Emmerdale Farm 1979
Episodes #490-542

Passing Through Famous Faces Pam St.Clement (EE), Stephanie Turner (Juliet Bravo, The Sweeny), Stephanie Cole (Tenko,Waiting for God), Max Wall (Music Hall & Stage)

1979 - Amos and Mr Wilks become good friends.

In 1979, NY Estates manager Maurice Westrop decided that giving Seth Armstrong the job of gamekeeper might cut down the amount of poaching in the village




NY Estates manager Maurice Westrop appointed Seth Armstrong as gamekeeper.


Maurice and Seth




Anne W. Gibbons became Emmerdale Farm's first female producer in June 1979.






Bad boy Phil Fletcher, who owed money to Emmerdale Farm, accused Joe Sugden of shooting him in the leg deliberately. It was infact an accident .




Dolly Skilbeck announced her pregnancy.


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