Emmerdale Farm 1973
Episodes #21-123

Passing Through Famous FacesReginald Marsh (Crossroads, Terry & June, George & Mildred), Malcolm Terris (When The Boat Comes In, Coronation St.)


10th April 1973:

The first Emmerdale Farm birth. Sam and Sally Skilbeck to Matt and Peggy - making Annie Sugden a grandmother.

Sally and Sam Skilbeck


27th March 1973:

The first wedding between Frank Blakey and Janie Harker (who was the sister of a flame of Jack's).

1973 - The first Emmerdale wedding took place between Frank Blakey and Janie Harker


The first Death in Emmerdale Farm was that of Sharon Crossthwaite (played by Louise Jameson). She was raped and murdered by Jim Latimer on 30th January 1973. Latimer was jailed for life and served 18 years in prison.

Key Events From

In this year Amos Brearly proposed to Annie Sugden for the first time, but she turned him down.

Henry Wilks, in partnership with Alison Gibbons, brought the village shop from Squire Verney when lessee Amy Postlethwaite became ill. Henry purchases Alison's share when she left for Jersey after rejecting Henry's proposal of marriage.

One of the big storylines of 1973, was when Matt Skilbeck broke Annie Sugden's best teapot.
January Sharon Crossthwaite was raped and murdered on January 30th by Jim Latimer.
Febuary 20th Feb 1973: Tramp, Ian (Trash) McIntyre died of a broken neck after falling from a window at The Old Mill. It was possiblly suicide.
March Frank Blakey married Janie Harker on 27th March. It was Emmerdale Farm's first wedding.

Frank and Janie
April Twins Sam and Sally were born to Peggy and Matt Skilbeck on April 10th.
July Matt Skilbeck's wife Peggy died of a brain haemorrhage on July 16th
October In October Henry Wilks started renting a room at the Woolpack. It was meant to be a temporary measure, but Henry went into business with Amos Brearly and stayed at the Woolpack for 18 years.

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