Emmerdale Farm 1982
Episodes #703-770

Episode 696 was transmitted on 5/11/81. Episodes 697-702 were never transmitted due to strikes at ITV. Emmerdale picked up again with episode 703 on 12th January 1982.

Emmerdale Farm is 10 years old.

1982 - Jackie Merrick found out that Jack Sugden was actually his father.

Jackie Merrick resented Jack Sugden and his own father, Tom, had disowned him. He turned to booze and burnt an old caravan leading to him being charged and convicted of arson. He was sentenced to community service which put paid to his hopes of joining the army.




Richard Thorp (Alan Turner) turned up for his fist day of filming on January 2nd - his 50th birthday.




In March 1982, NY Estates appointed a new estate manager at Home Farm - Alan Turner.



Dolly Skilbeck tells Annie Sugden that she is pregnant.



Jack Sugden married Pat Merrick on October 5th


Jack and Pat
December Samuel David was born to Dolly and Matt Skilbeck on 23rd December.

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