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October 2002

The cast celebrate 30 years

ITV1 soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street are launching spin-off magazine titles.
Granada Television has brokered a contract publishing deal with Scorpio Multimedia, which will see its major soap properties hit the news-stands.

A one-off title celebrating the 30th anniversary of Emmerdale launches on October 7. Emmerdale Stars will be priced at £2.60 with 84 pages and an initial print run of 100,000.
Manchester-based soap Coronation Street is next in line to branch out into the magazine sector. Details of the venture are currently being finalized, according to Scorpio Multi-media director of business development Heather Aylott.

Other soap properties have made tentative launches into the magazine world.
BBC soap EastEnders ran a one-off magazine to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary in 2000 and has its own comic strip in teen title It’s Hot.

Coming out on the 14th October is a 30th anniversary Video.


30 Years of Emmerdale -- Lance Parkin (Hardcover - Granada Media - 7 October, 2002)
£15.19 (£18.99 elsewhere) from http://www.amazon.co.uk/

The Little Book of Emmerdale -- Fintan O'Higgins (Paperback - Granada Media - 2 September, 2002)
Price: £2.99

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Tricka & Seth

BBC Puresoap 21st october 2002

Chris feared Emmerdale axe
The actor who plays Emmerdale schemer Eric Pollard has admitted that he is terrified of getting the boot from the ITV1 show.
Chris Chittell has admitted that sometimes he even suffers from panic attacks when he thinks about the possibility.

He was convinced that Pollard - who is proving a hit with the viewers was going to be killed off after show bosses announced that four characters would die in dramatic circumstances.

Chittell told The Daily Star: "They wouldn't tell us who. You automatically think `That's it'."
He even admitted that he thinks his nervousness is "basically a lack of self-esteem".
However, he said that if his character did get the chop he would miss playing the show's public enemy number one.

"I'm just glad I'm not as evil as him," he said. "If I was, someone would have run over me at least once."


19th October 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Syd and Angie cosy up together


Weekdays  ITV

SYD and Angie finally sleep together - but she can’t resist teasing him before she invites him into her bed.

“Angie certainly fancies Syd,” says Freya Copeland, who plays the sexy policewoman. “He is a good-looking young guy and she has been alone for quite a while now.

“And she knows exactly what he wants. But she can’t resist giving him quite a few hoops to jump through before she moves the relationship on.”

Syd doesn’t know quite where he is with Angie. So far, their relationship has been of a purely flirtatious nature.

“And Angie likes keeping him guessing,” says Freya.

“When Syd asks her out on another date, she hints that Marc is going out that night, and Len and Ollie are away visiting Sean, so they’ll have the house to themselves.

“She can see the glint in Syd’s eye but then she wickedly suggests they try a spot of orienteering. Syd tries to sound enthusiastic and Angie struggles to keep a smile from her face.

“She confides in Marc that she is having fun winding up her would-be lover and being in total control of the relationship.”

Later, Angie makes a weary Syd go on a bike ride and he hits back by deliberately puncturing his tyre.

“Then I think Angie decides she has teased him enough,” says Freya. “They get a take-away and she coolly asks him if he’d like to eat it in bed.

“Syd realises she has been stringing him along and wonders if he has managed to impress her enough. Angie says she’ll let him know later.

“I don’t think that she is head over heels in love with Syd, by any means, but he’s a nice, good-looking guy and he’s fun to be with.

“After all the hassle with Sean and the dangerous affair with Cain, the last thing Angie wants is to get serious. She is just having fun.”

But as the lovers later share a cosy drink in The Woolpack, they are watched by a glowering Cain. He is consumed with jealousy.

Gloria strikes a double blow on wily husband, Eric. First, she slaps him across the face when Glynis announces his infidelity because he’s ended their affair.

Then Gloria announces she’s taking over from him as a candidate to become Emmerdale’s MP.

“Deep down, Gloria loves Eric,” says Janice McKenzie, who plays her.

“But he can be infuriating to live with. When he is exposed as a philanderer, she knows he can’t stand for election. But Gloria refuses to let all her hard work go to waste and decides to take his place.”

A furious Pollard finishes with Glynis after she feeds him duff information about his big rival Ledbetter. He says he will not be blackmailed into bed any longer.

Glynis hits back with high-volume revelations in The Woolpack.

“Gloria is outraged,” says Janice, “and she hits Eric across the face. “He’s astonished because Gloria knew all about the affair. But she explains the slap is for ending the affair, not for having it!

“Gloria feels Eric has wasted all her hard work trying to get him elected as an MP. She tells him he will be disgraced.”

Pollard is shattered. In a single evening, he’s lost everything. But he is in for another shock. He has to face the music at a Press conference. He announces he’ll scrap his campaign to be MP but intends to carry on as mayor.

“Gloria tries to hold her head high as the wronged woman,” says Janice. “She says she will stand by her man, and that seems to earn her great support.

“She says that despite her husband’s infidelity, and because of her devotion to the anti-landfill cause, she will stand for Parliament herself.

“Gloria is overwhelmed by applause and she notices that Pollard is totally dumbfounded.

“Gloria really takes charge this week - she becomes a woman empowered. It’s great.”

Also this week:

  • Rodney and Steph sleep together but decide it’s just a one-night stand.
  • Zoe decides against an abortion and to have her baby adopted. Scott is amazed that she seems to have forgotten their liaison.
  • Viv has to bribe Cynthia to keep her recent fling a secret from husband Bob.

19th October 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.

Rodney and Steph have an ill-advised fling this week, though neither of them is under any illusion that this is true love. It was only a matter of time before this disreputable pair got together. Steph would sleep with any man who strayed into Emmerdale long enough to ask directions to the A57.

And Eric Pollard is humiliated in public in one of those copper-bottomed soap moments in the Woolpack, when Glynis tells all.

BBC News Wednesday, 16 October, 2002, 13:45 GMT 14:45 UK

Emmerdale celebrates 30 years

ITV1 soap Emmerdale is celebrating 30 years on screen on Wednesday with two special programmes.

On Wednesday - the date on which the anniversary falls - viewers will be taken for a trip down memory lane as a specially commissioned documentary charts the highs and lows of the series.

It will be followed on Thursday by an extended hour-long episode of the five times a week drama to showcase the wedding of characters Marlon and Tricia.

The programmes are the climax of a festivities marking the anniversary of the popular early evening soap.

Emmerdale, set in the heart of the Yorkshire dales in the north of England, was once populated overwhelmingly by welly-wearing farmers.

It started as Emmerdale Farm, a quaint daytime rural drama tossed around the schedules by different ITV companies.

Now, Emmerdale is one of the network's stalwart shows, with a younger cosmopolitan cast and lifestyle.

Its ratings are also healthy, averaging 10 million viewers, making it the strongest fixture in the early evening schedule - helped by a move towards dramatic storylines.

The birthday documentary recalls some of most gripping from the show's 3,288 episodes, and introduces characters past and present.


Running up to the 30th anniversary, the highlight of the year had been a special visit to the set near Leeds by the Queen.

The royal occasion was also part of the Queen's itinerary of appointments to mark her Golden Jubilee.

The Queen was given an explosive reception during her visit.

The fictional village post office in the series was blown up as part of a dramatic storyline.

However, the year has also seen its measure of controversy when Emmerdale bosses dumped the winners of the Soapstars TV show who won parts in the series.

The five wannabe actors were chosen from thousands to become the newest family in the soap, with the auditions shown as part of an ITV1 talent search.

The news of their departure followed expressions of anger from the acting union Equity.

The union saw the manner in which they were appointed as a cheap gimmick to put Emmerdale in the spotlight.

Orange Today 18th October 2002: Here comes the bride Emmerdale fans didn't expect

Emmerdale fans tuning in for Marlon and Tricia's wedding have been stunned by a switch in the couple trotting down the aisle.

Paddy and Emily get married / Granada TV

Wedding dreams for the "Will they, won't they?" couple ended in a nightmare, and Paddy and Emily decided to step in at the last minute.

The outcome of the wedding plot had been veiled in secrecy.

Actors and the production team had been barred from letting the secret of the hour-long episode slip.

There had been doubts about whether there would be a happy ending after Marlon was in a clinch with his fiancee's mum, Steph, at his stag do.

Then, as she got ready for the wedding, Tricia got chewing gum caught in her hair, forcing her to have a chunk cut out, and then cricked her neck leaving her in a neckbrace.

The pair decided to pull the plug on their big day. But with best man Paddy and bridesmaid Emily already dressed for the part, they decided to marry themselves.

An Emmerdale spokesman said: "It was one of the best kept secrets in soap and a real treat for viewers.

"There was always a doubt as to whether Marlon and Tricia would ever make it down the aisle - but nobody had guessed that Paddy and Emily would take their place.

"Emily made a beautiful bride and Paddy a delighted groom. Obviously it wasn't the outcome that Marlon and Tricia had hoped for, but they may still overcome their problems and have the happy ending they deserve."

Story filed: 21:27 Thursday 17th October 2002


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BBC Puresoap 18th October 2002

Double surprise at Emmerdale wedding
Double surprise at Emmerdale wedding
Emmerdale fans tuning in for a showpiece wedding were stunned to see a switch in the couple trotting down the aisle.

Fans had been hoping to witness the climax of the "will they, won't they?" storyline as Marlon and Tricia prepared to tie the knot.

But their dreams turned into a nightmare when Tricia suffered a bad hair day and a cricked neck - and so Paddy and Emily decided to step in at the last minute so the arrangements were not wasted.

The outcome of the wedding plot had been veiled in secrecy. Actors and the production team had been barred from letting the secret of the 30th anniversary hour-long episode slip.

There had been doubts about whether there would be a happy ending after Marlon (played by Mark Charnock) was in a clinch with his fiancee's mum, Steph (Lorraine Chase), at his stag do.

Then, as she got ready for the wedding, Tricia (Sheree Murphy) got chewing gum caught in her hair, forcing her to have a chunk cut out, and then cricks her neck leaving her in a neckbrace.

The pair decide to pull the plug on their big day. But with best man Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and bridesmaid Emily (Kate McGregor) already dressed for the part, they decide to marry themselves.

Their banns had already been read and they thought it a shame to waste all the arrangements.

An Emmerdale spokesman said: "It was one of the best kept secrets in soap and a real treat for viewers.
"There was always a doubt as to whether Marlon and Tricia would ever make it down the aisle - but nobody had guessed that Paddy and Emily would take their place."


Nancy Banks-Smith
Friday October 18, 2002
The Guardian

I don't really watch Emmerdale. (ITV1) Why did I put that propitiatory "really" in? I don't watch Emmerdale.

Partly because there is only room for 2.4 soaps in anyone's life. More than that and you drown in your own bubble bath. Partly because it clashes with The Archers, where we are all waiting for Brian Aldridge's illegitimate baby to be born. That child has had a longer gestation period than an African elephant and we are wrung-out rags. Brian's wife might have suspected something if her daughter, Debbie, were not sobbing upstairs in the spare bedroom and refusing soup because Simon, the Canadian Casanova, has been seen consorting with Brenda, the siren of the Am. The Archers and Emmerdale have the countryside in common. The beauty of The Archers is that you don't have to watch them trying to act. This option is not available in Emmerdale.

When you have listened to The Archers, Emmerdale is half finished and hard to follow. There are few things more disorientating than reading the synopsis of a soap you don't watch. "Chris has refused to accept Zoe's decision. Steph wakes up in Robin's arms. Cynthia is having trouble paying the rent." Whaaaat?

Last night, Emmerdale had one of its weddings. It is worth angling for an invitation. The last time I attended in a fancy hat, Lady Tara had to decide at the very altar if she would rather marry her chauffeur. She wouldn't.

The really important thing is not to marry a Dingle - they roughly equate with the Grundys in The Archers. This loam-encrusted clan proliferates like cane toads - innocently introduced to control the gentry, but soon covering the earth in heaving heaps. They have bushy tails and bobble hats and biblical names like Zakariah, Shedrach, Samuel and Cain. Cain is not nice. Well, none of them are nice. Then there's the Dingle women, Chastity and Charity, whose names bear very little reference to their nature. The most missed Dingle is Lisa Riley, who was so explosively packed with personality that she simply spun off into a sphere of her own.

Last night, Marlon Dingle was marrying Tricia, the landlord's granddaughter. You can tell he is not a run-of-the-mill Dingle because Marlons are thin on the ground in the Old Testament. Marlon's the sort of lad you could happily take home to mother. Inadvisable, in this case, as Tricia's mother instantly developed an incestuous passion for him. But that is by the way.

The bride said: "It's going to be the bestest day ever." The groom agreed: "The 'appiest day of our lives." Thus reassured, you knew all hell would break loose.

The most serious pothole on the path of true love was the lack of a vicar. The Dingles had kidnapped him and left him in the Lake District in the company of Chastity, who was dressed as a nun for strippogram purposes. I wonder if I mentioned that Emmerdale touches life at no known point? This does, however, give it room to rattle around a bit.

(Meanwhile, back at doom-laden Tate Hall, Zoe has decided to abort a baby conceived while she was insane. Any road, moving on.)

Vanishing vicars were as nothing to the drama when a wad of chewing gum ("Don't panic!") was dropped in the bride's hair. I'd swear this entertaining episode was taken from life. This is not something you usually say about Emmerdale. Various remedies were suggested and rejected. "I knew this old lady once who swore by brown paper and a hot iron." "You're not ironing me 'ead!" "I'll have to cut it out." "You can't do that. I'll look like a monk." At this point, the bride, while craning to look in a mirror, cricked her neck: "I can't move me 'ead!"

Refusing to marry in a neck brace, she called it all off and, in a whiplash plot twist which required its own neck brace, Paddy and Emily got married instead. Emily, inevitably, is a Dingle, having married Butch Dingle on his deathbed. Now, I am not one to find fault, as you know, but can this possibly be legal?

Emmerdale is a a bucolic old banger, which seems to proceed in a series of explosions. It has been going now for 30 years and is unexpectedly popular, I am told, among lorry drivers. I like to think of that lorry driver, fed up and far from home, watching Emmerdale and wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

BBC Puresoap 18th October 2002

Did You See... last week in Soap?

Last week's highs
Marlon's stag night in Emmerdale. There's nothing like a Dingle knees-up! But how come Cain didn't recognise Chastity the strippagram?
Marlon's stag night - Marlon, Chastity, Shadrach, Zak & Sam in the back.
If she's Shadrach's daughter and he was brought up as his son, he must have known his own sister. Even if she was dressed as a nun

This Is Leigh 18th October 2002

Soap stars back launch of youth sex health service

EMMERDALE stars are backing a new service to help young people with sexual health problems.

Wigan and Leigh's Brook Advisory Service's new integrated information service, supported by Turton High School pupil and actress Sammy Winward and Kelvin Fletcher -- who plays Katie and Andy in the series -- allows youngsters to obtain information through a telephone helpline, a text messaging service and an on-line inquiry service.

The duo were at the centre of a dramatic teenage pregnancy storyline in the ITV soap and believe the confidential new service will make it much easier for young people to access the information they need.

Tracy Thornton, manager of the Brook Advisory Service in Wigan and Leigh, said: "Local services must continue to adapt to meet the needs of young people. This should be at a time that suits them." and in a way that they feel comfortable with." The three main areas of the new service are:

The Brook helpline -- call 0800 0185 023, a free confidential service open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Send a question online -- through a secure service www.brook.org.uk

Text: Create a new message starting with BRK followed by the home postcode and send the message to 0776 2904208 and Brook will text back Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Last nights (17 Oct) viewing figures
ITV1's Fat Friends drew 6.7 million viewers and a 30% share at 9pm, while BBC1's documentary on drunken louts tearing up Nottingham town centre, Under Attack, pulled 5.2 million in the same time slot.

But the biggest prime time success was the Emmerdale double- bill on ITV1, with 9.7 million tuning in at 7pm for the build-up to the wedding of Tricia Stokes, played by Sheree Murphy, giving the station a 49% share.

The same number of viewers returned for an hour-long special at 8pm, where Tricia Penrose cricked her neck and refused to get hitched in a surgical collar.

Competition from BBC1's Robert Lindsay sitcom, My Family, and Changing Rooms pushed the audience share down to 42%.

On Channel 4, Brookside continued to supply ammunition to its detractors by pulling in just 600,000 viewers at 8pm. It left the channel with an abysmal 3% share.

Teletext 17th October 2002: Sheree toasts the high life
By Hannah Wright

 Tricia looks in the mirror on her wedding day and all she can see is a mess.
Sheree: Life is great

Life is sweet for Sheree Murphy.

The actress, who plays dizzy Emmerdale favourite Tricia Stokes, couldn't be happier.

Married to super-rich Leeds United striker Harry Kewell, she has an adorable baby son, loves her job and is tied up in the show's big 30th anniversary storyline.

She has no plans to leave, despite false reports.

Sheree shot on to our screens four years ago as bubbly barmaid Tricia.

In that time she has left, had a baby with Aussie husband Harry, and returned.

She has just landed a new contract to stay for another year in the show, this time possibly as a Dingle if her marriage to chef Marlon is a success.

"I'd like to stay," she says. But it won't be forever, as hubby Harry has plans to move abroad.

"Harry would like to go abroad somewhere in Europe," she says.

"I'd love it, it'd be great and Taylor (her 16-month-old son) would be able to speak another language which I think is an amazing opportunity. We'll have to wait and see. You never know what's going to happen with footballers."

Nightmare nuptials

Sheree is currently at the centre of a dramatic wedding plot.

"It was such fun to do, we had such a laugh," smiles the 27-year-old actress, who has to walk down the aisle in a neck brace after injuring herself trying to get chewing gum out of her hair.

"I don't think there have ever been so many obstacles against a couple making it up the aisle. But Mark (Charnock - Marlon Dingle) and I are such friends it was great to do."

Sheree has found it hard work being a mum.

"I can't go out as much as I used to," she sighs. "We used to always go out as a cast and it didn't matter.

"But now I've got this little man at home that needs his mummy. Recently it's been a bit of a nightmare.

"I've been up at six every day and home at eight, so I just get to see him before he goes to bed. I feel really guilty sometimes."

At first Sheree was unhappy leaving baby TJ at home with dad Harry.

"I did feel guilty but I love being at work," she says. "I really missed Samantha (Giles, who played Bernice) and Liz (Estensen, who plays Diane) when I had four months off.

"When I started back I felt like the new girl because there were so many new characters."

Sheree says she is never off the phone to Samantha.

"I'm so thrilled that she's got a part in Where The Heart Is," she says. "She stuck out for the big job and it paid off.

"She'll be up in Yorkshire again so I'll get to see her. I don't get to see her that much but we're always on the phone. We're really close in real life."

Away from the cameras, bubbly Sheree has one passion - watching the telly.

"I love EastEnders, I love it," she laughs. "It is fantastic, it's so good. I'm always watching the soaps, you have to."

But she does confess that she used to turn Emmerdale off. "When I was younger, I couldn't relate to the show. Living in North London I couldn't relate to the fields and the sheep. But it's not like that now."

Mirror: Marlon Keeps Mum Over Kiss 17th October 2002


IN Emmerdale (ITV), a tough month for Marlon ended in reprieve as the 90-minute wedding special concluded with Paddy and Emily making it to the altar.

Poor Marlon: he is still engaged to Trisha Fisher and - with their wedding merely postponed - still faces the prospect of having Lorraine Chase as his muvver-in-law.

No wonder he began the day with a start, crying out "Trisha!" in fright, as many of us have. The nightmare was real though: he really had ended his stag night snogging his fiancee's mother.

But an act of God occurred. Leticia dropped her chewing gum into Trisha's hair and Trisha cricked her neck and was fitted with the world's biggest neck brace. Thoroughly miserable, with mascara-stained tears rolling down her face, she looked like The Bride Of Frankenstein - in other words, about as appealing as she always does.

"I'm supposed to look like a princess," she wailed. "Not a freak." Marlon urged her to go ahead with the wedding. "You can walk and talk," he pointed out. Certainly she's never had a problem talking. (If only.)

It is probably Trisha's only achievement that her charmless cockney accent makes even Lorraine Chase look demure. "Go and pebble-dash the bogs at the pub," she told Marlon, as he recovered from his stag do.

The night had ended with Ashley the vicar being thrown into the back of a stolen van with a stripogram in a nun's habit - Chastity Dingle, the inappropriately-named cousin of the appropriately-named former prostitute Charity. Cain told Marlon it was supposed to have been him.

"I wish it had been," Marlon responded, having flashbacks of playing kiss Chase. At the reception, Paddy proposed a toast, and the village raised a glass to "The future!"

Given that Chloe had just told Scott that Zoe the lesbian vet was up the duff (with his baby), they can at least rest assured it will not be dull.


Mirror: 17th October 2002 ZOE GOES FROM MAD TO WORSE

GENUINE firsts are few and far between in soap. Everything, you might think, has been done.

Emmerdale's Zoe Tate, though, has notched up more than her share, and she was at it again last week.

Zoe was not just the first lesbian in soap but the first schizophrenic lesbian. She was the first lesbian vet, the first pregnant lesbian. And last week, for a short while, the first pregnant, schizophrenic lesbian vet to be carrying the devil's child - in soap! Fantastic.

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about this is that, compared to out-and-out loons like Jimmy Corkhill, Zoe Tate is actually a fairly credible character - despite the fact that she is no ordinary lesbian.

Earlier this year, for example, Zoe not only tried to seduce her confidant, Ashley the vicar, she actually had sex with Scott the hunky mechanic (oops!) - entitling her to the accolade of Most Forgetful or Most Flexible Lesbian in soap, too.

Still, perhaps we can allow her the occasional lapse. After 10 years, she has served her time as the only serious lesbian in soap. (Binnie and Donna in EastEnders were one-year wonders, and don't mention Brookside's Lipstick Lesbians Margaret or Beth Jordache in the same breath. Beth Jordache was not fit to lick Zoe Tate's boots, although I wouldn't mind seeing it on video.) Being a lesbian in a village as small as Emmerdale decidedly limits your chance of juicy romantic storylines - hence her drunken tumble with Scott.

Zoe has in any case had problems lately - ever since she learned her lover, the appropriately-named prostitute Charity, was ditching her and getting back with her brother Chris (that's Zoe's brother Chris, not Charity's - although in Emmerdale these days, you can never be too sure).

Zoe's schizophrenia - including a penchant for burning down churches - came after the shock of learning she was getting the elbow from Charity. Still, it made a change from the finger. At the start of last week then, Zoe was behaving strangely again, hearing voices and experiencing twitches in her tummy, as if an alien was about to come squealing through her belly button.

The ensuing mental turmoil inspired Zoe to produce her full repertoire of wide-eyed staring, extravagant frowning and talking-to-the-mirror monologues. Zoe's propensity for religious delusion is such that she immediately assumed it was some sort of Rosemary's Baby-style demon growing inside her - "a monster". Come to think of it, her haircut does look a bit Mia Farrow and she's rather partial to a bit of raw meat.

The alien/monster was quickly downsized to "imagining there was some sort of insect inside me trying to get out." (Presumably one that needed a vet?) "I didn't know what it was. I could feel it moving. I thought it was just me - Loony Zoe."

CERTAINLY this made more sense than the idea that she might be pregnant.

Even when she heard the news, Zoe - with no recollection of having had sex with anyone - came to the obvious conclusion that it must have been an immaculate conception. (Another first! First Miracle Birth in soap.) "Could it be?" she gasped.

"Shut up, Zoe," snapped Chris on behalf on the viewers. "You're sounding mad again. Get a grip."

Zoe had not only forgotten she was a lesbian, but had forgotten what had happened while she'd forgotten and vehemently denied any wing-ding had taken place. "No woman forgets the men she's slept with!" Chris scoffed. "Particularly not, I imagine, a lesbian!" - a point aimed seemingly at the scriptwriters. z

The fact we knew Zoe had slept with Scott rather spoilt it. It snuffed out any hope of Ashley performing the first exorcism in soap, or the possibility the baby was, in fact, his which would have been brilliant. Let's face it, with Ashley's record, you never know.

Daily Record: PICK OF THE BOX

Oct 17 2002

When love turns to fear


Emmerdale (ITV, 7.00pm & 8.00pm)

DALLAS with dung marks its 30 years on the box with the most traditional of soap plots - a wedding.

And, of course, everything that can go wrong will go wrong when Marlon and Tricia traipse up the aisle.

There's 90 minutes of Emmerdale tonight for diehards.

In the usual 7.00pm episode, it's Tricia's hen night where Viv ends up in a clinch, mother- of-the-bride Steph declares her love for the groom and the villagers attempt to put together a makeshift wedding.

Come 8.00pm, it's an hour-long special for the actual nuptials.

The happy couple are determined that no man - or woman - shall put them asunder, but Steph has other ideas.


Media Guardian: BBC1 triumphs with England match

John Plunkett
Thursday October 17, 2002

England's disappointing 2-2 draw with Macedonia in the European Championship qualifiers scored an astonishing 12 million viewers last night - more than an average episode of EastEnders.

As Sven-Goran Eriksson's men scrambled for a lastminute winner, the audience for Match of the Day Live peaked at 11.4 million viewers - nearly half the TV audience at that time.

Viewers switched on in their terrace loads for a rare chance to catch the live football for free as it was shown on BBC1 rather than Sky.

The game gave BBC1 its highest Wednesday night peak time audience for a year.

The last big surge came last September, when another football showdown, that time against Albania, attracted 13.9 million viewers.

BBC1's entire match night coverage averaged 9.3 million, or four in 10, viewers.

Channel 4's Faking It was one of the biggest losers, dropping 500,000 viewers week on week. It was a million viewers down on the first show the new series, screened two weeks ago.

Last night's programme, about a Cambridge graduate trying to pass himself off as a garage MC, had just 1.3 million viewers, barely more than one in 20.

BBC2's much hyped lesbian drama Tipping the Velvet failed to live up to last week's debut.

Last night's show had an audience of 3.7 million - about one in seven viewers - compared with 4.9 million last week.

In spite of the football, ITV's double helping of The Bill still managed more than 7 million viewers.

However, Thirty Years of Emmerdale, a birthday celebration of the soap, had just 5.3 million viewers.

Channel 5's documentary, The Brits Who Fought For Hitler, pulled in an audience of 1.1 million, about one in 20 viewers.

Dwarves in Showbiz, a repeat of Sunday night's unlikely sounding documentary, managed a similar share with an audience of 900,000 viewers.

Teletext Diary 16th/17th October 2002

`````````` / EMMERDALE

The creator of Brookside ` which
looks poised for the axe ` was called
in to spice up another ailing soap,
Emmerdale, back in 1993.

Phil Redmond was behind the infamous
plane crash scene which wiped out
many of the leading characters. It
pulled in 16 million viewers.

An insider says: "It was made clear
to Phil that Emmerdale was in the
last chance saloon. So fans have to
be grateful to him." Pity he couldn't
work his magic on Brookie.
```````````` by Phil Penfold `````5/8``
E-mail us at frank.fury@teletext.co.uk

`````````` / EMMERDALE ```````````````

He's one of Emmerdale's best loved
characters ` and after nearly a
quarter of a century in the soap,
Seth Armstrong shows no signs of
hanging up his cap.

Stan Richards, who plays the old
rogue, says he'll go on "as long as
the writers give me lines or Him
Upstairs decides summat different".

Seth is so popular he has inspired
appreciation societies where members
wear his trademark cap and get
together to watch Emmerdale re-runs.
```````````` by Phil Penfold `````6/8``
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The revival of Emmerdale in 1993
marked the beginning of arch rival
Brookside's decidedly dodgy period
and spiral into soap oblivion.

It was when Emmerdale branched out
into one-hour specials and spin-offs
that viewers started transferring
their affections.

A cast member reveals: "It's
incredibly odd that Brookside's
'father' Phil Redmond was the man
that YTV wanted to pull Emmerdale out
of the mire."
```````````` by Phil Penfold `````7/8``
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`````````` / EMMERDCLE ```````````````

Hanky actor Tim Vincent, wh
used to
play Adam Forresper in Emmurdale$ is
now turning his professionad hand to
somet`ing a lov more saucy.

He is appearing in an adaptation of
DH Lawrence's rural romp, Lady
Chatterley's Lover, with the Hull
Truck Theatre Copany. He plays
Mellors, who seduces Lady onstance.

A former colleague says: "There's no
nudity though ` And it's ondy Tio wh
takes anything fff. His shirt, since
you ask."
```````````` by Phil Penfold `````8/8`
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The Sun Pick of the Day 17th October 2002


TOP SOAP: Emmerdale (ITV1, 7pm & 8pm)

The mother-in-law-to-be has declared undying love to the groom, the bride has a cricked neck and chewing gum stuck in her hair and the Minister is still locked in a van.

The signs aren’t looking good for Marlon and Tricia’s wedding.

The Sun Pick of the Day 16th October 2002

TOP SOAP: 30 Years Of Emmerdale (ITV1, 8.30pm)

Remember the powerful scenes where Butch Dingle took his dying breaths? A nation mourned.

But Paul Loughran – the actor who played him – admits he was catching a few zzzs after a night on the razzle.

Just one of the comic behind-the-scenes stories to celebrate three decades of the soap.

Orange Today: Emmerdale celebrates 30 years on air

Emmerdale is celebrating its 30th anniversary today.

Emmerdale actresses Emily Symons, Leah Bracknell and Sammy Winward arriving at the National Television Awards last night /PA

Emmerdale Farm was first shown on October 16 1972.

To celebrate the anniversary, ITV1 is showing a documentary about the soap tonight which will feature a review of the show's greatest moments.

Tomorrow night will see an hour long edition of the programme which will feature the wedding of Tricia Stokes and Marlon Dingle

Story filed: 10:26 Wednesday 16th October 2002


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BBC Puresoap 16th October 2002

Emmerdale turns 30

Emmerdale turns 30
After 15 births, 51 deaths, nine vicars and roughly 250,000 pints of beer, ITV1 soap Emmerdale is celebrating 30 years on British screens.

The show which was launched as Emmerdale Farm on October 16, 1972 was originally designed to fill a lunchtime slot for just 13 weeks.

ITV1 is marking the occasion with a special documentary revisiting some of its most dramatic moments and a special double episode centring around the obligatory soap wedding.

Created by former actor and playwright Kevin Laffan, it began with the funeral of Jacob Sugden, husband of Annie.

The 30-year journey has taken viewers through many dramatic storylines, including the famous aeroplane disaster in 1994, which killed four characters, as well as kidnappings, robberies, crashes and crimes of passion.

The show now regularly pulls in audiences of 10 million and is the country's second longest running drama serial.

The word Farm was dropped from the title in November 1989 to reflect the changes in the programme as it shifted its emphasis from the Sugdens and their farm to issues in the wider community.

In October 2000, it became the UK's first soap to transmit five nights a week in October 2000.
During her Golden Jubilee tour earlier this year the Queen visited the specially built village set to mark the show's anniversary.
Sammy joins stars for TV awards night from This is Bolton
BOLTON'S Sammy Winward is among a host of stars in the running for television's most prestigious awards.

The Emmerdale actress and Turton High School Media Arts College student will be at tomorrow night's National Television Awards, which will be screened on ITV1, to see if she will win the coveted Most Popular Newcomer award.

Sammy's character, Katie Addyman, has coped with a lot over the past year in the soap, including the prospect of becoming a teenage mum and the loss of her baby through a miscarriage.

Sammy, aged 16, recently split from her boyfriend Kelvin Fletcher, who also plays on-screen boyfriend Andy Sugden in the show.

The teenager is up against Emmerdale co-star Emily Symons, who is no stranger to soaps -- she also starred in Australian show Home and Away during the 1990s.

Other celebrities in the running for the award are Diane Parish, from The Bill, Brian Capron, from Coronation Street, and Kim Medcalf, who recently took up the role of Sam Mitchell in EastEnders. The awards show, held at London's Royal Albert Hall, will be hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald and SM:TV Live presenter Tess Daly, who will be talking to the stars from the red carpet and backstage throughout the night.

Awards are up for grabs in a total of 13 categories, including Most Popular Actor and Actress, Most Popular Comedy Programme, Most Popular Quiz Programme and Most Popular Serial Drama.

The awards categories include:

Most Popular Actor

Steve McFadden (EastEnders)

David Jason (A Touch of Frost)

Perry Fenwick (EastEnders)

John Thaw (Buried Treasure)

Alex Ferns (EastEnders)

Most Popular Newcomer

Emily Symons (Emmerdale)

Diane Parish (The Bill)

Brian Capron (Coronation Street)

Kim Medcalf (EastEnders)

Sammy Winward (Emmerdale)

Most Popular Comedy Performer

Dawn French (Ted and Alice)

David Jason (Only Fools and Horses)

Billy Connolly (World Tour of Ireland, Wales and England)

Alistair McGowan (Big Impression)

Kathy Burke (Gimme, Gimme, Gimme)

Most Popular Comedy Programme


Only Fools and Horses

Cold Feet


Most Popular Drama


Bad Girls

A Touch of Frost

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Most Popular Actress

Pauline Quirke (Down to Earth)

Jessie Wallace (EastEnders)

Leah Bracknell (Emmerdale)

Julie Walters (My Beautiful Son)

Kacey Ainsworth (Eastenders)

Most Popular Entertainment Show

The Simpsons

Pop Idol

Stars in Their Eyes

Another Audience with Ken Dodd

Most Popular Serial Drama




Coronation Street

Teletext: When 13 weeks lasted 30 years
By Hannah Wright

On October 16, 1972, a show set in the sleepy fictitious village of Beckindale was unveiled on our TV screens.

The new drama, called Emmerdale Farm, was a twice-weekly lunchtime experiment, initially given a run of just 13 weeks.

It began with the funeral of Annie Sugden's husband Jacob. Jack Sugden also came back to the farm after eight years of living in London.

Now, 30 years later, the show is the UK's second oldest soap.

In the early days of Emmerdale Farm, storylines centred on shearing sheep, plucking geese and drinking tea at Annie Sugden's kitchen table.

Nowadays, you would be hard pushed to find any member of the cast in the milking parlour.

Fond memories of the simple rural life have made way for sex, intrigue and action. Recent years have brought us Graham the psycho killer, an explosive plane crash, Butch Dingle's deathbed marriage and lesbian flings.

The programme started out with just nine regular cast members. Now there are 45. It also boasts a tailor-made outdoor set on the outskirts of Leeds and one of the largest single-storey indoor sets in Europe.

In 1989, Emmerdale Farm became simply Emmerdale to reflect the changes in the show. Its profile has certainly changed since 1972: the soap now goes out five nights a week, and the Queen visited in July.

Beer-swilling, handlebar moustache-wearing Stan Richards is the longest serving member of the Emmerdale cast. The old favourite, who plays Seth Armstrong, gets through about 24 woolly hats in a year - most given away to charity.

He doesn't actually drink beer but prefers whisky. His favourite scenes are ones with Richard Thorpe, who plays Alan Turner. "Seth and Alan are always playing tricks on each other," says the 71-year-old.

Weddings, funerals, and a plane crash

Over its 30 years, Emmerdale has celebrated 35 weddings, the first, in March 1973, involving blacksmith Frank Blakey and Pat Sugden's sister Janie Harker.

In 1993, Annie Sugden shocked her family by getting hitched at 73 and lesbian vet Zoe Tate had a short-lived 'marriage' three years later.

The most tragic big day was in March 2000 when Butch and Emily tied the knot in hospital just before Butch died.

The infamous plane crash was a ratings hit for the ITV1 soap. The horrific smash, at the end of 1993, destroyed much of the village and wiped out Mark Hughes, Elizabeth Feldmann, Archie Brooks and Leonard Kempinski.

The aftermath of the incident dominated much of the storylines for the next year. Funerals were held for loved ones and the rebuilding of the village began. Chris Tate was also confined to a wheelchair.

Emmerdale has had its share of hard-hitting storylines over its 30 years.

Kim Tate faked her own death in 1996, returning to watch Frank Tate die because he had exposed her affair.

In 1999, psycho Graham Clark's romance with Rachel Hughes led to her fatal fall from a clifftop.

Scandal hit when Andy Sugden started the barn fire which killed mum Sarah, and viewers have been gripped recently by Zoe's schizophrenia.

Emmerdale facts:

The show's record audience (16 million) watched the 1994 plane crash.

- Jack Sugden's character is the only one left from the original cast, although played by a different actor.

- Stan Richards (Seth) has clocked up a record 24 years on the show.

- Fifty pounds of bacon and 56 dozen eggs are consumed by the cast and crew during a week on location.


Daily Record: PICK OF THE BOX

Oct 16 2002



30 Years Of Emmerdale (ITV, 8.30pm)

WHEN Emmerdale lost the Farm and went glam in the Eighties, it was neatly summed up by the late, great Les Dawson.

Dallas with dung, is how he described it - but tonight ITV takes a fond look back at 30 years of mad cows, plane crashes and plain madness.

It began life in 1972 as Emmerdale Farm, a twice-weekly filler in the afternoon schedules in some of ITV's regional channels.

Before long, this everyday tale of country folk had caught on and the nation was gripped by the antics of the Sugdens down at t'Woolpack.

This nostalgia-fest recalls Emmerdale's greatest moments, including the plane crash that wiped out the village in 1993, the dramas in Annie Sugden's kitchen and the deathbed scene of a dog called Batley.

Familiar faces include Stan Richards, Lisa Riley and Claire King.

BBC Puresoap 15th October 2002

Steph gets to grips with hot Rod

Steph gets to grips with hot Rod
Emmerdale temptress Steph Stokes is set to get her talons into Rodney Blackstock.

Bed-hopping Stephanie, played by Lorraine Chase, sets her sights on Rodney (Patrick Mower) after being knocked back by future son-in-law Marlon.

He is horrified when the mother of his future wife Trica invites him for a romp just days before the wedding.


Dales chiefs plan fake documentary

Bosses at ITV1 soap Emmerdale are planning to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the show's disastrous air crash with a fake documentary.
Emmerdale village was ripped apart by the plane crash in 1993, which killed four characters and was the catalyst for a makeover of the programme.

Now producers want to remember the event by introducing a documentary film crew to the village.
Programme boss told the Daily Star: "It had such a major effect on the village and viewers that we cannot let it go unmarked.

"One idea is to have a documentary crew arrive in Emmerdale to talk to survivors. It's the sort of thing that would happen in real life on the anniversary of such an event.

"At the moment it could be that the documentary is confined to an episode or two of the show. But it might be fun to make a documentary of the crash to be screened seperately.

"We've got more than a year to go before the 10th anniversary and so plenty of time to decide."



Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale
21 Oct - 4 Nov: it shall come to pass
Decision time
Zoe goes to the clinic but can't bring herself to go ahead with the abortion.
After discussing it with Ashley, she decides to have the baby and get it adopted.
And with my crystal ball on overtime &
Paddy's a hit with local kids when he dresses up for Halloween.
Cain lays into Syd - a jealous Cain is a dangerous beast.
Ray also gets jealous after Louise has a platonic date with her ex, Rodney - and a jealous Ray is very dangerous too!
'Where's the Prescott Clinic Main Entrance?'
© Yorkshire Television 2002

From the Ikley Gazette

ELEVISION actor Clive Hornby, who plays Jack Sugden in the soap opera Emmerdale turned up to support Ilkley's Cancer Research UK shop as it opened following a major refurbishment.

Theoverhaul had included a new floor, till point, and painted walls to create a more modern look.

Manager Elaine Hildreth said: "The shop already has a friendly atmosphere thanks to its dedicated team, now they will be accompanied by a visually pleasing environment. It will be a community event as it is all round support that keeps things running smoothly.

"It is crucial that our shop draws people in, as each and every item sold raises money towards vital cancer research. It is hoped that the shop's `makeover' will be extremely constructive in the long run, and will serve to entice folk to its doors as either volunteer, donator or customer."

The store, on The Grove, has also entered its Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To show support, pink ribbons are available for £1 and `precious' puppies are available for £4.99.

Cancer Research UK is the largest independent research organisation in the world. The charity funds more than 3,000 scientists, doctors and nurses based throughout the UK. For 2002/2002, the total spent on research will be £176 million.

l Left, the charity's area manager Ann Weaver and Clive Hornby with some of the fundraising pups.

(The pic on the paper showed them holding loads of pink puppies.)


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