Emmerdale Farm 1983
Episodes # 771-842

1983 - Joe decided to leave for France this year after a love affair with Barbara Peters went sour. Leaving Alan in charge.

Passing Through Famous Faces Beverley Callard (Corrie)

Archie Brooks made his first appearance this year. Archie, played by Tony Pitts was to become a popular character.


Annie Sugden insisted that Henry Wilks take charge of Emmerdale Farm's accounts



Babara Peters, Joe Sugden's live-in-girlfriend, the daughter of vicar Donald Hinton, walked out on him.



Sandie Merrick announced she was pregnant, but refused to reveal who the father was, but he was later revealed as Andy Longthorn.



Beverley Callard played Hotten chip shop worker Angie Richards. She was a girlfriend of Jackie Merrick.



Tony Pitts joined Emmerdale on an occasional basis as anarchist punk Archie Brooks.



Joe Sugden moved to France, breeding Charollais on NY Estates beef ranch.



Baby Louise was born to Sandie Merrick and Andy Longthorn


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