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Jacqueline Chadwick (nee Pirie)

Jacqueline Pirie


Jacqueline E. Pirie
Born: 10 October 1975 in Stirling, Scotland.

Stage Name, Husband, Children, Family,
Location, Accent, Acting Career,
Other Activities,
Private Life,

Stage Name:

Granada Publicity Shot

1975-2001: Jacqueline Pirie

Since Marriage: She is now known as "Jacqueline Chadwick"


The media catch  Simon and Jacqueline off guard in the spring 2002

Married April 2001: Simon Chadwick


Jacqui and baby daughter Alex

Daughter, B. April 1997: "Alex" Pirie (reportedly "Alex" is shortend for Alexandra Lauren or some say Alexandria)

Son, B. October 2001: "Jamie" (James) Chadwick



Jacqui with her brother and sister, when they were children.

Parents/Siblings etc:
Appears to be very close to them. They include Mum and Dad, Patricia, and "Jim"{James). Jacqueline also has a brother Alexander (who has - and may still be - in the army) and a sister Alison.

The family moved to Birmingham when Jacqueline was six years old, though she still has strong family links to Stirling and visits regularly. Connections include, grandparents Muriel and James Pirie who still live there.


Jacqueline did a photo spread of her athome around 1995/1996

in the kitechen

Since early 2001, she and her daughter Alex have lived in Greater Manchester with husband Simon Chadwick. Prior to this Jacqueline divided her time between a flat in Manchester (when filiming Coronation Street) and the Pirie family home in Birmingham where her parents and daughter were based.



Relaxing at home during her time on Emmerdale



Jacqueline Pirie as a todler

Despite being brought up in Birmingham, Jacqueline's natural speaking voice is with a Scotish accent.



Acting Career:

aged 11 in the soap Crossroads.

Jacqueline as a child

In her teens:
Jacqueline joined a Central TV drama workshop which took her all over the world and led on to more work.

She became a regular in kids TV comedy programme Palace Hill (Central Television 1988-1991; as Shirley Ann Turtledove, a '40s time traveller).

In the early 1990s Jacqueline went on to present the DJ Kat Show for satellite TV station 'Sky One.'

Film - Chasing The Deer - playing Mary.

In her biggest storyline, Tina jilted Luke McAllister at the alter


Tina tells Luke she never loved him and it was all revenge for he death of her brother.

Big Break
29 December 1994 - 24 December 1996,

when she was cast as Tina Dingle in the soap Emmerdale. She quit two years later at the height of success when she discovered she was pregnant with her daughter Alex to be a full-time Mum.

The infamous Dingles arrived in Emmerdale 1994

Jacqueline Pirie in publicity photo card as Tina Dingle

guest appearance in Casualty
episode: "Honey Bunny"(series 13 episode.3)
playing "Carrie" :
Original Airdate: 12 September 1998




Caught in a love triangle with costars Johnny Briggs and Paul Fox

14 October 1998:
Made her first appearance in Coronation Street playing Linda Sykes.




In her last scene as Linda

3 September 2001:
Last appearance in Coronation Street (although extracts of her dialogue were used alongside a body double in the 5th September 2001 episode).

Jacqueline had a difficult second pregnancy and spent six weeks on sick leave in the middle. When she did return to work in August 2001, she was takne ill again after just four days and it was decided she should go on early maternity leave.

Following months of speculation, it was announcecd on the 10 January 2002 that Jacqueline would not be returning to Coronation Street. It is doubtful that we will see her again in anything soon as she wants to concentrate on her children.

12 November 2001 Stars In Their Lives - Jaqueline Pirie
15 June 2001 'All Star Family Fortunes' - Coronation Street Vs Emmerdale

Other Activities:

Jacqui with Prince Charles when he visited the Coronation Street set for the show's 40th Birthday in December 2000

Jacqueline is an accomplished artist, and has exhibited some of her work which includes paintings of the Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle, and Loch Affric.






Private Life:

November 2001 Jacqui snapped by the press while out with her newborn son.

Jacqueline Chadwick


Jacqueline fell pregnant during her time at Emmerdale during the summer of 1996 and the tabloids had a good time when it was discovered that the child's father was a convicted violent criminal, many years her senior.

Jacqueline decided to take a break from acting to have her daughter, Alex and be a full-time single Mum. The star for years refused to have contact with Alex's father, often described as "Birmingham gangster" Christopher Stone. Jacqueline apparently wouldn't even let his name appear on their daughter's birth certificate after his past came out. Although in 1999 it was reported that she had relented somewhat and allowed Stone access to their daughter, having resigned herself to the fact he was still Alex's father.

After quitting Emmerdale, Jacqueline didn't act for over eighten months, before taking on a guest role in Casualty. Shortly afterward Jacqueline landed the role of "Linda Sykes" in Coronation Street initially just for a five or six weeks contract. Nearly three years later she was still there as, Linda Sykes Baldwin proving a popular character who everyone loved to hate.

Over the years the tabloids have made much of Jacqueline's love life (see News). She has certainly been unlucky wtih at least two of her ex-lovers selling their stories to the press.

In March 2001 it was announced that Jacqueline was expecting her second child by new love, fireman, Simon Chadwick - they had only been together a few weeks after meeting at at a night club.

Jacqueline and Simon were married April 2001 in a secret ceremony at the Cameron House Hotel by the banks of Loch Lomond, Scotland with just her daughter and two hotel staff as witnesses.



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