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Kieran Robert's Reign

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1 January 1998 - 31 December 1998

1 Juanury 1999 - 30 December 1999

4 January - 26 September 2000

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Old episodes of Emmerdale air in the UK on Satelitte and Cable Channel Granada Plus Monday-Fridays at 9:30am with repeats at 12:30pm & 6pm. An Omnibus of the weekly episodes is shown Sunday Mornings at 6am. They are currently up to November 1997.

Chris Ward's Family Tree

Series Landmarks

The 2500th Episode aired Tuesday 23 March 1999. It was an Hour Long Special and saw the introduction of Angie Reynolds and her family. Also Paddy finally proposed to Mandy

Producer Kieran Roberts saw the show move to five nights a week. From 2 October 2000 Emmerdale began airing five days a week.

Where is Emmerdale?

Arncliffe, North Yorkshire was the original location used for Beckindale in 1972. Beckindale was the ficticious village where the serial Emmerdale Farm was set.

Harewood House estate, Harewood, North Yorkshire was used to build a whole new set for the village of Emmerdale in 1996. The new village of Emmerdale was ready in early 1998 (although some scenes were shot there from 1997).

For the next 22 years the outdoor filming was shot in the West Yorkshire Village of Esholt.
The first scenes shot in the new "Village" built on the Harewood Estate were broadcast on 17th February 1998, from the front of the Woolpack.
The Houses in the new village at Harewood are timber framed structures covered in stone cladding. The village is built on green belt land so all the buildings are classed as "temporary structures" and must be demolished within ten years unless new planning permission is given.
The Grave Yard  built especially at Harewood Estate Although no church was built on the Harewood set, there is a churchyard full of gravestones, some of them for the characters who have died in the serial.
Seth Armstrong and Betty Eagleton's terraced house at 19 Main St. was renamed Keepers Cottage when the Harewood set was built, because Seth had for many years been a gamekeeper in Emmerdale.


The actual location used for Hotten was Otley, North Yorkshire.

Home Farm is actually Creskeld Hall, Bramhope, West Yorkshire.

Creskeld Hall, the setting for Home Farm is only a couple of miles from the new outdoor set and is the only location to survive the show's entire run. Home Farm, actually Creskeld Hall


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