Emmerdale Farm 1984
Episodes #843-#918

1984 - The residents put on a performance of the Pirates of Penzance.

A real-life tragedy struck Emmerdale Farm on 28th Sept when Toke Townley (Sam Pearson) died of a heart attack in Leeds Infirmary. Sheila Mercier appeared on screen immediately before that evening's episode to pay tribute to Toke

Famous Faces Passing Through: Pat Maynard (Corrie, Crossroads, The Sweeny), Gilly Coman (Bread, Corrie)

Tom Merrick, Derek Warner and Kevin Haynes were arrested for poaching. Jackie Merrick shot the Bates's dog, claiming that it was sheep worrying. Jack Sugden has an affair with Karen Moore, the aucioneer's assistant . When wife Pat found out she gave Jack a simple choice...Come home or else! The Sugden's were home together soon.


NY Estates manager Alan Turner was threatened with dismissal by managing director Christopher Meadows, who paid a visit to Beckindale after hearing of his gambling, drinking and womanising



Caroline Bates starts work at Home Farm as Alan Turners secretary.



Jackie Merrick shot Caroline Bates' dog, because he suspected it of attacking sheep at Emmerdale Farm.



Married man Jack Sugden falls for Hotten Market auctioneer's assistant Karen Moore.


November Annie Sugden's father Sam Pearson, died peacefully in his sleep on 27th November. He had spent the previous evening celebrating his first prize for a pumpkin in the village's annual show.

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