Emmerdale Farm 1974
Episodes #124-222

Passing Through Famous Faces Roy Boyd (Corrie, Crossroads, Casualty), Jenny Hanley (Magpie), Fred Feast (Corrie)

1974 - Joe Sugden married Christine Sharp this year

Jack Sugden left Beckindale for Rome in January to work on a film script of his novel, The field Of Tares.
The Sugden's befriend traveller Dryden Hogben and give him work on the farm. Dry as he liked to be called was very popular with the villagers.
Joe Sugden and Christine Sharp were married on September 10th. Matt Skilbeck was best man
Henry Wilks' Daughter paid her father a surprise visit just before midnight on New Years Eve. Henry thought she was having an affair with Jack Sugden in Spain where she lived, but she did not divulge whether she had been seeing Jack or not.

Joe & Christine on their wedding day


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