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As far as I know, Finland is the only country outside UK to have an Emmerdale Club. I have been a member of the English Club since 1999 and started the Finnish Club, Suomen Emmerdale Club (SEC) with another Finnish member of the English Club in the spring of 2001. Our club is run in co-operation with the English Club, but our Newsletters write mostly about Emmerdale in Finland and features about the English way of life as well.

Our first newsletter was sent to members in the summer of 2001 and we have since given out six more, in March, August and December. The March Newsletter contains a report from the annual Fan Weekend in Leeds, where a few Finnish members get to attend.

August and December issues have spoilers for the coming season of Emmerdale on Finnish TV, but always sealed, so that you don´t have to read them, unless you want to!

We arrange small, unofficial gettogethers in Finland, where members can socialize and look at my Emmerdale books and clippings from the English Soap magazines that I have collected over the years (or got from Greenpride, thank you!).

Each Newsletter is posted with members, who either live near the Club organizers or want to visit Helsinki and attend. We also hold a small Christmas party some time in December and in June we have an Emmerdale cruise at sea for about 24 hours. There is a quiz and a chance to see some extra vintage episodes, either from members´archives or some that I have got from England.

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