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October 2002


ITV1 soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street are launching spin-off magazine titles.
Granada Television has brokered a contract publishing deal with Scorpio Multimedia, which will see its major soap properties hit the news-stands.

A one-off title celebrating the 30th anniversary of Emmerdale launches on October 7.

Emmerdale Stars Magazine

Emmerdale Stars will be priced at £2.60 with 84 pages and an initial print run of 100,000.
Manchester-based soap Coronation Street is next in line to branch out into the magazine sector. Details of the venture are currently being finalized, according to Scorpio Multi-media director of business development Heather Aylott.

Other soap properties have made tentative launches into the magazine world.
BBC soap EastEnders ran a one-off magazine to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary in 2000 and has its own comic strip in teen title It’s Hot.

Coming out on the 14th October is a 30th anniversary Video.


30 Years of Emmerdale -- Lance Parkin (Hardcover - Granada Media - 7 October, 2002)
£15.19 (£18.99 elsewhere) from http://www.amazon.co.uk/

The Little Book of Emmerdale -- Fintan O'Higgins (Paperback - Granada Media - 2 September, 2002)
Price: £2.99

SPOILERS Through To 15th November 2002

Tricka & Seth

Last Stories From October

Soaps go to blazes in November
By Derek Robins

Is an arsonist on the loose in the land of soaps?

That's the burning question to be answered, with all five main soaps featuring blazes in November.

The first hot storyline comes this Friday in EastEnders when baddie Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns) and sick fireman Tom (Colm O'Maonlai) go up in smoke at the Slater house.

Fires also feature heavily in Corrie, Emmerdale, Brookie and Hollyoaks.

There's a firestarter's feast on November 11 with a blaze in Emmerdale and then a Corrie fire.

First Cafe Hope nearly burns down because of a faulty deep-fat fryer while Viv and Steph are boozing.

Then in Corrie, killer Richard spikes mother-in-law Audrey's drinks and torches her home.

Soap bosses insist that it's an accident that fires figure in them.

An Emmerdale spokeswoman said: "It's just a coincidence."

A Corrie spokeswoman added: "It must be because of Bonfire Night."

Flames also dominate in Brookie where there's a huge explosion when a police helicopter crashes on November 30 and a bonfire party gets out of hand in Hollyoaks on November 5.



Dramatic fires to dominate UK soaps

EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Brookside and Hollyoaks are all to feature dramatic fires in the latest rating battle.

The first blaze comes this Friday in EastEnders when Trevor Morgan and fireman Tom go up in smoke at the Slater house.

And November 11 sees dramatic blazes in Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Emmerdale's Cafe Hope nearly burns down because of a faulty deep-fat fryer while Viv and Steph are boozing, and in Corrie, killer Richard Hillman spikes mother-in-law Audrey's drinks and torches her home.

Brookside sees a huge explosion when a police helicopter crashes on November 30, and a bonfire party gets out of hand in Hollyoaks on November 5.

Story filed: 17:48 Wednesday 30th October 2002

Teletext Soaps go to blazes in November
By Derek Robins

Is an arsonist on the loose in the land of soaps?

That's the burning question to be answered, with all five main soaps featuring blazes in November.

The first hot storyline comes this Friday in EastEnders when baddie Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns) and sick fireman Tom (Colm O'Maonlai) go up in smoke at the Slater house.

Fires also feature heavily in Corrie, Emmerdale, Brookie and Hollyoaks.

There's a firestarter's feast on November 11 with a blaze in Emmerdale and then a Corrie fire.

First Cafe Hope nearly burns down because of a faulty deep-fat fryer while Viv and Steph are boozing.

Then in Corrie, killer Richard spikes mother-in-law Audrey's drinks and torches her home.

Soap bosses insist that it's an accident that fires figure in them.

An Emmerdale spokeswoman said: "It's just a coincidence."

A Corrie spokeswoman added: "It must be because of Bonfire Night."

Flames also dominate in Brookie where there's a huge explosion when a police helicopter crashes on November 30 and a bonfire party gets out of hand in Hollyoaks on November 5.



Teletext Diary 30/31 December 2002

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden is the only
character left from the original
cast, but he has actually been played
by two actors.

The soap had been going for just over
five years when the original Jack
decided he'd had enough.

A couple of years later, the writers
brought him back. Looking back on his
22 years of playing Jack, Clive
Hornby reveals he thought he'd have
"at least five years of work, which
is something of an understatement".
````````` by Phil Penfold ```````5/8``

Chris Chittell is known as one of the
most amiable men in the world, unlike
his alter-ago, Eric Pollard.

But even the nicest of guys can want
revenge. Chris confesses he based his
Emmerdale treble-dealing character
on a couple of real-life people.

"One was a total coward, an awful man
who was a bully," says Chris. "The
other was a completely pompous little
bloke. My only regret is that he was
such a nifty mover I was never able
to catch him to give him a thumping."

Emily Symons says her love affair
with Yorkshire is far from over,
despite seeing it during some of the
worst weather for several years.

"It was certainly nothing like
Australia," says Emily, who plays
Louise. "But it's a beautiful place."

Emily, who played Home and Away's
dotty Marilyn, says she is "loving
every minute" of her time at
Emmerdale. "It's far more adult than
Home and Away and the pressure of
work is actually very good for me!"
Emmerdale writers consulted a team of
experts for the fostering dilemma
faced by Paddy and Emily.

"It's something that a lot of couples
think of," says an Emmerdale insider.
"We've done our background research
very carefully indeed on this one.

"Paddy's doing what a lot of people
do, wondering whether he is adequate
to the task. Emily is positive about
it all." Kate McGregor, who plays
her, says: "She's very enthusiastic,
now she's got to convince Paddy."

BBC Puresoap 29th October 2002

Tina Baker Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale

4 Nov - 18 Nov: it shall come to pass
Get off 'Scott' free?
Scott's guilt stricken when he sees how Zoe's struggling to cope with work and her pregnancy.
Plus, Louise appears to have a stalker.
And with my crystal ball on overtime &
Cain is obsessed with Angie again, making her life difficult. And he could make Syd's life even worse!
Latisha leaves the Dingles because of Cain's weird behaviour.
Viv's café goes up in smoke after a chip pan fire. Her marriage may follow suit if Bob finds out about her one night stand!
Scott: Urgh, Zoe, that STINKS!
Scott: Urgh, Zoe, that STINKS!
© Yorkshire Television 2002



26th October 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Angie and Syd kiss in the street while a jealous Cain looks on.


Weekdays  ITV

CAIN is consumed with jealousy when he sees Syd and Angie kissing passionately. He’s out to wreak revenge and kicks off with an attack on Syd and Mack’s van.

Angie knows how dangerous Cain is and she tries to warn Syd not to get involved. “Angie is well aware of how crazy Cain can be,” says Freya Copeland, who plays the police officer.

“That dark edge was part of the attraction when Angie had her mad affair with Cain. But that is all in the past now. She doesn’t want to have anything else to do with him. She knows he is deranged enough to do something really stupid.”

Syd is really pleased with his new relationship with Angie, but Cain is determined to wipe the smile off his face.
Cain and Zak break into the van and drive it off to a field.

Cain wants to put a sledgehammer to it, but Zak needs money to pay for his ‘second honeymoon’ with Lisa and persuades Cain to strip the parts and contents to sell.

“Syd is furious when he realises what the Dingles have done,” says Freya.

“He wants to fight back, and Angie has to work hard to calm him down. She doesn’t want to admit too much, but she has to convince Syd to leave well alone.

“She tells Syd that her family have had problems with Cain in the past, and explains that her ex-husband Sean ended up in court for assault because of him.”

Syd is shocked by what is coming to the surface and Angie is angry with Cain as well. “She is genuinely fond of Syd,” says Freya. “And she’s furious with Cain for spoiling things again.”

Louise is upset by Ray’s jealousy when she receives a present from old flame Rodney. And Ray’s insecurity grows when Louise gets a bunch of flowers from a secret admirer.

“Louise really loves Ray and wants to make a success of their relationship,” says Emily Symons, who plays the joint landlady of The Woolpack.

“But sometimes he can be so possessive, she wonders if they really have a future together.”

Rodney gives Louise a piece of jewellery. She had mentioned how much she liked chokers when they went out for a meal a few weeks before.

“She doesn’t really want to accept it for fear of offending Ray,” says Emily.

“But she is touched by Rodney’s thoughtfulness and decides she can’t turn it down. However, when she meets Ray later, she knows straightaway that he is jealous, particularly about the present, and she is irritated.”

The rift grows when a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrives from a mystery admirer.

“Louise decides it might be wise not to mention the flowers to Ray,” says Emily. “But Tricia does it for her. Louise is embarrassed when Ray is obviously annoyed and clumsily pretends the flowers are from him.

“She knows perfectly well that he is lying and she tells him straight that she finds insecurity a very unattractive trait in a man.”

Ray tries to make amends for his behaviour, but Louise is clearly fed up with his possessive outbursts and doesn’t want to know.

Also this week:

  • Gloria develops an even more ruthless streak as she pushes for election.
  • Ray beats Mack and Syd to the church conversion work.
  • Paddy and Emily push ahead with their plans to foster a child and then get ready to go on holiday. Meanwhile, Paddy dresses up for a Halloween prank.
  • The Daggerts face up to eviction.

26th October 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.

Paddy and Emily are well on the way to their dream of fostering, though Paddy could jeopardise his future when he asks Jack Sugden for parenting advice. Let's hope Jack's first words of wisdom are: "Never let your son deliberately set light to a barn in which his mother is hiding."

And Lisa and Zak plan a second honeymoon, which is terrifying when you consider that this means they must have had a first honeymoon.

25 October 2002

Viewing figures from the Guardian on line

Fame Academy hit a new ratings low last night when just 3.3 million people tuned into the increasingly unpopular BBC1 talent show.

BBC1's audience almost halved when the show, fronted by Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty, went on air at 7pm.

Overnight ratings also show that 700,000 people who watched the show on Tuesday abandoned the programme last night, leaving it with an audience share of just 16% - a critically low figure for BBC1 peak time.

The corporation's decision to schedule the show against Emmerdale has probably cost it millions of viewers.

ITV1's countryside soap has been thriving since it went five nights a week and few rival programmes can flourish in its shadow.

Last night's episode was watched by almost 10 million viewers, who gave ITV1 a 48% share and an easy victory over BBC1.

Endemol, the producer of the BBC's flagship reality show, this week insisted Fame Academy would take time to gather momentum.

But last night's figures show that far from growing in popularity, the show is rapidly losing viewers.

BBC1's ratings bounced back as soon as EastEnders returned.

Some 12.1 million tuned in to see Tom, played by Colm O'Maonlai, the brother of the Hot House Flowers' lead singer, tell Sharon, played by Letitia Dean, he had a brain tumour.

ITV1 continued to dominate the viewing later in the day. A two- hour special of The Bill pulled in almost 8 million viewers and a 35% share between 8pm and 10pm.

BBC1's My Family, which has been moved from Friday nights to make way for Fame Academy, put in a strong performance at 8pm with 7.9 million viewers.

But later programmes fared less well. Changing Rooms' audience dropped to 6.4 million and 5.4 million tuned it to Crimewatch UK.

Despite the acres publicity surrounding its absent presenter, ITV1's This Morning failed to attract any new viewers yesterday.

Katie Addyman ( Lancashire evening telegraph)

THE new girlfriend of Blackburn Rovers soccer star David Dunn has spoken about their relationship and revealed: "He's a lovely lad".

Sammy Winward, 17, who plays Katie Addyman in ITV soap Emmerdale, was taking part in an interview on This Morning yesterday.

When asked about her relationship with the England international and former under-21 skipper, from Great Harwood, blonde-haired Sammy confessed: "It is still early days but he is a lovely lad."

Sammy was appearing on the show with fellow Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher, who is also her ex-boyfriend.

Her character became pregnant after having under-age sex with Kelvin's character, Andy Sugden.

In real life, Sammy met David -- who plays in midfield for Rovers and England -- at a Peter Kay concert at King George's Hall last month.


BBC Puresoap 23rd October 2002

Freya is going out with a bang

Freya is going out with a bang

Emmerdale actress Freya Copeland, who plays curvy copper Angie Reynolds, is to leave the soap with a bang as her character is killed off.

Angie's demise will be the climax of a storyline which sees her get together with builder Syd Woolfe, played by Nathan Gladwell.

The couple's happiness triggers a fit of jealousy for Angie's ex, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley). He and Angie row while driving along a narrow lane, with tragic consequences.

An Emmerdale insider tells the Daily Star: "Angie's fling with Syd is all building up to her departure from the soap.

"It promises to be a real tear-jerker - and Angie really does go out with a crash and a bang."

Freya, 32, has played Angie for three years. She said: "Angie's had a right old time of it, but I can't say I did anything but enjoy acting out the stuff she went through."

Actress Rejected on-screen Love From Irish Examiner

Emmerdale actress rejected on-screen love
10/10/2002 - 4:45:33 pm

Deena Payne, who plays Viv Windsor in Emmerdale, says Tony Audenshaw was the last person she wanted to play Bob Hope in Emmerdale.

"I had to go through what effectively was an identity parade of possible suitors," explains Deena.

"There were about six of these guys lined up and I told the producers: 'I don't care who you choose as long as it's not number four.'

"That was Tony and of course they chose him! Maybe deliberately so because they thought we would have the same kind of love/hate relationship that our characters do."

Adds Deena, who offers no explanation for her instant aversion to "number four": "I should also say that Tony and I get on fine - better than I thought we would!"

30 years of Scouse down on the farm

by Peter Grant, Liverpool Echo


Peter Grant with Liverpool actor Clive Hornby, outside the Woolpack

IT MAY be as Yorkshire as the roast dinner pudding, but there's also been a lot of Scouse input in Emmerdale.

TV's first five-nights-a-week soap is a team effort and - like Brookside, Coronation Street and EastEnders - there is a strong Liverpool link in front of and behind the cameras.

This week Emmerdale held a sparkling 30th Birthday bash in the fictitious village of Beckindale. The ECHO was there to help pop the champagne corks.

Liverpool actor Clive Hornby, who plays reliable Jack Sugden, is one of the soap's most popular and enduring characters.

Sitting outside the Woolpack pub in the purpose-built village 20 minutes drive away from Leeds, the 57-year-old onetime pop star chatted about the TV role he has made his own.

But we couldn't pop in for a pint of real ale - it's not a real pub. Another illusion shattered.

The Sugdens, like the Ewings in Dallas, were a feuding family. But forget oil and cattle, this was more diesel and sheep.

You could almost smell the countryside from the screen - until 1993, that is, when Emmerdale Farm was transformed into Emmerdale and so began a raunchier romp through England's green and pleasant land.

Says Walton-born Clive, whose character has been married twice, has had a string of affairs and was even on trial for murdering his wife: "I've been fortunate to have some great storylines.

"The Sugdens are part of the Emmerdale success story. I am still enjoying it and hopefully so are the 10m people who regularly watch it.

"Sometimes, when I look around at all the changes, I can't believe that I have been here since 1979; other times it seems just like yesterday.

"There is a real Emmerdale family loyalty. We have our ups and downs but no one gets too starry-eyed here."

One of the more memorable scenes featuring Clive involved his emotional speech in the church after the muchpublicised plane crash in 1993 which took out some major characters.

The Lockerbie-style disaster came at a time when Emmerdale needed direction. Director Nicholas Prosser invited Mersey TV head Phil Redmond to become a consultant.

Phil wasted no time and did a dramatic clear-out with some stunning special effects. The scenes cost £1m - unheard of for a British TV soap.

Says Clive: "It was mould-breaking. Jack Sugden's heartfelt speech in the pulpit was a lovely scene. He talked about how people had lost family and friends. It felt real."

Before he took up acting, Clive was in the 60s Merseybeat band, The Dennisons, and used to play in The Cavern. They were regarded by many as The Baby Beatles.

But he has no real regrets about leaving pop music for the theatrical stage and drama school in London and eventually a long-running job in soap land.


He initially trained as an accountant and worked for six months in an office. But he says: "I hated it. One day two mates came around and said: 'We are forming a band.' That was it. I said: 'Count me in. I can't cope with this.'" He later joined the Liverpool Playhouse working behind the scenes.

"I am really happy here in Emmerdale. I don't live that far away from the set in Ilkley Moor. I love it here; it's where I can walk my dog across the beautiful scenery.

"But I do still follow the Reds every game.

Most of the interior sets for Emmerdale - The Woolpack and Home Farm - are filmed in a studio in Leeds. Many exteriors shots, including the pub, are filmed at the village built on privately-owned land.

But it wasn't always that way. Prior to the completion of the village six years ago, the beauty spot Esholt was used. It was a REAL village attracting crowds interested in watching the filming.

Former Liver Bird Elizabeth Estensen says the village is perfect.

She is another household name and famous face amid the 45 strong-cast, which includes Patrick Mower and new recruit Lorraine Chase. Back in 1972 there was just a cast of nine.

Elizabeth certainly doesn't look at all like her on-screen alter-ego Diane Blackstock. The actress sports a blonde wig for her role.

Standing outside the village post office ( where they have a real working National Lottery machine and postcards of sheep!), Elizabeth, in a smart grey suit, says: "Diane arrived all peroxide and full of beans and not a trace of a Scouse accent. But I can still do a good one when called upon.

"Playing Diane - Bernice's mum - has been a joy," she says. "I can put the wig on but people still recognise me in the street.

"It's so odd that here I am playing a blonde barmaid, now pulling pints in the Woolpack because the first role I ever had was working in Liverpool in a play by Willy Russell ... playing a blonde barmaid pulling pints.

"The Everyman was a great training ground and people still think I'm a Liverpudlian - but I'm actually from Stockton-on-Tees. Let's say I am an adopted Scouser."

Malandra Burrows was another Scouser who became a household name thanks to Emmerdale.

She now uses her Emmerdale expertise as a hostess fronting a a quiz show about soaps on the Challenge Channel.

Stephen McGann, one of the talented McGann family, has left the soap but this year he was nominated in the TV Personality section in the ECHO Entertainment Awards.

He says: "The standard of acting in Emmerdale is very demanding but it shows just how far the soap has developed."

Happy Birthday Emmerdale- here's to the next 30 years.



Teletext Diary 23/24 October 2002
`````````` / EMMERDALE ````````````````

 Most parents rely on TV and radio
soaps to trigger discussion of
"difficult" personal subjects,
according to the National Family and
Parenting Institute.

 My Emmerdale insider observes: "We
think we are extremely responsible
in the subjects we cover.

 "When we have a controversial
storyline, it's always carefully
researched. We get a tremendous
amount of feedback and the postbag
is pretty positive."
`````````` by Phil Penfold ```````5/8``

 When Emmerdale's writers revealed
the latest development in the life of
lesbian vet Zoe Tate, actress Leah
Bracknell was "lost for word{".

 She discovered with wonder that Zoe
was pregnant. "I think I was as
shocked as my character is," laughs
Leah. "I thought, 'how can they get
this to work?'

 "But in fact it's all too believable,
and is just another glorious loop in
the switchback ride that Zoe's been
on this year."

 Pride of place on the Emmerdale green
room notice board has gone to a
devastating TV review from veteran
critic Nancy Banks-Smith.

 "It has us in stitches," says one
Emmerdale insider. Her gems included
some lines on the Dingle clan:

 "They have biblical names like Cain,
Zakariah, Shadrach and Samuel. Last
night Marlon Dingle was marrying
Tricia. You can tell he's not run of
the mill because Marlons are thin on
the ground in the Old Testament."

`````````` / EMMERDALE ````````````````

 Several Emmerdale couples are getting
passionate as autumn progresses.

 Village romeo Syd Woolfe is getting
hot and heavy with Angie Reynolds,
and Ray Mullan still wants to marry
Louise, despite being refused.

 "He thought that everything was on
course, until Louise dropped her 'no'
bombshell," says Seamus Gubbins, who
plays him. Louise will get flowers
from an unknown admirer. "Ray's an
intensely jealous bloke and this
will wind him up," adds Seamus.

Switch on with The Simpsons

Oct 22 2002

By Tony Gardner, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

BART and Homer Simpson are coming to town.

The pair will be the guests of honour at Huddersfield's Christmas lights switch-on.

More than £15,000 will be spent on illuminations to get the town's shoppers into the festive spirit.

Huddersfield town centre manager David Wyles said: "There will be additional lights on lower King Street, to illuminate the area between the Kingsgate Centre and The Yards."

A day of entertainment is planned on the piazza in the build-up to the big switch-on on Saturday, November 16.

Bart and Homer will meet youngsters throughout the day at Peters department store before the big switch-on at 6pm.

One lucky competition winner will have the chance to join them on stage.

Light-night shopping on Thursdays will begin from November 21 when stores will be open until 8pm.

Parking will be free in Kirklees Council-owned multi-storey car parks from 4pm on these evenings.

A programme of events leading up to Christmas is being planned for The Piazza, Kingsgate Centre and the town's markets.

They include entertainment by brass bands and a Santa's Grotto.

Yorkshire's first official lights switch-on will take place at The Mill discount department store in Batley this Thursday, when former Emmerdale star Lisa Riley will do the honours at 6pm.

She will be joined by children from the world's largest school for children with autism, the Robert Ogden School in Thurnscoe, near Barnsley.

A jazz band, children's rides and festive fare will add to the Christmas spirit.
BBC Puresoap
Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale
28 Oct - 11 Nov: it shall come to pass
Viva Espana!
Zak and Lisa plan a second honeymoon. Watch out Spain!
Laurel's after some work in the factory. Does that girl never sit down and put her feet up? She should take relaxing lessons from Seth!
Lisa and Zak
And with my crystal ball on overtime &
Zoe goes back to work. And also starts her antenatal classes.
Scott also gets a job - as Zoe's driver!
Plus, Gloria and Pollard are busy running their dirty political campaign - chucking mud at rival Ledbetter.
Zak gets shirty with Lisa
© Yorkshire Television 2002

Emmerdale clears up church confusion
By Hannah Wright

Emmerdale fans have contacted Teletext after becoming confused about the church used in last week's wedding.

The special 30th anniversary episode showed Paddy and Emily marrying at the last minute when Marlon and Tricia called their nuptials off.

"The church looked in remarkably good shape considering Zoe Tate burnt it down," said one viewer.

But rather than it being a case of a speedy restoration fund, Emmerdale chiefs claimed it was a different church - and not a boob by forgetful scriptwriters.

"Zoe burnt down St Mary's Church, Beckindale, in the village," said a spokeswoman for the soap. "Paddy and Emily got married in the parish church of Connelton.

"It's a few miles out of Emmerdale, and there were people getting in and out of cars to show that."

It was really filmed in a church in Leeds.




Patrick loves being a dad again
By Hannah Wright

Ask Patrick Mower how he's feeling and he'll answer "exceptionally well".

At 62, he is looking good. And it's all down to someone whose photograph he carries lovingly in his pocket.
Mower: "Exceptionally well"


"You'll get an 'aah' now," laughs the Emmerdale star. "Say it, aah."

He holds a photograph of his treasured son Maxim, who is four years old. Patrick loves being a dad a second time around. "He's an absolute joy," he beams.

Patrick, 62, is currently best known as soap smoothie Rodney Blackstock in Emmerdale.

He shot to fame in action series such as Callan, Special Branch and Target in the '70s and '80s.

Now, he has shaken off his tough guy image to settle down with beautiful second wife Anya and Maxim, four. Like any dad, he is bursting to talk about his son. "It's brilliant to be a dad again, it really is."

Patrick tells TV Plus, "Maxim's just started school and he has to say his name in assembly but he doesn't want to.

"I remember when I was at school I didn't want to either, because my middle name is Archibald.

"I'd say it was Archie and there would be a big discussion about how to say the 'bald' bit. That was in Oxford, where I'm still known as Archie Mower."

If Patrick is finding it strange being a dad again, it's nothing to how his eldest son must be feeling.

"I've got a grown up son who had a baby three months before my son," says the Emmerdale actor.

"So my son Maxim is my grandson William's uncle, even though he is younger than his nephew. It's complicated."


Animal farm

Maxim is already following in his dad's footsteps. "He signs his name too now when I'm asked for my autograph," laughs Patrick.

Off screen, Patrick has a lot on his plate at home.

It's not so much his wife or son who keep him on his toes, but his dozens of farmyard animals.

"We seem to be gaining more and more," he says. "We got a new puppy, called Poppy, and then a chap drove up with a horse wagon with a retired donkey we'd forgotten about, so we've got him now.

"We've also got two sheep, Gabrielle and Shrimp, two more dogs, four horses and a cat."

One horse which spent two weeks at Patrick's Lincolnshire smallholding seemed destined to stay.

"It was called Emma and we had it on trial," says the Emmerdale star. "When my wife went to pick it up from the stables, she was given a rug.

"It had the horse's name on it, which was Emma Dale. The woman didn't know that Anya was my wife, isn't that a coincidence? But we're not having the horse now after it tried to kill the vet, which can be a bit dangerous."

Mower's marriage to Anya is his second.

He divorced the childhood sweetheart he married aged 19 and his exes include Suzanne Danielle, who is now with Ryder Cup winner Sam Torrance.

He met Anya - 33 years his junior - eight years ago. She is a children's book illustrator.

"The two horses she writes about, Honeybee and Bumblebee, live on our smallholding and are miniature palominos, we've also got an even smaller miniature," he says.

Mower's Emmerdale character Rodney is something of a ladies' man.

"One of the things I don't like about Emmerdale is that they don't let you chose who you go to bed with," he jokes. "There is somebody coming in for Rodney but I don't know who.

"It is worrying when you have someone choosing your girlfriend." Ever the diplomatic, he says Rodney's women should look like his wife Anya. "Or I quite like Penelope Cruz, we'll try and get her," he laughs.


BBC Puresoap 21st october 2002

Chris feared Emmerdale axe
The actor who plays Emmerdale schemer Eric Pollard has admitted that he is terrified of getting the boot from the ITV1 show.
Chris Chittell has admitted that sometimes he even suffers from panic attacks when he thinks about the possibility.

He was convinced that Pollard - who is proving a hit with the viewers was going to be killed off after show bosses announced that four characters would die in dramatic circumstances.

Chittell told The Daily Star: "They wouldn't tell us who. You automatically think `That's it'."
He even admitted that he thinks his nervousness is "basically a lack of self-esteem".
However, he said that if his character did get the chop he would miss playing the show's public enemy number one.

"I'm just glad I'm not as evil as him," he said. "If I was, someone would have run over me at least once."


ORANGE TODAY: EastEnders' Trevor voted 'Most hated Soap villain'

EastEnders' Trevor Morgan has been voted the most hated Soap villain ever.

The character, played by Alex Ferns, topped the list compiled by What's On TV magazine.

He polled over 21% of the votes cast by the magazine's 10,000 readers.

"This is great," said Ferns when presented with his award. "Another one for my collection.

"The viewers really seem to have taken to this storyline - so I hope they're going to enjoy the ending as much."

Six Eastenders characters appear in the top 10.

The top 10 is:

1. Trevor Morgan, EastEnders (21%)

2. Richard Hillman, Coronation Street (16%)

3. The Mitchell Brothers, EastEnders (10%)

4. Jez Quigley, Coronation Street (9%)

5. Nick Cotton, EastEnders (6%)

6. Steve Owen, EastEnders (5%)

7. Pete Callan, Family Affairs (4%)

8. Den Watts, Eastenders (3.5%)

9. Joint: Trevor Jordache, Brookside; Dan Sullivan, EastEnders; Graham Clarke, Emmerdale (3%)

10. Kim Tate, Emmerdale (2%).

Story filed: 14:07 Monday 21st October 2002


News of the World Sunday 20 October 2002



Soap girls in calendar strip show

THESE are the Emmerdale calendar pictures nine million fans of the ITV soap have been waiting to see.

In the plot, village locals have stripped for a saucy calendar to raise cash to rebuild their fire-ravaged church. It will be snapped up by regulars at the Woolpack in next month's episodes. But here are four of the best shots.

Emily Symons, who stars as landlady Louise Appleton, said: "When Louise got the job at Emmerdale I assumed the only thing that graced the bar top would be drinks. I never thought I'd end up naked on it." Charlotte Bellamy (pub cleaner Laurel Potts) added: "I think I got away lightly with my Marigolds and apron."

Nicola Wheeler, who plays vet's secretary Nicola Blackstock, smiled: "I had to sit on a big cushion as I wasn't tall enough and the chair was hiding half my face."

And Amy Nuttall, who plays sexbomb Chloe Atkinson grinned: "It was a bit chilly on set with just an apron on."


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