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Sunday Mirror 11th january 2004 article to go here

Daily Star 28th July 2003



Coronation Street scriptwriters are working on a sensational return for Mike Baldwin's flighty young wife.

But it looks like the unfaithful sexpot - cheated on sugar daddy Mike with his own son
- will have a different face for her comeback.

Street chiefs don't believe actress Jacqueline Chadwick, who played the scheming slapper, will want to return.

But they don't want to miss out on the action bitchy Linda's character could bring back to Weatherfield. Last night, a Street insider said: 'Once we would never think of recasting a part, but it seems to work.

" Look at Trecy Preston. She's turned the former Tracy Barlow into Weatherfield's biggest bitch in years."

The source added: "The Mike and Linda story has a lot more mileage in it yet."

Linda started out as a seamistress in Mike's factory and' ended up as his adulterous Wife.
But she was written out when newlywed actress Jacqueline Chadwick decided to leave the show.

Later Linda turned up in Dublin, shacked up with another rich boyfriend
And our insider continued: "It's all hush-hush, but, take it from me, Linda is on the way back.
" She'll turn up in Weatherfield like a bad penny, wanting her pound of flesh from Mike.
',She'll be back to milk him dry.

Corrie Writer Daran Little was quoted as saying on www.csvu.net:-

"...regarding jackie pirie. she decided to leave the show and has, i think, given up acting. she is adamant she will never return. we did not recast the role because unlike american soaps we don't do that. we will only recast a role which was once played by a child (normally untrained) and we want a trained actor to carry strong stories - tracy barlow, mark redman, nick tilsley, david platt, rosie webster, peter barlow, susan barlow etc. ..."

Daran Little <Email address not supplied>
Manchester, No county/state, UK - 14:55:02 Friday 11 July 2003

Insight: Behind the scenes at Emmerdale.(Features)

Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales); 6/7/2003


IN the canteen of the Yorkshire Television studios devoted entirely to Emmerdale, endless photographs illustrating the history of the show line the walls.

Callous Kim Tate sits in court, loudmouth Tina Dingle is characteristically caught in the middle of a blazing row, while Woolpack stalwart and sideburn legend Amos Brearly beams with a turkey under each arm.

Zoe Tate has ``that kiss'' with interior designer and lesbian lover Emma Nightingale, and Kathy gets married (not for the first time!).

A TV set in the corner of the room shows the scenes being recorded inside the studios.

If you glance quickly it looks for all the world like a finished episode of the show - until the make-up girl pops up from behind the bar in The Woolpack to powder Diane's nose.

Filming often takes place from 8am to 8pm five days a week.

Out at the Emmerdale village, the famous pub, The Woolpack (complete with plaque above the door stating that Diane Blackstock and Louise Appleton are licensed to sell intoxicating spirits) stands proudly among other familiar sights such as Viv's Post Office, the memorial bench for Butch Dingle, and the vet's surgery where Paddy and Zoe work.

Inside the surgery, a ginger and white cat lies inert on the operating table, complete with stitches in its side.

Not being an animal lover, in a way I'm relieved when it turns out to be a stuffed animal, but a bit spooked by the stuffed rabbits, ferret, and dogs which occupy the cages in the vet's back room - but apparently it's easier than using real animals for shots where they are just glimpsed in the background.

Then there's the surreal graveyard of St Mary's Church, which contains the ``graves'' of Emmerdale characters who have died, from Frank Tate to Sarah Sugden, from Vic Windsor to Rachel Hughes - some complete with flowers for that realistic touch. I must admit to being disappointed by the illusion-shattering walk through the front door of Emmerdale's legendary watering hole - it's just an empty shell!

The real set is back at the YTV studios, so no cosy bar and back room here.

Edna's dog Batley is buried in the front garden of her little cottage - although, confusingly, the set of her front room, with its endless ornaments, is actually located inside what is the exterior of Rodney's imposing house.

Just when I thought I'd never see a ``normal'' house, Dawn and Terry's home, Connelton View, saves the day.

Downstairs there's their lounge and kitchen, with photos of their recent wedding dotted around everywhere, along with one of Terry's old rugby photos from his glorious sporting career, and upstairs, their bedroom is similarly realistic, with Dawn's make up and hair brushes scattered across the dressing table.

Just outside the main village, the Marsdens' neat, new home is in great contrast to that of their neighbours, with the Dingles' pig pens adding to the earthy atmosphere (and smell).

Emmerdale used to be filmed in a real village, Esholt in Bradford. But as the show's popularity grew, it became less practical to continue filming there, especially as the public stopped to watch! So a replica village was built in 1996 on the Harewood estate, 25 minutes outside Leeds city centre, and this has been used for the exterior (and some interior) shots ever since.

But the majority of inside scenes are filmed at YTV's Leeds studios, where the set is a bizarre mix of different characters' living rooms and kitchens, standing back-to-back with the post office, cafe, and, of course, The Woolpack, which is smaller than I imagined, but reassuringly familiar, and serves real beer!

The animal print furnishings in Diane's back room are just as hilarious and suited to her character as they are on TV, and posted on the entrance to the bar there's a list of regular characters' usual drinks, to help the staff avoid mistakes in filming.

Home Farm's gracious interiors and Rodney's modern and well-stocked kitchen sit incongruously next to Seth and Betty's humble living room, with its well-worn flowery settees, and the Dingles' less than well-kept farm.

All familiar, but at the same time slightly bizarre.

In between takes in The Woolpack, I caught up with a few of the cast to get their views on being in one of the nation's favourite soaps.

Charlotte Bellamy, who plays unlucky-in-love Laurel Potts, joined the show last July. ``It's been really fun, a whirlwind, and pretty full-on. My husband and I live in London, so I'm back and fore a lot.

``The train gives me a chance to learn my lines though.

``When I joined I just wanted to fit in. It sounds corny but it is like a family, everyone's so friendly. But in my first scene I was a singing telegram in The Woolpack, dressed as a bumblebee, so I couldn't really blend into the background.''

Karl Davies plays Robert Sugden on the show.

``I love being part of Emmerdale, it's great.

``I've made some really good friends, I share a house with a few of the cast, including Kelvin who plays Andy, my brother, and Vicky (Ollie Reynolds).

``In a general sense I think soap raises a lot of issues, storylines can address subjects that otherwise aren't addressed.''

Mark Charnock plays chef Marlon Dingle.

``I'm really busy at the moment, filming storylines about my evil uncle Shadrach,'' he said.

``I love it because I'm really focused, although my head is just full of lines. Since being in Emmerdale I've got a bit more security, I'm more relaxed. ``I do get recognised, and most people are really friendly, and I always try and be polite to everyone too.

``You are in their living rooms every night of the week so people have a different attitude to you than they would to Tom Cruise, for example.

``And Marlon is a great character, men and women relate to the two different sides to him.

``He's also led to the most embarrassing thing I've ever had to do, which was a strip in a big marquee to prove himself to his girlfriend. The extras were all models, and I was there, this gimp in the middle, naked.

``It was awful. And I tripped as I ran off, a real prat fall, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

``I don't worry about being pigeon-holed as a soap actor - I'm enjoying my work here, and I've known too much unemployment in this business to be worried about that.''

Ray Ashcroft plays Ronnie Marsden, the dad in the newest family to move into Emmerdale.

Having previously worked on The Bill, as DS Geoff Daly, he has noticed a difference in the way the public reacts.

``I can't go past a group of schoolgirls without them pointing and saying `There's that bloke off Emmerdale.' ``I think that there is a snobbery about soaps with some people, but I don't think that's justified,'' he said.

He claimed he found it difficult to film love scenes relating to his affair with barmaid Louise within a few days of meeting the actress (Emily Symons), but said, ``It's all part of the job - but we were both popping plenty of breath-freshening mints beforehand.''

But for Tony Audenshaw, who plays Viv's (long-suffering) other half Bob, being in Emmerdale has had one unwanted effect.

``People have started calling me Bob, instead of Tony, because they reckon I'm turning into him. We seem to be merging, which is terrible really.''

I say it could be worse, you could be playing a nasty character, a murderer or something. ``Yes, I suppose,'' said, ``But he's a bit of an idiot, isn't he?''

Jo Atkinson's Soapbox, page 26


. . .Tim Fee is the line producer on the soap Emmerdale, where he has worked since 1988.

``Basically we have the largest TV studio in the world, a large administration, a real village, two crews, and it all has to be organised - which is what I do. ``I'm translating the producer's ideas on to the screen.''

Tim has seen massive changes since he started work on Emmerdale 15 years ago.

``I joined in 1988 when we took the show Emmerdale Farm, which was going to be taken off screen, and dragged it into what was then the 20th cen u r y.''

He oversaw the famous plane crash episode, which seemingly killed off half the cast.

``It was the start of the successful period which took it from twice a week to three, networked, then to five episodes a week.

``I'm passionate about Emmerdale, I think it's coped admirably with the changes. Everybody who used to watch Emmerdale say they don't watch it anymore, because it's all sex, drugs and rock and roll, but how do they know if they don't watch it?

``So they do still watch it, they just don't like it that they don't see Jack going across the field on his tractor in every episode.

``But villages all move on. ``But we are bringing the farm back in with young Andy and Katy, and 60% of the show is outside, which is different to other soaps.

``And we are picking up younger audiences, we have increased our audience share in the last 12 months, the only soap to do that.

``People like to watch Emmerdale because it's light, attractive, fun to watch, and it makes you think too because there's serious stuff underneath.

``Why are we making soaps? Because 50% of the viewers want it.''


Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England); 11/10/2002


EX-CORRIE star Jacqueline Pirie has given up reading her lines to write them, the Sunday Mercury can reveal.

The actress, who played Mike Baldwin's scheming wife Linda, has gone from actress to author and is now in the process of refining the second draft of her play.

Jacqueline, 27, who was brought up in Birmingham, also wants to crack the children's market and is believed to have written the first few chapters of a new fantasy novel.

The Stirling-born star, who quit the Street after the birth of her son Jamie earlier this year, hopes to enjoy the same success as J.K. Rowling who penned the Harry Potter series.

A spokesman for agents Lou Coulson said: 'Jacqui did amazingly well as an actress and I've no doubt she could go to the top as a writer.

'She has become very disillusioned with the acting business but she is really enjoying writing so we'll have to see what happens next.

'She started writing a few years ago and has submitted a play which I think is really good. We are now working on the second draft of the play together but it's not ready to go out yet.

'Jacqui has also written the first few sample chapters of a children's fantasy book. It's a genre which has become increasingly popular and her work is very good.

'It's not so much of a career move for Jacqui, just a new venture which she is enjoying very much.'

Last year Jacqueline became the first in a series of Coronation Street stars to quit the hit ITV soap.

Viewers last saw her character Linda vanish following an affair with hubby Mike's son and they watched as her car plunged into Weatherfield Canal.

WHY AREN'T THE ROVERS RETURNING?; CORRIE IN CRISIS : New blow as soap fails to woo back viewers.(Features)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 8/10/2002


ANOTHER young star has quit Coronation Street as the soap reels from losing more viewers.

Chris Bisson, who plays taxi firm boss Vikram Desai, will bow out at the end of the year.

He told Corrie bosses that he wants the chance to do other things and won't renew his deal when it ends in December.

Last month, Georgia Taylor, who plays Toyah, announced she was leaving at the end of the year.

And barmaid Geena, played by Jennifer James, has been sacked.

The departure of three of the show's leading younger characters follows the news that some of its stars, including Tracy Shaw, have been asked to take a pay cut.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the UK's longest-running soap has lost almost two million viewers over the last year.

On three nights in July, the soap's audience fell below nine million. On one occasion it only pulled in 8.3 million viewers.

It's a long way from Corrie's heyday, when it pulled in 18 million viewers.

BBC rival EastEnders is pulling in around 14 million viewers on average, although that includes its Sunday omnibus figures.

In July 2001, Corrie averaged viewing figures of around 12 million - at least two million more than it managed last month.

Even the arrival of ex-Boyzone star Keith Duffy on Wednesday as Irish charmer Ciaran only pulled in 10.1 million viewers.

Scriptwriters have now started work on a storyline where Vik gets into debt after running up huge gambling losses.

Chris, 27, joined the soap in 1999 as failed accountant Vikram Desai, pampered son of Ravi Desai, who bought the corner shop from Fred Elliott.

Fancying himself with the ladies, he worked his way through Maxine, Leanne, Karen, Bobbi and even schoolgirl Candice.

Recently, he had a close shave when he bedded Hazel Wilding, only to discover that her husband was a dodgy local businessman.

Chris said: "To leave a family as warm and caring as Coronation Street has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make.

"I had four fantastic years as part of the most talented team in British television."

There have been a string of younger characters leaving the street.

Corrie's biggest loss last year was Scot Jacqueline Pirie.

Jacqueline, who played scheming Linda Baldwin, decided not to return from maternity leave after the birth of her son Jamie.

Viewers last saw Linda vanish following an affair with hubby Mike's son Mark and they watched as her car plunged into Weatherfield Canal.

Dirty doctor Matt Ramsden and his wife Charlie, played by Stephen Beckett and Clare McGlinn, also left after the GP had a fling with Maxine.

The dip in Corrie's audience is part of an ITV-wide decline, with July one of the worst months on record for the network for audience share and advertising.

In fact, this year has been a disastrous one for the channel.

The year began with the fiasco of no ratings over the Christmas and New Year period as the new BARB measuring system failed to get to work.Worse was to follow with the collapse of ITV Digital.

The news that Corrie, the backbone of its evening schedules for four decades, is losing viewers couldn't have come at a worse time.

But an ITV spokeswoman said: "It is inaccurate to single out Coronation Street in terms of ratings.

"Compared to its rivals, Coronation Street continues to perform extremely strongly."

Inside Soap
Fortnight ending 15 February 2002

Goodbye Linda...

...but it's hello to Roy as some new faces hit Coronation Street

It's ben months since scheming Linda Baldwin vanished from Weatherfield, but it looks like we have seen the last of Linda - for good! Jacqueline Chadwick, who played the devious wife of Mike Baldwin, recently announced to Street bosses that she is quitting the soap to spend more time with her family. Jacqui was written out of the show to go on maternity leave and planned to return to Weatherfield after giving birth to second child, jamie, in November. HOwever the announcement that she will not be returning leaves scriptwriters free to devise an exciting storyline to finally solve the mystery of Linda's disappearance.

Meanwhile, the show's bosses have signed up veteran comedian Roy Hudd to play a new character, funeral parlour bos Archie Shuttleworth. Roy, who has hosted shows like The News Huddlines, arrives later this fortnight - and he soon falls head over heals for Deirdre Rachid's mum, Blanch Hunt. Another of Corrie's new characters will be played by Francesca Manning who is the niece of the controversial comedian Bernard Manning. Her uncle will no dougt be beaming with pride when she joins the Street this month as Sandra Milligan, a new friend for the recently heartbroken Les Battersby. "She's a smasher," revealied the stand-up star. "There's plenty of talent in my family."

The Sun Online
11 January 2002

Now Jacqui quits Corrie

Corrie drama ... Jacqueline
with Johnny


CORRIE firebrand Jacqueline Chadwick has sensationally quit the soap days after The Sun revealed that 11 other stars are being axed.

Jacqueline, who plays super-bitch Linda Baldwin, made her shock announcement as bosses held a meeting to discuss Coronation Street's future plots.

The actress currently on maternity leave wants to spend more time at home after giving birth to her second child Jamie last October.

Jacqueline, 27, has played Linda for three years. She was among the first Street stars to be signed up on big-money two-year contracts.

In the soap, scheming Linda vanished months ago when her car plunged into a canal.

Linda planned to frame hubby Mike actor Johnny Briggs for her murder, after escaping the crash and running off with his son Mark.

A Street source said last night: "Jacqueline's decision means the scriptwriters will be able to produce sensational plots

"It could be more blood on the Street, but it's positive stuff for the show."

Last night Jacqueline was at home in Stockport, Greater Manchester, with fireman husband Simon, 31, little Jamie and their four-year-old daughter Alex.

A pal said: "Jamie changed Jacqui's outlook. She decided she needed to be with her children."

The Sun reported on Monday that eight characters are being axed by Corrie chiefs.

They include corner shop boss Dev Alahan (actor Jimi Harkishan), barmaid Shelley Unwin (Sally Lindsay), mechanic Sam Kingston (Scott Wright), and cab controller Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver).

Three days earlier we revealed that GP Matt Ramsden (Stephen Beckett), his screen wife Charlie (Clare McGlinn) and factory girl Bobbi Lewis (Naomi Russell) are also for the chop.

11 January 2002


  CORONATION Street star Jacqueline Chadwick - bitchy Linda Baldwin in the soap - has vowed she will never return. Now scriptwriters plan a mysterious ending to explain her sudden disappearance.

Stirling-born Jacqueline - who gave birth to second child Jamie in October - plunged the show into chaos last summer by going on maternity leave early.

She had only just returned after six weeks off sick, but lasted just four days.

Frantic rewriting took place and viewers saw Linda Baldwin mysteriously disappear after a blazing row with hubby Mike.

Since then the storyline has taken different twists with Mike's Jaguar being pulled from a river with the theory that Linda may have drowned.

Mike was grilled by cops on suspicion of her murder before being released. All the time, Street bosses were waiting for Jacqueline's final decision - although the Daily Record can reveal that they never expected the actress to come back to Granada.

Jacqueline, who is married to firefighter Simon Chadwick, 31, had to tell bosses of her plans this month and her decision to quit was relayed by her agent yesterday.

A Street insider said: "She wasn't even prepared to return to film her character's demise.

"In a way that has left the door open for all kinds of scenarios.

"The scriptwriters can have a field day - will a body be found? Will Linda turn up somewhere abroad? Will Mike be charged with her murder?

"Now we know Linda won't be seen again it's time to milk it for all it's worth."

An official Street spokeswoman said: "Jacqueline has announced her decision not to return to Coronation Street following the birth of her second child.

"Everyone on the programme wishes her well for the future."

No Rovers Return for Street siren.(News)
Date: 01/11/2002; Publication: The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland); Author:


CORONATION Street fans will finally find out what happened to man-eater Linda Baldwin later this year after actress Jacqueline Chadwick yesterday confirmed she would not be returning to the TV soap.

Fans were left guessing when Chadwick went on maternity leave last year as Weatherfield womaniser Mike Baldwin was accused of killing fourth wife Linda just months after their wedding.

Since then, the actress has been keeping writers in suspense as to whether she would ever return to the show following the birth of her second child, Jamie.

The announcement leaves scriptwriters at the Street, which is locked in a ratings war with BBC's EastEnders, deciding on a gripping storyline to finish her off, probably some time in late spring or early summer.


THRILLER: actress Jacqueline Chadwick as Linda Baldwin with screen husband Mike (Johnny Briggs)

COPYRIGHT 2002 Century Newspapers Ltd

Linda gone for good.(News)
Date: 01/11/2002; Publication: Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England); Author:

CORONATION Street fans will finally find out what happened to maneater Linda Baldwin later this year.

Actress Jacqueline Chadwick today confirmed she will NOT be returning to the TV soap.

Fans were left guessing when she went on maternity leave last year, and Weatherfield womaniser Mike Baldwin was accused of killing fourth wife Linda just months after their wedding.

Since then, the actress has been keeping the scriptwriters in suspense as to whether she would ever return.


Date: 01/11/2002; Publication: The Mirror (London, England); Author:


CORONATION Street star Jacqueline Chadwick has told bosses she will never return.

The 25-year-old has even refused to film an exit for her character Linda Baldwin.

Jacqueline went on maternity leave last year after the birth of her second child.

A source said: "She wants time with her son. It hasn't come as a great surprise."


EXIT: Jacqueline


11 January 2002

Corrie superbitch quits the Street
By Hannah Wright

The actress who plays Coronation Street superbitch Linda Baldwin has quit the soap - paving the way for sensational storylines involving her character.

Jacqueline Chadwick, 27, made her shock announcement as bosses held a meeting to discuss future plots.

She wants to spend more time at home after giving birth to her second child, Jamie, last October. "It means the scriptwriters will be able to produce sensational plots," said a soap insider.

Scheming Linda vanished from Coronation Street months ago when her car plunged into a canal.

Fans were left guessing when Chadwick left the show on maternity leave.

Scriptwriters are now deciding on a gripping storyline to finish her off - which will probably be screened in late spring or early summer and could mean more blood on the Street.

Chadwick has been in the show for three years and was one of the first Street stars to strike a big-money two-year deal.

Her announcement follows reports that eight characters are being axed from the soap. They include corner shop boss Dev, barmaid Shelley, mechanic Sam and cab controller Eileen. GP Matt and factory girl Bobbi also face the chop. 11/01/02

Ceefax Page 544, subpage 2/2 - Showbiz News

The long-running riddle of what has
happened to Coronation Street's Linda
Baldwin is set to be solved.

Actress Jacqueline Chadwick (formerly
Pirrie[sp]) has confirmed that she will not
be returning to the soap - allowing
scriptwiters to seal Linda's fate.

Chadwick left the show on maternity
leave in October [sp], leading to Linda's
sudden disappearance in the programme.

The actress also decided not to return
to her role in Emmerdale four years ago
after the birth of her daughter.

11 January 2002

The Mirror Daily Express

10 January 2002

Corrie writers to solve riddle of Linda as actress quits

Coronation Street fans are to find out what happened to Linda Baldwin later this year. Actress Jacqueline Chadwick has confirmed she will not be returning to the soap. Street bosses say scriptwriters are working on a fitting end to the character's storyline.

Fans were left guessing when Chadwick went on maternity leave last year. Mike Baldwin was accused of killing his fourth wife Linda just months after their wedding. Since then, the actress has been keeping the scriptwriters in suspense as to whether she would ever return to the show following the birth of her second child, Jamie.

Now, Chadwick - who gave birth to 4lb Jamie five weeks early last October - says she will not be returning to the show. The announcement leaves scriptwriters at the Street, which is locked in a ratings war with BBC's EastEnders, deciding on a gripping storyline to finish her off, probably some time in late spring or early summer.

In a statement Street bosses said: "Actress Jacqueline Chadwick has announced that she has decided not to return to Coronation Street following the birth of her second child. "Everyone at the programme wishes her well for the future and the production team are now working on a fitting end to Linda's storyline."

A spokeswoman for Chadwick, who married husband Simon Chadwick following a whirlwind romance last year, said the actress had no comment to make.

I'M SICK OF MIKE BUT I DO IT FOR SAKE OF MY KIDS; Actor Johnny, 66, postpones his Corrie retirement to put his children through uni.(Features)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 11/21/2001


SOAP star Johnny Briggs has revealed he's sick of playing Coronation Street Casanova Mike Baldwin after 25 years in the hit show.

But despite waning enthusiasm for the role he has made his own, the actor is not about to quit - for the sake of his family.

Johnny, 66, had planned to retire when he turned 60. There was only one reason he stayed on as the Street's Romeo.

"It's called 'four children syndrome'," he said. "Four children to bring up and put through university.

"I wanted them to have every opportunity, but if I didn't have four children I would have retired at 60.

"Acting doesn't motivate me as much as it used to. Basically it's because I've done everything. There's nothing I would like to do anymore acting-wise.

"I've had enough now. I've been in the show for 25 years and it's beginning to feel that way."

Not that being a Corrie star hasn't brought its benefits.

After six decades in the business, Johnny has a millionaire lifestyle which allows him to indulge his passion for travel, golf and fishing.

He owns a home in sun-drenched Florida as well as a West Midlands country pile where he lives with his second wife Christine and their four children. Then there's the Manchester flat where he spends his working week.

But it's Johnny's Florida pad where he really feels at home.

Johnny bought the property with a swimming pool 10 years ago as a retreat for his retirement. But he finds himself increasingly drawn to it.

He said: "It's a well-known fact that whatever your life span was in England, by coming to Florida for the tail end of it, you can increase it by 10 years.

"When I arrive at my house in Florida, it's like coming home. I walk in and feel completely at home. All my belongings are there. I don't even need a toothbrush.

"It's very civilised. I get up in the morning, take a couple of grapefruits off the tree and have them for breakfast. Then I do a bit of fishing and play a bit of golf. I find it absolute heaven.

"I'm looking forward to taking it easy and enjoying it a bit more.

"When I do eventually leave Coronation Street, it will be like leaving a family because I've worked with some of them for 25 years. They have been a great bunch of people. It will be a bit emotional, but something ends and it's on to something else."

Playing the character of Cockney factory boss Mike Baldwin has allowed Johnny something few actors can rely on - a weekly wage.

But in return for that security comes hard work, long hours and little time with his and Christine's children, Jennie, 23, Stephanie, 19, Michael, 20, and Anthony, 12. Johnny also has two other children - daughter Karen and son Mark, from his marriage to first wife Caroline.

Daughter Jennie Briggs said: "Dad has a wicked sense of humour. He's really generous and he makes me proud every single day. But he's not around enough."

Johnny is rarely at home because, six days a week, he can be found in his Manchester apartment. For 25 years he has chosen to spend his working week away from his family - and trust his wife to bring up their children alone.

HE said: "It's made my wife be near enough a one-parent family. She's had to hold the fort along with my mother-in-law while I've been in Manchester. You are away six days a week. It's a long time for one person to look after four kids.

"But I don't think I could do it if I lived at home because I would have too many distractions. People think I go out every night, but it's not like that.

"If you go to a party, people want to know what you do, all the ins and outs. After you have said that 20 times you think, 'I could just have stayed home'."

Johnny's soap career got off to a shaky start with an 18-month stint in Crossroads. After that, it wasn't long before another soap made him an offer - that Johnny initially refused.

He recalled: "I told them to forget it. I didn't plan to do any more soaps, not after Crossroads. You slammed the door and all the pictures fell off the wall - it was too embarrassing.

"But they asked if I had ever seen Coronation Street. I came back, turned on the set and I thought: 'There's Pat Phoenix and Doris Speed'. I knew them."

On October 11, 1976, Johnny first walked on to the Coronation Street set and a British soap legend was born.

His character's controversial plotlines have drawn in millions of fans over the years and the actor's talent will go under the spotlight this Friday in a special ITV programme, Mike Baldwin And Me.

While fans love Mike for his ruthless streak as Weatherfield's would-be tycoon, his womanising ways have earned more headlines over the years.

Mike has carved more notches on his bed post than any other Corrie character.

His first on-screen affair was in 1977 with busty barmaid Bet Lynch, played by actress Julie Goodyear. The pair enjoyed a short fling but, being Mike, the relationship didn't last very long.

Who would have thought that more than 20 years later, he'd still be a hit with the ladies? And young ladies at that. Last year he got hitched to Linda Sykes, played by Scots actress Jacqueline Pirie, who is young enough to be his daughter.

During his time in Weatherfield, Mike has been ruthless in his pursuit of a fast buck. But the past 25 years have been more lucrative for Johnny than they have been for Mike.

TODAY the champagne-drinking millionaire can afford to buy his private school-educated children cars for their 18th AND 21st birthdays.

The son of a Battersea carpenter has ensured they won't have the same working-class upbringing he had.

But while Michael Vernon Baldwin has established himself as one of the Street's most controversial characters, Johnny has also had his fair share of ups and downs.

Two years ago, Mike was stopped, breathalised and charged with drink driving. It was a scene Johnny was to act out in real life, too.

In 1999, he was caught almost twice over the drink-drive limit. He was fined pounds 1440 and banned from driving for 14 months.

Mike said: "Luckily, it didn't affect my life too much because a great friend of mine drove me around for 11 months."

Johnny has also had to cope with his eldest daughter Karen's drug addiction. She was given a three-year sentence for her part in an armed robbery.

"Unfortunately Karen got in with a bad crowd," Johnny said. "I would rather not talk about it."

Treacherous factory boss Mike has the potent combination of power and wealth. And it has proved a fatal cocktail for more than 20 women.

While Mike still turns on Corrie's millions of female fans, Johnny doesn't envy his character's rather colourful love life.

"I prefer the company of men to women," he said. "I just get on with guys more. There's more things you can do with them, like golf. Women can tend to complicate life."


BEST BAR NONE: They never wed, but Mike and Bet were an item in the Seventies

FIRST LOVE: Susan Barlow became the first Mrs Baldwin in a Corrie special in 1985

TWICE AS NICE: Mike married Jackie Ingram in 1991 and then got hitched to Alma Sedgewick a year later

LET'S HITCH AGAIN: Mike tied the knot with Linda Sykes (Jacqueline Pirie) last year.

Street star Jaq bags a baby
2 November 2001 by Guy Patrick & Chris Ritches

CORONATION Street star Jacqueline Pirie steps out with her baby boy Jamie - born five weeks early. Jacqueline, 26, who plays Linda Baldwin in the soap, wrapped up the little lad in a special rucksack for tots.

Yesterday, the star's proud husband Simon Chadwick, 31, said: "The baby is fine and everything is OK." Jamie, who weighed just over 4lbs when he was born, was in a special care unit because of his size. Jacqueline, who felt unwell towards the end of her pregnancy, was rushed into hospital and had a Caesarean.

A friend said last night: "There were some serious complications towards the end of the pregnancy and Jacqueline went into hospital. "She underwent a Caesarean and she and the baby are doing great now. "We heard she was feeling a bit unwell towards the end of the pregnancy and the next thing she was in hospital. "Jacqueline is a very private person and only her close family and friends know about the early arrival. "The main thing is that Jacqueline and the little one are absolutely fine - and Simon is delighted."

The actress, who has a four-year-old daughter Alex from a previous relationship, married firefighter Simon after a whirlwind romance. They tied the knot in a secret ceremony next to Loch Lomond, in Scotland, last April - with two hotel workers as their witnesses. The couple met a year ago and The Sun exclusively revealed they were expecting their first child.

Jacqueline went on maternity leave from Corrie over the summer but her character has remained at the centre of a blockbuster plot. Linda has vanished and her family think hubby Mike has killed her. He is trying to find her in a bid to prove his innocence.

Corrie pal Julie Hesmondhalgh, 31, who plays Hayley Cropper, gave birth last month to a girl called Martha Mo.

12 October 2001: - Teletext Page 118, Tina Baker's Soap Diary:

  Mike Baldwin's due for a rocky ride  
  over the next few weeks as rumours   
  start that he's murdered his wayward
  wife, Linda. "It'd be great if he    
  stood trial," reckons Johnny Briggs.
"I'm sure there are lots of people   
  who'd enjoy seeing him sweat." Mike's
  due to be questioned by police over  
  Linda's disappearance.               
And the story could go anyway.       
  Jacqueline Chadwick (nee Pirie) is   
  still on maternity leave and may     
  decide not to return as Linda.
Date: 10/07/2001; Publication: Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); Author:


THIS is the moment Coronation Street is plunged into a murder mystery.

Mike Baldwin's Jaguar is raised from the gloomy depths of a river at the dead of night.

Viewers will be on tenterhooks as they wait to see if his scheming wife Linda - Scots actress Jacqueline Chadwick - has met her end in a watery grave.

Street fans last saw Linda weeks ago when she fled from her mum Eve's wedding to butcher Fred Elliott after a furious row with Mike.

She drove off in his distinctive maroon Jaguar after he caught her trying to seduce his son Mark for a second time.

The cliffhanger scenes, which will be broadcast next Sunday and Monday, wouldn't look out of place in an episode of Taggart.

Police pull the Jag, with its personalised number plate MVB - for Michael Vernon Baldwin - from the depths after Linda's boot is found in the water and handed over in a plastic bag to her distraught mother.

Eve, played by Melanie Kilburn, cranks up the tension as she rushes to the river bank and stands in eerie silence as the car is winched on to dry land by a 50-ton crane.

Does it contain her wayward daughter's body - or is Linda up to her usual tricks and pulling off an elaborate scam to get back at Mike for demanding a divorce?

The scenes will usher in a dramatic new storyline as Mike - actor Johnny Briggs - fails to return from holiday in Scotland when expected. His non-appearance sets tongues wagging in the Rovers and raises police suspicions that he has done away with his troublesome wife.

After all, she humiliated him by sleeping with his son and business rival Harvey Reuben as well as vowing to take him to the cleaners when he first threatened to divorce her.

Programme-makers spent thousands of pounds on the thriller during filming in Buxton, Derbyshire.

They steam-cleaned the Jag and stripped it of all pollutants. They removed the engine and sealed the petrol cap to ensure it was environmentally sound when it went into the river.

COPYRIGHT 2001 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

Sex war in the Street.
Date: 08/26/2001; Publication: Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England); Author:

THINGS are about to get saucy in Coronation Street- thanks to Brummie beauty Jacqueline Pirie.

The street's hottest love triangle takes an unexpected twist next week as scheming Linda Baldwin, played by 25-year-old Jacqueline, ends up back in the arms of her stepson.

In a gripping hour-long special, fans will see Linda's cheating ways put an end to her marriage to Mike, played by Johnny Briggs.

The drama happens on thier first anniversary - a year to the day since the factory boss discovered his new bride had been bedding his son Mark.

The action will be screened on Monday, September 3 and is set to spark a new ratings war with BBC1's Eastenders.



COPYRIGHT 2001 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd

WAR OF SOAP BABES; Jacqui storms out after on-set row with Tracy.(News)
Date: 08/12/2001; Publication: The People (London, England); Author:


CORONATION Street star Jacqueline Pirie stormed out of the soap after an incredible on-set bust-up with glamorous colleague Tracy Shaw.

Other flabbergasted cast members gawped in amazement when the two fiery actresses began trading insults in a bitter slanging match across the Weatherfield set.

As the cameras continued to roll, Jacqueline, who plays superbitch Linda Baldwin, accused rival Tracy of BAD-MOUTHING her.

Then she suddenly turned round and strode from the Granada studios in Manchester.

Tracy, who plays flirty hairdresser Maxine Peacock and recently wed TV producer Robert Ashworth, was said to have been left "quite upset".

Now scriptwriters are reworking plots and rescheduling filming to cope with pregnant Jacqueline's absence.

Granada bosses last night tried to play down the row and claimed she was just taking "early maternity leave".

A spokesman said: "As far as we are concerned this did not happen."

And he flatly denied there were any plans to write Jacqueline out of the soap.

"Once Jacqui has had the baby we expect to hear from her. We expect her back in about six months."

But one insider said: "Obviously this is going to be hushed up - the Street is supposed to be one big happy family. However, a lot of the cast know about the row. Everyone was stunned by what happened and Tracy seemed quite upset. Jacqueline is certainly not the most popular member of the Corrie team at the moment.

"There is no love lost between her and Tracy. Things have been pretty frosty on the set for some time."

The two women used to be good friends and Jacqueline was a guest at Tracy's wedding.

But trouble flared after she accused Tracy of making "disparaging remarks" about her at a recent awards evening.

Tracy publicly denied saying anything nasty, but the row festered on the Corrie set.

The Street insider added: "Granada bosses had planned for Jacqui to be involved in a lot of really important storylines and now they are having to rethink everything.

"It could affect other actors and actresses too, and they're not happy. A lot of people have been upset by this."


BORN: Scotland, 1975.

VITAL STATISTICS: 36 - 27 - 38.


GREAT LOVE: Playing with daughter Alex.

DREAM: To have fun, act and provide for her family.

TV PERSONALITY: Bolshy, outspoken sex siren.

MOST MEMORABLE TV MOMENT: Hopping into bed with hubby Mike Baldwin's son, and seducing customer Harvey Reubens.

REAL-LIFE PARTNER: Fireman Simon Chadwick, 31.


BORN: Belper, Derbyshire, 1973.

VITAL STATISTICS: 35 - 27 - 37.


GREAT LOVE: Champagne.

DREAM: To have a baby.

TV PERSONALITY: Fiery, raunchy loudmouth, who is desperate for a baby.

MOST MEMORABLE TV MOMENT: Spurning other men to wed Coronation Street's dopey, squeaky-voiced butcher Ashley Peacock.

REAL-LIFE PARTNER: TV producer Robert Ashworth, 29.


BUBBLE'S BURST: Jacqui and Tracy


Manchester Online

Email to a Friend
Friday, 10th August 2001
Riddle of backstage Street bust-ups

FOLLOWING the news that actress Jacqueline Pirie is again absent from the set of Coronation Street, could there be more to her discomfort than simply the trials of pregnancy?

With strong rumours circulating that Ms Pirie isn't seeing eye-to-eye with another leading cast member, could Weatherfield be the setting for a behind-the-scenes battle of the babes between her and long-term Coronation Street favourite Tracy Shaw?

The dispute is believed to have stemmed from alleged comments by Ms Shaw - Maxine Peacock - about Ms Pirie - Linda Baldwin - in a press interview.

Since then, insiders claim relations have become rather strained between the pair. One Corrie source said: ''It would be true to say there's no love lost between them.''

A friend of Ms Shaw's added: ''Tracy is a lovely girl. It's been an upsetting time for her - it must have been terrible on set.''

After being off work for over a month following complications with her pregnancy, Ms Pirie returned to the Corrie set last week. But the demanding workload evidently proved too much for the star, due to give birth in November. Granada bosses duly accepted her request for early maternity leave, but dismissed suggestions she is ready to quit the show for good.

A spokesman for Granada denied there was any rift between the two women stars and said Ms Pirie was on maternity leave.

• The Street will tonight go head-to-head with big rival EastEnders, due to the launch of the Cockney soap's fourth weekly episode at 8pm and Corrie's postponement from 7.30.

TV Review: ALL-STAR FAMILY FORTUNES (Carlton, 8.30pm).
Date: 06/15/2001; Publication: Birmingham Evening Mail (England); Author:

Byline: GRAHAM YOUNG The Mail's Mr Telly

ITV goes soap mad tonight with the casts of Emmerdale and Coronation Street meeting head to head on this show after they've already appeared in their regular early Friday night drama slots.

Playing for the Street are Vicky Entwistle (Janice Battersby), Naomi Russell (Bobbi Lewis), Julie Hesmondalgh (Hayley Cropper), Suranne Jones (Karen Phillips) and the newly-married Jacqueline Chadwick (Linda Baldwin), once of Emmerdale herself, remember.

Its all-male team features Billy Hartman (Terry Woods), Chris Chittell (Eric 'boo-hiss!' Pollard), Gary Turner (Carlos Diaz), Patrick Mower (Rodney Blackstock) and Ben Freeman (Scott Windsor).

Julie Hesmondalgh tells Les how she found out she was pregnant while on holiday in Santa Barbara, California.

'I love travelling and went on a big American road trip. I did a pregnancy test in a toilet on a pier in Santa Barbara - and it was positive.

'So, it's Santa if it's a boy and Barbara if it's a girl. Roy's very happy - he says it's a miracle.'

Both teams will be aiming to win through on double money to reach the final and to land a pounds 10,000 jackpot for a charity of their choice.

Emmerdale will be supporting Leukaemia Research and the Coronation Street gang will be playing for Macmillan Nurses.

Earlier, in Emmerdale, Diane gives Bernice an ultimatum over her affair with Carlos.

And, in the Street, it's the penultimate episode for wide-eyed Alma (Amanda Barrie).

Having returned from the Lake District, where former husband Mike Baldwin pledged his love for her she is upset when his current wife Linda tears into her.

Alma collapses in shock. . .


Alan Titchmarsh, Rachel De Thame, Chris Beardshaw, Joe Swift, Charlie Dimmock and Diarmuid Gavin report from the NEC where an amateur group of gardeners will be building a garden with help from Chris Beardshaw and Ground Force star Tommy Walsh.

And, in Small Town Gardens (BBC2, 7.30pm), Rachel will put the skills of London florist Stephen Woodhams to the test. What can he do with a small town garden that is overgrown, irregularly shaped and featuring dead and dying plants?

He opts for a simple symmetrical design.

Timber panels sit alongside concrete paving slabs and help to lead the eye down to the main focal points, while a pair of low, free-standing walls break up the length.

BIG BROTHER (Channel 4, 8.30pm)

The highlight of the Big Brother week - the second eviction from a series which already seems to have been running for ever.

Standards have sunk so low I have even been receiving e-mails from the press office recently with news about one of the girls breaking wind. Says it all, really.


It was Christmas 1992 last week in Peckham, and it's Christmas again tonight - this time in 1993 when Del Boy is having trouble with his teeth and Raquel.

Next week the series jumps to 1996!

COPYRIGHT 2001 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd

Soap stars do Square dance at TV awards.(News)
Date: 05/28/2001; Publication: The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland); Author:

EASTENDERS scoop- ed a host of top awards at the soap industry's star-studded answer to the Oscars.

The BBC1 show was named Best British Soap with former pop star Martin Kemp taking the Best Actor Award.

His Albert Square colleague Natalie Cassidy, who won critical acclaim for her portrayal of teenage mum Sonia, was named Best Actress.

But there was praise too for Coronation Street, with the show taking the Best Single Episode title for its ground-breaking live episode.

And Street veterans Elizabeth Dawn and William Tarmey were honoured with the Best Screen Partnership award for their portrayal of Wetherfield favourites Jack and Vera Duckworth.

Emmerdale, named best soap at the recent BAFTAs, had to content itself with the Spectacular Scene of the Year award for the episode in which Andy Sugden burned the barn.

The award was given to Clive Hornby and Kelvin Fletcher while Best Storyline went to Coronation Street for its love |triangle starring Paul Fox, Jacqueline Chadwick and Johnny Briggs (Mark, Linda and Mike).

The residents of Albert Square won seven key accolades at the third British Soap Awards, leaving the Street with five.

The awards were held at BBC Television Centre and were presented by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan from ITV's This Morning programme. They are being broadcast on Wednesday night on ITV.

EastEnders won the Best British Soap for the second successive year, and Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) was named Villain of the Year.

The Best Dramatic Performance title went to Coronation Street's Georgia Taylor, who plays Toyah Battersby.

EastEnders won the coveted Sexiest Male and Sexiest Female prizes for Martin Kemp, alias Steve Owen, and Tamzin Outhwaite (Melanie Owen), who took her prize for the third year running.

Sarah White won the Best Comedy Performance for her role as Bev McLoughlin in Brookside.

Special Achievement Award went to Brookside creator Phil Redmond.

Best Newcomer was EastEnders' Jessie Wallace (Kat Slater) while Best Exit went to Coronation Street's Naomi Radcliff (Allison Webster).

The Hero of the Year prize went to Emmerdale's Clive Hornby (Jack Sugden) for sacrificing himself to save his adopted son.

Clive Hornby, who won Hero of the Year and Spectacular Scene of the Year, said: ''I've not been able to make up my mind whether Jack (Sugden) is prat of the year or hero.''

Steve McFadden, who won Villain of the Year, said: ''I'm chuffed to bits. It's the first award for anything I've ever received in my life.''

Liz Dawn received the Best On-Screen Partnership title without her TV husband William Tarmey, said: ''I'm sure he will be thrilled with this just like me. Aren't we great, best of British.''

The awards ceremony was the first for the This Morning husband and wife team since Judy revealed a little more than she planned at last autumn's National Television Awards.

Before the ceremony Judy hadsaid: ''This dress will stay up - I'll stake my life on it. It's not a halter neck and there's no funny little fastenings at the back. This is armour plated.''

And the 2001 winners were

...SEXIEST MALE - Martin Kemp - EastEnders. Presented by Steps.

SEXIEST FEMALE - Tamzin Outhwaite - EastEnders. Presented by Steps.

BEST COMEDY PERFORMANCE - Sarah White - Brookside. Presented by Richard Blackwood.

BEST NEWCOMER - Jessie Wallace - EastEnders. Presented by Jane Rossington and Jane Gurnett.

BEST DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE - Georgia Taylor - Coronation Street. Presented by Hugo Speer.

SPECTACULAR SCENE OF THE YEAR - Clive Hornby and Kelvin Fletcher - Emmerdale. For Andy Sugden burning the barn. Presented by Ulrika Jonsson.

BEST STORYLINE - Paul Fox, Jacqueline Chadwick, Johnny Briggs - Coronation Street. For Mark, Linda and Mike love triangle. Presented by Simon Shepherd and Shelagh McLeod.

HERO OF THE YEAR - Clive Hornby - Emmerdale. For Jack Sugden sacrificing himself to save his adopted son. Presented by David Seaman.

VILLAIN OF THE YEAR - Steve McFadden - EastEnders. Presented by Anthony Head.

BEST ON-SCREEN PARTNERSHIP - William Tarmey and Elizabeth Dawn - Coronation Street. Presented by Jane Danson and Robert Beck.

BEST EXIT - Naomi Radcliffe - Coronation Street. Presented by Anne Charleston.

SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD - Phil Redmond. Presented by Cherie Booth QC.

BEST SINGLE EPISODE - Friday December 8 2000 - Coronation Street. The live episode. Presented by Tricia Penrose and Derek Fowlds.

BEST ACTRESS - Natalie Cassidy - EastEnders. Presented by John Nettles.

BEST ACTOR - Martin Kemp - EastEnders. Presented by Amanda Holden.

BEST BRITISH SOAP - EastEnders. Presented by Sir John Mills.


STAR TURN: Coronation Street's Tracy Shaw; IN A LATHER: some of the EastEnders' cast celebrate their Best Soap Award at the British Soap Awards 2001 at BBC Television Centre; GRAND ENTRANCE: Brookside's Jennifer Ellison; BEST LAUGH: Sarah White; GLASS ACT: Martin Kemp and wife Shirley Holliman; FAMILY AFFAIR: Corrie stars Paul Fox, left, and Johnny Briggs

COPYRIGHT 2001 Century Newspapers Ltd



11 August 2001

Yahoo Headlines: Saturday August 11, 04:30 PM

Fred gets spliced By TV Plus reporters Corrie's unlucky-in-love Fred Elliott was filmed today delivering the line: "I do, I say, I do."

The cantankerous rotund butcher, played by John Savident, is to marry Eve Sykes (Melanie Kilburn) after a whirlwind romance.

But the lavish do at a country house hotel won't, of course, be without incident.

A Corrie spokeswoman said: "Viewers can expect sparks to fly as it kicks off between certain guests."

Much of the drama will focus on old flame Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) and his new bride.

The spokeswoman added: "Audrey has always had a soft spot for Fred and can't let go - despite once agreeing to marry him, then dumping him.

"She's convinced Eve is only marrying for his money. So hackles are up."

The wedding will also be marked by the return of Mike Baldwin's son Mark. Mark (Paul Fox) left after an affair with Mike's wife Linda (Jacqueline Chadwick) who is Eve's daughter.

"It's the return of Mike's prodigal son," the spokeswoman said.

"Passions are rekindled between the pair, so there's all that going on too."

The wedding will air on September 3.





Former Lolita Linda Baldwin, played by Jacqueline Chadwick, is taking a break from her role as the cold-hearted wife of Mike. Chadwick, who is six months pregnant with her second child, found the Street's punishing schedule was taking its toll and asked if she could take early maternity leave. The programme's producer, Jane Macnaught was more than happy to let that happen - stating that the welfare of actress and baby are of primary importance. Some scenes have been rewritten and the production team assure us that they are now on top of the filming schedule.


9 August 2001:
Taken from Unmissable TV:

Corrie star in walk out mystery

Relatives of pregnant Coronation Street actress Jacqueline Chadwick have insisted that she has left the show. Jacqueline, who plays schemer Linda Baldwin, walked off set after four days of work last week, leaving writers to hurriedly re-jig scripts. But soap bosses insist the six-months-pregnant star has simply taken early maternity leave and is resting at home with new hubby Simon Chadwick.

A close relative of Jacqueline in her home town of Stirling said: 'She's resigned, They were working her too hard. They had her back for a week to finish her storyline before she went on maternity leave. But she hadn't been feeling well and was under a lot of strain. She has told her family that she walked out.'

But a spokesman for the soap insisted: 'We have a letter from Linda saying she will be coming back. There has been no fall-out to our knowledge.'
Daily Express

8 August 2001

ITV deny Jacqueline Pirie has quit Corrie
Taken from Ananova:
TV has denied Jacqueline Pirie has quit Coronation Street. Producers say the pregnant actress, who plays Linda Baldwin, has taken early maternity leave. But they say she will be returning to the soap after the birth.

It had been reported that Jacqueline had walked out for good during a crucial storyline, in which she disappears after her car plunges into a canal. She had only just returned to filming after taking six weeks' sick leave.

A Coronation Street spokeswoman says: "Jackie was feeling tired so we decided to let her go on maternity leave early. Obviously her health is our main priority. We're expecting her back."

Daily Mirror - UK The Mirror Blind Item


WHICH streetwise soap actresses hate each other with such venom they are now refusing to be on screen together?

The whole thing blew up last week when, after a particularly nasty catfight, one of them walked off set and refused to return.

Linda Quits Corrie
Taken from The Daily Record

Pregnant Scots star walks out over workload.

SCOTS soap star Jacqueline Pirie has sensationally quit Coronation Street.

The pregnant actress, who plays scheming Linda Baldwin, walked out after she was asked to carry on working despite health fears for her unborn baby. Jacqueline, 25, from Stirling, was called back for a week after six weeks off sick to finish a vital storyline as cheating factory boss Linda.

But after four days of gruelling filming she walked out and left the show in chaos.

When Jacqueline went off in June complaining of complications with her pregnancy, scriptwriters rapidly rewrote scenes involving her character.

But a family friend told the Record: "She's resigned. They were working her too hard. They had her back for a week to finish her storyline before she went on official maternity leave."But she hadn't been feeling well and was under a lot of strain. She has told her family that she has walked out."

It is the second time that Jacqueline, who is expecting her second child in November, has abandoned a top acting job.

The actress quit ITV's Emmerdale in 1996 after two years with the soap when she discovered she was pregnant with her daughter Alexandria.

Her sudden departure from the Street has left scriptwriters struggling to salvage their script at a time when they face increasing ratings competition from EastEnders.

Linda was to disappear after a horror car crash in which she plunges into a canal.

The family friend said: "The whole storyline is in turmoil now. She threw in the towel and said enough was enough.

"Her family are very worried that she has left on these terms.

"She walked out on Emmerdale and now Coronation Street.

"It was a good job and it's not often you get a second chance."

The Record can also reveal Jacqueline's personal life was put under even more strain after her husband of four months was involved in a motorbike accident.

She wed fireman Simon Chadwick, 31, in a secret ceremony on Loch Lomondside in April.

He crashed his motorbike a fortnight ago breaking two ribs and has been off work sick ever since.

The friend added: "She has been under a lot of strain to say the least. Her husband's off on the sick and now she's left.

"It's not the best timing with a baby on the way."

The news has come as a shock to her parents Tricia and James who live in Birmingham and grandparents James and Muriel who live in Raploch, Stirling.

They first saw her find fame at the age of 19 when she joined Emmerdale as terrible Tina Dingle.

She left two years later in 1996 when she became pregnant to Birmingham gangster Christopher Stone, 37.

But she returned to the screen in 1998 when she landed her role as superbitch Linda Sykes on the Street and has enjoyed an increasingly high profile ever since.

Her raunchy storylines have seen her bed-hop her way around Weatherfield including flings with her screen husband's son Mark and textile customer Harvey Reubens.

She seduced Harvey in retaliation for TV husband Mike visiting his ex-wife Alma on her sick bed.

Scriptwriters planned for her to seek revenge on Mike when he dumped her by putting him in the frame for her murder.

Linda was to rekindle her affair with Mark and disappear with him, leaving Mike to be quizzed by police after her car plunges into a canal.

Factory boss Mike, played by veteran Johnny Briggs, will land in the dock in October in what Granada bosses hope will be a ratings winner.
A Love Life That Would Rival Soap Storyline
Taken from The Daily Record

STREET star Jacqueline has had a love life almost as colourful as her onscreen character Linda Baldwin.

The Scots star, then still a teenager, dated Birmingham gangster Christopher Stone, 37, after landing her breakthrough role as Tina Dingle in Emmerdale.

She left the soap two years later to have their daughter Alexandra, now aged three. After her split with Stone, she dated leisure worker Steve Darby, 28.

In a steamy kiss-and-tell, Darby claimed Jacqueline dumped him because she was too busy acting sex scenes with Mike Baldwin, played by Johnny Briggs.

Corrie extra Lee Atherton also sold his story about their fling, leading her to declare: "I'm done with men."

But last year, she met GMTV presenter Mark Simpkin and insisted: "This is the man I want to be with forever. Mark is a wonderful man. I'm so happy and so in love"

The couple met when former actor Mark appeared in the soap last year, playing a pal of Baldwin's son Mark.

Marriage seemed to be likely when smitten Jacqueline brought Mark home to Scotland to introduce him to her family.

But she split with him in January after 11 months together. Then she met and fell in love with hunky fireman Simon within days.

The couple met in a nightclub and were dating for just a few weeks when she moved into his home in Gately, Cheshire.

Young Alexandra joined them a few weeks later.

Convinced she had finally met Mr Right, Jacqueline agreed to marry Simon on the banks of Loch Lomond in a secret wedding in April this year. The wedding was such a hush-hush affair that Jacquline's parents, Patricia and James, were not even invited.

Reverend Ian Miller, minister at Bonhill Parish Church, conducted the ceremony in a pounds 450-a-night suite at the Cameron House Hotel.

He revealed afterwards he was not a fan of Corrie and did not realise Jacqueline was a famous actress.

6 August 2001

Sick Star Hits Corrie
Taken from The Mirror

CORONATION Street star Jacqueline Pirie has plunged the show into chaos by going on maternity leave early.

The actress, who plays scheming Linda Baldwin, felt so ill that she pleaded with her bosses to quit a week early.

Jacqueline, 25, had only just returned after six weeks off sick.

Now her storyline, which should see Linda involved in a crash with her car plunging into a canal, is in doubt.

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 6/9/2001



Street star baffled by her sultry image

SULTRY Scots Coronation Street star Jacqueline Chadwick can't understand why her army of male fans find her sexy.

Stirling-born Jacqueline, 25, says she doesn't set out to make screen character Linda Baldwin a sexpot.

In the soap, bed-hopping Linda has fans glued to their screens with her love-cheat antics.

But brunette Jacqueline, who is expecting a baby in November, says her character's sex appeal leaves her baffled.

She said: "I certainly don't play her as sexy. She's determined to get what she wants and when she sets her mind on seducing someone, you can be sure she'll do it.

"But I think words like 'horrible' and 'bitchy' are more appropriate to describe her. 'Sexy' requires a woman to be a lot less obvious than she is.

"In my book, being sexy is about being subtle and restrained and not being single-minded about what you're after."

Jacqueline - maiden name Pirie - married fireman Simon Chadwick, 31, in a hush-hush ceremony in April at Cameron House Hotel on Loch Lomondside.

The wedding was so secretive even her parents and grandparents were not invited.

Jacqueline and her fiance wed in front of a handful of hotel staff acting as witnesses.

The only other person present was Jacqueline's daughter Alexandra, who acted as flower girl.

The actress walked down the aisle wearing an ivory-coloured floor-length medieval gown and a small tiara.

The traditional Church of Scotland ceremony was followed by a private meal.

Afterwards the minister who presided over the secret marriage revealed he had never heard of the actress beforehand.

Embarrassed Rev Ian Miller, 56, said he was not a fan of the famous ITV soap and did not recognise the star even as she walked down the ailse.

Jacqueline, who also played Tina Dingle in Emmerdale, is believed to have held the wedding in Scotland because she still holds a deep affection for her home country.

In a magazine interview shortly before Christmas she said: "I'm Scottish through and through. I love going home."

Soap gossip...(Showbiz)
Date: 05/26/2001; Publication: Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); Author:

Byline: Tim Randall

STREET star Jacqueline Pirie is changing her stage name on the shows credits. After her marriage to fireman Steve, she will now be billed as Jacqueline Chadwick. Aww, sweet.

SOAP stars go naked in June's Cosmopolitan. Watch out for East- Ender Michael Greco (in hairy gangster pose and Corrie's Scott Wright (cheesy '80s Athena bum shot).

COPYRIGHT 2001 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

She is a lovely person... not at all like a TV star. I met her many times, usually in the pub.; WHAT THE SHAMED COP SAID ABOUT SEXY SOAP SUPER-BITCH.
Date: 04/22/2001; Publication: Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England); Author:


TO Jacqueline Pirie, Larry Shaw must have seemed like just another colourful character in the life of her boyfriend Christopher Stone.

Tall, well-dressed and self-assured, he talked in the rich language of the criminal underworld.

But there was one crucial difference between Shaw and the other figures in Stone's shadowy social circle - he was a serving police officer.

At the time, Jacqueline was a budding actress, yet to become sexy Tina Dingle in Emmerdale and later super-bitch Linda Baldwin in the top soap of them all - Coronation Street.

Then just moving out of her teens, she lived with her parents in Warstock, Birmingham.

Stone - 15 years her senior - boasted of 'owning' Birmingham and of being one of the city's biggest villains.

At the time, Shaw was a detective constable who had previously worked with the elite Serious Crime Squad of West Midlands Police.

The unit was disbanded in 1989 amid allegations that it was riddled with corruption and that suspects had been 'fitted up'.

Shaw, who was stationed at Solihull, became friends with Stone seven years ago after the worlds of a cop and a gangster collided. The cop always liked to swim in the murky waters where the criminals lived, prospered and brought fear.

It was crucial, he believed, to know the enemy and his turf.

But Shaw the thief-taker was to become so mesmerised by the heavy-duty crooks he was paid to cage that he became sucked into gangsterland.

Tomorrow, he faces being jailed for up to 15 years for two post office armed robberies. When he was arrested by armed officers in Solihull town centre in January, he was planning an even bigger heist at a bank.

Shaw talks affectionately of his still-strong friendship with Stone, who once confessed he had carried out three 'axings' in the previous two years, had knee-capped a man and had broken his legs and hands.

And he speaks fondly of Jacqueline Pirie, who later had Stone's love-child - Alexandra, now aged three.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mercury, Shaw said: 'She is a lovely person - not at all like a TV star. Like Chrissie, she was from Warstock and proud of it, and had no airs and graces.

'I met her many times, usually in the pub. She knew I was a police officer because Chrissie told her.

'When Jacqueline had the baby, I had my photo taken with her. Chrissie was well-known in Warstock but I have no idea if Jacqueline was aware of the depth of his criminal involvement.

'I was still in the job when I first met Chrissie. We became good friends and we are friends still.

'I last met him when I came up to the Midlands in January, shortly before I was arrested. He has written to me while I have been in prison to tell me to keep my chin up.

'When I retired from the force in 1998, I invited Chrissie to my leaving do. One or two of my police colleagues recognised him and asked: 'What the **** is he doing here?'

'But I told them he was a friend and I wanted him there.

'I know he's a bad lad but I've always got on well with high-class villains.'

In 1996, Stone, now 37, boasted of being 'a hardened, known criminal' who had been in jail five times for violence.

He said in a newspaper interview: 'I have been on an attempted murder charge, involved in protection rackets, intimidation of witnesses, shootings and gang warfare.'

Last year, he was sought by Warwickshire Police after shots were fired outside a house in Earlswood, near Birmingham, following a row over money.

But the manhunt was called off when the complaint was withdrawn.

Heavily tattooed, Stone has the word 'Triumph' etched on his bottom lip. A notorious womaniser, he has nine children by four women.

Jacqueline, now aged 25, walked out on Stone when she found out about his life of crime. Two weeks ago, she married fireman Simon Chadwick, 31, in a secret ceremony on Loch Lomondside in Scotland.

Amazing transition

Little Alexandra was the flower girl. The wedding was so hush-hush that even Jacqueline's parents - James and Muriel, who still live in Warstock - were not invited.

The only adult guests were two hotel staff.

The final act in Shaw's amazing transition from cop to robber will be played out at Warwick Crown Court tomorrow when he is sentenced for robbery and firearms offences.

He pleaded guilty to the charges five weeks ago and the case was adjourned for reports.

Judge Richard Cole warned Shaw to expect 'a substantial sentence of imprisonment.' At the previous hearing, the court was told that Shaw had carried out an armed robbery at Bentley Heath Post Office in Widney Road, Solihull, in December 1999, and escaped with pounds 18,500.

The raid happened just 18 months after he retired from West Midlands Police.

Last July, Shaw returned to the same sub-post office and stole pounds 29,000 at gunpoint. The court heard he knew from his police days that the premises had no video security cameras.

The 49-year-old was arrested by armed police in Solihull town centre in January as he planned to hold up Barclays Bank in Knowle, Solihull. Since then, he has been held in Blakenhurst Prison, Redditch, Worcestershire.

Shaw says he turned to crime in revenge for his treatment by West Midlands Police with whom he served for 24 years, three of them with the Serious Crime Squad.

He claims he was sidelined after the disbandment of the elite unit and suffered severe stress which cost him the career he loved.

His wife left him and a pub venture collapsed.

Last night a Coronation Street spokeswoman said: 'Jacqueline Pirie is on honeymoon but in any event would not wish to talk about matters now well in her past.'



ALL SMILES... Jacqueline Perie with her baby Alexandra and (above) Larry Shaw at his police retirement party EX BOYFRIEND... Christopher Stone

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Baby joy for Jacqueline.(ROP)
Date: 03/11/2001; Publication: Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England); Author:


CORONATION Street yesterday admitted storylines could be radically changed because actress Jacqueline Pirie is pregnant.

The 25-year-old, who was brought up in Birmingham, is expecting a baby with her new love, 31-year-old Simon Chadwick, whom she met in a nightclub.

The brunette star, who plays former factory girl Linda Baldwin, is already a mum to three-year-old Alex and is understood to have become pregnant by Simon just weeks after they started dating.

Since meeting Simon, a firefighter with Greater Manchester Fire Service, Jacqueline has quit her Manchester city-centre flat and moved into his home in Gatley, Cheshire.

Jacqueline's mum Patricia smiled when asked about the pregnancy but said: 'I really can't say anything.'

A spokeswoman for Coronation Street said: 'Jacqueline only told us of the pregnancy this week and we have yet to decide how to handle the issue in the storylines.

'Producers and scriptwriters will get together with her shortly to decide whether to write the pregnancy in or to shoot around it.

'When other actresses have become pregnant we always listen to what they want to do.

'The pregnancy is still in its very early stages and I know that Jacqueline would have preferred to wait for the news to come out. But it is really lovely news for her and Simon.'

A friend said: 'Jacqueline has met a great bloke and they couldn't be more chuffed about becoming parents.

'They've discussed getting married and they've got a fantastic future together.

'She hasn't had the best luck with men in the past but this time she's on a winner.

'Everyone is a bit shocked at how quickly this has happened but Simon is level-headed and has a good job.'

The actress has had a chequered love life in the past.

Two former lovers, Corrie extra Lee Atherton, 28, and leisure centre worker Steve Darby, 29, both sold kiss-and-tell stories to tabloid newspapers. Alex's father is 37-year-old convicted Birmingham gangster Christopher Stone.


CHUFFED... pregnant actress Jacqueline Pirie STREET STARS... Jacqueline with screen husband Mike Baldwin

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THE RAPLOCH 'S RETURN; She may be a big soap star, but Jacqueline Pirie is a just a broth of a girl to her granddad in Stirling...(News)
Date: 10/16/2000; Publication: Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); Author: Page, Cara

CORONATION STREET stunner Jacqueline Pirie has no need for Betty Turpin's famous hotpot.

The Scots actress who plays sultry sex siren Linda Sykes in the soap would rather tuck into her granddad's wholesome broth in Stirling.

Jacqueline, who is married to Mike Baldwin in the nation's favourite soap, often flees to her grandparents council house in Raploch, Stirling, to escape the fame of Manchester.

Last night her granddad James, 74, said: "When Jacqueline comes up, she throws off her shoes and settles down in front of the telly.

"She loves a big plate of my broth which I always make for her and a plate of bread and butter.

"She potters about the kitchen helping herself to whatever she wants. She is just our granddaughter and she treats the place like home."

James and his wife Muriel, 69, waved goodbye to Jacqueline and her new boyfriend on Saturday morning after a flying visit.

Jacqueline was in Stirling to pick up an award from the town's Provost Tommy Brookes at a reception at Stirling Castle.

But the famous star didn't even think about staying in a plush hotel - there is always a room waiting for her at grandma and granddad Pirie's.

And on this visit north, Jacqueline also took the opportunity to introduce them to her new actor boyfriend, Mark Simpkin, whom she met while filming The Street.

Mark played Craig, the friend of Baldwin's son Mark, who persuaded him to leave Weatherfield and go with him to Amsterdam.

Muriel revealed: "He seemed a very nice man and they both seemed well-suited.

"They flew up on Friday night and came in and threw down their bags and rushed around getting showered and ready.

"Jacqueline asked us to tape Coronation Street for her while she was out. Then when they came back, they sat and watched it until 1am.

"She says she likes to watch it just to see how her performance was and if she can improve on it any.

"We had already seen it that night so we ended up watching it twice."

James, who worked as a train guard for 50 years, said it came as no surprise to him when Jacqueline broke into acting.

Jacqueline, 25, lived in Stirling with her mum Patricia, dad James, brother Alexander and sister Alison until she was six years old.

A former pupil of St Ninian's Primary School, she moved into her grandparents' four-bedroomed house for a few months after her dad found a job down south as a BT engineer.

Muriel, who had five sons and a daughter, explained: "Her dad went down to start the job and find somewhere for them to live and Jacqueline and her mum and her brother and sister were all in here for a while.

"Our daughter Janet was also here and Jacqueline was always in at Janet's cupboards, dressing up in her clothes, handbags and high heels. She was a right character.

"She would always put on a performance, clip-clopping up and down the hall in high heels with lipstick on her face and beads round her neck. She loved all that stuff."

Jacqueline has scores of aunts, uncles and cousins scattered around Scotland.

Three of her uncles work on the railway in Stirling - uncle James is a station announcer at Stirling, uncle George is a train driver and uncle Albert is a signalman.

Granddad James adds: "Everyone is really proud of her and everything she has done.

"The neighbours around here know she is our granddaughter, but we don't really broadcast it.

"She sometimes comes up here with her sister and a friend and they go out for a few drinks in Stirling.

"She likes it because she can walk around without too much hassle and just be herself.

"She also enjoys drawing and painting - she's painted the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle.

"The pictures are hanging in her uncle George's house in Stirling - they're very good."

James and Muriel were delighted when Jacqueline gave birth to their first great-grandchild Alexandra three years ago.

Among their collections of treasured family photos is a picture of the four generations posing for a family snap in the garden of Jacqueline's parents' home in Birmingham.

A picture of Alexandra also sits on her great grandparents' living room cabinet and they hope Jacqueline will bring her to Scotland for the first time next year.

Muriel said: "We go down south at least once a year to catch up with everyone.

"A couple of years ago, Jacqueline took us to see Coronation Street. There were proper guided tours going on, but we just went for a look around with her.

"We tried to get into the Rovers Return, but it was chock-a-block with visitors.

"People were coming up to Jacqueline all the time asking for autographs.

"I suggested we go round the shops in Manchester, but Jacqueline said ... 'Are you kidding? I won't be able to move in there'."

Tonight the proud grandparents will settle down in front of their TV at 7.30pm, as they do every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to watch their granddaughter in The Street.

Muriel admits some of Jacqueline's storylines make her cringe - and insists her granddaughter is nothing like man-eater Linda Sykes.

Jacqueline's character had a passionate affair with Mike Baldwin's son Mark and her Street brother Dean was shot after holding up Fresco's freezer shop.

Muriel laughed: "They are a lot of rogues. I always say I hope they don't think our family's really like that.

"I often feel a little bit embarrassed when I see what she's getting up to. I mean ... Mike Baldwin is older than her father.

"But she works very hard and if she's not filming, she's reading scripts.

"She might be a big Coronation Street star to most people, but to us she is just Jacqueline, our granddaughter.

"She is the same little Jacqueline who ran around the house in her auntie's high heels and lipstick all those years ago."

COPYRIGHT 2000 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

Looks like Linda is drown and out.(News)
Date: 10/07/2001; Publication: Sunday Mirror (London, England); Author:


A CAR is plucked from what could turn out to be Linda Baldwin's watery grave.

The Coronation Street man-eater has been missing since a bust-up with husband Mike.

Linda, played by Jacqueline Chadwick, slept with Mike's son, and was last seen driving away at speed after a violent argument. Now police divers have found his burgundy-coloured Jaguar in a nearby river.

Street fans will watch as the car is lifted from its murky resting place next Sunday. But the mystery behind Linda's sudden exit is far from over.

An insider said: "This is not the end of the saga - there is no sign of a body in the car."


`MYSTERY: Mike's car is lifted from the water, but there's no sign of Linda; GRIM: Eve and Fred watch the recovery operation with a policewoman


Why Eve fears the worst for lost Linda; Hunt begins for Corrie maneater.(Features)
Date: 09/30/2001; Publication: Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); Author:


SHE'S the busty ex-barmaid whose razor-sharp tongue could cut through solid steel.

He's the larger-than-life butcher who knows a prime cut when he sees one.

Together, Evelyn Sykes and Fred Elliot hope to settle down for a life of wedded bliss on the cobbles of Coronation Street.

But life seldom runs smoothly in the world of soaps and you can bet that it won't be long before sparks are flying between Eve and Fred - played by Melanie Kilburn and John Savident.

The pair are back in Weatherfield this week, after a romantic honeymoon on a Mediterranean cruise.

But on their return, Eve is immediately plunged into a puzzling family crisis.

Her daughter Linda Baldwin, played by Scots actress Jacqueline Chadwick, has gone missing after a bitter bust-up with her husband Mike, actor Johnny Briggs.

Eve is soon at her wits end trying to find out what's happened to her... and the finger of suspicion soon points towards Mike.

Melanie told me: "Eve was told that Linda couldn't be her maid-of-honour because she'd been feeling poorly.

"She knows nothing about the furious rows between her and Mike.

"The happy frame of mind Eve is in after her romantic honeymoon soon disappears when she finds out that nobody has seen her daughter for weeks.

"Eventually, she goes to the police and puts her on the missing person's list.

"Eve and Linda have had their share of run-ins in the past. But at the end of the day the Sykes clan are very close. She's worried about her daughter - she thinks something terrible has happened to her.

"Gradually, Eve becomes suspicious of Mike and thinks that he's maybe had something to do with her vanishing act."

Bradford-born Melanie - who only joined the Corrie cast 12 months ago - loves playing mouthy Eve, even if she does face a gargantuan task to keep the master butcher in check.

"It was terrific fun getting hitched to Fred. He's a true gentleman and he gives you free butcher meat. What more could a girl ask for?" joked Melanie.

"Eve is a real gutsy lady. She's got big hair, loads of make-up and fabulous costumes. That's right up my street."

When we last saw the volatile Eve she almost didn't make it to the altar. Fred's old flame Audrey Roberts - played by Sue Nicholls - turned up at the country house hotel where the wedding was held, convinced Eve was only after Fred's money

Bride-to-be Eve thought her intended was still carrying a torch for the flirty hairdresser and, after a blazing row involving Eve's no-good sons Ryan and Jimmy, the ceremony was called off.

Luckily, with a bit of persuasion from Fred's son Ashley, the happy couple were able to kiss, make up and finally take their vows.

"Thankfully, I've never been to a wedding quite as chaotic as Eve and Fred's. All the marital knees-ups I've been to were very peaceable affairs," admitted Melanie.

Her big break in Corrie has propelled Melanie into the limelight - but she's no overnight success. She trained as an actress for three years at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and spent nine years in the theatre before moving into television.

"I went the long way round - paying my dues in jobs such as wardrobe mistress, assistant stage manager and understudy," she said. "I'm pleased about that because it felt like I'd served a real apprenticeship." Her TV credits include Casualty, Soldier Soldier, Heartbeat and Making Out and she has also appeared in movies such as The Little Drummer Girl and Vroom.

But it's her role as blousy Eve Sykes which has made her famous.

On October 20, Melanie celebrates the first anniversary of when she became a member of the Corrie team. She made her debut at the funeral of her son Dean, shot by PC Emma Taylor during the Freshco's supermarket siege. Melanie said: "Eve is a woman with a past. She ran off to Leeds with another man and hadn't seen the rest of the Sykes family for years. Basically she is a good person - she has a real conscience. But she's had it rough and has to look out for herself. She's a survivor."

Although Melanie had 23 years of experience as an actress to call on before she joined the Corrie cast, her first day on set was still very nerve-wracking.

"I walked into the green room at Granada Studios in Manchester and it was the most bizarre and terrifying thing that ever happened to me," she confessed.

"I've grown up watching Coronation Street. It's legendary. Suddenly, you come face to face with all these people you think you know. Of course, you don't really know them at all - it's their characters you relate to. They've been in your living room, week in, week out for years.

"I must admit though that the first time I went into the Rovers I was nearly sick with sheer excitement. The ghosts of proprietor Annie Walker and battleaxe Ena Sharples still loom large."

Right from the off, Melanie was determined to make her character earthy and believable.

"I think many women have a touch of Eve about them," she said. "But there's one thing she does - which I'd never do personally. She always has to have a bit of underwear showing - there's always bra strap or a bit of lace peeking out. She just can't quite get it right. It belies where she's come from and I love those little touches.

"I don't think Eve is the maneater she's made out to be. She's a flirt. She likes men - and as a barmaid that's as important as being able to pull a pint. There's also a touch of the old 'mutton dressed as lamb' about her. She's not what I'd call a sophisticated lady."

Melanie is in no doubt about what is the best thing about portraying Eve Sykes - she gets to play opposite John Savident.

"He's an excellent actor and a joy to work with. I'm very lucky to be able to appear alongside him," she said.

Away from the Street, Melanie's big passion is keep fit. She works out religiously in her local gym to stay in shape.

"I've got a load of nylon and lycra to fit into and it's put the fear of God into me," joked Melanie. "I run on the treadmill. I do weights and yoga. I think it's important to be fit to do this job properly."

Melanie's current Coronation Street contract will keep her in Weatherfield until next June. The actress is delighted to keep playing Eve... if only so that she can keep Fred on a tight rein.

He seems to prefer the 'bull in a china shop' approach to life. But Melanie reckons her character can match big Fred blow for blow.

She said: "Fred is a very kind, considerate person and he's always the gentleman. They came together out of a need for companionship.

"Have no doubts, Eve can handle him. I think they've got the potential to be one of the most entertaining married couples in Corrie's long and distinguished history."

No doubt, big Fred would second that, I say, second that!

COPYRIGHT 2001 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

10 things you didn't know about... JACQUELINE PIRIE; WEEKEND TV.(Features)

Coventry Evening Telegraph (England); 9/9/2000

1. CORONATION STREET'S favourite bad girl (below with Mike Baldwin) puts on a wedding dress next week to walk down the aisle with Mike Baldwin.

2 . JACQUELINE has become famous for playing two-timing Linda Sykes, who bedded Mike's son Mark.

3. HER previous claim to soap fame was playing wayward Tina Dingle in Emmerdale.

4. IT proved good training for Corrie - Tina was expelled from school for assaulting a teacher then set her sights on Luke McAllister.

5.. JACQUELINE made her TV debut at the tender age of 11 in Midlands soap Crossroads.

6. SHE went on to become a regular in Palace Hill and then became a presenter on Sky Television's The DJ Kat Show.

7. THE 25-year-old actress was born in Stirling, but moved to Birmingham with her family when she was six.

8. SHE lists her hobbies as oil painting and swimming.

9. JACQUELINE has a three-year-old daughter called Alexandra.

10. SHE was initially cared for by her parents in Birmingham, but now stays with her in Manchester when she is filming Coronation Street.

INTERVIEW: STREET'S BRIDE-TO-BE JACQUELINE PIRIE ON PARENTHOOD; I am a good mum but I feel so guilty when I leave Alex to work.(Features)

The Mirror (London, England); 9/2/2000; Smith, Christine

CORONATION Street star Jacqueline Pirie is curled up on a sun lounger gazing wistfully out at the Mediterranean.

Her thoughts are with her three-year-old daughter Alexandra, who is joining her in 24 hours time for a holiday.

Since landing the role as super bitch Linda Sykes last year, 25-year-old Jacqui has desperately being trying to reconcile her guilty conscience with her meteoric rise in the soap.

"We are inseparable and very clingy with each other," Jacqui tells me in her strong Scottish accent - making it all the more incredible she is able to put on a Northern voice in Corrie.

"She was not out of my arms, literally, for the first year and she has got her own bed but she sleeps with me to this day. We can't sleep apart."

Up until six months ago, her parents, Patricia and James, looked after Alexandra in the week with Jacqui returning to their home in Birmingham at the weekends.

Now Jacqui has bought a house in Manchester and her mum has agreed to live there to look after Alexandra.

Yet despite the cosy set-up, Jacqui admits she hates leaving Alexandra to go to work and is looking forward to spending time with her on holiday.

Staring out at the sea, Jacqui lights up a cigarette and admits: "The other day she turned round to me and said: 'Mummy, who is Linda?'

"I told her that Linda is who I pretend to be when I am at work. She replied: 'Who is this Mike Baldwin?'

"That is mummy's pretend boyfriend," I told her.

"She sat up and said: 'OK mummy, when you go to work, stop pretending.'"

Jacqui, whose eyes glow at the mere mention of Alexandra, adds: "Motherhood and guilt go hand in hand.

"Whether you are with them 24 hours a day or not. You always think you are not as good a mum as you should be.

"It is terrible, you feel so guilty all the time, you love the child so much, you just can't live up to your own expectations.

"I know I am a good mum. I keep reminding myself that I am working for her, that everything I do is for her. I feel I am being selfish going to work. But then I think I am being a positive female role model."

Listening to Jacqui, it's obvious just how much her guilty conscience is niggling her. As we relax in the hotel garden in Palma, Majorca, Jacqui constantly refers to her daughter.

SADLY she hasn't got any pictures on her to show me - but I can't fault her love for the "baby" as she affectionately calls her.

"She is like me in a lot of ways, even my bad points," she gushes.

"How? Her bossiness, she can be a bit cheeky. She knows her boundaries and I like it that she tries to cross them.

"She is great with her language. I told my mum I could not wait until she talked and now she does. We have deep conversations."

Like what?

"Well about death, love, it is amazing watching her little mind tick," she says. "She is perfect. I know every parent says that but she really is."

Jacqui discovered she was pregnant when she was playing super-bitch Tina Dingle in ITV's Emmerdale.

She gave up the job but I wonder whether she regrets this.

"Oh not at all," she says looking aghast. "I have no problem with the fact that I gave up my role.

"I wasn't ready for that kind of job, I was too young, I did not understand the whole fame game.

"Thank God I had Alexandra. She saved me from that. The baby came along and that was that."

It's lunchtime and I have joined Jacqui after a photo-shoot on the beach to talk about her life in Corrie. She is curled up on a chair in a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms and pink swimsuit. She is in an excitable mood, talking quickly and almost non-stop. Life, she says, couldn't be going much better. In fact, it is going so well there is nothing she wants to change.

Her childhood was a happy one (she was born in Scotland and moved to Birmingham when she was six); she enjoys a close relationship with her parents and siblings and she can't quite believe her career is going so well.

As a child Jacqui dreamt about becoming an actress, entertaining friends and family with her impressions and voices. From her natural Scottish accent to the Queen's English, it's a talent that has won her great praise.

"I suppose it is moving from one country to another. But my daughter is the same. She can do different accents," she explains, moving the conversation affectionately back to Alexandra.

After ducking out of Emmerdale to have her daughter, Jacqui didn't work. Then after starring in an episode of Casualty last year, she rediscovered the "taste" for acting.

LAST autumn she landed the role of Linda Sykes. "I thought I wasn't going to work again," admits Jacqui.

"I was at home with the baby. Then I did Casualty and remembered how much I enjoyed acting.

"You have caught me at the happiest time in my life," she says.

Next week her character is poised to marry fiance Mike Baldwin, played by Johnny Briggs. Yet as viewers know, she has been having an affair with his son Mark, played by Paul Fox. Bosses are remaining tight-lipped over whether the couple will actually walk down the aisle.

For Jacqui, the love triangle has proved to be one of the best plots she has ever been involved in.

So does she share any similarities with Linda? Jacqui laughs: "Linda can't be nice - it is not in her nature. I hope I am not like her! That said, I think Linda has got a vulnerable side, we have seen her cry. I suppose I have too, everyone has.

"When? On a lot of occasions. For instance when I first started at Corrie, I felt insecure. I was worried where the role would go and whether I would be able to fit into such a national institution. Luckily I have."

We take a break to relax before talking about how she has come to terms with her new-found fame.

Jacqui, a warm and bubbly person who chats with me like a friend, has tried to shy away from being labelled a "sex siren". That, she admits, is embarrassing.

She continues: "Since joining Corrie I have learnt to keep a low profile and not draw attention to myself "It's a strange life when you are on television. You feel so conspicuous. I can feel eyes on me all the time.

I WAS just a normal young lass before Corrie and, just recently, I've learned if you want a quiet life you have to strive for it."

But what effect this has had on her daughter?

"I feel very protective towards her," she admits. "She is very protective too, she doesn't want anyone talking about work."

As she sits curled up on the sun lounger, I note Jacqui's slender size-10 physique and remark how well she looks. "Oh," she laughs before admitting: "I've actually put on weight since joining Corrie - about a stone in fact. "I was dead skinny after I had Alexandra," she explains between puffs on her cigarette. "All that nervous energy. But I've put on weight this year because I am content and have no worries. You put weight on when you are settled.

"I think it makes Linda look tall and buxom. I like it that she is a big powerful woman.I would like to lose it eventually though - I felt a bit self-conscious on this photo-shoot."

We move on to talk about Jacqui's life-long ambitions - or lack of them as I quickly discover.

"I have got no ambition other than what I am achieving," she tells me. "Hollywood? God, if someone said go and make it in LA, I would die! Play more super-bitches? I just hope I will play Linda forever more."

So is she pleased that her new job means she can give her daughter the right upbringing? Jacqui's reply speaks for itself. She is determined not to spoil Alexandra but admits she would love to be able to pick up her after school - just like her mum did.

"I don't spoil Alexandra. To be honest, I was better off as I saw my mum after school," she continues. I am not going to be able to do that with Alexandra. I miss that, that is why I feel guilty sometimes."

I tell Jacqui she is a good role model for mothers wishing to go back to work. She smiles and admits that having more children is not an option at present.

She explains: "I wouldn't say never but I think it would be unfair to have another child. I don't get the time to spend with Alexandra she deserves let alone having two. No, I think that would be irresponsible."

Looking out at the sea again, she adds: "Besides I have got such a lovely life."


Sunday Mirror (London, England); 5/28/2000; Cooke, Angela

LOCK up your husbands - and your sons...Coronation Street's Jacqueline Pirie is on the prowl and doing what she loves best - playing the super bitch.

Tonight as Linda Sykes she is up to her old tricks on the Street rekindling her love affair with Mike Baldwin's son Mark behind her fiance's back. Just as quickly she jumped at the chance of transforming herself into some of Hollywood's most dangerous ladies for our exclusive photo session. And you can judge for yourself how close she came to the real thing.

First she became Sharon Stone's sexual thriller in Basic Instinct, then draped in a fur she turned into Joan Collins's vamp in The Bitch. Finally in a tight corset she became 101 Dalmatians' Cruella De Vil. "I love playing bitches and I find it very easy to play such a horrible woman as Linda," says Jacqueline, 25. "But in real life I'm afraid there's not an ounce of sexual temptress about me."

SERIAL SOAP SWAPPERS; Channel hopping stars just won't die.(Features)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 2/20/2000; Barr, Noreen

YOU only live twice, or, in soap land, three or four times.

For the chances are that a character who dies horribly in one series will soon be resurrected elsewhere.

Gabrielle Glaister is the latest to overhaul her image.

She was snooty Patricia Farnham in Brookside. Now she has another persona in Coronation Street, as Debs Brownlow, the working- class sister of Rovers' landlady Natalie Barnes (Denise Welsh).

As if that's not enough, along strolls David Roper, in the guise of Councillor Bob Bradshaw.

In 1994 and 1995, he was Geoff Barnes and falling for Michelle Fowler in EastEnders. Back in 1991 he was Sam Bishop in Brookside and, even further back in 1974, he was PC Sadler on Coronation Street.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that battleaxe Pat Evans in EastEnders, played by Pat St Clement since 1986, has never told hubby Roy that in 1978 she moonlighted as Home Farm's housekeeper, Mrs Eckersley, in Emmerdale.

Scot Ross Davidson is at it, too. He started in EastEnders as Andy O'Brien and was mown down by a lorry. Then he popped up in High Road as bed- hopping psycho Peter O'Dell, who committed murder and killed himself.

It didn't stop Ross coming back from the dead to join Hollyoaks as father of four Andy Morgan.

As BBC tonight celebrate 15 years of EastEnders, we have compiled a list of born-again soap stars and their multiple lives.


ROSS KEMP made female viewers swoon as Grant Mitchell from 1990 until last October. Back when he had a full head of hair, he was in Emmerdale as Dolly Skilbeck's illegitimate son, Graham Lodsworth.

Michael Melia is best known for his role as Eddie Royle, the Queen Vic landlord who lived in the Square before being murdered by evil Nick Cotton in 1991. But Michael also acted in Coronation Street for a few episodes back in 1979, as Sergeant Cummings, who struggled to control the pickets outside Mike Baldwin's factory.


STIRLING-BORN Jaqueline Pirie joined the Street in 1998 as femme fatale Linda Sykes, who has captured Mike Baldwin's heart while she romps with his son Mark. Perhaps the locals should have been warned. Jaqueline also played man-mad Tina Dingle in Emmerdale between 1994 and 1996. The actress made her TV debut, aged 11, in Crossroads.

Linda's official man, Mike Baldwin, arrived in 1976. Actor Johnny Briggs had spent three years as taxi firm gaffer Clifford Leyton in Crossroads.

Her unofficial man, Mark, played by Paul Fox, turned up in the Street last October. Paul spent the previous two years in Emmerdale, as weedy Will Cairns.

Sue Nicholls played gad-about Audrey Roberts off and on from 1979, becoming a regular in 1985.

Earlier, Sue found fame in Crossroads, where she played waitress Marilyn Gates from 1964 to 1970 - and she even released a Top 20 single, Where Will You Be, on the back of the role.

Bryan Mosley made a one-off appearance in 1961 as Alf Roberts, returning full-time between 1968 and January 1999. Brian died in February 1999 but do you remember his earlier soap role, as Denis Rutledge in Crossroads?


SINCE 1991, Sue Jenkins has played long-suffering Jackie Corkhill. Sue appeared as barmaid Gloria Todd in Coronation Street for four years until 1989.

Marji Campi has playedJessi Shadwick in Brookside since 1998. This is her second coming on The Close - in the late 80s, she spent two years as Betty Hunt.

Marji was also Dulcie Froggatt, Jack Duckworth's fancy woman, in Coronation Street.

Scot Gerard Kelly terrorised Brookside as extortionist gangster Callum Finnegan between 1997 and 1999. He played another baddie, Jimmy, in EastEnders for three months in 1994.

Anna Friel played Beth Jordache, who helped bury her dad under the patio, between 1993 and 1995.

She also appeared in Emmerdale in 1992 as Poppy Bruce, who had a crush on Joe Sugden, and appeared in one episode of Coronation Street in 1991 as Vicky McDonald's pal Belinda Johnson.

Alan Rothwell was drug addict Nicholas Black in 1986. From 1960, he was Coronation Street's David Barlow, who married Irma Ogden and emigrated to Australia in 1968.

The unjust jailing of George Jackson in 1994 sparked a national campaign to free him.

Actor Cliff Howells had already been a plumber in Emmerdale and in 1991 he turned up in Corrie as Terry Seymour, whose car was smashed up by a moonlighting Kevin Webster.

For a year, Judith Barker was Audrey Manners, who died of the virus that hit the close in 1995. In the 70s, she was in Corrie as Ken Barlow's second wife, Janet Reid.

Sue Johnston portrayed mum-of-four Sheila Grant between 1982 and 1992. She was also in a few 1982 episodes of Corrie as Mrs Chadwick, who abandoned Annie Walker's beloved Rover in Wigan.

Lawrence Mullin had a short stint in Brookside in 1993 as Steve Mathews. From 1976 to 1979, he played Steve Fisher, Mike Baldwin's right-hand-man in Corrie.


ROBERT BECK has only just quit his nine-month role as two-timing Gavin Ferris in Emmerdale. He had already played Peter Harrison, who was cleared of raping Diana Corkill, in Brookside for two years.

For four years, until 1998, Roberta Kerr was hard- working Jan Glover. But Roberta had a shocking past - as Wendy Crozier, whose 1989 affair with Ken Barlow broke up his third marriage to Deirdre. Earlier still, she played Sally Haynes, whose baby died in Brookside.


ACTRESS Nicola Duffett has been fiery Cat Matthews in Family Affairs since 1998. She was also in EastEnders, between 1992 and 1995, as poor Debbie Bates, who married fashion- disaster Nigel before being killed by a car.

Since 1997, Annie Miles has starred as Maria Simons, who is so desperate for a baby she even tried to snatch one last year. From 1988 till 1991, she was Sue Sullivan from Brookside who plunged to her death trying to escape Barry Grant.

David Easter's pub-owning character, Pete Callan, is a nasty piece of work. Since joining in 1997, he has been involved in drug dealing and protection rackets. Previously he was an angel, playing Brookside's heart-throb nurse Pat Hancock for three years.

From 1997 to 1998, Ken Farrington played Jack Gates, who killed his wife and committed suicide.

Long before, as Billy Walker in Coronation Street, he had a long string of girlfriends before running off to Jersey in 1985.

For three months, Dominic Taylor was Jon Tylor, who was accused of rape and has just been dragged off to jail. He was also in EastEnders in 1998 as Cindy Beale's boyfriend, Nick Holland.


MIKE HAYWARD was Alun Morgan for five years until the character left in disgrace in 1995 after an affair with the minister's wife.

In 1977, Hayward was in Coronation Street as the man who ran off with Ken Barlow's second wife, Janet. Last year he sneaked back into Corrie as the owner of a campsite.

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Why I love being Baldwin's babe.(News)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 1/23/2000; Millar, John

SHE had her sights set on Tinseltown but now Scots soap star Jacqueline Pirie is happy to enjoy the bright lights of fame closer to home.

Stirling-born Jacqueline was a teenage TV star when she dreamed of making it big in Hollywood. Now she has made her mark in Coronation Street as Linda Sykes, factory boss Mike Baldwin's fiancee.

Linda's fling with Mike's son, Mark, has propelled the 23-year-old into one of the soap's most high-profile storylines for months.

Now the millions of regular Street watchers are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see when, and how, Linda will be found out.

As a regular in the country's top soap, Jacqueline has achieved fame and celebrity status. She's delighted, but it is not the most important thing in her life.

Jacqueline's priority is her daughter Alexandra, who will be three in April.

Single-parent Jacqueline lives in Birmingham with her mum and dad, Patricia and Jim. It means Jacqueline's daughter has an ordinary, happy childhood. She doesn't want Alex to be affected in any way by her small screen stardom.

"My mum takes Alex to the mother and toddler group," she says. "I take a back seat here because I don't want her treated any differently from the other children."

Alex was the product of a failed relationship. Jacqueline doesn't talk about her ex- lover, and soap bosses will only say she now has nothing to do with him. More recently, Jacqueline was engaged to Lee Atherton, an occasional extra on the Street. But that relationship didn't work either, and now Jacqueline - in stark contrast to her man- eating Street character - says she's happy being single.

"I'm quite content with my own company," she says. "I stay in Manchester most of the week while I'm filming and it doesn't worry me, even though I'm on my own 90 per cent of the time."

Outgoing and friendly, the petite actress admits that her dreams are pretty modest nowadays.

"My ambitions are to keep acting and have my daughter well provided for and happy," she says.

"Before the baby, I wanted to go to Hollywood. I really thought I was that good. Now I love what I am doing and if things stay like this I'll be happy."

Initially Jacqueline was only signed up to appear in a few editions of Coronation Street. But soon the young actress realised that she had fulfilled her ambitions and had settled in with some of the best-known faces in British soap opera.

"My fingers were crossed that they would bring me back because I felt at home," she says. "I was so chuffed when they asked me to stay on and now every day to me is a bonus."

Jacqueline has been acting since she was 11 years old. But it was in Emmerdale, when she was 19, that she first found stardom as man- mad Tina Dingle. Then in 1996 she quit to become a full-time mother and did not work at all for almost two years as she devoted all her time and energies to bringing up baby Alex.

Her small screen comeback began when she was cast as a robber in an episode of hit BBC medical drama, Casualty. She was nervous about returning to showbiz and admits that during her break from the screen, she had been thinking about whether she ought to give it all up.

"I was tempted to work with my younger sister at British Gas. I was going to ask if she could help me get a job in the office. But then the thought of having to put up with people saying: `You're Tina Dingle, why are you working here?' put me off.

"I went back to acting and then I got this great part in Coronation Street. I'm so lucky."

Although she's fiercely proud of her Scottish roots and visits her relatives north of the border as often as her schedule permits, home for most of her life has been the Midlands.

The family moved from Stirling to Birmingham, when Jacqueline was six. She attended an all-girl school in Birmingham, but admits that she was far from being a model student. "I hated school," she says. "Now I wish I could go back, because I'm hungry for knowledge."

It was at school, however, that Jacqueline's gift for acting was recognised. She enjoyed the school drama classes and was cast in all the school plays. Then when Central Television recruited around the local area for young people to audition for acting workshops, she applied and was accepted.

"My parents thought I was mad. There was no history of acting in my family but they were more than happy for me to go ahead with my plans."

Jacqueline also discovered she was able to switch off her native Stirling accent and slip into different accents - a gift which eventually helped get her the job on Emmerdale. She was advised not to the let the producers know she was Scottish when she auditioned for the role of Tina Dingle.

But that didn't put Jacqueline off. She proved at the audition that she could effortlessly become a Yorkshire lass.

It was with the same ease that she developed her accent for Coronation Street.

"I can do all sorts of accents, she says. "But I was still surprised when I got offered the part in the Street because it was a risk to have a Scot playing someone from Manchester. But it has worked."

She obviously likes facing challenges - she has recently turned her painting hobby into a small business. Although very modest about any ability she might have with a brush and palette, Jacqueline has already held a couple of exhibitions.

"I've got some lovely paintings of the Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle and Loch Affric," she says. "I've even sold some of my work - it was a pencil drawing of a pair of eyes that I scribbled on the back of a script. I got pounds 75 for that - imagine."

Jacqueline talks as though the person who parted with cash for one of her sketches was crackers. But it's a good bet that as her TV fame increases so will the value of Jacqueline's paintings.

After all, Jacqueline Pirie seems to be a girl who is full of surprises.

Interview: I doted on my baby Alexandra too much and I became a recluse. It just wasn't healthy; When Jacqueline Pirie became pregnant, she quit her role as Tina Dingle in Emmerdale and hid away for two years,...
Date: 04/03/1999; Publication: The Mirror (London, England); Author: Grant, Clare

Jacqueline Pirie was only 19 when she first tasted the kind of life other teenagers envied. She was famous, she had money, her own flat, designer clothes, a car and a hectic social life.

By day she would be filming the hit soap Emmerdale in which she played bitchy yet sexy Tina Dingle. At night the Scottish actress was a carefree party animal who loved to dress up and go out clubbing. Even when she accidentally fell pregnant, she vowed a baby wouldn't change her lifestyle. But it did.

It was to be a monumental change. In just two years on the show she had become one of its core stars but she shocked her bosses by quitting in November 1996. When her baby girl, Alexandra, was born in April 1997 she fell so completely in love with her that she couldn't bear to leave her for a minute.

Jacqui no longer wanted to be that famous star, her social life disappeared and, by her own admission, she became a frumpy recluse. All she wanted to do was cherish her child.

That she has now resumed her soap career with the role of bolshie factory worker Linda Sykes in Coronation Street is a remarkable testament to her strength and determination.

The dark days are gone. When we meet her hair is shining, her make-up is immaculate, she is fashionably dressed and she laughs non-stop. But looking back, she now sees that her obsession with Alex two years ago was destructive for them both.

"I doted on her too much," Jacqui says. "There was nothing else in my life. I was so in love with her I didn't go out for a year. I didn't even go out for my birthday. I became a recluse and suddenly I didn't want to do anything but be with her. It was unhealthy for her and me.

"Before she was born I used to love having a drink and partying but I changed overnight. I would say, `Oh no, the baby needs me'. It was stupid. The baby was sick of me by the time she was a year old. She didn't want to look at me.

"My mum would go, `Will you leave that baby alone. All you do is kiss her'." While her love was unconditional, Jacqui had also made some level- headed decisions about her and the baby's future even before the birth.

She had given up her flat and moved back to the family home in Birmingham to be with parents James, 45, and Patricia, 46, and her 21-year-old sister Alison. This was the security of her own family - and a blessing.

"I moved back with my parents when I found out I was pregnant because I was frightened about being a single mum," admits Jacqui, now 23. "I thought it was important for Alex to have my dad as a male role model and my sister's boyfriend, Ricky, as a younger role model.

"Also, I didn't have a clue about actually being a mother. I wasn't a particularly maternal person before I found out that I was pregnant so I didn't know whether I would be able to do it.

"My parents were great about it, which is why we can live together as a bunch of adults in one little house. I just went in and told them I was pregnant and I was happy. They were just happy for me."

Patricia was with Jacqui when she went into hospital. Because Jacqui is so tiny and it was a breech birth, she had a Caesarean. She was awake throughout and enjoyed the experience.

The baby was named after her brother Alexander, 28, a soldier stationed in Germany. "I told him it was because I love him so much, but actually I've always fancied the name Alex for a woman," laughs Jacqui. "I read a Danielle Steel book and the main character was a businesswoman called Alex. I just fancied being her, in control of a board meeting full of men."

Being in control was the last thing Jacqui felt after the birth, though. Her confidence was shot to pieces and, as she puts it, Jacqui felt she had no adult conversation and no brain cells left. She also put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy and felt dowdy. Although the tiny actress was back to her size six clothes within two months, it was hard to get out of the rut in which she now found herself.

"After my baby was born I didn't want to ever act again," Jacqui says. "I stopped wearing make-up and I didn't do my hair for a year. I wore only my brother's green combat trousers, a white T-shirt and my dad's holey Argyle cardigan. I completely let myself go.

"The longer I was away from work the harder it was to go back. Your identity changes after children because of your responsibilities. They become your number one priority.

"My mum wanted to get me checked out at the doctors. She thought something strange had happened to me but I told her, `How can it be unhealthy? She's my daughter, this is coming naturally to me'.

"Meanwhile, my dad was telling me I'd let myself go."

For 12 months Jacqui didn't care. She was enjoying every minute with her baby girl but her parents' comments did begin to strike home. There was also the question of earning a living. With the baby's father no longer on the scene, the need to provide for her daughter spurred on Jacqui to find work.

"At the end of the day I have to provide for Alex," she says. "That's my responsibility. I'm a single mum and I haven't got anyone else who can provide for her apart from me. She's my driving force. Everything I do is ultimately done for Alex.

"I didn't work for nearly two years and, if I hadn't had my mum and dad, I would have been in trouble. But that's acting. You are only in the money when you are in work."

So in May last year Jacqui auditioned for a part as a robber in Casualty and got it. But she regarded the prospect of going back to work as an enormous ordeal.

"The first day I was nervous," she says. "But as soon as I stepped on set I thought, `What was I thinking? I could have been doing this for the last year'. I absolutely loved it. I got a lot of my confidence back. The time had come for me to find Jacqueline Pirie again." Encouraged that she still wanted to act, last September she went on to audition successfully for the role in Coronation Street. Even though the part as one of the girlie gang working in Mike Baldwin's underwear factory was fairly low profile at first, she still had reservations. There was some way to go before the old Jacqui was really back on track.

"I was still in a bit of a rut when I started work," she recalls. "For a start I was still in my old diamond-patterned cardigan. Naomi Radcliffe (the Street's Alison Wakefield) bought some new clothes and I said I wanted to get some. Michael Le Vell, who plays Kevin Webster, just looked at me and said, `Yeah, you want to get out of your dad's flaming cardie!'

"I took a look at myself and went out and bought loads of new stuff."

With the support of her family, life is now back on course for Jacqui. She is able to leave her daughter safely with her parents in Birmingham while she is working during the week in Manchester.

"Alex has a tantrum when I go and loves it when I come back, but she's fine. My working schedule means I sometimes have four days with her or sometimes I'm away for the week," she says.

Jacqui has even regained her social life and goes out with her friends on the Street. But there is no new man or romance yet.

She says proudly, "I have struck a balance in my life. It's a constant juggling act and I have guilty feelings that I'm not spending all my time with my daughter, but I know it wasn't good for either of us before.

"Now I can't believe I let myself get like that. I love working for Coronation Street and seeing people. I feel like I'm me again. Alison dragged me out for her 21st. I was off for a week and she took me out every single night."

Jacqui is obviously very close to her family and still goes back to Scotland regularly to see her relatives. Although her dad's job as a manager with British Telecom forced them to move from Stirling when Jacqui was only six years old, she still hasn't lost her Scottish accent.

She stuck out like a sore thumb when she first started school in Birmingham but her down-to-earth, sociable and easy-going manner soon helped her make friends.

It was no surprise to her family that Jacqui loved acting more than her schoolwork. She was in all the school plays at Swanshurst Secondary School and when Central Television recruited around the local area for young people to audition for its acting workshops, she applied.

"My parents thought I was mad," she says with a laugh. "There is no history of acting in my family but they were more than happy for me to go ahead with my plans."

Jacqui was accepted and joined the prestigious drama classes funded by the television station to provide casting directors with a pool of trained young actors. It meant a lot of her time after school and weekends was taken up with acting. Naturally her parents warned her not to let her schoolwork suffer, but of course it did.

"I didn't do any work at all in my fifth year," she says. "I was too busy enjoying myself at the workshop, especially as I was at an all-girls school and suddenly I was with boys. I scraped five GCSEs and I left school at 16."

Jacqui joined the local college to study drama and theatre, but after a clash with one of the tutors, she was thrown out.

"I wasn't worried. I got a job in a bed and breakfast and I worked in Next, although that didn't last long either. They asked me to leave because I was always late. I knew I was going to be an actress and the future didn't worry me.

"My family just said, `Oh that's our Jacqui again'."

It wasn't long before she was landing small stage roles. At 19 she finally got her big break in Emmerdale. She admits it turned her head and she had grand designs for her future.

She planned only to stay in the role for two years because a friend told her that any longer would kill her career.

"That is just a wee lassie thinking she is better than she is," Jacqui admits. "When you are 19 and someone throws a really big job at you, you believe in it.

"Now I know Hollywood doesn't beckon and neither does the Royal Shakespeare Company. I'm absolutely happy with that."

Jacqui has a few days off over this holiday weekend and is staying at home with her family. She has painted piles of hardboiled eggs which she plans to hide in the garden for Alex to have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

Jacqui has clearly found her equilibrium, though Alex still comes first.

"I'm happy with all the aspects of my life at the moment. I have a little image of the perfect life but I won't say what it is because it will tempt fate," she says.

"If things stay just how they are I will be happy. Professionally, I'm so pleased to be in another high-profile job and to be secure.

"All I want to do is have fun, be able to act every day, provide for Alex...and never wear another Argyle diamond cardigan again!"


Now it's bully for you Jacqueline!(News)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 2/21/1999

SCOTS actress Jacqueline Pirie can be a beauty as well as a beast.

The Stirling-born actress has made her name playing loudmouths in soaps.

First, she was Emmerdale's bitchy, man-eating Tina Dingle.

Now she's Coronation Street's factory shop-floor bully Linda Sykes.

Just last week, soap fans saw her moving in for the kill on barmaid Lorraine Brownlow, real name Holly Newman.

The stushie happened, after Linda fell for love-rat Steve MacDonald, played by Simon Gregson.

The Weatherfield girls ended up in a spectacular cat-fight in the Rovers bar.

But as Jacqueline, 24, shows in a stunning new picture, top, she is nothing like the monsters she plays.

As with all new Corrie cast members, Jacqueline's short-term contract could easily be extended if she catches the producer's eye or the scriptwriters' imagination.

Going by the picture, that shouldn't be a problem.

The first time I... Jacqueline Pirie.(Features)

The Mirror (London, England); 1/2/1999; Murphy, Rachel

Jacqueline, 23, is known for playing loudmouths in soaps - first

she was Emmerdale's bitchy Tina Dingle and now she's pushy Linda Sykes in the Street. Here she tells Rachel Murphy why driving, cider and ra- ra skirts will remain things of the past

My first home...

Was in Stirling in Scotland in the house my Mum grew up in. It had two rooms with one partitioned off. My Uncle Michael and my brother Alexander slept in one side, and me and my sister slept on the other. We moved to Birmingham when I was six for Dad's work. For a joke my grandad told me Santa didn't come to Birmingham - it worried me until Christmas came.

My first memory...

That was when my younger sister Alison was born, so I would have been three. Dad took me to the hospital to see her and didn't really have a clue about how to dress me. He put me in a blue loopy cardigan with a matching hat that fitted so tightly I called it my wig.

My first kiss...

I reluctantly kissed a boy who lived across the road from me in Scotland. He was very small and always had a snotty nose, but he was my friend. One day two older lasses got us behind the sweet cabin and made us kiss.

My first best friend...

I met Tracey the day I started school in Birmingham. As the new girl with the Scottish accent I had about five people hanging round me for an hour quizzing me, and she was the biggest of them all so I stuck with her. I don't see her very often now but we'll always be friends.

My first career break...

When I was 11 I passed the auditions to join the drama workshop run by Central TV. I got my first role aged 12 as Shirley Ann Turtledove, a '40s time traveller in a children's comedy called Palace Hill.

My first record...

I got She Told Me A Secret by The Jets free on the cover of Smash Hits. It was a floppy disc and I loved it - probably because it was free and I'm stingy. I was actually into Wham! and Haircut 100.

My first holiday...

I went to Cyprus with my family when I was 14 and went wild with an Irish lassie I met there. We hired a moped but crashed it outside a pub where all my family were having a meal. I hurt my knee and Dad didn't speak to me for the rest of the holiday

My first crush...

It was on a lad called Ian in junior school. I can't remember his surname, even though I used to practise signing "Mrs Jacqueline" followed by his surname.

My first boyfriend...

He was Richard Desousa who I met at the drama workshop. He had lovely green eyes. I was with him for four years, from 15 to 19. We were very close friends but never talked about marriage. We called it a day when I went to London to work, which I think is the way it should be at that age.

My first dance...

We had Wednesday club after school where you paid 60p and could choose what you wanted to do for two hours. About five people would choose to do woodwork or pottery and the rest of us would be in the disco. I kicked my legs too high once and I fell on my bum in front of Ian, the lad I had a crush on.

My first fashion gaffe...

Let's just say that if it was good enough for Bucks Fizz it was good enough for me. I've never had much style and have to confess to ra-ra skirts, puffballs and neon-coloured socks. I'd give anything a go - once.

My first drink...

Tracey and I used to go to the ice rink every Friday night but we never skated - we went to look at all the lads. Beforehand we would buy bottles of cider and horrible sparkling wines from the off licence, mix them, get drunk and be horribly sick everywhere. We'd be ill the whole weekend and just about recover to go back to school on Monday.

My first job...

I had a Christmas temp job in Next in Birmingham. I was always late and not terribly efficient and they asked me to leave before my eight weeks were up.

My first time living away from home...

When I was 19 I got four weeks' work doing comedy soaps for kids on Sky One. The producer's secretary was going away at exactly the same time and let me stay at her house in Hampton Court. I wasn't daunted by living alone in the big city. I'd be really nervous now.

My first car...

About five years ago I bought a little red Metro for pounds 75 and sold it for scrap a year later for a tenner. I crashed it so much there was nothing left of the car. I took both the side doors off on my own gate-posts and once drove down a ditch and had to be pulled out by a tow truck. I'm just stupid and dizzy behind the wheel so I've decided to take myself off the road permanently for everyone's safety. I'll never drive again.

My first big decision...

Was joining Emmerdale to play bitchy Tina Dingle. An even bigger decision was leaving after two years which people told me was a mistake. I believe in fate and felt it was time to move on so I followed my instincts, but I struggled for two years until Coronation Street came up.

My first broken heart...

Touch wood, I've never had a broken heart and I hope I've never given anyone else one either.

The first thing I do when I get up...

I get woken up by my 19-month-old daughter Alexandra, who likes to sleep in my bed. I usually put on The Rescuers' video for her and then bombard myself with caffeine. I'm terrible at getting up.

Date: 09/30/1998; Publication: Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); Author: Morgan, Kathleen

It was the toughest decision she has ever had to make. But faced with the choice between becoming one of the biggest stars in British soaps and a life as a full-time mother, Jacqueline Pirie chose the career break.

She knows it will be a gamble, but speaking for the first time about her new role as a mum, she said: "I've been away from my daughter for eight days since she was born."

That was while she was filming a recent episode of Casualty, her only part since she left her last full-time soap role in Emmerdale two years ago to devote herself to her child. Now all that will have to change.

During that time, her 18-month-old daughter Alexandra took her first steps. From her home in Birmingham, Jacqueline laughed: "I'm sure she did it deliberately. I don't want to miss out on anything else.

Those lost memories were enough to temporarily shake Jacqueline's resolve to return to the career she loves. She explained : "There are so many working mums who do a great job, but I don't want Alex to miss out on all the time we share together."

Now she has made her decision to return to television, she risks missing more of the crucial moments in her daughter's childhood - especially if Coronation Street bosses succeed in making Jacqueline a major star for the soap.

The decision has been a dilemma for the responsible young woman originally from Stirling. She has lived with parents Patricia and James at their home in Yardley Wood, Birmingham since she quit Emmerdale. She has built a secure family environment for her daughter there.

Jacqueline has clearly been inspired by her mother, who stood by her daughter's decision to return to showbusiness after sacrificing her stardom to be with Alexandra. She said: "I hope I can be as good a mum as mine."

It is the actress's own bravery, however, which has really helped her in coping with the stresses of single motherhood. She may have missed her daughter's first steps, but she has been there to hear her first words and held her when she cried.

Jacqueline had made a pact only to return to full-time work if the offer meant more security for her young child. She said: "I would only go back to acting full time if the money was right and it would give Alex a better future.

She also recently said: "I used to be hungry for roles, but now I have a different view on life. Other things are important."

Although it remains to be seen if her new character - a Corrie superbitch - will take off, she realises that a chance of making it big in Britain's best-loved soap is a great opportunity.

In a fortnight, the 23-year-old actress will make her Street debut as Linda Sykes, a trouble-maker who causes ructions in Mike Baldwin's underwear factory.

Jacqueline has already had to cope with a blaze of publicity following revelations that the father of her child was Birmingham gang leader Christopher Stone.

She insists that Stone, who has fathered seven other children by four different women, visits her and Alexandra regularly.

At the beginning she was determined to stop the 34 year old seeing his daughter. Her parents' Birmingham terraced home is yards from the pub where Jacqueline is said to have met Stone. But the actress who sacrificed her role as man-eater Mandy to spend more time with her baby, has effectively raised Alexandra on her own.

Her determination to go it alone was suggested when she left Stone's name off her child's birth certificate.

Her alter-ego, Linda, is to be a ring-leader in Baldwin's factory, making even loud-mouthed Janice Battersby fall into line.

Soon after her arrival, Linda will rock the Street by revealing Hayley Patterson's secret that she is a transsexual. The new girl's malicious rumours will earn her brownie points with boss Mike, who is determined to get rid of Hayley without sacking her.

The revelations should also make Jacqueline one of the soap's most absorbing characters and help fill the gap left by Tina Hobley, who played another troublemaker, Rovers Return barmaid Samantha Failsworth.

Jacqueline left an army of Emmerdale fans frustrated when she decided to leave the show in November 1996.

But the attention had all become too much.

She said: "I'm a naturally private person and when things took off in Emmerdale, my life was not my own. The publicity became too much and I left."

She attracted 13million viewers when heart-breaker Mandy Dingle jilted her husband- to-be Luke McAllister at the altar. Hundreds of viewers wrote to complain when Jacqueline left the show months later to have her baby.

In real life, Jacqueline's romance with Stone had also attracted headlines. The five- month relationship began when she agreed to open his friend's bar. Two weeks later, Stone turned up at a pub near the Emmerdale set in Yorkshire.

Later, he invited her to Blackpool for a weekend. He took her to a high- profile boxing match between Nigel Benn and Steve Collins and wooed her with champagne and red roses. The actress was infatuated with the rough character who has the word "Triumph" tattooed on the inside of his lip, two tattoos of the sun on his feet and one of a falcon on his chest.

"They are so amazing you could exhibit them at the Tate gallery," she said at the time.

"While he looked really hard, he seemed loving and supportive. He was so romantic."

Stone later boasted how the petite actress was aware of his hard-man reputation and claimed he had been jailed five times for violent crimes.

He also described how he had attacked victims with axes during his gangster reign.

"I'm a hardened, known criminal, and have been in jail five times for violence," he said in 1996.

"I have been on an attempted murder charge, have been involved in protection rackets, intimidation of witnesses, shootings and gang warfare."

While pregnant, Jacqueline spoke about her plans to bring her child up alone, without Stone's involvement.

"He is the father of my unborn child, but he won't be playing the role of daddy," she said. "We're finished and I'm going to bring up by baby alone."

She explained later that she had no intentions to cut Alexandra's father out of their lives.

"The whole situation is not ideal," she said. "I can't alter the fact that Chris is the father of my child. I've just got to live with it. The baby is the one good thing that came out of our relationship and I'm looking on the positive side. We live very close to each other and he knows my feelings.

"If he wants to see the baby I won't stop him, but I'll never let the child out of my sight."

As Linda winds her way into the lives of Coronation Street's unsuspecting residents, Emmerdale fans will have to be content with seeing Jacqueline's comeback in a rival soap.

Many had hoped the door would be left open for Mandy Dingle, who Emmerdale bosses had refused to kill off.

As Jacqueline knows only too well, she can only be in one place at one time - even with the wonders of television.

Alexandra will never be far from her mind as Linda storms Coronation Street and the actress wins over the hearts of a new army of fans.

COPYRIGHT 1998 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

Country girl Jackie gets Streetwise.(News)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 9/29/1998; Morgan, Kathleen

Former Emmerdale star Jacqueline Pirie is to make her soap comeback - as Coronation Street's latest hell- raiser.

The 23-year-old Scot, who left Emmerdale to spend more time with her baby daughter, will play Linda Sykes, a new worker in Mike Baldwin's underwear factory.

The Street role will bury hopes that Jacqueline might return to Emmerdale as man- eater Tina Dingle.

As acid-tongued Linda, Jacqueline will rock Baldwin's factory by giving away Hayley Patterson's secret that she is a transsexual.

She will then become the Underworld factory girls' ring-leader, proving more than a match for loud- mouthed workmate Janice Battersby.

A Street spokeswoman said: "Linda is a bit of a minx and has the potential to be a trouble- maker. She will become a leader at Underworld and quickly makes one of the girls' life a misery."

Linda's antics will make her enemies in the Street, but boss Baldwin will like her style.

"He tolerates her and even warms to her," said the spokeswoman.

The part puts the Stirling-born actress back in the limelight after 18 months concentrating on her role as a single mother.

Her only other acting role since giving birth to Alexandra was as a robber in a recent episode of medical drama Casualty.

She spent eight days filming away from the Birmingham home she shares with her parents and was distressed to discover she had missed seeing Alexandra take her first steps.

But the Coronation Street role was too good to turn down.

It could make Jacqueline one of the soap's biggest stars as bosses try to fill the gap left by Tina Hobley, who played barmaid Samantha Failsworth.

A friend said: "It's a bit of a dilemma for Jacqui, but it's very hard to turn down a role in Britain's most-watched programme.

"It was a good part and so tempting financially that she had to take it."

Around 13 million viewers tuned in when Jacqueline made her final appearance as Tina in Emmerdale in 1996. She makes her debut in the Street in a fortnight.

Former pop star Martin Kemp is joining EastEnders. Kemp, 36, who had a string of hits in the 1980s with Spandau Ballet, has previously acted with brother Gary in The Krays movie. He also recently played a murderer in The Bill.

After keeping mum, soap queen tells of her baby role.

Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England); 8/9/1998

SOAP star Jacqueline Pirie has broken a year-long silence to talk for the first time about her new role... as a mum.

The ex-Emmerdale actress told the Sunday Mercury how she has put her acting career on hold for the sake of 15-month-old Alexandra.

Jacqueline, aged 23, who lives with her parents and 20-year-old sister Alison in Yardley Wood, Birmingham, went to ground after revelations about the father of her child.

It was claimed ex-partner Christopher Stone had a violent criminal record and she had vowed to keep him out of Alex's life.

But she revealed: "We see her father almost every day. Everything is fine."

Jacqueline, who played man-eating babe Tina Dingle, was a virtual prisoner at home throughout her pregnancy because of the media interest.

She gave birth in April last year, four months after leaving the top-rated soap.

Since then she has dodged interviews and devoted her life to little Alex.

She said: "I would only go back to acting now full time if the money was right and it would give Alex a better future.

"But we have such a nice life here.

"There are so many working mums who do a great job, but I don't want Alex to miss out on all the time we share together.

"I have only been away from her for eight days in total since the day she was born."

Fans will be pleased to learn that some of that time away was spent filming an episode of Casualty, due to be screened on September 12.

She said: "She took her first steps while I was away filming. I'm sure she did it deliberately!

"I don't want to miss out on anything else."

But she said her appetite for acting had waned since becoming a mum.

"I used to be hungry for roles. I would really want the parts I went for, but now I have a different view on life.

"Other things are important."

Jacqueline's parents Patricia and James moved to Birmingham from Stirling when Jacqueline was six.

She began acting with the Central Workshop five years later and landed the top role of Tina Dingle at the age of 19.

The super-bitch character, developed during her two years on the show, became someone that millions of viewers loved to hate.

But the soap star was never like the character and Jacqueline found it hard to cope with her new-found fame.

"I'm a naturally private person and when things took off with Emmerdale, my life was not my own," she said.

"The publicity became too much and I left."

Now she is content spending her days with toddler Alex, named after Jacqueline's 27-year-old brother Alexander.

He is currently serving with the 2nd Battalion Royal Green Jackets who are acting as a peace-keeping force in Bosnia.

Jacqueline said: "I don't like the thought of him being over there, but I know he's a good soldier.

"We fought like mad when we were kids, but we are very close.

"He thought it was brilliant when I named Alex after him."

Rifleman Alex, who keeps his famous sister's identity as secret as he can, said: "She's nothing like the bitchy character she played in Emmerdale.

"She's a great sister and I'm thrilled she named her little girl after her big brother."


The People (London, England); 6/22/1997; Oswald, Louise

Life can be hard as a single mum - especially if you're used to the champagne lifestyle of TV soap.

But former Emmerdale star Jacqueline Pirie looks content as she cradles the daughter she has vowed to raise on her own.

Alexandra Lauren, now two months old, gurgles happily in the arms of her mum unaware that her absent dad hides a brutal criminal past.

Sexy Jacqui - who played nasty Tina Dingle in the soap - became pregnant during a five-month affair with axeman Christopher Stone.

But now she's desperate to keep Stone, one of Birmingham's toughest gang leaders, away from her little girl.

The hardman, who has "Triumph" tattooed on his bottom lip, has already fathered seven children from four different women.

Determined Jacqui, 22, even left his name off Alexandra's birth certificate in a bid to erase her past with the thug.

She told friends: "Chris and I are finished. I know he's Alexandra's father but there's no way he'll be playing daddy." The raven-haired actress is now living with her parents James and Patricia in their modest semi in the Yardley Wood area of Birmingham.

In these first pictures of her with her little girl, Jacqui can be seen holding Alexandra and kissing her forehead after a routine check at a local clinic.

Mum Patricia was on hand to whisk her grandchild indoors while Jacqui playfully chewed on her baby's dummy.

A friend revealed: "Jacqui has a lot of support from her family but being a single mum is still not easy. It's hard work raising a baby and no matter what, she can't alter the fact that Stone is the father of her child. She has to live with it."

As man-eater Tina, Jacqui was the superbitch viewers loved to hate. Hundreds wrote to complain when she quit last November to have her baby.

Scots-born Jacqui's off-screen love life has been matched only by the scheming antics of her TV character.

Temptress Tina won an army of fans when she lured heart-throb Luke McAllister into bed to avenge her brother who died in a fight with him.

She pretended to be pregnant to get guilt-ridden Luke to marry her but then jilted him at the altar, driving him to his death.

In real life, Jacqui plunged into a passionate romance with Stone, 33, after he invited her to Blackpool for a weekend. Stone wooed the star with champagne and 100 red roses before making love to her in his hotel bedroom.

Later he boasted how the petite actress was aware of his tough-nut reputation and claimed he'd been jailed five times for violent crimes.

Stone also chillingly described how he'd attacked victims with axes during his reign of terror.

Christmas Special; Soap Watch.(Features)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 12/21/1996

It's going to be a sad and lonely Christmas for fans of EMMERDALE sex- bomb Tina Dingle.

Scots star Jacqueline Pirie, who plays Tina the Terror, is quitting the show

In an action-packed, hour-long episode on Christmas Eve, Tina tells Frank about her job offer.

He begs her to stay, saying: "Stick with me - I'll do anything you want."

Meanwhile, as Linda and Biff get ready to tie the knot, Dave is forced to decide between new wife Kathy and old flame Kim, who he believes is the mother of his child.

On Boxing Day, the wedding is interrupted with news that Dave is in hospital.

Kathy can't understand what he was doing at Home Farm, but Biff has a theory. "He found out Kim was gonna leave. He just wanted to say a last goodbye to his son."

In CORONATION STREET, Curly decides to make the most of his life and go round the world.

Maureen feels sorry for herself without Billso she calls on Curly and they get drunk together.

And that signals the start of a bonktastic Christmas for the Weatherfield wimp.

BROOKSIDE begins Christmas week with a bang - an arson attack on the Dixons' house, where Jackie Corkhill has been staying. Prime suspect is Jimmy Corkhill.

In HIGH ROAD, Gary is still flashing his cash around. And date-rape victim Menna quits Glendarroch for a new life in Wales.

I'm ready for Dingle-dong over Tina; INTERVIEW: Norman Bowler.(Features)

The Mirror (London, England); 11/19/1996; Hughes, Chris

He may be old enough to be her grandad but that doesn't stop Emmerdale smoothie Frank Tate setting out to woo personal assistant Tina Dingle.

Viewers have seen millionaire Tate (Norman Bowler) seething with jealousy over Tina's relationship with trendy young businessman Steve.

Now his determination to win over his aide - played by Jacqueline Pirie - promises to get the gossips going again in Beckindale.

Norman says: "So far Tina has managed to keep Frank at arm's length but this week he is honest with her about his feelings

"When he found out about her and Steve, he was so jealous. Seeing her with another man really got to him.

"Now he hopes to bring them both closer together." Norman, 64, could never share Frank's mean streak. Last year he was moved to tears when he met a Tibetan orphan whose life he had saved with regular donations to an aid charity.

He and his wife Diane made the 5,000-mile journey to Tibet to meet nine year-old Lhamo Dolma.

"It was the most moving experience of my life," he says. Married three times and a father-of-four, the star has appeared in a string of hit TV series, including Softly Softly and Crossroads.

But Emmerdale has been his longest-serving show - and Frank his most manipulative character. He says: "The trouble is Frank refuses to be put off. He feels Steve is not worthy of Tina.

"He thinks he could offer her so much more and that while he might not be as young as Steve, he's a lot richer."

But Frank has got a real battle on his hands as Tina gets more deeply involved with Steve (Paul Opacic).

His love rival has already proved himself as a shrewd farming businessman. Privately Frank is impressed with him. But he still mocks Steve and makes snide comments about Tina's personal life when he speaks to her.

"Frank is used to getting his own way and he will always try to win someone over either with money or through manipulation," says Norman.

"He refuses to back down - because he is sure Tina will give in to him in the end."


Jacqui's baby riddle.(News)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 10/13/1996

Scots soap star Jacqueline Pirie could be set to swap her figure- hugging outfits for maternity wear.

For it was claimed last night that she is four months pregnant.

A mad axeman boasts he is the father - and has demanded pounds 20,000 cash to tell all.

Christopher Stone, 32, has a history of violence and already admits to fathering SEVEN children to four different women.

Jacqueline's friends can't understand her infatuation with Stone and are said to be worried about her.

The Stirling-born actress, who plays Tina Dingle in Emmerdale, celebrated her 21st birthday last Thursday.


Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 10/5/1996; Smith, Aidan

Soap sex-bomb Jacqueline Pirie will be the X-factor when a bevy of beauties do battle for a top telly award.

The Scots stunner - who plays Tina Dingle in Emmerdale - has been nominated for a National Television Award.

And she faces competition from X Files star Gillian Anderson and Pride And Prejudice actress Jennifer Ehle for the coveted award.

The ceremony will be screened on Wednesday, the day before Jacqueline's 22nd birthday.

But she isn't expecting a double celebration. Jacqueline, from Stirling, said: "It's great to be nominated for such a prestigious award, but I don't think I'll win. I'm just happy to be in such good company and I'm looking forward to a great night."

It's a pretty safe bet that Gillian Anderson - recently voted the most fanciable woman on the planet - has never heard of Emmerdale, or Tina.

But fans of the farm yarn reckon the recognition for their favourite girl is long overdue.

Jacqueline - who joined Emmerdale two years ago - has played a major part in reviving the fortunes of the rustic drama.

In the country community, Tina is loathed by women and loved by men in roughly equal degrees.

She left hubby-to-be Luke McAllister at the altar after telling him the baby she was carrying wasn't his. Then she twisted Terry Woods, a man old enough to be her father, round her little finger. Lately, the soap superbitch has suddenly gone all respectable to become Frank Tate's personal assistant.

But don't be fooled by that smart business suit. Once a Dingle, always one. And it's just about time for her to have another roll in the hay.

Jacqueline, who now lives in Leeds near the Emmerdale set, says it's good to be bad.

She revealed: "Every soap has its bitch and Tina is a joy to play. I love her to pieces."

Other nominees for Most Popular Actress include Coronation Street's Sarah Lancashire and Dervla Kirwan from Ballykissangel.

Scotland's best hope of landing a gong lies with Robbie Coltrane.

The Cracker star contests Most Popular Actor with David Duchovny (The X Files), David Jason (A Touch Of Frost), Ross Kemp (EastEnders) and Colin Firth (Pride And Prejudice).

John Gordon Sinclair's newspaper sitcom Nelson's Column has been nominated for Most Popular Comedy Programme alongside Father Ted, Keeping Up Appearances and Men Behaving Badly.

AND Band Of Gold, starring Barbara Dickson, is in the running for Most Popular Drama Series, together with The Bill, Heartbeat and London's Burning.

The prize for Most Popular Comedy Performer will be contested by Rowan Atkinson, Martin Clunes, Dawn French and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

The nominations for Most Popular Entertainment Presenter are Michael Barrymore, Noel Edmonds, Chris Evans and Lily Savage.

(Wednesday, ITV, 8.00pm)

Jacqui heads for a bust-up.(News)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 9/8/1996

Sexy Scots actress Jacqueline Pirie could be in soapy bubble.

For Jacqui, 20, who plays Emmerdale's teenage temptress Tina Dingle, has been nominated for Best Actress in the National Television Awards...

But a bit of a bust-up with other stars of the soaps is looming. For Coronation Street's Sarah Lancashire and Ballykissangel star Dervla Kirwan are also on the shortlist.

The winners of what's looking like a battle of the babes will be announced on October 8 - two days before Jacqui's 21st birthday.

And a gong would be the perfect coming-of-age gift for our Jacqui.

SUPERBITCH TINA QUITS EMMERDALE; She joins flood of stars from top soap.(Features)

The Mirror (London, England); 7/26/1996; Wright, Matthew

More bad news for Emmerdale bosses - another of the soap's stars is quitting.

Superbitch Tina Dingle - Jacqueline Pirie - is the third major character to want out in the past two months.

Jacqueline's decision not to renew her contract, which expires on December 20, will send bosses at Yorkshire TV reeling.

Three weeks ago I revealed how the show's bitchy Kim Tate, played by Claire King, will quit in December.

And last month I learned that Ian Kelsey, randy farm manager David Glover, was also leaving at the end of the year.

"Jacqui doesn't want to be typecast as Tina especially as she is nothing like her screen character," my spy tells me.

Jacqueline, 21, has asked agent Lou Coulson to see what else is on offer. And Lou has already received interest from other TV chiefs desperate to sign the sexy star.

As Tina, she stunned the soap's 13 million viewers last year when she bedded Luke McAllister - then dumped him at the altar, driving him to his death.

Woolpack landlord Terry Woods was her next conquest. And now, as Frank Tate's secretary, she looks certain to make the sheets fly again.

"Emmerdale won't be the same without Tina," my spy adds.

"The show has boomed thanks to all the bed-hopping plots. Tina will be badly missed."

EMMERDALE'S CHARMS; Star plays her idols.(News)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 5/6/1996; Burns, Emma

Take a look at Emmerdale sex siren Jacqueline Pirie as you've never seen her before.

Gorgeous Jacqui - who plays prize bitch Tina Dingle - dressed up as Sharon Stone, Madonna, and Pulp Fiction's Uma Thurman for a day.

And all the film star glamour made a refreshing change from her small screen role as the deadly Tina.

Scots-born Jacqui, 20, donned a black wig to look just like Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

And she really fancies becoming a Taran-Tina of the Dales.

She joked: "Tina would be great in one of those movie shoot-outs - more than a match for the men."

Jacqui thought the film was "sick and violent" but loved how Uma Thurman looked.

"Both Lisa Riley - Mandy Dingle - and I went out and bought Pulp Fiction wigs after seeing the film," she said.

It took half an hour and two people to lace Jacqui into her Madonna-look corset - but she claims it was comfortable.

She said: "I love this corset, it's so flattering.

"I've always wanted to wear one though I have to concentrate on not popping out the top.

"There's no reaching up with this on!"

Dressed as a cowgirl to look like Sharon Stone in The Quick and The Dead, Jacqui felt really good.

She said: "I think this image is such a sexy one, but then Sharon Stone is sexy in anything.

"This isn't the obvious Basic Instinct sexiness but a more masculine one. I wear a lot of trouser suits in real life and I think they're far sexier."

But she has no plans to take the cowgirl look any further.

This "farm girl" is TERRIFIED of horses.


The People (London, England); 3/17/1996; Stenson, Jules

SEXY Jacquie Pirie is the biggest bitch on the box as Emmerdale's scheming Tina Dingle.

And in just one year on the Yorkshire soap she has gone through those village men like a fox in a chicken coop.

First there was poor Luke McAllister. She bedded him, dumped him at the altar, then drove him to his death.

Next was Terry Woods at The Woolpack, and soon she may be about to get her claws into Frank Tate after taking a job as his housekeeper.

But Jacquie, 21, says she is nothing like man-eater Tina in real life.

"I'm just a normal lass. Tina is the sex symbol.

"I am a flirt. I'm popular with men, but it's all superficial. I can't pull to save my life. And if a bloke chats me up in a nightclub, it's a big no-no, no matter how good-looking he is.

"I'm a bit paranoid. It seems that now I'm on the telly I've suddenly got lots of friends."

Emmerdale's sexy storylines have made it a serious rival to EastEnders and Coronation Street in the ratings war.

Jacquie reckons the booming soap - with 13 million viewers, and rising - could soon topple the Big Two.

But she has been amazed at fans' reactions to superbitch Tina.

"I thought people would hate her but they love Tina. They say, `You're a little cow - but you're great!'"

The teenage temptress attracts mountains of fan mail. Men write saying: "Dear Jacquie, can you send me a signed, full length, naked photograph, please." (Sorry, guys, she sends everyone the same standard portrait).

Jacquie's dream would be for Tina to marry Frank Tate and become the lady of the manor.

"If I was playing any other character, I wouldn't want to be in a soap, but I'll never get bored with Tina. She's the only one who is a match for Kim Tate, and would not think twice about going to bed with Frank to get on in life."

Jacquie says it's a laugh-a-minute on the Emmerdale set. One of the favourite games, which drives the directors mad, is called Bogey. It involves each actor shouting "Bogey" louder than the last person.

Jacquie says it's hilarious (I guess you have to be there!).

She shares a dressing room with Lisa Riley (Mandy Dingle), which is covered with cards, posters of their heroes...and the odd sex book.

"We are so rude. We're just like Tina and Mandy - I go around to her house and we'll get totally drunk."

And on Claire King (Kim Tate) she says: "I was really frightened of her, then we got talking and my belly ached I was laughing so much."

Meanwhile Johnny Leeze, who plays Ned Glover, is simply bonkers. "I have heard every one of his jokes about 20 times. They're so rehearsed," she says.



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