Emmerdale Farm 1975
Episodes #

Passing Through Famous Faces Kathy Staff (Last of the summer wine), Patricia Brake (The Glumms, Porrige, Going Straight.)

1975 - Annie had a busy year learning to drive and becoming a churchwarden

In this year, Ernie Shuttleworth, owner of the Woolpack’s rival, 'The Malt Shovel', was seen for the first time.

1st Jan 1975 Marian Wilks returned to Beckindale without Jack Sugden (having run off to Rome the previous year). At the stroke of midnight she surprised her father who had not been aware of her planned return.

Amos Brearly found unwelcome attention when he had to fight off a widow who arrived in the village looking for a new husband. he was appalled by the prospect and rejected her marriage proposal.



16 year old Rosemary Kendall went to live at Emmerdale Farm after her mother Jean was admitted to hospital for a long stay. Jean was Annie Sugden's cousin.



Kathy Staff played Woolpack cleaner Winnie Purvis, but only appeared in one episode.



Annie Sugden passed her driving test



Patricia Brake played Sarah Foster, who stayed with the Sugdens over Christmas.

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