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Emmerdale Farm - the classic Rural Soap

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Key Events from Emmerdale History



Sharon Crossthwaite was raped and murdered on January 30th

Frank Blakey married Janie Harker on 27th March. It was Emmerdale Farm's first wedding.






Seth Armstrong (played by Stan Richards) arrived in Emmerdale in 1978.  Now the longest serving cast member.



A new Jack Sugden

1980 also saw a new Dolly



Alan Turner arrived in 1982




Kathy Bates arrived in November 1985


Eric Pollard



Emmerdale Farm - "the great British soap."

Set in the ficticious village of Beckindale, at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales,
Emmerdale Farm began on the 16th October 1972.  Nearly thirty years later and over 3,000 episodes on, this serial is still going strong.

Since 1989, the series, has been known as
Emmerdale.  It is Britain's second longest running soap opera.

The First Episode

Amos Annie Henry Wilks The original Jack Sugden Joe Marian Wilks
Peggy Skilbeck nee Sugden
Matt Skilbeck

Amos Brearly Annie Sugden Henry Wilks Jack Sugden Joe Sugden Marian Wilks Peggy Skilbeck Matt Skilbeck Sam Pearson

of Emmerdale Farm was Broadcast on Monday 16 October 1972 in the Yorkshire region at lunchtime.

Emmerdale Farm gradually moved to other regions.


Chris Ward's Family Tree

Series Landmarks

The 1,000th episode of Emmerdale was celebrated in November 1985 with a special lunch attended by HRH Princess Michael of Kent, who failed to recognise any of the cast and later admitted that she never watched the show.

From the 6 January 1988, ITV decided to network Emmerdale Farm in ALL regions twice a week. This was a turning point in the whole nature of the show and its future. Then airing Wednesdays & Thursday at 6:30pm - later Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm.

Where is Beckindale?









WHO'S WHO - Your Guide to the characters & actors

Where is Beckindale?

Arncliffe, North Yorkshire was the original location used for Beckindale in 1972. Beckindale was the ficticious village where the serial Emmerdale Farm was set.

Emmerdale Farm The setting for the original Emmerdale Farm was in fact, Lindley Farm, situated between Harrogate and Otley. It was owned by Farmer Arthur Peel.
In 1993, when farmer Arthur Peel decided to retire from Lindley farm, it was no longer used for filming. In the storyline, Emmerdale land was diagnosed as suffering from subsidence, due to the opening up of old mineshafts.
Jack and Sarah Sugden moved to Hawthorn Cottage after the original Emmerdale farm was diagnosed as suffering from subsidence. Hawthorn Cottage itself was demolished in 1997 to give access to a quarry. After leaving Hawthorn, Jack bought Woodside Farm but he and Sarah decided it needed to much work doing on it and they sold it to the Cairns Family in 1998. The Sugden's later moved into Melby's Farm and renamed it Emmerdale.
Hawthorn Cottage - the setting of Emmerdale Farm 1993-1997

<font size=4>Arncliffe</font> Outdoor filming for Emmerdale Farm took place in the village of Arncliffe, in Littondale from October 1972 till early 1976 It was moved after this due to villager complaints and also being too far from the Leeds studios.
For the next 22 years the outdoor filming was shot in the West Yorkshire Village of Esholt.

The actual location used for Hotten was Otley, North Yorkshire.

Home Farm is actually Creskeld Hall, Bramhope, West Yorkshire.

Creskeld Hall, the setting for Home Farm is only a couple of miles from the new outdoor set and is the only location to survive the show's entire run. Home Farm, actually Creskeld Hall
The Mill

The Mill

Over the years The Mill has moved around the countryside in the Emmerdale storyline. It began as a derelict mill on Emmerdale Farm land, just across the river from the farmhouse and Hawthorn Cottage, at which time Jack Sugden moved in with the aim of converting it into living accommodation.

That never happened, and by the time his brother Joe and Phil Pearce began the conversion work in the 1980s, it had moved to the neighbouring village of Connelton and was called Colebrook Mill.

When it featured in the storyline again, the mill returned to the outskirts of Beckindale and - by the time Chris and Rachel Tate moved in - became known as Mill cottage.While planning the building of the Harewood outdoor set,designer Mike Long moved it closer to the village and called it The Mill, a name befitting to its elegance and history.

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