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Emmerdale In Finland

The new Finnish Emmerdale website owes a lot to co-operation with Emmerdale Production/Granada and The Emmerdale Club in England as well as devoted fans: especially LaneKent and SheWolf, just to mention a few. Big thankyou to everybody!

by Kaarina
Finnish Club organizer


MTV3 -kanavalla
Ma - to klo 18.00,
pe 18.30 - 19.00

>Jaksot – Weekly Spoilers, new and old, since 2000 (1998 in England).
>Henkilöt – Characters
>Uutisia – News
>Taustaa - Background
>Linkit - Links

>Kilpailu - Competition
>Keskustelu - Message Board
>Palaute – Feedback
Please give feedback, I get to read it. Just fill in a nimi/name and sähköpostiosoite/e-mail (not compulsory), write in the space and press Lähetä >Palaute/submit.

You find the old polls in Trivia – Aiemmat kyselyt
(also translated into English on this site)

Spoilers from Viikko (Week) 38/2002 onwards with pics!
Unfortunately in Finnish only…

Down the line on the right Viikko (Week) 15 – 39/2000 with pics!
In Finnish only…

Sarjan tarina - Story of Emmerdale
- How the series started,
how it has been broadcast both in Britain and in Finland,
what awards it has won.

Ensimmäinen jakso - First Episode in 1972
- Brief summary of the First Episode

Beckindalen kylä - Village of Beckindale
- A few facts about the history of the Village and Home Farm.

Kartanon uudesta emännästä – New Mistress at Home Farm
- A brief story of Kim the super bitch, ending at Frank´s death.

Katastrofi, joka muuttaa kaiken – Disaster That Changes Everything
- What happened in the Air Crash in a nutshell

Miksi Butch kuoli - Why did Butch die?
- The lorry crash and especially Butch´ death caused
a lot of anxiety and questions as to why he had to die,
when Paul Loughran decided to leave the series.
Could a backwoods boy suddenly get a job in London?
Would we have wanted Butch to commit
such a serious felony that he would have ended in jail?
Butch´ Best Exit 2000 award has also been mentioned here.

- Aiemmat kyselyt - Polls
Why Kartano and not Home Farm?
A feature of why certain names of places have been translated into Finnish.
Just a few most useful links for a Finnish viewer.

Kiss me!
- Thank you She Wolf for this idea!

Uutisia – News
Emmerdale creator Kevin Laffan dies
Ne family to Emmerdale (the Soapstars)


Read about characters and actors of Emmerdale. (sorry, in Finnish only)

Current characters are listed in alphabetical order on top of the right column. They are also grouped into buildings, including The Vicarage and Home Farm. When you click the Finnish name of the building, you will see the English name and a picture. The names under the small pictures are links to character profiles.

Departed characters are listed in alphabetical order at the bottom. The list includes those characters that have left Emmerdale in Finland after the MTV3 website opened in January 2000. Thus several old and important characters are missing, but maybe will be added one day …

Some character profiles are ”old”, but will be updated during this spring.

Henkilöt aakkosjärjestyksessä
Poistuneet aakkosjärjestyksessä

Characters / Departed characters in alphabetical order
The name will take you to the character profile, some with birthdates, which I have been collecting from scripts, and later got help from Emmerdale production, for which I am very greatful. Of course nowadays not all characters are given a birthday when they first appear. In all the profiles the dates in brackets are dates when the incident referred to was shown in England. Later we hope all of them will link to the Finnish episode update, if there is any. If there is an actor profile, it can be linked to from the artiste´s name at the bottom, if it is in red.

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