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October 2002

The cast celebrate 30 years

News Alert:-

Emmerdale is 30 years old

30 Years of Emmerdale

Channel: ITV1

Date: Wednesday 16 October Time: 8:30pm to 9:50pm

Subtitled, Widescreen

Documentary celebrating 30 years of the rural soap. The show looks back at old storylines and introduces characters past and present. From Graham the psycho who killed Rachel and tried to drive Kathy over a cliff, to the aeroplane disaster and Butch Dingle's deathbed marriage to Emily, we go behind the scenes to meet the cast and creators.

ITV1 soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street are launching spin-off magazine titles.
Granada Television has brokered a contract publishing deal with Scorpio Multimedia, which will see its major soap properties hit the news-stands.

A one-off title celebrating the 30th anniversary of Emmerdale launches on October 7. Emmerdale Stars will be priced at £2.60 with 84 pages and an initial print run of 100,000.
Manchester-based soap Coronation Street is next in line to branch out into the magazine sector. Details of the venture are currently being finalized, according to Scorpio Multi-media director of business development Heather Aylott.

Other soap properties have made tentative launches into the magazine world.
BBC soap EastEnders ran a one-off magazine to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary in 2000 and has its own comic strip in teen title It’s Hot.

Coming out on the 14th October is a 30th anniversary Video.


30 Years of Emmerdale -- Lance Parkin (Hardcover - Granada Media - 7 October, 2002)
£15.19 (£18.99 elsewhere) from http://www.amazon.co.uk/

The Little Book of Emmerdale -- Fintan O'Higgins (Paperback - Granada Media - 2 September, 2002)
Price: £2.99

SPOILERS Through To 25th October 2002
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Daily Record


Oct 12 2002

ACTRESS Sheila Mercier was never anyone but Annie Sugden to the millions of fans who tuned in to Emmerdale.

In fact, the award winning ITV soap, which celebrates its 30th birthday this week, began with her. The first episode focused on the funeral of Jacob Sugden, Annie's beloved husband.

And from that opening scene of Annie standing in the farmhouse kitchen to the day she left the show, she was a firm favourite with viewers.

Keeping the peace between her bickering on-screen sons, Jack and Joe, quickly placed her at the centre of action of the soap, which has been shown five times a week since 2000.

Over the years, she was caught up in dozens of the soap's most gripping stories.

From the late Eighties, Sheila cut back on her appearances, working only in the studio. And after she retired in 1994, she starred in only a handful of Emmerdale episodes.

Two years ago, she came out of retirement briefly to take part in an internet mini drama to run side-by-side with the Emmerdale TV episodes. Sheila talked live on the Net with her troubled screen son, Jack, played by Clive Hornby.

Today, it looks like Sheila has finally put her days at Emmerdale's famous Woolpack behind her, but she is still in touch with many of the cast and crew. At 83, she is still very well and lives comfortably in Kent. Her husband, actor Peter Mercier, died in 1993 after 42 years of marriage. The couple's son, Nigel, is a TV sound engineer.

Enjoying her retirement, Sheila says she is much happier out of the spotlight. She said: "I don't want to act. I watch TV, read and live like an ordinary person."

But Sheila has been invited to return to the Emmerdale set at least one more time to celebrate along with the crew at the official 30th anniversary party.

As she raises a glass to the show's continued success she can look back on a lifetime in show business.

The elder sister of actor Brian Rix, Sheila was born in Hull in 1919. She trained at the Stratford-upon-Avon college of drama and took a break from acting during the Second World War when she served in the WAAF.

She returned to acting after the war, making her television debut in a play called Exercise Bowler in 1946.

By the time she was chosen to play Annie, she had already spent more than half of her career in the theatre.

Her 1994 autobiography, Annie's Song - My life And Emmerdale, revealed she has been through some tough times, too.

She had a daughter, Janet, whom her parents forced her to give away for adoption after she was raped by an RAF officer.

Thirty years later, her daughter traced her, but Sheila never totally got over the anguish of the loss.

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Oct 12 2002

Everyone loves a big soap wedding, says FRANCINE COHEN, but will Sheree Murphy make it safely up the aisle this week in Emmerdale?

Francine Cohen

Sheree Murphy can keep a secret. Which is just as well or the suspense building up to her wedding day drama in Emmerdale - and the culmination of the soap's 30th anniversary - would be ruined.

The big question everyone wants to know is - will Sheree's character, Tricia Stokes, manage to tie the knot with Marlon Dingle?

Sheree says: "I don't think there have ever been so many obstacles against a couple making it up the aisle. Especially as the bride's mother has just slept with the groom."

Events conspire against the lovers, but Sheree isn't going to spoil the plot.

"Tricia wants to be with Marlon for the rest of her life. If that is spoilt then she will be inconsolable. Who knows? After all this is soap," she says about the hot storyline that's been nominated for four gongs at the National Television Awards this week.

The 27-year-old got married herself earlier this year. She and Leeds United's Australian footballer, Harry Kewell, whizzed off to Las Vegas for their nuptials, although Sheree would have been just as happy in a local registry office.

But Sheree says her real-life wedding day wasn't nearly as troublesome as the one Emmerdale fans are about to witness.

"It was much more traumatic filming these scenes," she says. "Compared to this I just sailed through my own wedding. But I enjoyed putting on a wedding dress again.

"I would think: `I look all right in this, don't I?' But then I'd say to myself: `No you look really horrid'."

Of the Emmerdale storyline, she says: "It doesn't all go according to plan. There are loads of hiccups. We all know Tricia's mum Steph snogged Marlon. But eventually Tricia's going to find out. And I think if she did, she'd go ape."

It's guaranteed that whatever happens, Harry, as his wife's biggest fan, is going to watch it on the box.

"We planned a big wedding before I became pregnant with our son Taylor," says Sheree, who has the same strong London accent as Tricia but is nowhere near as dippy.

"After we had Taylor we just wanted to get married and were quite happy to go to the local registry office.

"I didn't have time to organise a big wedding what with working and being a mum. It was my mum who said to do something fun, something to remember the day.

"She said we'd regret it otherwise."

So they shipped 24 family and friends over to Las Vegas and got married in the Little Chapel of the West on May 25 this year.

"It was lovely. Really gorgeous," she says. "Not at all tacky, which I was worried about."

Sheree met Harry not long after she joined Emmerdale as Alan Turner's long lost granddaughter four years ago, but it was a while before they dated.

"Harry was really quiet when I first met him, he was so shy," she says.

"I never thought I'd stand a chance because he was so quiet. And he was thinking the same about me.

"Anyway, eventually we did get together and start dating and it just felt right. At the same time I didn't want to get too excited because you never know.

"I'd had one long-term relationship for four years and I wasn't looking for anyone. It was a new life for me. I'd moved from London to Leeds to be in Emmerdale, and was enjoying getting stuck into my work and finding my feet."

Although they took it slowly, it was clear the couple were in love.

"It just blossomed into something wonderful. I can't believe what we've done in the time we've known each other - got engaged, had a baby and got married - it's unbelievable."

Having Taylor, now 16 months, has whetted her appetite for more children.

"Motherhood is just amazing," she says. "When Taylor's in bed all we talk about is him. I want four children. In fact, I'm very broody at the moment."

Could she imagine her screen alter ego, Tricia, becoming a mum?

"I don't think she's ready for kids yet. She'd want the best and have poor Marlon working all hours because they couldn't afford anything.

"They are far too immature - they can't even look after themselves."

Sheree juggles a 10-hour working day and motherhood with the help of her family.

"My mum comes up from London and Harry's mum comes over for a few months at a time from Australia," she says.

"Taylor has started nursery now so that helps and Harry quite often has finished training by noon, so he can be home in the afternoon for him."

Sheree grew up in London as an only girl with four brothers.

"Mum was dying for a girl and I was born on dad's birthday which was perfect," she says. "She made sure I was girly even though I used to go to the football with my brothers."

Sheree is a product of the Sylvia Young Theatre School and before that was the youngest ever pupil at the Italia Conti Stage School.

"I used to dance a lot as a little girl and I begged to go to Italia Conti," says Sheree. "Academically I was useless. I knew I'd always be in the theatre."

She did lots of theatre before Emmerdale and had a few lean times, but never doubted she would succeed.

"I knew I'd get there. Hard work always wins out. In this business you get knocked back all the time but you pick yourself up and just carry on."

Her screen mum is played by her first choice for the part, Lorraine Chase. Sheree explains: "When Lisa Riley was in the show we'd make up who would be cast as certain characters' family. We always said Tricia's mum would have to be Lorraine Chase."

Lorraine is an older version of Sheree - both are tall brunettes with the same strong London accent.

"It's great working with her. We have such a laugh," says Sheree.

And working with Mark Charnock, who plays Marlon, is another dream.

"I couldn't wish for anyone better. I think people believe in us as a couple on screen because we work so well together. He's a lovely bloke."

So what does she think Tricia sees in the slightly spacey Marlon?

"In the past Tricia went out with some real lookers but they all let her down. Then along came Marlon who fancied her like mad.

"He makes her laugh and gives her everything she wants. It's easy to see why they are together."

Sheree is delighted to be playing the Woolpack's sexiest barmaid as Emmerdale celebrates its 30th year.

"I'm really proud to be part of it," she says. "This is the best storyline I've had and definitely the most challenging."

Even though Sheree loves being in Emmerdale she doesn't know how long she will stay.

"The most important thing to me is Harry and Taylor and that we stay together as a family. So if Harry gets transferred, that would take priority."

And the lure of a new challenge is hard to resist.

"I'd love to try something else," she says. "I'd like to do a Victorian drama or something like that - anything that involved wearing a corset."

For the time being, Sheree is happy to be at the centre of the soap's birthday celebrations.

Emmerdale, ITV, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 7pm; Thursday, 7pm, 8pm

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12th October 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Ashley, Paddy and Marlon prepare for the wedding


Weekdays  ITV

IT wouldn’t be a traditional soap wedding without some last-minute hitches. And that’s certainly the case for Marlon and Tricia’s nuptials during Thursday’s 30th anniversary episodes.

Mack kidnaps the wedding cake and holds it to ransom against payment of the building bill. Marlon and Tricia pay up, but they are left so broke that they even consider cancelling the ceremony.

As they agonise about what to do, the stag night gets seriously out of hand and amorous prospective mother-in-law Steph makes a full-frontal assault on horrified Marlon.

“It should be the happiest time of Marlon’s life,” says Mark Charnock, who plays the luckless bridegroom, “but Steph turns it into a nightmare.

“Marlon really loves Tricia and he wants their big day to be perfect.

He just can’t believe how everything keeps going wrong.”
Steph simply refuses to leave Marlon alone. As she joins the other Emmerdale calendar girls for their nude photo shoot, she saucily tells Marlon he mustn’t look.

Meanwhile, Mack and Syd use the distraction to sneak into The Woolpack and steal the wedding cake.

“Marlon finds a ransom note where the cake was and he is really upset,” says Mark. “Mack insists that the cake is only the start, so Marlon and Tricia are forced to hand over £7,000.

“With their dream house now just an impossible fantasy, they are skint and actually consider calling the whole thing off.

“But the Dingles are great in a crisis and Lisa and Zak give them hope. Lisa insists they must go ahead and that they will all pull together to make the wedding work. Besides, Zak is horrified at the prospect of cancelling the stag night.”

Marlon is cheered by this support and he tries to put his problems behind him by getting plastered as his stag night gets under way.

Best man Paddy gets a clout when he mistakes a heavily made-up woman for the stripper, just as the genuine article, dressed as a nun, turns up.

Marlon is very drunk but he manages to make an early exit to avoid any Dingle devilment. Poor old Ashley is captured instead and bundled into a van with the stripper.

“But there’s a much worse fate for Marlon,” says Mark. “He is staggering home when he is spotted by Steph. In the dark and under the influence, Marlon thinks it’s his bride-to-be and pulls her in for a kiss.

“He’s too drunk to realise it but he’s snogging Steph and, worse still, they have been spotted by Emily. Next morning, Marlon is ashamed, terrified of being found out and horribly hung over! And it gets worse when he discovers that Emily and Paddy know everything.”

The Dingles rally round and gatecrash another wedding to gather some missing essentials for Marlon and Tricia. But Marlon is desperate to stop Steph chasing him once and for all.

“When he tries to talk to her, she insists he’s the man for her,” says Mark. “She says he can’t marry Tricia because he should be with her.”

Marlon is furious, but he won’t let Steph stand in his way.
Things get bad for poor Tricia, too, when she hurts her neck after Latisha gets some chewing gum stuck in Tricia’s hair.

As Marlon and best man Paddy wait nervously for the bride, Tricia’s in a neck brace, with her mother insisting she go to hospital.

And with Steph still smarting over Marlon’s rejection, will she ruin everything, or will the happy couple’s love conquer all?

Also this week:

  • Viv gets her wish when she is called in to replace Angie in the calendar shoot.
  • Pregnant Zoe tests negative for HIV. But the village gossips think it’s Charity who is expecting and Scott gets scared when the truth starts to come out
  • Tension grows between Gloria and Glynis as they fight over who controls Pollard’s political campaign.

The Current Emmerdale Cast

30 Years Of Emmerdale (Weds, ITV1) goes behind the scenes and celebrates the soap’s history. 

Marlon and Tricia’s wedding will be the 36th in Emmerdale’s history, but the show began with a funeral on its debut on October 16, 1972.

Farmer Jacob Sugden died of pneumonia, leaving his brave widow Annie to look after the family.

Prodigal son Jack came back to run the farm and he is still there to this day, although he is now played by a different actor, as Clive Hornby took over from Andrew Burt in 1980.

Over the years, the countryside has certainly been a dangerous place, with 51 deaths, including eight murders and two suicides.

Poor Sharon Crossthwaite was strangled while the show was only a few months old. Denis Rigg was killed by a bull and three people were shot dead in the bungled raid on the post office in 1994.

Headmistress Miss Strickland was killed by joyrider Marc Reynolds and his pals in 2001.

Some families were extra unlucky. Dave Glover died following a rescue of his lover Kim Tate’s baby from a fire in 1996, and a year later his sister Linda perished after a car crash caused by the drunken Lord Oakwell.

Rachel Hughes was pushed off a cliff by crazy teacher Graham Clark in 1999. Then Graham himself plunged off a different cliff nine months later.

Today, the countryside soap is a prime-time hit, often getting 10million viewers.

But it began as a twice-weekly daytime show with characters such as farmhand Matt Skilbeck, who was so dull he was often upstaged by the sheep.

It was given just three months to prove itself, but it caught on and gradually the show was made racier
as younger characters were introduced and sex and drugs and infidelity hit the Dales.

The serial has always been open to change. It began life as Emmerdale Farm, but the ‘Farm’ was dropped in 1989 to reflect the focus on village life rather than the Sugdens’ home.

And in 1993, an aeroplane dropped from the sky to clear away some of the worn-out characters in a horrific crash sequence.

Its longest surviving character Seth Armstrong can get through 24 woolly hats a year, with most of the old hats donated to charity.

And the rest of TV takes its hat off to Emmerdale this week - happy anniversary! 

12th October 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


The Titch and Quackers of Emmerdale - Marlon and Tricia - get married this week, though Tricia's dreadful mother (how on earth did posh Alan sire someone so mouthy and common?) almost puts the kibosh on the whole thing when she makes her intentions towards Marlon spectacularly clear.

And there is also a plot to hold the wedding cake hostage, but doubtless this is what passes for a good time in Emmerdale.

1Daily Record 1 DRAMA IN THE DALE

Oct 12 2002

Thirty Years Of Emmerdale ITV, 8.30pm

AS the nation's favourite rural soap celebrates 30 years on our screens this month, this programme marks the occasion with a tribute.

The show recalls the sizzling storylines that have kept the soap's 10 million strong audience gripped over a mammoth 3288 episodes, and introduces the characters past and present who have endeared us to the soap.

It reminds viewers that in the early days, if the cast weren't sitting around Annie's table eating breakfast, they were spending their days milking cows, shearing sheep or plucking geese.

Fond memories, but they soon made way for sex, intrigue and action, with blockbusting storylines that have had audiences of up to 16 million tuning in.

Among the many highlights is the story of Graham Clark.

He was a quiet schoolteacher turned serial killer who rocked the village in 1999 when he bumped off Rachel, then later tried to drive Kathy over the cliff, before ending up at the bottom of it himself.

Then there's the endearing love story of Edna and Batley the dog which ended in tears earlier this year when Batley had to be put to sleep. Actress Shirley Stelfox reveals it wasn't just the viewers who reached for the hankies during that storyline.

A plane crash in 1994 changed the face of the former village of Beckindale forever.

The village name was changed to Emmerdale, and viewers tuned in to a special effects spectacular and a stunning example of how the soap says goodbye to its favourite characters.

In 2000, a barnfire killed Sarah Sugden. Actress Alyson Spiro speaks about what things were like in the heat of the moment.

Butch Dingle's involvement in a bus crash in 2000 sent shock waves through the hearts of soap fans. Actor Paul Loughran reveals he had a little extra help playing his deathbed scenes with Emily (Kate McGregor), courtesy of his leaving party the night before.

Essential viewing for any Emmerdale aficionados out there.

The Men Who

Wiped Out Billions

BBC2, 7.30pm

THE programme reports on a massive scandal which has already wiped out £3billion in savings.

Heavily promoted by some of the best-known names in British finance, the investments at the heart of this scandal were aimed at cautious kind of investor - people who are uncomfortable with the stock markets.

These so-called Zero investments promised safe, predictable, above-average returns with minimal risk to investors' money - a far better deal, promoters insisted, than a bank or building society could offer.

With this low-risk message, Zeros were easy to sell. But when stock markets faltered, a nasty secret was revealed.

Far from being low risk, many of these Zeros began to collapse and investors were shocked as their savings evaporated.

What Not To Wear

BBC2, 8.30pm

TRINNY and Susannah give fashion misfits a much needed makeover.

This week's target is unusual for two reasons. First of all he is a man, and secondly, his wife, Maria, appeared in the first series of the show after he nominated her.

Sweet revenge, perhaps?

Matthew is a curtain and blind-fitter from Surrey. The only problem is that since Maria opened her wardrobe to Trinny and Susannah, she has noticed that Matthew has a fashion deficiency and has ordered a swift course of posh style supplements.

Trinny and Susannah duly oblige, with a view to creating a What Not To Wear first, for man and wife, a union in high street chic.

Will it be a match made in heaven or will there be marital unrest over Matthew's stylish makeover?

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1Daily Record 1 LIVE AND KICKING

Oct 12 200


Celebrity Fit Club

ITV, 8.30pm

EIGHT celebrities continue their quest to get fit and lose pounds for charity.

Weighing in at Fit Club are MP Ann Widdecombe, Pop Idol finalist Rik Waller, gardening guru Tommy Walsh, Kay Purcell from Emmerdale, former weatherman Ian McCaskill, soap star Nicola Duffett (Family Affairs), TV presenter Coleen Nolan and DJ Jono Coleman.

In tonight's episode, the celebrities weigh in for the first time under the Fit Club regime.

Some are delighted with the results while others are visibly disappointed. The results hit Emmerdale actress Kay Purcell the hardest and she considers quitting Fit Club.

Meanwhile, soap actresses Nicola Duffett and Kay Purcell attend the National Soap Awards and succumb to temptation, while Rik Waller finally faces up to the truth about his weight.

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Oct 10 2002

Fat Friends (ITV, 9.00pm)

Hosting You've Been Framed isn't exactly a stretch of Lisa Riley's acting ability, nor was her stint in Emmerdale over- endowed with sterling thespian moments.

But she certainly proves her worth tonight as she takes centre stage in the latest episode of Fat Friends.

As criminally-shy Rebecca Patterson, she has only joined the slimming club because of pressure from her overbearing mother Norma.

Though she's in her 20s, Rebecca still lives at home with her overweight parents and agrees to become a slimmer for a quiet life.

Green-fingered Rebecca works at a local garden centre where her joy in life is co-worker Sean.

She's organised a visit from celebrity gardener Diarmuid Gavin (playing himself) and can't wait for the big day.

But a face from her past returns to bring back memories of horrific psychological bullying.

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Oct 10 2002

Show loses 1m viewers

Frances Traynor Exclusive

PRIME-TIME flop Fame Academy is fast becoming Lame Duck Academy.

The BBC's costly reality show lost almost a million viewers for Tuesday night's second show.

Now it is in danger of pulling EastEnders down with it.

Just 4.6million viewers tuned into last Friday's disastrous opening extravaganza and that figure had dropped to 3.7million by Tuesday.

EastEnders, which followed Fame Academy, felt the knock-on effect with only seven million viewers.

Fame Academy lost out to ITV's Emmerdale which had almost three times as many people watching.

Even the panned Chris Moyles Show on Five, which has struggled to make an impact, pulled in its best audience.

Around 700,000 tuned in to watch the DJ rather than the BBC's prized wannabes.

A Beeb insider said: "The top brass won't let EastEnders suffer because Fame Academy is a flop.

"Unless the show starts improving dramatically, it could be shunted from the slot."

Fame Academy, a mix of Big Brother and Popstars, is costing the BBC £4.5million.

It is a huge embarrassment to BBC bosses, who have devoted hours of prime- time over the next 10 weeks to the show.

There is also support programming on digital channels BBC Choice and CBBC, as well as an interactive website.

The dwindling audience figures come days after the academy's headmaster, ex-Radio Clyde DJ Richard Park, slammed the programme for its "prancy, cheesy" style and said: "We need to do it differently."

But a BBC spokesman said: "Fame Academy does not live or die by individual programmes, and we still feel strongly about its future success."

On Friday, three of the 12 pop wannabes holed up in a £35million London mansion face eviction.Viewers and fellow students will decide if they stay or go.

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Daily Record


Oct 12 2002

Soap watch

Merle Brown


SO, WE'VE been visiting the Dales for 30 years. Is that all? And to celebrate, we're getting a wedding horror story.

The (un)lucky bride and groom are Marlon and Tricia, and all sorts of things go wrong.

He snogs her mother the night before; vicar Ashley, mistakenly taken for Marlon by the blokes, gets kidnapped and deposited miles away on the stag night; and Tricia gets chewing gum in her hair and ends up wearing a neck brace down the aisle.

Oh, and they have to pay Mack and Syd beforehand and are skint. So the Dingle clan steal decorations for them from another wedding. It's riotous. As all soap weddings are.

Elsewhere in the Dales, Zoe, who can't remember how she got pregnant, decides an abortion is the only option, and goes horse riding with Charity. She doesn't care if she falls off, she doesn't want the baby anyway.

And please don't miss 30 Years Of Emmerdale, on Tuesday night - it will either make you laugh or cry. Relive wondrous moments, like Rachel's brown wig, worn when she was madly in love with insane Graham. Much more interesting than her murder.

Oh, and there's lots of stuff about the early days when people worked on the farm and everyone didn't just shag every day.

FOR a few nights only, Gary Lucy is back. Oh, my God, wait while I set my video recorder - not.

Yes, taking time out from running into shot in the ridiculous, but brilliant, Footballers' Wives, Mr Sleaze himself is back as Luke for mum and dad Morgan's second marriage - to each other. And Mandy is delighted.

Yes, his brother has full use of his legs and other important body parts - I said important, okay?

So, poor old Adam, even though managing to stand at the wedding, is relegated to the subs bench once more by the blond bint.

Zara ends up in a ridiculous bridesmaid's frock for the wedding of the year, and it all goes off smoothly.

There's the usual rubbish with Anna, this time getting annoyed at Max. She'd be better on her own, someone ought to tell her that. And there's those new blokes who are hunky, or something.

Oh, and look out for Luke getting all macho and fronting up to Scott. It's almost as good as Footballers' Wives, seriously. Oh, okay, I jest. It's not.

SHARON proposes to Tom, who says no. Well, he's a bit doubtful about the whole idea actually.

And Sharon, not in on the brain tumour secret, is distraught.

But Patrick tells her that Anthony knows what is wrong, so it won't be long before she's knocking at his door trying to find out. Poor Sharon. She's not got a lot of luck, has she?

But he was never right for her. His head was too long, I always thought.

Anyway, Little Mo is still all over the place because Trevor is playing mind games. Honestly, can we have the denouement to this story please, and get him out of here? Maybe he could take Sam the bam with him.

IS RAY dead. Well, it has seemed that way for ages, hasn't it? But maybe this week he really is.

Mike wishes his son was, as Josh causes more havoc in Brookie - this time dying the washing pink. Oh, the storylines, they just get better. I tell you, Brookside, keep this up and you will drive me to River City. Yes, that is how bad it is getting.

Maybe the reappearance of Lindsey Corkhill later in the year will make a difference. Something will have to, that's for sure. Emily is also preparing for her graduation. I didn't know they did courses in how to be a Scouse tart. She gets the St Tropez out to celebrate.

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1 1 Daily Record DEBATE

Oct 12 2002

We can't resist soap stars who lose the plot

Following the news that Brookside is facing the axe, we asked readers which soap storylines had them gripped. From affairs to shootings, they made compulsive viewing

The ups and downs of Den and Angie's Queen Vic reign - ST.

In EastEnders, both Phil's decline into alcoholism and his shooting - S Jnr.

Charlene marrying Scott in Neighbours. Not a dry eye in the house - VM.

Evil Trevor Jordache from Brookside. The sound of his voice had you hiding behind the couch - LQ, Glasgow.

I have hardly missed an episode of Brookie since it started. I will miss it. Crossroads has gone. They should axe River City.

The storyline that had me glued to my telly was on Brookside when they had the body- under-the-patio story - KB, Glasgow.

It's got to be the demise of Dirty Den in EastEnders. It had the nation gripped - CC, Glasgow.

I am devastated at the end of Brookside. I never miss any of the soaps. They fair brighten up my day - FC, Lanarkshire.

The incest between Nat and Georgia in Brookside was pretty shocking - J, Lanarkshire.

Luke's rape in Hollyoaks. Brilliantly dealt with - DB.

When Jimmy Corkhill was fighting with Grant Mitchell and the two of them got barred from the Rovers Return! - the Ayr Mad Squad.

In EastEnders, when Arthur stole the Christmas club money and was sent down. My hero - MD.

EastEnders when Grant plays the tape in the Vic of Sharon telling Michelle about her affair with Phil. The whole storyline was brilliant - PJ.

1986 Brookside - Who raped Sheila Grant.

The current storyline in The Bill about Superintendent Tom Chandler about to get his comeuppance for rape - Billy, Hamilton.

The Bill takes some beating at the moment - H. G, Wishaw.

I don't know about the best, but the worst was moaning Lisa's constant howling before she left EastEnders - Judie, Portobello.

Maxine Peacock's affair with dirty doc Matt Ramsden in Corrie was sensational. Poor Ashley's reaction when he found out reduced me to tears - K. Callaghan, Saltcoats.

Jack Sugden in jail in Emmerdale. They should have kept him in - Lorna, Edinburgh.

Mike Baldwin's affair with Deirdre in Corrie. The storyline lasted for years. In fact, I think Mike still holds a torch for her and her, him - JB, Glasgow.

Who shot JR in Dallas. The whole world was gripped - Celia, Lenzie.


Madonna and Guy Ritchie's new film has been slated - but what's the biggest movie turkey of all time?

TEXT US ON 07740 101101

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From The Sun 11/10/02

I'd rather be in Yorkshire

Emily Symons


EMMERDALE star Emily Symons has brought a touch of Aussie sex appeal to the northern soap.

But the gorgeous actress with sparking blue eyes, shock of white-blonde hair and a ready smile has a confession.

For Emily, once dizzy hairdresser Marilyn Fisher in Home And Away, hated the glamorous, beach-bound life of her former soap.

The 33-year-old says: “Most people think I’m mad because I left Sydney to come to cold Yorkshire where the warmest thing is the beer.

“But honestly, I wasn’t a very good beach babe. Shooting scenes on the beach meant there was a lot of sand and wind in my face.

“And for some reason Marilyn liked to run up and down the sand in her stilettoes so it was a big workout on the calves.

“At lunchtime the production crew all used to go surfing. Everyone surfs in Oz — but not me.

“I’m terrified of the sea. I got really badly dumped by a wave once and nearly drowned and I just hate it.

“The best thing about being in Emmerdale is the fact that we’re allowed to have winter at all.

“In Home And Away we weren’t allowed to show winter, so when it was cold we all had to wear summer clothes.

“I was always dressed in a tiny top and a postage stamp for a mini skirt, slowly turning purple from the cold.

“Here they give you coats and thermal underwear. I like getting up at the weekends, pulling on my wellies and going for a big stomp in the fields with my Labrador, Star.

“I’ve got a cottage in Yorkshire for weekdays when I’m filming and a cottage in Henley in Oxfordshire where I live at weekends.

“They’re both bang in the middle of the countryside and my Yorkshire place has two lovely log fires. It’s so cosy and warm.

“I love gardening and walking in the Dales. I don’t go to the gym — I hate gyms — so that’s the only exercise I get and I love it.”

It has been a good move professionally, too. Emily has been nominated as Best Newcomer for her role as barmaid Louise Appleton in Tuesday’s Sun-backed — National Television awards.

Louise Appleton dressed up for part night at Rovers.  It was a School themed Fancy Dress

As a child Emily dreamed of being an actress and her earliest memory is of her mum ferrying her to drama, dance and singing classes.

She was just 17 when she appeared in her first Australian TV series, Computer Ghosts.

In 1989 she joined Home And Away but she gave up playing Marilyn in 1990 when she met Brit Nick Lipscombe, a drummer.

They were married in Britain in 1992 but split three years later and disillusioned Emily returned to Oz.

She resolved to stay away from the limelight and started working in a hat shop until the Home And Away producers lured her back for a further four years.

Although Emily has been brightening up Emmerdale for just over a year, she arrived in Britain this time in 1999, when she fell for Southampton footballer Matt Le Tissier.

However, they soon split and Emily was faced with the prospect of going it alone in Britain, 12,000 miles from home. She is still single.

She moved to Chiswick in West London, near her actress pal Isla Fisher, who she had met on Home And Away.
Emily said: “We were both single and used to sit in my flat chain-smoking and watching telly.

“Isla was brilliant for me. She’d force me to go out.
“I really pushed myself to do things I’d never done before because I’m quite shy. There were lots of lonely bits but as time went on I got stronger and happier.”

It is hard to imagine livewire Emily as anything other than extrovert — she is constantly joking, throwing her arms about in dramatic illustration and widening her eyes in mock surprise.

But she insists that when she first broke up with Matt her confidence was at a low ebb and it has taken her years rather than months to get it back.

Landing the role of Louise certainly helped restore some of Emily’s old sparkle.

She had always been a fan of the soap and was delighted to build up her profile again.
From The Daily Star 10/10/02

A crash decision

EMMERDALE chiefs have decided to interview sur- vivors of the plane crash which devastated the fic- tional soap village. The spoof documentary will mark the 10th anniversary of the disaster that gave producers the chance to revamp the set and bring in new characters. Programme chief John Whiston said: "It would be quite bold and exciting introducing a sort of show-within-a-show. It's the sort of thing that would happen in real life on the anniver-sary of such an event." The 1993 jet crash killed off many characters, including Mark Hughes, Elizabeth Feldmann, Archie Brooks and Leonard Kempinski. The disaster documentary will reach our screens some time next year.

Pure Soap Did You See

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Did You See... last week in Soap?
Last week's highs
Zoe's pregnancy. It's got to be the ultimate soap storyline; the immaculate conception of the schizophrenic lesbian vet.
Memory lapse
Except of course we all know there was nothing immaculate about that quick fumble with Scott in the back of the Range Rover. Now there's an odd couple if ever there was one &
Neighbours robbery. Steph's ex boyfriend Mitch went to visit her at work, and ended up snatching the till at gunpoint. That girl certainly knows how to pick 'em, doesn't she?
Tricky Dicky on the spot. Richard 'Killman' had some fast talking to do when his ex wife's pal Charlotte put him on the spot about Gail's bracelet. You could tell he was just wishing he had a spade handy &
Q: This week's lows?
A: Next page...
Ashley: Zoe, that's a lampshade not a hat!
© Yorkshire Television 2002

Media Guardian

Carlton and Granada in £2.5bn merger to halt ratings slump

New ITV plc plans to fight back against BBC and pay-TV firms

John Cassy, media business correspondent
Saturday October 12, 2002
The Guardian

Granada and Carlton, Britain's dominant commercial television broadcasters, yesterday unveiled a long-awaited £2.5bn merger to create a single ITV company in an effort to halt a big slump in ratings.

The agreement brings together the producer of Coronation Street, Pop Idol and Emmerdale, with the company behind Inspector Morse and Kavanagh QC to create a group employing 8,000 people.

Although viewers will notice little change, executives say the deal will help the merged group to fight back more effectively against a cash-rich, ratings-hungry BBC and stem the loss of viewers to the pay-TV world of satellite and cable.

The deal also consolidates the positions of Carlton's multimillionaire founder Michael Green and Granada's Charles Allen at the end of a year in which they have been vilified for a string of high-profile disasters, including the £1.2bn collapse of ITV Digital, yet have resisted calls for their resignations.

Mr Green will crown a long career in commercial TV by becoming chairman of the combined group, to be officially known as ITV plc. Mr Allen will assume the chief executive role and control of day to day operations. However, the two men have seldom seen eye to eye and industry observers are predicting a series of bust-ups.

"A single ITV is within sight," Mr Green said yesterday. "In a rapidly changing broadcast industry we need to combine to compete effectively. Delay is not in the interest of viewers, advertisers, stakeholders or the future of broadcasting."

Rival broadcasters including Channel 5, Channel 4 and BSkyB are expected to lobby hard against the deal. ITV plc will have a 52% share of the TV advertising market on which commercial broadcasters largely depend for revenues. Rivals fear they could abuse their dominant position.

A merger became inevitable after a litany of disasters. A fall in the share prices of both firms has wiped more than £2.5bn from their value since original merger talks were abandoned in February. The collapse of ITV Digital had cost them £1.4bn and much more in terms of reputation. The court battle with the Football League that followed - over £183m that the clubs claimed they were owed on a broadcasting rights deal - was defeated but it was a public relations disaster.

The final straw was ITV's failure to lure highly-rated Channel 5 boss Dawn Airey to become its new director of channels.

The government's communications bill proposes to clear the way for a single ITV company, but competition regulators are expected to scrutinise the deal, and the investigations could take up to nine months. Advertisers and Channel 4 have already expressed concern that the enlarged group would act anti-competitively.

"While advertisers can see some benefit, we have some very serious concerns over competitive effect on the airtime sales market," said Bob Wooton, the director of media and advertising sales at the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers.

"We will call for a competition inquiry. The only way broadcasters could head it off is if they talk to the media buyers and install safeguards beforehand."

Jobs will also have to be cut. City analysts estimate the creation of ITV plc could save around £30m in costs due to widespread duplication of offices and staff.

The nitty gritty of the merger deal is likely to take considerable management time and effort at a time when ITV cannot afford to take its eye off the battle it has with the BBC and BSkyB. Since 1992 ITV1's share of viewing has almost halved to 24%, according to the ratings body Barb.

Channel 5, Britain's youngest terrestrial channel, is grabbing a bigger share of advertising revenue, while BSkyB is taking audience - particularly the young, wealthy viewers attractive to advertisers - into the fast-growing world of multichannel television.

Mr Allen insists that ITV plc will be in a better position to fight back. "The proposed merger provides a clear route to a consolidated ITV. It would make ITV more competitive now, in an increasingly competitive market."

Media Guardian

BBC viewers find Fame Academy a turn-off

Julia Day
Friday October 11, 2002

The BBC's £4.5m Fame Academy is living up to its 'Lame Academy' nickname by limping along in its early evening slot with poor viewing figures.

Almost half the BBC1 audience switched over as soon as the Six O'Clock News ended and Fame Academy began at 7pm.

The reality talent show attracted just 3.6 million viewers, according to unofficial overnights.

Fame Academy's 18% audience share compared unfavourably with the 30% share achieved by the regional news that preceded it.

The viewing figures for ITV1's Emmerdale - a 9.1 million audience and 46% share - prove Fame Academy must try harder.

Channel 5 got a gold star for screening Keanu Reeves' high quality sci-fi thriller, The Matrix, at 9pm.

The movie attracted 3.4 million viewers and a 20% audience share. This was enough to rival The Vicar of Dibley on BBC1, which had a 24% share.

However, ITV1's 9pm drama Fat Friends beat the opposition as 6.6 million people (31% of the audience) tuned in to watch the latest trials and tribulations of the diet club members.

Not content with producing TV shows such as Big Brother and Changing Rooms, Peter Bazalgette popped up on Channel 5 to present a programme about the achievements of his great, great grandfather.

Sir Joseph Bazalgette was the civil engineer who designed London's sewer system and helped end the capital's cholera and typhoid epidemic.

A respectable 1.5 million viewers (a 6% share) tuned in to The Great Stink at 8pm to find out more about the Bazalgette family's obsession with sewage.

07.10.2002: BBC defends Fame Academy
09.10.2002: Fame Academy loses a million viewers
07.10.2002: Fame Academy is ratings flop

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Behind the scenes
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MediaGuardian special reports
Reality TV

Fame Academy still a ratings flop

Fame Academy has lost another million viewers according to unofficial overnight figures.

The first episode of the show attracted 4.6 million people - little more than BBC2's Gardener's World.

But last night's edition, when the students were told who would have to Sing For Survival, had just 3.7 million viewers.

Over 9 million people were watching ITV1's Emmerdale at the same time.

Meanwhile online bookmakers Blue Square have made Nigel their 6/5 favourite to be voted out this week. Ashley is being quoted at odds of 7/4 and Pippa is 4/1.


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12:08 Monday 7th October 2002

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BBC Pure Soap 10th October 2002

I'm no beach babe - Emily

Emily Symons
Emmerdale and Home and Away star Emily Symons has revealed the real reason she was so willing to leave Summer Bay - she doesn't really like the beach.
The star, who has been nominated for the best newcomer prize at Tuesday's British Television Awards, told The Sun: "Most people think I'm mad because I left Sydney to come to cold Yorkshire where the warmest thing is the beer.
"But honestly I wasn't a very good beach babe. Shooting scenes on the beach meant there was a lot of sand and wind in my face."
Emily, who plays Louise Appleton - co-owner of the Woolpack - was more than happy to swap surfing for walks in the Yorkshire Dales with her labrador Star.
And she says wellies make a pleasant change from her Home and Away character loopy Marilyn Fisher's trademark high heels.
"In Home and Away we weren't allowed to show winter, so when it was cold we all had to wear summer clothes," she said.
"I was always dressed in a tiny top and a postage stamp for a miniskirt, slowly turning purple from the cold.
"Here they give you coats and thermal underwear."



TELETEXT DIARY: 8th/9th October 2002

 If Lance Parkin's weighty tome on
Emmerdale's 30th anniversary is a bit
pricey, try The Little Book of

 It also weighs a few pounds less,
and is written by the gloriously
named Fintan O'Higins.

 It contains a wide selection of
potted Emmerdale biographies from
Jack Sugden to Laurel @otts. And as
a bonus, there are even some classic
quotes from characters in the long-
running soap.
``````````` by Phil Penfold ``````5/8``
`````````` / EMMERDALE ````````````````

 The Emmerdale producers were more
than happy to give away a few trade
secrets at the show's recent 30th
birthday celebrations.

 For instance, all the houses in the
village have chimneys fitted with
small smoke machines. They are turned
on and off by the flick of a switch.

 Some of the properties have also been
sprayed with yoghurt and manure to
encourage lichen to grow quickly on
the exteriors. Front door steps have
been ground down to look older.
`````````` / EMMERDALE ````````````````

 Another Emmerdale book is on the
shelves, supporting the Anthony Nolan
Trust, which fights leukaemia.

 In Boris And The Emmerdale Bus,
priced at #3.99, Boris the loveable
Clydesdale horse outwits Eric
Pollard who is caught thieving and
sentenced to muck out the stables.

 "I hope it raises awareness for this
marvellous charity, said Chris
Chittell, who plays Eric. "I was
bowled over when they wrote me into
the plot, it's a great honour."
Win an Emmerdale video 128

 The days when Annie Sugden's was the
only important farm in Beckindale are
long gone on its 30th anniversary.

 I can think of at least 10 in the
area including Keller Bottom, Ridge
Farm and Winslow's.

 "Everything is carefully documented
and given a history," said an
Emmerdale archivist.

 "All the places in it have a history
and Emmerdale is very much a living,
breathing entity."
Win an Emmerdale video 128

Pure Soap: 9th October 2002

Sugdens bond "like real family"
Teenage Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy Sugden, says that his screen father Jack (Clive Hornby) treats him almost as another son.

Kelvin arrived on the show six years ago as a nervous 12-year-old but Clive took him under his wing.
Now he is even following in Clive's footsteps romantically. His real-life girlfriend Sammy Winward plays his screen love Katie Addyman - rather like Clive, who went on to marry Helen Weir who played his wife Pat.

Kelvin told Inside Soap: "I look up to him as a real dad, we have a good bond.

"Clive has got a son who is about the same age as me so he knows what it's like."
He added: "He's always there to give me tips and hints which is great because I am still young and still learning."


Pure Soap 8th Oct 02: Football wife Sheree's "normal Life"

Sheree Murphy & husband

Emmerdale actress Sheree Murphy may be married to a premiership star but she says her life is a far cry from those portrayed on ITV1's Footballers' Wives.

Sheree, who plays the Woolpack barmaid Tricia Stokes, married Leeds United midfielder Harry Kewell in July and is a regular at matches. But she says life as a footballer's wife is not quite as glitzy as some might assume.

"I loved Footballers' Wives but it was completely different to my lifestyle. It would be great to live like that - well, maybe," she says.

"Life at Leeds United is not like that at all. Maybe it might be a bit more glamorous at some of the bigger clubs. But everyone at Leeds is really down to earth.

"You don't have to dress up to go and watch the football. You can go in just your jeans and trainers. I go to all the home games. I used to go to all the away ones too but I can't really take Taylor.

"I don't even get people batting an eyelid when I turn up at the ground. I sit with all the season ticket holders and they have seen me there for the last four years.

"It's good sitting out in the crowd and there is a great atmosphere. I'd hate to be stuck in a director's box.

"All the girls have their own jobs and lives unlike the characters in the TV show. They are all pretty independent. It has taken me a long time as an actress to get where I am. I have my own identity and would like to keep it."

Pure Soap 8th Oct 02:

Tricia 'braced' herself for the big day.
Tricia 'braced' herself for the big day.
© Yorkshire Television 2002


Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale
14 Oct - 28 Oct: it shall come to pass
Well aisle be!
Marlon and Tricia overcome all the obstacles and marry - aaaaah!
Zoe decides not to have an abortion. She wants the baby adopted.
Giz a ring!

And with my crystal ball on overtime…
Angie lets Syd seduce her - eventually. But she strings him along first.
Steph moves in with Nicola as her lodger.
Katie and Andy are desperate for some privacy.
And Glynis ruins Pollard's political plans by outing their affair. Then Gloria takes over running for MP!

Ratings Update : Orange Today 9th October 2002

Fame Academy still a ratings flop

Fame Academy has lost another million viewers according to unofficial overnight figures.

The first episode of the show attracted 4.6 million people - little more than BBC2's Gardener's World.

But last night's edition, when the students were told who would have to Sing For Survival, had just 3.7 million viewers.

Over 9 million people were watching ITV1's Emmerdale at the same time.

Meanwhile online bookmakers Blue Square have made Nigel their 6/5 favourite to be voted out this week. Ashley is being quoted at odds of 7/4 and Pippa is 4/1.

Story filed: 12:31 Wednesday 9th October 2002

Fame Academy slides in ratings again
By Derek Robins

BBC1's much publicised Fame Academy has lost almost one million viewers.

Only 3.7m people saw Tuesday's show - less than one in five viewers - as it was crushed in the ratings by ITV1's Emmerdale which clocked up 9.5m.

A BBC spokesman remained upbeat about the series being a success.

He said: "We are not looking at individual shows. Fame Academy does not live or die by individual programmes and we still feel strongly about its future success."

The audience for Tuesday's show was 1m less than a Watchdog inquiry into clairvoyants in the same slot last week.

The debut episode of the talent show last Friday attracted only 4.6m but BBC bosses and Fame Academy "head" Richard Park have predicted better things.

Another episode goes out on Thursday at 7pm, but higher ratings are expected for the first student eviction on Friday at 8.30pm.


Media Guardian 7th October 2002: We're not EastEnders'

Emmerdale notches up 30 years of melodramatic existence on October 16, ignored by metropolitan trendies but loved by middle-aged northerners tolerant of its ludicrous storylines.

Steve Frost is 30 too, making him the youngest producer of the UK's third most popular soap. He is currently guiding the pride of Yorkshire Television - which attracts between 9-10 million viewers a night - through its latest extreme storyline, a "phantom" pregnancy for Emmerdale's mixed-up vet, Zoe. All the drama is played out against a purpose-built village in rural north Yorkshire where stone buildings are falsely aged using a coating of manure and yoghurt.

Frost has had a meteoric rise to power despite having no formal TV training. An English graduate from Cambridge, he enjoys American literature while Spanish playwright Lorca is his favourite. "I was very, very highbrow and extraordinarily elitist in my tastes at one time", he says.

However choosing popular television "never struck me as an odd thing to do. People talk about TV as something old. I still think it is the most immediate form of entertainment and mass communication. It fits with people's lives with no effort, not like logging onto the internet.

"I didn't set out to go into television, I was convinced at the time I was a writer. I came to London [in 1995] and to support this idea worked as a runner, then assistant director on pop videos. I never wrote anything."

But a friend worked on Sky One's football drama Dream Team and Frost was involved in two series before helping run a third as script editor. He also freelanced on episodes of Hollyoaks and Brookside.

Jane Hewland, who hired him, says, "He was a second assistant director which means booking the extras, calling the cast. He was a smart guy. I've fired more script editors than I've had hot dinners. If you can survive Dream Team you can do anything. He has a pretty populist touch."

Frost says: "Script editing means nitty gritty control. It was a surprise. But that's what I enjoyed. The great thing about soap as a producer is that it is much more in your hands than, say, a six-part drama series. There's a much more artistic input."

He saw an advert for the Emmerdale story editor - basically deputy producer- in the Guardian media section three years ago. Two months after he joined it went from three to five episodes a week. A year later producer Kieran Roberts left to ginger up Coronation Street.

Frost admits he had never really watched Emmerdale before getting the job. "It's the old London thing. I wish more people in London did; 7pm [when it begins] is a terrible time. One thing I did was to try to make a very high turnover drama on a [low] budget. There's no point trying to script things you can't achieve under those constraints. That discipline's essential for Emmerdale."

He has no specific agenda, only to keep a mass audience happy by not making too many clunky changes. "The mistake last year was to have too many young storylines, it left older people feeling they had been ignored," he admits. Notably a hit and run story, in which a group of children ran over the headmistress. "It was too specifically targeted." There was also Soap stars, the failed bid to copy Popstars, which led to a cast revolt.

"A lot of the time Emmerdale is tongue in cheek. Storylines can be ludicrous. I sometimes get aggrieved that people want it to be hard-hitting - to tackle issues such as rape in marriage - which is not something we do. Emmerdale is not EastEnders. We'd tell any story, use the same raw material, but not without bringing a touch of humour, a salutary ending."

Does he have bigger aspirations? "I hope one day to make a Boys from the Blackstuff, a Cracker ... they were so much fresher than the stuff around today.

"The writing in other dramas is often execrable - Ultimate Force, for instance. That's not what I want to be making. And it annoys me when just because something is an hour long it is credited with greater artistry and substance than soap.

"I love the management of a very unruly thing. The only thing which is hard is when people feel they are not being provided with decent storylines. People come and knock on your door. They all want to be at the top of the big story. A fallow period must be highly frustrating.

"Unfortunately, many see soap as a breaking ground for drama. But it's not a first job. There's no space for getting it wrong. It's tough to learn it on the job. It's on screen before you have chance to ask, 'Is that the way to do it?'"

Then Frost smiles: "If it's not the best thing you've ever done, it's quickly forgotten. You have another chance."

1Daily Record


Oct 5 2002

Soap watch

Merle Brown


IT JUST gets worse. Zoe is pregnant. And she thinks she was raped. And she's a lesbian. How could this have happened?

Well, I will tell you. Avid Emmerdale fans will know that around five months ago - and Ms Tate is 20 weeks gone when she finds out - just as she was beginning her journey to la- la land, Zoe got steaming drunk and had sex with Scott. So the baby's his, end of story.

But of course it won't be, it'll go on and on, and on and on.

Babies are on young Katie's mind this week too, as she finally breaks down when she sees Andy selling the pram. It all comes flooding out, but the young lovebirds decide to get married and, well, all's well that ends well then. For now...

All is not well with Marlon, who is being felt up by Steph at every opportunity. Now he knows Tricia has fallen out with her mum in the past because of her tendency to try and steal her daughter's boyfriend, Marlon just doesn't know what to do.

He does know what he doesn't want to do though, and that's get any closer to Steph. Yeuch.

And Viv is still trying to get in to the nude calendar. Oh dear...


Daily Record Celebrity Profile

SHE'S the roly-poly TV star who turned her back on the Yorkshire Dales to get her teeth into the meaty role of a bullied slimmer in ITV drama Fat Friends. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on Lisa Riley.

The big lass who walked around Emmerdale in Lycra mini-skirts and high heels?

The very one. As Mandy Dingle, Lisa brought a little bit of colour to the farming community and raised a few eyebrows among the locals with her questionable dress sense. After six years on the soap she decided to head for pastures new.

Very droll. So what field, ahem, of work did she go into?

Lancashire lass Lisa's made something of a career for herself laughing at other people's misfortunes and barmy pet pranks on You've Been Framed as well as turning her attentions towards drama.

Soap star made good then?

Lisa's had the odd TV drama role here and there but her latest project, Fat Friends, has been the biggest departure of all. In a bold move, she's shed her bubbly image to become a lank- haired misery-guts as bullied slimmer Rebecca Watson.

No more Lycra for her then?

Perish the thought. Rebecca's more of a glasses-wearing, woolly jumper sort of woman rather than a mouthy man- eater like Mandy Dingle.

Does Lisa live to count calories?

For a long time, Lisa didn't let her size 20 figure bother her but, after a number of health scares in her family, doctors advised the Riley clan to lose weight together.

Has she ditched Mars Bars for aerobics?

It seems so. She's hired a personal trainer and shed two stones.

Fat Friends, Thursday, ITV, 9.00pm

5th October 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


Charmingly, this week there's another engagement on the cards, as Andy goes down on one knee to Katie. This cheers her up no end after her miscarriage, and soon the happy fiancés are buzzing around town making plans for the big day. In one of those happy coincidences that abound in soap, Andy gives Katie his grandmother's engagement ring; eagle-eyed soap addicts will note that Jamie in EastEnders recycles Ethel's ring when proposing to Sonia. Bad news for soap jewellers, if there are any.

But for every joy, there's always a shedload of misery, and it's dumped (yet again) on Zoë. Zoë is a fragile little flower, so an unexpected pregnancy isn't what this doctor would have ordered. Trust the scriptwriters to take it just that little bit further, though, by plunging Zoë into an episode of mental illness that leads her to believe that (a) the "thing" growing inside her is a demon, or (b) she's experienced an immaculate conception. It's a Yorkshire rewrite of Rosemary's Baby, with blasphemous overtones, which has to be a first.

5th October 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Charity tries to comfort Zoe


Weekdays  ITV

LESBIAN vet Zoe is horrified to discover that she is pregnant.

She is upset by a sequence of anxiety attacks, and fears her illness could be returning.

But when she goes for a check-up at the clinic, she is told that she is pregnant. Zoe is shocked.

A scan later reveals that she is at least 20 weeks gone and Zoe decides an abortion is the only answer.

“It’s shattering,” says Leah Bracknell, who plays the troubled Miss Tate.

“And it comes as such a horrendous surprise after everything else she has been through. She can’t believe it.”

Before she discovers the shocking truth, Zoe thinks she’s having a relapse. “She feels she has something moving inside her and is convinced it’s a demon,” says Leah.

“When she opens up to Chris and Charity, they persuade her to visit the clinic. Zoe is terrified that history is repeating itself.”

But next day the diagnosis is much more down to earth. After a thorough check, a doctor tells Zoe she’s pregnant.

“Zoe claims it is impossible,” says Leah. “Chris and Charity are both shocked as well. Chris can’t accept that she would not have known, and the doctor explains that she could
have mistaken the symptoms because of her medication.

“Chris makes a comment about a virgin birth, and Charity hardly makes her feel better by suggesting Zoe might have been raped and says she should be tested to see if she has contracted any disease.

“It all makes Zoe feel much worse. Charity finds her in the kitchen just as she is considering taking an overdose of her medication, thinking it will cause her to miscarry. Charity takes charge and stops her.

“Zoe is grateful but she is not thinking straight. She admits to Chris that she has always wanted to have a baby but now she is so confused.”

Chris is convinced Zoe was made pregnant at the clinic and wants to take legal action, but Charity takes Zoe for a scan. They discover Zoe got pregnant five months ago.

“But Zoe decides she can’t bear to have the baby,” says Leah. “She tells Charity and Chris straight. She wants to
have an abortion.”

There’s finally a happy ending for Emmerdale’s very own Romeo and Juliet when Andy asks Katie to marry him.

Katie is delighted to accept, and their fathers Jack and Brian give them their blessing - though Brian warns Andy he must always look after Katie.

“Katie is over the moon,” says young actress Sammy Winward, who plays the pretty schoolgirl.

“She really does love Andy and at last she seems to be dealing with her feelings over her miscarriage.”

But the beginning of the week is traumatic for Katie. She bursts into tears in the middle of a game of rounders, when she sees Andy selling their pram.

“Katie’s bottled up all her emotions since she lost the baby,” says Sammy. “It is just her way of dealing with it.

“But the sight of Andy getting rid of the pram really gets to her. They are playing rounders and when she misses an easy catch, Robert yells at her. Then the tears start.”

Andy rushes to her side and orders the others to give them some space. He sees she is really upset.

“Then it all comes tumbling out,” says Sammy. “Katie sobs her heart out as she tells Andy how she really feels about losing the baby.

“Andy is terrific. He is really gentle and helps her to accept her grief.

“Events have pushed them apart for a while, but in a few moments they’re close again. Only they know how they feel.”

Katie takes a few days off school to spend some time with Andy, and as they walk by the river and talk about the baby, Katie accepts that she was not ready to start a family.

“She jokes that they should have eloped,” says Sammy. “And Andy tells her he couldn’t imagine loving anyone else. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him.

“Katie’s stunned, but delighted. It feels so right.”
Jack and Brian have to agree the couple are obviously in love so they give their blessing.

Jack gives Andy his gran’s engagement ring to give to Katie, and Brian plants a rose bush as a memorial to the baby.

Also this week:

  • Marlon feels awkward as Steph and Tricia kiss and make up. And the Dingles plan a wild stag night for Marlon.
  • Louise attracts a secret admirer.
  • Syd gets advice from Marc and pretends to be a keen biker as he chases after Angie.





Oct 4 2002

Rick Fulton Exclusive

Daily Record

Gorgeous Emmerdale barmaid Sheree Murphy is ready to quit the soap at the end of the year.

Producers feared the actress, who plays Tricia Stokes, would leave the popular show last year after the birth of her son Taylor Jay, but she came back.

However, as Tricia prepares to marry Marlon Dingle on the soap's 30th birthday at the end of this month, Sheree has delivered the bombshell which will send shockwaves through the Dale.

Sheree's contract is up in December and she says: "I'd love to leave and try something else.

"You don't know if Tricia and Marlon are going to live happily ever after or not, do you?

"I hope they're going to keep Tricia and Marlon together, but you never know what will happen."

Sheree, 27, who is married to Leeds United hunk Harry Kewell, wants to exit the soap to do more heavyweight material.

She reveals: "I've always loved period dramas. They don't make so many nowadays, but I hope that if they do one, I'll be involved.

"I'd like to do a Victorian drama or something like that - anything that involved wearing a corset."

That would make a big change from the revealing outfits and skimpy tops that she dons as the Woolpack's Tricia.

Sheree smiles: "I love clothes, but I like to keep away from the styles that you see me wearing in Emmerdale when I'm off the show.

"Tricia wears those sort of tops that are perfect for pulling pints. But I'd never wear anything like that in real-life."

Sheree also has her own taste in drinks when she's not pouring pints in the Woolpack. She reveals: "I love a good red wine, or a half-a-Guinness when Harry and I go for a pub lunch near where we live."

The couple wed last May, and like to watch each other at work. Sheree laughs: "Harry always watches me on Emmerdale. He will ask if I'm in an episode before he switches the telly on, but if I'm not in it, he'll go away and do something else. I think he gets bored with it."

Sheree is proud of her husband and is a regular at Leeds' Elland Road ground. She beams: "I love going to watch him play. It's hard for me to get to the away games, but I go to every home game that I can."

Of course, she could travel away from home when she is not tied down to Emmerdale - and Sheree already knows exactly how she wants to exit the soap that has made her famous.

She wants to follow the lead of Malandra Burrows, who played Kathy Glover in Emmerdale until last year, when Marti Pellow sang goodbye to her character.

Meeting the former Wet Wet Wet heart-throb is one of Sheree's top memories of her time in the soap.

She says: "I had one of the first scenes with him. I was very, very nervous - and I think he was just as nervous as me.

"But he was a lovely, charming man. He had to sing the song over and over again - and he sang it crystal-clear every time."

She laughs: "I'd really love for someone like Marti to sing to me when I leave, but I'll probably just go for a bus up the road!

The Sun Online: PICK OF THE DAY - What to watch tonight
(3rd October 2002)

Emmerdale (ITV1, 7pm)

Even though Marlon is not the sharpest knife in the box, even he can tell whenhe has beenhit on.

Mother-in-law-to-be Steph kisses his cheek but the way she grips his arm and stares longingly into his eyes tells him she wants to get to know him a whole lot more. Oo-er!

Teletext Diary 2nd/3rd October 2002

So what does the autumn hold for Emmerdale? Quite a few surprises, by all accounts.

Zoe Tate, played by Leah Bracknell, is going to have a bumpy ride as her illness returns, and she finds herself pregnant. And she hasn't got a clue who the father is.

Woolpack landlady Louise (Emily Symons) is going to become the victim of an unwanted admirer, and soon to depart WPC Angie Reynolds is going to exit in a dramatic storyline.
`````````` by Phil Penfold ```````5/8``

Lorraine Chase has revealed m re about last year's horrific car crash in which her ear was severed ant where she suffered major injuries

"There's no doubt about it, I'm lucky to be alive," she says. "It all happened in an instant, and I still have no idea why my car went off the road. It turned three times over and went down a 30-foot drop."

Miraculously, her only scars today are a tiny nick under her chin and a small line behind her ear.

Chris Chittell, who plays conniving Eric Pollard in Emmerdale, is taking a detached view of his character's political ambitions.

"I have a rather dim view of councillors and MPs I'm afraid," he says. "Most of them seem to be in it for themselves.

"I'm sure that a few of them are people who have the best intentions, but it seems to me that, instead of servhng the public, they often end up feathering their own nests."

The cast, crew and production team of Emmerdale breathed a hearty sigh of relief as the soap's birthday celebrations drew to a close.

Scores of the world's showbiz media writers, photographers and broadcasters descended on the set, just north of Leeds.

The weather stayed fair and warm. "We'd been dreading a bad forecast," said a show press officer. "But in the end it was one the best autumn days you could dream of."

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers
Published 1st October 2002

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale

7 Oct - 21 Oct: it shall come to pass

'You've taken biting your nails too far Katie!'
'You've taken biting your nails too far Katie!'
© Yorkshire Television 2002
Hand me down
Jack gives Andy his grandma's wedding ring after the youngster proposes to Katie.
A happy ending ahead? Not on your life!
Also showing in my crystal ball &
It's Tricia and Marlon's wedding day. But hold that confetti! Potential disaster zones ahead include &
Marlon's ratted on his stag night and is set up with a stripper! He accidentally snogs his mother-in-law-to-be!
The wedding cake's held hostage!
And Tricia gets chewing gum stuck in her hair before her big day!


29th September 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper


Weekdays  ITV

MARLON is mortified when his future mother-in-law Steph makes a pass at him.

But just as he’s about to tell Tricia, she confides in Marlon that her rift with her mother was caused by Steph sleeping with one of her previous boyfriends.

“Marlon is horrified,” says Mark Charnock, who plays him. “He can’t tell Tricia history might be repeating itself.”

Marlon wants his wedding to be perfect. But he and Tricia are still getting hassled by Mack over the bill for the renovations to Edith’s house.

Tricia tries to get Marlon to concentrate on the wedding fair, where she wants to choose their outfits for their big day.

But she’s upset when they see an estate agent showing buyers around the house they had thought would be their new home.

Marlon comforts Tricia, and Steph is clearly impressed by her daughter’s man. Later, at the wedding fair, Steph drools over how handsome Marlon will look in his wedding suit.

“He is embarrassed but he doesn’t think too much of it,” says Mark.

“He’s more interested in a fabulous wedding dress that Tricia falls for. He secretly buys the dress, though it’s very expensive. Tricia is delighted - and Steph seems very impressed.”

“She then gives Marlon a kiss on the cheek. It takes him by surprise, and then she gazes into his eyes and touches him on the arm. It’s clear to Marlon what Steph is thinking and his blood runs cold. She is making a pass at him.”

Poor Marlon agonises over what to do. And next day he’s even more upset when Steph gives him a little squeeze when Tricia isn’t looking.

“Marlon is stunned,” says Mark. “After all he and Tricia have been through, he doesn’t want anything to get in the way of the wedding.

“He confides in Bob that he intends to tell Tricia. Bob advises him not to - but before Marlon can blurt it out, Tricia confesses that the reason she fell out with her mother was because Steph slept with her boyfriend.

“Marlon starts to see how dangerous Steph can be. He says nothing to Tricia, but he’s petrified Steph won’t leave him alone.”

Guilt-ridden Eric Pollard admits his affair with Glynis to his wife Gloria. Distraught, Gloria lays into him and slaps him across the face. But next day, Pollard is stunned as Gloria calmly tells him to carry on seeing Glynis.

“It’s a total shocker,” says Chris Chittell, who plays the oily would-be MP.

“Pollard is trying to be honest for once. He really loves Gloria and doesn’t want to lose her.”

Glynis is becoming increasingly demanding as Pollard’s campaign to be the new MP gathers pace. But after another energetic session with her, Pollard has had enough. He tells Gloria that he’s pulling out of the campaign, and confesses
his fling.

“Gloria is really upset,” says Chris. “She hits him and hurls things at him in the office.

“Pollard pleads with her to forgive him. He’s gutted when she walks off and leaves.

“But next day she shocks him by saying she wants him to continue to see Glynis until they can find a way out of the mess. She warns him to be convincing with his lover.

“Gloria doesn’t seem upset then, but she’s hurting inside. Her reaction stuns Pollard and it isn’t what he wants. At first, he refuses to even consider the idea but he has no choice.”

Pollard meets Glynis at a hotel and carries on their affair. When he returns home, he assures Gloria that Glynis suspects nothing.

“But Pollard feels awful,” says Chris. “Gloria may have ordered him to carry on, but he has no feelings for Glynis and he’s starting to hate himself.”

Also this week:

  • Cain sneers when Syd charms Angie into going for a drink.
  • Viv is furious when she isn’t picked to bare all for the calendar.
  • Rodney gives Danny a lesson in bargain hunting.
  • Chris and Zoe get closer despite all their problems, but she collapses at the end of the week.
  • Katie and Andy rebuild their relationship.


29th September 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


Eric Pollard, the Richard Nixon of Emmerdale, finds himself embroiled in a bizarre trap with the lubricious Glynis. His rather splendid wife Gloria finds out what's going on, but her reaction is not what you'd expect, mainly because she's as keen to further his political ambitions as he is.

And Marlon has plenty to worry about when Torrid Tricia's brassy mother starts showing a rather unhealthy interest in him. All three of them are going to a wedding fair, but Steph's eyes, and hands, wander.


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