Emmerdale Farm 1980
Episodes #543-628

Passing Through Famous Faces Ronald Leigh-Hunt (Theatre and 1950s/60s TV)

1980 - Jack Sudgen returned from Rome with a new face.



Richard Anstey arrived as NY Estates manager.


Richard Anstey played by Carl Rigg



Dolly Skilbeck miscarried after eight months of pregnancy.




Jack Sugden returned to the village after four years in Italy, where he had been working on the film version of his best selling novel "The Field Of Tares"




Pat Merrick arrived in Beckindale with her two children Jackie and Sandie.

Pat Jackie Sandie
Pat, Jackie and Sandie



Joe Sugden joined NY Estates as Home Farm's assistant manager.


In the summer, the annual cricket match against neighbouring village Robblesfield always attracts interest.

The fixture, with a history that dates back to 1903, is played not only for local pride, but with the Butterworth Ball at stake.


In practice for the match in 1980. Left to right; Rev. Donald Hinton, Jack Sugden, Seth Armstrong and Amos Brearly

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