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Jacqueline Chadwick (nee Pirie) Picture Gallery

The following is a selection of pictures that can be found throughout the Jacqueline Pirie area on this site. More may be added in the future.

Jacqueline Pirie
Granada Publicity Shot
Jacqueline Pirie in publicity photo card as Tina Dingle
Jacqui and baby daughter Alex
Jacqui with her brother and sister, when they were children.
Jacqueline Pirie as a todler
The Sykes Family, Mum Eve and Linda in the foreground, in the background, Dad Ray and brothers Ryan and Jimmy at the funeral of brother Dean's
Jacqueline as a child
In her last scene as Linda
Caught in a love triangle with costars Johnny Briggs and Paul Fox
Jacqui with Prince Charles when he visited the Coronation Street set for the show's 40th Birthday in December 2000
The infamous Dingles arrived in Emmerdale 1994
Jacqui with her Emmerdale brothers Sam left and Butch Right.
Jacqueline Chadwick
Linda in her wedding dress
Official Jacqueline Coronation Street fan card
Linda was soon helping Mike run the business
10 September 2000 Liinda in her wedding dress.
Tina tells Luke she never loved him and it was all revenge for he death of her brother.
Celebrating Corrie's success
torn between father and son, but Linda married Mike Baldwin.
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In her biggest storyline, Tina jilted Luke McAllister at the alter

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