of hot coffee over him, which seems to get the message across.

“Angie has had enough. Everything is going wrong and she needs a new start. She accuses Collins of sexual harassment and resigns from the police.

“He’s claiming she assaulted him and that she is back with Cain, but Angie is sick of it all. She just wants to get out of there.”

Also this week:

Edna goes to war against the new plastic wheely bins.

Louise is unhappy when her calendar pose brings publicity and more unwanted attention, including sexy underwear. So she makes arrangements to go away for a few days.

Diane decides to use nude pictures from the calendar shoot as beer mats.

Tricia is alarmed when she finds sheep in her garden eating her plants.

Teletext 9th November 2002

Leah: Exciting storylines
Life's never dull for Leah
By Hannah Wright

Leah Bracknell is part of the furniture at Emmerdale.

In the last 13 years, her alter ego Zoe Tate has come out as a lesbian, killed her half-brother, had an affair with her brother's fiancee and become schizophrenic.

Now she's found out she's pregnant, and has no memory of the conception.

Leah admits she had no idea Zoe would be so tormented. She talks to TV Plus about why life's never dull.

The lesbian vet's storyline is one of Emmerdale's hottest ever.

"If you'd asked me 12 months ago what Zoe would've been doing, I certainly wouldn't have been able to predict the last year," Leah, 37, tells TV Plus.

"For me it's great that they keep coming up with good storylines when I've been in the show 13 years."

Leah admits she is relieved scriptwriters haven't got bored of her character.

"You get sick of doing the same old things," she says. "This (her shock pregnancy storyline) is the most extraordinary departure."

Zoe also torched the local church at the height of her schizophrenia. "That could easily have been one of those storylines which is criticised, but I really think we've been justified in embarking on it."

Leah knew nothing about schizophrenia before her alter ego Zoe was struck down with the illness.

"I didn't know anything about it at all, other than what I might have read in the newspapers," says the actress.

"I spoke to a lot of people about it, including a psychiatrist at the local hospital (near the Leeds set) and people at the National Schizophrenia Fellowship. People very kindly talked to me and shared their experiences."


Misgivings about lurid storyline

It was with some misgiving that Leah first heard her Emmerdale character Zoe would be schizophrenic.

"I thought, what are they going to do with this?" she tells TV Plus. "I could see headlines saying, 'Mad, psycho lezzy', you know what I mean?

"It's all so predictable. I know it sounds cliched but this is something that happens to real people. It is an awful, awful illness. And this will always be with Zoe now, an illness like schizophrenia doesn't go away."

Leah thought she was going to play a "nice, horsey-type vicary sort-of-girl" in Emmerdale.

"How wrong I was. Where did it all go wrong?" she jokes.

"The scary thing is that when I first came in, somebody said when the writers get to know me, they would write to my strengths.

"But hang on - I play a woman who has a serious mental illness. So I begin to wonder what they're picking up from me!"

If Zoe had been a "heterosexual woman with two kids", Leah would have quit the soap.

"Frankly, that would have been so dull," she tells TV Plus. "We're here to entertain, after all."

In real life, Leah is, in fact, a heterosexual woman with two kids. She lives in north Yorkshire with her theatre director husband. "I don't have a game plan," she adds. "I really don't know what's around the corner."


Daily Record


Fat Friend Lisa Riley has broken away from being pigeon-holed as a busty barmaid, she tells JULIE MacCASKILL

Julie Maccaskill

Hi there, Lisa, I'm not interrupting your busy schedule, am I?

Not at all. It's not too bad today. I'm having my bathroom fitted so I'm busying myself with that at the moment. Then of course there's You've Been Framed.

So why do you think people love laughing at others' misfortunes?

As much as some people will help another who has fallen in the street, there will be others tittering away to themselves on the sidelines. It's human nature.

Have you ever been caught making a fool of yourself on camera?

Absolutely. Both clips have been shown on the show. The first one is me on the toilet when I was about 14 and the other one is me dancing to Rozalla in a really rubbish way at my school leaving party.

You have just finished work on Fat Friends - what was that like?

Amazing. After I left Emmerdale, I was constantly being offered busty barmaid roles and wanted to do something different and challenging.

In Fat Friends I was Rebecca who was a timid, shy, bullied character but she was a joy to play and, for once, the critics said nice things about me.

Have you ever been bullied?

No I haven't but I've witnessed the effects. Physical bullying isn't in the same league as emotional bullying as the mental scars can't be seen by anyone but the person affected by it.

Compared with Mandy Dingle, Rebecca was a bit dowdy...

A bit? She was so scruffy and would never dream of wearing Lycra.

What are your weaknesses when it comes to food?

Hummus on toast because it's so fattening and very bad for you. That's what makes it all the more enjoyable.

Are weight worries important to you?

They don't control my life. It's all well and good trying to look like the women in Elle and Vogue but that's not real life.

Have you tried to lose weight?

I do high energy training which has worked and I've lost a couple of stone. I come out dripping like a tap.

You appeared on Stars In Their Eyes as Rizzo. What was that like?

Bloody nerve-wracking. The worst thing is that they use so much smoke for the immortal portals that you can't see where you're going and I was having nightmares that I'd fall and end up a clip on You've Been Framed.

What about the story that you broke bones when you were drunkenly dancing to Fame?

Oh no. How did you find out about that?

We have our ways ...

All my mates were staying in a hotel in London and we'd had a lot to drink. I started doing Fame jumps from bed to bed but I missed mine and broke three bones in my hand. Thankfully the alcohol dulled the pain and I didn't notice until the next morning.

Would you consider taking part in a celebrity reality TV show?

They've asked me twice to go into the Big Brother house but I just won't do it. You don't want to see me in the morning. I'm hideous.

That's a bit harsh ...

Hardly. Besides could you imagine being filmed while doing a poo?

Who is your perfect partner?

Stephen Dorff. He's just divine. He always hangs out with the beautiful people which is a complete turn-off but he's very nice to look at.

What are you going to do when you hang up?

I'm going to sort out my bathroom. I've got no toilet at the moment but it will look lovely when it's finished. I'm going for a black tiles and mirrored walls look with a marble floor and I can't wait. It's very sad, I know, but I don't care.

l You've Been Framed, Sunday, ITV, November 17

SOAP WATCH 9 November 2002

Old potatohead on the warpath again

Tim Randall

CRATER-FACE Cain gets jealous of Dot Cotton lookalike Angie and her toyboy Syd.

He warns Syd that he should stay away from her and his tactics work. Syd, terrified of greasy- fringed Cain, dumps Angie. What he ever saw in her is anyone's guess. Maybe it was the uniform.

Also, Viv and Steph, the two cockney slags who, combined, make Kat Slater look like Emily Bishop, get bladdered.

But as they bond the cafe goes up in smoke.


AS Emmerdale's teenage temptress, Sammy Winward is used to raising temperatures in the Yorkshire Dales.

Posing naked inside an oyster shell is childsplay compared to the shenanigans she's been part of since joining the soap.

The 17-year-old enjoyed her first on-screen snog just a week after joining the show as Katy Addman last year.

Since then, Katy has infuriated her dad by bedding on-screen lover Andy Sugden - played by former real boyfriend Kelvin Fletcher - then getting pregnant before losing the baby.

Close to a breakdown after the miscarriage, Katy is desperate to be a mum and is set to beg vet Zoe Tate to hand over the baby she is expecting.Lesbian Zoe has no idea who the father of her baby is and will give the child up for adoption.

Sammy's big storylines earned her a best newcomer nomination at last week's National Television Awards.

And Emmerdale chiefs chose the rising star to pose in this photo to mark the soap's pearl - 30-year - anniversary.



Merle Brown

SCOTT is in a panic this week when he accepts work from Zoe. He is scared it might jog her memory and she might recall their encounter.

How shallow a man is he? He knows this woman is carrying his child, that she is tormented by the idea that she may have been raped - and he still stays silent.

Gloria, meanwhile, is not staying silent at all, oh, no, no. She's setting Ledbetter up and does so with Pollard's help - not that he has a choice in the matter. She promises him she'll repay him when she gets to Westminster, but Pollard is not so sure his power- mad wife will even remember him when she does.

Laurel fancies a job behind the bar but, considering she's only good at smashing pints, not pulling them, it doesn't look likely.

Louise is still getting stuff from a secret admirer but is more bothered what Ray will say if he finds out, knowing how jealous he is. Healthy relationship, that one.

Talking of which, will Bob find out about Viv's relations with the limo driver? I'd say it might all come out around Christmas.

And look at Cain, jealously watching Syd and Angie from a distance as they play happy families. How long will he watch and do nothing?

Teletext Diary 7th/8th November 2002

There's much chuckling and rubbing of hands in the Dales these days as the BBC's Fame Acadamy lurches from improbably bad to impossibly worse.

Up against the embattled "talent show is Emmerdale pulling in upto 9 million viewers compared to Fame Acadamy's paultry 3 million.


"It's all a bit sad really", said an Emmerdale insider. "They're getting more desperate, but they have hit us right when there is a lot of strong storylines in progress.

The "new boy" at Emmerdale, as far as the team behind the cameras goes, is producer Steve Frost, who joined the soap at the end of 2001.

He's playing his cards close to his chest, but does reveal that there are a few subtle changes to come.

"The real strength of the show is the strong people we already have," he told me. "I'm a great fan of Eric Pollard, and I like Cain Dingle too. But maybe we;ve neglected a bit of the farming side of things."


Emmerdale has given employment to hundreds of actors over the years.

Which fan can remember the amiable solicitor Mr Hall, who disappeared from the show in 1986, only to re-emerge as Victor Meldrew in One Foot In The Grave?

Or one of the gals to fall for Dales lothario Jackie Merrick, only to turn up in Corrie as Liz McDonald? And who would think that drab Mrs Eckersley could get a new look, complete with huge earrings, as EastEnders Pat?


By Phil Penfold

As Emmerdale celebrates 30 years of uninterupted transmission, many of the soap's old hands have been remeniscing about the early days.

In 1977, when filming was moved to a village called Esholt, Emmerdale country began to be included on many tourist trails.

"It was a nightmare", said executive producer Keith Richardson. "Moving the fans around took longer than actually getting the film in the can. So we decided to build our own set.

BBC Pure Soap 8th November 2002

Emmerdale maids raise cash for kids

Emmerdale cast members have joined forces with a host of other celebrities to raise money for deprived children this Christmas season.
The stars have posed for celebrity photographer, Lord Lichfield, to create 12 Christmas cards all themed around the famous Yuletide song The 12 Days of Christmas.
All proceeds from the sale of the cards - exclusively available from Woolworths - will go to the NSPCC in a bid to raise a six-figure sum for their Full Stop campaign according to OK! magazine.
The Emmerdale actresses represent the eight maids a-milking.
They are: Kate McGregor, who plays Emily Kirk, Zoe Henry (Rhona Goskirk), Amy Nuttall (Chloe Atkinson), Lorraine Chase (Steph Stokes), Danielle Henry (Latisha Daggert), Nicola Wheeler (Nicola Blackstock), Vicky Binns (Ollie Reynolds) and Freya Copeland (Angie Reynolds).
Other celebrities to appear on the cards, sponsored by chocolate collection Celebrations, include Chris Evans and his wife Billie, Lady Victoria Hervey, Charlie Dimmock, Linford Christie, Patrick Vieira, David Seaman and Lord Lichfield himself.
The NSPCC's campaign generates widespread support for children who may be experiencing all manner of difficulties in their lives and protects them from cruelty.
LONDON (Reuters) - Stars of track and field, 6th November 2002
rock legends and TV celebrities have brought the "Twelve Days of Christmas" to life for charity.

Famous faces have posed for a series of Christmas card photographs taken by Lord Lichfield.

Television gardener Charlie Dimmock starts the procession with "A Partridge in a Pear Tree."

French football heroes Patrick Vieira, Sylvain Wiltord and Robert Pires make up the "Three French Hens."

Sprinter Linford Christie posed with his five gold medals for "Five Gold Rings."

The cast of soap-opera "Emmerdale" provided the "Eight Maids a Milking."

Lichfield is himself snapped among the 10 peers in full finery jumping in unison for "Ten Lords a Leaping."

England goal-keeper David Seaman joined ten children for "Eleven Pipers Piping" and Queen's Roger Mason keeps the beat with Pink Floyd's Nick Mason among the "Twelve Drummers Drumming."

Proceeds from the sale of the cards go to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Children (NSPCC).
Theatre is aiming for a record (Express and Star)
Nov 4, 2002, 10:41am

Theatre bosses are hoping for a record breaking pantomime run with thousands of tickets already sold.

Jack & the Beanstalk - starring soap star Freya Copeland - takes to the stage at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre for 40 performances from December 18.

The Stafford-born star - Angie Reynolds in Emmerdale - is returning to her roots for the show, for which 7,000 tickets have been sold or reserved, the same as this time last year for Cinderella.

Last year's production, which starred Jackie Woodburne and Andrew Bibby from Neighbours, and Paul Henry of Crossroads fame, was the theatre's biggest selling panto ever. It sold just over 17,000 tickets.

BBC Pure Soap 5th November 2002

Syd puckers up but is hit by Cain's dog breath.

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale
11 Nov - 25 Nov: it shall come to pass
'Ello 'ello 'ello
Mad psycho man Cain intimidates Syd. The builder decides to dump Angie as he can't cope with the aggro.
Plus, sparks fly as Viv's cafe goes up in a puff of smoke!
poor Syd
But, further in the future, I see…
A tragedy! Angie tries to put Cain off by sleeping with him again. (Madness!)Of course it doesn't work and there's a terrible car crash - marking Angie's shock departure from the Dales!
Steph steals from the Tates. And, in a brilliant comic plot, Betty gets stuck in a wheelie bin!!! (You shouldn't laugh - but….!)


BBC Pure Soap 5th November 2002

Emmerdale copper turns bad

Emmerdale policewoman Angie Reynolds turns criminal in the soap when she plots to steal a load of mobile phones.

Angie, played by Freya Copeland, is due to exit the show in style after she allows troublemaker Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) back into her life and ditches her job and her principles to become his partner in crime.

"Angie and Cain decide they are going to steal a load of mobile phones," Freya tells Inside Soap magazine, "but it all goes horribly wrong and Angie bears the full brunt of it."

While the actress is pleased to go out in a blaze of glory, she admits she will miss her former co-stars.

However, she is working on a number of new projects and will be playing Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk - the Christmas pantomime in her home town Stafford.


Emma Atkins as Charity

Emma's Dingle day
By TV Plus reporters

Emmerdale's Emma Atkins can still picture the day she found out she'd landed the role of Charity Dingle.

Then a student, the 24 year old immediately got on the phone to her parents who were on holiday in Spain.

"I love playing tricks, I rang my mum and said: 'I've got some really bad news'," she tells TV Plus.

"She said, 'Oh, never mind love,' and I said, 'No no no, it's not that kind of news, I'm officially a Dingle'. We all screamed, she was so excited."

Since storming on to our screens two and a half years ago, Emma has had some juicy storylines.

Her character's an ex-prostitute who has worked her way round the Tate family, from lesbian vet Zoe to her super-rich brother Chris - whom she ends up marrying.

Emma says: "Everyone says Charity must have seen it all and done it all, but I'm sure there's more round the corner."

The actress landed the part of Charity straight out of drama school.

"I was at Salford University, I still had six months left of my degree," she tells TV Plus. "It was a four-year course and I got offered the job after three and a half.

"I had to juggle my script-writing assignments and theatre projects and then learn lines for Emmerdale. You either have to do it or you don't and I had to knuckle down and do it."

Atkins came into Emmerdale at Butch Dingle's funeral back in 2000.

"There was so much going on," she says. "I didn't have time to think. If I wasn't nicking Eric Pollard's wallet then I was driving to the Lake District to type out my essays from my mum's house. It was non-stop.

"At the time I was on a three-month contract. I'd not had any other TV experience so I still can't believe I'm still here two years on."


The popularity of Charity

Emma never imagined Charity Dingle would be such a huge hit.

"When I got offered another three-month contract after the initial three months, it was so overwhelming," she says.

"My friends at college backed me all the way, they were dead supportive. We laughed a lot, I never imagined I'd be playing this huge character with such substance at that time in my life. Everyone was so pleased."

Atkins is close to her family and often runs through her Emmerdale lines with her mum, Lilian.

"She always helps me learn my lines, she loves it," says Emma. "I'm sure she'd love to act, she's very talented and loves singing but she lives it through what I'm doing now."

Charity's rollercoaster ride keeps Emma on her toes. "If I was playing Jane the girl next door I'd be so gutted. But as it happens, there is scope for more gritty storylines."

As far as juicy plots go Emma can't seem to live down that lesbian kiss with vet Zoe.

"Everyone talks about 'the lesbian kiss' but it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be," she insists.

"You're stood in front of 35 crew, you've got booms everywhere and lights shining in your face. You're sweating profusely and you're not thinking it's at all saucy. You're just kissing a woman and not a man."

The actress does not lose any sleep over whether her Emmerdale alter-ego Charity Tate will be written out.

"I think every actor has to realise that at some point that has to happen," she says. "And I want a varied career anyway.

"I will enjoy everything I do until it ends and then I'll go on to new things. I feel privileged that I've had this opportunity straight out of university."


Radio Times 2nd November 2002 : Soaps by Alison Graham


Emmerdale this week has its very own Watergate scandal. Gloria Pollard, who's an unexpected Richard Nixon figure, enters dangerous territory when she gets involved in a trade-off with a journalist. In return for his burying a story about her past, she prepares to dish the dirt on another, and sends her henchman Eric to carry out a burglary to secure the necessary documents.

Meanwhile, pregnant Zoe reluctantly attends her first antenatal class, but gets defensive when asked about the father. She announces that she's a lesbian and her baby was conceived while she was undergoing a psychotic episode. What a lovely story.

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 2nd November 2002



Weekdays  ITV

POWER-CRAZED Gloria pushes her husband Eric into action as a burglar to steal vital damaging information
about her rival candidate.

Gloria is desperate to do a deal with journalist Geoff to divert him from writing about her drink problem.

She knows if she can come up with a better story about candidate Ledbetter, then Geoff will lay off.

Gloria orders Eric to break in to Ledbetter’s office, insisting that she can’t possibly do it herself because she is standing for government.

“Eric is totally terrified,” says Chris Chittell, who plays him.
“He has never been the bravest guy, but this is really nerve-racking.

“Once he is inside Ledbetter’s office, he almost gets caught by the cleaner. And then his mobile phone rings and makes him jump out of his skin. It’s Gloria checking up on him!

“But he is successful. He finds evidence that Ledbetter is heavily involved in the landfill deals. Gloria is delighted to have some dirt on her rival.

“She bargains hard with journalist Geoff, insisting that he must forget all about her suicide attempt story in exchange for the new material.

“Gloria is thrilled when he agrees. She is so delighted, she gives all the workers a bonus.”

But Gloria’s husband isn’t in a celebratory mood. “Eric is chilled by the change in Gloria. Her new-found thirst for control has surprised him. Is this the mild-mannered woman he married?” Chris says.

Gloria’s plot works - Ledbetter’s dirty dealings hit the headlines. She hears the news on the radio and cracks open the champagne.

Says Chris: “Eric is starting to worry that now Gloria has got rid of Glynis and Ledbetter, he will be the next person she dispenses with. He does try to tell her that he hates her strong, cruel side and he hates being forever at her mercy.”

But Pollard is not convinced Gloria is really listening. “She assures him that everything will be fine between them once she gets to Westminster. But Eric is not so sure,” says Chris.

And Eric’s fears about the future are raised further when Gloria insists on attending the Press conference spelling out Ledbetter’s downfall.

“Gloria goes with Geoff and they speculate about working together once she becomes an MP,” says Chris.

“Eric is upset when he finds out. He’s starting to realise he will be even more surplus to requirements
if Gloria gets elected.”

Pregnant Zoe is struggling to get her life back together after her recent troubles, and hires Scott as her driver so she can return to work as a vet.

Scott is terrified that she will remember their passionate encounter and realise he is the father of her unborn baby.
But Zoe has no idea. “Zoe desperately wants to get her life back on track,” explains Leah Bracknell, who plays her.

“At work she finds Rhona is doing most of the jobs because she can drive. Zoe is frustrated and on the spur of the moment asks Scott if he will drive her.”

After Scott sees how Zoe is struggling - she cannot treat a pregnant sheep because of a risk to her baby and at another farm the farmer is rude - he starts to feel compassion for her.

When she tells him she is going to have her baby adopted, Scott almost admits the truth.

“Zoe has no idea what is going on in Scott’s mind,” says Leah. “Somehow she has blocked out their liaison. But she instinctively trusts and likes him.”

Zoe has also ignored reminders about ante-natal classes until Cynthia gently tells her that having a baby can be difficult.

“She realises she should attend the classes,” says Leah. “But rather than going alone, she asks Ashley to give her moral support.

“He is moved and accepts. But Zoe finds it daunting. She
is upset when the midwife naturally assumes Ashley is the father. Zoe has to then explain that she is a lesbian and doesn’t know who the father is.

“It’s a very difficult week for Zoe. The work is hard and demanding.

“When Edna comes in with Tootsie, Zoe says the dog needs an operation, but she doubts herself as she remembers misdiagnosing Ray’s dog.

“She starts to wonder if she will ever be able to cope on her own.”

Also this week:

  • Viv is shocked when Bob returns from Spain with a moustache.
  • Louise receives another mysterious gift.
  • Latisha is upset at Cain’s mood swings.
  • Cynthia finds a new home.

Boris has a new role as soap star (The Press and Journal)
09:00 - 02 November 2002

The North-east's most popular horse is to star in Tuesday night's episode of television soap Emmerdale.

Boris's appearance, along with his owner George Walker, area manager for the Anthony Nolan Trust, is to help celebrate the launch of Mr Walker's fourth children's book, Boris and the Emmerdale Bus.

The book is dedicated to Kevin Humphreys who died of leukaemia on Christmas Day last year. He first met Boris eight years ago at the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

All proceeds of the book will go to the Anthony Nolan Trust, where every £50 raised adds another donor to the register.

Boris and the Emmerdale Bus is illustrated by Paul Cemmick and has a foreword written by Chris Chittell, the soap's infamous Eric Pollard, who has become one of Boris's best friends over the years.

Nov 2 2002

By The Journal

A 12-year-old boy who won a starring role in a TV advert has landed a second showbusiness job.

Jed Riddell, of Spennymoor, County Durham, who is currently appearing in the new Nestle All Star advert, has landed a major role in the Durham Gala pantomime.

He was one of six children chosen in a national lookalike competition fronted by presenter Kate Thornton to find a singer for the advert this summer.

Now he is set to star as one of two chief rats in the Gala's Christmas Cat and the Pudding Pirates.

He will perform alongside former Emmerdale star Mark Cameron who is starring as Captain Holly Berry.

The festive, family-entertainment show will run from December 2 to 28.

Last Stories From October

Teletext Soaps go to blazes in November
By Derek Robins

Is an arsonist on the loose in the land of soaps?

That's the burning question to be answered, with all five main soaps featuring blazes in November.

The first hot storyline comes this Friday in EastEnders when baddie Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns) and sick fireman Tom (Colm O'Maonlai) go up in smoke at the Slater house.

Fires also feature heavily in Corrie, Emmerdale, Brookie and Hollyoaks.

There's a firestarter's feast on November 11 with a blaze in Emmerdale and then a Corrie fire.

First Cafe Hope nearly burns down because of a faulty deep-fat fryer while Viv and Steph are boozing.

Then in Corrie, killer Richard spikes mother-in-law Audrey's drinks and torches her home.

Soap bosses insist that it's an accident that fires figure in them.

An Emmerdale spokeswoman said: "It's just a coincidence."

A Corrie spokeswoman added: "It must be because of Bonfire Night."

Flames also dominate in Brookie where there's a huge explosion when a police helicopter crashes on November 30 and a bonfire party gets out of hand in Hollyoaks on November 5.



Dramatic fires to dominate UK soaps

EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Brookside and Hollyoaks are all to feature dramatic fires in the latest rating battle.

The first blaze comes this Friday in EastEnders when Trevor Morgan and fireman Tom go up in smoke at the Slater house.

And November 11 sees dramatic blazes in Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Emmerdale's Cafe Hope nearly burns down because of a faulty deep-fat fryer while Viv and Steph are boozing, and in Corrie, killer Richard Hillman spikes mother-in-law Audrey's drinks and torches her home.

Brookside sees a huge explosion when a police helicopter crashes on November 30, and a bonfire party gets out of hand in Hollyoaks on November 5.

Story filed: 17:48 Wednesday 30th October 2002

Soaps go to blazes in November
By Derek Robins

Is an arsonist on the loose in the land of soaps?

That's the burning question to be answered, with all five main soaps featuring blazes in November.

The first hot storyline comes this Friday in EastEnders when baddie Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns) and sick fireman Tom (Colm O'Maonlai) go up in smoke at the Slater house.

Fires also feature heavily in Corrie, Emmerdale, Brookie and Hollyoaks.

There's a firestarter's feast on November 11 with a blaze in Emmerdale and then a Corrie fire.

First Cafe Hope nearly burns down because of a faulty deep-fat fryer while Viv and Steph are boozing.

Then in Corrie, killer Richard spikes mother-in-law Audrey's drinks and torches her home.

Soap bosses insist that it's an accident that fires figure in them.

An Emmerdale spokeswoman said: "It's just a coincidence."

A Corrie spokeswoman added: "It must be because of Bonfire Night."

Flames also dominate in Brookie where there's a huge explosion when a police helicopter crashes on November 30 and a bonfire party gets out of hand in Hollyoaks on November 5.


Teletext Diary 30/31 October 2002

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden is the only
character left from the original
cast, but he has actually been played
by two actors.

The soap had been going for just over
five years when the original Jack
decided he'd had enough.

A couple of years later, the writers
brought him back. Looking back on his
22 years of playing Jack, Clive
Hornby reveals he thought he'd have
"at least five years of work, which
is something of an understatement".
````````` by Phil Penfold ```````5/8``

Chris Chittell is known as one of the
most amiable men in the world, unlike
his alter-ago, Eric Pollard.

But even the nicest of guys can want
revenge. Chris confesses he based his
Emmerdale treble-dealing character
on a couple of real-life people.

"One was a total coward, an awful man
who was a bully," says Chris. "The
other was a completely pompous little
bloke. My only regret is that he was
such a nifty mover I was never able
to catch him to give him a thumping."

Emily Symons says her love affair
with Yorkshire is far from over,
despite seeing it during some of the
worst weather for several years.

"It was certainly nothing like
Australia," says Emily, who plays
Louise. "But it's a beautiful place."

Emily, who played Home and Away's
dotty Marilyn, says she is "loving
every minute" of her time at
Emmerdale. "It's far more adult than
Home and Away and the pressure of
work is actually very good for me!"
Emmerdale writers consulted a team of
experts for the fostering dilemma
faced by Paddy and Emily.

"It's something that a lot of couples
think of," says an Emmerdale insider.
"We've done our background research
very carefully indeed on this one.

"Paddy's doing what a lot of people
do, wondering whether he is adequate
to the task. Emily is positive about
it all." Kate McGregor, who plays
her, says: "She's very enthusiastic,
now she's got to convince Paddy."


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