Emmerdale Farm
Episodes #629-696

(episodes 697-702 weren't broadcast)
Episode 696 was transmitted on 5/11/81. Episodes 697-702 were never transmitted due to strikes at ITV. They picked up again with episode 703 on 12/01/82.

Passing Through Famous Faces Susan Wooldridge (Jewel in the crown), James Aubrey (Bouquet of barbed wire), Alison Dowling (The Archers & Crossroads)

1981 - The Sugdens had a difficult year.





On February 19th bible bashing farmer Enoch Tolly died when the tractor he was driving overturned and fell on top of him.





Daniel Hawkins was employed by Enoch's widow Grace to help manage Tolly Farm.





Jack Sugden's prize cattle heard contacted salmonella and had to be slaughtered.






Seth Armstrong's son Fred and Graham Jelks fought with Jackie Merrick over a loaded gun and accidentally shot out a window of the Merrick's caravan.




Jack Sugden and Pat Merrick decided to get married.


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