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30th September 2002

Wedding wails in Emmerdale
By TV Plus reporters from www.teletext.co.uk

A gripping will they/won't they storyline has been planned for the 30th anniversary episode of Emmerdale.

Marlon and Tricia are set to walk down the aisle but so many things go wrong in the run up to the wedding that viewers will be left wondering if they will actually tie the knot.

The pair have been left penniless after forking out for building work at Edith's house, and then Tricia's mum Steph (Lorraine Chase) comes onto Marlon at his stag do.

"So many calamities take place that the odds are stacked against them," said a spokeswoman for the show. "At Marlon's stag do, the Dingles get him as drunk as possible.

"They bundle a man they think is Marlon into a van with a stripper and send him off to the countryside. But in the dark, they accidentally kidnap Ashley instead, so there's no vicar."

Then, after all that, Lorraine Chase also tries to put a spanner in the works.

Chase, who plays Steph, comes across a very drunk Marlon on his stag night and makes a pass at him. "Marlon harbours a secret now and is terrified to tell Trish," said a soap spokeswoman.

Just when you thought the big day would never arrive, Tricia gets chewing gum stuck in her hair, hurts her neck and has to wear a brace.

From BBC's Soap News 30th September...

'Emmerdale looks north

The Yorkshire Dales look set for an injection of Geordie humour as Emmerdale bosses launch a search for a new family to join the show.

Auditions are being held to cast a new "northern" family and it is thought that bosses are specifically interested in introducing a family from the North East of England.

But they are keeping their options open and searching right across the north of the country.

An Emmerdale spokesperson said: "We are planning to introduce a northern family.
"More specifically the North East is certainly an option, but it is still early days and the casting of the family is an ongoing process."

The show, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, is also set for a series of sensational storylines including a bid by Steph Stokes (Lorraine Chase) to get her hands on her future son-in-law Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock).'
29th September 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper


Weekdays  ITV

MARLON is mortified when his future mother-in-law Steph makes a pass at him.

But just as he’s about to tell Tricia, she confides in Marlon that her rift with her mother was caused by Steph sleeping with one of her previous boyfriends.

“Marlon is horrified,” says Mark Charnock, who plays him. “He can’t tell Tricia history might be repeating itself.”

Marlon wants his wedding to be perfect. But he and Tricia are still getting hassled by Mack over the bill for the renovations to Edith’s house.

Tricia tries to get Marlon to concentrate on the wedding fair, where she wants to choose their outfits for their big day.

But she’s upset when they see an estate agent showing buyers around the house they had thought would be their new home.

Marlon comforts Tricia, and Steph is clearly impressed by her daughter’s man. Later, at the wedding fair, Steph drools over how handsome Marlon will look in his wedding suit.

“He is embarrassed but he doesn’t think too much of it,” says Mark.

“He’s more interested in a fabulous wedding dress that Tricia falls for. He secretly buys the dress, though it’s very expensive. Tricia is delighted - and Steph seems very impressed.”

“She then gives Marlon a kiss on the cheek. It takes him by surprise, and then she gazes into his eyes and touches him on the arm. It’s clear to Marlon what Steph is thinking and his blood runs cold. She is making a pass at him.”

Poor Marlon agonises over what to do. And next day he’s even more upset when Steph gives him a little squeeze when Tricia isn’t looking.

“Marlon is stunned,” says Mark. “After all he and Tricia have been through, he doesn’t want anything to get in the way of the wedding.

“He confides in Bob that he intends to tell Tricia. Bob advises him not to - but before Marlon can blurt it out, Tricia confesses that the reason she fell out with her mother was because Steph slept with her boyfriend.

“Marlon starts to see how dangerous Steph can be. He says nothing to Tricia, but he’s petrified Steph won’t leave him alone.”

Guilt-ridden Eric Pollard admits his affair with Glynis to his wife Gloria. Distraught, Gloria lays into him and slaps him across the face. But next day, Pollard is stunned as Gloria calmly tells him to carry on seeing Glynis.

“It’s a total shocker,” says Chris Chittell, who plays the oily would-be MP.

“Pollard is trying to be honest for once. He really loves Gloria and doesn’t want to lose her.”

Glynis is becoming increasingly demanding as Pollard’s campaign to be the new MP gathers pace. But after another energetic session with her, Pollard has had enough. He tells Gloria that he’s pulling out of the campaign, and confesses
his fling.

“Gloria is really upset,” says Chris. “She hits him and hurls things at him in the office.

“Pollard pleads with her to forgive him. He’s gutted when she walks off and leaves.

“But next day she shocks him by saying she wants him to continue to see Glynis until they can find a way out of the mess. She warns him to be convincing with his lover.

“Gloria doesn’t seem upset then, but she’s hurting inside. Her reaction stuns Pollard and it isn’t what he wants. At first, he refuses to even consider the idea but he has no choice.”

Pollard meets Glynis at a hotel and carries on their affair. When he returns home, he assures Gloria that Glynis suspects nothing.

“But Pollard feels awful,” says Chris. “Gloria may have ordered him to carry on, but he has no feelings for Glynis and he’s starting to hate himself.”

Also this week:

  • Cain sneers when Syd charms Angie into going for a drink.
  • Viv is furious when she isn’t picked to bare all for the calendar.
  • Rodney gives Danny a lesson in bargain hunting.
  • Chris and Zoe get closer despite all their problems, but she collapses at the end of the week.
  • Katie and Andy rebuild their relationship.

29th September 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


Eric Pollard, the Richard Nixon of Emmerdale, finds himself embroiled in a bizarre trap with the lubricious Glynis. His rather splendid wife Gloria finds out what's going on, but her reaction is not what you'd expect, mainly because she's as keen to further his political ambitions as he is.

And Marlon has plenty to worry about when Torrid Tricia's brassy mother starts showing a rather unhealthy interest in him. All three of them are going to a wedding fair, but Steph's eyes, and hands, wander.

Teletext Diary 24th/25th September 2002

`````````` / EMMERDA E ````````````````

 If you wera being kind, you would describe Emmerdale's Kay Purcell ` who plays the soon-to-depart Cynthia Daggert ` as "plump".

 But she has `greed to be one of t`e team on new ITV1 fitness programme Celebrity Fit Club.

 In medical terms, Kay is obese. Her major weakness is a penchant for a tot of rum. Her aim is to be a size 16 and according to Harvey Walden, the show's fitness instructor, she has been doing quite well.

`````````` by Phil Penfold ```````5/8``

 Journalists were invited to Harewood Studios, outside Leeds on Tuesday for a special 30th birthday celebration.

 Around 100 hacks were treated to a champagne breakfast on the train from London. A banjo band kept the day swinging and there was ice cream for sale and a shooting range.

 Clive Hornby (Jack Sugden) spoke about life on set. TV Plus' Hannah Wright said: "It was surreal to mix with the cast as they ate ice cream and quaffed champers. But great fun."


 The 30th anniversary for Emmerdale is going to spawn a tidal wave of souvenirs.

 The most expensive of them all is a glossy Thirty Years Of EmmerDale book which will give you one penny change from £19 and is out from October 7.

 For six quid less is the Emmerdale video, narrated by Patrick Mower, who plays Rodney Blackstock. It includes over 90 minutes of clips from the past three decades. "Their sales potential is huge," says an insider.


 Is Tricia Stokes's mum in Emmerdale going to turn into a bit of a femme fatale?

 Marlon Ding|e certainly thinks so, when the lady gets a bit tactile with him in the coming weeks ` first giving him a pretty passionate kiss.

 Watch out next week for the revelation as to why the two Stokes ladies fell out in the first place. "Marlon ends up being VERY confused," reveals Mark Channock, who plays him. He's also has the prenuptial jitters.


Emmerdale's Zoe in baby shock
By Hannah Wright


Emmerdale's schizophrenac Zoe Tate will discover she is pregnant in a dramatic storyline to mark 30 years of t`e rural soap.

 Zoe, played by Leah Bracknell, is in for the shock of her life early next month when she fears a return of her illness.

 The vet is terrified when she feels something moving inside her. Convinced she is going mad she visits the doctor who pells her "the demon" she is carrying is a baby.

````````` http://www.teletext.co.uk `````1/3``

Zoe Tate's Emmerdale pregnancy will come as a bolt out of the blue, says actress Leah Bracknell who plays her.

 "She thought that possibly she was having a relapse," Leah told TV Plus. "The last thing she expected was for the doctor to say that her mental state is okay but she is pregnant.

 "She has no memory of conceiving so it is scary." Zoe was both ill and drunk when she became pregnant and has no idea who the father is.

````````` http://www.teletext.co.uk `````2/3``

Emmerdale favourite Zoe Tate has been in the soap for 13 years.

 "If you'd asked me 12 months ago what I would ha~e been doing I would not have predicted phe last year," Leah told TV Plus.

 "For me it is great that they keep Being in the programme for so long you get stuck in a rut but this has been the most extraordinary story." Leah, 38, wants to sign a one-year extension to her contract.

`````````http://www.teletext.co.uk `````3/3``

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers
Published 24th September 2002

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale 30 Sept - 14 Oct:
it shall come to pass

Pollard is braced for a slap
Pollard is braced for a slap
© Yorkshire Television 2002


Keeping Mum

Gloria is totally devastated by Pollard's betrayal with Glynis.

Tricia reveals the truth abour her mum - Steph pinched one of her boyfriends and now she's after Marlon.

Zoe's pregnant! A strange state for a lady lesbian.
But fans will know the daddy has to be Scott - they had a one-night stand months ago.
Andy proposes to Katie. And I even see their dads giving their blessing.

Viv's scheming to get on the nude charity calendar. (Oi, Viv - no!)

BBC Pure Soap: 24 September 2002

Baby shock for lesbian vet Zoe
Emmerdale's lesbian vet discovers she is pregnant in the soap's latest shock storyline.

Zoe Tate's descent into schizophrenia has kept audiences gripped over the past few months and her life is about to take another dramatic twist.

Viewers saw Zoe, played by Leah Bracknell, sleep with mechanic Ben Freeman a few weeks ago. But because of her mental illness, Zoe has no memory of it - so is stunned to find out she is expecting a baby.

An Emmerdale spokeswoman said: "Zoe is taken to hospital after a fainting fit and doctors tell her she's pregnant.

"She doesn't believe them and takes a pregnancy test of her own which confirms the news.
"It comes as a total shock because she can't remember sleeping with a man. She has no idea how it has happened and even thinks she may have been raped."

The storyline emerged as the Emmerdale cast celebrated the forthcoming 30th anniversary of the ITV1 soap.

Stars including Sheree Murphy, who plays Trisha, and Stan Richards, who plays Seth Armstrong, gathered at the set in the Yorkshire countryside to toast the show's success.

What began as sleepy rural soap Emmerdale Farm in 1972, has been transformed by a succession of racy storylines into one of ITV1's most popular programmes.

The show underwent a radical revamp in 1993 with a dramatic plane crash which wiped out half the cast and since then there has been murder, lesbianism and a teenage pregnancy.


LATEST NEWS AND GOSSIP http://www.teletext.co.uk
 Lisa Riley AKA Mandy Dingle
Riley all revved up but with nowhere to go
By Simon Holden

You've Been Framed presenter Lisa Riley has splashed out £27,000 on a Mercedes - that she cannot drive.

The former Emmerdale star, 26, has yet to pass her driving test and can only sit in the luxury motor and listen to CDs.

She said: "I paid £27,000 for the most spruced-up, brand new Mercedes, when I cannot drive it down the road.

"I've had 52 hours of driving lessons but failed my test the first time.

"It's got an amazing sound system so I just sit in it and listen to my CDs," said the actress, who currently stars in ITV1 drama Fat Friends.

"I am due to start another set of driving lessons this month."

A spokeswoman for Riley told TV Plus her mum was chauffeuring her around in the car until she passed her test.


BBC Pure Soap: MONDAY 23 September 2002

Star hails show's sexy new look

Emmerdale babe Danielle Henry says the show, which is marking its 30th anniversary, is now a far cry from its farm-centred origins.

Danielle who plays Latisha Daggert told All About Soap magazine: "It's nice to have a few younger faces, there never used to be sexy people in the cast.
"It was mostly sheep back in the old days!"

Danielle joined forces with fellow Emmerdale beauties Amy Nuttall (who plays Chloe Atkinson) and Sammy Winward (Katie Addyman) to pose as Charlie's Angels for the magazine highlighting the soap's sexy new image.

And the show is planning a saucy storyline involving a nude calendar which sets pulses racing in the Dales for the anniversary period.
Actress Deena Payne says her character Viv Hope is shocked not to come top when the villagers vote on who they would like to see in the church's nude calendar.

"She's terribly deflated to come in 14th place as that doesn't make it onto the 12-month calendar," Deena said.

"Viv demands a recount and then attempts to persuade Emily, Laurel and Tricia to drop out so that she can take their places."

22nd September 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Betty, Marlon, Ashley, Tricia and Elsie (Edith's sister) attend Edith's funeral.


Weekdays  ITV

POOR Andy is shattered by the death of his unborn baby and he is even more devastated when Katie does not seem to share his grief.

He breaks down in front of his dad, Jack, while Katie suppresses her emotions and gets on with her life.

“He thought the loss would unite them,” says Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy.

“But it seems to be driving them apart. Andy can’t understand how Katie can get over such a terrible thing so quickly - he is in pieces.”

Andy is surprised to see Katie being very down-to-earth and business-like about the miscarriage.

He confides in her father and Brian tells Andy that Katie is in shock. He tries to comfort Andy.

“But Andy is absolutely desolate,” says Kelvin. “He thinks back to how happy they were when they saw the scan and sits in his bedroom sobbing.

Jack tries to help him get over it, but losing the baby feels like the end of the world to Andy.”

And the next day he is horrified to discover that Katie has gone back to school already.

“Without really thinking, he goes to the school and causes a scene,” says Kelvin. “Katie is really annoyed and the rift between them opens.

“Andy just can’t understand why they can’t help each other through their terrible loss, but Katie accuses him of being selfish and demands that he give her some space.“

Andy turns to Ashley, who counsels the traumatised teenager that grief is a very personal emotion.

Katie suggests to Robert, Danny and Ollie that they get some booze and have some fun. But Andy is appalled to see her swigging cider and apparently enjoying herself.

“Katie doesn’t seem to feel the same as Andy at all,” says Kelvin. “She tells him to lighten up and even says that she can drink now she is not pregnant.

“Andy walks off in despair. He tells Brian about the drinking and that he can’t get close to Katie any more.

“Katie even starts work at the café which upsets Andy even more. But she tells him to back off.”

Latisha sees a split looming between Andy and Katie and hands out some no-nonsense advice to each of them.

“Andy apologises to Katie for getting so wound-up,” says Kelvin. “She accepts, but there is a gulf between them.

“It’s a really awful week for Andy. Not only has he lost his child, but now it looks as if he could be losing the woman he loves, too.”

Marlon and Tricia get a nasty shock when they discover their dream house belongs to someone else.

After the sadness of Edith’s funeral, they head for the home she left them - only to find her long-lost sister Elsie installed and insisting the house is hers.

Marlon and Tricia are horrified. They still owe Mack a small fortune for fixing up the place and now it looks as if they don’t own the house.

“It’s a nightmare,” says Sheree Murphy, who plays Tricia.
“One minute they are looking forward to a wonderful future together in their dream home, and the next it is all snatched away from them. It’s terrible.”

Tricia is already reeling from the size of Mack’s bill and the pressures of organising the funeral. The week opens with the house still the one good thing she and Marlon have to look forward to.

“Yet it should be the happiest time of their lives,” says Sheree. “Tricia starts looking at wedding dresses and, although her mother tells her to splash out, she knows she has to be careful with cash.

“But Tricia is upset when Seth and Turner seem to be taking over Edith’s funeral. Tricia is really stressed and says that no one would have met Edith again if it hadn’t been for her.”

With the church still not repaired, Ashley performs the funeral ceremony at the village hall, and Tricia and Marlon are surprised to meet Elsie, who introduces herself as Edith’s sister.

“Later, Tricia and Marlon take a stroll to their new house and see all the lights are on,” says Sheree.

“They can’t understand it. But when they find Elsie inside, she insists it is now her house.

“Marlon and Tricia try to explain that Edith left the house to them but she shoves them out and slams the door. It gets worse when the lawyer says that Elsie’s claim is convincing. Tricia is distraught.”

Also this week:

  • Zoe encourages Chris to take up horse-riding but he falls off.
  • Lisa’s deception is revealed when Belle makes her jump.
  • Pollard is seduced by Glynis again.
  • Ashley has more women than months for the calendar, so Seth organises a vote.
  • Syd and Mack have a bet on who can pull Angie.


22nd September 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


Soap & Flannel has had pause to ponder, over the years, the lady-killing appeal of Eric Pollard. Women launch themselves at him like flies at a headlight. This week yet another otherwise sentient female makes more overtures than Beethoven to this crinkly sex god. What on earth is going on?

Still, there is some good news this week, when Tricia faces a crushing disappointment.

BBC Pure Soap: FRIDAY 20 September 2002

Yours to keep: The Woolpack
Yours to keep: The Woolpack
The famous and very real Woolpack inn is to be sold at auction in October and is tipped to fetch half a million pounds.

The watering-hole has long served as the social centre for residents of the fictional town of Beckindale in the ITV soap.

And in real life, the 150-year-old stone-made and listed building sells real ale and good food in an "olde worlde" atmosphere.

"The Queen Vic, Rovers Return and The Woolpack are known to TV viewers across the world and we can safely say this is the only one of the three that will ever come up for sale," said Emma Johnson of auctioneers Eddisons.

The real Woolpack sits in the village of Esholt and lies six miles northwest of Leeds city centre.

"Esholt is a Mecca for thousands of Emmerdale fans from across the world every year and The Woolpack is the focus of attention for many of them," said Ms Johnson.

"The new owner stands to acquire not only a solid investment and major tourist attraction, but also a truly beautiful property."

The pub has been owned by a council since 1906 and was previously known as the Commercial Inn.
The auctioneer expects to beat the guide price of up to half a million pounds

19th September 2002


Kay looks forward to Emmerdale exit
By Hannah Wright

Kay Purcell who plays Cynthia Daggert
Kay Purcell: Looking ahead

Axed Emmerdale actress Kay Purcell has said she is now looking forward to leaving the soap after being given her marching orders.

TV chiefs gave all bar one of the Daggert clan the chop after deciding their characters were getting dull.

Purcell, 48, who plays feisty Cynthia, told TV Plus: "At first I felt really disappointed to be going but now I'm quite looking forward to it and to new pastures."

Purcell said TV chiefs were wrong to think the Daggert family could not be developed.

She says: "I didn't feel they had fully explored the character. When you're told 'we can't think of anything else to write' you feel a little miffed really. But that is the life of an actor."

Purcell is hoping her involvement in ITV1's Celebrity Fit Club will boost her flagging career.

"I don't know what will happen but this will keep me in the public eye.

"I'd really love to go and do a good piece of theatre, possibly London fringe or that kind of thing.

"I'm just waiting to see what happens. But I don't know if I'd do another soap. It's a completely different world."


19th September 2002


Emmerdale's Woolpack goes under the hammer
By Simon Holden

One of the most famous pubs in soapland could fetch up to £500,000 when it goes under the hammer next month.

The actual Woolpack Inn, which was used for 20 years by Emmerdale producers, is being auctioned off.

It will give the general public the chance to own the only real pub ever used in a British soap opera. It was abandoned by the show in 1998 when the set was moved to a purpose- built studio just outside Leeds.

You won't be guaranteed a frothy pint of Efram Monk ale, but the bidder who snaps up the Emmerdale pub at auction will get a true tourist trap.

The real Woolpack pub is a beautiful 150-year-old listed building in the centre of Esholt village near Leeds.

"The new owner stands to acquire a major tourist attraction," said a spokesman for auctioneers Eddisons.

Its seats have also been graced by the likes of Seth Armstrong.



Soap pub to go under the hammer

Fans of ITV's Emmerdale will have the chance to buy the soap's pub.

The Woolpack Inn is expected to make more than £500,000 in an auction in Leeds.

The pub in the West Yorkshire village of Esholt was used on-screen by the soap's producers for more than 20 years.

In 1996 a specially constructed set of the fictional town of Beckindale was built with a replica of the Woolpack.

Now the owners, Bradford City Council, have decided to sell the pub - the only real inn ever used in a British soap - after a shake-up of resources.

The pub is in the centre of the village and lies six miles north-west of Leeds city centre and three miles north of Bradford city centre.

Councillor Simon Cooke, deputy leader of Bradford council, said: "This sale is sure to attract a great deal of major interest."

Auctioneers Eddisons who will be dealing with the sale, believe competitive bidding may push the price higher than the £450,000 to £500,000 asking price.

"The Queen Vic, Rovers Return and Woolpack are known to TV viewers across the world and we can safely say this is only one of the three that will ever come up for sale," said Eddisons' assistant auctioneer Emma Johnson.

Licensees Brian and Jennifer Pickard will continue to run the pub, for which they have a further 21 years' lease. The new proprietor will own the building. The pub will be going under the hammer on Thursday, October 24.


19th September 2002 - Orange Today - News, Entertainment, Soaps

Soap pub to go under the hammer

Fans of ITV's Emmerdale will have the chance to buy the soap's pub.

The Woolpack Inn is expected to make more than £500,000 in an auction in Leeds.

The pub in the West Yorkshire village of Esholt was used on-screen by the soap's producers for more than 20 years.

In 1996 a specially constructed set of the fictional town of Beckindale was built with a replica of the Woolpack.

Now the owners, Bradford City Council, have decided to sell the pub - the only real inn ever used in a British soap - after a shake-up of resources.

The pub is in the centre of the village and lies six miles north-west of Leeds city centre and three miles north of Bradford city centre.

Councillor Simon Cooke, deputy leader of Bradford council, said: "This sale is sure to attract a great deal of major interest."

Auctioneers Eddisons who will be dealing with the sale, believe competitive bidding may push the price higher than the £450,000 to £500,000 asking price.

"The Queen Vic, Rovers Return and Woolpack are known to TV viewers across the world and we can safely say this is only one of the three that will ever come up for sale," said Eddisons' assistant auctioneer Emma Johnson.

Licensees Brian and Jennifer Pickard will continue to run the pub, for which they have a further 21 years' lease. The new proprietor will own the building. The pub will be going under the hammer on Thursday, October 24.

Story filed: 17:06 Thursday 19th September 2002

Teletext Diary 18th/19th September 2002

Des O'Connor and Melanie Sykes will host ITV1's new live entertainment talk show featuring some leading lights in Emmerdale.

Imaginatively titled Today With Des And Mel, the celebrity showcase has asked phe soap's Patrick Mower and Lorraine Chase to be guests.

My Emmerdale insider says: "A lot of people will be tuning in to this new show, so we want to be there when |hey do. It's a good time as there are some good storylines coming up."
`````````` by Phil Penfold ```````5/8``

Cleveland Campbell has been given an unexpected 11th-hour reprieve.

Like the rest of the Daggert family, he was told back in July he was being written out of Emmerdale and that the entire clan was being axed.

But now the writers have decided to explore Danny Daggert's relationship with Ollie. Cleveland couldn't be more delighted. "I'm very relieved and very happy to stay on," he says. My Emmerdale mole explains it was a "last-minute rethink".

Strange that Emmerdale hasn't been touched by ugly Countryside Alliance Liberty and Livelihood signs.

Even stranger is that this weekend's march has not been mentioned by TV's only rural soap.

Just as the Foot and Mouth crisis passed it by, another controversial event seems to have slipped through the net. Emmerdale chiefs say ` with a tad of embarrassment ` that "viewers are keen on the characters, not the outside issues".

Kay Purcell ` soon to leave Emmerdale with most of the Daggert clan ` will be back on our TV screens soon.

She will feature alongside other familiar faces in new ITV1 series Celebrity Fit Club. Kay will join the likes of TV weatherman Ian McCaskill and Tommy Walsh to get into shape.

She could learn a thing or two from Emmerdale's Nathan Gladwell, who plays Syd. He's hoping to raise funds for leukaemia research in the Great North Run in Newcastle on October 6. ``````````````````````````````````8/8``

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers
17th September 2002

Next update: Tue 24 September
Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale

23 Sept - 7 Oct: it shall come to pass

Marlon describes what first attracted him to Tricia
Marlon explains what attracted him to Tricia
© Yorkshire Television 2002
Building bother
Marlon loses his rag as he and Tricia try to talk sense into Elsie over the house.
Plus Pollard confesses to Gloria that he's been blackmailed into an affair with Glynis.
Amazingly, Gloria (aka Lady Macbeth) tells him to carry on with the carry on - to further their political ambitions!
Steph, Tricia's mum, makes a pass at Marlon!
And Mack and Syd put pressure on Marlon to pay up for the house repairs.

15th September 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


Lisa Dingle hurts her back this week, which leaves her useless family trying to run things without her as she recovers. These people should be electronically tagged. Not for any particular reason - just because we're cruel like that.

And poor Zoe is the cynosure of every eye when she makes an appearance in the Woolpack. Soap communities are not as caring as people think they are, and Zoe is soon the subject of gossip.

15th September 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Andy holds Katie's hand, while she  looses their baby


Weekdays  ITV

YOUNG sweethearts Katie and Andy are devastated when she loses their unborn baby.

The tragedy comes just as the teenagers are starting to rebuild their relationship and plan for the future.

“It’s a shattering blow that knocks them both for six,” says Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy.

“Just as they’re back together with their fathers’ approval, their newfound happiness is snatched away.”

As the week opens, Andy and Katie are determined to get their relationship right. When Robert suggests throwing a party, the couple turn down the invitation.

“They just want to spend time together, not with a load of other people,” says Kelvin.

“Andy desperately wants to heal the rift with Katie. He’s so sorry he allowed them to split up and now he just doesn’t want to lose her.”

But when Andy suggests they might start sleeping together again, Katie isn’t so sure.

“She’s worried it could harm the baby,” says Kelvin, “and she’s unwilling to take the chance.

“Andy asks Cynthia for advice. She tells him sex won’t affect the baby, but Katie isn’t convinced.

“Andy doesn’t want to push it. He assures Katie it doesn’t matter and says he’s happy to wait.”

But Katie wants to show people that having a baby hasn’t changed her completely, and Donna talks her into going to the party, after all.

“Andy goes too, for Katie’s sake,” says Kelvin. “But they leave early and instead spend the evening together, looking forward to when the baby is born.”

But next day, Katie realises something is wrong. Andy starts to panic and rushes to find Cynthia to help.

Latisha comes instead, and insists Katie must get to hospital as quickly as possible. They recruit Cain to drive them there.

The doctor gives Katie the grim news that she’s suffered a miscarriage. The lovers collapse into each other’s arms.

“Katie and Andy are both devastated,” says Kelvin. “After all they’ve been through, it seems so cruel.

“They really wanted to have this baby against all the odds, and suddenly it’s been taken from them.”

Louise is shocked when Ray asks her to marry him.

She’s worried the proposal might be too soon - and she’s concerned that Ray expects her to accept purely because he’s bought half of the pub for her.

“It comes as a tremendous surprise to Louise,” says Emily Symons, who plays her.

“Ray takes her breath away. She cares for him, despite his moods, but she doesn’t want to be rushed. And she definitely doesn’t like the idea that, just because Ray has given her half the pub, she has to instantly agree to marry him.”

The proposal sparks a row. Ray walks out, leaving Louise bewildered and upset.

“Rejection isn’t something he finds easy to deal with,” says Emily. “And Diane makes Louise think when she suggests that Ray might never have asked anyone to marry him before.

“Diane advises that, if Ray really loves Louise, he’ll soon come round.

“And Louise does get the chance to explain her feelings. She tells Ray her first marriage was a mistake, and that if she gets married again, she wants it to be for the rest of her life. And Ray admits his ego is bruised - and that he’s never proposed before.”

Ray springs a happier surprise at Louise’s school-themed disco on Wednesday. He tells her he might miss the party because of work, but later arrives when everything is in full swing.

“He stops the party and makes a really sweet speech,” says Emily. “And then he gives Louise a present - a new pub sign with her name written as licensee next to Diane’s. Louise is ecstatic.

“After that, they really get back on track and start planning their future together.

“Louise knows Ray isn’t perfect, but she really loves him. And this week, they come to know each other a lot better.”

Also this week:

  • Edith dies and leaves her house to Marlon and Tricia. But Gloria accuses them of conning Edith out of her home, and Mack’s bill for the building work has them reeling.
  • Zoe vows to find out more about her condition.
  • Glynis blackmails Pollard into giving in to her demands.
  • Seth plays the pub piano.
  • Lisa hurts her back.


12th September 2002


Emmerdale fave to take Heart
By Derek Robins

Ex-Emmerdale favourite Samantha Giles is to star in the new series of ITV1 hit drama Where The Heart Is.

Samantha, 31, who was glamorous unfaithful vicar's wife Bernice Thomas in the soap, will play new community nurse and mum of three Sally Armitage in the new 10-parter.

The actress, who quit Emmerdale in April after four years, said: "I am really excited about my new role. It is one of my favourite shows."

She starts filming in November.

ITV insists Samantha Giles isn't replacing Leslie Ash.

Mystery surrounds Leslie's future on the drama after two years as nurse Karen Buckley as she is busy filming BBC1 cop drama Merseybeat until at least October.

An ITV1 spokeswoman said: "Samantha isn't replacing Leslie. Leslie can't do all 10 episodes because of Merseybeat. No decision has yet been made on how many shows she'll be in."

None of that lessens their delight in landing the actress.

An ITV1 spokeswoman said: "It's great as she is very popular with viewers.

"Her character Sally Armitage is very feisty and outspoken and will cause a stir."

Since qutting Emmerdale in April, Samantha has been spending a lot of time with husband Nick. She said: "I took time out as I'd been away from home so much in the past four years."


BBC Pure Soap: WEDNESDAY 11 September 2002

Villagers swap Woolpack for castle

Stars of ITV1 soap Emmerdale have travelled back to the age of chivalry to mark the show's 30th anniversary next month.

The cast dressed up as members of a feudal court complete with minstrels, jesters and royalty and staged a mock banquet for celebrity magazine Hello! to reflect the ribaldry, revelry and debauchery now rife on the show.

But actor John Middleton, who plays romantic vicar the Rev Ashley Thomas, fears his jester costume could seriously damage his status as Emmerdale's sex symbol.
Ashley became the show's unlikely stud when he fell in love with and married barmaid Bernice Thomas (Samantha Giles).

But in real life John is as surprised as anyone about his female following.
He said: "It perplexes me, it must be the dog collar thing.

"Mind you, when people see me in this outfit they'll know it is a joke."
Comedy couple Bob and Viv Hope (Tony Audenshaw and Deena Payne) snapped up the top jobs dressing up as king and queen while Karl Davies and Cleveland Campbell posed as minstrels.

Village matriarch Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) Diane Blackstock (Elizabeth Estensen), landlord Louise Appleton (Emily Symons) and Zoe Tate (Leah Bracknell) were transformed into court ladies.

Teletext Diary 11/12 September 2002

 She made a pretty powerful appearance
in Emmerdale last week ` and now
Lorraine Chase, 51, is thinking of
moving full-time to Yorkshire.

 Her parents still live in London
and are in their 70s, so she feels
she has to Keep an eye on them.

 But it makes sense for her to live in
the Dales. "I just adore Yorkshire,"
she said. "Now what looks like a long
-term relationship with Emmerdale
oeans I'm seriously considering
buying proper|y up here."
`````````` by Phil Penfold ````````````


 Emmerdale chiefs have been stung by
recent criticism that there's not
anough humour kn the soap.
 They've started a search for at haast
one naw permanent oddball to liven up
the village. "It's just too much
doom, gloom, death and disaster,"
says an Emmereale insider.

 They're on the look-out for local
actors to`lighten the almost constant
storm clouds. One of thair first
ports of call will be a new Hull
Truck Theatre production now on tour.

 Yorkshire TV are pushing
the boat out to celebrate tha 30th
anniversary of Emmerdale.
 Part of tha shenanigans next tuesday
will be a specaally-arranged press `
day. The London hacks will board a
champagne special train to Leeds.

 The mayor will be there to glad-
hand the arrivals before they are
bussed to the village for more drink.
Also on offer, lunch including Dingle
burgers and Marlon's pizza plus
helicopper rides over the set.
 Most people think of Lopraine Chase
as the outgoing life and soul of the
party. But the former model-turned
actress reveals she was once shy.

 Her dad was a bit of a tearaway and
spent some tima behind bars. She
recalls going over to a friend's home
as a teenager and rushing home to
make sure her Mum was still there.

 "I was never, ever sophisticated,"
she says. "When I started getting
acting jobs I always felt I shouldn't
be there. I love what I'm doing now"

DETAILED SPOILERS FOR 16TH-20TH SEPTEMBER 2002 can be found by clicking here.

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale 16 - 30 September:
it shall come to pass

Eric and Glynis go wild in the country
Eric & Glynis go wild in the country
© Yorkshire Television 2002 - I am not profiting from this, its reproduced solely for the pleasure of fans.


Silly Mayor!

After announcing his intention to run for MP, Eric finds himself having to offer a certain something to Glynis in return for her support (the sacrifices that man will make for his career!)
Eric and Glynis
Meanwhile, Andy's devastated when Katie loses the baby after a night at Robert's party. But Katie seems strangely unmoved by the experience. Perhaps she's in shock.


Tuesday 10th September 2002 rumours

According To GMTV this morning, Samantha Giles (formally Bernice Thomas in Emmerdale) is set to star in the new series of "Where The Heart Is." More details on this page as and when they become available.

According to the latest edition of Inside Soap, Emmerdale bosses have had a change of heart about axing Danny Daggert (played by Cleveland Campbell). Instead they plan to keep him on. Again more details on this page as and when they become available.

BBC Pure Soap: TUESDAY 10 September 2002

Lunch in Dales has a touch of class

Emily Symons who plays Louise Appleton

Emmerdale landlady and ex-Home and Away star Emily Symons seems to have finally revealed why she swapped Summer Bay for rainy Yorkshire - lunch.

Emily, who gave up playing dippy blonde Marilyn in the Aussie soap to be reincarnated as Louise Appleton, says that lunch facilities on set at Emmerdale have a touch more class.

"Emmerdale's much more posh than Home and Away," she jokes.
Speaking to Soaplife magazine she said: "The village set has a wonderful hall where the actors have lunch. On Home and Away we'd sit on the roadside."

Emily has already put down roots in Emmerdale with her character buying half of the Woolpack pub and poised for a marriage proposal from badboy boyfriend Ray Mullan (Seamus Gubbins).
But Ray is in for a shock when Louise smells a rat and turns his proposal down.

According to Emily, Louise has her suspicions that the proposal could be connected to the fact that it was Ray who gave her the £125,000 she needed to buy a stake in the Woolpack.


8th September 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


Zoe returns to the village after her spell in the clinic but, as you would expect in a supposedly close-knit soap community, she gets a harsh reception from those unaware of the nature of her illness. Honestly, you'd think she'd burnt down a church.

Actually, she did burn down a church. Anyway, Zoe is keen to spend time with her nephew Joseph, who is about to be packed off to boarding school. Poor kid, that's doubtless the last we'll see of him. It's the academic equivalent of going upstairs to play tapes.

8th September 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper

Eric & Gloria fight in vain to save Harry Partridge


POWER-crazed Eric Pollard spots the chance to become an MP when Harry Partridge dies from a heart attack.

But his attempt to become the new member for Hotten hits trouble when sexy Glynis threatens to sabotage his campaign unless he restarts their fling.

“Eric is always quick to seize an opportunity to better himself,” says Chris Chittell, who plays the Emmerdale rogue.

“And the idea of becoming an MP is one of his fondest dreams. But he definitely does not want to get involved with Glynis again. That woman is trouble.”

Gloria and Pollard decide he should speak out against the landfill scheme for the village, which sparks a clash with Partridge at the village hall.

But Partridge is unwell and he slumps to the floor in mid-argument. Gloria and Pollard rush to his aid and Gloria tries to resuscitate him as Pollard calls for an ambulance.

“When the paramedics arrive, they praise them for restarting Partridge’s heart,” says Chris.

“But Gloria makes sure Pollard gets all the credit.

“Partridge dies later in hospital, and Pollard is already thinking of the doors of Westminster opening for him.

“When Latisha and Lisa give him a round of applause for his heroic actions, Eric and Gloria realise that this is great publicity to kick off his campaign.”

But Glynis, the councillor Pollard bedded to win a vital vote, is keen for a repeat performance.

“Eric is horrified at the prospect,” says Chris. “He is happy with Gloria.

“Gloria understood the special circumstances before when Glynis held the power to make him the mayor, but he doubts she would be so understanding again.

“Glynis beams that he is the talk of the Town Hall and makes it very clear that Eric owes her one - and she means to collect in the bedroom!”

Pollard and Gloria plan his campaign, but they are upset to see rival candidate Ledbetter come clean about a past affair.

As Glynis offers her services, Pollard is horrified at the thought of the price she will demand from him.

“Glynis comes on really strongly to him and makes it clear she won’t take no for an answer,” says Chris.

“Eric’s in a real dilemma. Should he lie back and think of England, or should he stay faithful to Gloria and risk blackmail from Glynis?”

Fragile Zoe is nervous and reluctant to leave the safety of her clinic, but brother Chris persuades her to come out for a day visit for Joseph’s sake.

She eventually agrees, anxious to support her nephew before he goes off to boarding school, and the day is a success.

“At first, Zoe is frightened of facing up to the outside world,” says Leah Bracknell, who plays the disturbed vet.

“But Chris says they would love to have her come home for a trial day. He harps on about how pleased Joseph would be to see her, and she agrees to come out.”

Terry thoughtfully avoids the damaged church as he drives her home and Zoe is grateful.

Viv is quick to speak out against Zoe returning to the village, but the Tates close ranks around her.

“Zoe chats to Terry and Cynthia and realises she’s missed village life,” says Leah.

“She agrees to take Joseph out for the weekend as he is going away until Christmas, and she gradually starts to take charge of her own life again.

“She asks Terry to drive past the church on the way back and, when she sees the building she set on fire, she seems to realise she can’t hide away for ever.

“She says she is coming home for good and on Friday she makes her return. “Zoe is determined to get on with life. She goes to make her peace with Paddy, which helps to settle her mind.

“Even a clash with Viv does not seem to bother her too much. Zoe is definitely back.”

Also this week:

Emily passes her driving test thanks to some help from Nicola - and promptly runs over Bob’s foot.

Tricia finds it hard to reconcile with her mother.

The Bishop tells Ashley he will have to sell the vicarage.

5th September 2002

Media Guardian:- Emmerdale Gets More Viewrs Than Corrie

5th September 2002


Dramatic role:
Lisa Riley Lisa Riley chews the fat
By Jonathan Donald

Lisa Riley

Actress Lisa Riley is best known for filling the small screen as Emmerdale's big, bubbly Mandy Dingle.

Now Riley, 26, is about to be seen in a very different role, playing a chronically introverted young woman scarred by years of bullying. Her downtrodden part in the new series of ITV1's Fat Friends is one she's been holding out to play.

Lisa in her new role

Riley now hopes people will realise she's a serious actress. It's her first acting role since leaving Emmerdale 17 months ago.

"It would have been so easy to go for another big cleavage role because that was all I was being offered all the time," she Riley."

All they wanted was the buxom barmaid - basically Mandy. I wanted reality, which is what this is. "Kay writes for real women and I jumped through hoops to get it.

"Chronic bullying has taken a dreadful toll on Rebecca Patterson, the victim played by Riley. "She was a straight-A student at school and was going to do massively well," she explains. "But through hideous bullying, she is locked away in a psychiatric ward.

"The drama sees her back in society, working at a garden centre. But she endures another breakdown when one of her old bullies gets a job there.

Lisa has a r new dramatic role

Tragedy hit filming

Luckily Riley's own childhood was very different from Rebecca's.

"Without sounding flash, I was a ringleader," smiles the actress, who grew up in Bury, near Manchester.

"But not in a bullying sort of way. I was part of a group of 16 girls who were together from primary to senior school and we were inseparable. We were like the little minxes.

"I've always had this confidence.

"Filming Fat Friends was marred by tragedy for Riley when her grandmother, Pat, lost her fight against cancer. "It was hard because I heard right in the middle of filming," she reveals. "But what kind of helps is that doing this series will really make her so proud - it really will. "We were inseparable and she's watching down on me now.

"Fat Friends focuses on the trials and tribulations of slimming club members. While star Riley, whose vice is cakes, is happy about her voluptuous form, she has lost weight recently.

"I lost two stone last summer because my dad was diagnosed with diabetes," she reveals. "My GP told me to lose weight or I could also get it. "I did the footballers' diet with loads of carbs and high-energy training. I've kept it off.

"Riley hopes casting agents will take note of her in Fat Friends and realise she is a serious actress.But she refuses to turn her back on Emmerdale entirely. "Maybe in another year I'll think about it.

"My ideal storyline would be that I had a child by having sex with Paddy when we divorced."I could go back with a mini-me like in Austin Powers with hair in bunches and a lycra bodysuit," she laughs.


Teletext: Diary 4th/5th September 2002

Former Emmerdale star Ian Kelsey left the soap to spread his wings in other prozects. He ended up on Casualty and then in the musical Grease.

Now the York born actor is joining yet another series of Down To Earth. The hunk ` whose postbag at Emmerdale was always stuffed full of letters grom admiring fans ` plays a cousin.

For the first time in his career, he has been cast as a father ` of threa children! "He took to the role like a duck to water," says a BBC insidep.
`````````` by Phil Penfold ````````````

The countdown to Emmerdale's 30th birthday celebrations continue. But what makes the soap spacial?

Several things, actually. Did you know that yoghurt was smeared on the roofs of the village houses to encourage lichen to grow?

The village also features half A mile of dry stone walling and there are 27 properties in total. There's 900sq ms of turf in and around the set and it was all built with strict conservation rules in mind.

One of the best ways of boosting your soap audience is to have a wadding between two leading characters

Emmerdale's first was back in 1973, when Jack Sugden was best man to Frank Blakey and Jean Harker.

Mandy Dingle married Paddy Kirk just three years ago. So who will be the next coqple to be blessed by the Rev Ashley? "Someone you'll never guess in a million years," says my Emmerdale mole. "There are a faw intriguing storylines on the way."

Today's the day when Lorraine Chase finally arrives on the Emmerdale scene to play Tricia's mother and it's a pretty explosive entrance too.

"She's the sort of woman who puts out that she's concerned for averyone else," says Lorraine. "But she is just in it for all she can get. But I don't think she's a malicious soul."

Lorraine reckons her character, Steph, is one of those who thinks she can "pick up precisely where she laft off". She wants to be a mum again. ```````````````````````````````````````

4th September 2002

From BBC - Pure Soap

Granada is set to exploit a gap in the magazine market with a series of spin-off magazines based on its two most popular soap operas, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. The television giant has appointed publishing company Scorpio Multimedia to bring out a one-off magazine to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Emmerdale next month. Now the two companies are in talks about bringing out more regular magazines based on Emmerdale, Coronation Street and other Granada programmes. Emmerdale Stars will go on sale in October with a print run of 100,000, priced at £2.60, and will feature "the high points and the best things" about the soap, according to the head of business development at Scorpio, Heather Aylott. "There's an opportunity there for a much more regular series based on special events and interests throughout the year. Coronation Street at Christmas in particular is on everybody's minds," she added.

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers

Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale 9 - 23 September:
it shall come to pass

Putting a spin on it

How far will Pollard go to further his political ambitions? He wants to be the local MP. But councillor Glynis reckons he'll need to keep her sweet - in bed!

As Andy and Katie have reconciled, they celebrate by going to Robert's party.

But there's tragedy ahead... Katie has a miscarriage.

The young lovers are devastated!

Also, Ray proposes to Louise. But she thinks it's too soon.

Detailed Spoilers Week Beginning 9th September 2002
Get Ready 3rd September for Lorraine Chase
Detailed Spoilers Week Beginning 2nd September 2002
1st September 2002 Radio Times - Soaps by Alison Graham.


Chris Tate this week remembers he has a son, Joseph, though he is only reminded of his child's existence when Joseph's school complains that he is being disruptive. Actually, we were all beginning to wonder what had happened to this soap child. Had he been banished upstairs to play with his Action Man, only to reappear in 20 years with a beard and a drink problem?

And torrid Tricia and Marlon become engaged, which heralds a visit from Tricia's mother (see below), a loud-mouthed Londoner who's as welcome as a plague of frogs.

1st September 2002: The Sun Online:- Your Guide To This Week On Emmerdale
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper


TRICIA'S mother Steph makes a shock entrance in The Woolpack - and lays out Tricia’s fiancé Marlon with a
single punch!

Steph, played by TV favourite Lorraine Chase, wants to get back into her daughter’s life. Steph’s had a call from her father Alan Turner, who left a message on her answering machine saying that Tricia was having trouble with a guy called Marlon. So when she arrives in Emmerdale, she’s no idea she has walked into Tricia’s engagement party.“Naturally Steph has raced to defend her daughter,” says Lorraine. “But unfortunately she acts first and asks questions later.“She belts Marlon and then rushes to comfort her astonished daughter. It makes for a memorable reunion.”But Tricia is horrified. She hasn’t seen her mother for years - and then she marches back in and knocks the man Tricia loves to the ground.Steph protests that she was only protecting her, but Tricia is furious with her mother, both for hitting Marlon and for presuming she can walk back into Tricia’s life. And she’s livid with her grandfather for getting in touch with Steph in the first place. Any trouble she had with Marlon was nothing to do with anyone else, argues Tricia angrily.“Steph is just as stunned as Tricia,” says Lorraine. “She didn’t know Tricia was getting engaged.“But Steph’s not the sort of woman to apologise for her actions. She’s every bit as headstrong as her daughter.“Steph felt unloved as a child and rebelled against her busy father, Turner, when she was younger. Eventually she ran off and married a man her family didn’t approve of.“It’s clear she’s flirted with the wrong side of the law as she sneers that her husband was ‘the biggest waster in north London’.“Turner’s phone call prompted her to try to build bridges with her family. She’s getting to the age where she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life on her own.“Her hard-hitting entrance is a bit of a shock for all concerned, but it’s a great way to join the show.”Tricia orders her mother to leave, but Steph has driven all the way from London and flatly refuses to go straight back. So Turner steps in and insists his daughter must stay until the next day at least. He wants to revive his relationship with Steph - however difficult that might be.Next day, Steph sets off to try to talk to Tricia, and Turner goes along to keep an eye on them.“Steph announces that she wants to stay in Emmerdale to heal the family rift,” says Lorraine. “Tricia is horrified, but Steph won’t be put off. She is determined she’s not going to travel all this way without trying to get to know both her father and her daughter a lot better.”Steph is clearly the sort of person who has a whole rack of skeletons in her cupboard and Lorraine, famous for the Campari ads in the 1970s, is delighted to be playing the role.She was particularly impressed to receive a royal seal of approval on her first day on the show - the Queen
visited the set as Lorraine arrived to start work. “She was very interested in the programme and she wished me luck,” said Lorraine.“Steph’s the sort of lady who is used to getting her own way. I like her, and I think we’re going to have some fun together.”

Also this week:
Joseph causes trouble at school, so Charity and Chris consider boarding school.
Charity confides in Terry about Ray’s attack.
Diane and Louise announce their partnership.
Katie gives Andy another chance.
Jack speaks out at the landfill meeting.

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers

Next update: Tue 3 September
Soap Psychic... on Emmerdale
3 - 16 September: it shall come to pass
Keeping mum
After making a real entrance in the village by punching Marlon, Tricia tells her mum to go home! But Turner persuades Steph to stay. (Hooray - more Lorraine Chase!)

Making an impression...

Zoe returns to village life. She even gets Terry to drive her past the church so she can lay her demons to rest.

Amazingly, Emily manages to pass her driving test. Although she immediately runs over Bob's foot!

Also, Emily and Nicola make up. (Why?)

And Glynis is still after Pollard. (Ditto?)


Pure Soap - Emmerdale BBCi Best Link

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BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers

... on Emmerdale 6 - 19 August: it shall come to pass Robert learns to ride a bike ... Emmerdale Story Updates About Tina | Talk Soap: Chat live to Tina - Thu's 8-9pm, ...

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