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Emmerdale Teletext Teletext Diary 28/29 August 2002

Teletext Page 118 by Phil Penfold

Emmerdale actress Dee Whitehead is looking slimmer and trimmer ` and it's all down to a healthier regime.

Not only is she watching what she eats, but she's also taking exercise and the result is a weight loss of 10 lbs. "I've become a lot more accepting of how I look," she says.

And her delight at her new svelte look is helping others as well. Every ounce that comes off will see money donated to charity. She's also been having a major clean-out of her flat.
`````````` by Phil Penfold ````````````

Are things about to get better for Emmerdale's youngest pair of star-crossed lovers?

It seems it's going to be kiss and make up after all for Katie and Andy. He buys her a gold chain for her birthday then the two finally sit down for a tete-a-tete.

Sammy Winward, who plays Katie, is delighted with the dreamy outcome of the 'will they, won't they' plot. "Now she feels a lot stronger about being a single parent," she says.

Emmerdale is going to be a huge challenge for Lorraine Chase, who has joined the soap as Tricia's mum.

Not only is this her first major TV role for some time, it also marks a return to work for the courageous actress. Last year she was horrifically injured in a car crash.

Her face was badly damaged and one ear was almost severed, but she was determined to battle on. "I feel lucky to be alive," she says, after 18 months out of work

There's been a fair few drops of blood and bitter spilt over the carpet of The Woolpack in Emmerdale.

Now it looks as if the manure is really going to hit the windmill as Louise (Emily Symons) takes over as landlady.

If you thought Louise and Ray Mullan have had a bumpy ride so far, you ain't seen nothing yet. She is going to find out about his dodgy dealings. "But the thing is, she'd stand by him whatever he did," Emily tells

ic Liverpool
The Insider - Creamfields special
story date: 30/08/2002

The Sun Online
Lisa goes to seed for TV
story date: 29/08/2002

Daily Mirror: ROPEY STAR
Aug 28 2002
I READ with a sense of wonder the words of Ruth Abram - given the role of teenager Jess Weston in Emmerdale ...

Daily Mirror:Soapstars was my dream ..but they just used me

ANANOVA: Rik Waller trains with his football idols  
Rik Waller is to train with his favourite football team as part of a fitness regime....
story date: 27/08/2002
features Kay Purcell

BBC Archives: Evans lifts lid on show
Former TV star Chris Evans' new Channel 5 show is to compete with a soap opera and a news bulletin.
» 79% relevance  |  29/08/2002  |  similar stories

Detailed Spoilers for Week Beginning 26th August 2002

BBC Pure Soap: MONDAY 26th August 2002

Soapstars winner feels manipulated

One year after winning the Soapstars talent contest and landing a role in Emmerdale, Ruth Abram's acting career is at a complete standstill.

"Winning was a double-edged sword. It boosted me to where I needed to be on Emmerdale but now I can't move on because of the baggage it's given me," Ruth told the Daily Mirror.

As one of five winners, Ruth was chosen for a part in the soap, portraying newcomer Jess Weston. She joined the cast in November last year, but after six months Ruth's character was written out of the series.

Despite a degree in performing arts, Ruth has not worked since and believes the way she was portrayed in Soapstars has made people reluctant to hire her.

All that remains now, she says, is a sense of bitterness and the belief that she and the other Soapstars winners were exploited by producers Yorkshire Television.

The 23-year-old claims the show wanted a fairytale story and had her down as "Ruth Abram, who went to university then on the dole." She says she got typecast and now no one wants to see differently.

"It's only afterwards you realise that you're being manipulated," Ruth says, adding: "But you learn from experiences. I've learnt that things can go wrong."

Detailed Emmerdale Spoiler 23rd August 2002

Emmerdale Spoiler 22nd August 2002

Emmerdale Spoiler for 21st August 2002

Emmerdale Teletext Diary 21-22 August 2002

Teletext Page 118 by Phil Penfold

It's fur and feathers time in Emmerdale tonight when young mum-to- be Katie Addyman gets a right strop on with estranged boyfriend Andy.

Katie, played by 16-year-old Sammy Winward, feels neither he nor anyone else is putting the baby first.

In real life, Sammy is the long-term girlfriend of Kelvin Fletcher, who plays Andy. Both admit being close in real life has given added zest to their on-screen shenanigans. "It's been a terrific plot," said Sammy.


There's blood on the carpet in Keith Richardson's office. The man with the right of hire and fire over the Emmerdale cast has axed SIX stars.

Out go the majority of the Reynolds family, and the Daggerts as well. So it's goodbye to the actors who play Angie, Marc and Len Reynolds and, Cynthia, Latisha and Danny Daggert.

The official word is that the split was amicable, the Emmerdale high-ups say all characters have reached the end of their shelf life. ``````````````````````````````````````

It's a tough time ` literally ` for Emma Aitkens, who plays Emmerdale's former hooker Charity Tate.

There's a scene coming up in which she unwisely picks a fight with Ray Mullins, played by Seamus Gubbins. It develops into a full-on punch-up.

"She was a total trooper," reveals my Emmerdale mole. "It's a difficult scene involving Ray belting Charity so hard she falls to the floor. You can't fake anything like that and she walked away with a few bruises!"

The Inside Soap magazine hosts annual award ceremonies for actors involved in the ratings-topping TV soaps.

Emmerdale is right up there with the contenders for the 2002 prizes. Three of the soap's men ` Pete Amory (Chris Tate), John Middleton (Ashley Thomas) and Steve Halliwell (Zak Dingle) ` are up for the Best Actor gong.

But Yorkshire TV will be left red- faced if Steve gets it. He is about to be temporarily written out, saying he just "wants to chill" for a while.

Emmerdale Spoiler for 20th August 2002

Spoiler for 19th August 2002

The Mirror
story date: 22/08/2002

Guardian Unlimited
Hindus seek rites on Yorkshire river bank
story date: 22/08/2002

BBC Pure Soap: MONDAY 19th August 2002

Dingles "put off fans"


Emmerdale fans are objecting to what they claim is the over-exposure of the Dingle family on the soap.

A group of devotees is threatening to boycott the show if the Dingle clan storylines are not cut down to make room for other actors.

An ITV source told the Daily Star: "It is true that a small minority of fans have been moaning about the Dingles dominating storyline action."

The source added: "These complaints are being fuelled by internet soap sites. They are saying some valid things but generally the majority of fans do like to see the Dingles on screen."

Zak Dingle (played by Steve Halliwell) heads up the clan; Marlon Dingle's (Mark Charnock) affair has largely been dominating on-screen action; while mum Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) has an admirer, which is driving hubby Zak mad.

Then there is former hooker Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), who has a big story line coming up, and Emily Dingle (Kate McGregor), who is falling out with a close friend.
ANANOVA: DJs team up for Creamfields football tournament  
Seb Fontaine, Fergie and Joey Negro are teaming up for a five-a-side football competition at this year's Creamfields festival....
story date: 15/08/2002

Teletext Diary 14-15 August 2002

Taken from Teletext Page 118

As the 30th anniversary of Emmerda fast approaches, many of the past luminaries of the show are being approached by production staff.

Among the now famous TV names who have been seen in the Dales soap o the years are Ross Kemp, Richard Wilson, Stephanie Cole, Anna Friel Tricia Penrose and Gordon Kaye.

A few celebrities have also turned over the years to play themselves Freddie Trueman, Ian Botham and Hunter the Gladiator among them.

`````````` by Phil Penfold

Despite rumbles in the ratings for Corrie and EastEnders, Emmerdale has continued to hold its own with the viewing figures.

It still dominates the 7pm slot an on average attracts well over half the available viewing audience. The highest figures ever were in 1994 when more than 16m watched a plane explode over the village.

The only fly in the Emmerdale ointment is that the show appeals most to the middle-aged and elderl


Emmerdale chiefs have cautioned the actors playing the departing Calder family to be careful what they say about their experiences in the show.

Several contracts came to an end when a secret survey revealed audiences had failed to warm to them. What does the future hold for them?

"I'll be back on screen again ` never fear," insiqts ex-hairdresser Dee Whitehead, who played Maggie. Out of al| of them, there's a bet she will be a survivor with a TV career ahead.


As the Queen rests at Balmoral, she can look back on a lot of happy Jubilee memories ` not the least on which was a tour of Emmerdale.

She met several of the cast, witnessed a huge explosion set up her and popped into the Woolpack.

She met several of the cast, witnessed a huge explosion set up her and popped into the Woolpack.

One observer reveals: "What was amusing was watching all the actor and executives trying out their bows and curtsies beforehand. And we we instructed that you merely touch t Queen's hand, you don't shake it."


Spoilers for the 13 th August-16th August

Spoiler for the 12th August 2002

Official Site: Emmeredale vr's Radio Cleveland

It's not every day you get to watch your favourite soap stars playing cricket live and in person...

The Independent
In the soap world, the real drama is off-screen: their plots just don't wash with viewers
story date: 10/08/2002

Emmerdale’s KAY PURCELL...The Sun Online
Will and Gareth - the video
story date: 09/08/2002

Daily Mirror:Your TV Views: TOO MUCH TELLY SEX
Aug 9 2002
WHAT is it with TV at the moment? London's Burning is more sex than fires, A&E is sex between accidents, ...

Official Site: Explosive action!

This amazing picture captures the exact moment when Emmerdale's Village in Bloom chances go up in smoke...

Western Daily Press
story date: 09/08/2002

This is Leeds
Village in BOOM
story date: 08/08/2002

The Sun Online
Emmerdale in boom
story date: 08/08/2002

Digital Spy: Emmerdale blast

Posted on Thursday, 8th August 2002 at 12:49 BST by Beth Hart

In an episode to be screened on the 19th August Emmerdale will be rocked by another explosion.

As the rest of the villagers bustle around preparing for the village in bloom contest, Sam mistakenly puts a box of Foggin's dynamite into the rubbish truck.

When Terry drops his smouldering on the ground Gloria thinks she is being helpful as she throws it into the truck.

Fire quickly spreads through the truck and just as Sam returns to the scene the whole thing explodes, sending him flying backwards and leaving him injured.

The extent of Sam's injuries remain to be seen.

Speaking to The Sun a spokesperson for the show said As explosive scenes go, this takes some beating.

Spoiler UPDATE for 8th - 9th August 2002

ANANOVA: Emmerdale to be hit by explosion
Emmerdale will be rocked by an explosion when dynamite is inadvertently loaded onto a dustbin wagon.
16:24 Wednesday 7th August 2002

The lorry catches fire

The van blows up taking the Village in Bloom display with it

Sam is knocked out by the explosion

DETAILED Spoilers for Week Beginning 5th August 2002

Digital Spy: "Emmerdale's" Zak to take a rest

Posted on Saturday, 3rd August 2002 at 12:15 BST by Beth Hart

Steve Halliwell who plays Zak Dingle in Emmerdale is to leave the show for a break.

The 56 year old is quick to point out that his departure is not a protest "I have absolutely no axe to grind with Emmerdale or those who make it. This isn't about salary or storylines, it is quite simply that I'm ready for some down time and looking forward to a rest," he said.

Zak Dingle first entered the show in 1994 and has been the centre of many story lines including older fatherhood and testicular cancer.

Steve commented "I love Zak, I love Emmerdale, but I've asked for a spell out to spend some quality time with my family and friends."

An Emmerdale official said "Zak's spell away from the show would begin towards the end of the year, but the rest

Official Site: Steve takes time out

Zak Dingle actor Steve Halliwell is to take a break from Emmerdale to relax with family and friends. Read more here..
ANANOVA: Emmerdale's Zak hangs up flat cap for a break
Emmerdale's Zak Dingle is taking a break from the show so actor Steve Halliwell can spend more time with his family.
17:34 Thursday 1st August 2002

8 August 2002 Taken from BBC Pure Soap:

The Village in Bloom competition

Emmerdale wins Village In Boom title

Emmerdale goes from "village in bloom" to boom in an explosive storyline which could lead to locals' prize-winning plans going up in smoke. And simple Sam Dingle gets knocked off his feet when he is caught in the blast which rocks the village as it competes for a floral title. The explosion occurs on the ITV1 show on August 19 after he inadvertently loads a box of dynamite on to a dustcart - followed later by a lit cigarette. Villagers have put in months of meticulous planning to make Emmerdale the prettiest place in a flower contest. After helping unload "Firecracker" Foggin's van, Dingle (played by James Hooton) mistakenly takes a box of the explosive that was stored there. He then takes the dustcart down into the village to continue to spruce up the area for final judging. But while it is parked, Gloria Pollard (Janice McKenzie) spots a lighted cigarette end and throws it into the back of the truck. Waste then catches fire and ignites the box in spectacular fashion, showering debris far and wide A spokesman for the show said: "Poor Sam hasn't a clue that he has loaded Foggin's dynamite into the truck or that the excited villagers are about to come down to earth with a bang. "Sam is blown off his feet and it looks like he could become the victim of his own folly."

1st August 2002:

"Emmerdale's Zak Dingle is taking a break from the show so actor Steve Halliwell can spend more time with his family. The 56-year-old actor, who has played flat-capped layabout Zak since 1994, says: "After the best part of a decade with the programme, I feel that now is the time to leave Zak behind for a little while. "I love Zak, I love Emmerdale, but I've asked for a spell out to spend some quality time with my family and friends." Halliwell said programme makers had been supportive of his request to take time away from the show. He said there had been no rows or money issues behind his request. "I have absolutely no axe to grind with Emmerdale or those who make it. This isn't about salary or storylines, it is quite simply that I'm ready for some down time and looking forward to a rest," he added. "I've just got to pick up the phone and they'll write me back into storylines." Emmerdale producer Steve Frost said Zak's spell away from the show would begin towards the end of the year, but the rest of the Dingle clan would remain"


Taken from BBC Pure Soap: 31st July 2002

"Emmerdale favourite Steve Halliwell has threatened to walk out on the series. The bearded actor, who plays Zak Dingle in the ITV soap, made the threat during a bust-up over plotlines with producer Steve Frost, according to the Daily Star. But the soap's bosses are reported to have refused to accept his decision and are locked in talks as they try to persuade him to stay in his £150,000 role with the five-episode-a-week soap. Halliwell is unhappy about a new pay deal and the fact that there has been a big cast clear-out: two families - the Reynolds and the Daggerts have been axed. He is demanding that new scriptwriters are brought in, rather than replacing more of the show's actors, the Star says."


BBC - Tees - Features - Charity cricket match

... Chris Chittell. As usual the BBC Radio Cleveland Allstars team will take on the cast of Emmerdale, with all proceeds from tickets going to BBC Children in Need. ...

Last year's Emmerdale team.

ANANOVA: Emmerdale's Chloe ready to be 'the bike of the show'
Emmerdale actress Amy Nuttall says she wants to prove herself as a sex symbol.
10:42 Saturday 27th July 2002

Official Site: Reynolds and Daggerts to leave
Emmerdale will be losing the Daggerts and most of the Reynolds' this autumn - read about it first here!

ANANOVA: Families to go in Emmerdale shake-up
Emmerdale is axing two families in a new cast clear-out.
18:23 Thursday 25th July 2002

Daily Mirror:"Relax, my husband's only joking, Edward isn't really taking over Emmerdale's production"
Jul 23 2002
WE asked you to write in with your captions for this picture of the Queen not flinching while the Emmerdale ...

BBC Archives: Brookside 'too explicit' for timeslot
Channel 4 soap opera Brookside is reprimanded by a TV watchdog for being too sexually explicit for its early-evening slot.
» 79% relevance  |  22/07/2002  |  similar stories

Official Site: Cricket News
The Emmerdale All Stars Cricket XI played Moggerhanger CC, Bedfordshire on 7th July, here is the much awaited match report.

Daily Mirror:£25 CAPTION THE MOMENT!
Jul 16 2002
THIS week's Caption The Moment picture is of HM The Queen not flinching while the Emmerdale cast react. ...

Detailed Spoilers for Week Beginning 15th July

BBC Archives: Jubilee tour diary: Yorkshire mix
In part 14 of his Jubilee tour diary, Nick Higham reports on how the Queen mingled with soap stars and footballing legends in Yorkshire.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Queen visits explosive ...
... Queen visits explosive Emmerdale. The Queen has been given an explosive reception during a visit to the set of soap Emmerdale, near Leeds. ...

BBC Archives: Queen visits explosive Emmerdale
The Queen meets the cast of Emmerdale where she sees a post office being blown up as part of a dramatic storyline.
» 96% relevance  |  11/07/2002  | 

Just for show, the Post Office got blown up The Queen watches the the special effects show with Emmerdale's Diane Blackstock

ANANOVA: Explosive reception for Queen on Emmerdale set
The Queen has received an explosive reception on the set of Emmerdale during the latest leg of her Golden Jubilee tour of the country.
13:38 Thursday 11th July 2002

BBC News | TV AND RADIO | Queen plans Jubilee soap trip
... 2002, 17:07 GMT Queen plans Jubilee soap trip The Queen will visit Emmerdale in July The Queen is to visit the set of long-running soap opera Emmerdale as part ...

ANANOVA: Queen to see explosive Emmerdale performance
The Queen is set to enjoy an explosive performance on the latest leg of her Golden Jubilee tour.
03:27 Thursday 11th July 2002

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Queen visits explosive ...
... Thursday, 11 July, 2002, 15:29 GMT 16:29 UK Queen visits explosive Emmerdale The explosion scattered debris everywhere The Queen has been given an explosive ...

Jul 9 2002
A NEW family arrived in Brookside this week, the not-very-gay Gordons.

Official Site: Emmerdale welcomes the Queen
Emmerdale is preparing to mark a visit by Her Majesty The Queen in spectacular style!

Detailed Spoilers Week Beginning 8th July 2002

Pure Soap - Emmerdale BBCi Best Link

Daily story update and weblinks for the television soap

BBC - Pure Soap - Soap Psychic Emmerdale spoilers

... on Emmerdale 6 - 19 August: it shall come to pass Robert learns to ride a bike ... Emmerdale Story Updates About Tina | Talk Soap: Chat live to Tina - Thu's 8-9pm, ...

BBC - Pure Soap - Story Updates Emmerdale last episode summary
... Talk Soap Homepage, Emmerdale without Zak? Join in today's philosophical debate. Talk Soap Homepage. ... www.bbc.co.uk/puresoap/storyupdates/emmerdale.shtml