1987 - The village supported the campaign against the proposed nuclear waste dumping.


Jack Sugden's old flame Marion Wilks, returned to Beckindale to visit her father Henry. When Eric Pollard tried to burgle their house, her husband Paolo disturbed him and chased Pollard into the woods with a revolver. Tragically, Paolo tripped, shot himself and was unable to identify the intruder. as Paolo lay in a coma, Marion had a fling with Jack.



A crisis meeting was held in the village. The villagers were united against the Government's proposals to dump nuclear waste in Beckindale.



At the hight of the protest Jack Sugden was arrested and imprisoned for seven days for contempt of court. He left jail on September 17th.



Baby William was born to Kathy's father Malcolm and his girlfriend Sonia



Jackie Merrick fell down an old mine shaft while trying to rescue a sheep.



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